The Mentalist s02e18 Episode Script

Aingavite Baa

Agents? Ma'am.
- Agent Hightower.
All right.
Narcotics needs help getting intel on a meth house.
- I said I could spare two of you.
- Sure, we'll get it.
Van Pelt and Cho.
What's the job? Oof.
- Hard to believe there's intel in these.
- Better be.
It's dripping on my feet.
Hightower knows about Rigsby and me.
I noticed that.
She knows but hasn't said anything.
Why do you think that is? No idea.
- Lf you could guess.
- I wouldn't.
I can't stop thinking about it.
That's just gonna get you in trouble.
Can you help me? Can you help me? - What happened to you? - I lost my shoe.
- Can you tell me where I am? - I'm gonna call this in, all right? - Ma'am.
- Can you? Okay.
All right.
We're gonna get you some medical attention.
- Okay.
- Come over here and sit down.
- Okay.
- What's your name? Ma'am? Ma'am? - Grace.
She can't remember who she is, where she came from or what happened.
No ID, nothing on her at all.
- Where's Lisbon? - She's on her way.
EMTs think the bullet grazed the victim's head.
I thought we should talk to her here.
She couldn't have walked far.
- The crime scene's probably nearby.
- Good thinking.
So should we wait for Lisbon, or? No.
I'm Patrick Jane.
- How you doing? - My head hurts.
I don't remember who I am.
Hold my hand.
I'm gonna try and help with the pain.
Okay, I want you to concentrate and let the pain flow out through your arm and into my hand.
Just let it flow like water.
Oh, I can feel it.
Can you feel that? - Yes.
- Can you feel it flowing? - Yeah.
- The pain is flowing away.
Tell me your name.
Don't reach.
Just wait for it.
I can't.
Ah, that's okay.
That's okay.
What were you doing this morning before you got hurt? - I can't - That's okay.
Don't worry.
Tonight, then, before my friends found you, what were you doing? L I was in a room.
It's cold.
Can you see anything? It's too dark.
Were you sitting in a chair or were you lying down? - Lying down.
- On the floor or on the bed? On the floor.
There's dirt and straw.
It makes me cough.
- What does it smell like? - Horses.
That's fantastic.
Grace? - Yeah, we're looking for a stable.
- Yeah.
Her shoe.
Yeah, that's the shoe.
All right.
Guys, there's a light switch right here.
The bullet creased her skull.
It didn't fracture the bone but a hit like that can knock you around something wicked.
She could've been unconscious for a while.
Shooter probably thought she was dead and dumped her.
- What about the amnesia? - Uh, I don't know what to tell you.
Retrograde amnesia usually recedes with time but I don't know how fast that'll happen.
Okay, what I want you to do is just focus on the queen.
There's the lady.
Now, you saw where she is.
There's the lady.
Now, tell me where's the queen? Wrong.
First boy you ever kissed? - I don't know.
- What's your first name? - I don't know.
I'm sorry.
- Look, there she was.
She was always there, in the middle.
- And the point being? - I'm just making sure she has amnesia.
Which, by the way, you do.
It's hard to lie when you're thinking about something else.
Heh, great.
We're checking our missing-persons database.
Then we'll run your prints.
Something will probably come up.
- Find somebody to come in and print her.
- Agent Hightower.
- Morning, Lisbon.
As soon as it's practical, I wanna see you, Van Pelt and Rigsby.
I've been meaning to address this for a while but there's been so much coming across my desk, I haven't had the time.
First off, neither of you is denying you're in a sexual relationship, are you? - No.
- No, ma'am.
You work together, you develop feelings.
Nothing wrong with that.
But you know very well it's against CBI rules.
And like I tell my kids, rules are rules.
If you wanna stay together, that's your choice.
But one of you has to transfer out of the unit.
If you both wanna stay in the unit, then you can't be together.
That's what it is.
Give me your decision tomorrow at the latest.
Questions? - No, ma'am.
- No, ma'am.
Lisbon, stay a moment.
Why didn't you handle this situation yourself? I won't defend what I did.
I understand these two sneaking around, but you're their superior.
I expect more.
I'll be writing a corrective memo.
That's it.
Thank you for your time.
Don't wanna talk about it.
Cho, where are we with the victims? We verified the two IDs we found.
Janine and Mitchell Langham from Chico.
Both in their fifties, no family in state.
Neighbors said they were hiking in Kasten State Forest.
A hundred miles from where we found them.
- What about the third victim? - Same as the Jane Doe.
No ID.
He's in his early twenties.
I put his prints into the system.
Van Pelt, did you get any hits on them? - Van Pelt.
- Uh, I'll check, I'll check.
Coroner thinks they were shot with a rifle, the Langhams up close Jane Doe and the male from a distance.
- Either of the Langhams have a record? - No.
I think we can set the Langhams aside.
They were byproducts.
- Weren't planned.
- Oh? Yep.
First two victims were shot from a distance, IDs were taken.
Two victims were shot up close, IDs were not taken.
Clearly the first two victims were the targets.
The Langhams roll up to the scene, wrong place, wrong time.
Killer shoots the Langhams, freaks out, doesn't bother to take their IDs.
Doesn't even notice that one of the first victims that he shot was only wounded.
We got a hit on the male victim's prints.
His name's Leonard Railton.
Native American.
- Lived on the Storm River Reservation.
- That's right next to the state forest.
Uh, he's been in and out of the system since his teens.
Mostly small stuff, couple of drug busts.
No family listed.
His emergency contact is his parole officer.
Go and show Jane Doe a picture of Leonard and the Langhams.
It's worth a shot.
Check out the trail the Langhams were hiking.
Sounds like something was going on up there.
- Let's go talk to Railton's PO.
- Hey.
There's no point in hiding your frustration with Hightower.
I mean, sooner or later, you're just gonna explode with suppressed rage.
With any luck, you'll be next to me.
Well, that's what I'm worried about.
- You okay? - Sure.
You? This is a good thing.
No more sneaking around.
- We get to decide what we wanna do.
- Do we know what that is? Let's just get through the day.
Tonight we'll open up a bottle of wine and talk.
Yeah, sounds good.
- I love you.
- I love you.
I thought Leonard had a chance, you know? Good kid.
Really trying not to repeat old mistakes.
How long were you Leonard's parole officer, Ms.
Brinton? A little over a year.
- Any family we should speak to? - No, Leonard didn't have anybody.
But his mother was Shoshone, grew up on the reservation.
I got him to move there after he was released.
Why the reservation? Leonard needed people who cared about him.
He could get that there.
It's a small community.
Not too well off, but tight.
- Do you live there? - Mm-hm.
My father's clan is from there.
I'm Shoshone.
Shoshone, uh, with a New York-ltalian-lrish thing going on if I'm not mistaken, with the accent.
Is that from your mother's side? I'm not the first person who needed time to figure out who she was.
- Mm.
- Any indications Leonard was doing anything illegal? - No.
He had some problems when he first got there but about six months ago, he settled down, got a job.
- Had a girlfriend in the valley.
- What was her name? Derrien Hopwood.
I met her a couple of times.
No record.
Good influence, I thought.
Is this her? - Oh.
I don't know this woman.
- Positive? - I said, no.
- I got it.
Does Leonard have friends on the reservation we should talk to? - You're going on the res? - Yeah.
- Will the tribal police be with you? - They're aware of the investigation.
We'll keep them in the loop.
- I should go with you.
- That's not necessary.
As far as some of them are concerned, you're foreigners.
Foreigners with badges.
You won't get anything.
- I'll get my coat.
- Excellent.
- Well, we got ourselves a native guide.
- Yes.
Janine and Mitchell Langham.
Ring any bells? No, but I don't really meet people unless they're in trouble.
These people got into trouble.
Any reports of crime on the trails? - Robberies, assaults? - No, just raccoons, birds, deer.
Rattlesnakes, bear.
I don't think a bear shot four people with a high-powered rifle.
Bears can't do that.
Neighbors said the Langhams were gonna walk the Morningstar Trail.
Morningstar's not one of our more popular trails.
Excuse me.
Stand by, 1.
Look, I gotta go.
I gotta go up the hill.
We have an animal-control issue.
- We need to check out that trail.
- Okay.
Okay, the trailhead is over there.
You just stay on the path.
When you get to the fork, you go to the left, okay? - Just stay to the left.
You'll be fine.
- Got it.
I don't recognize any of these people.
- Take your time.
Think about it.
- I have.
They're all dead, right? Yes.
There's one piece of good news.
We ran you through the fingerprints database.
- You're not there.
- How is that good news? It means you're not a criminal.
Or you're a very, very good one.
How's it going with the, um missing-persons thing? Well, no one's filed a missing-persons report fitting your description yet.
- But I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
- You don't know that.
Look, you had a job to do and you did it.
- You don't have to stay.
- I'll stick around.
Got a lot of time invested here.
But if she leaves, we're into this sexism thing of whose job is more important.
- Like I said, it's complicated.
- No, it isn't.
Which do you want more, the job or Van Pelt? - What? It's not that easy.
- Sure, it is.
- This is the fork, right? - No, we took the fork.
- No, I think this is the fork.
- Well, whatever.
Go left.
- It's not that simple.
- Job or Van Pelt.
All there is to it.
The rec center's the community gathering spot.
Leonard used to come here.
This is Joseph Silverwing.
He helped to settle Leonard in here.
He's on the tribal council.
Joseph, these are the detectives I called you about.
- Teresa Lisbon, hi.
- Patrick Jane.
We're investigating the murder of Leonard Railton.
- Can you tell us anything about him? - He was a good kid.
- Worked hard, stayed out of trouble.
- We heard he had a job? Down at, uh, Markham Willis' place.
It's a souvenir shop just off the reservation.
Was Leonard having any problems? No.
Did you hear about any arguments or fights? No.
- Money problems, health issues? - No.
You're right.
You really are opening things up.
Do you know about any relationships he was having off the reservation? No.
Nice shot.
Do you guys know Leonard Railton? I'll take that as a yes.
I'm trying to find the person who killed him.
Do you wanna help me with that? Don't all speak at once.
Who's gonna talk first? - We don't talk to po-po.
- Po-po? I like that.
But I'm not po-po.
I'm a po-po consultant.
How about this? I bet that I can sink a ball before your best player can.
And he can have three chances to my one.
And if I lose 50 bucks.
Huh? But if I win, you tell me about Leonard.
We got a deal? Great.
Who's your sharpshooter? It's you, isn't it, shorty? - Let's do this.
- Okay.
All right.
First ball in wins.
- You get three chances.
I get one.
- Okay.
And by the way that girl you're crushing on in the blue sweater? It's never gonna happen.
She's into the tall guy.
- Good luck.
- My money's on the kid.
- Ha-ha-ha.
Last time.
Good luck, lucky last.
That's three.
There's a hole in that ball.
Here's the hard part.
Schooled you.
Okay, so, uh, what was Leonard's story? He had money.
A lot of it.
Always had the newest kicks.
- Since when? - Like six months ago.
- Well, I heard he had a job.
- Heh.
Oh, yeah.
At Willis' souvenir shop.
That's pennies.
Leonard had money.
- Any idea where that might come from? - He wouldn't say.
But he was out in the woods all the time so we figured, you know? Yes? Everybody knows what goes on in the woods.
Oh, sure, the woods.
Yeah, this is not the trail.
- It's over here.
- Are you sure? I thought I saw it over here.
Water tank? - Cho.
Yeah? There's a pot plant here.
Actually, there's a whole bunch of pot plants here.
- Looks like a farm.
- Oh, yeah.
Which means there's probably some bad guys with guns.
No bars.
So much for backup.
Only one shooter.
You draw fire.
I'll take him from the side.
Ready? One, two, three.
- Rigsby, clear.
Got it.
It's the kind of farm you find all over public lands.
An acre of plants, irrigation pipes everywhere.
Must be tapping water from up the valley.
- Maybe he's in a hospital.
- Didn't see any blood.
I doubt it.
Do you think the ranger directed you to the farm? Was this a setup? Hard to say.
We got turned around.
I'm not sure we were on the trail.
- Where's the ranger? - In the mountains, out of calling range.
- Find out when he's back.
- Looks like Railton was working for the pot farmers.
- A hundred ways that could turn ugly.
If Leonard was farming the weed, he would have told his friends about it.
Whatever he was doing, he felt shame or ambivalence.
Which takes the investigation where? - We haven't spoken to the girlfriend yet.
So go do that.
You two talk to Narcotics see if there's a line on marijuana players in that area.
You heard what she said.
We weren't living together or anything.
Just hanging out.
So Leonard isn't the baby's father, Miss Hopwood? Kai's father? No.
I know, honey.
But Leonard liked your little boy, didn't he? Sure.
Leonard bought most of the toys here.
And this, uh, enormous stack of infant formula.
Yeah, like a thousand bucks' worth.
- What's the story with that? - It was because Kai got this rash.
It was going around, you know.
A couple of kids had it.
He had this idea it was the powdered formula.
He made me throw all the powdered out.
Which is crazy, because it's cheaper and it's real easy to use.
- All you do is add water.
- How's the rash now? All gone.
I guess he was right.
You weren't surprised to hear about Leonard, were you? I mean, you cared for him but you weren't startled to learn that he was dead.
He had money and not from that lame souvenir-store job.
He wouldn't tell me where he was getting it.
My experience is that means trouble.
Your best guess? I don't know.
Whatever else he was doing, he was always good to me and Kai.
He was a good man.
- You find who did this.
- We'll do everything we can.
Willis, how long was Leonard working here? Uh, I guess about six months.
I hired him on Dolores Brinton's recommendation.
Great kid.
Good worker.
Oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Pretty great, huh? This is fantastic.
Do you deliver? - As a matter of fact, we do.
All right.
Jane, put it back.
- What? You heard me.
- Okay.
All right.
We think that, uh, Leonard was getting money someplace else.
- Any idea what that was about? - No.
Never said a word about it.
- What was he doing? - We're still working on that.
I can give you a deal on that bonnet.
Special law-enforcement discount.
You're not self-conscious about peddling your own culture, are you? Ha-ha-ha.
This is not my culture.
This war bonnet is from the Laguna people.
Has nothing to do with the Shoshone.
It's kind of a pastiche, really.
But that's what you Americans wanna buy, so that's what I sell.
Thank you for your time, Mr.
- Jane.
I'll meet you outside.
- Is there some kind of service for Leonard? - Tomorrow afternoon, I believe.
It's such a shame.
I'm gonna take that.
And I like this one too.
It's really beautiful.
So that as well.
And, um this thing.
I'll see if I can get a tune out of that.
- Just love those feathers.
Grace, hi, it's Jane.
How's it going with Jane Doe there? She got a clue yet? Hm.
Didn't think so.
You know, bring her down to the office.
I think we're gonna have to get a little more interventionist.
If you start to feel dizzy or woozy or anything Grace.
Quit hovering.
- Eh? She's fine.
- I took her out of the hospital, Jane.
- She's my responsibility.
- I get that, but she's fine.
Aren't you? What are these? Oh, these are pictures of where you're from.
- I don't know where I'm from.
- Sure, you do.
I'll lay money on the fact that you're a local.
You have roots around here.
You visited places like this as a kid.
One of these pictures here will mean something to you.
- I get nothing from that.
- What about this? Hm? - No.
- Grace, a minute? Oh, sure.
I'll be right back.
This? Just relax.
Don't work so hard.
Look at that.
Have you ever seen a more beautiful, more peaceful place? Wouldn't it be cool if I could just say the word, and you could be right there? Listening to the birds sing the wind rustling through the trees the water lapping against the shore.
If I could just say the word.
Wayne, this couldn't wait? This is so simple.
I love you.
More than this job, more than anything.
You got shot at today.
You're full of adrenaline.
No, no.
Well, yes, but that doesn't matter.
I know what I wanna do.
I, uh I talked to a guy in the San Francisco office today.
There's an opening in the Major Crimes Unit.
It's only an hour and a half away.
- You mean it? - Please, let's just do this.
I don't care where I work.
I want you.
- You really mean it? - Yes.
Really? Now? Tisdale should be off the mountain in an hour.
His bank records say he's depositing Let's go talk to him.
I was gonna call you.
I just heard.
Pot farm.
Doesn't that beat everything? - Right in your woods.
I've been hiking these trails for eight years.
I had no idea.
I don't know where you ended up.
You must have gotten seriously turned around.
That's hard to believe when the pot farmers were paying you $2000 a month.
Two? I don't know what you're talking about.
You're gonna have to come with us.
Ugh! Nice work.
Felt good.
Send you to the farm? I was trying like hell to keep you away from it.
All you had to do was stay on the trail.
Is that so hard? So you were taking money from the pot dealers to protect their farm, right? They were paying me to direct tourists away and let them know if there were any local cops or feds snooping around.
But that's it, okay? These people who got killed, I never even saw them.
I need the names of the people who paid you.
I can't do that.
Look, these aren't hippies growing weed in the forest, okay? These are serious, serious men.
If they learn that I gave up their names, they'll kill me.
Look, they know you've been arrested.
They think you're giving them up now.
With these men around, you're in danger.
- Give us their names.
We'll lock them up.
- Not a chance.
It's your call.
- You got a family? Uh, yeah.
I suggest you send them somewhere.
Not out of town.
Get them out of state.
- Know anybody on the East Coast? - No.
That's too bad.
How about overseas? - First-rate interviewer you got there.
- Thank you.
Hey, what's up? Rigsby and Cho tell me there was only one dude with a gun.
That doesn't seem like much.
No, it's not.
When you say, "These are not hippies.
These are serious, serious men" that implies many scary men with large guns, right? - Yes.
So why just one? I don't know, they might be low on money.
I mean, the crop is doing badly.
- Plants are dying? - Yeah, yeah.
The word is it's been going on for about six months.
Nobody can figure it out.
They're freaking out about it.
- I'm sure.
- Jane.
Yeah? Uh, I think I got it.
I gotta go.
I'll see you later.
Thank you.
- So, what'd you get from the guy? - The pot farmers didn't kill Leonard.
- That so? - Yep.
- You certain? - Well, certainty's the mother of fools.
So all this is just guesswork with you.
Pretty much.
I mean, that's That's what I do.
I guess.
- For instance, I guess you're married.
- I'm wearing a ring.
Well, I guess that you're married but not happily.
Not that there's divorce proceedings in place but possibly a trial separation.
- Guess I should've put up a photo, huh? - Mm-hm.
I know you're not giving me relationship advice so I have to wonder why you would go there.
I guess it's your way of expressing unhappiness.
Could be.
I guess it's your way of saying you're unhappy with the way I'm handling Lisbon.
We spend a lot of time together, and when she's unhappy, uh l'm less happy.
- It's human nature.
- Yes, it is.
I'll tell you what, Patrick why don't you let me handle my business my way and then judge me by the results, and I'll let you handle yours your way? Up to a point.
That sounds fair.
Up to a point.
- Yeah, very fair.
We done? - No.
Please don't interrupt interrogations.
It's rude.
- That's a rule, is it? - Guideline.
- I'll keep it in mind.
- Now we're done.
Loving those pumps.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Oh, what's this? Interesting.
We need to take amnesia girl up to the reservation.
- Meet me in the parking lot.
- Why the reservation? They're holding a memorial for Leonard.
She might remember something.
- Worth a try, I guess.
- Oh.
Do me a favor? Don't mention this to Lisbon or Hightower.
Um, why not? - Well, why complicate things? - Complicate how? You shouldn't have taken her out of the hospital in the first place.
Your car, parking lot, 10 minutes.
Jane, what are you doing here? Well, we're here to pay our respects.
It's okay.
We won't eat much.
Leonard had only been with us a short while.
But if you saw him walking a trail up at the lakes or riding a horse, you could see that he was home.
So remember the old words: When a friend dies, we should not cry.
We should not hate someone or fight.
We should do right always.
And we should listen to the old words and remember Leonard.
- Lf anyone else has something to say - Oh, I would.
This woman was with Leonard when he was shot.
She has lost her memory.
So we brought her here today to see if a face or a place or anything could help her remember who she is.
This is kind of a sacred moment.
Is this really the time? Lt'll take but a second.
Anything? No.
Never mind, the trip was not entirely wasted.
I was also looking at all of you to see if anyone recognized her.
And it seems to me that somebody here does know this woman.
And that somebody is you, sir.
Me? - I think you're mistaken.
- Prove it.
How? Look into my eyes and hold this.
Now, tell me you don't know her.
I do not know this woman.
Um Okay.
It appears that I'm mistaken.
Which is very good for you.
That eliminates you from our inquiry.
Uh, my apologies, carry on.
We'll just take our seats in the back.
Thank you.
And listen, if you don't want us here, then just say the word and we'll go.
- Just say the word.
I think it would be better I see it.
I see it, I see it, I see it.
I see it.
Now, just relax, breathe, and tell us what you see.
There's a blue lake.
Pine trees, a mountain.
There's a bird singing.
Tell us what's happening at this lake.
- It's where the bad thing happened.
- What bad thing? Go look.
They left something on the shore.
- Who did? - Go look.
They left something.
They left something.
I'm sorry.
Okay, show's over.
Come on.
Watch your head.
So Mr.
Silverwing is gonna complain to our superiors in the strongest terms.
- Nice work.
- See, that's why I didn't bring you along.
How did you know we were here? I had little tiny GPS trackers sewn into all your suits.
For a second there, I almost believed you.
Grace? Sorry, Jane, I had to tell her.
It's my job.
All right, it's noted.
- Get her back to the hospital.
- Yes, boss.
She did remember something.
We have a clue.
- A lake in the mountains? The shore? - Could be where the murders happened.
- There's 50 lakes in those mountains.
- I'll take her back to the hospital.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you where I was going.
I was trying to protect you.
I knew I was gonna stir things up and with Hightower - Don't.
Don't ever try to protect me.
I can protect myself from Hightower or anybody else.
- Okay.
- Let's go back to the office.
Or we could stay here and catch Leonard's killer.
How are we gonna do that? I need a cup.
Paper or plastic.
I'd prefer paper.
So Jane Doe didn't remember the lake? Posthypnotic suggestion.
I showed her a picture of a lake and told her she would remember it when she heard the phrase "say the word.
" She remembered the picture, associated it with the crime and felt something was left behind.
- What something? - It doesn't matter.
The killer's feeling paranoid, so he or she will be compelled to go back to the scene of the crime and make sure nothing was left behind.
Assuming the murder occurred at the lake.
- Well, it did.
- Because? Because the pot crop died and Leonard Railton was worried about the water his girlfriend's baby was getting.
Hey, it's over here.
And the water supply for around here comes from the mountain lakes.
Cho followed whoever left the memorial for the lake.
- And? Who is it? We'll see.
Where is he? Straight through the trees.
Hands up.
- What's going on? - Get your hands up.
I don't understand.
What are you doing? - Rifle shell.
- Where'd you get that, Mr.
Willis? I just found it.
I was gonna give it to you.
Do you think it's connected to those murders? That's the best you got? - Why'd you shoot those four people? - I didn't.
Well, keep in mind that two of them, the Langhams they were, uh, byproducts.
But Leonard Leonard you killed because of what's in the lake, didn't you? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Toxic waste.
Great big barrels of it, I expect, dumped by you.
That's why the pot plants in the valley were dying.
That's why Derrien Hopwood's child got a rash.
Leonard was gonna tell, so you had to shoot him.
And anyone else that just happened to come along that day.
I don't even know what to say.
That is not true.
Well, this is ground zero for the dumping so the water here must be much more toxic than it is down in the valley.
- That is nonsense.
- Really? Feeling a little parched? - Have a drink.
- No.
- No.
- Why not? - Oh, come on, cheers.
Have a drink.
- No.
- Little sip.
- No, please, stop.
No! All right! I tried to get so many ideas across at tribal council.
But somebody didn't like it, or it wasn't culturally appropriate or blah-de-blah-de-blah.
So this guy said he needed to dump some stuff and did I know any place on the res that he could do it? So I had Leonard take him up to the lake.
I figured with his record, he'd take the money and keep his mouth shut.
We did well.
Got more trucks off there.
I mean, something was finally working for me.
And then that kid in the valley got a rash.
And Leonard was worried, said that we were poisoning the valley and if we didn't stop, that he was gonna blow the whistle.
And then I overheard him on the phone arranging to meet somebody up at the lake.
So I went too.
When did the Langhams get there? I was cleaning up.
I mean, what were they doing there anyway? They were taking a hike.
I'm sorry.
I am.
I'm sorry.
Well, that's okay, then.
As long as you're sorry, maybe we'll just let you go.
We're kidding.
I got something for you.
Your driver's license.
We got it from Markham Willis.
Your name is Camille Dillon.
You live in Oakland.
You're an Internet journalist and writer.
We contacted your family.
Your mom is on her way from Des Moines.
My name is Camille? Apparently, you taught Leonard Railton while he was in the juvenile system.
A little while ago, he got in touch with you Wait.
Something Something was wrong.
They were Someone was, uh, dumping Toxins.
- Yes.
And he wanted people to know.
He called and he asked for my help.
L I remember him.
I remember him asking for my help.
I remember.
I remember me.
I know who I am.
Just let me finish this up, and we'll go talk to Hightower.
What's up? I love you.
I do.
- But I think I love the job more.
- The job's not a problem.
I'm gonna go.
You'd be leaving the unit.
For us.
So? I don't want that responsibility.
You'll hate me for it.
Maybe not today, but someday you will.
- No, Grace, we - I'm so sorry.
You're, uh, certain about this? I know who I am.
Narcotics picked up the pot farmers off the ranger's confession.
I also got a call from Silverwing about a stunt you pulled on the reservation.
- I wouldn't call that a stunt - He was displeased.
Yes, ma'am.
I filled out a P-90 - You solved the triple, right? - Yeah.
- Nobody got hurt? - No.
Then to hell with him.
You got justice done.
Keep up the good work.
- That was unexpected.
- I'll say.
- Hey, Grace.
- Hey.
- You all right? - I'm fine.
Okay, but Uh, I just I just, uh, forgot my stuff.

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