The Mentalist s02e19 Episode Script

Blood Money

Are you Mr.
Black? - Yeah.
- You scared me.
Ha, ha.
So I just? Tell me why I'm here.
I have something I need done.
So do most women.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
Um What I need I don't know quite how to put it.
You're just gonna have to open your mouth and say it out loud.
In full detail, like you're talking to your priest.
You show me yours, I'll show you mine.
That's how it works.
I want you to kill him.
How much do you charge? She was killed about an hour ago.
Neighbor heard screaming, called 911.
Anybody see anything? We got Sac P.
Canvassing, but so far nothing, just an average night.
Average night, average neighborhood, average murder.
Why are we here? Because the victim is Assistant District Attorney Kelly Flower.
You worked with her.
Yeah, we all did.
Kelly was good people.
Forensics found a casing, says it was a nine-mil.
Almost point-blank, judging from the stippling.
Deputy Coroner said no sexual assault, but her nightgown's ripped and tangled.
She was crawling in it.
- Kelly's one of us.
Hightower's already approved the overtime.
You know the drill.
Why is that the drill? For everybody else, it looks like for your own you try harder.
- We do.
- It's a deterrent.
It sends out a message: Nobody gets away with killing a cop, a judge or a DA.
Cho can get a list of Kelly's cases, see who she put away that held a grudge.
It's not a deterrent.
It's revenge, really.
That's not a criticism.
I'm all about revenge.
- I mean, revenge can be very productive.
- Productive? Well, take Rigsby.
Van Pelt breaks up with him.
He's in shape.
Hitting the gym, what, six times a week? Look at him.
He is brimming with sexual confidence.
Jane, cut it out.
- Not on my account.
It's fine.
- See? Fine.
My point: There is nothing wrong with revenge.
Van Pelt, any damage to the windows or the back door? - No, nothing.
- No sign of forced entry.
So either she let him in or Husband's here.
- He let himself in.
Oh, my God.
Kelly, no.
No! No, God, no! Tiffany wants you to call her back.
- Oh.
- Said to tell you you're a very bad boy.
Did she? - Agent Hightower.
You know Marc Odenthal from the DA's office? - Sure, hey.
- Hi.
We're gonna talk to the DA.
What can you tell me about Kelly? Looking at anybody who had access to the house from work, neighborhood, anywhere.
- Husband? He was too upset to talk.
Jane and I are heading over.
Got a list of past defendants.
Four have made threats.
The DA told me to give you this.
It includes her current cases.
Hang on.
Hank Draber? The smuggler? Smuggling, drugs, conspiracy to murder.
Haven't been able to lay a glove on him.
Trial was supposed to start next week.
Got Judge Hildred to grant a continuance.
It's gonna take me three months just to learn the file.
Take Van Pelt.
There he is.
Draber! What do you want? So how were you getting along lately? Any problems? You? My wife is dead and you're wasting your time on me? Mr.
Flower I knew your wife.
Now, we're gonna find out who did this, even if it's you.
You understand? So how were you two getting along? We loved each other.
Everything was good.
How was the remodel? That can be stressful.
Things were good.
But that day, we fought.
That's why I went to the movies.
Over her hours.
It was just so stupid.
She was so stressed over that Draber case, you know? She called it her "career-maker.
" That's what she said.
" So you argued.
Did it turn physical? No.
I loved her.
I would never do anything like that.
Flower, I got the tarp on the roof in case it rains before you want me back.
Didn't mean to interrupt.
I'll get out of your hair now.
Thank you.
That's our contractor, Cale Sylvan.
- He's, uh - Patrick Jane.
- How are you doing? Good.
You're standing in the, uh, blood.
Can I ask you a question? Uh, would you recommend a flash water heater over a regular one? I was leaning towards flash, but they're expensive.
Well, you know, flash'll pay for itself in energy savings pretty quick but it depends on consumption.
Of course, that's a very good point.
Um, do you have a card? - Sure.
- Great.
- Well, maybe I'll give you a call.
- Great.
Well, thanks for your time, Mr.
Thank you.
Cale Sylvan is a dangerous psychopath, and he killed Kelly Flower.
- Oh? How's that? - He had access and he looked evil.
When he was standing in her blood, what was his reaction? - Not horror, not embarrassment.
- No emotion at all.
All right, I'll run him.
Having prints might help, no? You know, you guys should be more careful.
You almost got yourselves shot.
Good thing you look like cops.
We could take you in.
You'll lawyer up.
We'll all waste a lot of time.
But here we could have a nice conversation, right? Yeah.
That sounds reasonable.
Kelly was all set to fry your ass in court.
You were looking at 20 years, easy.
Now the trial's been postponed who knows how long.
That gives you motive for her murder.
That one's a winner.
I know it is.
Here you go.
You like the lotto, huh? - None of your business - Mom.
Come on.
You have pretty hair.
My mom's a little senile.
Now, who'd take care of your mother if Kelly Flower put you in jail? You know, killing a prosecutor is almost as bad as killing a cop, right? It's not something I want to get my hands dirty with.
I got enough problems as it is.
Right, Mom? Close your mouth, Muffin.
Jane's right.
Sylvan is a killer.
You know, it feels good to be right.
Prints brought up these IDs: We got Carl Sennett, witness in an accidental drowning in Arizona.
Cory Sampson, who lived next door to a hit-and-run victim in Seattle.
Chad Sewell, wanted for questioning about the murder of his boss a bank executive in Reno.
Got four other deaths Sylvan's linked to in some other way.
He's not just a killer.
He's a serial killer.
Well, saddle up, lock and load, do what you do.
Go bring him in.
- We can't.
- Nope.
What? All we have is Cale Sylvan liked to change his name.
Not illegal.
And bad luck followed him.
We don't even have enough for a search warrant.
He'll kill again.
You know what he is, Lisbon.
Knowing isn't proving.
Have Cho set up on Sylvan's house, If he shows up, follow him.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
- This is ridiculous.
Uh I know.
- I'm gonna go with Cho.
Cho! - Go.
Sylvan's smart enough to know we'll be here.
He won't be coming back.
It's a waste of time.
- What are you reading there, Cho? - Wuthering Heights.
Well, I'm gonna take a stroll.
Let me know how it ends.
Not well.
Cho said Jane ditched him at Sylvan's.
Have you seen him? Nope.
There's something hinky here, boss.
These are photos of some of the victims linked to Sylvan.
Different ages, sexes, races.
A serial killer always hunts the same kind of prey.
This doesn't make sense as an m.
It does when you look at his financials.
I tracked bank records for all the IDs we could find.
Sylvan received substantial payments before and just after each death.
He kills for money.
He's a hit man? A psychopath who made money from his hobby.
It's outstanding.
Do something you love, never work a day in your life.
- Where the hell have you been? - Me? Oh, I've been around.
I found a web site registered to one of his old identities.
Says to "call Mr.
Black for odd jobs of any sort.
" I guess we should give him a call.
Uh, Grace, do you happen to have any photographs of, uh, ex-boyfriends? I want you to kill him.
How much do you charge? Ask him again, Grace.
You're a busy lady.
You don't have all night.
You gonna answer me or not? I want the bastard dead soon.
- Ooh, she's convincing.
- Shh.
Trying to work here.
I charge 50 thousand.
And what you're asking is pretty easy.
I mean you have to stop thinking of him as a person.
The rest is just a physics problem.
Gravity, force, torque.
Ask for proof of what he does.
Torque is well and good, but I need to know that you're for real.
See, maybe you're a hitter, maybe you're a cop.
- Long shot.
- Shh.
Trying to work here.
Here, let me show you something.
How's that? - Let's move.
- No.
It's a test.
Grace, listen very carefully.
Are you a cop? - I'm not a cop.
- Yeah? - I'm just careful, like you.
- Uh-huh.
Just want to know that I have the right man.
Besides, don't you want to show me? Besides, don't you want to show me? So you can make me afraid? It's what you like, isn't it? Seeing the fear? You show me yours, and I'll show you mine.
I have something to show you, then.
Just watch for a second.
- Hold it.
Please, please! Look at it.
It's my last job.
My client was very happy.
That's proof.
- Are we gonna do business? - Yes.
We are.
- CBI! Don't move.
Drop the knife.
- Hands on your head.
Drop the knife now.
- Don't move.
On your knees.
Cale Sylvan, you're under arrest for the murder of Kelly Flower.
Hands on your head.
- Jane, you can come out.
How'd you know he had proof? He's a narcissist.
Needs affirmation, trophies.
Who paid you to kill Kelly? Tell them.
You'll feel better.
I would like to talk to my lawyer.
And I'll see you clowns in court.
Catching killers, I enjoy.
Being reminded we're just a cog in a fascist machine that is a little depressing.
Crime-fighting is hard.
Suck it up.
If you weren't on the witness list, I wouldn't let you in the same time zone as Judge Dread.
- "Judge Dread.
" Can't possibly be as much fun as it sounds.
Oh, please! Please! What do you want? Oh, God.
Oh, God! Don't hurt me.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, don't Please, please.
Your Honor, I object.
This video is inflammatory and prejudicial.
Although we'll stipulate to the fact that Kelly Flower was murdered we deny there is probable cause my client committed said murder.
We object to the chain of custody for this video.
Wow, was that even a sentence? Quiet in the gallery.
You say another word and you'll regret it.
Well, I'm sorry, Your Honor but this woman is spouting nothing but ludicrous pettifoggery and, uh, I'm a little hungry.
- Your Honor if you'll let me, I can handle him.
- Mr.
- That is your name, correct? - That's correct.
Patrick Jane.
This court hereby fines you $1000.
Make it 2000, and let me tell this tiresome woman to move it along.
- Two thousand, then.
Counselor, you heard the man.
Move it along.
So, Agent Lisbon, let's get back to this video.
That night was the first time you'd ever seen it? - Yes.
- Are you sure? Objection, asked and answered.
I'll move on, Your Honor.
You never entered Sylvan's apartment and looked at the video on his computer or instructed anyone else to do so? No.
Well, then I need you to answer a puzzling question.
Your Honor, I would like to enter this into evidence as Defense Exhibit 1.
I got this mug from Mr.
Sylvan's sink.
But he didn't put it there.
So? So tell me, how is it that this mug has Mr.
Jane's fingerprints on it? Agent, did your consultant break into Mr.
Sylvan's home without a warrant? No.
Of course not.
Your Honor, may I have a moment to confer with Agent Lisbon? If you make it quick.
This is getting interesting.
That's how you knew Sylvan had proof.
- Already seen it.
- No idea what you're talking about.
Tell us what happened.
I was with Cho.
We were staking out Sylvan's place.
I decided I wanted to take a walk.
I happened upon Sylvan's door, unlocked.
And like any concerned citizen, I went in to look around and check that the place hadn't been robbed.
Then I left.
- That's it.
- Oh, crap.
What's the story, Mr.
Odenthal? Your Honor, ahem, Mr.
Jane did enter Mr.
Sylvan's residence because he feared there was an intruder inside.
You mean one besides himself? It's not like I took anything, Your Honor.
Your Honor, what Mr.
Jane is trying to say is that he's not a state agent.
He's a private consultant.
Therefore, there's no Fourth Amendment violation.
Jane is a charlatan who has made a mockery of our legal system on numerous occasions.
In fact, a few months ago he refused to take a woman to the hospital until she confessed to a murder.
She was not poisoned in the first place.
And it was just a very clever ruse Quiet, Mr.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You too, Agent Lisbon.
You're the Law.
I hold Mr.
Jane's search to be illegal, and any evidence discovered then or during the sting is hereby excluded as fruit of the poisonous tree.
Video, out.
Any statements made by the defendant to Agent Van Pelt, out.
I object.
Your anger is clouding Mr.
Odenthal, do you have any evidence of any kind that your consultant hasn't crapped all over? No, Your Honor.
Well, then the People v.
Sylvan is hereby dismissed for lack of evidence.
Sylvan, you're free to go.
- This is ridiculous, Your Honor.
- This is wrong.
- This don't make no sense.
- I'll be seeing you.
He killed my wife.
How can he go free? Bailiff, bring in the next case.
I had a confession.
I had video.
I had an airtight case.
And it's all out.
How could you break in? Easy.
The lock on the back door is very flimsy.
Marc, I apologize.
I do.
L I didn't think I'd be found out.
How was I to know they'd dust for my prints? - You let a killer back on the streets.
- I got the killer off.
Keeping him off, your job.
You're blaming me? I'm not the one who got the murder weapon tossed.
Court is theater.
Whatever side has the best liar wins.
Usually, that's you.
Today, she was better.
You're an arrogant bastard.
Oh, easy with the steel Oh, relax.
It's not loaded.
Look, Marc, there's no double jeopardy.
We can still take this to trial.
I will find new evidence, I promise.
You're a menace.
When I'm DA, you'll never work with this office again.
- So ambitious.
- Not your call, Marc.
Not then, not now.
- You're defending him? - Thank you.
Shut up, Jane.
I thought you trusted each other.
- So did I.
- We do.
We have trust.
I didn't want her to be complicit and then have to lie about it later.
Some partnership you got going on here.
I'll have to send you home while the Professional Standards Unit does its thing.
- Five days, at least.
- Whoa, it's not her fault That will be the PSU's determination, no doubt.
This is just the situation we talked about, Patrick.
Agent Lisbon is responsible for the actions of her team members.
Including you.
Yes, ma'am.
Is that all? Yes.
Look, Lisbon, I'm so sorry.
I really am.
Lisbon needs some time off.
A few days off will do her good.
Nice talking with you.
Rigsby, go back through Sylvan's financials.
Van Pelt, take another look at Kelly's video of her murder.
See if we missed anything.
Hey, we'll serve up Sylvan as your welcome-back present, okay? Ooh.
It's a little chilly in here.
Do you wanna go get a coffee? Look at the bright side.
You get five days off.
You get five days off from me.
Cho, you're in charge.
He's your problem now.
That's good.
Cho's a big boy.
He knows how to look after me.
You wanna get a coffee? Did you bring your book? Could be a bit of a wait.
What are we doing here? You're still mad with me about Lisbon's suspension.
- Yeah, it's your fault.
- Yeah.
You know, murderers take risks.
In order to catch these risk-takers, we have to take risks.
There can be fallout.
Tell me what's going on or I'm out of here.
I looked in Sylvan's kitchen cabinets.
Not much of a tea selection.
He's a coffee geek.
Drinks only the best fresh-roast coffee.
And the best fresh-roasted coffee in Sylvan's neighborhood Is in this place here.
That's kind of thin.
Yeah, but I'm 100 percent confident that Thank goodness.
The judge warned us not to talk to Sylvan without his lawyer.
Talk? This is two guys bumping into each other in the coffee line.
Cale? Oh, that's a funny coincidence.
I told you I'd be seeing you.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
Well, you look well.
I gotta say.
You're in a very relaxed state.
Now confess that you killed Kelly Flower.
And a huge burden will be lifted.
Funny guy.
Sense of humor.
That's great.
Yeah, well, maybe I did something wrong.
- Mm.
- Sorry to, uh, bother you.
Accidents happen.
Great plan.
No, don't be silly.
Hypnosis is illegal.
That was a misdirect, so I could search his jacket pockets.
And find this.
A button, fluff, and some sand.
Yeah, it's a little anticlimactic.
Um do you have an evidence baggy? Ahem.
You're walking home.
Well, I can just carry it.
So Sylvan's financials are clean.
Just one thing I don't get.
End of every month, he withdraws just over 2 grand in cash.
He has no family, no girlfriend.
Sounds like rent.
His apartment's 900.
He writes a check for it.
No, not his apartment, his home.
A place to store his tools, process his victims, keep his trophies.
A murder house.
If he's paying cash, the name "Cale Sylvan" won't be on the lease.
Place could be anywhere.
Maybe I can narrow it a little.
Look at this.
This is from the Sylvan murder video.
The bag he's holding.
It's from Abs Gym.
Show his picture around the gym, find someone that knows his address.
There's a dozen around here.
It'll take days to canvass them.
Start with the ones by the river.
The sand Jane found.
- It's river sand, not ocean sand.
- How do you know? We're in Sacramento.
Got a river.
- Only one Abs Gym near the river.
- On my way.
If you get an address, go straight to Hildred, get a warrant.
We'll take down Sylvan today.
Oh, shut up.
Shouldn't have embezzled all that money, you big baby.
Time to go to work.
I don't think you're gonna want to look at this.
What was that? Let me see your hands.
Let me see your hands.
Get your hands off of me.
Get your hands off me.
Hook him up.
I hope you brought more people, you son of a bitch.
You're okay, you're okay.
You're safe now.
- Got it? Here we go.
- Yeah.
Sent the victim to the hospital.
He'll be okay, after three or four years of therapy.
Yeah, that look's not so scary when you're in handcuffs, buddy.
Either you tell us who hired you, or you're looking at a death penalty.
Maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement.
Cho, get down! - Ten-33.
Shots fired.
Man down.
We need paramedics now.
GSW to the chest.
Shot came from the north of the location.
Let's get a bird in the air now.
Son of a bitch is dead.
Call in another team for the back of the house.
There's eight bodies so far.
Just the ones Sylvan's clients didn't want found.
They'll be clearing missing-persons cases for a month.
- Any luck on the shooter? - Not much.
Kill-shot came from that hillside.
Over two football fields away.
That's a tough shot.
Whoever employed Sylvan hired a shooter to cover his tracks.
How did that client know Sylvan had become a liability? That is a good question.
Where's Jane? Hey.
This better be good.
I was catching up on my TiVo.
You were reading.
But what? Progress reports? - No.
- Whatever.
This is gonna be a lot of fun.
I'm going into the Drabers' lair.
That's not a lair.
It's an office.
And no, you're not.
Oh, yes, I am.
They seem scary.
You wouldn't want me to get hurt? Don't bet on it.
Why the Drabers? - A hunch.
They're key in this somehow.
- You think they hired Sylvan? Well, they certainly look the part.
- Why the hell didn't you call Cho? - You were closer.
Call Cho.
I'm not even armed.
More lies.
You have at least two guns in that car.
Three? Oh, my You're the poster girl for the NRA.
I'm telling you, I got nothing to do with the prosecutor dying.
And the Sylvan guy, never heard of him before I saw him on the news.
- Hi.
- Gonna win big.
Gonna buy a washing machine.
She's a treasure.
Hey, you wanna leave her alone? She's a little soft in the head, okay? As you were talking to Lisbon here I noticed you kept looking at your mother.
As if you were checking for her approval.
Most tough guys are scared of their mothers, but you're quaking.
Ha-ha-ha! Your friend's crazier than my mom.
Digging those nails.
Plucked eyebrows, coiffed hair.
Did you do the, uh, makeover, Hank? No, didn't think so.
- Time for my stories, Hanky.
- Okay, Hanky.
You're upsetting her, okay? So leave her alone.
This is brilliant.
Lisbon, this is brilliant.
You are a treasure.
You're running this whole operation.
Hank's just a figurehead to take the heat.
Huh? Tell me I'm right.
You know, I should have checked the shoes.
Damn it, Hank.
I told you about looking at me, didn't I? You think you're so damn clever.
Well, clever is as clever does.
And you've just made a very stupid move.
- Boys.
- Oh, dear.
How clever are you now, exactly? We're cops.
Just be cool.
Put the weapons down now.
You put your gun down, Miss Lisbon, and you can live.
Come on, get in.
- I was right about Annabelle anyway.
- Congratulations.
- Oh, hey.
So we're good, right? You're not gonna put a hit out on me? Oh.
You've moved on.
It's good.
I've moved on too.
Well, I'm glad.
That's a relief.
- Have you guys heard from Jane? - No.
Hello? Anybody.
Hello? I can't really see anything.
There's kind of a draft right here, though.
If you just - Just there.
- No food, no water.
This is not good.
Well, I suppose we should draw straws to see who eats who first.
Yeah, right.
Draw straws with a professional cheat.
Why so grumpy? It's not like we're gonna die here.
Drabers don't want us dead.
Huh? Come here and get a little bit of this breeze.
It'll cheer you up.
Come here.
Not quite as nice as a river breeze, but it's not bad.
- Feeling that? Good.
- Mm.
River breeze? Wait a minute.
I live nowhere near the docks.
That's good.
Terrible neighborhood.
You said you called me because I was closer but HQ is only 15 minutes from the docks.
I'm bad with distances.
Always have been.
Patrick Jane, you were trying to help me.
You were.
You thought if I made a big bust, the PSU would get off my back.
You know, I'm always gonna save you, Lisbon, whether you like it or not.
I don't need to be saved.
I knew this would end in disaster the day I signed on with you.
One day I'm gonna get fired because of you.
That's just the way it is.
Some people might ask why you signed on with me in the first place.
We catch a lot of bad guys.
Most days, that's enough.
- Also I kind of - Shh.
I think I hear something.
- Someone out there.
- What? - Hello? Over here.
- Hello? In here.
Around the front.
The big latch.
I told you I would save you, Lisbon.
Sac P.
Found Jane's car.
Lisbon's too.
- Crap.
- No sign of them or the Drabers.
Call Sac P.
And the Coast Guard.
Search everything the Drabers own.
- Van Pelt.
Oh, slow down.
- Agent Rigsby.
- Can you? - I'll call you back.
It's the Federales, I think.
Something about Jane and a goat.
Louise Willet robbed the very people she was supposed to be taking care of.
And she spent that money Ipso facto, ad nauseam.
Sorry, Odenthal, need to borrow your judge for a second.
Ahem, Mr.
Jane, we are in session.
Yes, we would have come earlier, but, uh, we had a long walk getting here.
It won't take a second.
We need one of your arrest warrants for Annabelle Draber.
- She'll give you the details.
- Get out.
Jane, there are no phones in my courtroom.
- I'm very sorry.
- That's a thousand dollars, Mr.
Uh, listen, I'm kind of in the middle of something, so I'll call you back.
Two thousand dollars.
Hang it up.
- Really? - Three thousand, 4000.
- I move for a mistrial.
- Five thousand.
Not costing me a case.
Give me that phone.
- Get your own.
- Your Honor? Battery.
Would you arrest this man, please? Lisbon? Hang on, Cho.
I'm on suspension.
No badge, no authority.
Thanks for bailing me out.
Lisbon wasn't answering her phone.
The judge is really pissed.
So's Odenthal.
- They wanna make an example.
- Mm.
It's not contempt of court, it's battery.
Battery against peace officer, Penal Code Section 242 "et seq.
" I love the Latin.
You know there's 30 kinds of battery charges? Yes.
This stuff is fascinating.
You know, I could be my own lawyer.
Gonna represent yourself? You represent yourself, you're an idiot.
Uh, it's actually, "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.
" It's much catchier.
Could be fun, Cho.
This may be a somewhat informal hearing, but you still must respect this court or you will go directly back to jail.
You read me? Yeah, you bet, Your Honor.
Jane asked me to come.
Do you know why? I have no idea.
Let's get right to it, Mr.
Is it true that yesterday you tweaked the ADA's nose in this very room? Speaking of yourself in the third person, Marc you gotta admit, sounds a little silly.
Yes, I tweaked your nose.
Your Honor, we're done here.
Jane admits the crime.
But in my defense, you were being very annoying.
Jane, you're out of order.
You're out of order.
You're out of order.
This whole trial's out of order.
Oh, come on, you gotta admit, you walked right into that one.
All right.
My turn to question you guys.
Wait, "you guys," plural? Well, you're both witnesses.
Uh, when I'm cross-examining myself do I stand there and ask the questions, then run back here to answer them? - Mr.
Jane, you stay put.
- Okay.
Odenthal, you take a deep breath.
Pro per defendants are given a certain amount of latitude.
You know that.
God help us all.
Judge Hildred, are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? - What? No.
Odenthal, do you own a gun? - Wait, what? - Are you a good shot? Don't answer that.
How about you, Your Honor? Any good with a gun? The person that killed Cale Sylvan, they estimated, was 200 yards away.
That is a great shot.
It's why we assumed there was a second hit man.
Jane, please, sit down.
- Were you having an affair with Kelly? - No.
Isn't it true you delight in killing small animals? - You're a hunter.
- This is irrelevant.
Oh, this is how we solve a murder.
Are you saying you don't want me to solve a murder? - Of course I do.
- Then answer the question, sir.
Answer it or tell me why you won't.
I go duck-hunting every season.
And what kind of gun do you use to kill these defenseless ducks? A 10-gauge shotgun.
Would you consider yourself a very good marksman? Last season, I bagged a mallard at 60 yards.
Oh, that's not bad.
Not bad at all.
Ten-gauge, 3-inch shell.
Three inches of hell.
Three inches of death.
Three and a half.
I mean, I think.
Right? You must be a hunter too.
L Then what's that dead beast in your office? Did you just get it off craigslist? Well, l I mean, yes, I used to hunt.
Just not anymore.
But you still know your way around a gun, don't you? Oh, relax.
It's not loaded.
You own your own rifle.
Don't you? You heard that the judge had issued a warrant for Sylvan's murder house.
And you knew that you had to silence Sylvan before he talked.
Cho, get down.
You had to silence him before he named you as his client.
The client who hired him to kill Kelly Flower.
Your Honor, this is completely ridiculous.
Prove it.
Let us search your house.
We don't find a gun, I'll apologize.
Let him do the search, Marc.
- No.
- No? No.
I don't have to do that.
I have rights.
And you're obviously prejudiced against me, Judge.
I'm going to take that up with the chief.
I'm going to do that right now.
- You should stay put, Counselor.
- Don't move.
Sir, your hands.
The gun that killed Sylvan.
Remington 700, with scope.
From your garage.
Oh, and, uh, we got a warrant.
You're right.
A lot better with one of these.
You're a good prosecutor.
You know what this means.
A sniper rifle lying in wait, murder with special circumstances.
Hello, death penalty.
If you come clean about Kelly, the DA will take death off the table.
That is the last and only offer you'll get, you miserable sack of crap.
I realized the Drabers didn't hire Sylvan when they didn't kill Lisbon and me.
If they don't kill cops, they're certainly not gonna kill an ADA.
But the Drabers were connected somehow, weren't they? Because their case was a "career-maker," according to Kelly.
And you wanted to be DA someday.
The Draber case would have made me a lock for DA.
Oh, yeah.
And it should have been me.
I had seniority.
It was mine and the bitch took it.
So you hired Sylvan to kill her.
And when Sylvan was arrested, you told him you'd fix it, that he'd walk.
As prosecutor, you had that power.
And you had Sylvan tell his attorney to investigate me.
The whole DA's office knows how you operate.
The craziness.
I thought there was a good chance you'd stepped over some line or other.
Turned out you had.
It's all right.
He's learned his lesson.
Yeah, I have.
I certainly have, Lisbon.
I won't be stopping for tea again.
And lights out at 9:30 and your sister at 9.
No, 9:30.
I love you.
- You wanted to see us, ma'am? - Yeah, yeah.
Before I make any final decisions I want to make sure I understand what happened.
You disrupted a courtroom, assaulted an officer of the court so you could question him, and nearly caused a mistrial in an unrelated case.
- Is that about right? - That's pretty accurate.
You ignored your suspension, confronted a gang of criminals without backup and then participated in Mr.
Jane's disruptions, assault, et cetera.
Yes, ma'am.
All right, then.
I'm sorry, I don't understand, ma'am.
The CBI just busted a crooked DA, rooted out corruption solved the murder of one of our own.
- Awesome.
By the way, ICE picked up the Drabers at the Canadian border.
The DA announced he'd try the case himself.
Probably should have done that in the first place.
I'll tell the PSU to terminate your suspension.
Welcome back.
Patrick, Judge Hildred's clerk called.
You owe the court $16,000 in fines.
He needs a cashier's check.
Well, we caught the bad guy.
Yes, we did.
- Most days, that's enough.
- Yup.
You, uh, wanna go to the range, shoot something? I'll drive.

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