The Mentalist s02e20 Episode Script

Red All Over

- Let's do it.
Thank you, Sadie.
My friends, I am so proud and happy to welcome you to this celebration of my son, Xander, the new CEO of Harrington Media.
Hear, hear.
Where is the little cuss anyway? Late for work already.
Not a good sign.
- Elizabeth, text him, would you? - You got it.
Uh, I am sure my husband has a very good excuse for his Ah, there you are, Xander.
Bravo, Xander.
Hear, hear.
Oh, my God.
That's what killed Xander and this is where he was attacked.
Blood trail starts here, where the letter opener was found.
Deputy coroner says it was a single stab wound to the neck.
Now, the blow sends him backwards.
He slams his head, goes down.
He's dazed, slowly bleeding out for a good 20 minutes or so then somehow gathers himself up and goes for help.
Coroner couldn't believe he made it.
The party was for him.
Guy just got a big promotion.
- Had a wife and kid.
How sad is that? - Sad.
Anything else? According to the victim's father a confidential business file in this desk is missing.
- Nothing else taken.
- What was the file about? Plans for The Daily Observer, the newspaper.
Debt restructuring, cost-cutting, layoffs.
Layoffs? Any Observer employees invited to the party? So you're all reporters for The Observer? Mm-hm.
Xander Harrington, man of the people, huh? Inviting the ink-stained wretches.
Xander was a good guy.
Did any of you hear about the layoffs coming up soon? Heh, heh.
Layoffs? What layoffs? Well, actually there's quite a long list.
It appears that no one is safe.
Must be very scary in the newspaper business these days.
That's a very lovely dress.
Great color.
Well, thank you.
I'm Heather Evans.
You're very attractive.
Probably why your name's not on that list.
Good-looking women live in a different world.
Excuse me? What's this list? Oh, come on, Heather.
The list that was in the file you took off Harrington's desk.
Everyone here We mention layoffs and everyone here reacts except you.
Because you have read the list.
Well, that's ridiculous.
I didn't go anywhere near Xander's desk.
Very well played considering the stress you must be feeling right now.
You know, I was hoping to dazzle you all with my uncanny detective skills but you force me, you force me to just reveal the humdrum facts and point out that you have blood on your shoes, Heather.
Step out of your shoe.
Oh, my Stop the presses.
That's the phrase, right, stop the presses? Yeah.
Got it.
Always wanted to say that.
Xander Harrington caught you snooping in his office and you killed him.
Now, maybe you didn't mean to do it.
You were surprised, scared.
I didn't even see him.
It was dark.
No lights, curtains were drawn.
I went to the desk, I took the file and I ran.
If I'd known he was My God, I would never have How'd you know that there was a list at all? Someone told you.
Who? - A confidential source.
- You'll go to jail to protect this source? Ed.
Edward Harrington.
Xander's brother.
He said there were gonna be layoffs on Monday.
I just wanted to know whether or not I still had a job.
It's a very good job.
Not anymore, it's not.
Tell me exactly what happened.
Ma'am, is there something specific that you wanted? No.
No, just keeping apprised.
Alex Harrington is the owner of the seventh largest media conglomerate in the world.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You don't wanna disappoint a man who owns 200 TV stations and a national newspaper.
No, ma'am.
Heather's clear.
Time line puts her at the bar at the time of the attack.
According to several male guests who remember her well.
Only leaves 196 party guests and 42 staff as potential suspects.
- Start with the brother.
- Okay.
Take Rigsby.
Problem? No.
Not at all.
Ma'am, you're giving my team assignments? I know.
I'm sorry.
Should've been your call.
I just wanna make sure those two can hack it.
Fair enough.
The head of your security said that the house is fully wired but the family asked the cameras inside be turned off.
Why is that? I take responsibility for that.
No, it's my fault.
I'm Tara, Alex's wife.
This is Ella.
And I'm the one who had the cameras disconnected.
It's my fault.
It's nobody's fault, dear.
Why'd you do it? Cameras and panic rooms and armed guards, it's a lot to take.
I hated feeling watched in my own home.
It seems so silly now.
I'm sorry.
How long until you take that horrible stuff down? Forensics has promised to release the crime scene soon.
- I'm sorry for any inconvenience.
- Excuse me.
I'm too upset.
Uh, may I? Thank you.
Heh, heh.
You and Xander were close? He and Sadie were my only true friends.
People seem more interested in befriending your money and connections when you're married to the CEO of Harrington Media.
Yes, I suppose it can be difficult at times.
By the way, it's former CEO.
Xander forced me out.
Really? Really.
He convened the board, secured the necessary votes.
Son staged a coup.
Do you have any idea the guts it takes to pull that off? Xander proved he could lead.
I've never been prouder of him.
Proud of, uh, Eddie, too, my other son.
Well, of course, but Xander had the strength to lead.
The guts.
That's important to you, isn't it, guts? Of course.
Guts, heart.
What else is there? Spleen, liver, kidneys, uh, genitalia.
Lot of important stuff there.
Are you being flippant with me? My son is dead.
Forgive me, I was.
Lost myself for a second, forgot where I was.
But you know, that's a very beautiful painting.
Very nice work.
Can I talk to you for a moment? - Quit that.
- What? - Poking the bigwig.
- Poking the bigwig.
I like it.
It's got a nice ring to it.
I understand it's a compulsion you're not fully in control of but I wish you would try.
It would make our work a lot easier if you did.
- Did you see that? - What? Right outside that window.
It was a pink unicorn.
- Now you're hallucinating.
- No, no, no.
It's right outside the window.
Seriously, look.
It's a unicorn.
I want to see.
- I don't see a unicorn.
- It's right there.
I'm trying to trick her.
What a nice unicorn.
Yeah, very nice unicorn.
So you like to have secret tea parties? How did you know about the tea party? Oh, you know, I kind of like secret tea parties too.
I'm Patrick, that's Teresa.
- Hi.
- I'm Ashley Harrington.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- You too.
Who's your mom and dad? Xander Harrington and Sadie Cardozo Harrington.
I know my address and phone number too.
Very good.
Patrick and I are actually looking for your mommy.
- Do you know where she is? - Outside.
We could go cheer her up.
Is she sad, sweetie? She misses Daddy.
He went away on a trip.
Yes, he did.
Harrington, you prodded Heather into going into your brother's office, didn't you? I told her the file was on the desk.
What she did with that is her problem.
You're the West Coast head of media operations and you tell an employee about a confidential layoff list? Well, I had a feeling she'd be grateful.
And she was.
You exchanged the information for sex.
I did.
Security has you leaving the party just before your brother died of his injuries.
I didn't know what had happened.
And I didn't particularly wanna watch his coronation, frankly.
It's boring.
Forgive me, Xander.
Did you kill your brother, Ed? Would you give us a second? No, I did not kill my brother.
You don't seem sad about his death.
Well, maybe I just don't display my emotions to cops.
I'd like to tell you that Xander and I were best friends, but we weren't.
We're just different people.
We were different people.
He'd always do the right things, say the right things.
Dad would say jump, he'd ask how high.
And you? Dad never asks me to jump.
Mommy, Mommy.
- We're going to get ice cream.
- Okay.
One scoop, okay? - No spoiling dinner.
- Okay.
One scoop it is.
I'll e-mail you the Arizona overnights.
You've got that conference call.
Thanks, Elizabeth.
Come on.
You haven't told her? How do you tell a 6-year-old her father's never coming home? Well, she pretty much knows already.
She just doesn't understand it yet.
Nor do I.
I just I keep thinking Xander would know exactly what to say to her.
It's so stupid, huh? Xander must have had enemies.
Business rivals that resented his success.
Um, sure, but nothing abnormal.
Well, there is the Visualize thing.
The Observer's about to run an investigative series and it's gonna be very critical.
The sort of religious group? It's more like a cult.
It's brainwashing with a sideline in tax fraud.
You know, we got a pretty nasty letter from their leader, Bret Stiles threatening unspecified trouble if we ran it.
I can get you a copy.
Oh, you had me at "cult.
" Creepy.
What, you don't like giant eyeballs? No.
Hi, I'm Steven Wench.
Most folks call me Brother Steve.
- Are you the CBI folks who called? - Yeah.
Brother Patrick.
- And my brother, Cho.
Well, come this way.
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid Mr.
Stiles isn't on the premises today.
Where is he? At this precise moment, I don't know.
Bret lives spontaneously.
But I'm happy to help with any questions.
I have a question.
What are they doing in there with those gizmos? That's where our technicians assess for inner vision.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
That sounds fun.
Can anyone do that? Um - Sure.
- Excellent.
- Cho, you got the interview, right? Just sign in.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, sure.
- I wanna go.
Have a seat.
All right.
Bzzz! Just kidding.
- What do I do? - Place your fingers on the orb and tell me your name.
- You first.
- David.
- Hi, David.
I'm Patrick.
Fingers on the orb.
Do you find sadness in the world around you? Yes.
Do you find yourself dwelling on the misfortunes of your past? Yeah.
Do you often think people are secretly out to get you? Yes.
How you doing? How am I doing? Uh - How am I doing? - Well, Patrick you have serious issues with paranoia and depression and negative thinking in general.
- What? - I would recommend our lmmersive Visualization Program for you as a matter of urgency.
Oh, okay.
Do you take that? Ah.
Not so fast.
You thought you had me, didn't you? You know, we should get going.
We gotta go get a warrant.
Before coming to persecute us, did you even look at Xander Harrington's wife? Sadie.
We look at everyone.
What about her? We heard there was trouble in her marriage.
If Xander divorced her, there was a prenup.
But if he dies, she gets it all.
Where'd you hear that, Steve? Do you have someone on the inside? I've said enough.
Please, leave.
Do you have a gift shop? I'd love an eyeball mug.
- No.
- Okay.
Good job, Steven.
Good job.
That was beautifully handled.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you.
The guy claims Stiles was threatening legal trouble that Visualize is a religion of science and peace.
Tell that to the TV reporter from Atlanta.
Last spring he went off on Visualize.
The next day, he was flying through the windshield of a member's car.
One more thing about Sadie and Xander's marriage.
An affair? No.
Xander and I have been partners in everything since the first week of business school.
I loved him and I respected him.
I had no reason to stray.
Neither did he.
Sometimes you don't need a reason.
Agent Lisbon, you're here.
Something to report? No, she just, um, thinks I was screwing around on your son.
Excuse me.
I have better things to do.
Do you think she was having an affair? On balance, no.
Go on.
Sadie loves this company as well as my son.
She'd never risk everything for a roll in the hay.
Ambitious as all hell, that girl.
I like it, don't get me wrong.
She's doubled our profit since she took over running the TV stations.
Excuse my rudeness.
That's fine.
Agent Lisbon.
- Get everybody out.
- There's not enough time.
Do what you can.
Tara! Sadie! Hello? It's me.
I need your help.
- Lisbon, you need my help? - I need your help finding a bomb.
There's still time.
You're good at this kind of thing.
If we find the bomb intact, maybe we can still get rid of it.
You nuts? What do you wanna do that for? Just get out.
The guy's got comprehensive home insurance, I'm sure.
Come on, Jane, we've got two minutes, all right? Where did they put it? They said it was somewhere in the grand salon.
If they called it the grand salon, they're insiders.
Good point.
Leading us where? Ah, let me see.
If I was familiar with that room, I would plant a bomb Try under the sofa.
No, no, no.
Cupboard by the Dutch forgery in the corner.
The painting? How do you know it's a forgery? Eh, the brushwork, it's all wrong.
It's way too loose.
Oh, my God.
You were right.
Of course.
That looser feeling didn't develop until much later on.
No, the bomb.
I found it.
- One minute left.
- Good.
Time to leave.
Get out of there.
If you think I'm even gonna engage in this game of which wire to pull, I'm not.
I don't wanna play.
Just leave right now.
- Run, okay? - You're right.
I'm out of here.
Thank you.
Where's Mommy? - Hang on.
- Ashley, we have to leave now.
- No.
- Lisbon? - Ashley, get out from there.
- Ashley - No, I want my mommy.
- Sweetie, we have to go.
- What's going on? Ashley, come on.
- Ashley.
- Leave me alone.
I want my mommy.
- Come out now.
That's an order.
- Pick up the girl and leave.
I want my mommy! - Pick her up.
You can do that.
Run away now.
- Oh, God.
Oh, God.
- Lisbon.
No, no, no.
Screw it.
You are a very bad girl.
You're a bad girl.
Agent Lisbon.
Thank you.
Thank you for saving my granddaughter.
We are so grateful.
- It's all part of the service.
- No.
You were brave and resourceful.
And I'll make sure your supervisors say as much in your file.
Look, if there's ever anything I can do for you personally please, don't hesitate.
You could offer the pad for a weekend during the summer.
I was wondering if I could speak with your staff who had access to that room.
Edward, thank you for joining us.
- Just heard.
Is everyone all right? - Everyone's fine.
Everyone's fine.
If there's anything I can do to help, say the word.
I'm here.
Actually, I'll be issuing an announcement.
And I wanted to let you and Sadie know first.
Announcements? Oh, I love announcements.
Should we order up a round of cocktails? I'll make this quick.
As much as it pains me to discuss business at a time like this but the fact is we do have shareholders.
And the board has demanded a new CEO be announced immediately.
Sadie, I bet.
Sadie? Wow.
Ed, I'm sorry No.
No, that's okay.
That's It's your right to name whoever you want.
I don't know what to say, Ed.
I'm No, it's okay.
It's, um I get it.
I get it.
I'm sure you'll do a great job.
Well, I'm not gonna say anything.
The bomb threat? We got something.
It came from the phone of Elizabeth Stanfeld.
Sadie Harrington's assistant.
Let's go get that warrant.
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
Kitchen's clear.
Bedroom too.
Van Pelt been acting weird to you? Please, don't talk to me about Van Pelt.
No, I won't.
- Has she? - No.
Just she's been smiling at me.
No kidding.
Sometimes I think she might still be into me.
Be weird, huh? You're weird.
You know, I don't think Stanfeld's been here in a while.
Check this out.
Visualize: A Tool for Living.
Elizabeth Stanfeld's a member of Visualize.
Looks like Bret Stiles is gonna be talking to us after all.
The eye is not just the window to the soul.
It is the key to unlocking your greatness.
It is the key, because when you see it, you will be it.
- One more time.
Back to one.
The eye is not just the window to the soul.
- It is the key to unlocking your Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Uh Hold the roll.
The eye is the key or the window or is it both? I'm a little confused.
- Mr.
Jane, I presume.
- Yeah.
- Oh, you're expecting us? Oh, yeah.
And I presume this is your long-suffering colleague, Agent Lisbon.
If I may say, she's more beautiful than advertised.
Thanks, Guy.
Take a little break.
Give us a few minutes.
Thank you.
Elizabeth Stanfeld, your, um, "dear friend and fine student.
" She planted a bomb at the Harringtons' she couldn't have possibly made herself.
Lisbon here defused it.
Well, I may have taught her.
Stanfeld? - Was she a brunette? - Mr.
Stiles, "dear friend"? Yeah, but you know, I've signed millions of these in my time.
I like to personalize them.
That's a little trick I learned from an old friend of mine, Ronnie Reagan.
So you have no knowledge of this woman.
You have no knowledge of any attacks on the Harrington family.
- That's your position, is it? - No, it's not my position.
Actually, it's the truth.
My eyes aren't windows or doors or even keys, for that matter.
I use them to look at things and what I'm looking at right now is a big fat liar.
- Really? Really.
Betrayed by a faint facial tremor.
You could work on that in the mirror.
You'd get some great results.
You know, now I see why Red John really enjoys sparring with you.
- A worthy adversary, eh? - Yes.
Straight for the jugular.
Obviously struck a nerve.
Losing a wife and a child like that makes a man reckless, untethered.
Fills him with anger and shame that he cannot express.
Well, must make your job very hard.
Yes, but the health plan's great.
Jane, I think we can help you.
I think we can scrub that shame and grief and self-hatred right out of your system.
Bret, please.
We both know what you are.
I mean, let's be honest here.
You're a con man.
You're charming and you're very good at it, but you're just a con man.
And you can no more help me than you can fly to the moon.
Now who's struck a nerve? Nobody's past helping.
Even you.
Believe me when I say this, Bret.
You don't wanna make this personal.
Now give us Stanfeld or I will make it my sole purpose to hound you for the rest of your miserable, phony life.
Am I hearing a threat here? I mean, aren't there rules about this sort of thing? Hm? Like you said, untethered.
Stiles, the percentage play here is to give us Stanfeld.
She's not gonna betray you.
She's loyal.
Forget it, Lisbon.
I'm bored.
Elizabeth is at Edward Harrington's penthouse.
She went to Edward? To do what? I don't know.
She didn't tell me.
I gave her no instructions.
She went of her own free will.
Have a nice day.
Rigsby, get to Ed Harrington's place immediately.
Police! Don't move! Let me see your hands.
- Freeze! Mr.
Harrington, are you all right? - Yup.
Think he's fine.
What the hell is going on? See, the way it looks from here is that you and Elizabeth were in this together.
Take out Xander, take out your father live happily ever after with her and Bret Stiles.
I'm not into that Visualize crap.
If I had any idea, l She was just Just a friend.
She seems intent on taking out everyone between you and the top job.
- Was Sadie next? - How do you know I wasn't next? Visualize wanted to kill us all, because of that idiotic story.
- Then why didn't she kill you, Ed? I don't know.
You ever meet Bret Stiles? - No.
- Anyone at all from Visualize? - No.
Let me get this straight.
She was with you because you were a Harrington but not an important enough Harrington to kill.
Is that it? You were a stooge.
Yeah, I'm a stooge.
Thanks for the heads-up.
So Bret Stiles claims you acted alone.
But you had an accomplice, didn't you? - An accomplice to what? - The bombing attempt.
We got your phone records.
Slam dunk, 20 years.
Two decades.
Seven thousand days living in a box.
- I don't know how people do it.
- Help yourself.
We know someone gave you that bomb.
You didn't kill Xander.
Sadie was with you the entire party.
- Of course I didn't kill him.
- But you know who did.
Give us a name and we can talk deal.
I'm looking down at you from a great height.
You're like ants.
It's sad how far I am beyond you people, spiritually and mentally.
But physically, I think we might have the upper hand.
And physically is kind of how they roll in prison.
Just because you've stopped my work doesn't mean others won't follow in my path.
You can't imprison the truth.
Oh, Lizzy, you are bat-nuts crazy.
Bat-nuts, girl.
But that's okay, you're young.
You can recover your wits.
You're gonna have to work very hard.
But you've given me a very good idea and I thank you.
Excuse me.
We've come to take my son home.
This is a family matter.
Sorry, sir, but we haven't finished questioning him.
Edward made a mistake.
It was dangerous, yes, but not criminal.
So unless you have some evidence linking him to a crime l'd like you to let him go.
- Let the poor wretch go.
He's guilty of nothing except extremely poor decision-making sexual-partner wise.
And who hasn't been there? Jane.
It isn't in my authority to allow that, sir but if you'll wait, I'll find Agent Lisbon and she may be able to help you out.
Dad? Never mind.
There he is.
Eddie, we're leaving.
You bastard.
You stupid son of a bitch.
How could you endanger us? Ashley was nearly killed.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna go wait in the car.
- I'm really sorry.
- You're sorry? Sorry? Have you no common sense, boy? - Are you completely? - Sir, you're gonna have to take it easy.
Anyhow, here we are.
Let's go home and discuss this.
Harrington, that isn't going to be possible.
Oh, hell.
Not again.
- What's wrong? - Miserable cowards.
More threats.
What does it say? "Next time, you won't be so lucky.
" Sent from the same number as the earlier threat.
I thought you traced that to Stanfeld.
They likely use the same number for many cloned cells.
- Proves it's the same people anyhow.
- Meaning Visualize.
Agent Hightower, I'm going to need additional protection for my family until we can get to the house in London.
While your family's safety's at stake, maybe it's best to postpone the exposé.
If I gave in, where does it stop? My family would be under constant threat from people who don't like what I print or air.
We need protection, Agent Hightower.
Harrington, the police assigned to you are well-trained personnel.
- We can add more if - I want your best people.
Lisbon and her team.
I'll insist on it.
That's very flattering, but And if you could release my son now, I'd appreciate it.
I'll see what we can do.
She's about to throw out the king of spades.
Stop showing off.
That's what's called "cutting off your nose to spite your face.
" - I'll take that.
Thank you.
- Lisbon.
Good night, everyone.
Alex, I told Ash she could stay up if you tucked her in.
- Absolutely.
- Thank you.
Night, sweetie.
Perimeter's clear, boss.
Just checked in with the guards outside.
There you go.
Who's next? Any takers? - Wish me luck.
- Uh-huh.
- Double? - Sure.
- Hmm.
You're a lucky man.
- No such thing as luck.
- Really? - It's all about knowing the odds seizing the chances.
No luck involved.
- Hogwash? - You heard me.
What's that? What? What are you? Shh.
Wait a minute.
I hear it too.
I got Ashley covered here.
It's coming from in there.
Xander's office? It's been sealed since the murder.
- Clear.
- Wow, could've sworn I heard someone in here.
What's this? That's Ashley's.
- So? That's it.
What's it? She was here.
She was right here.
- What's he talking about? - No idea.
That's why she's been so quiet and withdrawn.
She witnessed the murder.
The power's been cut.
We have a backup generator.
Perimeter's been breached.
Someone's on the grounds.
Copy that, Van Pelt.
Charlie-king-one, check the grounds.
Charlie-king-one, do you copy? Charlie-king-one.
We're on our way to the safe room.
Secure Tara, Sadie and the baby.
We're on our way to the safe room.
Secure Tara, Sadie and the baby.
Come on.
Seal the door now.
Grandpa? It's okay, honey.
Don't be scared.
We're safe in here.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Come on.
There you go.
I could do with some chocolate.
Do you have any chocolate, Grace? - No.
- Just a little bit? Van Pelt, what's the status? - Lisbon, that was very good.
- One question: Who is Charlie King? - Call it up.
I want Mommy.
You remember the party we had a few days ago? - With all the flowers and music? - That's right.
You were in Daddy's office that afternoon.
Before the guests got here for the party, remember? Were you maybe hiding under his desk? Playing tea party? It's all right if you were.
You won't get in trouble.
Tell Grandpa the truth, sweetheart.
Ashley if you were there, maybe you saw the game Grandpa was playing with Daddy.
Did you? What the hell is going on? - It's a clever plan.
Like me to explain? - Why are they in the safe room? - What are you doing? - Lf you'll come with me, I'll explain.
I wanna know.
Tell me right now.
Thirty seconds and I'm pulling the plug.
Daddy's dead, isn't he? It was a game.
When your Daddy fell it was an accident.
I didn't mean to do it.
Put your hands on your head.
You're under arrest.
You're a bastard.
Well, thanks for the feedback.
Always appreciated.
What's wrong with Grandpa? It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
You've got nothing.
My lawyers will grind this to dust.
Don't say a single thing, either of you.
They're saying I killed Xan.
Well, that's not true, right? Of course not.
It was sweet, seeing you with Ashley.
I guess after two sons, when she came along, it lit up your world.
Strange that you can't so much as look at your own daughter.
Nor barely touch your lovely wife.
How'd you find out the baby wasn't yours? You believed Tara was having an affair with Xander and your son was Ella's biological father.
You were partly right.
She was having an affair with your son but it wasn't with Xander.
Was it, Ed? Eh? Oh.
I figured it out when I saw you two at the CBI.
She was very angry with you.
Very angry.
Pure jealousy.
Oh, my God.
- I'm - Ella's father.
She's a real peach.
She's great.
Can't be.
- I am so sorry.
- No! It was Xander.
It was Xander.
Okay, we'll take that as a confession.
Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
You really don't think I can do anything, do you? - It can't be.
- Well, it is.
You killed the wrong son.
Oh, my God.
Xander and Tara seemed too close.
Always whispering together in the corners breaking apart when I'd come into the room.
They were friends.
They were probably talking about her affair with Ed.
So I ordered a paternity test.
The results came back the day of the party.
Ella is not my child.
- But you know that already, don't you? - What did you expect, Dad? You treat her like another one of your possessions, but she's not.
I confronted Xan.
- You betrayed me.
- He didn't deny it.
Why didn't he just deny it? He assumed you knew it was Ed.
You Aah! When I think of what poor Ashley saw She didn't see anything.
I made it up.
- But the teacup.
She was there.
- Yes, I know.
But it's all in the wrist.
My good friend Senator Aleman is very concerned about my treatment.
You do know the good senator, hm? - Yes.
- Chair of the Justice Committee.
I know him.
Bret Stiles.
Good to see you.
Looking sharp.
I mean, I'd hate to tell him that you failed to resolve this matter.
So why don't we resolve it right now? Good.
Patrick, Mr.
Stiles here says that you antagonized him and conducted yourself in a way that reflected poorly on the bureau.
Do you have anything to say? Uh, no, I'm good.
- Actually, there's one thing.
- Is this gonna be helpful? - Probably not.
- Okay, then, there you go.
Nice talking with you.
What? You're kidding, right? That's it? No.
Do give my best to Senator Aleman.
Is he still seeing that stripper in Bakersfield? Lovely girl.
Well, well.
I can see that I've met my match here.
You two, quite the double act.
I will retreat, chastened.
By the way we will find a way to charge you with that attempted bombing.
Miss Hightower, shh.
Don't push your luck.
So long, Bret.
Don't draw the wrong lesson here, Patrick.
I've got Stiles checkmated but if a player with real juice came in here l'd wanna see you dance for him.
Isn't that what we just did? You know what I mean.
And I do love to dance.

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