The Mentalist s03e02 Episode Script

Cackle-Bladder Blood

- Hello? - Hey, boy wonder.
- Guess what I'm holding in my hand.
- Danny? The one and only.
- So how you doing? - Good.
I'm good.
It's been a long time.
- How are you? - Yeah, good, good.
Listen, I, uh.
I need your help.
Units responding to the 187 at the K-RAM building proceed with caution.
This is Unit 1.
We're moving in.
Drop it.
Drop the weapon.
Turn around.
Hey, guys.
It's not what it looks like.
No, no, no, you're going about it all wrong, detective.
You're coming straight out of the gate with bad cop.
I mean, you do a good bad cop, you are intimidating, I'm not gonna lie but let's bring good cop out.
He's nicer, more pleasant.
We build a rapport.
You-- Maybe you say something like: "You thirsty?" And I say, "I'd love a cup of tea.
" Here's another fine mess, eh? They found Jane holding the murder weapon? Yes, they did.
Hightower twisted some arms at Sac P.
It's a joint investigation, we share the sandbox, but CBI's taking the lead.
- I don't know why you're smiling.
- It's a new angle at least, right? I mean, he's never been a murder suspect before.
Ha, ha.
We got an ID on the victim.
Landon Wale, 45.
He's some real-estate mogul from San Francisco.
What was he doing in Sacramento? Office is a financial brokerage, K-RAM Investments, Inc.
Van Pelt's trying to locate the owner.
What's Jane say he was doing? I was taking a walk, uh, to get some air, and when I came by here, I heard a shot.
So I came to see if I could help and that's when I discovered this man lying here with the blood and no pulse.
He had the gun in his hand.
Yes, I confess I picked it up.
- I'm not good with forensics.
- No, I can vouch for that.
He is terrible.
You heard a gunshot and ran in, to help? Yes, I did.
I'm no hero.
I just did what any person would do in that situation.
No one is calling you a hero.
Really? Okay.
Detective, how'd your guys catch this, Yeah, an anonymous call said a man was murdered at this location.
- Did you make that call, Jane? - No.
- Why would I do that? - Hang on, boss.
This was stuck in his pocket.
Looks like a ruby, a pretty nice one.
- Cool.
- Yeah, great.
Detective, could you uncuff this one now, please? He's still a suspect.
He is not gonna leave town.
Release him into my custody.
You know he's not good for it.
Zero connection to the victim.
- Naught.
I could go on.
- I am reaching out to you.
I know this man, and I know he's telling the truth about what happened.
The truth, now.
Beg your pardon? Talk or I will give you back to Detective Reece, seriously.
My wife's brother called and asked for my help.
He gave me this address, and when I got here, I found the dead guy.
- I guess he called the police on me.
- Your wife has a brother? - Yeah, Danny Ruskin.
- Okay.
Why'd he call the cops? - Force my involvement.
- Why? Either he didn't kill Wale and wants me to catch the killer or he did and wants me to help him elude justice.
- You would do that for him? - Good question.
You know if the county fair's in town? Mrs.
Wale, what was your husband's connection to K-RAM Investments? Where you found him? - I'd never heard of it before today.
- Me neither.
And my brother and I were business partners.
Real estate.
Landon was a good man.
Why would someone wanna hurt him? We'll let you know.
- We understand a Heather Rade is here? - Lan's assistant? Upstairs.
Heather? Concetta, honey, people are bringing lots of food.
- You don't need to do this.
- No, I do.
I need to keep busy.
I can't believe this is happening.
Yes, Melanie? - Oh, the police? - Yes, ma'am.
Did Mr.
Wale ever speak to you about a brokerage in Sacramento called K-RAM? Sacramento? Landon has a money guy here.
Sorry, no.
Wale, did your husband ever wear jewelry? No.
We, uh, found this on him.
It's a ruby, half carat.
Oh, my God, it's gone.
Why would Landon take it? Landon gave me this statue of Aphrodite on our honeymoon.
- You know, Aphrodite, the-- - Greek goddess of love and sexuality.
It had rubies along the base.
I have a photo of it for insurance purposes here.
- How valuable is it? - Ahh.
It was worth over $200,000.
Well, you should file a claim.
Looks like the killer took it.
- Jane.
- Yeah.
- Okay, thank you.
- Jane? - County fair starts Saturday.
- So Danny will be there? No, it's not that simple, but someone there will know where he is.
- He's a carny, like you used to be? - "Carny" is a very broad term, Lisbon.
Uh, Danny's more show biz.
But it's been a while.
Before last night, when was the last time you talked to him? When I called him to tell him what Red John had done.
Boss? K-RAM Investments doesn't exist.
It's not registered on any stock exchange.
- It's not a real company.
- Who owns it? A holding company signed the lease.
I tracked that through three other outfits to get to a Daniel Ruskin.
- Daniel Ruskin.
He got a sheet? - Long one.
Got hooked for larceny, passing bad checks, nothing violent.
Was popped for fraud two years ago in Toronto.
- He's a con man, basically.
- Huh.
Show business, eh? Well, confidence game, show biz, it's a thin line.
So maybe the victim was a mark in one of Danny's cons.
Vic finds out, they fight, Danny kills him and steals the statuette.
Danny's usually smoother than that.
Very smooth the way he forced you onto this case.
- It's clever.
You're a pawn in his game.
- I'm not a pawn, he.
- Yeah? What? - Oh, you're very good.
You almost got me talking.
- What are you keeping from me? - Nothing.
He's family, that's all.
- Van Pelt.
- Complicated.
It's Detective Reece for you.
They got a call to Jane's phone from the K-RAM offices.
- He's on his way over.
- Stall him.
Stall him? I didn't know your wife was from this world too.
Oh, yeah.
Her grandparents are carny royalty.
They ran big metal Ferris wheels, ghost trains.
They ran them all across the Midwest.
But my wife, she didn't wanna have any part of it.
Why? Carnies are good people, but you're either with the show or you're not, there's nowhere in the middle.
If you're not with the show, then you're a mark, you're a sucker.
And she didn't like that.
You're not gonna need the badge.
They're gonna tell you're a cop without it.
- Actually, people rarely guess I'm a cop.
- Oh, yeah? Let me do the talking.
When it's advisable.
- And don't mention Danny until I do.
- I'll be the judge of that.
Hey! No trespassing.
Fair's not open yet.
Or else what? Or else I'll give you a good whooping, that's what else.
How about this, Pete? If you can catch me then I will marry that damn ugly sister of yours.
Patrick Jane, son of a bitch.
Oh, man.
I heard you were police, and I didn't believe it but here you are with a real live cop.
This is my good friend Teresa.
She doesn't bite.
If you're okay with Jane, I guess you're okay with me.
- I haven't seen you in a while, huh? - Well, you know.
Yeah, I know.
- So, what brings you here now? - I'll give you three guesses.
- Uh, Danny.
- Got it in one.
- Ha, ha.
Danny's a good boy.
- What's he been up to? Hey, Sam, come on out here.
I got a surprise for you, honey.
- Come on, you ready? Ta-da.
- Oh, look at you.
- Ha, ha.
- Aah! - Uh, what was that for? - Detroit.
- Oh, yeah.
Fair enough.
- Mm-hm.
- What's with the state trooper? - Yeah, it's, like, unreal, huh? - A Jane working with the law.
- How do I look like a cop? Please, you look like Cagney and Lacey had a baby, called it Pepper.
- They're looking for Danny.
- Danny's in trouble.
What else is new? Danny's always in trouble.
Remember the morning of your wedding? - Ha-ha-ha.
- Oh, yes, yeah.
Uh, my wife had to bail Danny out in her dress.
She was not very happy.
It's good to see you and all, but the police is the police, no offense.
None taken.
Well, Pete, why don't you take Pepper here and show her the elephant? - I'd love to see the elephant.
- My pleasure.
Right this way.
- Her name is Daisy.
- She's cute.
She's a mean old girl.
She'd run down her own kids for an apple.
Ha, ha.
You think I'm kidding? Here, give her one.
- Where do I put it? - Here.
You two get along, you can take her home with you.
Want another one? What kind of trouble Danny got? Worst kind of trouble.
Damn shame.
Not surprised though.
Danny's been heading downhill all the way since Angela died.
There's a man that need a big sister.
So I should help you and the cops find him why? Danny called me, uh, just out of the blue and he asked for my help.
Danny doesn't always do what's best for his own interests.
- Tendency to outfox himself.
- True.
But he asked for my help, and that's what I'll give him.
A few hours ago, I was wiping a murder weapon clean in case it had Danny's fingerprints on it.
I don't know where Danny is now.
But Nicki does.
Talk to Biltmore Nicki.
Same gig as always.
It's good to see you.
I'm glad you're doing okay.
- You are doing okay, aren't you? - Oh, yeah.
My little friend Pepper's gonna need a ride back to the office.
She's huge.
Kind of tickles.
Hey! Jane? - Detective Reece called.
He's pissed.
- He can get in line.
Where's Van Pelt? Oh, hey, boss, can I borrow the car? Ha, ha.
Ha, ha, that's funny.
Anything on Ruskin? Ahem, yeah, he's a former escape artist.
Had an act as a kid, just like Jane.
"Houdini Junior.
" Says he could do the Water Torture Cell trick at 17 which I guess is good if you like that sort of thing.
Cho, go and talk to the victim's wife.
See if she knows Ruskin.
Rigsby, have Van Pelt help you look into his financials.
Look for other names.
Con men rarely work alone.
Where is Van Pelt? Daniel Ruskin? I don't know him, sorry.
But you do? I have met Daniel.
He's very charming.
I'm sure he wouldn't hurt Landon.
You know Ruskin, but you told us you'd never heard of his company, K-RAM.
No, I have no notion of his business.
I met Daniel socially, at Landon's country club.
- Murphy introduced us.
- Murphy Traver? - Mm-hm.
- Oh, a lovely man.
Of the Long Island Travers.
Thank you for your cooperation, Mr.
Happy to talk, agents.
I just need to get back to this meeting in a few.
You can't trust computer nerds alone too long, you know.
Oh, gosh, poor Landon.
It's horrible.
- So you introduced him to Ruskin? - Yeah, yeah, I sure did.
Yeah, I met Daniel at the club.
He's just an outstanding guy.
Why do you wanna know about Daniel? Well, he's a con man who may have killed Mr.
- Do you know where he is? - A con man? Oh, my God.
I invested with him.
Oh, my God.
Where's your assistant? Uh, I'm sorry, agent, I have to call my bank.
Yeah, a place like this, bunch of people, you should have an assistant.
And with all those employees the phone lines should be ringing off the hook.
Landlines? So 20th century.
No, agent.
I'm sorry, you're not allowed in there.
That's a clean room.
Agent-- Very clean.
I am having a very bad day.
And you're gonna tell us about Daniel Ruskin.
- Come on.
- Okay, all right.
My dear, sorry to bother.
Did you see two boys run down the street? No.
Ma'am, what's wrong? I was walking to the train station-- It's such a nice day.
--and these two boys just took my purse.
Ma'am, here.
Come here, sit down.
I have to visit my sister.
She's in the hospital in Bakersfield.
- I feel so stupid.
- That's terrible.
And the last train to Bakersfield leaves in 40 minutes.
Oh, dear.
Look, uh.
- Can I drive you to the train station? - You would do that? - Oh, my dear.
Oh, thank you.
- Sure.
You're not taking her anywhere, Grace.
Nice hook, Nicki.
You're such a sweet old lady.
Grace, Nicki.
Nicki, Grace.
If this were for real, this old fox would have you stripped bare.
This sweet piece of fruit is a cop? Damn.
Guess I'm losing my touch.
I'm looking for Danny.
- Look at me.
- Danny? Look at me.
This is a family thing.
I know you know where he is.
Tell me, or this nice piece of fruit will take you downtown and treat you to a complimentary cavity search.
- Hypothetically, what happened? - Hypothetically? We were running the rag.
We'll let you invest in a sure-fire stock-market winner.
It's a little illegal.
Shh, don't tell anybody, blah, blah.
Hypothetically, Danny hooked Landon good.
Had him begging us to let him invest.
He was bringing us some statue worth 200 grand.
So you and Danny killed Landon and took the statue.
No, why take it when he was gonna give it to us? Maybe you took it, Murphy.
You didn't wanna share with Danny, so you called Wale and met him early.
Things got out of hand.
You need to help yourself.
Tell your side.
- No, no, no.
- You're a liar.
- She's right, you are.
- Where's Danny Ruskin? You're a businessman, so is Danny.
He'll understand.
I don't know.
I don't.
But I know who he's with.
Trixie somebody.
Rich and hot.
Yeah, Danny's always got a second revenue stream.
Always monetizing.
Excuse me.
Jane, where the hell are you? - Hope that's a decaf.
- How did you--? I can hear the foam machine.
Anyway, I promised Grace I'd call, so I called.
- Lovely to talk to you.
Bye, now.
- Put her on now.
- No, I've already ditched her.
- Jane, you have to come in.
Danny could be dangerous.
We're not looking to use deadly force, but things happen.
It's not safe for you.
Getting close to nabbing him? That's good to hear.
Well, may the best man win, Lisbon.
- Jane.
- Boss.
Checked the logs at K-RAM, found a Trixie Mercado.
Daughter of the guy who owns the building.
- She has a place in midtown.
- Thanks.
May the best man win.
Detective Reece, it's Lisbon.
We've got a lead on Ruskin.
It's party time.
Baby, why are you packing? God, you are killing me, you're so gorgeous.
Seriously, I'm dying.
But I gotta go, baby.
Something came up.
I'll be back soon, all right? - Danny.
- Hey.
Long time.
- Danny, what the hell? - You must be Trixie, huh? Hi, I'm Patrick.
No need to be scared.
Danny and I, we're family.
Biltmore Nicki called you, huh? You're just gonna hop on out of here? - I just got here.
- You're mad.
I get that, I do.
But I needed your help.
I needed your wisdom and cunning-- How much help can I be in handcuffs, Danny? What can I say? Calling you in was the best of some very unsavory options.
Tell me what happened with Landon.
Honest and quick.
I don't have all day.
Open up.
- You son of a bitch.
- That has nothing to do with me.
Trixie Mercado, are you in there? We've got some questions.
Oh, please.
- What the hell is going on? - Shh.
Look, just talk to them.
I have influence.
We can sort this thing out.
If you didn't do anything, you got nothing to worry about.
Nothing to worry about? I am not spending a day in jail.
Not one day.
Never again, ever.
You got me? Miss Mercado, open the door right now.
Back up, I'm going in.
Give me some room.
Back up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Danny's not here.
Yup, Danny went that way.
All by himself.
All units, search the area.
Suspect has fled.
Establish a two-block perimeter around this loc.
- Hey, you're Patrick's friend, right? - Yeah.
He said to tell you he's really, really sorry about all this.
- Jane's with Danny? - Jane? No.
It was a man.
Tell me what happened with Landon Wale.
- Ooh.
Big detective.
- Consultant.
- Consultant.
- Stop stalling.
Tell me if you killed the man and I'll take you to Mexico.
I'm touched.
Cabo? You'd do that for me? - Yes, I would.
- Why? Because your sister would want me to.
You sound like a mark.
Or you think I'm a mark.
Which--? - You sound like you're in over your head.
- Yeah, way over my head.
Not like Patrick, no.
You never get in way over your head.
Too smart for that.
Never make mistakes, not the boy wonder.
Why won't you answer my question? It is because you hate me? Or is it because you did, in fact, kill the man? Hate.
- Why would I hate you, bro? - I asked my question first.
I didn't kill Landon.
I smell deception, but it's hard to tell with you because you're kind of a sociopath, like all the great con men.
I am great, huh? First compliment you ever gave me, I can recall.
Convince me, Danny.
Come on, try.
Make me believe that you didn't kill that guy.
You want me to dance for you? Hmm? I should crawl for you? That's it.
I'm leaving and I'm gonna call the cops.
They will be here in five minutes.
I'd make yourself scarce.
You think I won't do it? Not sure.
I wouldn't blame you if you did.
Agent Hightower.
- You lied to me.
- Detective Reece has some concerns about the Landon Wale case.
Seems like you didn't tell him that Jane is the brother-in-law of Daniel Ruskin the prime suspect.
At the time of my conversation with Detective Reece, I didn't know.
I apologize for the oversight.
- I'm supposed to buy that? - No purchase required, detective.
- Where's Jane now? - I don't know where he is.
You don't know where he is? Okay.
I'll tell you what, this is what I'm going to do.
I'm gonna get an arrest warrant and I'm gonna have every cop on the street looking for him and Ruskin.
You need to get control of your unit.
What you have right here is slackness.
If Mr.
Jane is involved in obstruction of justice aiding and abetting or anything like that, he's yours.
Are we done? - I guess we are.
- Keep in touch.
Jane's in trouble.
Detective Rigsby, you wanted to talk to me? It's "agent.
" We're re-interviewing a number of Mr.
Wale's associates.
It's just routine.
Let's go to my desk, shall we? You look different.
It's really hot at the office.
The air's broken.
No money to fix it? We found out the company was gonna file for bankruptcy.
The place is broke.
- You should really talk to Melanie.
- But what happened? To the company.
- Do you read the news? - After you.
Real estate's not doing so well, and Landon made a bad deal or seven.
He was a cowboy.
Win big, lose big.
Please, take a seat.
So how did Melanie and Concetta take the bankruptcy news? They didn't know.
Landon only told me.
I, uh.
I keep the books.
- So you're looking at them, huh? - Hmm? We look at every place, at everybody.
"Mm" meaning what? No, nothing.
It's just, who knew he'd be worth more dead than alive? You mean life insurance? Uh-huh.
Thank you.
This policy's less than three months old.
- Did Mrs.
Wale take it out? - Connie? No.
She's not the beneficiary.
Melanie is.
The sister? - Well, what's it worth? - Two million dollars.
If you know where they are, you need to tell me.
Sac P.
's got a manhunt going.
Jane and Danny could get arrested or shot.
They're survivors.
They're gonna do okay.
Jane will get fired from the CBI.
- Heh.
Oh, no.
- This job is all he has.
If he's arrested, they'll take that from him.
I'm his friend.
I can help.
Lisbon, they just took off.
- We don't know where they went.
- You swear? I swear.
My sister was the only good, clean, honest thing that I had in my life and you ran off with her.
You took her away from me, away from what she knows so, you know, yeah, I've been mad at you, very mad.
I didn't take her away.
She didn't want the carny life.
She hated it.
She wanted to get out.
We both did.
And you know how hard that is.
That was our thing, that's what we did together.
We escaped together.
Nice escape plan, bro.
You got her killed.
- Thanks for reminding me.
- Yeah, you just had to be a big shot.
You had to get on the TV and run your mouth.
It's your fault she's dead.
Yes, it is.
I know that.
It is my fault.
And I just-- I hope that one day you will, uh, forgive me.
Maybe one day I'll forgive myself.
- Forgive you? - Not for my sake, for yours.
Because hating me is just a waste of your energy.
I mean, it's pointless.
Just move on.
Drop it.
Find something to love.
- Man, you really have changed.
- Yeah.
You know, I don't know if I.
I don't require an answer, Danny, I just.
You got something in your eye? No, it's-- I got allergies.
It's pollen.
I'm sorry.
Landon Wale.
Yeah, Landon.
There's a mark.
He was so hot to get taken he called me that night and wanted to move up the action.
When I got there, he was dead.
That's it.
- I did not kill him.
- What was the action? Landon was supposed to bring me the gold statue.
Not to give to me, just to show me to prove he had the collateral to invest in my hedge-fund coup.
I mean, this mook was hooked deep.
Thought he was flying to Brazil with his hot assistant and the money.
- Brazil, I like it.
- Yeah.
He had it all mapped out.
Little place on the beach, a fishing boat.
Perfect mark.
Hey, suckers, gotta love them.
Don't move.
Go on.
Jane! Jane! Jane, it's me.
Hey, Lisbon.
- Excellent work finding us.
- I am very unhappy with you.
- Is he in there? - Yeah.
Bring him out.
No funny business or I will shoot to kill.
You're very persuasive.
We'll be right out.
- Ms.
Anders, thanks for coming in.
- Sure.
Uh, what's this about? The insurance policy.
We have a few questions.
Policy? Oh, for Landon, sure.
It's common to have a keyman policy for small businesses.
I'm sure you can straighten things out.
We have some paperwork to take care of.
Check here.
Sign here, please.
- Thanks for the call, Agent Lisbon.
- My pleasure.
We have a deal? We'll forget about your lies and incompetence.
Up against the car.
Hands behind your back.
You said we could work it out, not him.
I got no deal with him.
It's for the best.
We've all gotta get out from underneath it.
- You bastard.
- I'm sorry.
You son of a bitch.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
- Take it easy.
- I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
You betrayed me.
I will kill you.
- You have to be rough? - Don't tell me how to do my job.
- You're lucky I'm not taking you.
- You threatening me? - If not for me, you wouldn't have him.
- You delusional? - You blocked the investigation-- - You just spat on me.
You wanna go in with him? Just say the word.
I'd be happy.
- This whole investigation was.
- Oh, oh, oh.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, stop! - Lisbon.
Lisbon! Hey.
Stop! Hey! Hi, this is police business.
Patrick Jane, I'm with the CBI.
Yes, I saw you there when the killer escaped.
- It was horrible, Connie.
- Terrible story.
Yeah, well, I'd like to speak to Mrs.
Wale alone, please.
It's very important.
Thank you.
This is awkward, but we have reason to believe Danny Ruskin has every intention of killing you.
- Me? - Yes, you.
He has a violent temper and several convictions including shooting and killing a man But why would he wanna hurt me? He figured it out.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That you killed your own husband and, in doing so, ruined Danny Ruskin's life.
What? Mr.
Jane, that's an outrageous charge.
Yes, one I almost didn't believe myself until meeting you just now.
Then it became glaringly obvious you have deep-seated control issues mixed in with jealousy and your own weird lust for violence.
Landon was gonna take the money and run away with that leggy assistant.
- Shut up.
Landon loved me.
- No, he didn't, and you know he didn't.
Maybe you even knew he was headed off to Brazil with her.
But what you didn't know, Mrs.
Wale, is that Landon was being played.
He was being conned by no one other than Danny Ruskin.
And when Landon took your Aphrodite statue you assumed he was gonna give it to the mistress.
Your honeymoon gift.
The very symbol of your love for each other.
You followed Landon to where you thought he was gonna meet with that statuesque strumpet, and you killed him.
Then you took what you thought was rightfully yours.
- That's ridiculous.
- Oh? That Ruskin character killed Landon.
Where's the statue now, Concetta? Huh? Hey, wait.
Wait! - You can't go in there.
- You could land a jumbo jet in here.
Landon wasn't big on the subtlety, was he? Probably why you knew he was having an affair.
You must leave, Mr.
- Right now.
- You bitch.
- And you.
- Easy.
- Christmas came early this year.
- Another gun? Come on, really? What--? None of this would have happened except for you.
You ruined everything.
- Danny, you don't have to do this.
- Shut up! Listen to me.
You are not this person, okay? - You're not this person-- - You backstabbed me.
I trusted you.
You think I'm a mark? You think you can run games on me? - Oh, my God.
- Unh.
You shot me, Danny.
Son of a bitch.
- What'd you do that for? - Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
Please stay with me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- You made me shoot him.
- No, no.
No, please.
- This is your fault.
- No.
This is your fault.
You ruined my life.
You deserve this, bitch.
You ruined my life.
- I could've had everything.
- Okay, I can fix it.
I'll fix it, I swear.
So much money you can go to Switzerland.
You can go anywhere you want.
You don't have to kill me.
Look, I can prove it.
- Go! - Oh! Okay.
This is worth a lot of money.
Take it.
It's yours, take it.
Ha! Connie, Connie, Connie.
You fell for the oldest gag in the book.
Huh? And one of the cheapest, Beats the hell out of the cackle-bladder.
- A little: - Hmm? Oh.
Kind of minty.
How are my teeth? They're good? That was great, huh? Concetta Wale, you're under arrest.
Turn around, put your hands behind your back.
- Turn around.
- Can I take that? Thank you.
Come on.
Let's go.
Sac P.
wanna talk to you about Landon Wale and K-RAM.
There's some fraud charges pending.
Fraud is very hard to prove, especially when nothing changed hands.
In fact, now that I think of it, I'm actually innocent here.
Whatever, they're on their way.
I believe she's telling you to scram.
That's not what I said.
- Thank you, Lisbon.
- I didn't hear that.
- Thank you, Lisbon.
- I can't hear anything.
So this is it, huh? It's nice.
They'd like it, I guess, if they had a preference.
You know, this is the first time I've been here since the funeral.
Why's that? Because they're not here.
Hey, who knows for sure? Maybe they're up there right now looking down at us.
You know, Annie's saying, "Lighten up, you dummies.
" Yeah, maybe.
I'm sorry I asked to come.
Who knew a trip to the cemetery would be such a downer? Sorry, it's irrational.
No reason to be sad.
Are you gonna give them those flowers or what? Guilt is for marks.
You know that, right? Yeah.

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