The Mentalist s03e03 Episode Script

The Blood on His Hands

- Aah.
- Oh.
Nice of you to show up, Pokey.
Sorry I'm late.
Bad traffic on the 50.
Looks like the coroner's finishing up.
Talk to him.
See what he's got.
- Hey, traffic got lipstick on you.
- What? Where? Hope she gave you breakfast.
Forensics ate all the bagels.
- Late and later.
What's your excuse? - It's all a journey, Lisbon.
She washed up here sometime last night.
A jogger found her, called it in.
The only identifiable mark is that tattoo.
She was strangled before she hit the water.
Some tissue under her fingernails.
Might've scratched the killer.
No sign of sexual assault.
- Lisbon.
- Yeah? - Check between her toes.
- Why? Because I don't really want to.
- Needle marks.
- She was an addict? Manicure, but no pedicure.
Didn't want people to see her feet.
The track marks don't seem fresh.
Maybe she got clean.
As soon as the M.
identifies her, see if she has any drug arrests - and check out the local rehab centers.
- Yeah, you got it.
- Yeah? - Mr.
Jane this is Agent Vint Molinari, Missing Persons.
I'm on the Kristina Frye case.
An old client of Frye's was listening to some psychic show on the radio the other day, heard somebody she swears was Kristina.
We've got a recording of the show.
Can you tell me if this is her voice? I spoke to the last caller's late mother, Susan.
She told me she's happy and wants her daughter to know how proud of her she is.
It's her.
Did you trace the call? Comes from a landline, house on Delmore Road north of Fremont Landing.
We'll let you know if we find anything.
How you doing? Blood on the wall, DNA analysis says it's Frye's.
The house was clean.
No prints or trace evidence of any kind.
No sign of a body or a grave.
She's alive.
If he'd killed her, he would've left her body out on display.
Vint, it looks like this is more than just a missing-persons case to me.
I'm gonna talk to the head of the division and ask him to hand the case to us.
Why? Because it's Red John, and you're the Red John guys? I read his file too.
Frye's been missing for four months.
Red John never kept a victim alive for more than a few days.
He never left a clue on the scene except for the painted face.
That call Frye made was hardly a cry for help.
- What's your point? - Who knows if Red John had anything to do with this? As far as I know, Frye painted the face herself.
Why would she do that? Well, the woman thinks she talks to the dead.
She's half a nutcase walking out the door.
Lisbon, I agree with Agent Molinari.
Kristina's case should remain in his hands.
Let's, uh, not get in the way.
I don't understand.
You don't want the case? So, what are you doing? Nothing.
Skip the part where you lie to me and get to the part where you tell me what you're gonna do.
Red John let Kristina make a call that could be traced.
He's playing a game.
With who? I'll see you later.
Yeah, sounds great.
I can make it there by 7.
Listen, I have to go.
Speak to you later.
Okay, bye.
If you're seeing traffic on the 50 tonight, think she could set her alarm earlier? Okay, look, I get it.
This is, uh-- This is the last time you have to hear about my love life.
I don't care about your love life.
Just don't let it affect the job.
- My love life-- - Hey.
- Hey, boss.
- Anything on the girl in the river? Name's Celia Jovanovich.
Convictions for narcotics possession.
No family.
- What about the rehab angle? - No mention in her record.
She must've cleaned up.
No arrests in almost two years? Hey, that tattoo on our vic? - It's worn by members of Visualize.
- Visualize? The cult? They work with addicts.
She could've cleaned up there.
- The wings form a V for "Visualize.
" - Yeah.
What was the name of the guy who runs it? Stiles.
Bret Stiles.
Agent Lisbon.
I'm Brother Steven Wench.
- Mr.
- Mm-hm.
This is Warner Vander Hoek, our chief of security.
- Julius Coles, our attorney.
- How do you do? Quite an impressive file at CBI, Lisbon.
I know if anyone can find Celia's killer, you can.
I appreciate your confidence, Mr.
Vander Hoek.
How did you read my file? I spent 11 years working Seattle Homicide seven years in the Intelligence Division.
Ooh, that's a whole lot of cop for a self-help group.
And we have enemies.
As Mr.
Stiles says, the truth always does.
Where is, uh, Bret? I'm afraid Brother Stiles is busy with Church business at the moment.
- And why are you so afraid? - It's a figure of speech.
- Yes, it is.
Shall we? - Yes, we should.
Lead the way.
My name is Celia Jovanovich.
This picture was taken when I had been a heroin addict for nine years.
I had no job or home.
No future, no hope.
But I beat addiction and changed my life when I began to Visualize.
Our addiction counselors found her literally living in the streets.
She'd attempted suicide three times.
They brought her here, and this is what she became.
Well, she certainly became better at doing her makeup.
Your low personal opinion of Visualize is duly noted.
But irrelevant.
Let's confine our discussion to the facts.
Of course.
Uh, Mr.
Coles, you're not a member here, are you? - I am not.
- Hmm.
It's interesting that Mr.
Stiles would hire a lawyer outside of the sacred fold.
Ooh, what did Celia do here? - She worked in our Security section.
- It's called Vigilance.
We provide personal security for the Church's senior leaders.
- I was her, uh, supervisor.
- What's her home address? She lived here.
We provide homes for members who want them.
Celia had it tough.
The church was her haven.
We need to speak to her friends, acquaintances, coworkers.
That'll be fine, with the proviso that I or one of my associates be present.
Was there anybody in particular she was close to? There was a fiancé.
David Herren.
He's a member of the Church, but I don't know where he is right now.
I'm sure you'll be able to locate him for us.
I assume you'll be looking at suspects outside the Church? I'd hate to think this was some witch-hunt.
We'll go wherever the investigation leads us.
- So, um, thank you very much.
- Okay.
Uh, excuse me.
- "Tec.
" Interesting name.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Ha, ha.
- You look like an honest young man.
Do you know where Brother Stiles is? - No, sir, I don't.
- Very honest.
Terrible liar.
- Oh.
- Is he this way? Or is he this way? - Okay.
- Sir, I don't think that-- Uh, sir? - Spit it out.
- I don't understand what you're doing.
You don't wanna tell me.
When I move in his location, you react negatively.
- I'm reading your negative reaction.
- Stop.
- You're gonna get me in trouble.
- This way? - Please don't go in there, sir.
- Thank you.
You see, if the mind is free there's nothing that you can't achieve, because then the mind has no limits.
It's a spaceship with the power to travel across all six dimensions - journeying-- - Excuse me, uh, Bret? - I have a question.
- What? - Sorry.
Did somebody speak? - Uh-- It was me.
Ha, ha.
- Patrick? - Yeah.
How nice to see you.
Why offer only six dimensions? Is it to hold off a couple of dimensions to sell later? No.
I think six is quite enough.
When did you last see Celia Jovanovich? Oh, uh, Celia, yes.
Let me think.
I believe she worked a security detail for me earlier in the week.
A seminar for pre-members at the Hyatt.
- Pre-members? - Those that have not yet seen the truth.
You would be a pre-member.
Poor Celia.
It's tragic.
Uh, she fought so hard for her sobriety.
When did you learn of her death? Oh, I-- I don't know.
I suppose when they identified the body.
You know, many policemen are Visualize members.
What do you think happened to her? - No idea.
You have a theory? - Oh, no.
I never theorize.
We gurus must always speak the truth.
- Or nothing.
- You were surprised I was here about Celia.
Why did you think I was here? Kristina Frye, of course.
Kristina Frye? Red John has her, right? It's a terrible thing.
First your wife and child.
Now Miss Frye.
It sounds like he's jealous, Patrick.
It sounds like he wants to take away everything and everyone that you care about.
It's a form of love, you know.
What do you know about Kristina Frye and Red John? Patrick, I like you.
I like your vim.
And Red John he seems to be a perfectly unpleasant sort of fellow.
If I knew how to get you even half a step closer to him I would cross desert waste to tell you.
But I don't know.
Ah, Starsky and Hutch.
Thank goodness.
Jane might have cut me into small cubes by now.
God is in your mind, right here.
All you have to do to see him is clear out the bad energy.
I'll repeat the question.
Have you seen Celia Jovanovich in the past 48 hours? I've been visiting my mother in Chino.
- I got back this morning.
- That's all I need.
Aren't you interested in the path to spiritual clarity and personal freedom? No.
How's it going? Celia was nice and a good team member and joining Visualize is a good idea.
That's it.
- Keep trying.
You seen Jane? - Yeah, he's upstairs.
- Vander Hoek took him to Celia's room.
- Is he okay? I guess.
Why? Nothing.
Stiles seems to get to him a little bit.
- Neat trick.
- I wish he'd teach it to me.
Got the fiancé's details.
David Herren.
Works at a restaurant downtown.
- Go talk to him.
- Okay.
You, come on, let's talk.
Before we do, can I just ask, are you happy in your lives? Sit down.
This is Celia's room.
Thank you.
David Herren? - Uh, yeah? - Wayne Rigsby, CBI.
- I need to, uh, talk to you about Celia.
- Yeah.
- The thing is-- - One moment, David.
I'm Julius Coles, David's attorney.
- Wow, you guys are organized.
- "Us guys"? Feels prejudicial.
- You have a problem with rights? - No, sir.
I was a mess when I heard the news, but I remember what Mr.
Stiles says: Clarify the mind with discipline, order, work.
Are you the head chef? Prep chef now.
Maybe more than that someday.
How long had you been engaged to Celia? - Couple of weeks.
- How long had you known her before? - I didn't.
Know her, I mean.
- I don't understand.
I had never seen her before.
Visualize members often opt for what are called designed marriages.
- The partners are matched for, uh-- - Energy consilience.
- So it was an arranged marriage? - A rational marriage.
I knew the minute I saw Celia we belonged together.
Was there someone else? Someone angry about being replaced? An ex-boyfriend? Absolutely not.
How can you be certain? You only just met her.
Knowledge comes to those who are open to it, agent.
I knew Celia.
There was no one else.
You sure? Because Celia was strangled.
That's a killer who's upset.
Really wants to hurt the victim.
There wasn't anybody who might've been mad at you and Celia? - Might've made you mad? - No need to answer that.
- I'm trying to get the picture.
- You're poking at him to see how he reacts, and I won't have it.
This is over.
So I checked into Herren.
Cooking's just a hobby.
His family's loaded.
Old lumber money.
When he turns 27, he inherits 10 million.
Probably why Stiles arranged the marriage.
With Celia married to Herren, the Church is likely to tap into the money.
That's not a motive for Herren to kill Celia.
Was there anything else from the interviews? - Nothing useful.
- They all seem so happy.
- I mean, truly happy.
- Yeah.
It's creepy.
Kind of lost track of you at Visualize.
Took a nap.
Is something on your mind? No.
I'm gonna be upstairs.
Celia had some problems with Visualize philosophy.
Questions, issues with the dogma.
She, uh, might've wanted to talk to someone about it.
Someone outside of the Church.
Someone mentioned a friend of hers who was a member but left.
Lucy Joel.
Are you sure nobody was following you, saw you come in? Lucy, nobody followed us.
I'm not crazy, okay? I have been followed and threatened.
Visualize doesn't like when people leave the hive.
When you're a member, every week, you sit in front of a camera and lay out every bad thing you've done.
I mean, everything.
It's called Ventilation.
Your Vent Vids.
Supposed to air you out.
Makes you feel great.
Then when you're leaving, they say, "Whoa, we know all this nasty stuff.
You're not gonna say anything bad about Visualize?" We're not here to get dirt on Visualize.
We wanna talk about Celia.
She was sweet.
Almost too nice, you know? She needed people a little too much.
She knew Visualize was crazy, but they'd gotten her clean.
Unh, and she was scared to leave, you know? - Thought she'd start using again.
- Was she in touch with you? She'd call, just to talk.
Bitch about the Church, you know? Stuff.
Was there anything specific on her mind? I-- I can't.
I'm sorry.
I don't want any trouble.
No, li-- It was really hard to leave that place.
Now I'm good with the Church, and the Church is good with me.
Everything's good.
Listen, I know you're scared.
But right now you're Celia's guardian.
The only one that can help her.
It's up to you.
She was having an affair with somebody very big in the Church.
She wouldn't tell me his name.
Then she was supposed to marry Herren.
And he was sweet.
Kept saying he loved her.
She felt bad lying to him.
Last time I talked to her, she said she had to do something.
But she didn't say what.
And if anybody finds out I told you that I am so dead.
You were great in there.
"You're Celia's guardian.
" That was nice.
I lied this morning.
I do care that you're seeing someone else.
It hurts a little.
I mean, it's no biggie.
I'll get over it.
I want us to be friends.
We can get to that point, right? Can we be just friends? Yeah.
Sure, we can.
I'd like that.
- Behind us.
- Huh? Someone's tailing us.
- Visualize? - Oh, yeah.
Guess Lucy isn't crazy.
I'm getting the plates.
- Should I pull them over? - Can you get behind them? Throw a loop? Easy.
Grace! Grace! You okay? Yeah.
You wanna tell me what the hell you're doing? FBI.
Could ask you the same thing.
- Agent O'Loughlin, is it? - Craig O'Loughlin.
That's right, ma'am.
You wanna tell me why the FBI was tailing two of my agents? Sure.
We've been looking at Bret Stiles and Visualize for a couple years now.
We've had allegations of tax fraud, racketeering, and a lot worse.
We haven't gotten our hands on anybody that could tell us about the organization.
Yeah, but why follow us? My boss thinks Stiles may have people inside law enforcement which would explain why we're not getting anywhere.
You think that we're working with Visualize? She wanted us to look into the possibility, that's all.
And I've seen no evidence of it.
What you did was reckless.
I should bring you up for departmental discipline.
But he shouldn't have been following you, so I'm gonna let it pass.
And you tell your boss, if she wants to catch bad guys she should follow bad guys.
Always a pleasure working with the FBI.
Hey, listen, I'm sorry about that.
Does it hurt? No.
No, it's not that bad.
- You know, "Van Pelt," uh.
- Hmm.
You related to Amos Van Pelt, by any chance? The football coach at Burton? Uh, he's my father.
That's one hell of a coach.
Yeah, I was a wide receiver at U of M.
Your, uh, dad gave us one tough game.
" Didn't you go NFL? Tennessee.
I did, yeah.
Yeah, just a couple years.
Thanks for remembering.
Anyway, I should get back to the office, get beat up by my own boss.
You see your dad, tell him he's remembered.
- I will.
- Yeah.
Hey, excuse me.
You're the FBI guy, right? - I'm a special agent in charge.
- That's exactly what I mean.
So you guys are investigating Visualize and this character Bret Stiles, right? I guess that's common knowledge by now.
Do you have a guy deep inside the Church? - You know, an undercover agent? - You can't seriously be asking me that.
So that's a yes.
Any chance of a name? No.
No chance.
- We have to get back to Visualize.
- Why's that? Celia Jovanovich was almost certainly killed by her lover so she almost certainly mentioned his name in her Vent Video.
Ergo, we need to see her videos.
I'll get my coat.
What do you have in there? Oh, look at that.
Thank you.
"To make ourselves fully conscious the challenge is to expand the power of mind by dispelling doubt and guilt, so that we may find our--" Sorry.
Didn't mean to startle anyone.
Well, actually, I did.
You got a minute? What is it, Mr.
Jane? You're the FBI's undercover agent, right? - What? - I need a favor.
Just a small one.
Get rid of them.
Guys, take a break.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Well, when I just popped the bag right now, your hand went for your hip like you were reaching for your gun.
It's a cop instinct.
Never goes away.
Do you have any idea what you're doing? This is an ongoing investigation.
I spent three years working my way in.
Hey, don't freak out, Serpico.
I need one little thing.
- Forget it.
- Your investigation is dead.
If I picked you out, then Stiles has picked you out.
The only reason he hasn't gotten rid of you is because he's using you.
He's feeding you false information.
Do you have any usable evidence? No.
Didn't think so.
And you never will.
You can help me, though.
Together, we can catch Celia Jovanovich's killer.
What's this about? I need to see one of her Vent Videos.
Take me to where they're kept.
- Get a warrant.
- Warrants take time.
And meanwhile, back at the ranch, they're wiping the tapes.
The room where they're stored is full of security cameras.
- They'll be onto you in minutes.
- Yes, they will.
That's what I'm talking about.
Let's go.
Ah, Agent Lisbon.
What's all this about you wanting Celia's Vent Videos? Celia Jovanovich may have identified her killer in one of the videos.
- We'd like to take a look at them.
- No.
That's impossible.
The Ventilations show our members at their most vulnerable.
Only senior members of the Church are allowed to see them.
I mean, I could no more show you them than a priest could discuss a confession.
Hmm? Now, if you'll please excuse me.
- Sir.
- Yeah? What? Agent, this is a security-camera feed from our video room.
What's going on? It's been about half an hour.
This is outrageous.
I'm getting bored.
Stiles is calling in every important person he knows to try and get us fired.
It takes time.
You're done.
You are done.
We've spoken to your superiors.
We view Mr.
Jane's actions as a breach of civil liberties.
We'll pursue civil and criminal remedies.
- Um-- - Eh.
I'm curious.
You couldn't hope to watch these videos for any length of time.
What did you think you'd accomplish by coming here? Oh, we'll see the videos.
Oh, you will see them, will you? And how is that? Heh.
- You'll give them to us.
- Oh, really? And why? Why? Celia Jovanovich was killed by her lover.
Someone very high up in your Church.
Someone that is very probably in this room right now.
Well, that's very interesting, if it were true.
And, I daresay, is mentioned in her videos.
So if you say you'll give us the videos, the killer will identify himself.
He'll be the man that insists most forcefully that you shouldn't give them to us.
- What if I killed her? - You? You wouldn't hurt a fly.
Ahem, Patrick has offered a very, um, persuasive argument.
I'm going to be handing over the videos to him.
- No, absolutely-- I can't allow that.
- Why not? The precedent would be unacceptable.
It would-- It would open up all manner of intrusive police action.
That sounds like lawyer speak for, "I did it.
I did it.
I'm guilty.
" Mr.
Coles, in a week or so, Forensics is gonna have processed the DNA that was under the victim's fingernails.
We're gonna need a sample from you.
That's ridiculous.
That is completely unnecessary.
- It's just a pin prick.
Doesn't hurt a bit.
- Julius, please tell me you did not kill that young woman.
No, I didn't-- That one-- That looked like it did hurt, huh? She was a sweet girl.
I'd see her when I came to meet Bret.
She liked to talk about the books she was reading.
Things just went from there.
I was.
I was very fond of her.
And then Herren came into the picture.
Celia said she had to tell Herren the truth about us.
I told her Visualize was my only client.
Bret would banish me if he knew I was involved with a member.
She just kept saying she couldn't lie.
She couldn't lie to save my career.
I got angry and we fought.
It happened.
So we have a deal? DA agreed, involuntary manslaughter, three years with time served.
In exchange for your cooperation with the FBI's investigation into Visualize and Bret Stiles.
Okay, you got it.
I look forward to working with you, Mr.
- Uh.
Three years is nothing.
- It's the way of the world.
He's selling Stiles.
He's a big fish.
The FBI has to pay.
If you think about this stuff too much, you'll drive yourself crazy.
That's Herren.
- Gun! - Hey! Drop it! Drop your gun! Drop it! Drop it now! Get your hands above your head! - Don't move! - Don't move! Get your head down! Head down! I had to do something.
He killed my soul mate.
Inactivity is the sign of the clouded mind.
- Discipline, order, work.
- Where'd you get the gun? I stole it from the desk of the manager.
He keeps it for making night deposits.
Did anyone else know what you were gonna do? Put me in prison.
I don't care.
My heart is free.
The minute I saw him, I knew.
I did the right thing.
Did anyone else know? No.
It was my idea.
Thanks for your time.
I understand Herren confessed.
He didn't mention your name.
The poor soul.
Wh--? Why would he mention me? Well you didn't tell him to kill the man, but you clarified his options which is as good as killing him, as far as I'm concerned.
Is that the official view? Is this why you wanted to see me? A phone call would've been fine.
- The FBI has given up.
- Oh, that's a shame.
I rather enjoyed Brother Wench and his clumsy machinations.
Well, there it is.
You're safe.
Well, always nice to know, but that's not why I'm here.
It seems that your friend John is planning a surprise party for you.
How do you know what Red John is planning? - It doesn't matter.
- It matters to me.
How do you know what Red John is planning? My dear chap, I know so much more than you or Red John could ever imagine.
Accept this as a gift from a friend, or not.
Clear! Clear upstairs! - All clear.
- Clear.
Kristina? Kristina.
EMT said she had a puncture wound in one arm, like from an IV.
Must be how Red John got the blood out of her.
He also said there was no other sign - physical, sexual, anything.
Why won't she speak? What did he do to her? Still nothing.
Not a sound.
Remember this? Well, Kristina, listen, it's Jane.
You remember me.
I know you do.
Hmm? What was the worst date you ever had? Huh? Kristina, please.
Please stop this.
Just speak to me.
Psych personnel are on their way.
Could be worse, you know.
She could be dead.
I guess tea is always worth a try.
- What is he doing? - I have no idea.
I call on the spirits.
I ask for the presence of the departed soul of Kristina Frye.
Reveal yourself, Kristina Frye.
Can you hear me, Kristina? I can hear you, Patrick.
Well, thank you.
Thank you for speaking with me.
I'm so glad you called on me.
I knew, in the end, you'd become a believer.
- I'm not a believer.
- I hear sadness in your voice.
Don't be sad, Patrick.
Death is not the end.
The afterlife is a beautiful place.
It's peaceful here.
You're not dead.
You're talking to a ghost, and still you're a skeptic.
- You are impossible.
- You're not dead, Kristina.
- You're alive.
- You're in denial.
Eventually you'll accept the truth.
I know it's hard.
God knows I struggled against it myself.
But you can't fight death.
How did you die? I don't remember.
It's funny how things become unimportant.
It's as if my life was a dream.
I woke up.
I can't recall what happened.
Did you see Red John? - Who? - Red John.
Red John, the man that abducted you.
I don't understand what you're talking about.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Apparently, Bret Stiles is out of the country.
He's opening a center in Jakarta.
The Visualize people say they don't know when he'll be back.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
We caught one.
Are you okay? We're up.
Let's go.

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