The Mentalist s03e13 Episode Script

Red Alert

Sir, I'll let you know as soon as I know anything.
Not at all.
It's my pleasure.
- Crap.
- Director? Bertram wants regular updates.
Somebody involved in this case must be connected.
Maybe we'll get lucky, catch a dunk.
We're due an easy one.
- Ugh, you shouldn't have said that.
- Said what? "We're due an easy one.
" Now we're jinxed.
Amber Sutherland, documentary filmmaker.
The house is a rental.
Been in Crane Creek two months making a video for Mayor Bagshaw.
Isn't a video overkill for a small-town mayor? Bagshaw's moving up.
He's running for the House of Representatives.
Agent Lisbon? Chief Arnold Nail, Crane Creek P.
My men responded to a shots-fired call and found the body.
Agent Cho, Agent Rigsby.
Did your men search the area? We found a .
38 in a trash can down the street.
Serial number shows it reported stolen from a man one town over, a year ago.
- We're gonna need that.
- You got it.
And just so you know, I get it.
CBI's in charge.
We're here to assist.
- Thanks.
We don't always get a welcome.
- I said I get it.
I didn't say I liked it.
The killer tossed the place.
Anything missing? Apparently, Amber had a lot of high-end video equipment.
No sign of it.
We figure the killer took it.
- Robbery gone bad? - No, there's other valuables left behind.
Get a list of what's missing and call Jane and ask him why he isn't here.
Patrick Jane, CBI.
I'm on the way to a crime scene.
- Know how fast you were going, sir? - Do I get a prize if I guess correctly? Thirteen miles per hour over the posted speed limit.
- Oh.
- I need your license and proof of insurance.
I'd love to, but, uh, we got a murder to solve.
Evidence degrading, killers perfecting their alibis.
- First 48 hours.
You know that, right? - License and proof of insurance.
I mean, is this really necessary? Aren't we all part of the Justice League? Do you think Aquaman would give Batman a ticket? Just consider that.
Step out of the car.
Well, there's no sign of a struggle.
She probably knew the killer.
If it was personal, why take her video equipment? Agent Lisbon, we might have something.
One of my officers is engaged in a pursuit off a traffic stop.
Driver was acting crazy.
Could be our guy.
Don't say a word.
Vehicle is a blue Citroën, about 30 years old.
- California plates.
- See what you did? Pull over! - Morning, Lisbon.
- Freeze! Let me see your hands.
Did I miss anything? Agent, I'm not opposed to extending professional courtesy.
But your man ignored a reasonable request from my officer and fled.
- He will pay the ticket.
- Enh.
Speed traps, legalized extortion.
Want people to slow down? Park in the open where they can see you.
But, no, you lay in wait like thieves in the night.
- He will pay the ticket today.
- I'm not gonna pay it.
- Jane.
- I won't pay it.
If Mr.
Jane will go to city hall and settle this today, we can move on.
- Thank you.
- I'd like an apology.
Oh, really? Dream bigger, pal.
You're not gonna get one from me.
I said we'd move on.
Yes, we're moving on.
Don't know why you were in such an all-fired hurry to get here.
- I'll tell you who killed that woman.
- Who's that? Local scumbag named Ronald Crosswhite.
- Killed his wife two years ago.
- He was indicted for murdering his wife.
- Oh, he did it, all right.
- Sergeant Rowley.
Why isn't he in prison? There was a screwup.
Evidentiary paperwork got filed late.
Judge excluded some security footage.
Critical evidence.
Crosswhite walked.
And you're the one that screwed up.
That's why you can't stop looking at that woman's body.
Because you feel responsible.
Also explains why when there's a murder in town you're working the speed trap.
Ha, ha.
- Smart-ass.
- Stand down.
We both have a problem controlling our underlings.
- Underling? - Even if Crosswhite did kill his wife what does that have to do with Amber Sutherland? I saw the two of them together the day before yesterday.
Now she's dead.
No way that's a coincidence.
Underling? Really? Lisbon, would you explain to this man? I'm a consultant.
- He's a consultant.
- I'm not below or above.
- I am to the side.
- That's enough.
Ginger Crosswhite was 31.
Worked at city hall, DMV clerk.
Shot and killed in their living room two years ago.
The DA claimed Crosswhite did it for insurance money.
He had an upholstery shop that was struggling.
And he walked? Crosswhite claimed he came home and found the body.
A security camera showed him arriving an hour before he said he got there.
Destroyed his alibi.
But Rowley missed the deadline to file the search warrant.
The judge excluded it.
The case collapsed.
Good work.
Mayor's wife is coming into the office.
Her name's Jessica Bagshaw.
She was supervising Amber Sutherland's video work.
I'll get her statement.
Be careful.
They have a lot of pull.
Teresa Lisbon, toughest gal west of the Pecos and you're scared of a small-town mayor and his wife.
Oh, hush.
- Yeah? - Mr.
Crosswhite, we're with the CBI.
- I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon.
- And I'm Patrick Jane.
We wanna ask you some questions about Amber Sutherland.
- Tom Rowley tell you about me? - Yes, he did.
That's my buddy Tom.
Can we come in? How did you know Amber? She, um.
She was filming me for a documentary.
- The one about the mayor? - No, about my wife's death.
- What are you doing? - Your wife looked lovely.
She had a very gentle face.
- Put that down.
- Why? Just put it down.
Fair enough.
So Amber was making a documentary about you? Yeah.
She did a couple interviews.
She needed to raise money to finish it.
That must have been nice for you.
Tell your side to Amber.
You have no idea.
The man who killed my wife is still out there.
But everyone in town thinks I'm the killer.
It's around me all the time.
It's like being underwater.
Feels like I can't breathe.
Well, if you didn't kill your wife, what'd you do to her? What? You're the guiltiest-looking man I've ever seen.
The theatrical squalor, forcing yourself to live with the hatred of neighbors.
If you didn't kill your wife, then why the self-punishment? You need to get out of here.
- Now.
- I have to agree.
Well, that's just an honest opinion.
A legit question.
I'm doing my job.
Have a nice day.
It just seems insane, Amber gone.
She worked closely with you? She was with us pretty much every day the last couple weeks.
We'll need to speak with your husband, Mayor Bagshaw.
Of course.
He's forging away on the campaign trail.
Elks clubs and coffee klatches.
Do you have any idea why someone would wanna hurt Amber? I can't imagine.
I mean, she was just such a gentle soul.
Know anything about her personal life? Was she seeing anybody? Um, she had been on a few dates with Zach Gladden.
- He works at city hall.
- Was she close with anyone else? Maybe someone with the campaign? What is it that you're suggesting? Nothing.
Just she was pretty and-- And my husband is attractive and charming and powerful.
Right? - Uh, that's not what I was suggesting.
- Yeah.
It's how rumors get started.
Um, we have no interest in having a pretty, dead woman attached to the campaign if you get my drift, agent.
- Director Bertram.
- Gale.
I was gonna come see you as soon as Agent Van Pelt was done.
Agent, is she done? Yes, sir.
- Let's grab a cup of coffee.
- Okay.
Zach Gladden? - Tell us about Amber.
- I don't know what to say.
She was cool.
God, that's lame.
She was from Los Angeles.
Was funny.
Really hard-working.
She was tenacious.
She was spending time with Ronald Crosswhite? Making a documentary? He had been bugging her since she got in town.
- Someone to listen to his garbage.
- That how Amber saw it? She said she was maintaining her journalistic objectivity.
- Least until a couple days ago.
- What happened? She had an interview with him and she said Crosswhite just freaked out.
You okay? Yeah.
I guess I'm just, um, nervous, you know.
Let's start the questions.
Amber e-mailed this video interview to a producer friend a few days ago.
Just gonna jump right in, huh? That's right.
Your upholstery shop was open? - Is this the scary part? - Wait.
- There's discrepancy about the time.
- There's no discrepancy.
- I've been looking at the footage-- - Don't tell me about security footage.
I was there when I said I was there.
I came home and my wife was dead.
Don't you get it? There's a real killer out there somewhere.
- Okay.
- You said you believed me.
Were you lying? Were you lying too? Are you one of them? - Please calm down.
- What is--? Don't tell me to calm down.
What is this? What is this, a setup? - I just-- - Turn that off.
- Turn that off! - Please.
I'll get a warrant.
Get a list of Amber's missing equipment and serial numbers.
On it.
Serving a warrant on Crosswhite in the morning, and you're coming with.
- Oh, sounds like fun.
- Don't worry.
We're dropping you at city hall so you can pay that speeding ticket.
Ha, ha.
I thought I made my feelings very, uh, clear on that particular subject.
Which is why I told Chief Nail if you don't pay it by noon tomorrow he's free to get a bench warrant for your arrest.
We're citizens too, not above the law.
Oh, well, thanks for that, Gandhi.
What I don't appreciate is these cheap police-state tactics.
Whatever works.
He's not here.
The warrant's good either way, so, Cho, open the door.
Found this in the garage.
Serial number matches Amber's equipment.
Call Van Pelt.
Have her put a BOLO out on Crosswhite.
We need to bring him in.
- Thank you.
- Morning, Mrs.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Um, I have a ticket.
- Yes, see that clerk.
- So you're the bagman.
- I guess.
Well, I would like to pay this ticket, but under protest.
Nobody pays any other way.
Everybody stay where they are.
Everybody stay right where they are.
Now, you you get out there and lock those front doors.
Try running, you'll have blood on your hands.
Okay, everybody over there.
Over there by that window.
Get over there! Get over there! Stay there.
Are you done? Get over here! Nobody move.
Oh, good, more guns.
Chief, what's going on? Got a report Crosswhite's in there with a gun.
He's got hostages.
We should secure the perimeter and make contact with Crosswhite.
Thanks for the advice.
My people are gonna handle this.
You don't wanna start a gunfight unless you need to.
We should get the information first.
If I'm hearing right, I got citizens in there being threatened by a nut with a gun.
I don't need to know more than that.
Okay, over there.
Other side.
I said, move.
Shut up! Three with me through the front, the rest hit the fire exit round back.
You start a shooting gallery, people are gonna get killed.
- See you when we're done.
- CBI has authority here.
I will start arresting your men and putting them in cuffs if you don't stand down right now.
Chief, come on.
No, she's right.
CBI has jurisdiction, for now.
What's your name? - Donna.
- Donna? You look familiar.
You DA? I'm a paralegal.
Jane, right? CBI? What are you doing here? Nothing.
In fact, I was just leaving.
I heard on my scanner you guys were looking to arrest me.
You people thought I killed Amber, didn't you? What I thought was irrelevant now.
But how exactly is this gun-waving supposed to establish your innocence? I tried talking.
It doesn't work.
Nobody listens.
Mind if I get that? - Hello? - Jane? Are you in city hall? Uh, yes, unfortunately.
- Is anybody hurt? - Not mortally, yet.
- What's going on? - I'd love to chat but there's a man here with a large gun who wants to talk to you.
- Who's this? - Mr.
Crosswhite, this is Agent Lisbon.
- Let's just take it easy, okay? - You tell those cops to stay out of here.
I will.
Why are you doing this, Mr.
Crosswhite? Why am I doing this? Why are you? I'm not doing anything but talking to you.
What do you want? I want a guarantee from the governor and the attorney general that I will not be prosecuted for the death of Amber Sutherland.
We can talk about that.
And I want a new investigation into my wife's death and I want the real killer found.
Do it now.
I had two months left on that plan.
Found a way to hear what's going on.
If we can patch into the switchboard, we turn any phone into a microphone.
Do it.
Where's Nail? He's taken over the café for a command center.
Nail's tapped into the cameras around city hall.
- That's clever.
- Well, just trying to keep up.
That's the rear entrance to city hall.
It's alarmed, but we can disarm it.
Create a distraction in front, send men in that way and minimize casualties.
It's procedure to try and talk the person who's taken the hostages out.
- That's what we're gonna do.
- Work with me, Lisbon.
- We need a plan B.
- Hell with that.
Let's go.
We are not going in unless Crosswhite fires first.
It's the safest path.
Unless you're the first hostage Crosswhite decides to shoot.
Someone wanna tell me what's going on? Mayor Bagshaw, I'm Agent Lisbon with CBI.
Glad to hear it.
Nail, what's the plan? Flashbangs through the side window move in through the back, take Crosswhite out.
- Get started.
- An assault should be the last resort not the first.
A half dozen people, including my wife are in that building with an armed lunatic.
I want them out.
I won't allow it.
CBI has the authority here.
Not anymore.
You're to work with us now.
If you don't believe me, talk to your boss.
I already did.
Lisbon, it's a matter of taking the feelings of the locals into account.
Sir, this is a matter of people not getting killed.
You'll do your best to prevent that.
I can't if I don't have authority.
I know Mayor Bagshaw has a lot of influence but-- No, there's no "but," all right? Influence has influence.
I don't have to explain the politics of this, do I? Sir, this isn't about politics.
Everything's politics, Lisbon, one way or another.
Try persuasion.
Works wonders.
- What's the word? - We're on our own.
Better do something.
They're saddling up.
I know you're busy, but I'm babysitting reporters who'll take a minute when you got one.
- Not now, Brenda.
- Fine.
Uh, let me know when you can.
Wait a minute.
- One, now.
- Great.
Uh, anyone in particular, or should I just pick somebody? Who do you think has the best access to Director Bertram? We're human beings.
We have a right to use the bathroom.
There's one in the mayor's office, just right around that corner.
Hey, you're one of those cops from out of town, right? Uh, something like that.
Are you working on a plan to get us out of this? Yes, of course I am.
Well, what are you doing? Well, I'm thinking and waiting.
What are you, like 5? A little patience here.
They're gonna come in, you know, and it's gonna get all shooty.
And what's that gonna prove? You know what? Don't put this on me.
You're like all the rest of them.
You just decided I killed Amber, same way they decided I killed my wife.
Well, more times than not, it is the husband that did it.
Yeah, well, I didn't.
There were break-ins all around the neighborhood.
This was a robbery gone wrong.
Just because some camera says I was someplace when I wasn't? They didn't even bother to look into the robberies.
That's not true.
- What did you say? - We looked into those break-ins.
It was just kids.
They turned on each other the moment they got arrested.
- They're not killers.
- Donna.
- You said you weren't in the DA's office.
- No, I-- I just said I was a paralegal.
Somebody killed my wife, and you were too busy blaming me to catch him.
I'm sorry I said anything.
Please, please don't shoot me.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
Waving the gun in her face is not a great idea.
Everybody just needs to shut up.
Look, I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry.
Just, please.
Just stop it.
I can help her.
Yeah, please.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just stand up.
Just come over here and take a seat.
You know that breath is the switch between the conscious and the subconscious mind? It's how one controls the other.
Just breathe.
Just breathe and relax.
We've tapped into the phones in city hall.
You're gonna wanna hear this.
- Lisbon.
- Agent Lisbon.
I just had a conversation with a reporter from the Examiner.
He seemed to know a lot about the situation in Crane Creek.
Now, I told him that no matter what any unnamed source might say CBI puts civilian safety first and that we were not bowing to local pressure to do otherwise.
I also told him that authority in Crane Creek resides with our head agent in the field, you.
I've let Bagshaw and his chief know that you're in charge.
Thank you, sir.
We'll discuss this again.
Good luck, agent.
In out.
That's good.
Letting yourself relax.
In and out.
Just relaxing.
- What's he playing at? - Sounds like he's hypnotizing someone.
- Breathing in - Sir, we're ready to go.
and out.
Stand down.
No assault unless Crosswhite starts shooting.
Agent Lisbon is in charge.
- This is ridiculous.
- It's done.
Get back to your post.
Relaxing your body.
In and out.
Relaxing your body.
Let your eyes close.
That's good.
That's good.
Your mind is in fight-or-flight mode.
There's nothing you can do about that now, so just breathe in and out.
Let it all fall away.
Falling to the floor.
Now see yourself in a warm, safe place.
In and out.
Now you're drifting.
Just drifting away.
Oh, my God! I've been hit! They tried to kill me.
They tried to kill me.
Sons of bitches.
They tried to kill me.
They tried to kill me.
Close the blinds.
Go! Stand down.
Do not fire.
Do not fire.
There he is.
Stop! Stop! On the ground! Get on the ground, face down.
Do it now.
Give me your hands.
Well, what now? You got me.
You could answer the phone.
That's gonna make it a little tricky to talk to them.
You're gonna talk to them.
I'll tell you what to say.
I wanna take Donna.
She's hurt.
She needs help.
We're gonna book you for attempted murder.
Call your lawyer, your union rep, I don't care.
I'm the reason that Sutherland girl's dead.
I wanted to make it right.
- Cho, get him out of here.
- Come on.
- Boss? - I know.
We lost the phones inside.
No, no, no.
It's Jane.
Don't shoot me.
- Oh, Lisbon, nice of you to show up.
- Jane? You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
Crosswhite hasn't shot anyone and you've shot Donna.
Is she all right? Ugh, for a shot person, yeah, she's fine.
It's just a graze.
Well, that was Sergeant Rowley acting on his own.
Says you.
Look, Rowley's screwups have cost me enough.
If it wasn't for him, none of us would be here.
You're angry? How do you think he feels? - Don't start to sympathize with him.
- Who is Ronald Crosswhite? He's a man that no one has listened to, a man that has been pushed around.
It's hard not to sympathize with the man.
I do.
I feel for him.
Damn it, this isn't a therapy session.
It's not.
You got one hour to put him in touch with the governor and attorney general or he starts shooting.
We'll get on that.
In the meantime, could you ask him to release the injured woman? I never thought of that.
That's a great idea.
Not bad, CBI.
Tell me you didn't kill your wife.
I didn't kill my wife.
- You cheat on her? - No.
- You kept some secret from her.
- No.
Yes, there's something.
You just thought about it.
What was it? Um.
I was a smoker.
She hated it.
You told her you quit, but you hadn't.
What did you do? I went for long drives to clear my head.
I snuck a smoke, figuring, "What's the big deal, right?" That's what you were doing the night she died.
I went for a drive, I listened to some music had a few smokes.
Came home, she was on the ground.
There was blood.
I put my hands to my face, smelled the smoke on my fingers.
The last thing I told her was a lie.
And that's the guilt you carry around.
I should have been there.
I should have been there with her.
Have you ever considered that the killer was waiting for you to leave? - Does that mean you believe me? - Sure, I guess.
But taking us hostage to prove it is the dumbest idea you've ever had.
The security-camera footage, the big evidence against Mr.
- Who owned it? - Uh, the electric company.
And Rowley's mistake, the one that got it thrown out.
Pretty stupid? Hard to anticipate? Of all the paperwork to forget, Rowley picked the worst.
That'll do.
Crosswhite, forget about the deadline.
I will tell you who murdered your wife in 20 minutes.
I need three things.
What? First, Donna here is injured.
Let her go so she can be taken care of.
There's plenty of us here to shoot.
- Hey.
- Second, I need to go to the bathroom.
- Oh, me too.
- And me.
- Fine.
- We all get to go to the bathroom.
And third, I need a pen and some paper.
That's all you need to find my wife's killer? Yeah.
You think the governor could say that? - I doubt it.
- Okay.
- You okay to walk? - Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine.
- Tell Kenyon that I'm okay.
Tell him-- - No messages.
Go ahead, open her up.
- Donna.
So brave.
Oh, so brave.
- Ow.
- Sorry.
Forgot about your.
- It's all right.
Come on.
My bad.
Jane tell you to say anything, give you a message? - No.
He just gave me a hug.
- A hug? Excuse me.
Jane sent us a note.
- What's it say? - "Hey, everybody.
Solved the case.
Saw envelope on mayor's desk left by Amber.
Must be what the killer was looking for.
Can't get to it right now.
Yours truly, Jane.
Lisbon, I'm not paying the ticket.
" I don't know what the hell that means, but in 10 minutes the deadline's up.
Crosswhite said he's gonna start shooting people.
Now, I don't care what you have on Bertram.
If that psycho hurts my wife, I will break you.
Your ball game, Lisbon.
So, what happens now? Well, what happens now is you and I take a walk outside.
- Are you crazy? - Easy as pie.
- They'll shoot me.
- Not if I'm next to you.
I won't take that chance.
Well, you can take the walk outside or you can wait for them to come in shooting.
Personally, I like your chances out there.
I won't do it.
I don't even know why I'm listening to you.
I know what I'm talking about.
You're on the edge.
I've been there.
It's a dark, lonely place.
And I'm telling you, this is the way back.
More than anything, I'm offering what you want: Your wife's killer, standing in front of you in chains.
If you go out, there's a chance you will see that.
If you stay here, you'll probably die.
- This is just a trick.
- Oh, I wish.
If this was a trick, I'd be a lot more confident.
This is 60-40 at best.
But what's plan B, huh? You coming? Oh, that's a lot of guns.
Hold your fire, hold your fire.
Drop your weapon now.
You get Crosswhite, we'll get the hostages.
On your belly, hands by your sides.
Spread your legs and don't move.
Go, go, go! - You all right? - Right as rain.
- Hands behind your back.
Now! - Easy, Rigsby.
Well, looks like you had it wrong.
There was no envelope on the mayor's desk.
You're gonna wanna see this.
There's nothing there because you have it stuffed inside your bulletproof vest.
Excuse me? He killed Ginger Crosswhite and he killed Amber Sutherland.
Arnold? What possible reason could I have to hurt those women? Well, Ginger, I'm not so sure about yet, but Amber, she found out, didn't she? You got your killer right there.
You were terrified I was starting to believe him.
If he was telling the truth about what time he came home-- Then the security footage doesn't make sense.
What do you mean? Well, it's unlikely the electric company meddled with it.
You had access to the evidence, and you changed it.
Amber, the video expert, figured it out.
And then you killed her.
You didn't know she left a message about what she found on the mayor's desk.
There was no envelope.
Yes, there was.
Because I put it there.
Now let's see it.
Chief Nail, take off your vest.
Open it.
Read it out.
"Arrest me.
" Okay.
Look at that, huh? Don't have to say that twice.
- I'm not-- - Don't do it.
Stay down.
That was close.
We have people looking at the security footage right now.
It's only a matter of time before they figure out what you did.
Now, you're a cop about to go into the system.
You do the math.
Ginger Crosswhite got herself killed.
I want you to understand that.
We had talked at city hall.
She was not an innocent.
She married down.
Anybody could see that.
I certainly could.
It was clear as day that she was unhappy.
There was a connection between us.
A very powerful one.
At least, I felt there was.
But she was gonna tell the world like I assaulted her.
Like I was some disgusting thing.
Where'd you get the video of Crosswhite? I hacked into the security footage and changed the time-stamp.
I had Crosswhite cold.
Then that idiot Rowley forgot to file the warrant.
So Crosswhite walked.
And lived in a purgatory you created for him until he met Amber.
She figured out there was something wrong with the footage.
Said the metadata didn't match.
She had no idea I was involved.
She said that she hadn't told anyone else.
So I met her at her home.
And you took her cameras and you planted one at Crosswhite's.
In for a penny.
I thought that when I confessed, I would feel a weight lift.
I don't feel anything.
Crosswhite, it's time.
Hey, uh, sorry about the whole jail thing but you did take a bunch of people hostage.
I don't care.
Jail doesn't mean anything to me now.
Yeah, well, we'll see how you feel about that in a couple of years.
I'll be fine.
I can breathe again.
Thank you.
Are you familiar with the regulations regarding agents giving anonymous statements to the press? "CBI employees shall not give anonymous or off-the-record statements to members of the media.
" And what are the repercussions of said violation? - Suspension or termination.
- Yes.
However, both the Bagshaws are happy everyone's alive, and we caught the killer.
Yes, sir.
See, you find the right lever, agent, you can move the world.
You found the right lever.
That was a smart play.
I hope you stay smart.
- What was that about? - Oh, it was just business.
What's that? This? This is my speeding ticket that I refuse to pay.
Well, I'm not paying it.
- Then I guess no one's gonna pay it.
- I'll get Bertram to pay it.
- How are you gonna do that? - I have my ways.
It's on your desk.

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