The Mentalist s03e14 Episode Script

Blood for Blood

Hey, you're early.
Agent Van Pelt reporting for the night shift.
At ease, Grace.
It's Witness Protection, not Afghanistan.
Yeah, I know, Vic, but you know what the rules say.
Anything I should know? Marshals Service got an anonymous tip.
Somebody might be trying to make a play on Justin.
Something to it, you think? There's always a threat, Grace, that's how we gotta behave.
That's how we keep our guys alive.
- Hey, Grace.
Thought that was you.
- Hey, Trina.
I made this picture for you.
It's beautiful.
Thank you, Trina.
I love those dogs.
Those are horses, Vic.
Where's your dad? Practicing his testimony with Ms.
Let me tell you, he's in a wicked good mood tonight.
Hi, Grace.
Welcome back, Big Red.
Focus, Justin.
DeGeorge you witnessed someone shoot Tanya Matthews in the head.
Could you point out the man who pulled the trigger? Right there.
Adrian Essex.
You are a money manager, correct, and Mr.
Essex was your client? Yes, he was.
Six months ago, you were arrested for tax fraud, weren't you, Mr.
DeGeorge? But the state offered you a deal? Yes.
In exchange for my testimony against Essex, I don't go to jail.
Plus my daughter and I get Witness Protection.
Plus we get to go over the same thrilling questions every single night.
All right, we're done for the night.
Me too.
I'm off to watch the game and kiss my dog.
Don't forget.
Perimeter sweep, one hour.
Agent Van Pelt, the night shift is officially yours.
--second of the game, and we're tied at three.
I don't know if Dustin Byfuglien.
Dispatch here, go ahead.
This is Agent Van Pelt.
I need immediate assistance.
Two forty-five in progress at my current location.
Ten-four, agent.
Shots fired.
I need backup now.
Justin? Trina? Oh, no.
Trina? - Anything on the girl? - Not yet.
- We looking at a kidnapping? - Or she ran off.
- Where's the mother? - Died last year.
- It was just Trina and her dad.
- Put out an AMBER Alert.
Already did.
Set up a perimeter and notified CHP.
Get that treated now.
That's an order.
We got 10 guys, five more on their way.
- All right, get going.
- Okay.
You guys head that way.
Jane? Horribly cold night tonight, Lisbon.
Do me a favor, would you? Shine your flashlight up into those treetops.
- Why? - Because I like the effect the way the light plays on the leaves.
The girl who made these drawings, they're all from an aerial perspective.
So my guess is she has a spot up high where she works.
A place where she feels safe and can hide.
- If she wasn't kidnapped.
- Kidnapping? The man who'd pay her ransom is lying in a pool of his own blood.
What do you know? Huh? I wonder why you doubt me, Lisbon.
Trina? You there? Sweetie, it's all right.
We're with the CBI.
I know it sounds made-up, but we have a website and everything.
It's all right, Trina.
Just tell us what happened from the start.
I know it's hard, but we really need your help.
She can't do it, Lisbon.
She can't remember what happened.
Isn't that right, Trina? It's all just mixed up.
Has anyone seen my dad? Trina.
- Aunt Jodie.
- It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
- Bet you have a bad headache.
- Yeah.
That's gonna be a cool scar, though.
There is that.
Van Pelt, you okay? And Trina? I'm fine.
They took Trina to the hospital.
Damn it.
I can't believe this.
- This where the son of a bitch got in? - It's gotta be, right? Dead bolt's unlocked.
Unless Trina unlocked it when she ran out.
She couldn't have.
The lock needs a key to get in or out.
This key.
- Did you forget to lock it? - Hold on.
When you did your sweep, did you lock that door? I was starting to when I heard a noise in the woods.
And I just-- I think.
I don't know.
I can't remember if I locked it.
Okay, damage control.
The guy you're looking for is Adrian Essex.
Major drug trafficker.
We had an airtight murder case.
Victim was our main witness.
Essex will walk.
That's a good motive.
We'll check it out.
There you are.
Found a fascinating clue, ta-da.
- A matchbook.
- Yes.
The victim collected them, for some reason.
The question I have for you is: Why is this matchbook all alone and not in the bowl with the rest? Maybe Justin smoked.
No ashtray, no cigarettes, no fumes of tobacco.
I'm leaving.
Don't touch that.
Forensics hasn't bagged it yet.
You know Nevada is both the marriage and divorce capital of the nation? They should put that on the license plate.
Where were you last night at 10 p.
? Your mother gave me a booty call.
Always happy to oblige the old girl.
She's not your type.
So you don't have an alibi then? Gotta take a leak.
This goes right through me.
DeGeorge isn't the first witness to turn up dead.
- Two years ago? The Leland murder trial? - How do you do that? Maybe you got someone feeding you information.
Just a lucky break.
The guy mixed with a bad set of people.
You do that, bad stuff happens.
Where were you last night? Hmm.
Let me see.
I don't rightly recall.
We should help you figure it out.
Against the wall.
Come on.
Oh, yeah.
Ankle-monitoring device.
I'm on home-confinement during the trial.
Guess I have an alibi after all.
- Yeah, seems like an excellent facility.
- Mm-hm.
How's Trina doing? Physically, she's all right.
Psychologically, tricky.
" Is that a diagnosis? Trina's memory appears to be fine, with one exception.
She still has no knowledge of her father's death.
- You haven't told her yet? - No.
I'm not going to until she's ready.
Until then, please leave her alone.
It's extremely important we speak to her.
- She may have witnessed the murder.
- She definitely did.
She's blocking the memory because it's too painful.
But I can help her remember.
Let's put her in a light trance.
Hypnosis? That's quackery.
- Well, then it can't hurt to try.
- No.
You're very confident in what's right for Trina.
You, yourself, are a medical professional of some sort.
A nurse, yes? Excellent posture, I'd venture you spent some time in the armed forces.
- Navy? - Army.
There's something more though, isn't there? There's a deeper reason you're so protective.
Trina's mother committed suicide last year.
She was clinically depressed.
I'm really sorry, ma'am, but we have a job to do.
I'm not gonna tell her that her father's dead, too, not until she's ready.
Where's your gift store? I need some reading material for the car ride home.
And a peppermint bar.
I understand this is a difficult time for you.
If you just give us five minutes with her, she'll be fine.
- Look, I don't think you're hearing me-- - I don't think you're hearing me.
Hey, Trina.
I brought you something.
A talent like yours deserves to be nurtured.
A talent? Come on, I'm sure you've heard that from your mom before.
I bet your mother taught you to draw, right? How did you know that? Your father's a money manager, pushes numbers around.
I figured that maybe your mom was a little more artsy.
My mom was a really good artist.
She was the talented one.
But she died.
Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
I have a question.
Your dad smoke? - No.
- Sure? Interesting.
- Jane? - Hey.
Are you trying to hypnotize her? - Hypnotize me? - I told you, no.
The doctor said her memory will come back on its own in time.
Back off, tiger.
All right? I did no such thing.
Wait, why would he wanna hypnotize me? Why won't anyone talk to me? Aunt Jodie, where's my dad? Trina.
He hasn't come to see me.
Where is he? He's dead, isn't he? Just tell me, please.
Yeah, that's right.
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
He was murdered last night.
Oh, honey.
I'm sorry I didn't-- It's okay.
It's okay.
Tried to find you this morning.
Yeah, I'm not really in the mood for talking.
- I get it.
If you change your mind-- - Grace.
- Craig.
- Hey.
I came as soon as I could.
You okay? - I don't wanna talk about your feelings.
- What's up? Eugene Boden.
Suspected in a number of murders.
Can't leave the house, but he could order the hit.
You're being too hard on yourself.
The killer could've picked that lock.
He could've had a key.
Or he didn't need a key because I maybe left it unlocked.
I lost a witness, Craig.
You're a great cop.
Look at me.
I'm looking.
This will pass.
I promise.
I'm interrupting.
Agent LaRoche of Professional Standards this is Craig O'Laughlin, FBI.
The PSU is looking into last night's incident.
There are some questions.
I've scheduled us to meet this afternoon.
I will need your incident report and a urine sample to screen for drugs.
Agent Dubin here will escort you to the restroom.
- Right now? - Yes.
Nice meeting you.
Yeah, just a second.
Joey, quick.
We need to talk to you about Justin DeGeorge.
I'm busy right now.
You might wanna call my secretary.
- Make an appointment.
- Let us in.
I don't think so.
I already told you, I'm busy.
So piss off.
Hey, let's not make this difficult.
Get on the ground now.
Everybody get down.
Get up.
Get on your knees.
I got it, go.
Essex! Stop! Damn.
You look anxious.
Not at all.
No? It would be understandable.
Agent Van Pelt did you leave that door unlocked? I don't know.
That must be distressing not knowing if you're a good cop or not.
You remember Todd Johnson, don't you? Cop killer murdered here in our house by one of us.
Why? I need assistance with my investigation into his murder.
I need someone trustworthy.
Assistance? You have a whole unit.
I need you.
Me? Do you have a suspect? Someone I work with? We'll discuss the specifics at a later point.
But essentially all you would have to do is keep your eyes open.
And at a later point, you might be asked to wear a wire.
You want me to spy on my own department? This is your chance to redeem yourself, agent.
To prove you are a good cop.
That you will take down a killer, no matter who it is.
And, of course, it would make my investigation of your actions much easier.
Because a good cop couldn't possibly have left a door unlocked and let a witness be killed in front of his own daughter.
Am I right? Are you threatening me? I'm presenting you with options, agent.
Take some time and mull them over.
Your boss is smart.
Essex had this phone rewired to have the same signal as the ankle monitor.
Turn the phone on, leave it at home, everybody thinks you're still there.
But Essex forgot one thing.
His neighbor's security cam.
Essex also left his house the night of DeGeorge's murder.
Makes him look pretty good for it, don't you think? Lovely.
So I guess I can go then.
He's forgetting that he tried to buy 20 pounds of meth from the Connera family.
- What kind of price tag does that carry? - Twenty years.
- I hear they're getting HBO in Folsom.
- Get to the point, Mary.
You and Essex, you came up together.
Been pulling jobs with him the last 10 years.
You know where he hides.
You give us Essex, we can deal.
Doesn't have to be 20 years.
Tell me more about that HBO.
Hospital? Why would you say that? No, I know Aunt Jodie banned me from the hospital.
Quite militaristic of her, don't you think? Oh, gotta run.
Gotta run.
You're not welcome at this hospital, Mr.
That's why I thought I'd find you here, amongst your puffing people.
You're trying so hard to quit smoking.
You bite your nails and you smell of hand sanitizer.
But you are trying to quit for Trina, which I think is admirable.
What do you want? You are not hypnotizing my niece.
No, no.
No need to worry about that.
I'm just going down the suspect list.
Starting with A for Aunt Jodie.
You think I killed Justin--? You've got to be kidding.
You're self-possessed, strong-willed, you believe violence can solve problems.
That's the Army thing.
I'm a soldier so I killed him? Well, you despised him.
You had zero reaction to his death.
Forgive me for being more concerned with the welfare of my niece.
Go ahead, light up.
There's no judgment here.
Go on.
Why didn't you like him? Justin beat my sister.
He'd get drunk and slap her around.
I was overseas, I couldn't protect her.
So, yes, I did hate him.
When Molly-- When she died I moved here.
I was going to fight him for custody of Trina.
So there you go.
Maybe I did have motive for killing the bastard.
Nice lighter.
Your sister, Molly where did you say she died? A no-tell motel in Reno.
It's a pathetic, hopeless place to kill yourself.
I was so angry at her for that.
I'm sorry, Jodie.
I seem to have misjudged you.
Please, let me make amends.
Look at me.
Every time you breathe a breath of that putrid smoke remember this: There's a fat, rich tobacco executive thinking what a fool you are every time you breathe that smoke.
Laughing at you with his fat jowls wobbling with glee.
Do you see him? - Oh, sir, I didn't order that.
- No, I did.
Thank you.
It's your favorite.
And chocolate always makes you feel better when you're upset.
Need to work on my poker face, huh? Yup.
I'm betting it's LaRoche.
Hm? Spill.
Pass that over here.
He wants me to spy on my department or he'll go after me.
This about that cop-killer murder? I don't know what do.
I'm sorry, babe.
This is never fun.
But, look, someone in your organization set a man on fire and let him burn alive.
If you knew who he was, wouldn't you turn him in anyway? Yeah.
I guess I would.
Isn't that all LaRoche is asking you to do? - Catch the guy? - Craig, these are my friends.
How am I supposed to wear a wire while I talk to a friend? They're your colleagues.
Okay? I'm your friend.
I'm the one who's here for you no matter what.
I get it.
It's a tough call.
Okay? So whatever you decide just know that I love you, okay? And I'm behind you.
All right.
Now have some chocolate.
Adrian Essex.
Yes, that's the guy.
Let me know if you get a hit.
Is that the Justin DeGeorge file? Yeah, and guess what I found in it.
DeGeorge called the police last year.
Claimed Trina's aunt attacked him.
Not surprising.
He abused her sister.
Says who? Records say nothing about that.
That's records for you.
Look at this stuff in here about Trina's mother.
Any leads on Essex yet? - My Cls are all quiet as mice.
- Rigsby's got squat.
CHP, border patrols, airports all got pictures of the guy, we just gotta wait.
I'm getting a warrant out on Essex's finances.
If he paid for the hit on DeGeorge, maybe we have a trail.
It used to be illegal to celebrate Christmas in Boston.
Pilgrims thought the whole spectacle rather debauched.
Didn't know that.
Got something.
A list of every property Essex owns.
Good place to start.
Great, I'll get my guys on it.
Should take a couple hours.
Sounds a little tedious.
Mind if I take a peek? Get Essex and Boden in a lineup, see what's what and who's a killer.
For who, Trina? She can't remember.
Doctor says certain stimulus can jog memories.
But we don't have Essex.
Hundred bucks says I can figure out where Essex is in less than a minute.
- Pass.
- A minute from now? - Can I get in on this? - Oh, yeah.
Come on, baby.
Up, up.
Listen to me, you ogre.
I ask only this.
- Follow my finger.
- What the hell? - Tell me where your boss hides.
- Come on.
Give me a break.
Who doesn't like a break? A nice cold beer after a long hard day.
Put your feet up on the big, comfy sofa.
Relaxes you, soothes you.
A break is a good thing.
I'm done with this.
So am I.
- Time? - Twenty-seven seconds.
And, voilà, you will find Essex at 9 Eagle Drive.
Come on.
No way.
When I put my finger over the correct address, Boden couldn't help but react.
His lips tightened.
His nostrils flared ever so slightly.
Classic tells.
I'll get SWAT ready.
- Wicked good job if you're right.
- Thanks.
- I'm not paying until the guy's in cuffs.
- Well, just so you know, I prefer cash.
You guys set? Let's roll.
Go, split.
Three and three.
Gun! Move! Move! Get out of the way.
Damn it.
Drop it, Essex.
Do it now.
Hands on your head.
Let's go.
I want to make our position clear from the outset.
We are not interested in a plea.
My client is innocent of every charge.
That right? Sure, Adrian had the ability to leave his house.
But in no way does that prove he killed Justin DeGeorge.
- He snuck out the night of the murder.
- My girlfriend, I went to see her.
She'll swear to it.
There's also a drug charge, Adrian wasn't in the same room.
Boden will testify my client had no knowledge of the drugs.
Your client evaded arrest.
After CBI agents illegally forced their way in.
That was by the book.
That's debatable.
There were no drugs in plain sight.
No exigent circumstances to enter the home.
Trust me, I get much better evidence thrown out every day for a lot less.
We need to put Trina in front of a lineup.
We've got both Boden and Essex in custody.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid that won't be possible.
Please, ma'am.
What is he doing? Could you please control your man? Oh, believe me, she's tried.
I think a lineup is a ridiculous waste of time.
- She doesn't remember anything.
- A lineup might jog her memory.
Hi, Trina.
You wanna ID your father's killer? Did you just ask her to come down here? This is unconscionable.
On the contrary, it's totally conscionable.
We can "conscion" this very easily.
I'll do it.
No, honey.
I'm not gonna let you become a witness.
Okay? I won't put you in danger.
We'll protect her.
Like you protected her father? Go ahead, tell your aunt.
It's my dad who died, not yours.
Trina-- You won't let me do this, I'll never forgive you.
I swear.
- Fine.
- Okay then.
All right.
Bring them in.
Now, remember: You can see them, but they can't see you.
Turn to the right.
Now turn to the left.
And face center.
Do any of them look familiar? I'm sorry.
You don't have to be.
You did the best you could.
Get Jodie started on the paperwork so we can get Trina out of here.
- Paperwork? - You know, the form Y2K and the-- The standard minor-release forms.
- It shouldn't take long.
- Sure.
Yeah, right this way.
- Honey, I'll be back in a minute, okay? - Okay.
Whatever you're doing, you're not doing alone.
Such little faith.
You wanna catch your father's killer? Let me help.
All you have to do is trust me.
Can you do that? - Finally.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
You used blue pen.
You have to use black.
They're really sticklers.
- You're kidding me.
- Janet, Essex's bank records.
Thank you, finally.
Rigsby, stand guard over Trina.
Nobody gets in or out of that room.
Wait, what happened? What's going on? Trina remembered what happened.
What the hell is he talking about? I hypnotized your niece.
You son of a bitch.
Who's the killer? She hasn't told us yet.
She's still piecing it together.
It's a complicated process.
But we'll know soon enough.
How could you do this? How could you let him? We are gonna take her to a safe place immediately.
I'll call my director.
Anything you want, you got.
I got a great apartment down state.
We can keep her there long-term.
How do you sleep at night? Most nights I don't.
I give you my word I will not let anything bad happen to Trina.
Yeah? You better hope you don't.
Yeah, everything's clear.
Trina's fast asleep.
No problem, boss.
- Freeze! - Jesus.
- Drop the weapon, Gorman.
- You scared me.
Get down on the ground.
What are you talking about? I just came by to see if Trina was okay.
Trina's safe elsewhere.
We know you came here to kill her.
Are you out of your mind? Essex hired you tonight, like he hired you to kill her father.
You know me.
Been working together for weeks.
Give up the weapon now.
Just wait a second.
Just hold on a second.
I did not kill Justin.
- Three, two, one-- - Okay.
All right, calm down.
I'm putting the gun down.
All right? We found a key in Gorman's apartment to the deadbolt at Justin's house.
I didn't leave that door unlocked, he did.
I am a good cop.
So it would seem.
The investigation into your actions is over.
And as to the other matter, I decline your offer.
I won't spy on my friends.
A killer works in the CBI.
Every day, you pass each other in the halls.
You share information.
You might well put your life into this person's hands.
I find that bothersome.
But you seem fine with it.
Are we done? We are.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I'm proud of you.
- Thanks.
How about I take you to lunch? I have something special planned.
Yeah, all right.
You paid Gorman to kill Justin.
When you realized Trina could ID Gorman you put a hit out on her too.
Yeah, like you can prove that.
Did you get this from the girl? Anything she said under hypnosis is inadmissible.
Oh, no, no, no, I never hypnotized Trina.
Much to the relief to her aunt, I must say.
Trina never remembered anything.
I did it to lure Gorman out.
And it worked a treat.
And we do have the proof.
And not just the bag of meth we found at Gorman's.
But also your bank records.
You paid Gorman 10 grand for each hit.
Every time Gorman made a deposit, the amount came out of your account.
What are the chances? The six years Gorman worked for you, you commissioned five murders.
Seems like we're gonna close some open cases.
He's gonna look great in a jumpsuit.
If the girl didn't say anything, how did you get onto Gorman? That lovely hockey jersey.
You're from Boston.
Oh, come on, it's wicked obvious.
Gorman's also from Boston.
You guys even grew up on the same block.
How do you like them apples? Hey, congratulations.
I heard.
You did? Already? Oh, the PSU investigation, right.
- Sorry, I thought.
- Thought what? I thought you heard my news already and I really wanted to tell you myself.
Craig asked me to marry him and I said yes.
That's wonderful, Grace.
That's terrific news.
He's a great guy.
Thank you, Wayne.
I-- - Thanks.
- Yeah.
Thank you for coming.
I don't know what's wrong.
Not at all.
I brought Lisbon on account of you don't trust me.
Despite the fact that I helped her quit smoking.
That's gratitude.
No good deed goes unpunished.
You remember now, don't you? Remember what? It's okay.
You can say.
You're safe here.
I remember what happened.
I did it.
It was me.
What is she talking about? It was Trina who shot her father.
That marshal shot Justin.
That's what you said.
Well, technically, Gorman was hired to kill Justin.
He snuck onto the property, but he never got to the killing part.
What? But Gorman's killed a lot of other people so, you know, good riddance.
Essex didn't know Gorman had failed.
He paid him for the hit.
That's why Gorman came after Trina.
He couldn't very well explain to Essex that he cheated him because she was the killer.
Trina, why? Justin murdered her mother.
It was suicide.
Justin got these from a bar in Reno where Molly died.
And according to his case file, he told police he'd never been to Reno.
I was just looking for something to light a candle and when I-- I found these.
I don't get it, Dad.
You said you'd never been there.
Come here.
Give me that.
Your mother thought she could leave and take you.
- Like I'm some kind of schmuck.
- Dad, you're hurting me.
I swear to God, you say one word, one word you will end up the same way.
Are you gonna make me do that? Answer me, girl.
Answer me.
Answer me! - Hey! - No! Don't! I'm so sorry.
We need to talk.
You knew.
You knew the whole time.
Not the whole time, no.
Hang on.
What are you doing? Calling Juvenile Services.
I don't want to take her to County.
That's your plan for this girl, jail? - Give me the phone, Jane.
- No, I can't.
She took somebody's life.
She confessed to a police officer.
For God's sake, Lisbon.
The girl's father was an abuser.
So was mine.
I didn't shoot him.
It was self-defense.
And if it was self-defense, she'll be acquitted.
Oh, and the courts never get it wrong, the system never chews people up.
We are the system, Jane.
We get it right most of the time.
Okay, so she's proven innocent.
How much time do you think she's gonna spend in foster care? Six months? A year? - I don't know.
- It's all so unnecessary, isn't it? Because Trina's aunt is a nurse.
Aunt Jodie can get her the psychiatric help that she needs.
Help, not punishment.
We don't get to pick who gets a pass.
That is the job of the courts.
- Please.
- Our job is to catch the killer.
What happens after is up to other people who are doing the best job they can.
Damn it, why did she confess? Because she's a good person.
We don't have to do this.
We can let her go, just this once.
Just once.
Don't be scared.
What do we got? It's okay, Teresa.
Oh, we're busy here, lady.
Keep up the good work.
We're gonna take you home.
You just witnessed a beautiful thing.

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