The Mentalist s03e15 Episode Script

Red Gold

Whoo! Feeling alive.
- Agent Lisbon? - Hey.
- Patrick Jane, consultant.
- Hello.
- Morning, sheriff.
- Hi, Trey Hughes.
Thanks for coming.
- It's-- - Tell us about the victim.
Look, hawk.
Family of hawks-- They're gone.
- Rick Loomis.
- Wow.
Been in town five months.
- He's dead in his truck by the creek.
- Well, maybe he died of happiness.
Too much natural beauty.
Stendhal's syndrome.
- No.
He was shot in the head.
- No? Oh, well, never mind.
Who found the body all the way out here? Another prospector saw Loomis' body in the truck yesterday thought he was sleeping.
And then she came back this morning and saw him - and checked and saw he was shot dead.
- A prospector, you say? Yeah, for gold.
A guy discovered trace gold in these hills about a year ago.
Got on the TV news about it and folks haven't stopped coming ever since.
- Like a gold rush.
- Mm-hm.
Well, gold's over 1300 an ounce and unemployment's at 12 percent.
Got a lot of hard-nosed, well-motivated folks here.
I don't blame them.
- Poor souls gonna be disappointed.
- Poor souls? There's no gold? Oh, yeah, there's still some in the streambed, always has been.
But it's enough to pay for your lodging and food if you work hard to get it.
But there's no El Dorado here.
I tell them that, but they don't listen.
- Murder weapon? - Nothing yet.
Hey, fellas, how about you look around for the gun? - Jane.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
I didn't touch a thing.
Our victim liked smooth jazz, yet his radio station was tuned to heavy metal.
Which suggests that the jazz-hating killer popped out the CD and found music more to his taste while he drove the truck over here probably with the victim dead in the back.
I'll have Forensics dust for prints.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hi, Melinda.
That's Melinda.
She's the one who found Loomis' body.
Hi, Melinda Drew.
You guys aren't gonna be much longer, are you? I mean no disrespect to the dead fellow, but we're losing daylight.
Yeah, we'll do the best we can.
Ma'am, just stay behind the tape.
- When did you first see the truck? - Truck was here when I started work yesterday around 6 a.
And did Mr.
Loomis work up here often? No, I haven't seen him around here in a while.
May we get back to work now, ma'am, please? It'll be soon, I expect.
Just stay behind the yellow tape.
- Gold.
- Hey, that's my equipment.
- There's more.
- CBI.
- That's so cool.
- That's it.
That's mine.
- Relax, he's not gonna do anything-- - That's not fair.
- They're letting her in.
- No, no they aren't.
This is a crime scene.
Hey, hey.
Are you insane? Ow.
My ankle.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Aah! - It's red.
That's good.
- How can red be good? Blue means torn ligaments and red means it's a sprain.
- A sprain can be as bad as a break.
- It's not sprained.
Let's focus here.
Talk to me.
Rick Loomis, 43, moved to Hadley six months ago with his son and girlfriend.
Lives in a trailer home near the creek.
Got something.
Bullet was from a Colt .
- A Colt? How Wild-West-y.
- Yup.
Plus the lack of blood in the truck bed means Jane was right.
The victim was shot and driven to the creek.
- Any prints? - Only the victim's.
Been dead a while.
Two days at least.
I'll head back to Hadley, corral Jane.
Go see the girlfriend and son.
Guy's gone two days, don't report him missing? - Rigsby and I can go.
Stay off that.
- I'm fine, I'll go.
- Agent Hightower, hi.
- I heard you took a fall.
I'm fine.
Ow! I'm fine.
So I pull out the topo map there's a creek running right through the claim.
Found a nugget the first day.
And once you get that first hit, it's like a drug.
- I mean, you just can't stop.
- Yeah, it sounds exciting.
So can I show up and start panning or digging or what have you? Or do I need a permit or a license or something? Check.
All you gotta do to stake a claim is find open public land then you gotta mark it and register with the government and stuff.
- I'll call.
- Wes Attwood will sell you one that's already registered, if you want.
Saves you time.
- Raise you 10.
- Ahem.
Okay, well, I'm gonna see your 15 and I'm gonna raise you the same.
Sheriff says there's nothing up there, says you guys are kidding yourselves.
- Yeah, he would say that.
- He would? All these townspeople own claims up in the hills themselves.
And they wanna keep it all for themselves.
I'm gonna call you.
Stands to reason.
That's my ride.
Well, folks, it's been fun.
- What? - I have to go.
Oh, come on, you can't just leave.
We barely took any of your money.
Two pair, busted flush, pair of jacks.
Well, don't let us keep you.
Hey, Lisbon.
But no, Hightower.
- I didn't even know you had legs.
- Let's go.
- What were you doing back there? - Five card draw.
- For money? - No.
For gold.
Oh, gold.
That makes it all right then.
And gossip.
Victim Rick Loomis was a former software developer who came here after he got laid off.
His girlfriend is Cheryl Meade.
They've been together since his divorce.
Rick enjoyed working on his truck with his son, Jeff, age 17 and smart, but a little hostile.
You seem a little keyed up, Madeleine.
Something wrong? Something personal? - None of your business.
- Okay.
We're sorry for your loss, Ms.
Meade, Jeff but we need to know why you didn't file a missing person's report for Rick.
Well, Rick had been mining off the grid recently away from his regular claim near the creek.
Sometimes my dad would be gone for a few days.
He'd never call to let us know.
Good school.
How's it been going, your dad's gold claim? - Great at first.
- Then nothing but mud.
It would have come good eventually.
He would have hit pay dirt.
- Wes Attwood sell him the claim? - Yeah.
Did Rick carry a gun with him when he would go off by himself? - No.
Rick didn't believe in guns.
- He didn't think guns exist? - No, he didn't like them.
- Me neither.
Terribly dangerous.
Have you seen statistics on police shootings? One bullet out of every 10 hits a bad guy.
And that's the trained people.
No offense.
This is not useful.
Can I go now? Yeah, sure.
It was Rick's idea to come out here, wasn't it, to follow the gold dream? When Rick had a passion, there was no stopping him.
I loved that about him.
But you had to give up a successful career of your own.
High-end sales type of business.
Following somebody else's dream must be, at times, a little frustrating.
We all made sacrifices.
Jeff put off going to college.
Rick raided the college fund, did he? Yeah, we're broke.
Okay, we're flat broke.
But we had each other.
Cheryl, look at me.
There's no need to pretend.
I mean that in the nicest possible way.
But there's a whole lot of guilt in there with that grief.
And just a smidgen, just a smidgen, of relief.
Right? Were you cheating on Loomis? - Patrick.
- No.
Okay, just a thought.
You're guilty about something.
Where were you Monday night when he was murdered? I was at the diner, waitressing.
- I can't believe you think I'd hurt him.
- Okay.
I'll be leaving right now.
There was no reason to treat her disrespectfully.
I was probing her.
A certain amount of disrespect is necessary.
It's like getting frisked at the airport.
All right.
Well, she did seem like she was hiding something.
I'll get the team to look into her financials while we talk to Hughes.
Sounds fun.
I bet there's a good diner - where you can drop me off.
- I bet there is.
Why don't I? You can tell a lot about a place by the quality of the eggs.
Checked into the bank records.
Victim had an account with his girlfriend All of $88 and 32 cents.
Cheryl Meade, she had a separate account, her name only.
- Over five grand.
- The girlfriend? - She told Hightower she was flat broke.
- She lied.
Meade also bought a ticket to San Francisco.
Maybe wanted distance between herself and a dead boyfriend.
Rick Loomis recently bought a gun.
Colt .
45, same as the murder weapon.
Girlfriend told Hightower Loomis didn't own one.
- Either she knew-- - Or she's lying about that.
- Let's bring her in.
- Don't worry, boss, I got it covered.
Okay, I'll just stay here and not do anything.
Hello? Mr.
Attwood? Anyone home? Yeah, I'm Wes Attwood.
How you doing? - You're the police, right? - Well, more of a hobbyist.
Patrick Jane.
Your assistant told me where to find you.
Hey, I'm Dean Puttock.
Nice to meet you.
After I sell you a claim, Dean will sell you anything you need to find gold.
Sluices, high-bankers, pans.
He's the go-to guy.
That's right.
We got a 10-percent off sale on pumps all week long.
- Good to know.
- Yeah.
I gotta get back.
Need anything, let me know.
- Good seeing you.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too, Dean.
You folks mind if I join you? Just to get a feel for the place? Uh-- I don't know.
Wes, we're the customers, right? Sure thing, Sonya - but the more the merrier, Mr.
- Whoo! I'm just showing Jack and Sonya here a claim I have for sale.
- Watch and learn.
- All right.
All right.
You knew Rick Loomis, didn't you, the miner that died in the park? Yeah.
Yeah, I sold Loomis a claim when he first got to Hadley.
Real tragedy.
Nice guy.
So it's the bends in the river where you find the gold, you see? - Uh-huh.
- Okay.
It's heavier, so it falls into the silt.
You just gotta wash the silt away.
What do you see there? Oh, my God.
- Jack, gold.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- I wonder what its worth? Did you know only 10 percent of the gold in the Sierra Nevadas was found during the gold rush? Billions of dollars are out there just waiting to be discovered.
- Can I see? - Um.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Ha, ha.
- That's cool.
Hey, Wes, wanna try just here? How about we let the new owners pan over there? Well, I'll take it.
- Hey, hey.
- Hang on, pal.
- We get first dibs.
- Dibs? What are we, children? I'm kidding.
It's all yours.
Do you have another claim you can sell me? Uh.
- Yeah.
I do have other claims.
- Yeah? Great spots.
But aren't you here on police business? Yeah, so? Doesn't mean I can't mine for gold.
- Do whatever I want.
- Okay.
Sure thing.
I got another super-hot site.
Black sand and quartz all up and down the bed stream.
- That's the good stuff, isn't it? - Yeah, this is the site for you.
- Man.
- It's up the creek about half a mile.
- And where are we here? - Right here.
Okay, so can we go take a look at it now? I'm kind of jammed today.
What do you say I meet you in the parking lot bright and early tomorrow morning? Say 8 a.
? Tomorrow at 8 a.
in the parking lot.
Look forward to it.
- Good.
- Yeah, well, good luck to you.
I won't need luck.
I'm feeling the gold.
I feel rich already.
- You take it easy.
- Yeah.
- That's the spirit.
- I'll see you later.
8 a.
- Whoo-hoo.
- All right.
Rick owns a Colt .
Where is it? A gun? Rick? What would Rick need a gun for? You told us you were broke, but you have $5000.
That's not broke.
That's my money and you can't touch it.
We don't plan on it.
Where'd you get it? Waitressing.
Five thousand dollars tucked away.
And you booked a seat on Flight 465 to San Fran for this morning.
I mean.
I mean, yeah.
I booked that a week ago, before he died.
It looks like a plan.
- Some plan.
I didn't go, did I? - Why not? - Because I knew it would look bad.
- Why were you planning on going? Because I was leaving Rick.
I couldn't take it here anymore.
- Did Rick know that? - No.
Rick was blind to everything but the gold.
He's been like that ever since we got here.
He would find a little nugget and he would get all excited and come running in saying, "We're rich.
I hit the mother lode.
" The first three times, I believed him.
After the 20th time I couldn't take it anymore.
Look, I loved him, I did.
But I fell in love with a regular guy, with an apartment and a job and clean clothes.
Not some obsessive, scratching in the dirt.
I need you to know I'm not a bad person.
I don't make that kind of evaluation.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you know which store is Wes Attwood's? Yup.
- You wanna tell me? - Right there.
Thank you.
Of course, it's not open right now.
Of course.
- Do you know how I can contact him? - Yup.
You don't wanna get her mad, she's stressed enough already.
- Where have you been? - In the diner.
- Not when I went by there hours ago.
- Good eggs.
Two, loosely scrambled on toast, is the test.
And these were just so.
Then I took a nice walk in the countryside.
There's no cell phone range in these hills.
Which I find very refreshing.
I am going to go see Wes Attwood.
Perhaps you'll join me? You're really committed to keeping your temper contained, huh? What's up with that? You're really committed to testing my temper, huh? - What's up with that? - Idle curiosity.
- What are you doing? - I'm hiding from Wes Attwood.
- Why? - Because we're gonna follow him.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- What's he doing? - He's trying to defraud me.
His shotgun is filled with gold flakes.
He's salting the claims he sells to make them appear richer.
Hey, Wes.
Looks like we're both a little early.
Whoa! - Whoa, easy.
- Put the gun down.
- Okay.
- Put the shotgun down.
Don't shoot.
I'm not resisting.
- Turn around.
- I'm not resisting.
Okay, okay.
Look, this is a misunderstand-- You can't cuff me.
I haven't committed a crime.
Pointing a gun at a police officer, for starters.
- This is outrageous.
- That's the spirit.
Golden shotgun cartridge.
Attwood, let me lay it out for you.
Looks like Rick Loomis caught you salting gold claims.
He would have been plenty mad.
You would have had to kill him to keep him quiet.
Hey, now, I didn't kill anybody.
I mean, I'm a killer salesman but I'm not a killer.
Ask yourself whether this is the moment for humor, Mr.
I am a seller of hope.
I was simply helping folks visualize the future.
Great marketing is not a crime.
I wouldn't murder anyone to cover it up.
We'll see.
We can hold you on fraud charges and see about the murder as we go.
Come on.
I can have a lawyer here in half an hour.
Be reasonable.
There's plenty of people that could have killed that guy.
Fraud alone can get you 10 years, depending on the judge.
Have you checked into the sneak thief that's been targeting miners stealing their equipment? Loomis got hit 10 days ago.
Bastard cleaned him out.
That's who killed him, I promise you.
If that's true, I wonder why Sheriff Hughes didn't tell us.
Hate small-town investigations.
You never know if the guy's done the math.
I'm gonna follow up with Hughes.
Ow! - You good? - Screw it.
You go.
Why rob Loomis and then kill him 10 days later? Maybe Loomis found out who it was that stole from him and confronted him.
That must be what happened.
- Something you'd care to share? - No.
Sorry, just a funny thought, is all.
Can I go now or are you gonna charge me? I'll let you know.
All right, that's odd.
Okay, well, charge Wes Attwood with fraud.
If he can post bail, let him go and put a name to this local thief.
All right.
So Sheriff Hughes confirms there has been a string of equipment thefts but he says that Rick Loomis never filed a police report.
Why not, we wonder.
Let's go talk sluice pumps.
- So you play bad cop.
- I'll be me, thank you.
- All right.
Exactly what I said.
- Funny.
So funny.
- I hit a big one.
- Wow, they're huge.
You cashing in? Hell, no.
Just when I hit good dirt? No.
I'm buying a better pump and foot valve.
- Hey, Mr.
Jane, how you doing? - Good, how are you? - This is Special Agent Hightower.
- We believe Rick Loomis bought some new equipment from you after his equipment had been stolen.
Yes, he did.
He was in here - I'd say, nine days ago.
- What did he buy? Whole bunch of stuff.
He spent over 10 grand.
- Maybe we could see an invoice? - Yeah, give me a second.
I'll pull it up.
Would you mind terribly if I held one of your nuggets in my hand? Hmm.
Sure, I guess.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
A G-Force Rock Crusher and a Series 54 pulverizer? Man, wish I had one of those.
- That's the best for hard-rock mining.
- Yup, that's some good gear for sure.
- Hard-rock mining.
Is that in the creek? - Panning's another thing.
Hard rock, it's like it sounds, dry mining in the hills.
Did he mention to you that his equipment had been stolen? He didn't.
Said he got sick and tired of panning.
Wanted to try something new.
Seemed like a Hail Mary desperation kind of play to me, but hey - chasing his dream, you know? - He never did have any patience.
You know, God rest his soul.
Thank you.
You got me.
Worth a try.
Sorry, ma'am.
Hello? Ma'am, Rigsby.
So we may have found our thief.
Scott Munroe.
Townie with a long rap sheet.
Assault with a deadly weapon, B&E, and wait for it stealing mining equipment.
- Got out of prison six months ago.
- Good work.
Scott Munroe.
- You got an address? - Yeah.
I'm gonna send it to you.
Rigsby, an address? Uh-- Yes, ma'am.
Your kids are here? What? Ma'am, your husband had to go somewhere, I guess.
He left Mimi and Will with Jean at the front desk.
Damn, damn, damn.
Lisbon here.
Listen, don't worry, we can look after them until you get back.
Lisbon, thank you.
I appreciate it, truly.
I, um.
Thank you.
- May I have a word with Mimi, please? - All right.
It's your mom.
Hi, Mommy.
- Hi, baby.
You okay? - Uh-huh.
Look, I'm gonna be back in a few hours.
But I want you to be a good girl and listen to what Ms.
Lisbon says.
And I want you to look after your brother, okay? - Okay.
- Mimi, I love you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So who's Scott Munroe? - Local mining equipment thief.
- Excellent.
- Let's go talk to him, shall we? - Thanks for not asking questions.
No need to ask questions when you know all the answers.
So - cookies? - Okay.
- Are you disabled? - No, no.
I'm injured.
Not that disabled is bad, but I'm not.
I'm injured.
You walk like disabled.
So no questions - but we can talk if you want.
- Talk about what? - I'll take that as a no.
- Yes, no.
Scott? Scott Munroe? - Scott Munroe? - All right.
Oh, hell.
Is it Scott Munroe? No.
Wes Attwood, gold-claims dealer.
That's odd.
- Odd? - That's sad too.
I'm just saying it's odd that it's not Scott Munroe.
- Where's Mimi and Will? - Tearing up paper in my office.
- What's going on with Munroe? - Got a BOLO out.
Sheriff Hughes is putting up roadblocks.
Hadley's pretty much on lockdown.
Why would Munroe kill Attwood? Maybe he was conducting an investigation.
Trying to figure out if Munroe killed Loomis.
- Found out the hard way.
- Rigsby.
Don't move in, you'll scare him.
We're leaving now.
Munroe's been spotted in a bar his cousin works at.
Go, both of you.
Hey, boss.
No, they're fine.
Sh-- Uh-huh.
All right.
Hold on a sec.
Wow, look at this.
Excellent work, guys.
Now we are gonna take this paper and put it in these bags.
But first say hi to Mommy.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, Mommy.
- Hey, Mommy, guess what? - We're tearing up paper.
Tearing up paper.
All right, well, Mimi, eat all your snack, okay? All right.
I love you.
Give the phone back to Agent Lisbon for me.
Hey, you're sending Rigsby and Van Pelt? Okay, great.
Keep me apprised on Munroe.
All right, thanks.
Chamomile tea.
Excellent for repressed anger.
- I'm not angry.
- Sure you are.
Letting it out would be helpful, I guarantee it.
Shout, scream, hit something.
Preferably not me.
It'll do you wonders.
You only think you know all the answers, Patrick.
You don't.
You're getting a divorce and now your husband is acting out.
He just showed up and left the kids with you.
How'd you know I was getting a divorce? Your posture, the look in your eyes.
Your wedding ring, it's gone.
You've been having trouble for years.
Trying to make it work for the kids.
Plus, everyone in the office knows.
Water-cooler talk.
Depends on who you speak with.
You cheated on him or he cheated and you've had enough-- - Okay.
- Okay.
Let's keep the focus on the business at hand, okay? Why would Munroe first kill Loomis and then Attwood? What's the connection? Mm.
My question is this: Why did the killer shoot Loomis and drive the body all the way to the creek? Well, not to hide the body.
He left it in plain sight.
So he didn't want the body found at the kill site.
Why not? Van Pelt and Rigsby are gonna pick up Scott Munroe.
We'll ask him.
Club soda, please.
How about something a little stronger? I'm buying.
- Oh, hey.
Scott, right? Scott Munroe? - Yeah.
That's funny because I've been looking for you.
- Later, bitch.
- What the hell? What? She's a cop.
Yeah, me too.
Up against the wall.
Come on, put your hands behind your back.
- Teresa? - Yes, Mimi? - I'm done with my math homework.
- Good work.
- Did you check it? - No.
- Check it, please.
- Okay.
- After homework, can we watch TV? - Nope.
I got Munroe.
You stay here.
After your homework, you can have another snack.
- They're on my desk.
- You need some help? And then TV? And then Agent Rigsby will tell you a story.
Tell us what happened with Loomis and Attwood.
No idea, except they're dead.
Attwood was on the floor of your trailer.
This is a frame-up.
I should talk to my lawyer.
That's your right, of course.
This doesn't need to be adversarial.
- Just clear a few things up for us.
- What do you wanna know? We're told you're the top thief in Hadley.
You specialize in gold-mining equipment.
We hear you're the best at it.
It's good to be the best at something, right, Scott? That stuff holds up its resale value real well.
Attwood found out you killed Loomis.
Loomis found out you stole his equipment.
Hey, you know who stole Loomis' equipment? His own kid, Jeff.
I'm blowing your mind, right? The kid came to me last week to unload the stuff.
I bought the whole lot for a hundred bucks.
- Cold little bastard.
- Call Hightower.
Your father's equipment was recently stolen.
You know about that? No.
So it wasn't you who stole your father's equipment? No.
That's not true.
Come on, Jeff, you were mad at him, we get it.
I wasn't mad at him.
He cleaned out your college fund and you weren't mad at him? That's odd, Jeff.
Talk to us, Jeff.
Help us make this right.
My grandparents gave me that money.
If he had asked, I would have said sure, but he tried to hide it.
So you got even by stealing his panning equipment.
- Did your father find out? - He knew it was Jeff.
That's why he didn't call the police.
Did you two get into a fight? Jeff, what happened? What happened? He wasn't even mad.
Said he was sorry about the college money, about everything.
He promised to make it up to me.
I didn't wanna listen to him, so I walked out.
And that was the last time we ever spoke.
Well, that's too bad.
But I imagine owning a gold mine will ease the guilt.
Do you have a map of the area? - Huh? - A map? I think the "huh" was for the gold-mine part.
Jeff, what did your dad stop doing recently? Washing himself? No.
Something else.
What did your dad stop saying recently? He stopped saying that he'd found a gold mine.
Which could only mean that he found a gold mine.
- Really? - Really.
- And Jeff is gonna tell us where it is.
- I am? How? Hey, guys.
Can I help you? Yes.
We need to look at a large-scale map of the hill country.
- Got one right there on the table.
- Okay, thank you.
Your father found gold, Jeff.
He knew you and Cheryl wouldn't believe him.
He disappointed you so many times, so he wouldn't tell anyone, not a soul not until he had that real gold to put in your hand.
He told you nothing.
He wanted to, badly.
And, subconsciously, he did.
Subconsciously, he told you exactly where that gold is.
- So where is it? - Yeah, where is it? Honestly, I don't have any idea.
You and your father were close, weren't you? You loved one another.
- Yes.
- Yes.
You had a connection.
You know a lot more than you think you know.
Let's take a look, shall we? Here, give me your hand.
This is for your father, trust me.
I need physical connection to get a good reading, please.
Thank you.
Now we're working together.
That's nice.
Now, just relax.
- Relax.
- Okay.
What I'm doing is scanning his unconscious measuring his affinity.
Narrow it down.
We narrow it down to a more specific area.
- What is? - Jane? Yes.
Never mind.
Didn't work.
You said "Uh-huh.
" Yes, I did.
I thought I was getting a location but I was wrong.
- It's not an exact science, what I do.
- No kidding.
Well, I need to go and get me some eggs.
- But what about the gold mine? - Disappointing.
But you seem like a smart young man.
I think you'll do fine.
Jane? Hey! Jane.
Hi, Dean.
Jane, I'm impressed.
You found it.
You really did scan that kid's unconscious or whatever.
No, that'd be magic.
So then how? Well, I watched you watch the boy's hand on the map and got a direction then I waited for your truck to go by and I followed you.
It was you that led me to the gold.
Don't feel bad.
I assure you, better men than you have been taken.
How'd you know it was me? Rick Loomis preferred smooth jazz.
You like the heavy metal.
- So? - So your disdain for mellow saxophone solos has cost you dearly.
Did Loomis tell you he'd found a seam or did you just follow him on the off chance? Look, Mr.
Jane, with all due respect my family has been up here in Hadley mining since the first gold rush.
That gold belongs to me, to my family not to some newbie like Loomis.
Poor Wes Attwood, he figured out the killer was you, didn't he? Tried to blackmail you, get a cut of that gold.
Yeah, you believe the nerve of that guy? Greedy bastard.
You do hear the irony there, right? Yeah, when I heard you cops were looking for Scott Munroe that made it easy.
I make it look like Munroe killed Attwood and I'm off the hook for all of it.
Splendid plan.
The only thing standing between me and my gold now, Mr.
Jane, is you.
- Anytime, Madeleine.
- Drop it, Puttock.
Screw that.
You drop yours.
Drop it.
Son of a bitch.
Seriously? Is he dead? Yeah.
You know, I should applaud your bravery but I gotta say practically speaking, what were you thinking? You could have killed me.
I'm sorry.
I got mad.
I didn't know what I was thinking.
That was some good shooting though.
That leg shot that took him down was very precise.
- I was aiming for his head.
- Oh, fantastic.
- Hey.
Hey, Jeff.
- Ma'am.
- I hear your mom's flying in.
- Yeah, from Fresno.
I'm picking her up in the morning.
Kind of nervous about it.
- It's been a while.
- Buy her flowers.
Moms like flowers.
And you can afford a good bunch.
From the Bureau of Land Management.
Your father was filing a mineral-rights claim to the area where he struck gold.
He named you and Cheryl as co-owners.
You own half a gold mine.
Wow, I.
Your father came through in the end.
- Thanks for, you know.
- You're welcome.
- And will you thank Mr.
Jane for me? - Will do.
Will do.
- Good luck to you, Jeff.
- Thanks.
I hope they weren't too much trouble.
Not at all.
I had three nearly feral brothers.
Your kids are sweethearts.
Thank you.
Hey, not a problem.
Let me get them out of your hair.
Get up, get up! Come on.
Asleep? Give me some sugar.
Give me some sugar.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
It was okay then? Case closed.
What was it like? It? You know.
You mean going out with another woman.
Come on, you know what I mean.
It was great.
It was fun, intense, challenging.
She's super-dynamic.
I think we had a great connection.
- That's great.
- Mm-hm.
Wait, are you a little jealous?
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