The Mentalist s03e16 Episode Script

Red Queen

- Where is she? - Over here.
You saw the suspect? Details, please.
Where? When? I was coming out of the elevator after lunch.
Where was the suspect headed? Up the stairs, which was strange.
That leads to the roof.
Not just the roof.
It's where Jane works.
Anybody seen him? - Not since this morning.
- Cover the exits, all of them.
Use whoever you have to out here.
Hasten slowly.
The target will be armed.
It's locked.
Jane? - You in there? - Yeah, I'm coming out.
You're gonna have to stand back, and if you're bearing firearms please lower them.
Please? Stand back or he dies.
Security guard making rounds found the body.
Multiple stab wounds.
- Anything missing from the display? - Yeah, a Mayan figurine.
- Valued at 200 grand.
- We get an ID on the victim? Manuel Montero.
He was a professor at the university.
Ancient Art.
Security cameras show him entering the museum alone at 10:25 p.
- Then he turned off the cameras.
- Hey, Lisbon.
Look at this.
Meet Caroline.
One of the most well-preserved tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered.
- Isn't she awesome? - We've got a dead man over there.
- Dead men I've seen.
But this-- - Can we get back to work, please? Must I justify my every action? Please, observe the rib cage of our smaller fossilized friend here.
- Is there a rib broken off? - Exactly.
You think somebody climbed up and stole it? Well, two options.
The first involves cloning.
The second, and more likely, it was used to break a very thick piece of glass.
Could we get somebody to dust the stegosaurus for prints, please? It's not a stegosaurus, it's a triceratops.
- Triceratop? - Pss.
- Pss? Oh.
- Pss.
My name is Christo Papadakis.
I am professor of anthropology.
- Did you know the victim? - Manuel Montero.
He was part-time faculty.
Too busy to teach full time.
- Montero was on the run.
- On the run from who? Nobody.
He traveled.
He was always running to South America.
- His career was in ruins.
- Well, tough times for everybody.
- Not for Montero.
He had a lot of money.
- You just said he was in ruins.
- Oh, Montero was an archeologist.
- Specializing in pre-Columbian Art.
Many of the pieces around you are on loan from him.
Can you think of anyone with a reason to kill Montero? - Well, he was a trader-- - A traitor? - Who did he betray? - Betray? Nobody.
- You said he was-- - Montero was honest antiquities dealer.
One of the last.
Most traders these days are looters and no-good son of a bitches.
So Montero was a trader.
He traded antiquities excavated from South American ruins.
Are you really professional police officer? So the missing pendant belonged to the victim.
Montero liked to visit after hours to show his pieces to private buyers.
He had a key to the building and the security code.
At the heart of any salesman is showmanship.
You'd be hard pressed to find a more dramatic proscenium than this.
Smart, unless the buyer doesn't wanna pay.
Stabbed in the back, literally.
Montero probably didn't even see it coming.
But he had time to think about it before he died.
Look at his watch.
- Wow.
That's an ugly watch.
- It's a calculator watch.
A very useful accessory for the sales pro on the go.
Is there something typed in there? It's, uh, numbers.
Six, zero, seven, eight.
Is that supposed to mean something? Try looking at the numbers upside down.
It says "blog.
" His cell phone was crushed by the killer, so Montero here improvised.
Call Van Pelt and see if Montero published a blog.
- I'm ready to go.
I've seen enough.
- I haven't.
You know they have mastodons here? Giant sloths.
And dire wolves.
I'll catch up.
But Mommy, I wanna go.
You can squawk all you like, Mimi, there's no sleepovers on a school night.
- I have to.
- No.
Mommy, that's so unfair.
- I'm sorry, baby.
I gotta go.
- All right, love you.
Love you too.
Forgive the intrusion.
What's this about, Agent LaRoche? The Todd Johnson case.
I would like to show you a photo of one of the law enforcement officers that he murdered.
Did you know this man? Rance Howard.
CHP officer.
Very popular.
A lot of our agents were close to him.
Some more than others.
There's a rumor that you and Howard were intimately involved.
Is that true? Excuse me? - Simple question.
- Simple answer.
What the hell is that to you or anybody else? Johnson was set on fire.
A crime of passion if there ever was one.
If you were having an affair with one of Johnson's victims you had passion and motive.
Your investigation seems to hinge on what you may have read on a bathroom wall.
Good luck with that, Agent LaRoche.
- Background on Montero.
- What do we know? Single, self-employed.
Spent half his time abroad importing art.
Sold it from a warehouse.
- Family? - Parents in Florida.
- They'll be on the next flight here.
- Hey, boss.
I looked into the blog.
Montero did publish one.
"I Dig Dead People.
" Archeology humor.
Anything useful? A lot of self-promotional entries about his relic-hunting adventures.
Three weeks ago, he came back from a trip to Colombia with the gold pendant that was stolen.
After Montero blogged about it, a private buyer posted an anonymous e-mail to arrange a viewing.
- Did you put a trace on the e-mail? - Not me, FBI's computer forensics lab.
One of the perks of having a fiancé with the feds.
Forensic report.
There were a half-dozen prints on the triceratops skeleton.
- Gonna take a while to process.
- While we wait let's work on developing leads.
Montero had a warehouse? In the Mission District.
There's something else.
The profits from his company have been going up when other art and antiquity dealers are closing shop.
- Closing? Why? - Repatriation laws.
Countries sue for the return of cultural treasures.
You and Rigsby go to the warehouse, see if you can find anything.
- Hi, Jane.
- Hey.
Boys are working on the lot today.
Need you to park underground.
Oh, no problem.
That kid of yours, Jim, is he into dinosaurs - and prehistoric stuff? - Sure loves his mother.
Give him this.
It's a replica of a dire wolf's tooth.
Look at that.
Have a good day.
- What? - I didn't say anything.
- You were thinking it.
Mentalizing me.
- You can tell? I can read it on your face.
So stop.
If you can read it on my face, then you're mentalizing me.
So you stop.
No, on second thought, keep going.
What am I thinking? - Please go away, Jane.
- No, that's wrong.
Try again.
You're thinking I'm freaking out because some fool spread a rumor that I was having an affair with Rance Howard.
- The CHP officer? - You're the one thinking it.
I feel naked.
There's only one person that has this singular effect on people.
You've been LaRoched, haven't you? - I suppose I have.
- Well, there's no shame in it.
We're all pots in his kitchen.
And he's a sous-chef just waiting for one of us to boil over.
- I won't give him the satisfaction.
- Of course not.
- Did you? - Did I what? - Did you have an affair with Howard.
- My personal life is my personal life.
- Nobody else has the right to it.
- Well, you're wrong about that.
LaRoche does.
Whatever the truth is, I wouldn't try to hide it from him.
He'll find out eventually.
It's our lucky day.
See that taco truck just as we got off the freeway? That taco truck's always there.
A little carne asada after we check out the warehouse.
- No.
- Why not? I don't wanna cross hobo alley to order lunch near the sewage ditch under the freeway.
But there's tacos there.
This is the warehouse.
Let's check out the back.
CBI, who's in charge here? - Maybe they don't speak Spanish.
- Maybe you don't.
You guys work for Montero? Gun! Cover me.
Throw out your weapon! Do it now! Step into clear view.
Hands in the air.
Face down on the ground.
Hands out to your side.
Do it now.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Easy, easy.
- Yeah, now he understands English.
So, what kind of ancient art you boys selling today, huh? Roberto Salvador.
Here on a work visa from Colombia.
So you work for Montero? Hmm.
Could be.
Could be Montero work for me.
Uh, where are you going? To write you up on charges of running guns, resisting arrest - attempted murder.
- Hey.
I only shot at you because you shot at me.
What can I do here? I got a family, you know? I wanna see them again.
You answer my questions, no attitude, we'll forget the attempted murder.
Sit down.
Put your feet up.
- Why did Montero hire you? - To run his shipping operation.
- Weapons or antiquities? - Both.
Manuel was an honest businessman for many years but the profit in those museum pieces went away.
Too many legal barriers.
Politicos and criminales to bribe.
So Montero started trafficking guns.
He had his company set up.
He could ship them to South America no questions asked, then trade them for all the antiquities he could handle.
- Did Montero have any enemies? - No.
He was beloved.
In Colombia, they called him el profesor.
- What do you think? - Well, it has a certain pulp appeal as far as mysteries go.
Murder in the museum, stolen Mayan gold Colombian gun runners.
But it's a tawdry work of fiction.
- Completely made up.
- Uh, I'm pretty sure Montero's dead.
Not for the reasons we're being led to believe.
How can you tell? I find it easier to show than to tell.
- --planning on off-loading--? - Uh, excuse me.
Could you tell me who Montero was trading weapons to in South America? - Answer the question.
- Cartels, gangs, private armies.
Ah, makes sense.
And if they wanted him dead, how would they go about that? You would never know how.
Pfft! Disappear.
Okay, and if the body just happened to be found miraculously - where might that be? - Uh, a mass grave.
Side of a road.
We found him stabbed and bled out in a public museum.
- Would you kill a man that way? - Hell, no.
Too high-risk.
Somebody killed Montero for reasons that had nothing to do with pre-Columbian art and nothing to do with Colombian cartels.
That's just what the killer wanted us to think.
I asked Conway at Gambling Control to join our investigation into the loan shark syndicate.
Conway's good, but he can talk the paint off a car.
- Don't let him run briefings.
- Director Bertram.
You waiting for me? Special Agent Hightower, actually.
- Good night.
- Night.
A visual reconstruction of the night of Todd Johnson's murder.
Based on security footage, activity logs and 86 hours of interviews.
Nice project board.
Bet you won a few science fairs.
I won all of them.
This is the holding cell where Johnson was burned alive.
The circles indicate the location of people within CBI moments before his murder.
My research revealed that this group of people did not have the security clearance to enter the holding area.
This group they were all too far away to have set the fire.
These all have at least two or more witnesses who can verify their location at the time of the attack.
Five circles.
This one is you.
Is it? I offer you this: Five suspects within striking distance of Johnson each one highly capable but only one with a clear motive.
I was sleeping with Officer Howard.
But I didn't.
At the time Howard was killed - we were no longer together.
- His choice or yours? Mutual decision.
It wasn't-- - Did you set Todd Johnson on fire? - No, I did not.
You must have been grieving about Howard.
How did you deal with that? I got on my knees and I asked the Lord for strength and forgiveness.
That's how I dealt with that.
You might wanna write that down.
I think I'll remember it.
Hey, Jane.
You were right.
Of course.
What instance of rightness are we speaking of? When you said Montero was killed for reasons having nothing to do with stolen artifacts.
I stayed up and researched his personal life.
Someone should research yours.
You're never gonna guess where he grew up.
- I won't try.
- Vineland, California.
- How'd you do that? - I followed your lips.
Vineland? Hometown of infamous cop killer Todd Johnson? Follow me.
Did you print that photo I sent you? Johnson and Montero were co-captains of their high school football team.
Getting this? Our victim was best friends with the cop killer.
- It's a great photo.
- After I put that together I asked Cho to go to Montero's warehouse see if he could find any links.
Tell him what you found.
The guns, he bought them from gun shops.
Paid people with clean records to make buys.
Montero has a record of every purchase, including serial numbers.
Let me guess, you traced one back to a weapon Montero gave to Johnson.
That's right.
It's the same weapon Johnson used to kill his victims.
Have you mentioned this to LaRoche? I set up a briefing with top brass in 10 minutes.
LaRoche, Bertram and Hightower will all be here.
- Ten minutes, Cho.
- Yep.
Uh, excuse me, I'm looking for the fingerprint lab.
That's me.
Who are you? Patrick Jane.
Any luck with the curious case of the triceratops rib? Look, I don't really function efficiently under pressure.
- So.
- Hey, no pressure.
Just wondering if you'd found any matches yet.
I've scanned a total of 32 full and partial prints from that fossil.
But for every print that I scan, dozens of possible matches come back.
Then I have to check them manually, one by one, to find a match.
So, you know, I'm not David Caruso.
It takes time.
You do your thing.
I'm just gonna take a quick peek at your list if you don't mind.
Push hard on this.
We need a rapid response.
Remember, any time wasted is gone forever.
I'm not wasting time.
Are you suggesting you don't have enough? You have exactly the same number of hours in the day that Albert Einstein had.
- Please stop.
- Thomas Jefferson.
Louis Pasteur.
- Ghandi.
- Okay, just get out of here.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What do I do? Okay.
Uh, what do I do? What do I do? - Keep up the good work.
- Uh.
Montero was found at the archeology museum with stab wounds.
Next to him, a display case with a missing pendant worth over $200,000.
The night of the murder, Montero was supposed to meet a buyer.
At first, we thought the missing pendant.
- Hightower.
- We need to talk in private.
- I'll meet you in my perch.
- I don't have time, Jane.
- I'm in the middle of a briefing.
- Yeah, I can see that.
Montero was running guns.
The Montero case has turned into a high-priority murder investigation.
I can't just walk out.
I suggest you rethink what you can and cannot do from this moment forward because I know who the evidence is about to reveal as the killer.
Who? You.
As a matter of fact, they were best friends.
Montero's gun-running operation supplied Johnson with the weapon used to kill our fellow officers.
We're working on the theory that whoever took out Johnson took out Montero.
Excuse me, agents, uh, urgent matter in my office.
So you're suggesting both murders were part of a vengeance play? Yes, I am, sir.
Somebody wanted these men dead.
Johnson, the cop killer, and Montero.
Whoever murdered these guys took some big risks.
They were very different crimes to plan and execute.
It suggests our killer has a strong working knowledge of law enforcement.
- Jane, this better be-- - Good.
My sentiments precisely.
Where'd you get that? I borrowed a key to the armory from Lisbon's desk.
Are you a killer? I don't know your game here, but I don't have time to be taken on one of your emotional joy rides.
Not that I'm judging.
Seeking revenge on men responsible for the death of someone you love.
- It's a hobby I like to dabble in myself.
- You think it's true? You think it's true that I killed Johnson and Montero? Well, let's just say I'm open-minded.
Any minute, the lab is gonna identify your prints at the Montero crime scene.
I have never been to that museum.
Well, then you're either being framed or you're a lunatic killer.
In either case, phone your family because my guess is the pot roast is gonna be served a little late.
If you don't point that shotgun away I will use it to beat you like a rented mule.
Spoken like a true lunatic killer.
You're not giving me much to work with here.
- I mean it.
- So do I.
Did you kill those men? I have to know.
Why, Jane? If you think I'm guilty, turn me over to LaRoche.
- I'll go.
- No.
If you killed Todd Johnson, then you're mine and you're gonna lead me straight to Red John.
- Red John? What does this--? - Todd Johnson was taken out because he knew Red John's secrets, as if you didn't know that.
And if you didn't know it, the real insider murdered Montero to frame you, which brings us the full circle.
Are you or are you not a killer? You know what I am, Jane? I'm a single mom with two innocent children at home.
There's nothing in the world I would do to compromise their safety or their future.
Please, Jane.
I've heard enough to convince me that we're looking for one killer.
, you take lead.
This is now a double-murder investigation.
Excuse me, Director Bertram.
I'm sorry, everybody.
You asked for developments on the case.
This qualifies.
This has to be false.
No, I checked and double-checked all the bifurcations, it's a clear match.
- What is it? - A mistake.
Hightower's prints at the Montero crime scene.
I'm not surprised.
- Have another analyst verify.
- Yes, sir.
Van Pelt, start working on a search warrant for Agent Hightower's home.
Is that really necessary? She can always grant us consent.
She's in her office.
- I'll call over.
- Contact the university police.
Find out if they have record of a vehicle matching Hightower's on campus the night of the murder.
Ask them to check security footage.
Yes, sir.
I don't like the way this is being handled.
Can we just take a moment before we destroy a colleague's career? Agent Hightower has been on top of a short suspect list in the Johnson murder for some time.
Even before Director Bertram notified me that she was romantically linked - with one of his victims.
- Now you're into her sex life? Wow.
When you boys decide to destroy a woman's reputation, you go all out.
You're the one who just told me the Johnson and Montero murders were linked.
Now we have evidence.
If you're too close to this, let me know and I'll move you off this investigation.
- I'll be fine.
- Hightower never went to her office.
- I just spoke to her assistant.
- That's my fault.
I let her walk out.
I didn't think she would run.
Who said she's running? For all we know, she's in the ladies' room.
Maybe you should check.
We're going to conduct a search of Agent Hightower's home and office now.
Leave your name and number.
I'll get back to you.
It's Lisbon.
Wherever you are, do us both a favor and call me as soon as you get this, okay? Can't believe we have to go through the boss's stuff.
A suspect's a suspect.
It just feels so wrong, though.
Wait a second.
This drawer's too heavy.
Check it out.
False bottom.
The stolen pendant.
Hey, boss.
Oh, no.
Seems we found your mystery buyer.
Put an immediate BOLO out on Madeleine Hightower.
She's considered to be armed and dangerous.
- Where is she? - Over here.
You saw the suspect? Details, please.
Where? When? I was coming out of the elevator after lunch.
- Where was the suspect headed? - Uh, up the stairs.
Which was strange.
That leads to the roof.
Not just the roof, it's where Jane works.
- Has anybody seen him? - Not since this morning.
Cover the exits, all of them.
Use whoever you have to out here.
It's locked.
Jane? You in there? Yeah, I'm coming out.
You're gonna have to stand back.
And if you're bearing firearms please lower them.
Please? Stand back or he dies.
Let us pass.
If you don't let us pass, you can try to stop me.
But just know that my finger will reflexively pull this trigger if I stumble or if I fall.
Agent Hightower.
Don't beat yourself up, Teresa.
There's nothing you could have done.
I got myself into it and I'm getting myself out.
So clear a path.
Everyone lower your weapons.
- Let them pass.
- Walk.
Go ahead, Cho.
Make your move.
Watch him die.
Nobody move.
Everybody just stay calm.
Put the phone down.
Put the phone down.
- You heard her, put the phone down.
- Put it down.
Okay, here's how it is.
We're exiting the building.
If anyone tries to stop us, I pull the trigger.
If anyone in here calls anyone out there, I pull the trigger.
Do as she says.
Let's go.
Hey, Jane.
That wolf's tooth you gave my kid was a huge hit.
Look at this.
He drew this.
It's for you.
Kind of in a rush here, Jim.
Hey, what the hell? - Hey.
It's Patrick Jane.
- Get a plate number.
Cho, get a chopper up and notify every available CBI field unit.
I want visual contact with the target, but maintain a safe distance.
Roger that.
My car.
You drive.
I'm a poor driver at speed.
- I'm sorry.
- About what? Your boss.
You admire her.
That's irrelevant.
We need to focus on Jane's safety.
All units be advised of a single-vehicle traffic collision on North Main.
Vehicle is a dark-colored, late-model SUV.
Copy, we're en route.
Thirty seconds out.
- Wait for backup.
- You wait.
Hold all oncoming traffic.
We've got a suspect missing.
Set up a 10-block perimeter.
Notify the TAC team, and call an ambulance.
What happened? She was unwrapping her hand.
The moment I was waiting for.
To crash the vehicle? It seemed like a smart idea at the time.
They think Jane may have a concussion.
They've taken him to the hospital for a CT scan.
I'm just thankful he's gonna be okay.
Where are we at with our manhunt? We have perimeter teams deployed around the command post for 16 blocks.
Marshals have joined the hunt.
So has the FBI.
They put Hightower on their most-wanted list.
Such a tragic turn of events.
There are worse things that could happen.
We have an open-and-shut case.
It's a blemish, to be sure, but at least we can close the book on this ugly chapter at CBI.
And when thy little heart doth wake, Then the dreadful night shall break - What's that? - It's just an old poem I like.
William Blake, I believe.
Why aren't you answering your cell phone? - Is it ringing? - For two hours.
I'm sorry.
I thought it was my brain.
The doctor said it's to be expected.
Of all people to use to effect her escape, why would Hightower choose you? Theoretically speaking, I think it makes perfect sense.
I'm isolated in the rafters.
I don't carry a weapon.
And I don't know any of that hand-to-hand combat jive.
I don't want theories.
I want facts.
Why would she come to you? You don't honestly believe that I had anything to do with Hightower's actions tonight.
I don't know what to believe, but when you're in the middle of something I have reason to doubt.
- And I like Hightower.
- When in doubt, don't.
Well, whatever happened tonight, I'm glad you're safe.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming to my rescue.
I guess I should express my appreciation to Herr LaRoche.
- Is he still out commanding the troops? - No.
He went home for the night.
Come on in, Morty.
I just came over-- Well, Mother McCree.
- Jane.
- LaRoche.
You have a fluffy white dog, and an entire house.
Are those Hummel figurines? Yeah.
You find that amusing? Oh, I just didn't picture you living in an actual house.
- And where did you think I lived? - In a burrow on a river bank.
Somewhere like that.
What can I do for you, Jane? You already did for me.
You let Hightower exit the building instead of shooting me in the brain and for that, I'm thankful.
- How'd you know I drink Scotch? - You do? Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
It's too bad she got away though, huh? Hightower.
Perimeter will remain in force until we find her.
It may take a day or two days.
We'll find her.
She can't escape.
Oh, she's escaped.
I know it.
Just like you knew I was wrong about Hightower's capacity for murder.
That's the counterpunch.
Landed it.
Are we kids or what? Yes.
We are kids.
Well, good night, Jane.
It is a good night.
- Did it work? - Yes, it did.
Did it work? Okay.
I can't believe it worked.
- It will work.
- This is crazy.
Not at all.
Once they set the perimeter, you will be like a rabbit in a trap.
They will search every vehicle leaving, except the car of the man in charge.
- So hurry, get in.
- Okay, all right.
- How long do I have to be in here? - Until you hear this: - Okay.
- Turn your cell phone off - so they can't trace it.
- Take mine.
- Okay.
All right.
- Whisper.
- Here's your phone.
- Did you make arrangements? Talked to my sister.
She's waiting for me outside town with my kids.
You're gonna have to completely vanish.
If Red John finds out where you are, he will come after you.
She has a cabin in Saratoga.
We can wait there for months.
He'll think he won this round.
Red John has an insider at the CBI who framed me for murder.
I think it's safe to say he won this round.
Yes, but now I have the advantage.
With you gone, whoever it is that works for Red John will start to relax and thus, lead me straight to him.
You risked a lot for me.
Well, not for you entirely.
I understand.
Still, thank you for getting me out of that building and back to my family.
And thank you for not shooting me in the face.
No one can know about this.
This has to stay between you and me.
- Jane, you should at least tell Lisbon-- - Nobody.
He's too smart that way.
He'll sense a trap.
I am better off alone.
Nobody is better off alone.

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