The Mentalist s03e17 Episode Script


Golf, I don't get it.
Pointless, absurd, repetitive activity.
Very good for clearing the mind.
All these stalls here, mental washing machines.
Van Pelt.
What do we got? According to his driver's license, this is Micah Newton.
Murder weapon appears to be the five iron there.
- No defense wounds.
- Or witnesses.
Coroner thinks he was struck from behind while hitting balls.
Sunblock, hand sanitizer, healthy snacks.
Somebody grew up with a protective mother.
Another golfer found him around 4:00 this morning.
Killer left the victim's golf bag and wallet intact.
- Cho's going through the car now.
- It's pretty early to go golfing.
Four a.
is the morning rush.
Place runs 24 hours a day.
Talk to management, have them give you all the security footage.
- Yes, boss.
- Jane.
I'm trying.
There it is.
It's very hard to find the correct knob.
On the victim.
Ah, sorry.
Uh, he is a professional, health conscious.
When you factor in the specially monogrammed windbreaker and the iodine stains under the fingernails and the illegible scrawl on these scorecards you can only draw one conclusion: our man here was a doctor.
- Somehow, that makes sense.
- Mm.
- A doctor with a problem.
- What kind of problem? This impact label was marking his shots.
And in this particular case, the X doesn't mark the spot.
His shots are more at the front of the club.
- What does that mean? - It means he was.
Slicing them.
Coming across the face.
- Happens when you're feeling stressed.
- Hmm.
Lisbon, may I speak with you? We really need to get you a bell.
I wonder, have you developed any theories on where Agent Hightower might be? No.
Has she been in contact with you? You mean, have I had contact with a wanted felon without notifying my superiors? No, I have not.
You spent a day with Hightower's children at CBI.
What were they like? I'll get back to you on that.
Excuse me.
Cho, what'd you find? The victim's ID was in his briefcase.
He was a doctor at Blessed Sacrament.
You may touch the hem of my garment.
What's attached to it? It's a radiation badge.
Monitors exposure to radiation.
I'll have the coroner's office test it when they do the autopsy.
I wasn't finished, Agent Lisbon.
Agent LaRoche, this is a crime scene.
I'm busy.
Curious, your disinterest in finding Hightower.
Are you for real? We've had to endure your surprise visits for months.
You named your killer.
She's on the run.
Why do you keep showing up on my crime scenes? - Because this morning I-- - I don't even want to hear it.
Hightower's replacement is announced I am gonna put in a formal request to keep you away from me.
As I was saying this morning, I was assigned to take over Hightower's duties which include overseeing this team.
I appreciate your candor, and I'm going to honor your request.
Agent Cho? Yeah? I'm putting you in charge of the team as of right now.
Agent Lisbon, you report to Agent Cho.
Good day.
- I talked to the team.
We figured it out.
- What's that? You run the investigation.
Call the shots like usual.
- I'll report to LaRoche.
- I appreciate the offer, but no.
- You're the boss.
This isn't right.
- It's a direct order.
You are in charge.
I have to be in charge for real.
I will back you 100 percent.
You're a senior agent.
Show them what you got.
- You sure? - I'm positive.
- I'll clear out my office for you.
- I don't want your office.
- I told you-- - No walls between me and my team.
- How'd it go? - I'm in charge.
- Got it.
- Any orders, boss? No, really.
Lisbon didn't go for it.
I'm in charge.
Well, congratulations.
Let's break down the case.
All right.
Lisbon, can you fill in the personal details? Sure.
Micah Newton.
Age 42.
He's survived by a husband.
He's an M.
, but he played mostly the administrative role.
Van Pelt, find anything on the surveillance tapes? Cameras cover the parking lot and clubhouse.
- Killer must have parked on the street.
- Fingerprints? - None usable.
- We have a coroner's report yet? - Yeah.
Right here.
- Okay.
The, uh, blow to the head caused an instant cerebral hemorrhage.
No surprises there.
- There were questions about exposure.
- What kind of questions? Hospital personnel wear badges to keep tabs on exposure.
According to Newton's badge, he was over the limit this month.
He should have been glowing in the dark.
The coroner's test found it within an acceptable range.
- How could that happen? - Take Jane and find out.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll talk to the husband.
Van Pelt, check into Newton's records.
Rigsby, you're with me.
Read the case files yet? No need.
I saw enough to know that a doctor did it.
How can you tell? A single blow to the head causing instant death.
That takes medical know-how, a strong ego and a killer golf swing.
Definitely a doctor-on-doctor crime.
Are you the CBI agents? Yes.
She does the detecting and I do the insulting.
Uh, consulting.
That too.
Francine Trent.
I'm Dr.
Newton's assistant.
Was, I guess.
- Sorry.
- If you'll follow me.
Here's Dr.
Newton's schedule from yesterday.
Thank you.
According to this, Dr.
Newton was scheduled to give a lecture at 8:00? To the first year medical students.
It was the highlight of his year.
I see you have the same radiation badge he did.
We're required to wear them at all times.
Any idea why his levels were off the chart? No.
Um, we use radioactive substances like Cesium-137 for blood irradiation but everybody wears lead shielding, so they're protected, so I don't know.
Did you get an invite to the wedding? I did.
- How was it? - It was lovely.
Who are these people? Transplant patients.
Newton started the transplant program at Blessed Sacrament.
It gave him tremendous joy.
- Are they still alive? - Jane.
You're not my boss anymore.
Transplants are a tricky business, but I have seen so many people saved.
People who were going to die.
I'll let you in on a secret, we're all gonna die.
- I am so sorry.
- That's okay.
Being scared of doctors and hospitals is perfectly normal.
I'm not.
Um, so, uh, did he actually go to his lecture at 8:00? Yeah.
He never missed an opportunity to give a motivational speech to young doctors.
He was a good practitioner, but a better leader.
I think it's why he moved into administration.
And who's this rogues gallery? All the physicians on the transplant board.
Newton was chairman.
Yet he stands to the side and this man takes center stage.
Who's he? Dr.
Quick, chief of surgery.
As of this morning, he took over Dr.
Newton's responsibilities.
- Now we're getting somewhere.
- Can we speak to him? He's leading the transplant board meeting.
That was a fast transition.
Quick said the meeting was too important to postpone.
- Will there be other doctors there? - All of them.
A room full of doctors? Manna from heaven.
Could you please take us there? I'll be on my best behavior.
I won't say a word.
Excuse me.
David Vance, event director? Uh, he's in the back.
I'll go get him.
So listen, delicate question.
Thursday quiz night, strictly no bosses.
Should we give your spot to Lisbon? It feels kind of weird.
Do what you feel is right.
Or should we just hang on to your spot in case you screw up? It's just a joke.
You're gonna make a hell of a boss, man.
I'm already scared of you.
Thank you for meeting me here.
I, uh, would have canceled this gala but it's my charity's biggest fundraising opportunity of the year.
When was the last time you saw your husband? Yesterday morning.
We're early risers.
Well, I'm the early riser.
My work is about an hour from home and Micah would just get up to be with me.
Even after a 12-hour shift.
Did you have any contact during the day? He called.
Stressed, as usual.
He said he was gonna go to the driving range before he came home.
Is that a normal routine? Micah didn't like to bring his work problems home so he would sort it out on the driving range.
So he was facing a work problem? - Some kind of personnel problem.
- Did he say what it was? No.
Micah's job came with a bull's-eye.
Somebody was always mad at him for something.
Uh, last week, this letter came from the husband of a transplant candidate.
I thought you should see it.
Micah was head of the board.
He had to make hard decisions.
Who lived and who died.
I told him he should go and take that to the police, but he said it was nothing.
"If my wife dies, you're the son of a bitch I'm coming for first.
" Thank you.
We have a new patient at the top of the kidney transplant list.
Patient Siberia.
His kidney function's critical.
Watson will give us a rundown.
What about Enid Jordan? She won't last another week.
That's who Newton had at the top.
Due to tragic circumstances, Newton is no longer running this meeting.
I am.
As a member of the anesthesia service, Dr.
Gidry you are merely here in an advisory role.
Watson? Patient Siberia has end-stage renal failure.
- Yes? - Why do they call it a kangaroo court? Are kangaroos especially unjust in comparison to other marsupials? - Would wallabies be more judicious? - Promised you wouldn't say anything.
- He promised he wouldn't.
- Just a little.
This is not a kangaroo court.
Did I say it was? Interesting that you deny an unmade accusation.
Now that you raise the issue.
I'm sorry, who is this man? Oh.
He's Patrick Jane.
He's a consultant with the CBI.
- I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon.
- Hi.
We're investigating the murder of Dr.
Well, this is hardly the venue.
Au contraire, this is just the venue.
Professionals who prescribe drugs they know little about to cure diseases for people they know nothing about.
And they call me a fraud.
Now, by the raise of a hand which one of you killed Dr.
Newton? You're gonna stand by and watch this? Ah.
It's out of my control.
My boss is Agent Kimball Cho.
I can give you his phone number.
Well, I won't put up with it.
Oh, come now, it's perfectly obvious.
"Patient Siberia" gets first dibs because he's some VIP with oodles of cash.
Now that you're in charge, it's all velvet rope for the VIPs, right? Meeting adjourned.
Oh, and, uh, for those of you who are less experienced with police intimidation you're under no obligation to talk.
- Smooth.
- Thank you.
- Give them hell.
- I will.
You're Dr.
Quick's accomplice, yes? - Surgery fellow.
- Oh.
- Scared of doctors, eh? - No.
I understand.
Don't like some of them myself.
Since Dr.
Quick isn't interested in talking to us perhaps you can tell us where he was last night.
You think he had something to do with Dr.
Newton's murder? Why? Elementary, my dear Vernon.
Newton's body isn't even cold and Quick has seized his position.
- The man lives up to his name.
- Dr.
Quick didn't kill anyone.
He just wants us to be a topnotch hospital.
For that, we need money.
We're not a charity.
You still haven't answered my question.
Where was Dr.
Quick last night? He had a dinner.
It was running late, so he asked me to cover his call.
I worked the night.
Late dinner.
Never partied with pharmaceutical reps.
- Operator.
- We need Dr.
Montez in ICU.
And who's this Patient Siberia? A kidney transplant candidate who is patiently waiting for me in the CCU.
If you'll excuse me please.
Montez to ICU.
Montez to ICU.
Let's head over to Radiology.
That badge is still bugging me.
I want to know why it was so radioactive.
I'm off to the cafeteria for something deliciously suspended in gelatin.
I'm not gonna ask you where you're really going.
Wanna know why? I don't have to.
- Hi, Byron.
- Hey.
I'm Agent Van Pelt.
Your wife is Enid Jordan? Yeah.
That's right.
Last week, the head of the transplant board at Blessed Sacrament received this.
Did you write it? You know they say if you're angry, to write a letter but wait a day before you send it.
They say sometimes just the act of writing is enough.
I waited a week.
And I still felt every word.
So, yes, I sent it.
You know that Dr.
Newton was murdered last night? Yes.
And I'm sorry about that.
But tragedy happens.
Ask Enid.
Why were you so angry with Dr.
Newton? He put your wife on the transplant list.
Do you know what it took to get into his program? First, Enid had to lose the required weight through sickness.
And then, she was too sick.
And then, after that, can we afford to maintain a new kidney? Hoop after hoop after hoop.
But she was put on the list.
And nothing changed.
You're up the list one day, down the next, never at the top.
And always, there's someone else that gets to go first.
I'm so tired, lady.
Byron, where were you at 2:00 this morning? I, uh, was bent over a toilet.
Holding my wife's hair back while she spit up blood.
Stress ulcers.
And so back into the hospital she went this morning.
Another de-clotting procedure this afternoon.
How many times can they cut her open? Operator.
Uh, we need Dr.
Watson in the OR, stat.
- Which room, sir? - Uh.
- Three? - Paging him now.
Watson to OR 3, stat.
Watson to OR 3, stat.
You must be Patient Siberia.
Well, I-- Whoa! - Wow.
- No movement.
Who are you? And don't say "doctor.
" Wasn't going to.
I'm Patrick Jane.
I'm kind of law enforcement.
You must be some kind of Russian crime lord, yes? Where's your badge? Front vest pocket.
It's more of a laminate.
I didn't get the, uh.
I'm a consultant.
I don't get the real shiny badge.
Who tells you I'm a Russian crime lord? Your Sochi accent, the star tattoo on your chest the bullet wounds, your thousand-yard stare.
I could go on.
Thank you.
My name is Ulis Oratni.
Why are you here? Well, a doctor at the hospital was murdered.
His name is Micah Newton.
And he stood between you and a - new kidney.
- Ah.
You think I killed him? No.
You're not in good enough shape for such strenuous activity.
Possibly someone you know did.
Someone, uh, strong like bull.
How's your golf swing? Give me club.
I will show you.
I got the.
What's going on here? This man, he has a gun and he pointed it at me.
He's very rude and that's not even including the assault.
Sir, I'm with the CBI.
Is he telling the truth? Get up against the wall.
It's your colleague that's trespassing.
And he's put the safety of this patient at risk.
His blood pressure has skyrocketed.
We're leaving, but we're taking him with us.
Come on.
Just one more thing.
What's the going price for a kidney these days? Is it an X-ray machine or a new wing on the hospital? Or does Ivan the Terrible here have Dr.
Quick's niece tied up somewhere, in some basement? Go now.
I just got off the phone with Interpol.
Yegor Golenka, our Russian friend in holding has an extensive record in Moscow.
I'm gonna have a word.
What did you find out about Dr.
Newton's badge? I talked to his assistant.
I asked around Radiology.
Nobody could explain why his radiation levels were so high.
It's a mystery.
Find out what source would affect the badge and not the person? Um, no.
Van Pelt, follow up on that for me.
- Will do.
- I can handle it.
Don't you have to talk to your suspect? Yes, boss.
We hear you're a violent offender in Russia.
How did you come by your weapon here? I can get you a translator if you need one.
I understand.
Well, in that case, speak up and look me in the eye when you talk to me.
Show some respect.
Yes, ma'am.
Let's try again.
How did you get the gun? I found it.
These guns, they practically grow on trees in California.
You know that in this country you need to have a license to have a gun.
When you threw my colleague against the wall and held him at gunpoint, you committed a felony.
That means you go to jail.
Your prison system is like vacation in Russia.
But then who would look after Mr.
Oratni? My replacement.
- You'd do anything for him? - Without hesitation.
- Would you kill for him? - Of course.
Did you kill Dr.
Newton for him? No.
Where were you last night between 9 and 2? Watching over Mr.
In his room.
All night? Dr.
Quick, he made special provision for me to be there.
Since arriving in this country, I have not left the side of Mr.
Oratni for a single moment.
Until now.
That's the nurse's station there.
If you need anything else, please don't ask me.
- You got me in trouble this morning.
- Sorry, Francine.
Thank you.
Paging Dr.
Paging Dr.
Looking for a post-op patient? - No.
I'm, uh, looking for a nurse.
- Which one? You, actually.
You're in the seat of power here and we all know who really runs a hospital.
Can somebody please help me? Will you help my wife? Just out of surgery and she says her pain is unbearable.
I'm here, my baby.
Enid Jordan.
Did she get her kidney? No.
Just another de-clotting procedure.
More tubes stuck in her body.
I don't know how much more she can take.
- Still rabble rousing? - Always.
She's post-op 15 minutes after a de-clotting procedure and severely agitated.
Jordan, it's Dr.
Gidry, your anesthesiologist.
Where are you on the pain scale? Oh, come on.
She's in agony.
What does it look like? I'm afraid your wife has reached her allowable amount of post-op pain medication.
I need you to hang on a little longer, okay, honey? Push 10 milligrams of Valium if she's agitated in 20 minutes.
What is wrong with you people? I'm sorry, baby.
I'll keep trying.
I'm not gonna give up.
Excuse me, ma'am, if I may.
Uh, you might wanna try screaming.
- Often helps.
- Excuse me? Screaming.
Expressing the pain.
Saint Whoever-it-is would agree.
Screaming, it's therapeutic in itself.
Besides, it will get you the drugs a lot quicker.
Who are you? Patrick Jane.
Nice to meet you.
- Uh, Byron and Enid, yes? - Yeah.
Try it.
- Russian doesn't look good for it.
- Nope.
Hey, boss.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I was looking into the radiation badge and learned something.
Any access in the hospital after hours requires employees - to use their ID badge to gain entry.
- That sounds promising.
There's more.
Newton's badge usage the night of the murder doesn't add up.
- How so? - According to the report he swiped his badge in Radiology at 8:05 that night.
But Newton's assistant said he was giving a lecture around that time.
Hard to be in two places at once, right? We'll run that down, see where it leads.
Good work.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
You were right.
The badge was a clue.
Just doing what you taught me.
Running down all the angles.
- Listen, boss.
- Don't call me boss.
I'm not your boss.
You're my boss.
Give it a try.
Come on.
A little more than that.
The girl's got pipes.
How does that feel? - Good.
- Pretty good.
A scream a day keeps the doctor away.
I would steer clear of the tall one if I were you.
Nothing but heartache there.
How did you know? Oh, my God.
I have been telling Gloria he was a dog for weeks.
Yes, but he is a yummy dog.
So level with me.
Most of the doctors around here are terrible, right? No, some of them are keepers.
Newton was an absolute treasure.
Bless his heart.
Who else? On the principle that he with the whitest coat has the darkest heart who do you think is the nicest, sweetest doctor here? - Dr.
- Dr.
- Hmm.
That's interesting.
- Wait.
You think he's the killer? Well, he is Dr.
Quick's yes-man and the supervising physician for Patient Siberia.
- That puts him right in the thick of things.
- No.
Watson is cute.
And nice.
I was working a double last night and he got doughnuts for everyone on the graveyard shift.
You mean, whilst he was covering for Dr.
Quick's shift he went out and bought everyone doughnuts? You should be marrying him, Daisy.
Well, Dr.
Watson wasn't working here last night, he just.
He stopped by.
Doctors really are the best liars, aren't they? So is Dr.
Watson working right now.
Yeah, but his shift ends in a half hour.
Want me to page him for you? No, no, no.
I'll find him.
It's been a lot of fun.
Everything we've said is in confidence.
I'll make that official by deputizing each one of you.
It's our little secret, ladies.
What is he doing in this neighborhood? That's what you're here to find out.
Watson lied about working at the hospital.
He merely did a drive by.
With doughnuts.
In the middle of the murder window.
Probably looking for an alibi.
The hospital's only a few minutes away from the driving range.
Entering a sketchy building with a duffle bag.
Possibly full of money to pay off the killer.
That's your cue to be a hero.
I'll wait in the car.
- Thanks.
- Go get them.
- Get away from me.
- Alicia, stop.
Leave me alone! CBI! Hands in the air.
Oh, man.
It hurts.
- What's wrong with her? - She's a heroin addict.
I need to continue helping her.
Should I call for an ambulance? No need.
Alicia, it's okay.
It's okay.
You're fine.
Another dose should do the trick.
- No.
- What is that? Naloxone.
Fastest way to strip opiates from the system, reverse an overdose.
Always keep it handy in my bag.
Good thing one of her buddies called me.
This is more than altruistic.
Addict in the family? My mother OD'd when I was 12.
It's part of the reason I became a doctor.
Why did you lie about the night that Newton was murdered? I was moonlighting at a mobile clinic last night.
That's a violation of my contract with the hospital.
I can't afford to lose my job.
I've got medical school bills like you wouldn't believe.
Well, keep up the good work.
Rigsby? I'm sorry.
This man is still a suspect.
If Newton found out, that could be a motive for murder.
Newton knew.
He even came to the clinic to keep his skills up.
- Give back to the community.
- A regular saint.
See, there you go.
It's obvious Watson here is a diamond in the rough.
One doctor clear, a whole hospital full of suspects to go.
Seven minutes.
- I should've hurdled that last gurney.
- Right.
What? I ran track in high school.
The students I talked to said Newton's lecture started at 8:10.
But his badge was swiped in Radiology at 8:05.
He had five minutes to make the trip that took you seven.
And I was running fast.
So Newton was either faster than you, or someone else was using his badge.
Somebody stole his badge, definitely.
What? I'm fast.
Because of his position, Newton's badge allowed him access to every area.
Valuable badge.
Over the last month, Newton accessed the department three times as much as any other.
But Radiology said Newton rarely spent time there.
Somebody else was using Newton's badge the night of the murder.
- Show him.
- Newton's lectures are videotaped.
This is a still image hours before Newton was killed.
He's not wearing his badge.
Was it reported stolen? No, but we believe the badge was used by someone he could trust with it.
Francine Trent.
His assistant.
I ran her financials.
Used her credit card two hours ago.
- Bought a ticket at the bus terminal.
- Let's hit it.
DLI service to Tucson, calling at Stockton.
The women's restroom is clear.
Concession area clear.
Suspect spotted, northwest corner.
Are you going somewhere? What is this? We know you stole Dr.
Newton's security pass the night of the murder.
When did you return it? Before or after you killed him? - I didn't kill Newton.
- Come with us.
- We need to look in that case.
- Don't touch! - Okay.
- What's in the suitcase? Cesium-137.
The suitcase is lead-lined, but if you open it unprotected the material will get into your marrow and mutate your cells.
That's what she was using Newton's badge for.
Those sell for a small fortune on the black market.
And explains all the radiology visits.
And why when I met you, you knew so much about it.
Did Newton find out? That why you killed him? I didn't kill anyone.
I spent the night at my boyfriend's.
You can check.
Rigsby, I want a HAZMAT team.
Keep the perimeter secure and an eye on the suspect.
Lisbon? - I don't think she's our killer.
- You sure? - I believe her story and she's not a doctor.
- You too? That's Dr.
Needs to remind himself which limb he's cutting into.
Otherwise harmless.
Unless you're his patient.
What's going on, Daisy? He has enough drugs inside to knock out an elephant.
Doesn't make sense.
I'm sensing a pattern here.
If I had a nickel for every pain complaint, I'd own the joint.
Wakey, wakey.
I heard they found you a kidney.
Are you all set for surgery? Yeah.
I can see the fear in your eyes.
You have to be fearless in your line of work and now, you fear the pain you've inflicted on others has come back to you in the form of sickness.
And I do believe you might be right.
Nothing like a fresh cup of Joe before you start the business of swapping out organs.
Thank you, Patrick.
A pleasure.
And for the unsung.
Patrick, you're too much.
I want a coffee.
You know, I have a very special cup of tea here that you should try.
And our crack leader who will presently save the life of a ruthless foreign killer.
You definitely need a coffee.
You don't belong here.
Henry? Not very hospitable, but I get your drift.
Whoa, I'm leaving.
Your murder victim's assistant gave up her buyer.
She's been stealing small amounts over the last month.
Adds up to a huge profit.
The feds just picked the buyer up.
That's a relief.
Unfortunately, she has an airtight alibi for the night of the murder.
After she returned his badge she did indeed spend the night with a male companion.
So Newton's killer is still out there.
But those pellets could have been weaponized in a dirty bomb with the power to injure thousands of people.
Nice catch.
Wasn't my catch.
Cho gets the credit.
He's a good leader.
You were right about him.
I'll include your sentiments in his file as well as a commendation in your own.
Thank you.
You are back in charge of your team.
Effective immediately.
What? - You're back in charge.
- Yeah, I heard you.
Why was I pulled off in the first place? Maybe I was messing with you.
And it showed you I won't tolerate any disrespect.
That'll be all.
Lisbon, well done.
Very good news.
I have the perfect congratulatory gift in mind but you're gonna have to come by the hospital.
Patrick Jane to OR 8, stat.
If you can hear my voice, Patrick, move your ass to OR 8.
Better make that quick.
That was my ass.
What the hell is this? I felt it important to let you know before you cut this man open, that you have all been drugged.
What are you talking about? What do you mean, "drugged"? How? Who did it? I did.
By a special coffee blend.
I got the idea from the able Dr.
- What was that you gave to the addict? - Naloxone? Yeah.
That's it.
It was handy in your duffel bag, just as you said.
I put a "carefully measured dose" in the coffee pot.
All of it.
Why would you do that? Perhaps I should back this story up.
Uh, somebody in this room is an addict who's stealing pain-relieving drugs from the patients before, during, or after surgery.
- What makes you think that? - My time spent with you.
As soon as I saw those patients fresh out of surgery it was obvious to me that they hadn't been given enough of the good stuff.
I believe that's what Dr.
Newton figured out and that's what got him killed.
You drugged all of us based on that wild conjecture? Yes.
- You gave everyone here Naloxone? - Yes.
Do you have any idea how dangerous that could be? I did read the label, thank you very much.
And it's only harmful to those individuals suffering with liver and kidney damage.
Uh, that makes Oratni completely out of the question, and pregnant women.
- Oh, my God.
You gave me tea.
- Yes.
How did you know? It was perfectly obvious.
I also know who the father is.
But don't worry, your secret is safe with me.
Perfect timing.
Just in time to open your present.
What's going on? I spiked the coffee.
Somebody in this room is about to spiral into a rapid detox.
The shakes.
Those dreaded cravings for the rush of a fresh hit.
Someone's missing.
I don't see Dr.
The anesthesiologist.
Of course.
Lisbon, hurry.
Drop the needle.
You don't understand.
I, uh-- I need this.
I'm going trough withdrawal! No, you're not.
But the coffee.
Jane didn't put anything in the coffee.
He needed to lure out the real killer and here you are.
I admit it.
I stole drugs and I returned them watered down but, ha, that doesn't make me the killer.
Can we just get a little fresh air in here? It's stifling.
Tell me how you started using.
Up days at a time.
How else were you supposed to stay alert to perform? And then I'd need something else to help me come back down.
When did Newton figure out? I don't have a problem.
I maintain perfectly.
Your real withdrawal is starting.
You work with me here, and I can get you what you need.
Last week Newton was doing a review of OR cases and he found some inconsistencies in patient care.
So he brought you in.
He said that my actions had.
Had left the hospital exposed to lawsuits.
Zero tolerance means zero tolerance and his blah, blah, blah.
- Mm-hm.
So he fired you? - No.
Not just fire me.
He was gonna report me to the state medical board.
Huh? And cooperate with the police.
He called it "moral obligation.
" I called it covering his ass.
So I tried to reason with him.
After his lecture, you followed him.
I'm sorry.
He was sorry.
He kept swinging.
He was gonna destroy everything that I worked for, but he kept on swinging.
And I lost it.
You killed him.
My life didn't matter to him.
Why should his matter to me? So are you gonna help me out? No.
Got Gidry's confession.
And Golenka's being deported.
He'll be back in time to greet Oratni and his kidney.
Now that Quick's been fired for trading an MRI machine for a kidney let's hope the program stays on the up and up.
Ah, there's an endless supply of doctors like Quick.
- Way to see the bright side.
- Need anything else? I want you to know that my reinstatement is in no way a reflection of your abilities.
- You did a great job.
- I know.
Hey guys, come on in.
Uh, so we have a question.
If there's a group hug coming, I am so out of here.
No hugs.
We're going out for a drink to celebrate the return of Cho.
You want to join us? Guys, thank you.
I can't.
I got a lot of paperwork to do, and there's a management meeting.
Next time.
- Right.
Next time.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night, boss.
The price of power.
There you are.
Here I am.
You caught me.
I didn't want to take up too much of your time.
I just wanted to let you know that they found a kidney for Enid.
Uh, they're operating tonight.
Your advocacy had a lot to do with that.
Oh, no.
Good for Enid.
Good luck with that.
I wanted to give you this.
Saint Sebastian.
It gave me a lot of strength.
Maybe he'll do the same for you.
A magical medallion.
That's cool.
He helps people in pain.
But, uh.
You know, seriously, I'm not really a believer.
You know what? Never mind.
Thank you very much.

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