The Mentalist s03e18 Episode Script

The Red Mile

Copy that, Dispatch.
Where have you been? Hunting and gathering.
The victim's name is Timothy Hartley.
He was killed sometime last night.
He was shot in the chest and his throat was slit.
- Charming.
- ID says he's from 100 miles away.
Hillsborough? No sign of what he was doing.
Sheriff says Hartley's car is down the road.
I'll check it out.
- You tell him? - Tell him what? Coroner's office sent Steiner.
- Dr.
Steiner? - We all know how much you like to make fun of Dr.
- So don't, okay? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- No humoring yourself at his expense.
- Is he that way? Top of the morning to you, Steiner.
You're looking trim.
Curiously considerate killer.
Slit his throat after the shots - to put him out of his misery.
- Three steps back, please.
- What? - Please maintain a distance of at least three steps from the body.
- Why? - Because this body is a no-Jane zone.
It will not be a playground for you.
You will not touch it or sniff it or place playing cards on it or borrow it for an interrogation.
If you do, a deputy will remove you.
Clear? That's a little harsh, no? You have driven me to desperate measures.
Well, I'm nothing if I'm not respectful of my fellow crime fighters.
I can see everything I need to from here anyway.
Really? What exactly do you see? He's in money.
But not a banker.
Something more aggressive.
Stocks or such.
Social drinker.
Increased his intake lately so under some pressure.
A registered independent, though always votes Republican.
And as much money as he has, his wife has more.
- Ridiculous.
- He chose the tasteless tasseled loafers.
She bought the opal-inlay sterling-silver cufflinks.
You might as well say he's going to meet a tall, dark stranger.
That's very unlikely, doctor.
He's dead.
And by the way, it looks like there's something in his left front pant pocket.
"You are about to think, 'What the hell? How did Jane do that?"' How did you do that? Ah.
There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio than dreamt of in your philosophy.
You planned ahead.
You asked one of the deputies to call you next time Steiner was on a case - and you asked them to plant the note.
- That is an absurd theory.
This means an apology to the coroner's office.
- No, it doesn't.
Steiner loves attention.
- Yes, it does.
What happened? Where are they? Two guys in a pickup pulled the coroner's van over and held it up.
- What did they steal? - Heh.
Your vic's body.
- Hartley's corpse? - That's right.
Steiner tried to stop them.
Agent Lisbon.
It's not as bad as it looks.
Go get yourself checked out and then come talk to us.
- Jane.
Was this you? Another trick? - Wha--? - Oh.
- Jane had nothing to do with this.
Nothing at all.
- You didn't, did you? - Of course not.
- Swear on your life? - On your life, even.
- Damn it.
Who steals a body? - Interesting, no? The pickup was pulled over.
There were two men, apparently working on the engine.
They flagged us down, for help we thought - and then they pulled out guns.
- Can you describe them? They were both white.
A little under 6 feet, I think.
I can't really say much more.
They wore hooded jackets and sunglasses.
One went to the van and dragged the body bag out.
The one guarding us went to help him and that's when I intervened.
- Foolish.
- For once I agree with you.
They put the body into the truck and they took off.
- Why would anyone do this? - We don't know yet.
It's early.
I have to take this, I'm sorry.
- Thank you for your time, Dr.
- Of course.
Thanks for getting back to me.
Goodbye again, Mr.
- It wasn't your fault.
- Excuse me? They had guns.
Big scary guns.
There was nothing you could do.
The body is my responsibility.
My reason for being here.
Now I have no reason or responsibility.
There's nothing for me to do.
I don't expect you to understand why that feels like failure to me, but it does.
- Want a cup of tea? - I don't think so.
Suit yourself.
I like the chapel in Yountville.
It's just a long way for the guests to go.
What did you find out about Vandermeer State Park? I love that place.
I see.
Well, I guess we'll just keep looking.
I love you, Craig.
Vandermeer State Park? Beautiful for a wedding.
- I've hiked there.
- There's an old Quaker meeting house.
It would be perfect.
Guess they don't allow weddings.
Too hard on the ground vegetation.
What do we have on Hartley? Jane was right.
He was in finance.
Ran a hedge fund called the HV Wilder Fund.
Wife's family has the real money.
Name's Cook.
- The Cooks? - Yeah, I guess.
- Wife's Peregrine.
- I'll deal with the family.
Go talk to the people he worked with.
Anything on the missing corpse? No usable prints on the van - and nothing from the tire tracks.
- Why steal a body? - What can they use it for? - Got me.
Go have a talk with the two guys that were with Steiner.
Get any details on the thieves or the truck.
Van Pelt, look for any similar crimes.
Bodies stolen from hospitals, ambulances, anything.
Good luck with the Cooks.
Nothing like telling people their loved ones are dead.
"Oh, by the way, we lost the corpse.
" None of this makes any sense.
Last time I spoke to Tim, he was telling me some stupid joke he heard at work.
Happy as ever.
Who's responsible, agent? My son-in-law didn't just disappear.
Someone is accountable.
Who? We don't know yet.
We're doing the best we can.
- Not good enough.
- Mother.
When they tell you they're doing their best, that's what they aren't doing.
Hell of a place you've got here.
- Where'd you get the money for it? - Excuse me? The moola.
The scratch.
The shekels.
The dollarinis.
What does that have to do with anything? Something you're embarrassed about.
- Sugar beets.
- Sugar beets.
- My grandfather grew them.
- I love sugar beets.
There's no shame in sugar beets, Elspeth.
Hartley, we found your husband's body a hundred miles from here.
Any idea what he was doing out there? No, none at all.
Anything out of the ordinary in his life? Troubles at work? Changes in his schedule? No.
We started talking about having a family a while back.
There, there, dear.
If there are no more questions-- You didn't like your son-in-law, did you? You found him vulgar, despite his highfalutin job.
And you, you're frightened.
The body's disappearance alarms you in a very specific way.
- What is that? - Harrison.
Please show our visitors out.
Thank you.
Oh, God.
Why do these things happen? How long had you and Mr.
Hartley been partners? Five years or so.
We were both interested in a fund that offered esoteric financial instruments.
- A hedge fund.
- What we do is complicated.
- I don't wanna bore you.
- You rely on a strategy that exploits mean reversion tendencies of cross-currency far-forward rates.
- What did Mr.
Hartley do for the fund? - Built it.
Designed the strategy.
Certifiable genius.
The best.
Fund like yours can lose people a lot of money.
- Any angry investors? - No, no, no.
- Recently, we've had excellent returns.
- What about work? - Did Hartley have problems here? - "Loved" is the word.
- Trouble at home? - No.
Tim adored Peregrine.
He was a Boy Scout.
He would never play around.
Wouldn't even think of it.
He was a straight, straight arrow.
- I see.
- The straightest.
Nothing new from the guys with Steiner.
But it wasn't an entirely wasted journey.
I got scones.
I found something.
Three other corpses have been stolen from vehicles leaving crime scenes over the past six months.
- Huh.
Who caught the cases? - We did.
- Rigsby.
- O'Laughlin.
- Why is the FBI on this? - Interstate.
- One corpse was taken in Nevada.
- Have a theory? - Bodies are being sold to tissue banks.
- Tissue banks? They harvest tissue from corpses, then sell them to supply houses.
You're supposed to get permission.
These guys are skipping that.
Tissue banks are regulated.
The thieves work with a funeral home.
- They provide the bodies.
- I've put together a list of funeral homes.
- We could start with that.
- Great.
Hey, Rigsby.
My boss asked me to come.
You know, since I've worked with CBI before.
I'm not trying to get in your face is all I'm saying.
- Didn't think you were.
- Okay, good.
Steiner, I presume? What brings you back? Good news, actually.
A small amount of blood was recovered from dirt under the body at the crime scene.
It contains two distinct DNA signatures.
- Killer got cut too.
- Yes.
Probably while using a knife on the victim.
There's not enough blood for an ID, but there could be more on the corpse.
Why did you come and tell me that in person instead of calling? I would like to assist in some small way, if that's all right.
Let's go get you a gun, shall we? Kidding.
Come on.
Look sharp, Lisbon.
We have a visitor.
Steiner? Can I help you? - Well, actually, I-- - Steiner is joining us for a while.
- Okay.
- What is all this mess? It's Hartley's calendar and phone records.
We're making a list of people he saw before he died.
Clerical work.
We need to figure out what the big secret is.
- What big secret? - Yeah, what big secret? The big weird secret that the widow and the partner and everyone won't tell us about because it's too shameful.
It's funny you mention that.
He did have an appointment every week with no description.
Thursdays, 2:15 to 3:30.
No name, no address.
- Interesting.
- Clerical work, huh? - Touché.
- If I may.
His car's GPS might have an address.
- Yes, it might.
- See? Useful already.
This is the address in Hartley's GPS.
Okay, what's the game with Steiner? - No game.
- What's he doing here? What are any of us doing here? We don't bring guests on investigations.
We should.
A different sleuth for each case.
- If this is some gag-- - It's not.
He asked if he could come along and I said he could.
We're building bridges, mending fences.
- Okay.
- Planting seeds.
- Laying foundations.
- Okay.
It's a medical building.
- Mostly shrinks.
- How do you know who to talk to? Any calls in his records to this address? No, but we could check his bank records.
We'd need a warrant.
I'd rather start knocking on doors.
We're gonna need more people.
You'll have to clear that with Admin.
Okay, everybody, outside! Outside! Come on! This is not a drill.
- Oh, God.
Jane, why'd you do that? - Hustle.
That's the way.
All of you.
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Patrick Jane.
I'm with the CBI.
We're looking for the doctor who treated Timothy Hartley.
I know you have a doctor-patient confidentiality thing.
Let's not worry about that right now.
Would Timothy Hartley's doctor please raise his or her hand? Raise it on up.
I know it's one of you.
Maybe to your right, maybe to your left.
Up, up, up with your hand.
Bring it up.
No one has raised their hand.
That doesn't matter because I know that you, ma'am are the person who we seek.
Please come forward.
Everyone else, thank you and back to your quackery.
What's your name, ma'am? Dr.
Wendelyne McCormick.
And I won't discuss my patients.
Or the fact that someone is my patient.
We're investigating the murder of Tim Hartley.
He was killed last night.
Oh, God.
All right.
How did you know it was me? Everyone looked around to see who it was.
But you weren't, because you knew.
The Fire Department.
I'll go talk to them.
Tim had been in therapy for about four months.
He'd had an experience that he wanted to work through.
What kind of an experience? Agent, can I get some assurance of discretion from you? It's a sensitive matter to the people around him.
We can't promise anything.
Very well.
About five months ago, he had an abduction experience.
- Excuse me? - He believed he was abducted by extraterrestrial beings.
Taken to their ship, examined, and released.
Kidnapped by aliens.
I was being lifted by the light up and away.
I couldn't.
I couldn't do anything.
I was just being taken right to the ship.
It happened when Hartley was driving home from Reno.
Found a couple of these videos on his laptop.
Some kind of diary of the event.
And once on the ship, there were.
There were beings all around me.
Just ash gray.
And there were a little taller ones too.
They were the same color.
They were leaders, I think.
It just all feels so.
It feels so concrete, so real.
- Crazy.
- Sounds sincere to me.
- Sincerely cuckoo.
- I don't see any sign he's lying.
It could be a dream that he experienced during hypnagogic state.
- True for him, but not objectively real.
- Exactly.
I agree with him completely.
Thousands of people say it's happened to them.
They can't all be crazy or lying.
I'm just saying you should keep an open mind.
- You can't prove there aren't aliens.
- That's true.
The point is, the wife had to have known about this.
We need to talk to her.
Where are we with the body hunt? We've identified eight funeral parlors that had dealings with tissue banks.
We're splitting the interviews with O'Laughlin.
- All right.
Let me know what you find.
- Okay.
Watch the skies, Grace.
Tim told me as soon as it happened.
He said he met them in a field outside Auburn.
Where we found his body? He kept going back.
He couldn't tell me why.
I mean, he knew it wasn't rational.
Why didn't you tell us this before? I got a call from Art Vella.
Tim's partner.
He told me not to mention it.
Begged me.
He said it would be devastating for the business.
You believed your husband's story, didn't you? That's why you were so scared when the body disappeared.
- You thought the aliens took him.
- Okay, okay.
Listen to me.
My husband wasn't crazy.
Okay? He wouldn't lie to me about something like that.
When someone tells you something contrary to fact they are lying.
- Full stop.
- Don't start, Mother.
Agents, my son-in-law was drunk.
Or drug-addled.
Or both.
As for this tabloid trash about men from Mars-- - God, how can you say that? - Ridiculous.
- This is so like you, Mother.
- I've never heard such twaddle.
So closed off, close-minded.
- You honestly think he was on drugs? - Ladies.
Ladies, that's enough.
What are you looking for? Ah, yes.
You're a Scotch man, right? Uh.
Yes, I-- Oh, no, no, I shouldn't.
You really should.
You know, don't you? - Excuse me? - You know that I'm sick.
Why would Patrick Jane, of all people invite me to a fancy house and put a first-rate Scotch in my hand if he didn't know? You've lost some weight.
Eight pounds.
Your face is looking drawn.
You're taking powerful medication.
I can see it in the pallor of your skin.
I'm dying.
I have a month, most likely.
Maybe less.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for the distraction.
Well, it's always good to keep busy.
There's probably some Havana cigars in that box there.
No, no.
I-- I couldn't.
Could I? You were right.
This is a good cigar.
The only other time that I have been in a room like this was to examine a man who died accidentally in the middle of an autoerotic ritual.
Well, I bet he died with a smile on his face.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? Just leaving, Harrison.
Why did you tell Peregrine Hartley to lie to us, sir? Didn't tell her to lie.
I asked Peregrine not to raise certain irrelevant information.
Why did you do that? Tim was the brain.
I handle clients, administration.
Tim was the brain.
It's all about confidence.
If investors hear about alien probes and whatnot confidence goes out the window.
- You asked him not to talk about this? - Constantly.
Hartley was growing certain his experiences were real.
He must have wanted to talk about it.
- We had some arguments about it.
- Bad arguments? I didn't kill Tim because he wanted to go public with his cuckoo story.
You need to talk to that UFO fruitcake that Tim met.
They're friends a week, then Tim wanted nothing to do with him.
He was trying to squeeze money out of Tim.
- What's his name? - Kirk.
Can you believe that? Newsom Kirk.
Is there any way you can keep this quiet? - I doubt it.
- Two point eight billion in assets.
We're going down because my partner thought he was kidnapped by little green men.
- What? - The little men.
They're gray.
- Thanks for your time.
Appreciate it.
- Thank you.
Two down, two to go.
Wanna grab some food? There's an errand I wanna run.
I'll catch up.
- I'll take you.
- You don't need to do that.
- Come on.
How far is it? - A little ways.
It's okay.
It's a wedding thing.
Oh, I see.
Why don't I drop you off, I'll grab something to eat and I'll stay in the car? Okay? Sure.
- Hello? - Hey.
It's O'Laughlin.
- I tried Grace.
She didn't answer.
- She's busy.
Where are you? I've got something.
Gary Wineman.
Funeral director.
Mentioned tissue banks, and he got very nervous.
These are my colleagues from CBI.
Agents Rigsby and Van Pelt.
Did Agent O'Laughlin mention what this was about, sir? Um.
Some bodies have been stolen that might have gone to a tissue bank? That's the FBI's investigation.
We're investigating a murder.
You didn't say anything about that.
I certainly don't know anything about it.
Well, I hope so, sir.
Case like this, anyone even remotely connected is in big trouble.
Best thing to protect yourself? Be very clear about what you know and what you've done.
Oh, God.
We-- My wife had a baby girl, and we needed a little extra cash.
So I started selling bodies to tissue banks.
All legitimate.
I got permission every time.
But the banks always want more bodies.
And my wife got pregnant again.
Who came to you? My cousin.
Not a good person.
He said that if we split the fee, he could provide bodies.
No permission necessary.
All I had to do was paperwork giving them false names.
- Did he bring you a corpse today? - No, no.
But he has done this before with other funeral homes.
His name is Owen Melling.
- I had no-- - Where is he now, sir? Melling's done time for assault, armed robbery and truck hijacking.
Did the truck jobs with a buddy named Jim Matthews.
Both were on parole.
Melling owes 15 years.
Matthews, 12.
They get picked up, they're violated back in.
It's good times.
Owen Melling? CBI.
Need to talk to you about a robbery this morning.
Wanna get some facts straight.
Then, in the office, we can explain.
- Jim Matthews? - Yeah.
What's up? This is about some robbery this morning.
So what? We were right here.
- That's right.
Been here all day.
- We still need to talk.
Hands out of your pocket, where we can see them.
You heard him.
Don't hassle my boy.
He ain't done nothing.
Put the weapon down, ma'am.
You wanna make more trouble for him.
I won't have it.
We just wanna talk to your son.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Just put down the gun, ma'am.
Grace is in trouble.
Cover me.
Grace, get down! On the ground! Face down, now! Get on the ground! - How'd the interview with Matthews go? - It didn't.
He asked for a lawyer.
- What did you find at Melling's house? - No sign of Hartley.
Forensics is checking the pickup for DNA.
According to his records, Melling made a call - to a Wellview Funeral Home.
- Could be where - they dropped off Hartley's body.
- Get Steiner.
If the body's there, he's the one to ID it.
Tracked down an address for Newsom Kirk.
Runs an organization called The Fourth Kind Foundation.
Office is downtown.
- Does he have a sheet? - Running it now.
- We'll talk to him.
Call if anything pops.
- All right.
Newsom Kirk.
I'm Agent Lisbon, this is Agent Cho.
- We're with the CBI.
- Yes.
So sad about Hartley.
Agent Cho.
You've been, haven't you? - Excuse me? - Up.
With them.
- No.
- I'm getting a-- I'm getting a definite sense.
It sometimes takes a person years to realize they've had the experience.
- Timothy Hartley.
- Of course.
You met him through the foundation, right? Yeah.
We're here to serve abductees.
Help them come to terms with their experience, spread the word.
Tim wanted to talk about what he'd been going through.
He asked us to keep it in confidence and we did.
And that's all you did, talk about his experience? No, as a matter of fact.
Tim had a lot of money.
And frankly, we-- We need money.
We had several quite serious discussions about funding this place.
As a child, did you have dreams where you were floating through the house as though pulled by an unseen force? No.
We heard that the two of you had some sort of a falling-out? He decided that he wanted to start his own foundation.
- His right, I say.
- It never got angry? No.
If you're looking for someone Tim had a fight with you should talk to that shrink of his.
She wanted to write a book about him.
He said no.
She was angry.
- Okay.
- Boss.
From Rigsby.
Newsom, is your real name Garrett Rosten? And did you spend a year in Chino prison for fraud? Because your arrest record says you did.
In my previous life, I was Garret Rosten, yes.
Hartley seems like the kind of guy who would research somebody if he was considering funding them.
Did he find out about this? I never hid Garret.
I'm simply a different person now.
Not that different.
There's a bench warrant out for your arrest for kiting checks.
- We're gonna have to take you in.
- Turn around, please.
It's okay.
It's just a misunderstanding.
Agent, the important thing is that you take a look inside yourself and start questioning those experiences that you can't explain.
Never happened.
I believe you.
Wake up.
Newsom Kirk posted bail.
He's gonna be gone in an hour.
Just in time for the 6:10 to Alpha Centauri.
He was right about Hartley's psychiatrist.
She did propose a book, but she withdrew it.
- So she had motive.
- Kind of.
- Who do you think did it? - Jabba the Hutt.
- Seriously.
- Ming the Merciless.
- Okay.
- ALF? When the aliens do come - I hope they eat you.
- Eh.
- Lisbon.
- Teresa, Brenda Shettrick.
A local news crew is about to interview Dr.
Steiner about the Hartley case.
Thought you'd like to know.
He's supposed to be looking for Hartley's body.
No, he's here.
What interview? Some background on tissue banks and the corpse trade.
He offered to do it.
You didn't know any of this? I'll be right there.
Bye, Lisbon.
The legitimate trade in tissue is a valuable source of material for medical use.
Unfortunately, this illegal trade has halted the investigation - into the death of Timothy Hartley.
- How's that? I just came from a funeral home where we'd hoped to find Mr.
Hartley's body.
And it's not there.
The thieves have hidden it somewhere.
There's crucial blood evidence on Mr.
Hartley's body that will identify the killers.
- Brenda.
- If we don't find that evidence-- - Now.
- Guys, that's it.
- Thanks very much.
- Did I do something wrong? Don't talk to the press about evidence.
It tells the killer what we're looking for.
- How did I do otherwise? - Oh, good.
- Hey, Cho? - Yeah? I think O'Laughlin flaked on Van Pelt yesterday.
What do you mean? She was in trouble, and he didn't do anything.
- Guess he was scared.
- It happens.
- Van Pelt doesn't know this? - No.
I don't know.
The question is, does she need to know? Yeah, it's tough.
Your call.
I'm the coroner.
You saw the news story on Hartley's body? Well, I lied.
I did find the body, there is evidence on it and it will convict you of murder.
But I haven't given the police the body.
I've kept it.
And I'm willing to sell it, along with my silence, for $50,000.
Because I'm a dying man.
All I want is a few days of real comfort before I'm gone.
Think about it.
You know how to reach me.
How was that? Not bad.
Little over the top.
But, you know, credible nonetheless.
I'm still getting used to all this deception.
What deception? You did find Hartley's body at a funeral home.
But there was no blood evidence on it.
You can't catch a fish without bait.
We will tell Agent Lisbon what's going on, yes? Oh, yeah, eventually.
Agent Lisbon's a good person.
She reminds me of-- Never mind.
Huh? Let's go.
Woot, woot.
Yes? Testing one, two.
Testing two.
Testing one, two.
Yes, Dr.
Steiner, we can hear you.
Just like before.
I'm a little nervous.
You're doing a great job.
You look the part.
Are you sure about this? Are you ever gonna tire of asking me that? Someone's coming.
- Dr.
Steiner? - Put your hands where I can see them.
- I'm not armed.
I'm not armed.
- Hands in the air.
It's the butler.
The butler.
It's the butler.
The butler did it.
I always wanted to say that.
But wait, it gets better.
Let's go.
Miss Cook.
Good evening.
Remember me? I can't hear anything with this.
The good doctor here told us that Timothy Hartley's murderer cut himself whilst doing the killing.
Would you mind terribly showing me your hand? Oh.
You must let Harrison go.
He's done nothing but serve me faithfully and well.
As I explained, ma'am, our DA will drop the charges against your butler if you answer our questions honestly.
I feel like I'm haggling in a bazaar over the cost of a rug.
But if you will release Harrison, then I will speak.
Your son-in-law was about to go public with the alien adventure, wasn't he? More than that.
He wanted to start a global foundation for abductees.
To see to their needs and promote their cause.
He was going to call it The Cook Family Foundation.
Well, that wasn't going to happen.
No, no, no.
You cannot do this.
- I won't allow it.
- It's not something you can stop.
Try me.
I'm not without resources, young man.
But he said he was gonna use his own money for it.
And then he said: - Time's on my side, Elspeth.
- What do you mean, Timothy? Timothy, come back here.
I knew what he meant.
Hartley was going to wait until I was dead then use my money and daughter to turn the Cook name into an international joke.
So the next time he went to that place he was always visiting, we followed.
Why slit Hartley's throat? That was the telltale sign.
A hunter's humanity, if you will.
You learned how to hunt and kill at a young age, didn't you, Elspeth? Your father taught you.
He was very firm on that point.
Never let the animal suffer.
I got awfully cross with Consuela for mislaying this.
I shall have to apologize.
What's up? - Something I have to talk to you about.
- What's up? Wayne? What is it? A friend of mine is a ranger at Vandermeer State Park.
Maybe I can get him to give you a waiver to get married - at that Quaker meeting house.
- Really? Yeah.
I think.
I can try.
Oh, Wayne, that's fantastic.
Thank you so much.
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna call Craig.
Thank you for coming by.
No, it's no problem.
Nice place.
Thank you.
I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your letting me come along on your investigation.
It was fun.
It was fun, wasn't it? It was my pleasure.
- Thank you.
- Um, look won't beat around the bush.
About me dying.
I know what's going to happen now.
I've seen it.
There are no mysteries.
It's going to get bad very soon and then worse.
And I have no interest in letting nature take its course.
You understand? Uh, yes.
You, uh-- You wanna kill yourself.
In a nutshell.
I have pills I can take.
The problem is, if there is an unexplained death if a body is found in an apartment there is an investigation.
An autopsy.
And the idea of being examined of being the body on the table.
But if the death is witnessed by a law-enforcement officer no investigation is required.
I'm not a law-enforcement officer.
You're close enough, I think.
I don't know that I can do it.
That I can witness that.
I'm not even sure that killing yourself is the best idea.
It's what I'm going to do.
Well, that's your choice.
But, uh.
I understand.
I'm sorry.
This was a terrible imposition.
I shouldn't have-- Please, forget I said anything.
I'm sorry.
Do you have any tea? - Yes, I do.
- I could really use a cup of tea.
- There's cookies in the cupboard.
- Yep.
- Would you like a cup? - Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Well, uh I'm going in the other room now.
- I'll be a few minutes.
- Yeah.
Take your time.
Here we are.
The note in the dead man's pocket.
You had an arrangement with the deputy, didn't you? Yes, I did.
- I knew it.
- Yeah.
It's an old carny magic trick.
- You did magic? - Oh, yeah.
I first started out working close-up with cards and coins.
- Really? - Yeah.
I'll show you.
I have a coin in here.
See that coin? It's there, right? And it's gone.
It's there.
And it's gone.
- Amazing.
- It's really quite simple.
It's there.
And then it's gone.
- Thank you.
- Just watch the coin.
And it's gone.
It's there.
And then it's gone.

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