The Mentalist s03e22 Episode Script

Rhapsody in Red

Jane? Care to join us? The moon's at perigee.
Closest to the earth.
- It's beautiful, isn't it? - Yes, it is.
- But the victim's over here.
- I know.
Victim's name is Eleanor Artega.
Shot in the chest.
Reports of gunshots around 11.
- She from the neighborhood? - ID gives an address across town but grew up in the neighborhood.
Mother owns a grocery blocks away.
Pretty dress.
Maybe she's coming from some event.
Wedding? Performance, more like it.
She's a musician.
- Some kind of stringed instrument.
- Because? Because of the calluses on her fingertips and the faint scent of rosin on her dress.
Been a couple of gang-initiation killings.
Could be another one.
- I'll talk to the P.
D gang.
See who's active.
- We'll canvass the looky-loos.
Hydrangea petal.
Interesting decoration for gang slaying unless the Crips have taken up flower arranging.
Which I can definitely see the therapeutic benefits of.
- Thank you.
- Evidence, I believe.
Come on.
I'm looking for information on gangs in the northeast.
Call me back as soon as possible, thanks.
- Hey.
- Damn, man you see I'm walking here, right? - You walked into me.
- Hell I did.
You need to get behind the line.
Police only.
- Trying to find out who killed that lady? - Know something? Do I look like a snitch to you? Keep walking.
Go on.
Anything would be useful so if you wouldn't mind-- Just give us a call and thank you very much for your time.
I know it's slow, but it's how the work is done.
Eh, I could point out someone that knows something useful with 25 words or less.
Oh, really? Count them.
I have $100 for information about the victim.
One hundred dollars.
Not a hundred.
Just $1 for information.
Any takers? Twenty-five.
The point being? The gentleman in the plaid shirt didn't even consider raising his hand.
That means he has information that not even $100 can buy.
Sir, you in the plaid, we're gonna have to ask you some questions.
Cho, we got a runner! Get the car, head him off around the block.
Someone took my keys.
Hey, hey! Stop the car! Thanks for the ride, sucker! Come on, Starsky.
Let's go get him.
I'll drive.
You're welcome.
Artega, we're very sorry for your loss but we need to ask you questions about your daughter.
I have work to do.
Ma'am, what did Eleanor do for a living? She was a concert violinist with the orchestra.
I said the first shelf for these.
Sorry, Ms.
First-chair violin.
The concertmaster.
Second to the conductor himself.
Youngest in symphony history.
- You must've been very proud.
- Proud, yes.
I was her manager.
We were a team.
Do you know why Eleanor was in the neighborhood last night? She came here.
She'd given a solo performance.
A special event.
She wanted to tell me about it.
Can you think of anyone who may have wanted to harm her? A boyfriend? She wasn't seeing anyone.
No time.
She used to have a boyfriend.
Orlando Yglesias.
They dated about a year or so.
Why would he wanna hurt her? Eleanor broke it off six months ago.
He wouldn't leave her alone.
Called, came to the apartment.
We had to get a restraining order.
Dawn! Mop! How am I gonna clean this up? How am I gonna--? Oh, my Ellie.
Oh, my baby.
Why did they do this to you? Why? Hey, boss.
Eleanor played a private event the night that she was murdered.
Apparently celebrating the recent purchase by a collector of, wait for it a "Brescian Stradivarius violin.
" I'm assuming that's a good one.
The boyfriend? Orlando Yglesias.
He's got a sheet, some low-level stuff.
He runs with a Norteño gang, the Lincoln Avenue Hermanos.
Eleanor did have a restraining order on him.
This is the guy that fled the scene last night.
The one that Jane picked out from the crowd.
Call Sac P.
Gang unit.
Tell them we need any help - they can give finding this guy.
- Okay, you got it.
Jane? Jane.
We got a little homicide investigation going on here.
Care to join us? Yeah, I'm a little busy right now.
Brahms' "Concerto in D-major.
" Eleanor's the soloist.
She's very good.
Very elegant rubato.
Music later.
We have a viable suspect.
The victim's ex-boyfriend.
- Meh, wild-goose chase, I hope.
- You hope? Why? Well, because if it is the boyfriend, then it's more tragic, but dull.
Which is to be avoided at all costs.
Where are you going? Jane? You Cho? - That's right.
- Beller.
Sac P.
Anthony Rome.
I picked him up on Bellwood in the northwest.
- Got your car too.
It's on its way.
- Thanks.
Juvenile Services sending someone? They're backed up.
They can't process him for 48 hours at the least.
Social worker says his mother passed away.
His father's in jail.
She thinks we should release him to his foster family.
- What gang put you up to this? - I don't belong to a gang.
Stealing a cop car, that's an initiation.
You're jumping in with somebody.
Who? - Beasty Mobb? True Heights Villains? - I don't know what you're talking about.
Hang on to him.
Juvenile Services'll get to him eventually.
No, I have a court appearance today.
I gotta unload him.
He's all yours.
- I okayed it with your boss already.
- You're joking.
No joke.
Thanks for your help, Beller.
We appreciate the assist.
No problem.
- Boss-- - Sac P.
are not babysitters.
He stole your keys.
He's your problem.
Make sure he doesn't take anything else.
Sir, believe me when I say how sorry I am-- - Don't talk.
- No, really, I'm sorry-- Not buying it.
Come on.
- Whatever, punk.
- That's more like it.
Jane? Hi, I'm Kieran Carruthers, the company's outreach assistant.
- Front office said I might find you here.
- You're no bureaucrat.
You're a musician.
Ha, ha.
Yes, I'm the principal oboist.
Definitely oboesque.
- Concertmaster sits, uh, here, yes? - Yes.
Interesting bookmark.
- Yeah, looks like an expensive one.
- Really.
If you tell me what you're looking for, I might help.
I'm looking for a killer.
But-- I'm sorry, Eleanor's killer? Here? You're musicians.
Professional obsessives.
Most kids spend their teen years having fun, you spent them practicing.
It's a noble pursuit, but as a result, you're all nutty.
Well, okay, I don't know if I'd say that.
There's a definite air of unrest in the room.
What is that about? We're supposed to start our season day after tomorrow.
Opening night, fundraising meet-and-greet with our donors.
Some of us thought we should postpone because of Eleanor but the maestro didn't agree.
Your conductor.
A tyrant.
Vincent Manheiser.
I wouldn't say he's a tyrant.
He's just not nice.
- All right, let's get to work.
- See for yourself.
Come on, people.
Let's go.
Haven't got all day.
Up, up, up.
Come on.
All right.
- Constance.
- Yes, maestro.
You will take Eleanor's seat as concertmaster.
You've not shown her natural gifts of leadership but under the circumstances we shall have to make do, yes? I'll do my best.
Your keen lust for advancement will be gratified.
Second seat for you.
Yes, maestro.
All right, everyone.
Ready? From the top.
And tension.
Yup, Orlando Yglesias.
Okay, thanks.
Gang unit's gonna ask around, check out where the ex-boyfriend hangs.
There you go.
I can't eat this.
- Why not? - I'm a vegetarian.
Now it's vegetarian.
Pick that up.
Better not mess with Cho.
Used to be an Avon Park Playboy.
- You were a Playboy? - Oh, yeah, that's right.
Then you should know my dad.
Lawrence Rome.
Runs with the South Side Mafia.
- Never heard of him.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Wayne, I'm getting coffee.
Want some? No, thanks.
- What is this? - What? "I want you, baby.
Come to me.
" - Is this some joke? - I didn't send that.
- Well, it's on your phone.
- Well, my phone is on my desk.
Who's watching the kid? Hey! Nice try.
Let's go.
- I had him.
- Yeah.
- You can't do this.
I'm a minor.
- Too bad.
I know I shouldn't have messed with you.
But I can't be here.
I gotta go.
For real.
Gang unit just called back.
Orlando's crew hangs at 8th and Market.
We should go sit on it.
You're looking for Orlando Yglesias, right? I know him.
He's from my neighborhood.
Ain't gonna find him at 8th and Market.
- Why not? - That's where the Hermanos hang.
- Orlando's not with them no more.
- Gang unit says different.
They don't know.
Jumped into a new gang couple months ago.
Yeah? Which one? Cut me loose, I'll tell you.
The Loco Pimps.
House on Lex and Tremont.
That's their spot.
Gang unit says the information's six months old.
Kid could be right.
Wouldn't hurt to check it out.
Lex and Tremont's close.
If Orlando doesn't show - we'll swing by the other location.
- You get him, you'll let me out? Let's go.
You're dragging, people.
Stay in tempo.
Off the string.
Off the string.
B-flat? That's ridiculous even for you.
While we're on subject, Ann, Carol, you're dragging.
Measure 37.
I thought it sounded perfectly lovely.
- You're awfully picky, aren't you? - Who are you? Never mind.
I'm with the CBI.
I'm here about the murder.
Uh, if you'll please wait outside.
- You hate being interrupted, don't you? - As a matter of fact, I do.
I have one question, then I'll leave.
I know it was you that murdered Eleanor Artega.
I just need to know why, Vincent.
Why did you kill her? - You are crazy.
- Aha.
That is exactly, exactly what I thought you would say.
Now I know for sure.
You, sir, are a cold-blooded murderer.
- And you will get what you deserve.
- I did not kill Eleanor Artega.
Are you sure of that? Very sure.
- Eh.
Well, it was worth a try.
- Worth a try? Yeah, the old "it was you" gambit.
Guilty people often fold up at that point.
Guilty people with a conscience, that is.
Which means you're either innocent or you're a cold, heartless monster.
Or both.
This is an abuse of authority.
Yes, yes, I know.
Don't go getting on your high horse.
It still might be you.
And if it is justice will find you.
What? We're wasting our time.
Orlando's not gonna show.
Kid played us.
- It sounded like he knew.
- He knows how to sell it.
He doesn't seem that bad to me.
I used to be that kid.
Any chance to mess with a cop, I'd do it.
Hey, check it out.
- That's Orlando, isn't it? - Yeah.
- CBI.
- Let me see your hands.
Do it.
Tell me about Eleanor.
Orlando, you wanna talk after spending the night in a cell, that's your right but tomorrow morning, I am still gonna be asking you the same questions.
What you wanna know? You are an unlikely couple.
Eleanor was in the orchestra.
She was moving her way up, you weren't.
Then she dumps you.
Must've been stressful.
- Did it make you angry? - Yeah, here we go.
Jamming me up for this.
I'm just asking.
I wasn't angry.
Eleanor was all about music, always.
Wasn't gonna let me or anyone else get in the way of that.
- I respected that.
- Then why'd you keep calling? Going over to her apartment? We were cool.
No reason not to hang.
Except a restraining order.
Her mother made her do that.
She told me.
Her mom thought I was moving in again because I came by.
If you're a stand-up guy, why'd you run from the crime scene? Cop calls me out, what am I gonna do? I wouldn't hurt El.
Didn't want nothing but good for her.
Believe it, don't.
I don't control you.
I talked to the clerk of the judge who issued the restraining order.
Orlando's right.
Eleanor did ask for it, but her mother was the driving force.
- That's not what Isabella said.
- Also, I checked Eleanor's e-mails.
Eleanor fired Isabella as her manager and hired a new one weeks ago.
Bet that didn't go over well with the mom.
The new manager says Eleanor and her mother weren't speaking.
They spoke before she died.
Talk to Isabella again, find out what they really said.
Okay, I'm on it.
You'll sleep here.
There's someone down the hall.
You need anything, just bang on the door.
But I'm leaving tomorrow, right? Depends on when Juvenile Services gets here.
Juvenile Services? You said you'd let me go if I gave you Orlando.
- We had a deal.
- There was no deal.
Come on, man, don't punk out on me.
- I need to get out of here.
- You should've thought of that before.
- No, I've got business.
- It'll have to wait.
- Hey.
- Let me go.
Get off me.
- Get off of me, man.
Let me go.
- Hey, hey.
Stop it.
Take it easy.
Get off of me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
What's this really about? Hmm? I'm not leaving until you tell me.
My dad got arrested.
They say he robbed a liquor store.
But he didn't.
He didn't.
He's got an alibi.
Dude named Jayden Stephens.
But Jayden won't come forward.
He's got warrants out on him, so he's hiding.
But my dad's going on trial next week.
I can't find Jayden, my dad's going to prison.
That's why I stole your car.
Jayden's running with the True Heights Villains.
I was thinking if I can jump in with them they'd tell me where he's hiding.
Figured they'd know.
You were joining a gang to get your father out of prison.
Try to get some sleep.
We know Eleanor fired you as her manager.
Why didn't you tell us that? I didn't think it was important.
You must've talked about it the night Eleanor came here and she was killed.
We did.
She wanted to make up, I didn't.
I should've, but I didn't.
So the last time you spoke, you fought? Are you asking if I killed my daughter? - No, I'm trying to get the facts straight.
- Yeah, she is.
I mean, come on, you are.
Most kids never make it out of this neighborhood.
Eleanor did.
Because I gave her everything so she could have a better life.
Why would I hurt her? Grace, it's clear Isabella had nothing to do with her daughter's death.
More importantly, was Eleanor into cats? Cats? No.
What about ancient Egypt? Pyramids? Mummies? No.
She never talked to me about Egypt.
Let's roll.
And I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow night as our 73rd season begins.
So to all our donors, our board members, our most loyal supporters I say thank you.
That for Ariel? More a red-wine girl, I would think.
- Heh.
How'd you know this was for her? - Well, clearly you've got a thing for her.
Word to the wise.
She likes the bad boys.
- Oh.
You're back.
- Mm.
Don't let Vincent see you.
- I think I can take him.
- Can I watch? That was fun last time.
This is not a joke, Ariel.
I'm following up on an important clue.
It could very well break the case.
Well, come on.
You're gonna tell us, right? - He can't, Ariel.
- Oh, we won't say anything.
- Promise.
- I'd like to know.
Oh, I suppose you're gonna hear soon enough.
Eleanor was in a relationship with someone from the orchestra.
I suspected as much.
Who was it? - I can't-- - It couldn't be Douglas, could it? Or Howard? Think bigger, that's all I'm saying.
It wasn't.
- No.
- Are you serious? Deadly.
And he was abusing her.
- That's awful.
- Yes.
- Oh, my-- - I don't see it.
ID, please.
Rome, I'm Kimball Cho with CBI.
Your son tells me you're innocent of the charge you're facing.
That true? - Anthony told you that? - Yeah.
How do you know my son? That's not important right now.
Why the hell do you care about any of this? I'm giving you a chance.
You're not gonna take it? - No, no, I didn't do it.
- DA says you did.
Yeah, a store owner picked me out of a lineup.
Bad witness ID, that's all, but you know how hard that is to beat.
Now, you've robbed a lot of stores, haven't you? - Not anymore.
That is all behind me.
- Since when? Since Anthony's mother passed about a year ago.
I've been trying to step up.
Do better.
Look, I even got a new construction job.
And you run with the South Side Mafia? How do they feel about you stepping up? I'm jumping out as soon as I put all this behind me.
You've had a year.
What are you waiting for? Man, the hell with you.
You don't know me.
DA offered you two years.
You could do that much time easily.
Why'd you turn it down? Two years of my boy in foster care? Out there on the street? He would be dead or in a cell with me.
I've been gone too long.
I've got to get out of here.
Tell me about Jayden Stephens.
- I got your message.
- Just in time.
- The fun will soon begin.
- What's going on? Ahem.
It's just horrible, isn't it? What is, ma'am? Our conductor has been having an illicit relationship with poor, dear Eleanor.
- No.
- Yes.
And he hit her.
- Allison.
Excuse me.
- You're excused.
Why? Lure out the real lover.
Gotta go.
Someone in the orchestra had a passionate, unrequited crush on Eleanor.
- And you know this because? - Cats and Egypt.
Eleanor wasn't into them.
The bookmark.
She didn't buy it for herself and it's too expensive for a casual gift.
Someone was trying very hard to impress her.
Thanks to the rumor mill, that person thinks Vincent was sleeping with Eleanor.
Add in glasses of champagne, and if I haven't missed the mark-- You son of a bitch.
How could you do that to Eleanor? - I've no idea what you're talking about.
- Don't lie to me.
Go home and sober up.
That's enough, get off of him.
Now break it up.
Break it up.
Break it up.
Get up.
Guys, break it up.
Let me know if you need me to call for backup.
It's all right.
Oh, hey.
I said get your hands off.
Constance, we know you bought Eleanor that bookmark.
We found the charge in your credit-card records.
You were in love with her, weren't you? Yes.
I was.
When did you tell her? A few weeks ago.
She was really, really nice but she wasn't interested.
Did that upset you? - I suppose a little.
- Hmm.
You have a temper, don't you? No.
Hardly at all.
Well, you got pretty angry at Vincent.
That was different.
I thought-- I heard Vincent hurt Eleanor.
I didn't think that was right.
And what about the night Eleanor died? Did you have a temper then? You knew she was playing.
Wouldn't have been hard to follow her.
You can't be serious.
I don't think the fact that Vincent had abused Eleanor is what upset you.
I think you couldn't stand her being with somebody else.
- No.
- All right, then explain this for me, then.
Why was the gun that killed Eleanor in your car? What? A few hours ago, we found it in your trunk.
That isn't mine.
It's not mine.
It isn't.
That's not an explanation of how it got there.
I want a lawyer.
So Constance.
We're charging her.
- Then we can all rest easy.
- Hmm.
Say it.
- She didn't do it.
- We found the weapon in her car.
Didn't do it.
Unless you have actual evidence that exonerates her, we have to charge her.
If she were the killer, she would've exhibited some measure of guilt.
All I observed was sincere grief.
Actual evidence.
The gauntlet's been thrown down.
When you searched Constance's car, did you notice any flowers? No.
Why? She's all yours.
Hey, Osvaldo.
- How's it going in the DA's office? - Not so good.
We need to talk about Agent Cho.
Ardiles is prosecuting Rome.
I'm told you visited Rome in jail.
That true? Why do you wanna know? Why do I--? Because Mr.
Rome's lawyer has sent me an updated witness list with the name "Jayden Stephens" on it.
Which is interesting because Jayden Stephens is a convenient figment of Rome's imagination.
According to Rome's lawyer even though you have nothing to do with this you said you'd track down this Stephens thereby providing Mr.
Rome with an alibi, potentially screwing my case.
That's why I need to know, Agent Cho.
Answer him.
Yes, I did that.
Agent, do you know who Asante James and Rodrick Pierce are? No.
They're only the top two lieutenants in the South Side Mafia.
Probably a dozen bodies on each.
Lawrence Rome worked with them.
You want Lawrence to flip? - That's the idea.
- Lawrence won't flip.
- Why not? - He knows they'd kill him.
- And you know so much about that? - More than you, I guess.
Agent, do I have to take this upstairs? No, you don't.
And this is not our case.
Rome's attorney or the DA's office can look for Jayden Stephens.
We should not get involved.
Then we're in agreement? We shouldn't get involved.
Got it.
- Where's the kid? - Juvenile Services just took him.
- I ain't going with you, man.
- Listen.
- Let go.
Let go.
- Zip your mouth.
- Hey.
Hold up.
- Listen to me, pal.
Easy, son.
- What's up? - I'm Agent Cho.
- I'll take the kid.
- What? I made a mistake.
Forget I filed a report.
Too late.
Paperwork's been filed.
He's my case now.
Besides, it took me an hour to get here.
I'm not going empty-handed.
Now, do you mind? Unh.
Hey, hey.
- Give him to me.
- Sorry, can't do that.
He hit you.
That's battery.
- Are you kidding me? - I have to process him now.
- Hold on.
- Bye.
- Hey.
This is.
- What are you doing, man? Be quiet or I'll give you back.
I thought the police work was over.
Oh, I just stopped by to congratulate you.
I'm sorry, me? You are the new concertmaster, aren't you now that Constance is in the pokey? Thanks.
It's not exactly something that deserves congratulations.
When you heard about the promotion, what popped into your head? Sadness? Relief? Just last week, I was thinking of leaving here and trying my luck elsewhere.
- Now.
- Mm.
Well, you got what you wanted.
You're pleased and yet you feel guilty.
It's perfectly understandable.
I need to get back to rehearsing.
Don't mind me.
Excuse me.
Do you know if there's a good florist nearby? - What up, Jay? - What up, Jay? Jayden Stephens? Who wants to know? Hey.
Let me see your hands.
All right.
- We're gonna talk about Lawrence Rome.
- We can talk.
Let's talk.
Give me your arms.
Give me your arms! - What did I do? - Unh.
Get up.
- What the hell's going on here? - Out of the way.
- Or what? - Unh.
Keep breathing.
You'll be fine.
For you.
- Does it squirt water? - No.
No trick.
Maybe just a little trick.
Catch the killer.
- With a hydrangea.
- Yeah.
- How? - Well, wouldn't that be spoiling the fun? For you.
Spoiling the fun for you.
That's the fun that matters.
We're dropping charges against Lawrence Rome.
I see.
Personally, I think the alibi's bogus but we had to interview the store owner again.
Now he says maybe his ID was wrong.
Maybe it wasn't Lawrence Rome.
Whole thing's gone down the toilet.
We had an agreement.
I agreed I shouldn't help.
Didn't say I wouldn't.
From now on, you get nothing from the DA's office.
No favors.
No help.
And not just you, but every agent in this unit.
You have screwed things for your people, my friend.
Six months from now, Rome'll be back inside for ripping off another liquor store.
His kid will be back in foster care.
The South Side Mafia will be stronger than ever.
You're wrong.
Wanna bet on that? On the stage, either side of the stairs.
No, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop.
You're my rock.
Never a wrong note.
What is going on? I'm sorry, maestro.
It's just.
- I'm not feeling very well.
- What is the matter? I can answer that.
- What's he doing here? - Fabulous suit, by the way.
Kieran's not so much feeling sick as he is feeling guilty.
Sick with guilt because it was him that killed Eleanor.
Come on.
Hydrangeas don't lie.
Well, if they could speak, they wouldn't.
What are you talking about? Somebody gave Eleanor a bouquet of hydrangeas the night of the murder.
After you shot Eleanor, you swiped them.
Leaving behind a single petal.
When you saw them, you couldn't help remembering that night.
You felt guilty.
It killed your concentration.
Constance killed her.
You found the gun in her car.
Because you framed her.
Why would a man kill the first-chair violinist and then frame the second chair? With the first and second chair out of the picture, the third takes first.
- Ariel.
- Kieran here has a little crush on you.
Well, let's not beat around the bush here, Kieran, it's more of an obsession.
He'd heard that you'd been thinking about leaving the orchestra.
And he would lose you.
So he had to shake things up.
- Kieran? - It's not true.
This is because I played a few wrong notes? This is crazy.
He told you you'd eventually become first chair, didn't he? It was just a feeling that he had.
A little hunch.
He always had faith in you.
- You stay away from me.
- Ariel, wait.
No, wait.
- Wait.
No, Ariel.
- Calm down.
Ariel, wait, no! Listen, I just wanna make you happy! - Maestro, take five.
- Okay.
Break, everyone.
Eleanor was nothing compared to Ariel.
She didn't have the technique.
So after rehearsal that night, I followed Eleanor to her performance.
Why'd you take the flowers? He didn't think Eleanor deserved them.
Isn't that right? Ariel was 10 times the player.
She deserved the recognition.
If I had to give it to her, so be it.
Very gallant.
Still, I wouldn't expect a conjugal.
Dad! - What's up, man? - Oh.
Ha, ha.
- I missed you so much.
- Oh.
- Look at you.
God, look at you.
- Yeah.
I missed you.
All right, give me a minute.
I talked to the Gang unit.
You haven't jumped out in a month, they'll let me know.
Said I would.
You have a chance, don't mess it up.
What's this punk saying to you, Dad? Easy, easy, little man.
We just talking.
Cho, got a new one.
Heading out in a minute-- - Unh.
- Thanks, Mr.
- I really appreciate everything.
- Uh, yeah.
Uh, no problem.
That was weird.
I barely talked to the kid.
Check your pockets.
My wallet.
Damn it.
Hold the elevator! You mind if I?
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