The Mentalist s03e23 Episode Script

Strawberries & Cream

- Coffee, double-sweet.
- Why do I always have to get the coffee? And you're buying, boot.
Attention all units.
Attention all units.
A 211 has just occurred at the Cash in Motion located on 12th and Main.
Fifty thousand dollars taken.
- a white male seen driving a blue Volvo heading north on Main.
Proceed with caution.
Suspect may be armed.
- Hey, check this out.
- Blue Volvo.
Ready? Maybe you should talk to my manager.
Oh, my gosh.
Never mind.
I'm just gonna deal with this inside.
Can I help you? Let's go.
Excuse me, sir.
You in the coat.
- Oh, my God.
- Sir.
Sir, I'm talking to you.
- No police! Go away! Go away! - Down on the ground.
- Go away! Go away! - Get down! - Don't move! - Got a bomb! - Please! No! Please! - Get on the ground! - Down on the ground! - Go away! - Down! Down on the ground! - Please! - Get down on the ground! - Back off! Or else-- No! No secondary devices.
All right.
Is the Fire Department done yet? We're talking with the company about gas in the storage tanks.
Excuse me.
I didn't call you.
What are you doing here? Fighting crime.
You? - Seriously.
- Seriously.
A man uses a bomb to rob a bank? I mean, this is baroque.
- Mysterious, even.
What do we know? - Well, for starters, it wasn't a bank.
Dinkler robbed his employer.
It was a Cash in Motion store.
Cash in Motion? Sounds like a game show.
It's a loan and money-transfer chain.
People use them to wire money.
It's a cash business, but it's got less security than a bank.
Nice, soft target.
Dinkler got away with 50 grand.
Almost got away with 50 grand.
Yeah, well, he stopped for gas, and Sac P.
unis spotted him.
Lucky for us, the lunatic only killed himself.
If it's so cut and dried, why are you here? Them.
The media.
Director Bertram wanted CBI presence here.
Director Bertram.
Let me ask you something.
If Director Bertram wanted a CBI presence to jump off a cliff would you and your CBI presence jump off that cliff? If there was overtime, sure.
That's very sad.
Excuse me.
I knew that man was trouble.
I was looking right at him in his car.
- He was, uh, making gestures at me.
- Gestures? Yeah, pointing at me, like that: Real insistent.
It was creepy.
And those eyes.
Crazy, angry eyes.
Crazy, angry eyes.
" And you, sir? Anything else you remember about the bomber? I thought I was dead.
I saw the bomb around his waist, and I thought, "This is it.
I'm dead.
" Lisbon.
What's up? This man wasn't angry or crazy.
He was terrified.
Interesting, huh? - Get down on the ground! - No! This is horrible.
High-impact visuals like this, the media will carry the story for days.
I've got a wolf pack of journalists outside.
- What do you have, J.
? - Agent Lisbon? Alan Dinkler, 27 years old, no priors.
He robbed his employer, a Cash in Motion store.
Walked into his boss's office, showed him the bomb demanded to be let into the vault.
He got $50,000.
Believe that Dinkler was the victim here.
That he was abducted, put into the bomb jacket and coerced into committing the crime.
Bomb squad confirmed the device was activated by remote control.
How awful.
That poor, poor man.
Used as a puppet.
But the thing is, the person behind this wants money.
- So this is not terrorism, right? - It doesn't look that way, sir.
The plan didn't work, but only through bad luck.
We strongly expect the perpetrator will try again.
"Not a terrorist" is what I'll be leading with.
Isolated incident.
CBI in charge of a swift and thorough.
- Et cetera, et cetera.
- That's just right, sir.
Thank you all.
Let my assistant know if there's anything new.
- Hey, boss.
- What do we got? Device used a plastic explosive called PE4.
Stable, hard to acquire, very deadly.
Usually, in human bombs like this there's ball bearings or suchlike used to create damage to bystanders.
In this case, no.
Just deadly in a 10-foot radius around the bomb.
Forensics recovered the 50 grand from Dinkler's car some fast-food wrappers, and a couple of writeable CDs.
Other crap.
- Anything on Dinkler's cell phone? - It's damaged but the lab is trying to salvage the chip.
They'll let us know.
The cell phone is probably how the bomber communicated with Dinkler.
Rigsby, Van Pelt, you guys go and talk to Dinkler's co-workers.
Cho, you and I will go to his apartment.
Dinkler left work last night at 5:30.
At 8 a.
, he went back and robbed the place.
Sometime in between, someone put a bomb on him.
We track backwards.
Try and figure out when somebody could have done that.
If we find out when, maybe we'll find out who.
Let's go.
CBI, ma'am.
Looking for your manager, Mr.
Vermilion? Uh, he's talking with the other agent.
- I'll buzz you in.
- Other agent? Thank you.
- Rigsby, Van Pelt, join the party.
- Lisbon's been looking for you.
- What are you doing here? - Ah, you know, curious.
Putting an explosive on someone it's unsporting, don't you think? Don't you think? Uh, Alan's loss is very upsetting to all of us - in the Cash in Motion family.
- Cash in Motion family.
Oh, this is Drake Vermilion.
Clearly an alias.
Who knows why? Thwarted show-business aspirations or just an unfortunate birth name.
What is it? Heh.
I-- I don't think that's germane, do you? Ooh, germane.
Definitely show biz.
I had a very successful career in the musical theater, actually.
Of course, Drake.
Can you belt out a tune for us? - Uh-oh.
- Smiling now, is it, Tracy? All that sniveling, and now you smile? What, I amuse you, do I? - No, sir.
- Oh, "No, sir," she says.
Everyone's a little stressed.
It's understandable.
- Would you please get to the point here? - The point.
Yes, Drake.
- Uh, sir, that is a restricted area.
- Oh.
Let's sing that.
- Dinkler took the money from this vault.
- Yes.
Uh, he made me open it for him.
Then he made Tracy and me go inside the vault with him while he shoveled money into a bag.
He locked us in.
He thought we'd suffocate.
No, he knew there was ventilation.
He knew we'd be all right.
Oh, you think that, do you? Wait.
Do you have some special insight here? - Did he talk to you? - No, sir.
- "No, sir.
" - But he was a good person.
- He wouldn't wanna hurt anyone.
- Hmm.
Thank you, Tracy.
Useful to know.
You cannot go in there alone.
- Can you show me Dinkler's workspace? - Sure.
How much money is this? Ten thousand dollars.
He left a lot more than he took.
- In a hurry, I suppose.
- Oh, look.
Two seconds, $50,000.
How much time did he need? Did he take anything else? I don't know.
I had my eyes closed, to be honest.
Put that back.
Where were you standing in here, exactly? Exactly.
Uh, here.
I was here, and Tracy was here.
When he exited, did he exit facing you or did he have his back to you? - Facing us.
Just like you're doing now.
- Oh, he did? - Then what did Dinkler do? - He shut the door.
- Like this? - Yes, exactly like that.
- Thank you.
Thanks for your help.
- Wait.
Wait, wait.
Oh, come on.
Tracy, there were some CDs in Alan's car.
They contained these lists.
These are client transaction reports from the past two months.
Alan must have gotten them from the vault.
We're not allowed to see them.
They could be valuable? Bank-account or credit-card data? Account info is encrypted on a separate system.
These are names of clients who sent money, and locations they sent it to.
It's not worth anything, I don't think.
I'm-- Alan just kept apologizing when he first came in and I didn't know what was going on why he kept saying, "I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
" Well, you've had a rough day, huh? Why don't you head off home, Tracy, get yourself some rest? We're done here.
I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
On the contrary.
You practically solved the case single-handedly.
- I have? - Yeah, you have.
She has? Okay.
Any suspicious vehicles? - Drive-bys? - Not a one.
All right.
Thanks for the help.
Sergeant says he's been sitting on Dinkler's place since the incident.
- Nobody's been in or out.
- Dinkler had a roommate? Yeah.
A deadbeat, according to the landlord.
Always home.
- Check the garage.
I got the back.
- All right.
Hello? Police.
Cho, I think I've got something.
Okay, boss.
Be right there.
Cho, get in here.
I got a body.
- Roommate? - Looks like.
Gunshot to the head.
Where have you been? Oh, uh, you know, out, about.
Oh, that's good, because we just found a body at Dinkler's house.
- Huh.
- Wanna come and have a look maybe? - Do a little detective work? - Not really.
Pretty sure it's collateral damage.
Roommate probably.
Why don't you come by the office? I will show you what the motive is behind the crime.
It wasn't money.
- No? What was it? - Oh, while I think of it could you send Sac P.
to check on the Cash in Motion offices? Why? Hello.
Hello! Can anyone hear me? Anyone? So you know the real motive - for the robbery? - What's up with the roommate? Michael Takashima.
Coroner says he's been dead just under 24 hours.
So killed last night, way before the robbery.
Killer put the bomb on Dinkler in the house.
Roommate came home had to be disposed of.
Don't keep me in suspense.
What's the motive if it wasn't about the money? Dinkler left as much as he took and half as much again.
Just left it there in the vault.
Why? That's weird.
His life was on the line.
He'd been careful to do what the killer told him.
So the killer must have told him that money wasn't the object.
- "Steal the money to hide the real theft.
" - What's the real theft? - A list of customers on the CDs he took.
- Oh, yeah? The CDs are the only other thing he took.
Ergo, that was what he was after.
Two thousand or so names of people that had sent money orders, and where they'd sent them.
- Why would he want that? - Haven't figured that out yet.
Frankly, this is less thrilling than you advertised, and possibly wrong.
He wanted that list.
I'll have the clerical staff run the names - see if anything pops.
- Something will.
Here's an odd thing.
Dinkler's car's gas tank was nearly full.
- Maybe he filled it at the gas station.
- Nope.
Never activated the pump.
- Then why would he stop there? - Hmm.
Hey, Craig.
- Excuse me, boss.
You mind if I? - No, go ahead.
Sorry to interrupt.
I was across the street for a prelim.
- Just wanted to say hey.
- Hey.
- Working the mad bomber case, huh? - Yep.
It's a weird one.
- No real breaks yet.
- They'll come.
Look, I got a little surprise for you.
- Kind of a pre-wedding gift.
- I love surprises.
It's beautiful.
It was my mother's.
- You like it? - I love it.
Let me get it for you.
- How does it look? - Looks great.
Oh, I love you.
Jane and I are going back to the gas station.
- Check with the lab about the cell phone.
- Yes, boss.
- All right, I'll see you later.
- Okay.
All right.
More questions? Everyone has more questions.
Chitchat, chitchat, police, journalists, more police.
Makes work very difficult.
We'll try and be brief.
Just wanna ask about Dinkler, the bomber.
Did he say anything? Indicate why he was here, maybe? He asked for the restroom key.
That is why I thought he was so agitated.
He needs to urinate.
But no.
He did not.
Can we have it? - What? - The restroom key, please.
Why would he come in here? Well, maybe he just needed to go to the bathroom.
Stress will do that to you.
Ah? "AD.
" Alan Dinkler.
"297 A6 Windsor.
" - Location, maybe? Where to go next? - Yeah.
- A scavenger hunt.
- Let's not jump to conclusions.
- Excuse me, sir? - Yes? That mean anything to you? "AD-297 A6 Windsor"? Half an hour of villainous scrubbing.
And this sort of ink never comes out entirely.
Scavenger hunt, then.
"297 A6 Windsor.
" Maybe an address? Got a Windsor Drive, a Windsor Lane and a Windsor Point Way.
A6? Like an apartment? Low street number.
I'm betting map coordinates.
- But which map? - Good question.
I generated a list of possible locations using pretty much every road map online.
There's a whole bunch of possibilities.
Divvy up the list by proximity to the gas station.
- We need to run down every location.
- Okay.
- Any revelations? - No.
Scavenger hunt, secret codes.
I just can't seem to put my finger on it.
It's all so, uh.
- So-- - Baroque? Mysterious, even? - Yes.
- I thought you liked that sort of thing.
I do, very much.
Any progress to report, agent? Yes, sir.
We're moving forward on several fronts.
We're working on getting the location of a rendezvous Dinkler was meant to be at.
Is there something concrete I can tell Bertram? Not really, sir.
Thank you, Lisbon.
- Bye.
- God, I miss Hightower.
Aside from the murder stuff, obviously.
Screw it.
Even with the murder stuff.
How does he appear out of nowhere? He's a ghost from the fifth dimension, right, Rigsby? He's the boss.
Not going there.
Divvied up the list.
- This is your share.
- Thanks.
Are you coming? Hmm.
Come along on a methodical, grinding search through Sacramento County or rearrange my sock drawer.
I'll go with the "or.
" Thanks.
- Have fun with it.
- Thank you.
Hi, boss.
No luck at Windsor Lane or Windsor Arms Pub.
And Cho and Rigsby haven't found anything yet.
Same here.
And more bad news.
About the cell phone from Dinkler's car.
The killer routed all calls through China and back.
- No way to trace where they originated.
- Great.
Oh, but good news.
The dresses are ready at the tailor's.
You can pick yours up anytime.
- Boss? - My dress.
The satin bow looks gorgeous.
I can't wait to see it on you.
- Great.
Well, thank you.
Good night.
- Night.
- Yeah? - Hi, Captain Ahab.
- How goes the hunt? - Done.
Practically done.
One more.
Windsor High School.
It's over on Alameda.
- Shut down a couple years ago.
- Hmm.
It's kind of an iffy area.
You have, uh, plenty of harpoons? I've got a few 9-mm ones.
If it looks hinky, I'll call for backup.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Hey, Lisbon.
I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd drop by.
Lisbon? Lisbon? You decent? Lisbon.
It's okay.
I want you to just let me try and help you get out of that thing.
It's gonna be okay.
All right? Talk me through it.
- Um, see the flap on the front of the vest? - This here? - Yeah.
Open it gently.
- Yeah.
Is there a lock inside? Yes.
Uh, does the lock have any wires attached to it, or, um? There's a bunch.
That's not good, is it? Don't pick the lock.
No, I won't.
Where does this wire go? Did you do that? I swear, I didn't do anything.
I didn't touch a thing.
It's a phone.
You should answer it.
- You sure? - About 75 percent.
- You think we should answer? - Yeah.
What if it triggers the bomb? We'll never know.
Hello? Hello, Agent Lisbon.
You must do exactly as I say if you want to live.
- Who is this? - You will go to the CBI now.
- Why? - No questions, please.
You will obtain the two Cash in Motion discs from the CBI evidence storage and bring them to me.
After delivery, I will give you the instructions on how to disarm the bomb.
You have 30 minutes.
- No.
I'm not-- - Not no.
Who is that with you? Patrick Jane.
I work with Agent Lisbon.
Hello, Patrick.
You're welcome to join us, if you'd like.
- Well, I gotta tell you, there's other-- - In fact, I insist on it.
- You'll be of useful help to Agent Lisbon.
- What do we call you? No questions, please.
And two other ground rules.
Do not alert anyone to your situation.
No one.
If you do, I will detonate the device.
Keep this line open.
If I lose phone contact with you for any reason at all I will detonate the device.
Get a move on.
You don't have very much time.
- No, I'm not-- - Don't listen to her.
She can't think straight.
We'll do what you ask.
We're on our way to the CBI right now.
Okay, let's go, Lisbon.
We don't have time.
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.
- You're whispering.
Stop it.
- She's just praying.
She's scared, and so am I.
If I could find someone to pray to, then I'd probably do the same.
Well, it's irritating.
Be quiet.
You're not a religious man? Oh.
But not in any way that you would understand.
Well, try me.
I do like a good theological debate.
Oh, I would enjoy that.
But some other time perhaps.
Jane, the CBI building is filled with people.
This isn't right.
- We're putting them in harm's way.
- He doesn't wanna blow up the CBI.
He wants the discs.
You just want the discs, right? - There's no call to blow us up for fun.
- Correct.
Dinkler was unlucky to run into the police.
That's the only reason he died.
I am a rational and humane person.
Obey me, and you will live.
How far away are you? I said, how far away are you? Uh, yeah, about five minutes.
Just around the corner.
You see how simple this can be? You just go through those doors, up the stairs and get the discs.
When we get inside, it gets a little tricky because the evidence storage unit is locked this time of night.
Uh, so we're gonna have to try and sneak in or.
Or make a whole fuss getting it opened.
So sneak in.
Do whatever you have to do.
But if I get even the faintest suspicion that you are playing games with me I will detonate the device.
Do you understand? Yes, sir.
Agent Lisbon, do you understand also? Yes, sir.
When we get the discs, where do we go? Get them first, and then I'll tell you.
Okay, sir.
We're at CBI.
We're on the third floor, approaching the evidence storage at the end of the hall.
Which door is it? - That one there, I think.
- Here.
- Ahh.
Can you open it? - I think so.
- You sure it's the right door? - I'm pretty sure.
- Lisbon? - Yeah? Listen, uh if this doesn't turn out well, I just-- Well, there's been something I've wanted to tell you for a long time.
And, you know, the moment just hasn't presented itself.
- And-- - Wait.
Now? - Are you sure this is really the best time? - Well, if not now, then when? Disarm the bomb.
- I press this trigger, you die.
- So do you.
- You let me go, I let you live.
- No.
You have two choices.
Disarm the bomb, or die here with us.
With me.
Jane, you go now.
- Oh, I would if I could.
- Go.
Look at me, sir.
I don't wanna die.
I'm not afraid of death.
I'm afraid of the pain of dying because it's gonna hurt.
You think it's gonna hurt? You feel like dying? - Jane, go.
That's an order.
- I look at you-- - You're not the boss of me.
- Listen to me, you pigheaded, arrogant-- - Stay with me.
- Listen to me.
- Don't look at her.
Stay with me.
- You have not listened a thing-- You listen to me.
You tell me right now how to get this damn vest off, or God forgive me, I will kill you.
Yes, madam.
The device is in the southeast corner of the room.
It's under the desk.
Won't miss it.
Lisbon, Jane, well done.
Well done, indeed.
- Has he given you anything? - Not a thing.
Wouldn't give us his name.
Wouldn't say why he wanted the Cash in Motion client list so badly either.
There's a reason for everything I did.
Let's go.
You are not off the hook.
Off the hook? Oh, come on.
All's well that ends well.
- All is not well.
- Please.
Oh, don't give me a "please.
" You just disobeyed a direct order.
- Don't sulk.
- I gave you an order.
It is my job to keep you alive.
When I give you an order, you follow it.
- That's the deal.
- I wanted to leave.
I wanted to leave desperately.
But I would have looked like a complete coward.
It was my ego, my sheer vanity - that kept me there.
- That is not the point.
He tried to escape.
He went for a gun.
I had no choice.
Well, you seem no worse for wear.
And I didn't think it would work out that way, to be candid.
Me neither.
So how the hell did Jane know that it was the gas-station attendant? The code message in the men's room.
Jane realized the bomber could speak directly to Dinkler.
There was no need to leave Dinkler a message.
The bomber could've just told him where to go, like he did me.
So the message had to be a fake.
And then everything fell into place.
If the message was fake then what was the real reason for Dinkler to stop at the gas station? To deliver the customer lists.
Of course.
Now, that makes sense.
Dinkler must've been told to wait there and someone would approach him.
Excuse me, sir.
You in the coat.
But it all went wrong when the Sac P.
tumbled to Dinkler and so he had to be killed.
Get down on the ground! Lady.
And the lists wound up in evidence, so the attendant set up a trap leaving a simple code for the CBI to find knowing that he could snag a CBI agent to retrieve the lists for him.
Oh, that's risky, but it's quite elegant, really.
What was so important about those client lists? We're still trying to find out.
We're going through every customer - on the list, but there's a lot of them.
- Well, never mind.
With the culprit dead, the case is as good as closed.
Job well done.
Both of you.
Thank you.
Thank you, people.
- Hey.
I'm so glad you're okay.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
- I know it's the last thing on your mind so I thought I'd pick up your dress for you.
So thoughtful.
- I left it in your office.
Make sure it fits.
- Okay.
- Lisbon, any word on that list yet? - Jeez, Jane.
You mind knocking? Whoa.
Oh, my.
Van Pelt must die.
No, no, no.
You look good.
This is beautiful.
Like a princess.
An angry little princess.
- Someone stole your tiara.
- She caught me by surprise.
Otherwise, I'd never agree to be a bridesmaid.
Why would she even ask me to do this? She knows I hate this crap.
I told her to ask you.
Told her you were dying to be a bridesmaid.
Really? Why would you do that? For the fun of it.
And because, of course deep down, you secretly do wanna be a bridesmaid.
Customer list from the Cash in Motion CDs.
One name on there is Max James.
Sac P.
Homicide got an anonymous call a few hours back.
Dead man in a house on Cosgrove.
Turns out it's the same Max James.
- You might wanna change first.
- Heh.
Max James.
Looks good.
Very feminine.
Max James, age 59.
Coroner thinks he's been dead at least four days.
So he was dead before Gupta put the bomb on Dinkler.
And Gupta did this one too.
The bullet, same caliber as Dinkler's roommate.
Ah, but look at the ear and the eye.
It's a completely different M.
Because the purpose was different.
This was torture.
- Gupta wanted something from him.
- James didn't die from these injuries.
He had a heart attack.
There you go.
He expired before the killer got what he wanted.
A Cash in Motion receipt.
This is what led him to Dinkler.
Gupta came here, wanted information from James tortured him, but then James ended up dying.
He found this receipt and decided that he'd go and get the information some other way.
But all the lists had were client names and cities where they sent money.
And Gupta already had James' name.
So, what the hell did the lists get him? Yes, that is the question.
- Huh.
This is weird.
Madeleine Hightower.
- What? That's Hightower with Max James.
Oh, crap.
- I'll call LaRoche.
- No, no, no.
- Why not? It's his case.
- We gotta get out of here now.
Fix it with Sac P.
we were never here.
What's he talking about? I can't tell you what's going on, but you need to keep this quiet.
Hightower's a fugitive.
She killed two people, nearly killed Jane.
- What can't you tell me? - Cho, this is an order.
We are gonna walk away.
- Sac P.
is gonna handle this case.
- Boss.
Kimball, I need you to trust me, please.
When I can tell you what's going on, I will.
Until then, it's better you don't know.
It's for your own good.
Red John's behind the bombs.
He's hunting Hightower.
Max James was a friend of hers, or a relative.
- He must've known where she is.
- We have to warn her.
How? I don't know where she is.
If Red John failed, what do you think he's gonna do next? - I have to think.
- He could come after you, Jane.
Why? I truly don't know where Hightower is right now.
If I don't totally believe you, Red John probably doesn't either.
If Red John wants me, he knows where to find me.
I can't worry about that.
Hello? Hello, Patrick.
We need to talk.
- Are you alone? - Yes, just me and my demons.
And they're not gonna hurt you, so please Madeleine, could you put the gun down? You people and your guns.
Thank you.
Would you like some tea? Yes.
- So this is where you live.
- Sometimes.
It's nice.
Could use a few personal touches.
I gather you're not here to give me decoration tips.
Are you? Your murder victim today.
- Max James.
- Mm.
He was my cousin.
He had been helping me out.
Sending me money.
When he stopped picking up the phone, I went to check on him.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
I saw what they did to him.
They tortured him a good long while before they killed him.
Must have been asking him where me and the kids were.
And he knew.
He knew.
But he didn't tell.
- A good man.
- He was.
Red John is getting closer.
He's gonna find me eventually.
I know it.
- Not necessarily.
- I've had it, Jane.
I'm turning myself in.
I just wanted you to know first.
I'll prove I'm innocent of Todd Johnson's murder.
Prove it in court.
At least I know my kids will be properly taken care of, safe.
It's no life for kids.
No life at all.
We've had enough running.
Please don't try to make me change my mind.
I understand.
Jane, I'm sorry.
I know this messes things up, your plan.
But it's not like you're getting anywhere, are you? Are you any closer to finding out who Red John's accomplice is in the CBI? Yes.
Uh, well, it's complicated.
I've been trying to work very slowly and carefully but this.
This, uh, changes things.
- I've gotta do this.
- I understand.
It's the right thing to do.
Please just give me 48 hours before you surrender.
Lisbon and the team will protect you and your kids.
I will find Red John's friend.
How will you do in 48 hours what you haven't been able to do in months? I will because I have to.
- Follow me.
- What's up? Uh, we have a situation.
Guys, O'Malley's, half an hour.
Rigsby, O'Malley's, half an hour.
What kind of situation? Hightower situation.
When I was held captive by Red John I told you that he didn't say anything to me.
That was a lie.
He recited a poem.
Tyger, Tyger, burning bright In the forests of the night What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? - That's William Blake.
- What does it mean? Well, God made the lamb, but he also made the tiger.
You can't have light without darkness.
Life without death.
Here's the thing.
Before he died, Todd Johnson recited the first two words of that exact same poem: "Tyger, Tyger.
" Oh.
He knew about Red John.
He was gonna talk.
Red John had him killed to stop him talking.
But he was killed by Agent Hightower.
She's with Red John? She didn't do it.
She was framed to conceal the identity of the real killer.
Someone else inside the CBI is working for Red John.
Hightower wants to surrender, wants to prove her innocence in court.
She wants her kids to be safe.
I asked her to give us 48 hours before she turns herself in to authorities.
And you guys will protect her in the meantime.
We are the authorities.
Yes, well, you know, you're not the Man.
Yeah, we are.
We can't look after her.
We're supposed to arrest her.
So arrest her.
Just don't tell anybody.
She gave you 48 hours to do what? Forty-eight hours to find Red John's friend and have that friend lead us to Red John.
How will you do that? LaRoche had a list with Hightower's name on it and four suspects who were in the building at the time of the murder.
- And who are the four other suspects? - I don't know.
- Did you ask LaRoche? - No, I didn't.
If one of LaRoche's suspects isn't Red John's friend then LaRoche is Red John's friend.
If I ask him about the suspects, he'll know I know and I will lose the one advantage I have over Red John.
- First, you have to get the list off LaRoche.
- Who doesn't like to tell you the time.
You have to figure out which suspect is Red John's friend, if it's not LaRoche.
In 48 hours.
Don't worry, I have a brilliant plan which requires your help.
But we must act now.
I know, I know.
This scares me too.
I'm gonna do this but if any of you do not wanna take part, that is totally okay.
- I'm in.
- Yep.
Me too.
Thank you.
Can I help you? Yeah, you can.
Yes? I need the names of the other suspects you identified - in the Todd Johnson murder.
- Why? Madeleine Hightower contacted me.
She says she's innocent.
I believe her.
Which means one of those four people is the real culprit.
- Where is Hightower? - Oh, you don't need to know.
She's gonna turn herself in soon, fight her case in court.
Why is this your business? If the case is reopened, I will investigate any other suspects, if necessary.
You know me.
I'm inquisitive.
The answer is no, you cannot have the names of the other suspects.
- Why not? - Policy.
- Rules.
- Well, that's a shame.
How about I make sure Hightower surrenders to you personally? - I tell you where she's hiding out.
- You should do that anyway.
It's your duty as a citizen.
I love you.
I'll tell you what, you give me the list and I will tell you where Hightower is.
And, as an added bonus I promise I will keep your secret entirely to myself.
My secret? Yeah, let me jog your memory.
Donald Culpepper.
Remember him? Burglarized your house? - Yes.
- He was looking for the list.
- My guy.
- You're admitting to a serious offense.
- I could arrest you right now.
- Yeah, you could but you won't.
Culpepper didn't come up with the list but he certainly searched your house very thoroughly.
Opened the safe.
Looked inside that Tupperware box you keep in there.
- That's private.
- You're not kidding.
It should be.
I'd love to help you try and keep it that way.
You're a fascinating man, Patrick.
Who knows what you might have achieved in this world were you not quite so damaged.
You were going to tell me where Hightower is.
Oh, I'll tell you.
It's important to let her be until she's ready to come in.
She needs to make arrangements with her kids.
- Give her two days.
- All right.
So I have here in my hand LaRoche's four suspects.
- How did you get him to tell? - I threatened to reveal his dark secret.
- Which is what? - I have no idea.
I was bluffing.
It must be something horrible.
Who are the suspects? Brenda Shettrick.
CBI media relations.
Assistant DA Osvaldo Ardiles.
Gale Bertram.
Bureau director.
Craig O'Laughlin.
Craig? Craig is on the list? That's ridiculous.
No doubt.
There are three innocent people on that list and only one bad guy.
Or they're all innocent, and it was LaRoche.
LaRoche did kill the gas-station attendant.
Maybe to keep him quiet.
- It's not Craig.
- Well, you never know.
Director Bertram? Brenda Shettrick? Ardiles? - None of them look like villains.
- He's my fiancé.
Grace, while Craig's a suspect, he's a suspect, do you understand? You can't talk to him about any of this.
It's probably best to avoid him for a couple of days.
You go up to the mountains and stand guard over Hightower.
You can explain everything to Craig once we've ID'd Red John's accomplice.
Grace, it's a good thing.
- Coolness keeps men on their toes.
- How are we gonna work out - which one's guilty? - Red John is out to kill Hightower.
So we tell all the suspects where Hightower is.
Ah, only, she won't be there and we will, and one suspect - will come to kill her.
- No.
- No? - No.
Red John is not gonna send in his inside man in the CBI.
That is a very valuable asset.
He will send in an anonymous assassin.
Someone disposable.
Then how are we gonna know which one of the suspects told Red John? Okay, here's how it works.
Pacific Palms Hotel.
Room 705.
- Thank you.
- Give her two days, yes? That was our deal.
- Hey, Brenda.
- Hey, Teresa.
What's up? Like you asked for, ideas for the community outreach program.
Really? That's great.
That's very efficient of you.
- Most departments just blew me off.
- We aim to please.
"Hightower"? "Pacific Palms, Room 405"? Morning, agent.
Heads up on a situation, sir.
Jane's in contact with Madeleine Hightower.
He's trying to persuade her to give herself up.
You think she'll do it? - Yes, sir.
- Hell.
Just what we need, that damn situation back in the news.
She still insists that she's innocent, that she was framed.
Well, if that's true, it's even worse.
The thing is, sir, we know where she's at.
We could get her, but I'd rather have Jane bring her in peacefully than to take her by force.
God forbid somebody get hurt.
I'd like to give Jane 48 hours.
If that doesn't work - we'll go in and arrest her.
- You sure you can control the situation? Yes, sir.
We know her exact location.
She's at the Pacific Palms Hotel, Room 605.
She leaves that building, we're on her.
Well, okay.
Your call.
I wish Hightower and this whole mess would just vanish, frankly.
- But what can you do? - Yes, sir.
- You find a good spot for the package? - You mean Hightower? - We agreed to call her the package.
- Right.
She's at the Pacific Palms Hotel.
It's weird.
Pacific Palms is the name of the street my mom lives on.
And Hightower-- I mean, the package.
--is in Room 305 which is my mom's house number.
- Not very.
- I thought it was weird.
- I'll take a medium nonfat latte, please.
- I'll have the same.
You seen Grace? - She's not answering her phone.
- Uh, no, she's super busy right now.
Oh, yeah? What's going on? Um.
Hightower surfaced.
Grace is guarding her.
Hightower? Wow, what's the deal? Well, it's, um.
It's kind of a long story.
I bet.
So Grace will be gone for a while, I guess.
- Yeah, she could be.
- That's too bad.
Oh, what, you can't live without her now? What can I say? I miss her when she's not around.
I'm man enough to admit it.
All right.
Well, so you don't get too anxious-- And you didn't hear this from me.
--but you might wanna check out the Pacific Palms Hotel.
- Room 505.
- Okay.
Appreciate it.
But I'll probably tough it out.
I don't wanna be too clingy.
Women hate that.
- Right.
- All right, I'll see you.
Oh, thank God.
There it is.
I gave you the wrong file.
- Yeah.
There you go.
- You didn't read this, did you? - It's totally top secret.
- No, no, of course not.
I mean, no.
Listen, please don't tell anybody I did this.
- I would feel like such a fool.
- Oh.
- My lips are sealed.
I swear.
- Thank you.
Um, Teresa.
What about the community outreach? Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna get back to you on that.
Each individual suspect was told that Hightower is at the Pacific Palms Hotel.
But each was given a different room number.
The room the killer goes to will tell us which suspect told Red John.
Rigsby, move the camera more to the right.
Yep, okay.
- Better? - Good.
Please don't say that.
Nothing is foolproof.
- Who has a key to the mini-bar? - I do, and I'm keeping it.
- We're on the job.
- You're on the job.
I'm an amateur.
Besides, all I want is those expensive peanuts.
Thank you.
- Hey, boss.
- You all right? Everyone's safe and sound.
All good here.
- Did you talk to Craig? - No, but I'm sure he's fine.
I'll come and spell you as soon as this thing plays out.
Thanks, boss.
- Tell her I said hey.
- Madeleine says hey.
Hi back.
Tell Hightower she'll soon be exonerated.
I already hung up.
And stop being so confident.
It makes me nervous.
This is beginning to look like a huge waste of time.
Whenever you say that, success is just around the corner.
The assassin's here.
What, her? How can you tell? She's carrying a large bag with little in it - no jewelry, and she has a killer's face.
- Come on.
- She looks kind of nice to me.
- No.
Homicidal eyes.
Clear as day.
- What's your bet, Jane? Which room? - It's a five-horse race.
- Fool's bet.
- You, boss? Any guesses? For all we know, she's a tourist from lowa.
- Eighth floor? - That's our floor.
She just went by.
- Told you.
- No.
She's taking the fire stairs.
She'll appear any moment.
Or she's just gotten back from a day of sightseeing and she wants to-- There.
There she is.
Oh, my God.
- Bertram.
- Wow.
Red John's man is the CBI director? How messed up is that? Ready.
Don't move.
Stay where you are.
We're not gonna hurt you.
- Hands.
Put your hands in the air.
- No, thanks.
Damn it.
Knockout drugs, rope, bag.
Looks like she was trying to take Hightower alive, back to Red John.
Let's go.
- We've got a dead body out there.
- Call it in.
If we're here when the hotel security gets here, we'll be here forever.
- We have a lot to do.
- A lot of what to do? We have to find a good spot for a trap to lure Bertram.
A trap that Red John will follow him into.
Oh, simple, then.
You're getting that crazy look in your eyes.
Calm down.
Perfectly calm.
Red John is one step behind me, but he thinks he's one step ahead.
So in effect, he's two steps behind, and he doesn't know it.
He's gonna be overconfident.
And what will you use as a lure for this trap? Can we move, please? I can answer all your questions in motion.
I'm clever like that.
Thank you.
- Hey.
There you are.
- Hey, stranger.
Okay, I'm sorry.
- But I have a good explanation.
- Rigsby told me.
Hightower's back.
I don't see why you can't answer your phone.
I know.
It's a long story.
But I've been guarding Hightower who is totally innocent.
But whoever killed Todd Johnson is working with Red John.
And you were a suspect.
- Me? You're kidding.
- I know, right? But we found who's the real killer, so you're cleared.
Oh, well, glad to hear.
So who is it? Who's the real killer? When I tell you, you'll freak out.
But right now I have to go relieve Lisbon from guarding Hightower, so.
Hey, will you come with me? It's a drive.
I don't know.
This all sounds kind of sketchy.
It is kind of sketchy.
Please? Of course I'll go with you.
- Thank you.
- Mm.
- Jane.
- Yes? Yes? I'm kind of in a hurry here.
Oh, I can imagine.
Busy boy.
- How's Hightower? - She's fine.
- Still at that hotel, is she? - Yes.
Why do you ask? - No reason.
- Okay.
Nice talking to you.
Legislature's lawyers believe Governor Jerry Brown's plan to eliminate re-development agencies is unconstitutional.
Because the state cannot reimburse-- - Hi.
- Hello.
- Uh, did we have a meeting scheduled? - No.
So listen, things went a little haywire with Hightower last night.
- Someone tried to kill her.
- Oh? Yes, which suggests she's telling the truth about being framed.
Well, maybe, but-- Thing is, I can still get her to come in peacefully but she insists she wants to talk to you first, face to face.
- Nail down a deal.
- Me? - She trusts you.
- Well, as she should.
As she should.
But I don't know about any dealmaking.
She's a loose cannon, to say the least.
She won't come in otherwise.
She says she'll take her story straight to the media.
- That would not be good.
- No.
That would be bad.
So you'll do it.
She wants to meet at 2 p.
on the dot.
- I will pick you up at 1:30.
- Wait, wait.
No, all right.
I'll do it.
Good man.
- Here you go, boys.
- Hey, appreciate it.
- How much we owe you? - It's on the CBI.
Least we can do.
- Oh.
Well, thank you.
- Ma'am.
We were debating who it is we're guarding in there.
- I'm thinking it's a celebrity.
- If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Fair enough.
- Hey, look, a tadpole.
- Get it! - Get it, Will, get it! - Pizza's here.
Pizza! You saved me.
They were about to turn on me.
- Hey, guys.
Are you hungry? - Yes.
Why here? Hightower figured no one would try to kill her in a public place like this.
Here, have a seat.
Excuse me.
Could I get a pot of your lapsang souchong, and? Coffee.
Jane, I can hear you loud and clear.
Tap the table if you can hear me.
- You got him, Rigs? - Got him.
And all the doors in and out.
We got tape on everyone who enters the mall.
If Red John comes, we got him on camera.
If he comes.
He will.
I'm sorry? Oh, just, uh, muttering to myself.
You don't seem nervous.
Uh, should I be nervous? Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Dear Lord, we thank you for this great food we are about to eat.
We thank you for our friends.
We thank you for your many blessings.
- Give you some? - Yeah, thanks.
- They should be at the mall now.
- Think it'll work? Frankly, no.
I'm trying to be hopeful.
- Yeah, well.
- You like that pizza? She's not coming, is she? She'll be here.
Just who exactly is trying to kill her anyhow? Well, that's hard to say.
Who would be your guess? Well, I run the department, Patrick.
I don't read case files.
- You have no idea at all? - None.
You tell me.
Red John, of course.
Of course.
- I believe he has a friend inside the CBI.
- Oh, another one? Good Lord, this man's a prodigy.
I believe he has friends all over the State.
- Powerful friends.
- Heh.
Come on.
- I'm serious.
- You know.
- I beg of you, Patrick, seek help.
- I sound crazy, don't I? Maybe I am.
- Maybe I'm not.
- No.
You don't sound crazy.
You just sound like a man who's pushed himself too hard who's reached the end of his rope.
You need to take a break.
Consult a therapist maybe, you know.
I know a lot of excellent doctors who have-- Rope.
The rope.
Did you kill Todd Johnson? - What? No.
- Did you kill Todd Johnson? No.
What is wrong with you? Rigsby, Cho.
She needed the rope to climb over the balcony to get to the room below.
She wasn't targeting 605.
She was targeting Room 505.
Room 505.
What's going on? Hey, guys.
- Hey, Van Pelt.
- This is Agent O'Laughlin, FBI.
- We're here relieving Agent Lisbon.
- Good to meet you.
Yeah, likewise.
You know what? I left my phone in the car.
- Oh.
- Can I have the keys? Yeah.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Won't be a sec, all right? Can you get the gate? - Do you know how beautiful you look? - Oh, hush.
Oh, come on.
I'm sorry, Mr.
This is totally unacceptable.
If I don't get an immediate explanation of what the hell is going on, I'm walking away, now.
Walk away.
Walk away.
All right, there will be consequences.
Mark my words.
Oh, come on.
Answer your damn phone.
This is what you're watching.
No arguments.
Your shows are too grown up for Will.
- Yahoo! - You know that.
You know it.
Hold on a sec.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi, boss.
- What's up? - It's not Bertram.
- It's O'Laughlin.
- Jane, I can't hear you.
What? O'Laughlin.
Red John's man is O'Laughlin.
Lisbon! Oh, my God.
Don't move.
What did you do, Craig? Sorry about this, Grace.
I've grown genuinely fond of you.
I don't understand.
Why are you doing this? It's not you, it's me.
- Mom.
- Stay there.
Don't look.
Don't look.
Don't look.
Go in the room.
Come on.
Go watch TV.
Go on.
Go on.
O'Laughlin's dead.
I'm wounded, but I'm okay.
- Grace.
Call 911 from the land line.
- Okay.
Are you gonna be all right? I think I'll be all right.
Lisbon, listen to me.
Can you get O'Laughlin's phone? - I got it.
- Great.
Press redial, and tell whoever answers.
Tell them O'Laughlin is dead.
This is Agent Lisbon.
O'Laughlin's dead.
That's too bad.
Never mind.
You win some, you lose some, I guess.
He says, "Never mind.
Win some, lose some.
" I'll call you back.
- Can I help you? - Yeah.
- Who were you just speaking to? - Why is that your business? Don't play with me.
Sir, I don't know what your issues are, but you're making me uncomfortable.
- Were you not just speaking to Lisbon? - To who? - Who are you? What's your name? - Do I need to call Security? I'm just messing with you.
You know who I am.
Tell me anyhow.
I have many names.
Some people call me Red John.
Hollow points.
They make a fist-sized hole.
I won't hurt you if I don't need to.
It's great to meet you face to face, so to speak.
Last time I saw you, everything was so hyper.
So unrelaxed.
It's hard to talk in that kind of environment.
How do I know you are who you say you are? That's a deep question.
How does anyone know who anyone is? Who are you? What do you want? When O'Laughlin told me about your little trap, I was so happy.
The perfect opportunity to teach you one last lesson in humility.
But no.
You prevailed for once.
And you know what? It's a good thing.
It confirms what I've been thinking.
- It is time to quit.
- Quit? Yeah, no more killing, no more blood.
Been there, done that.
I'm retiring.
Get myself a new face, a new identity.
Start a new life.
I have skills and resources that I can use to really make a positive change in this world, for other people.
You know? For children.
I guess I've been pursuing my own dreams for so long that I just, ha, ha-- I lost sight of what's truly important in this world.
I think that happens to a lot of people, don't you? Am I supposed to laugh? Why are you telling me all this? Well we have a connection that needs to be honored.
I wanna say goodbye.
I want to apologize for any pain I might've caused you.
I wanna release you from this curse you've been under.
I'm not under a curse.
Doomed to an endless angry search for a vengeance you will never have? - I would call that a curse, wouldn't you? - I look on it as a hobby.
- And I will have that vengeance.
- Vengeance.
On--? On what? Look at me.
I'm just a regular guy.
I bet you thought I'd have horns, huh? Right? I'm not a monster.
I'm not the devil.
I'm just another human being with flaws and vices and problems just like anybody else.
Forget about me.
I'm not worth ruining your life over.
Wherever you go, you delusional freak, I will find you, and I will kill you.
And then-- Then I will forget about you.
Tough guy.
Here I am.
Let's see what you can do.
Come on.
You put that gun away, and I'll show you what I can do.
See how we sound? We sound like kids on a playground.
Don't you see that I'm trying to do you a favor? Seeking revenge is a waste of your precious time.
Your life is precious, Patrick.
Get on with that precious life.
Find yourself a woman to love.
Start a family.
When you're dead.
I thought you might take that attitude.
Oh, well.
I tried.
- Hey, you can't just walk away.
- I can't? Your colleagues are gone.
What can you do to stop me? I don't know that you really are Red John.
Fair enough.
Your wife was very clean.
She smelled like coal-tar soap and lavender.
Your daughter smelled like sweat and strawberries and cream.
I expect it was some kind of kids' shampoo.
Please, wait.
Can I get the check, please?
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