The Mentalist s04e01 Episode Script

Scarlet Ribbons

So, Patrick.
This doesn't look good.
You want to tell us your side of the story, see if we can straighten it out? It's along story, but The man I shot was Red John.
So you acknowledge that you did that.
You killed him.
Yes, I did.
I can hardly deny it, can I? Five hundred witnesses.
He was Red John.
The famous serial killer.
That Red John? Yes.
He killed my wife and daughter.
What you did, in your mind, it was like a righteous kill.
- How did you know it was him? - He told me he was.
And you believed him.
He knew things about my wife and daughter only Red John would know.
What was that? How they smelled on the night that he killed them.
So did-- Did anyone else hear him say this to you? No.
You can assert he said it.
You can't prove it.
No, I can't, but the gun he was carrying certainly backs me up, doesn't it? And if you check his cell phone, he received a call at 1:15 from an FBI agent by the name of Craig O'Laughlin who is-- Well, was a proven accomplice of Red John.
Are you taking any kind of medication, Patrick? No.
What's that got to do with anything? Here's the thing, that's a great story you tell.
If it was true, you could ask for manslaughter, take a five-year hit.
It is true.
Yeah, but the problem is, Patrick, the man you killed his name is Timothy Carter.
He's a local businessman, a devoted husband -with no criminal record.
- That's incorrect.
Let me finish.
We've already looked at his cell phone.
I got the details right here.
He logged zero calls from this O'Laughlin.
And guess what else? He didn't have a gun on him.
No gun.
No gun.
So you see how this doesn't look good.
It looks like either you're telling both of us a pack of lies, or you went crazy and you killed an innocent man.
- Ardiles, hey, I'm glad I caught you.
- Just to save time here, I'm sorry but I can't cut your man Jane any slack on his bail.
No, no.
I don't want you to.
On the contrary, I want you to make sure he stays locked up as long as possible.
Okay, he's your man.
Don't get me wrong, heartbreaking to see a good man and a productive employee like Jane go down in flames but this is about damage control now.
We need to make sure he is out of the way until this media crapstorm passes.
Your Honor, the defendant is charged with a heinous and inexplicable crime that may entail the death penalty.
He has no ties in the community, he owns no property here and must be considered a very serious flight risk.
I ask that bail be set at a minimum of $1,000,000.
Jane, are you sure about representing yourself? It's seldom a good idea.
I am sure, Your Honor.
I appreciate your concern.
Very well, then.
As to the matter of bail.
- Oh, it's fine.
No objection.
- Really? Can you come up with $1,000,000? No.
I'm happy to stay in jail, for now.
I need a little time to think about things.
Well, then, we shall oblige you.
Bail is set at $1,000,000.
Agent Lisbon.
- How are you? - Hmm.
Pretty good, considering.
Painkillers are amazing these days, huh? - Have you seen Jane? - Across the courtroom.
- How was he? - Well enough.
I want to extend my own and the bureau's deepest sympathies to you.
Thank you.
The doctor says I should be up and around in a day or so.
Excellent, excellent.
Don't rush your recovery.
You have plenty of time.
You and your team are suspended as of today.
Suspended? Why? Really? You--? You have to ask? You allowed a clearly disturbed individual to lead your activities.
You allowed him to gun down an innocent man.
- We don't know that.
- An innocent man.
On top of which you perpetrated an elaborate deception on me in order to gather evidence that I, your own boss am part of a vast criminal conspiracy.
- Shall I go on? - But you can't do this, please.
Stay calm, Lisbon.
Focus on getting well.
We'll revisit your status when you're fully recovered.
But what about Jane? Forget about Jane.
Nurse! So how was your week? You should be in the hospital.
What are you doing here? I'm okay.
You, on the other hand.
Oh, I'm okay too.
You killed an unarmed man in front of 500 witnesses.
- You're not okay.
- He had a gun.
Someone must have taken it and switched the cell phone.
It's the only possible explanation.
That or you went nuts for a moment.
Lisbon, look at me.
- I didn't go nuts.
- I believe you.
- I'm not sure a jury will.
- Yeah, well, that is a problem.
But I did what I had to do, and I will live with the consequences.
Next time you come, can you bring some blueberry muffins? Hey, guys.
You didn't have to come in.
We could've gotten your stuff for you.
Oh, it's no big deal.
Um How are you doing? You good? Yeah, I'm fine.
Two days ago you shot and killed your fiancé.
You can't be fine.
- Jeez, Cho.
- What? You need to spell it out? Look, I'm perfectly fine and I don't wanna talk about it.
Okay? - Hey, boss.
- You supposed to be in the hospital? - Never mind that.
- You should-- I'm fine.
We need to work on digging ourselves and Jane out of this mess.
How do we do that exactly? First we prove that this Timothy Carter guy was Red John.
That's hard.
How do we work without badges? - It breaks the terms of our suspension.
- I don't see we have any other choices.
You in? Yes.
Grace, what am I thinking? You need to go home and rest.
- The guys and I can manage this.
- Seriously, I'm totally okay.
No, you need to go home and take it easy.
I can't go home.
I need to work.
I need to be around people.
You're right.
I can't tell you what to do.
You want to stay, stay.
We'd love to have you.
Want to focus on finding the gun and the phone? It was taken before Sac P.
and Forensics got there, right? We need to look at the security video.
Whoever has to be on camera.
Grace and I will check out Carter.
He had to have left evidence someplace.
- If he was Red John.
- He was.
Jane did not go crazy.
You remember us? We were at the stakeout that led to the shooting.
Oh, yeah.
That was some situation, huh? Heh.
How can I help you? We need to see that day's surveillance footage.
Of course.
Uh We have it on disk or I can download and e-mail you.
- A disk will be fine.
- No problemo.
Just show me the warrant and I'll get right on it.
We can send you the warrant.
I bet.
Must be all kinds of crap flying over this.
Your guy really got his Bronson on, boom! - Yeah.
- Wild.
I need to see the warrant first, though.
It's-- It's protocol.
There is no warrant.
- Ask me why.
- Why? Every member of our unit is suspended.
Because of this killing here and two other people we killed this week.
That's a rough week.
Uh - I guess I can run you off a copy.
- That would be great.
Thank you.
- Hello? - Mrs.
Carter? I'm Teresa Lisbon, this is Grace Van Pelt.
We're colleagues of Patrick Jane from the CBI.
Yes? We'd very much like to speak with you if that's possible.
Um Yes, all right.
Please, come in.
This is Reverend Farley and my friend Joan.
These are colleagues of Patrick Jane.
- Jane? - Yes.
- I'm not sure if this is appropriate.
- No, that's all right.
I'm happy to talk with them.
Well, if that's the case, we'll take Charlaine out to play, shall we? - Give you a moment.
- Thank you.
Can I offer you some coffee or tea? A coffee would be great, thank you.
This must be a terrible time for you, and I'm sure you have a lot of questions.
But I can tell you right now my husband was not this Red John person.
He was the kindest, gentlest soul you can imagine.
I don't know how but your colleague made a terrible, terrible mistake.
Is it possible your husband hid things from you? - Other aspects of his life? - No, we were very close.
We didn't keep secrets from each other, ever.
- How do you know? - Excuse me? I mean, a secret by definition is something you don't know, right? How long were you married? Three years this Friday.
He was at that mall buying an anniversary gift.
- So he was the perfect man.
- Nobody's perfect.
He is a good man.
Only last month, he got an official commendation from the sheriff.
For what? When Debbi Lupin went missing, Tim organized the volunteer search parties.
- Who is Debbi Lupin? - Oh, a girl from our church.
She went missing about six weeks ago.
Poor thing.
Only 17.
What do you think? Don't know.
She seemed sincere.
House is clean as a whistle.
He must have kept a hideout someplace else.
- I think she's full of it.
- Yeah, you made that plain.
Listen, Grace, you need to sign up for your counseling sessions ASAP.
Sessions, with the shrink? I don't need it.
Well, I think you do.
Besides, it's not your call.
It's mandatory after a shooting.
They say a psych counseling sheet on file doesn't matter, but it does.
Grace, I'm asking you as a friend.
Get help.
See the shrink.
Talk about what happened.
Don't let this eat away at you.
I appreciate the concern, really.
Thank you.
Listen, we've got a serious problem.
- I was really looking forward to a muffin.
- Timothy Carter looks innocent.
His wife makes a good case for him.
His house was clean.
- You search the whole place? - We didn't rip out the floorboards.
He could have been hiding something, but without any clues we don't even know where to start looking.
What's Carter's story? Where's he from? Only child of missionaries, grew up in Africa.
Studied and lived abroad until he moved to the U.
to live in '06.
So, in other words, he just appears on the grid five years ago.
- That sounds like a fake identity.
- Maybe.
Or he's a guy who moved to the country five years ago.
The only red flag we have is that he put himself in the middle of a search for a girl who's missing.
That's your classic, organized criminal psychopath behavior.
- Inserting himself into an investigation.
- Again, maybe.
Or he's a good guy who wants to do the right thing.
We have no hard facts.
Just your word.
And you're beginning to think that maybe my word is dubious.
Maybe I am crazy.
Maybe I shot some random guy.
- It's crossed my mind, yeah.
- Fair enough.
I guess I'm gonna have to get out of here to help you.
- How? Your bail is set at a million bucks.
- Yeah, that's no problem.
- Once I got the money I'll call you.
- How you gonna do that? I'll think of something.
Meantime, I need you to get a hold of Timothy Carter's personal effects from Forensics.
- How am I gonna do that? - You'll think of something.
Jane says the gun was in the newspaper.
- Looks like a waitress.
Can't see if she takes anything.
Security guard.
And that's the forensic tech.
No gun.
One of those three must have taken it.
Waitress, guard, tech.
Yeah, if there was a gun.
I love a good game of cards.
What's the buy-in? Buy-in's a hundred grand.
Outside money.
I'm in.
You gotta have collateral.
So we know you can cover your debts.
Oh, no problem.
I got all sorts of collateral.
I have a vintage car collection worth 2 and a half mil, or thereabouts.
How do we know that? Well, what kind of fool would lie to folks like you about something like that? If you found out I was lying, you'd kill me, right? True.
- Take a seat.
- Thank you.
I was the first tech on scene.
I spoke to the detectives from Sac P.
Well, you know how it goes.
Multiple investigations going on.
Oh, sure.
But aren't you guys suspended? Technically, yeah.
But we're just talking here.
I'm not sure I should be Talking to you.
Why not? You have something to hide? No.
What would I be hiding? Look.
Someone took a cell phone and a gun from the crime scene.
Not me.
There was no gun.
Not that I saw.
Look me in the eye and tell me that.
There was no gun.
Okay well, I'm gonna see you and then I will raise you.
All in.
You're no puss.
When you bluff, you have a real obvious tell.
When I reach to tug on my ear, but stop myself? Yeah.
Bam, straight flush.
He got you good.
- Teresa Lisbon? - Yes.
Phil says to tell your friend he doesn't want to see him again.
- Hi.
- Hey.
So, what did you do? Honestly.
He had a gun.
No, I mean, how did you raise the bail money? Oh, that.
Uh-- Murder for hire.
I killed a snitch.
Stabbed him in the kidneys.
- You did not.
- I did not.
I won it in a card game.
But I had you for a moment.
- You really do fear for my sanity.
- No.
All right, what do we do now? Well, first, eggs.
Then we go see Sally Carter.
Did you get her husband's effects from Forensics? Yes.
I had to lie through my teeth, call in all kinds of favors.
And it was a bust.
Nothing useful.
- A watch, a key, gum, wedding ring.
- Doesn't matter.
Gets us in the room with Sally Carter.
Somehow I don't think she's gonna wanna talk to you.
- Really? - You killed her husband.
Well, there you go.
The ice has broken.
We have something to talk about.
No, he didn't have a gun.
Not that I saw.
Did you notice the newspaper that he was carrying? No.
I didn't really see anything.
- I was just trying to comfort him.
- He was alive when you got to him? - Yes.
- Did he say anything? He said, "Give my love to Sally and Charlaine.
" - That's all? - Then he died.
I think, anyhow.
He didn't say anything else and the security guard was freaking out at me, so I left.
Why was the guard freaking out? He was like, "Get away from the body! Get away! This is evidence, don't touch him!" He was kind of a jerk about it.
This guard, he was a youngish bald guy? Yes.
With crazy eyes.
Yeah, Ron Deutsch.
He was supposed to be working today -but he didn't show up.
- I need his home address.
- I have a bad feeling about this.
- You've been shot.
You're bound to have a gloomy outlook.
Ignore your feelings.
I'm sorry, agents, this is not a good time.
We're having a small memorial party for Tim.
We have his personal effects here.
- Thank you.
I can take those.
- Sorry.
Carter has to sign for them in our presence.
It shouldn't take long.
I see.
Let's go around to the kitchen door.
Okay, then.
Gotta go.
- Oh, this is easy as pie.
- So far.
- Oh! But you're-- - Yes, I am.
Sally, you all right? This-- This is Patrick Jane, the man who shot Tim.
Oh, my Lord.
Don't be scared.
I'm harmless.
What do you want? I had to talk to you face-to-face.
So that I'd know for sure.
If your husband is innocent, if I made a mistake, then I'm truly, deeply sorry, and I swear to you I'll spend the rest of my life earning your forgiveness.
Jane, as God as my witness my husband never broke the law in his life.
You murdered a good man.
Do you have any tea? Mr.
Open it up.
- You got a warrant? - We don't need one.
- We just want a quick look around.
- Let me check with my boss.
- Sir.
- Won't be long.
- Do you hear that? - What? The sound of a struggle coming from inside the apartment.
Oh, yeah, I do.
Someone might be in danger.
Security guard's dead.
Hair dryer in the bathtub.
- Could it be an accident? - Could be.
Except the dead guy is bald, near enough.
So, what would he use a hair dryer for? Looks like suicide or murder.
That's good news.
Not for Mr.
Deutsch, God rest him.
- But it supports Jane's story.
- Yeah.
Someone must have arranged for Deutsch to take the gun, switch the phone, then killed him.
Be sure that Forensics search Deutsch's apartment carefully.
It's along shot, but we may get lucky and find the gun or the phone.
It's weird how much we had in common, right from the start.
We just, naturally, made a couple.
- Soul mates.
- Yes.
Soul mates.
- Jane.
- Oh.
Excuse me, please, Sally.
The first security guard on the scene after the shooting is dead.
-"Hair dryer in the bathtub" dead.
- Well, that's a relief.
I mean-- - I know what you mean.
- This woman is good.
- I was starting to doubt my own story.
- Tell me about it.
Sally, would you mind if I use your bathroom? - Not at all.
- Thank you.
Thank you, that's all we need.
We'll leave you in peace.
In just one moment.
See, the thing is, Sally, I like you.
I can tell that you're a good person.
Which means either I'm crazy or your husband is keeping some very dark secrets from you.
- And I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy.
- My husband kept no secrets from me.
- None.
- All men keep secrets from their wives.
All of them.
Tim was no different.
- You're wrong.
- I bet I can prove I'm right.
- Do you recognize these? - Yes, of course.
Tim's key ring.
Do you have your own keys close by? - How many keys do you have there? - Six.
- You're sure? - Six keys.
Your husband has seven.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
What's the seventh key for? - I don't know.
- You don't find that odd? No.
I'm sure lots of husbands and wives have a different number of keys.
That's what I'm saying.
Everybody has secrets.
This is proof positive that your husband was no different.
I wonder what it opens.
You think you're so smart with these little mind games, don't you? It's just a question.
The truth is you are nothing but a sad, crazy person.
And a murderer.
And I'm sorry, but I want you to leave my house right this minute.
I don't get what you thought was gonna happen.
I was feeling my way.
- What now? - Just drive around the block.
Why? Question.
Do you trust me? Not 100 percent, no.
Different question, then.
Oh, could you stop right here? - So, what's the question? - Aah.
- How's your injury? - It hurts.
- Mm.
You think you can run? - No.
Yeah, probably don't want to get too excited.
You'll pop your stitches.
I'm gonna sneak back inside the Carter house.
- Stay here until I call you.
- Don't you dare.
Jane! Jane! - Thank you for coming, good night.
- Good night.
If you need me to stay over - keep you company - See you later.
- I can babysit Charlaine.
- I'll be fine.
Anything you need.
Thank you, honey, you've been a rock.
Call me, okay? All right.
Good night.
How many times do I have to say it? Don't look at me.
Don't you ever look at me.
You know, don't you? You know.
What does this open? Shh.
OPE" your eyes.
Look at it.
What does this open? I don't understand.
You lying slut! You and Tim have been keeping secrets from me all along, haven't you? All along.
What does this open? It opens my locker at the CBI gym.
Good news is your husband wasn't hiding anything from you.
You really were soul mates.
Bad news, you're under arrest, you loony bitch.
Oh, my God.
On your knees.
Put your hands on your head.
Listen, this girl in the basement changes the game.
We can't appear vindictive.
Jane has an enormous amount of public sympathy right now.
Yeah, well, the DA is telling me to go full speed at him.
Vigilante justice can't go unpunished regardless what the sympathetic circumstances might be.
No, afirm line drawn under this episode is best for the bureau.
Best for all concerned.
I'm just saying, no death penalty, right? No, that's out now.
But we are confident first-degree murder will stand up.
The facts don't allow for any other verdict.
After a while I stopped trying to escape and I thought about killing myself but then I thought about my mom and dad and brother and I couldn't do it.
I had to stay alive for them.
So that kept a spark of hope alive in me.
Then, just when I was about to despair Mr.
Jane and Agent Lisbon came, and rescued me.
You're a brave girl, Debbi.
Now that you've had time to look back calmly what is your opinion of Timothy Carter? He's a monster.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Thank you, Mr.
Ardiles? Debbi, just one question.
Did Timothy Carter ever say to you that he was Red John? No, sir.
Did he ever mention the name Red John? No, sir.
Did he ever mention any other crimes he might have committed? - No, but I don't see how that- - Thank you so much, Debbi.
You've been super helpful.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Redirect, Mr.
Jane? The witness may step down.
Thank you, Debbi.
Now, Mr.
Jane is going to stand up here in a moment and he's going to tell you that Timothy Carter was Red John.
But the fact is he has no proof of that.
None whatsoever.
Now, was-- Was Tim Carter a nice man? No.
Obviously not.
But was he a serial killer? Do we have any proof that he ever killed anyone? Anyone at all? No.
We don't.
The only murder that we know of, the only murder that is an attested fact is the murder committed by this man here, Patrick Jane.
A murder committed out of misguided lust for personal vengeance.
The prosecutor says that Timothy Carter wasn't Red John.
Well, Carter told me himself that he was Red John but I-- I can't prove that.
The forensic evidence is inconclusive.
His wife refuses to talk to anyone.
Refuses to speak at all.
So she's no use to us.
What about Carter's records? Surely, there must be some clues there.
On paper, this man seems to appear out of nowhere five years ago.
Before that, nothing.
Why? Because Timothy Carter is an invented identity.
A mask.
I'm not guilty of killing Timothy Carter because Timothy Carter never existed.
There is no Timothy Carter.
There is only Red John.
Red John started killing people It's hard to put an exact number on how many people he's killed but it's somewhere around 28.
Nearly all women.
Late at night, in their homes.
He wakes them first because he likes to see the fear in their eyes.
He likes to hear them beg for mercy as he cuts them open.
He did that to my wife and daughter.
And I've been looking for him ever since.
Looking for personal vengeance.
I believe that's my right.
I have the right to kill the man that killed my family.
I don't say I shouldn't be punished for doing what I did.
I feel I had no choice.
What would you do? Any news? The jury's out.
How's it looking? Maybe if we're lucky, they'll give him second-degree murder.
Jane will be out of prison in three or four years.
The court is back in session.
The jury's back already.
That can't be good.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a unanimous verdict? We have, Your Honor.
Please state your verdict for the courtroom.
We, the jury, find the defendant, Patrick Jane not guilty on all counts.
Quiet! So, what now? Now? Well, tea would hit the spot.
No, I mean, what now? That you've done what you set out to do.
You got your vengeance.
Do you feel different? You feel better? No.
I feel guilty.
Guilty? Why? For deceiving the jury.
I mean, I had no choice.
Going to prison for murder would have been a victory for Red John.
What do you mean? Red John is dead.
Timothy Carter is dead.
He was an evil man, but he wasn't Red John.
Red John is still alive.
Watch the road.

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