The Mentalist s04e02 Episode Script

Little Red Book

Your, uh, identification.
You are once again a consultant for the CBI.
Thank you.
What about Lisbon? Agent Lisbon remains on suspension pending departmental investigation of her actions in the Red John matter.
You'll be working with Ray Haffner from now on.
He's an excellent agent.
- Top-flight team.
- You're dumping her.
Not at all.
We're conducting a careful and scrupulously fair review.
You're rehiring me and you're firing Lisbon.
That's a little perverse, don't you think? No, see, you close cases.
Agent Lisbon ran a covert operation that led to the deaths of two police officers and an FBI agent.
There just has to be some accountability there.
My operation.
It was my operation.
Well, that's exactly the problem.
We expect better supervision from our senior agents.
Which is why Lisbon is being investigated and her team reassigned to other posts.
Haffner and his team already caught another case.
Here's the address.
You can hit the ground running.
I don't think so.
No? What do you mean? Just what I said.
I'll get right on this.
Jane, right? - Yup.
- Ray Haffner.
- Hi.
I'm hoping we can just jump in and do the job.
- Sound good? - Sure.
This is Patrick Jane.
Jane, Rick Tork.
- How are you? - Hi.
Anthony Niskin.
- Nice to meet you.
- And Ed Masterson.
- Hello.
Victim's name is Markus Kuzmenko.
Got hit with something pretty heavy on the left side of his head.
No sign of the murder weapon.
May I? Gardener found the body this morning.
Coroner says it happened around 11 last night.
Haven't found any witnesses.
- Jane? - Mm.
- Any thoughts? - Yeah.
The years teach us patience.
The shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.
That's pretty deep.
Buddha? Elizabeth Taylor.
This man's dead.
I'm all but certain of it.
All right then.
Thank you.
- Mm.
How's the arm? - Better.
- Physical therapy's helping.
- Good.
Tell me, what do you know about this guy Ray Haffner? - You're back at work? - Yeah.
I'm just a consultant.
Uh Word is he's tough, by the book.
I think he started out in the FBI Organized Crime Division.
He had a couple of high-profile busts using wiretaps and creative surveillance techniques.
- Surveillance? Hmm.
- Yeah.
- Why do you wanna know? - Just curious.
- Can I take this? - You're leaving? Yeah, new case.
I gotta man the phones, hit the sidewalk.
You know how it is.
Yeah, I know.
Well, thanks for coming by.
- Pleasure.
- Yeah.
Just so you know, Jane, I'm okay.
- About? - Losing my job.
I'm not gonna say that I like it, but we got Red John.
- It was worth it.
- Don't be silly.
- A, you haven't lost your job.
- The hearing's a formality.
And B, we didn't get Red John.
Timothy Carter told you he was Red John.
He lied.
Carter must have known him.
He told me things only the killer of my wife and daughter could know.
But he's not the man.
That man is still out there.
Someone told that security guard to take Carter's gun and phone, then killed him.
Who would do that besides Red John? Ergo, Timothy Carter is not Red John.
Carter had to know there was a possibility you'd kill him.
You always said you would.
So maybe he asked a guard to take the gun and the cell phone if you did.
- Why? - To mess with your head.
It's working.
You're looking for a man you already killed.
Carter's wife is in custody.
She said anything? - Nothing.
- When she does talk you know what she's gonna tell you? That you shot and killed Red John.
Good for you.
Thanks for the tea.
- What do you mean? - Uh Lovely to see you, keep working that bum wing.
Keys, change, anything metal.
Thank you.
- Jane.
- New assignment? Just temporary.
Security's shorthanded.
At least that's what they tell me.
Cho got a call.
Not sure where they're putting him.
Grace is still waiting to hear.
At least we still have jobs.
- You talk to Lisbon? - Yes.
We're gonna have a little secret meeting later.
- Tell Cho and Van Pelt.
- Secret meeting? - About what? - Tell you then.
Hey, Tork, you're still 20 short on Tuesday's dinner.
- Man up, my brother.
- Yeah.
Hey, Jane.
Heard you used to be in the circus.
That right? W Um, Not exactly.
I like your shoes.
I doubt Niskin meant anything, by the way.
What do you mean? "You're short.
" "Man up.
" I don't think he was referring to No.
I mean No.
What have we got on the victim? Kuzmenko was a naturalized citizen.
Originally from Estonia.
A swimmer on the Estonian National swim team.
Came over to the US in 2002.
No family here.
Stop playing with that little ball.
You're driving me crazy.
Worked as a personal trainer at a gym near the capitol called Work-It.
Got his picture off their website.
I know that gym.
Lot of bigwigs work out there.
Hey, Jane.
Your thing is reading people What's this guy say? I'd guess he was a narcissist and a serial seducer.
How do you get that? A jock with manicured nails, too much cologne too tight pants, and he drives a 20-year-old muscle car.
We'll see if that's useful.
Masterson and Tork, cover Kuzmenko's neighborhood.
Niskin, run his phone and e-mails.
- I'll talk to the people at the gym.
- I'll go with you.
- Sure.
You can come.
- Agent Haffner.
You asked to see me? Yeah, Cho.
Let's talk in my office.
Meet you at the gym.
Sit down.
I saw your old team member downstairs.
Rigsby? - That's tough.
- I guess.
I know your reputation, Cho.
I read your file.
You're a good cop.
But this Red John thing really pissed Bertram off.
Put you in a bad spot.
- What do you think of Jane? - What do you mean? - You trust him? - Depends.
- Think he's smarter than you? - Yes.
- Think he's smarter than me? - Yes.
You're probably right.
I read Jane's file.
I know what's gonna happen.
He's gonna go behind my back.
- Lie to me.
Run a scam on me.
Right? - Pretty much.
He's also gonna close cases.
I get that too.
I can work with Jane.
I just need some help.
Someone who knows him.
Someone who can tell me what's going on.
Warn me when something's coming.
Not betraying a confidence.
- I wanna be in the loop.
- The difference? You help me, you can sit at your desk and work cases.
You don't, you're downstairs working the lobby with your pal Rigsby.
Where do you want to be? Here.
Glad to hear it.
Here's the case file.
Good to have you aboard, Cho.
Just admiring your son.
- He as tall as you? - No, he's just 9 years old.
Right, so, what, he's about Tork's size? No, man.
No, Tork's not that short.
No, little man's probably about, like, right here.
Was Niskin talking about me? You know, I gotta make an important phone call.
Son of a bitch.
I need some help locating a special item.
Gym's owner is Jocelyn Chapin.
You don't mind, I'll take lead.
- Lead.
- Good.
Chapin? Hi.
Agent Ray Haffner, CBI.
This is Patrick Jane.
He's a consultant.
- Hi.
- I can't believe what happened.
I understand.
How long had Kuzmenko worked here? Almost nine years.
He started here right when he got to the U.
- He get along with people? - Everybody.
Markus was a real people person.
Just charming.
You couldn't say no to him.
So was he having any troubles recently, or? Not that I know of.
Um - Mike? - Yeah.
This is Mike Villanueva.
He and Markus were friends.
- These are agents from CBI.
- Oh.
It's crazy, huh? We're all pretty racked up.
Did Markus mention any other difficulties that he was having? Money, other issues? No.
He was doing great.
Oh Feeling that.
- Are we boring you, Jane? - Nope, not at all.
Thought you were taking lead on this.
How many clients was Kuzmenko sleeping with? Excuse me? You said he was a charming fellow, good-looker must have had his pick of the bunch.
I gotta get back to my client now.
I have a firm policy against that.
Doesn't answer the question.
Listen, a lot of prominent people come here, all right? Politicians, politicians' wives.
Frankly, they expect some discretion.
We don't really care.
Answer his question.
I heard rumors about Markus and some of his clients.
If they were true, I would have had to fire him.
I didn't want to.
Markus was the most successful trainer that we had.
So I didn't ask.
I don't have any names.
- Except your own.
- Yeah.
Yeah, a long time ago, very, very briefly Markus and I had a thing.
- A "thing"? - Nothing serious.
We were friends.
I'm gonna need the names of all of Kuzmenko's clients.
- Lovely rings you have.
- Thanks.
Expensive, I expect.
- Your husband must be very generous.
- Yeah, do you mind? Just one more thing.
Markus Kuzmenko, more of a gentle lover - or a brute? - Oh! Uhn! Are you all right? You okay? - Man down.
Your Mr.
Jane, how did he know? Your eyes were puffy.
Could tell you'd been crying.
Does my husband have to find out about this? Depends on what you say.
It happened a few months back.
Markus was coming by my house once a week.
To work on my abs.
He was so funny and charming, with a faintly wicked quality.
You know what I mean? Unaware of moral precepts, as opposed to being purposely bad.
It can be an attractive quality.
My husband's not like that.
Amoral, I mean.
Markus never hit on me.
- I think I seduced him.
- How long did the relationship last? Twice.
Markus wasn't a relationship.
If it was just a fling a couple months back why were you crying this morning? He's dead.
It's sad.
Your phone records show Markus called you last week.
- You sure the relationship was over? - Um Markus said that he had a business venture he wanted to talk to my husband and me about investing in.
It didn't occur to him that would be an awkward conversation.
What was the business? I don't know.
I told him we couldn't discuss it.
So, what about my husband? There's a pretty good chance we won't need to talk to him.
I'd hate for him to have to find out.
Although, a little bit, I wish he would.
- Should we keep an eye on her? - She seemed pretty sincere to me.
She's a timid suburban adulteress.
Only thing she's killed lately is a bottle of chardonnay.
You think this is funny? What do you mean? I just found these on my desk with a note.
"Tork, try these lifts.
" That funny to you? - Ha-ha.
I got nothing to do with that.
- Since I wear lifts, you think I'm a joke.
I don't know about your lifts, but, yes, these are real funny, man.
- Break it up! - My money's on the little guy.
I was engaged to this guy, Craig.
He seemed like a good person, we were happy.
Then I found out that he was an assassin for a serial killer named Red John.
And he tried to kill me and some other people, so I had to shoot him.
Tell me, how does it feel, telling that? Recounting it.
Not good.
Pretty bad.
Can you elaborate? Can I ask, how long does this therapy usually last? It depends.
There's no set calendar.
I'm sensing hesitation on your part.
I guess I just don't believe that this will really work.
Talking about it.
What's the point? Grace, somebody you trusted and loved betrayed you.
Betrayed you so badly, you had to take his life.
That needs to be talked about.
Could have been worse.
I could have married him.
No phone calls during session.
That's a rule.
It's work.
I gotta take this.
Van Pelt.
I can be there in fifteen minutes.
Who should I report to? Since Agent Tork has been removed from active duty l assumed you'd want to replace him.
Was I incorrect? Agent? No, you were not.
We could definitely use another set of hands.
- Get inside.
We'll put you to work.
- Thank you, sir.
All right.
Everything all right, agent? Oh, yeah.
Excuse me.
It was a nice little game you ran on Tork.
Tork, he was angry with everybody taller than him.
Certain to burst eventually.
You wanted my attention, you got my attention.
If you try to run another game on me or my people, we're gonna have a problem.
You know that Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep himself cool? Changed it every other inning.
- Agent? - Yeah? Night before the murder a woman called in a man sitting in a car near Kuzmenko's house.
- Said he'd been there a couple hours.
- Get the plate? Belongs to Mike Villanueva.
When we talked, you didn't mention visiting your buddy Markus' house - before he got killed.
- Didn't wanna talk about it - in front of my boss, that's all.
- Why are you worried about your boss? Business is down at the gym.
Jocelyn's on us to bring in new clients.
Anyone who loses clients is in trouble.
And you're losing clients? No.
No, I'm not.
Was Markus stealing your clients? Yeah, basically.
Look, Markus got the looks and the talk so people wanna work with him.
He doesn't push them like I do.
I work them hard.
And you know what I get? Five clients signing up with Markus in a month.
You went to Markus' house to confront him? - Wanted to have it out.
- What happened? Nothing.
He apologized.
Said he took the clients because he needed cash.
He'd just gotten money, he didn't need extra clients any more.
Then we went into his house and we got wasted.
That's Markus, man.
Went there to punch him out, ended up partying.
- What'd he need the money for? - He wouldn't tell me.
Said nobody at the gym could know.
Where'd he get the cash? He wouldn't tell me.
But I got a feeling from the way he talked it wasn't anyplace good.
The question is, what did Kuzmenko need money for? - And who did he get it from? - That's two questions.
- Excuse me? - Two questions.
Kuzmenko's boss at the gym, Jocelyn Chapin, sent over a list of his clients.
There're some high-powered people on it.
State senator, assemblyman, people who work for the governor.
- That's just the names I recognized.
- There's a lot of women here.
Gotta think some of them would pay to keep an affair quiet.
Kuzmenko slept with one of these women, blackmailed her? Maybe.
What do you think, Jane? Eh Well, I wanna pursue it.
Look for this money Kuzmenko got.
If it's not in his bank, look for other accounts, safety deposit boxes, like that.
Cho, we work through this list, starting with most recent clients.
Try to identify who he was sleeping with.
Where are you going? I thought I'd just go over to Kuzmenko's house, take a little look around.
Why? It's what I do.
Not alone.
Masterson, go with him.
- Okay.
- Keep an eye on him.
So, what are you looking for? Whatever's here to see.
We already went through the house.
- We didn't find anything.
- I'm sure you didn't.
Pretty dull, yeah? If you wanna get a coffee, I won't tell Haffner.
Yeah, I'm gonna do that.
Suit yourself.
Just more of this puttering around.
See, me l like to take a break now and then.
A moment to rest and relax.
Take it easy.
Close the eyes and shut out the day.
Rest and relax.
Try not to see anything or hear anything.
Let time stop.
Rest and relax.
- What happened? - Huh? Nothing.
You did something to me, didn't you? You hypnotized me.
That's absurd.
You know that only weak-minded and easily manipulated people can be hypnotized.
Yeah, we're leaving.
- I'm not finished.
- Yes, you are.
Hello? - LaRoche? - Yes.
- Hi, it's Lisbon.
I wanted to ask a favor.
It's about Sally Carter.
Sir? - I'm busy, agent.
- Sorry, but there's nothing unusual in Kuzmenko's checking or savings accounts.
- I did find something else though.
- What? A couple days before he was killed Kuzmenko made four phone calls to an Oleg Mostovoi.
He's not with the gym, and it's the only time Kuzmenko made the calls.
It's right before Kuzmenko started saying he had a lot of cash.
Maybe he had something to do with it.
Or he's a friend.
You wanna find the money, track the money.
Find that and then we can talk about Mustavoi, Muscavoi whatever his name is.
- Van Pelt.
- Grace, time for the secret meeting.
I'll be right there.
The way I see it, we got one shot at saving Lisbon's job.
You think we can? All we have to do is solve the murder without Haffner.
Then we take the murderer to Bertram use our success as leverage to get Lisbon back.
- That's not gonna work.
- Come on.
- When have I steered you wrong? - Recently? How do we solve the murder without Haffner? We catch the killer before he does.
Kuzmenko was an athlete.
He was a compulsive record keeper.
No doubt that included very detailed records of his sexual partners.
Probably with a rating system.
You have to get into the house and you have to find that list of lovers.
It's probably an address book, a calendar or a journal.
I don't like it.
It's insubordination.
We're already on the edge here.
- It's for the boss.
- This goes wrong and we're out.
They're not gonna give us another chance.
I don't care.
I'm in.
Me too.
That's the spirit.
You wanted to know if Jane was doing anything.
Take a seat.
Thank you for doing this.
I don't mind, Teresa.
Bertram has treated you poorly.
Not that he solicits my opinion on such matters.
Why do you wanna talk to Sally Carter? I wanna ask her some questions about Red John.
She hasn't spoken since her arrest, not to anyone so set your expectations accordingly.
Just so you know, um l am leaving the Major Crimes Unit.
Returning to Professional Services.
It was always a temporary assignment.
Well, good luck to you.
Thank you.
It was interesting working with you and Jane.
I think that's the polite word for what it was, but thanks.
Open it up.
Get a medical team here! I need a medical team to C-38.
Medical team to Cell C-38.
Medical team to Cell C-38.
All prisoners return to your cells.
H ow? She got ahold of a spoon, sharpened the shaft slit her wrists and throat.
What are you doing here? I came to ask if her husband was Red John - because you need convincing.
- Nice try.
Turns out I didn't need to ask, she left a note.
"My life began the day I met the lord and master of my heart, Red John.
Now that he is dead, all is shadows and silence.
" She goes on.
Yeah, it's a bit purple.
Let me see.
See? You did it.
You killed Red John.
- Jane - Shh.
I'm reading.
So how was the therapist? Talking about what happened makes me feel worse.
I don't think I'll see her any more.
You have to go to counseling, the job says so.
It could be a spiritual adviser.
My godfather's a Presbyterian minister.
- He'll sign the forms for me.
- You think that's a good idea? Yeah, I do.
I got this.
Looking for this? I found this hidden in Kuzmenko's bedroom.
Fourteen of his clients are named in it with sexual details and some kind of coded rating system.
So there's a really good chance one of these women killed him.
But you weren't gonna tell me that, were you? Probably not, no.
You wanted to solve this one yourself.
That was the plan.
Did you really think that was gonna happen? Like I wasn't watching you every minute? Jane, I would've worked with you, if you'd given me the chance.
I'm taking this to Bertram.
Get out.
- He go for it? - Oh, did he.
Time to break the news.
Let me get this straight.
Haffner has the address book, but it's a fake.
Fake as a $3 bill.
Then how did he find it in Kuzmenko's house? I copied the names from the list of Kuzmenko's clients then I put the book where Haffner would find it.
I told Haffner Jane thought the address book was at the house.
- So he went to the house.
- Why? Haffner's all about surveillance.
I knew he'd be following us.
I had to throw him off the scent.
Now we can solve the case without Haffner looking over our shoulders.
- No, no, no - Don't be hasty.
I will deal with you in a minute.
When Bertram finds out, he'll have a coronary.
- We knew there was a risk.
- Which is why you shouldn't have done it.
Go to Haffner and apologize, tell him it was all Jane's fault.
That hardly seems fair.
Maybe you can convince him to give you another chance.
- It's not gonna happen.
- She's right.
Oh, God.
Why are you doing this? You were okay, all you had to do was keep your heads down.
We wanna work for you.
Let me talk to Jane alone.
I could kill you with my bare hands.
Well, it's not the first time.
Come on, you don't have a choice.
You do nothing, they get fired.
You work with me, they keep theirjobs.
And you might even get yours back.
All right.
But it's just you and me.
They don't do anything else.
- Okay.
- What's the plan? Plan is, we catch the killer.
Kind of obvious.
Jocelyn Chapin, Patrick Jane.
We're on the verge of catching the killer but we need your help to pin him down.
Get a pen and paper.
There's some people I need you to get to your gym.
We're gonna need some of that shh The glowy spray stuff the crime-scene guys use.
- Glowy spray stuff? - The glowy spray stuff.
It's vital.
Got a pen? We appreciate your help.
Think this will work? Oh, I'm about 68.
2 percent sure.
Could I have everybody's attention, please? Yes, everybody.
You Those with the ear things.
Yes, could you? Thank you.
Sir? You as well.
Thank you.
This won't hurt a bit.
My name is Patrick Jane.
This is Teresa Lisbon.
We're investigating the death of Markus Kuzmenko.
His killer is somewhere in this room right now.
Kuzmenko was struck in the head with a heavy object and we believe it was one of those weights from this gym.
So we're gonna test them with a spray that can detect trace elements of blood on a surface by glowing even after it's been cleaned.
We find the weight, we find our murderer.
So if you could all sit tight, be patient, the killer will soon be revealed.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me? - Yes? - Hi, I'm an attorney.
- Oh.
- Even if you do find blood on one of those weights there's no way to connect it to anyone in this room.
- Ah.
Fingerprints, my friend.
- Fingerprints? My fingerprints are on lots of those weights.
That doesn't mean I used them to kill anybody.
You make an interesting point.
Okay, hypothetical What if I hid the weight in my car? Or my office? Or my house? Would that prove that I was a killer? If you found the murder weapon in my car? Yeah.
- Is it in your car? - No.
No, I knew it wasn't in your car, because it's in her car.
- Right, Jocelyn? - What? The weight you used to kill Markus you hid it in your car when we told you we were coming over, didn't you? - No.
- Oh, please.
You practically jumped out of your skin at the mention of "car.
" - No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.
Okay, there's only one way we can settle this.
Shall we? What's this? It's a kettlebell.
I keep it in my trunk for visits to clients' houses.
Can you explain why it has blood on it? Miss Chapin, I just spoke to a man named Oleg Mostovoi.
He's a loan shark.
He said a few days before the murder, he loaned Kuzmenko $75,000 and that Kuzmenko said he needed the money to start his own gym.
Is that why you killed him? He was gonna compete with you? You know, I heard from a realtor that Markus was looking at gym spaces.
My gym isn't doing so well any more.
So if he would have left and taken his clients l wouldn't have been able to stay open.
You confronted him.
I begged him to stay.
It's embarrassing.
I said that he shouldn't leave because of what we meant to each other.
And he just looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about.
He'd just forgotten.
I suppose there'd been that many girls since.
Then he remembered later and he was charming, of course.
But I just couldn't help remember that look.
Like I'd been deleted.
And so I went to his house and I waited for him.
You know, I don't know why I did it.
I've been on this super strict diet you know, it messes with your blood sugar.
Maybe that's it.
Ray, you told me that this book contained the names of many politically prominent women who were carrying on affairs with the victim in your case.
And that your killer was one of these women.
Which is a PR nightmare, all right? So I called the leadership of both parties to warn them that we might have to act on this because the one thing they hate more than bad news is being surprised by it.
But then, lo and behold l find out that the names in here are forged.
There's no scandal.
The book didn't even belong to the victim.
It's yours, I assume.
If I could? Thank you.
I hate raising false alarms.
It makes me feel so foolish.
Which, I suppose, was the point.
- Well, maybe- - If I may, sir No, you may not.
Now, Ray, I thought that you could handle Jane.
Well, we all make mistakes.
But we'll find something else for you to do, don't worry.
Now I have a problem.
Because our urgent need for your skills is precisely balanced by my desire to fire you before you destroy the Bureau, or my career.
Or both.
I understand.
You're in a tough spot.
You know who's always been a very healthy, moderating influence on me? Yeah, of course.
I'm sorry.
Not possible.
Well, then you will continue to have a problem.
- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.
You settling back in? - Almost.
- Yeah.
How'd you do it? Get Bertram to come around.
Oh, it wasn't so hard.
A rational discussion between two reasonable men.
Rational discussion, I bet.
But by all means, go ahead.
I'm sorry? - Say it, I won't get embarrassed.
- Say what? - Oh.
You mean, say thank you? - Oh, you're welcome.
Was it so hard? The thing is, not dealing with you every day has been very restful for me.
My back pain's gone, I sleep really well.
So I'm actually not so sure I'm grateful to be back.
You are a terrible liar.
No offense.
Good, honest people, always bad liars.
Which makes you what? Jane? Security just called.
They've got someone waiting for you downstairs.
Name's Rosalind Harker.
- Than ks, Grace.
- No problem.
Rosalind Harker? The woman that lived with Red John? They didn't live together.
He was the gentleman caller.
- What are you seeing her for? - Great to have you back.
Just great.
What are you doing, Jane? Thanks for agreeing to this, Rosalind.
I wasn't busy.
Besides, it sounded urgent.
It is, in away.
Are you still playing piano? Not really.
I'm tired of playing for myself.
I think I need an audience.
Okay, it's just here and through a doorway to the right.
Something the matter? Just a chill.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
No one claimed the body? That's so sad.
You'd think they'd have done something with it.
There must be a waiting period or something.
Yeah, something like that.
You understand he never called himself Red John to me.
The man I knew was Roy Tagliaferro.
Roy and Red John are the same person.
I'm sure of it.
Is this him? I never met this man.
I have no idea who he is.
Thank you.

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