The Mentalist s04e05 Episode Script

Blood and Sand

- Poor girl.
- Yeah.
Bruising and abrasions on the neck suggest some sort of physical attack.
That's why they called us in.
- No clothes, no ID? - Nothing.
Doesn't look like she was in the water for long.
Contact the Coast Guard.
See if they've had any distress calls or missing-person reports.
Here's the guy who found her.
William Gardiner.
He saw the body from up on the bluff.
Gardiner? I'm Agent Lisbon.
You wanna tell me what happened? I was coming to check on the monarchs.
He runs a sanctuary.
I was up there, where he's standing.
The man in the suit.
- You with the police? - Yes, I am.
- Patrick Jane.
- Jed Stack.
This is my land.
Hey, Jed.
Heard there was a dead woman on the beach in Wrackers Cove.
- Yeah.
- Well, who is she? Don't know.
Any idea? No.
How would I know? Eh.
Your land.
I thought maybe, uh, your body.
That's absurd.
Sorry, I'm just poking at you.
It's often instructive.
Why don't you come meet my colleagues? This is Jed Stack.
Agent Teresa Lisbon, Agent Grace Van Pelt.
- This is Jed's land.
- How do you do, ma'am? Ma'am.
What are you doing here? I found her.
I was checking on the monarchs.
- Butterflies? - Yes, I saw some.
You were trespassing.
For God's sake, forget about your property rights for once.
A woman's dead.
Woman's death has nothing to do with your trespassing.
So she's on your land? No.
Strictly speaking, my land ends at the high-water mark.
She's on state land.
But given the location, perhaps she's a tenant or an employee of yours? I have no tenants and I employ no women.
And besides, she was obviously washed up by the sea.
She drifted over from the mainland or fell off a ship.
Nothing to do with me or my ranch or this island.
Seems to make sense.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
Stack, and, uh, butterfly man - Gardiner, yeah? - Yes.
- Neither of you were born here? - No.
- What's that got to do with anything? - Nothing.
Lucky to live in such a place.
So, Mr.
Stack Good idea.
We'll see.
Beautiful, isn't it? For a crime scene, yeah.
Dental records just came in.
The victim's Talia Suarez, Raised in the foster-care system.
Check with Family Services, find out what they can tell us.
- Rigsby and Van Pelt are on their way.
- Did you talk to the Coast Guard? They've had no reports of anyone missing.
What about the mainland across from the island? Got local P.
canvassing the marinas and motels along that stretch.
- Nothing yet.
- Keep me posted.
Where are you going? - Back to the island.
- The island? What for? - If her body came from the mainland - Jane's got a theory.
Ah! Nice.
It's not what we're looking for.
- You could make a necklace out of it.
- I could.
You should.
You should have some kind of restful hobby.
I don't see it.
Hard to believe the moon causes tides.
I mean, we all know it does, but it just seems so unlikely.
I guess.
I never really thought about it.
That's because you're a city girl.
Aha! My theory, made concrete.
- I told you.
- Yes, you did.
I thought I saw a tea shop in town.
I could really use a cup of tea.
You? - You need a hand with that? - I can manage.
Well, that's disappointing.
It's closed.
Picturesque, isn't it? In a desolate sort of way.
- Where are all the locals? - Good question.
- Cho.
- Coroner came back with a preliminary report.
Larynx was crushed by a blow or heavy pressure.
No water in the lungs.
- So she didn't drown.
- Dead before she went in.
Evidence indicates she was sexually assaulted before she was killed.
- Any DNA recovered? - Yeah, but no matches in the database.
Check out the background of all the men on the island.
See if any of them have a history of sexual assault.
See you soon, I hope.
Just like the tea shop.
There's nobody here.
- Where is everybody? - It's intriguing.
Mass vanishment.
That's not even a word.
It's been known to happen.
Roanoke Colony.
The Olmecs.
Hello? - Hello? - I know where they are, Lisbon.
I can picture them, gathered together in a dimly lit room plotting their mysterious island purpose.
That's really creepy.
Talia Suarez.
- Yes, we were hoping you could tell us - Murdered, huh? It's too bad.
But then deadbeat kids like her nearly always end up badly.
- Deadbeat kids like her? - Oh, we see it all the time.
She was sent to us at 6.
Mother died of a drug overdose, father murdered.
Eh, and a problem from the first.
Insubordinate, argumentative, resistant to authority.
It's along list.
Pretty girl, looked like.
But no discipline.
No common sense.
What about her foster parents? Can we talk to them? Didn't have any.
Kept running away from the homes we placed her in.
Ended up finishing her time in a group home.
Well, can we get that number? Maybe there are friends we can talk to.
I'll, uh, see what I can do and get back to you.
You know, the truth is, some of them you just can't help.
Thanks for your time.
- Hey.
- Hey, yourself.
- We're never gonna hear from her again.
- Not since you knocked her coffee over.
- She wasn't gonna do anything to help.
- Look, she's got a tough job.
All she cares about is putting in her 20.
It pisses me off.
Yeah, I noticed.
I do my job.
You don't hear me complain.
I don't see why people can't do theirs so a kid doesn't end up dead.
- All right, come on.
I'll drive.
- No, I wanna drive.
- I don't think so.
Give me the keys.
- What's with you? - You're all worked up.
I should drive.
- Cut it out.
Cut it out.
What's the matter with you? Okay, no problem.
You drive.
Now, two additional ferry crossings a weekend during the summer months equals a 35 percent increase in revenues projected.
Now, I don't understand how anyone can be against that.
The run-off from Stack's cattle ranch is affecting the groundwater pH balance.
- And another - Point of order.
- I had the floor.
- Oh, now, Peter.
Let's not be so fussy.
Excuse me for interrupting.
I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon from the CBI and this is my colleague, Patrick Jane.
I'm awfully sorry.
We're in a meeting.
Can you come back? We can't.
A woman was murdered on this island.
We're here to discover who did it.
Her name was Talia Suarez.
Can any of you remember seeing her? - Sir - Hmm? - wasn't she found on the beach? - Yes.
Well, I mean, that would indicate that the tide, uh, brought her in, surely.
That's mainland business.
We have nothing to do with what happens on the mainland.
Messy place, the mainland.
That's why you're all here.
To escape from that.
And of course she's from there, because no one here knows her, right? - That's right.
- There's flotsam from the mainland that washes up on San Felix, doesn't it? - Certainly.
- Mm-hm.
Summer weekends, the harbor gets all sorts of trash.
- Especially after storms, yes.
- Excuse me, if you would.
Thank you.
So here's your island.
It's a beautiful island, I must say.
Here's your harbor on the leeward side of the island closest to the mainland coast.
And the body was found in Wrackers Cove which is here, I believe on the western side of the island furthest side from the mainland coast.
I would think it'd be difficult for a body to drift all the way from here against the currents and the prevailing winds to here.
Another compelling fact.
If you throw something into the water in Wrackers Cove it will drift out to sea for a bit but then it will come back to shore.
I checked with this.
Talia Suarez died here.
So look to your neighbor and think, how well do you know them? Because someone on this island committed murder.
We'll be back.
I've been doing my best to track Talia Suarez after leaving foster care.
- And anything useful? - A series of minimum-wage jobs.
She never stayed longer than six weeks.
Moved all over the state.
- What else? Friends, acquaintances? - Nothing yet.
Talked to some employers.
All I got was that she was a good worker.
- What about Family Services? - Ugh, they're no help, either.
It's sad.
We're the only ones that care about this girl.
Keep looking.
They got footage of the girl getting on the ferry.
- No camera on the island side.
- What's this? Police sent it over.
Talia's room.
Beachfront motel on the coast, across the strait from San Felix.
Toothbrush, toothpaste, a change of clothes.
That's it? That and a notebook.
- What notebook? - Jane's got it.
It's a diary of sorts.
She wrote letters to her dead parents.
That's sad.
Then there's this I found tucked away in the back pages.
"San Felix Fish.
" Hmm.
- Does this seem too easy to you? - Only one way to find out.
Who's in charge here? - We ain't open to tourists.
- Crab.
You can't be out here for safety reasons.
We're the California Bureau of Investigation.
We need to ask a couple questions, Mr? LaFleur.
Jack LaFleur.
So, what's this all about? Oh, I don't think you're gonna wanna talk to us out here, Jack.
Uh Is there somewhere a little more private? Get back to work.
Let's go to my office.
So, what's this all about? Tell me about Talia Suarez.
What? Who's Talia Suarez? The girl we found murdered in Wrackers Cove.
- What's that got to do with me? - We found this in her diary.
That doesn't make any sense.
- Ah, there we are.
- Hey, hey, those are mine.
This is impressive.
Is that a new dock? No, a pier.
Wait, a wharf.
Would you call that a wharf? Eh-.
I'm expanding my business.
I need more room.
Look, I got no idea why some girl wrote whatever she wrote but I never heard of her.
You're barking up the wrong tree.
- Maybe somebody who works for you? - We've been out at sea.
We just got back.
I told you, it doesn't make sense.
Even if this girl of yours did come here, we were all gone.
Your murder's got nothing to do with us.
It's a pretty airtight alibi.
- Yeah.
The dock's interesting, though.
- It is? The Pacific Ocean's been horribly overfished.
No fisherman these days needs to build a larger dock.
You think that has to do with the murder? Yes, no, not necessarily, no, maybe.
- I just think it's interesting.
- Or not.
Let's go talk to the rancher.
Whoever put Talia in that cove had to have carried her across your property.
My ranch is 300 acres and Wrackers Cove is on the far end of it.
You could carry a whole load of bodies out without anybody knowing about it.
What brought you to the island, Mr.
Stack? Who were you running from? - What? - Hmm? I wasn't running from anybody.
I look around this room and I see horses and cows but I don't see any friends or family.
No kids.
No sweethearts.
- I like horses.
- Ah.
You're a homely but passionate man, so my guess is your heart was broken by a beautiful but cruel and faithless woman.
Thirty years ago.
The hell has that got to do with this girl now? Probably nothing.
What's your position on the increased ferry service? Poking at me again, huh? I'll tell you my position.
Of course we need more ferry service.
These islanders got no business sense at all.
Not even Jack LaFleur? He struck me as someone that knows how to do business.
Oh, he did, did he? Mr.
Stack, don't mind my asking but where were you the night before last? Just like always, right here.
- Is there anyone who can verify that? - Sure, my ranch hands.
- Can we talk to them? - Sure, you can.
- They're in the corral.
- Jane, we better Why don't you lead the way, Mr.
Stack? Watch he doesn't kick.
What happened to you? - Horse did.
- Oh.
Whit and me was culling steer.
Had about 40 head of cattle.
Thirty-nine head.
- I said, about.
No such thing as about.
Either you got 40 head or you got 39 head.
Whit would correct the Good Lord if he got the count wrong.
We were taking them to the south pasture.
One got spooked, went over the side, took me with it.
Don't know what made Whit holler more.
The horse or being told to go to the mainland to get it set.
Shut up.
- You don't like the mainland - or you don't like the ferryboat ride? - Neither.
I like it here.
- Why? - It's quiet.
Seems, uh, old man Stack feels the same way, huh? Listen, between you and me this whole cowboy thing's an act with Stack, isn't it? I mean, he's all hat, uh, and no stirrups, as you say.
- He's all hat and no cattle.
- What? What is it? All hat and no cattle.
That's what you calla man like that.
A man like what? Oh, I was just asking about old, uh, cowboy sayings.
Whit was correcting him, weren't you, Whit? If you'll excuse me, I gotta take care of something in the, uh, barn.
Thanks, Whit.
Fellow's a bit shy, but, uh, he's a good worker.
- I'd like to interview him.
- No need.
I've already spoken to Mr.
Stack's workforce here.
We should leave.
Thank you.
Where were the three of you the night before last? Here.
Like always.
We can go now.
Thank you for your time.
We'll be in touch.
- Lisbon.
- We got a break in the case, boss.
A series of incoming calls to Talia Suarez's motel.
All from a cell phone registered to a guy named Dennis Kagan.
Who's Dennis Kagan? An ex foster kid who shared group homes with Talia.
Last call came within a 10-mile radius of Talia's motel.
Sounds interesting.
Yeah, especially since Kagan lives Are we bringing him in? Van Pelt and Cho are gonna pick him up right now.
This is the address.
Apartment's on the second floor.
Got a picture of Kagan? Yeah.
From the DMV.
- That's him.
- Yeah.
Okay, let's go.
- I'll take lead.
- Got it.
Hey, Dennis, right? You Dennis Kagan? - Maybe.
- You're friends with Talia Suarez, right? - I don't know the name.
Keep walking.
- I think you do know.
- Get off me bitch! - Ooh.
Stay right there.
You're under arrest.
- Put your hands behind your back.
- No.
Okay, I'll take it from here.
Come on.
Come on.
It'd be better for you if you talk to me, Dennis.
You're already looking at assaulting a police officer.
Don't make it harder.
Look, I told you I want a lawyer.
One's on the way from the public-defender's office.
I just want to give you a chance to work with us.
Earn yourself some goodwill.
It's up to you how you want to play it.
A lawyer.
That's how.
All right.
Have it your way.
You must be from the public-defender's office.
- I'm Agent Grace Van Pelt.
- Grace.
Oh, hi.
Right, nice to meet you.
I'm Sarah Harrigan.
- Do we know each other? - No.
Um I ju Uh, last year, there was a murder at a dating service and you guys interviewed me.
Don't worry, I didn't do it.
Cho, this is Sarah Harrigan from the public-defender's office.
- Hey.
- Hello, agent.
Uh, hey, guys, I can handle this.
Sarah, let me bring you to your client.
- Did that feel weird? - Little bit.
Really? What was that all about? Well, it seems obvious.
They're dating.
So, Dennis, you've got your lawyer.
- Let's talk.
- I've spoken with my client.
He's willing to help you, with some stipulations.
I'm not making any deals.
Go ahead.
Talia was looking for the guy that killed her dad.
Because the damn cops didn't do their job.
My client is speaking from emotion, means no disrespect.
They didn't.
They knew who did the murder and they never bothered to find him.
The suspect.
- You ever hear his name? - Um I'm trying to remember.
A funny name, like, uh, Tommy Tuna or something like that.
- Fish? - Yeah, that's the guy.
Edward Fish.
It was Edward Fish, yeah.
So you went to her motel.
Why? I wanted to stop her, you know? What Talia was doing was dangerous.
She liked to act tough, but she wasn't really.
She had my back in the homes.
I should've had hers.
But I was too late.
There you are.
Oh, thank you very much.
That looks delicious.
Did you make that? Mm-hm.
What do know about this, uh, rancher, Stack? They keep to themselves mostly.
He seems like a polite man.
That's delicious.
I thought about what you said this morning.
You made me feel rather guilty about that poor girl.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I don't want anyone to feel guilty unless, of course, they are.
Are you? - Oh, no.
- No, I thought not.
I threw a flower into the ocean for her.
You did? It's an old island custom.
My mother said it sent a message to your people who had passed over.
I know the girl isn't my family, but I think it'll still work, don't you? Well, can't hurt.
You think I'm a foolish old woman, but I'll tell you this: I feel better.
I feel like I did something to give that girl some peace.
You're calling to tell me that the, uh, person of interest you're following is not the murderer.
No, but he told us what Talia was looking for.
Oh? She was looking for her father's murderer, Edward Fish.
- M m.
- Yeah, you better get back here.
- Excuse me, Agent Lisbon.
A word? - One second.
Hmm, you sound busy, so don't worry about me.
I know exactly what to do.
Yes, counselor? Yeah, my client, Dennis Kagan.
You're dropping all charges since he's been such a cooperative witness? And I've got an agent with cuts and bruises as a result of your client.
And I've got assault, failure to identify, and excessive force.
Do we really want to go there, given where your guys have been already? It'll never hold up in court and you know it.
- But okay.
- Oh, fantastic.
You're meaner than you look.
- Yeah, you are.
- Ah.
I try, heh.
- We're still on for tonight, right? - Oh, yeah, sure.
I'm gonna research the dad's murder.
Good idea.
Hey, boss.
I just made a new pot.
You want a cup? No.
It's funny you mention coffee.
I just got off the phone with a social worker who claims one of my agents threw a cup of it at her.
What? It spilled on her desk as we were leaving.
Didn't even get on her.
- Sure you don't want any? - Tell me what's going on whether or not I can count on you.
Of course you can.
Why would you ask me that? Because right before the phone call from the social worker a lawyer from the public defender's office threatened to bring you up on charges of excessive force.
- I had to cut her client loose.
- You did what? I'm the one with the busted lip.
He didn't have a mark on him.
You didn't touch him? Boss, come on.
You're telling me even though I've gotten two complaints about you within an hour - there's nothing going on, you're fine? - Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
Okay, look, I know it's been a tough year.
We've got a new boss, we're under a lot of scrutiny.
It's really important that we make a good impression.
Do you understand? I didn't do anything wrong.
As a friend, should I be worried about you? I'm fine.
Social worker's pissed that somebody was trying to make her do her job.
The kid got out of line, but I handled it.
Not a big deal.
The lawyer would've had no case.
All right.
Well, as your boss, any more of this and we've got a serious problem.
Got it.
- Mr.
Jane, right? - That's right.
Wow, this place is amazing.
Did you do this all yourself? No, the monarchs do most of it.
I just try to make their journey easier.
And that's, uh, because insects deserve a better life? I know, it's a foolish obsession, isn't it? I often wonder why I do it, but here I am.
Here you are.
But if the cruise ships make this island a port of call could be a wonderful tourist attraction.
You could make yourself a lot of money.
Cruise ships? What are you talking about? Oh, Jack LaFleur.
You know him? - The fisherman, yeah.
- Yeah, well, apparently he's, uh, rebuilding his jetty into a pier or a wharf, whichever's bigger.
Why would he? Where would he get the money? Well, I'm not entirely sure, but I think the money's coming from Stack.
I think the idea is to lure cruise ships to the island.
Oh, my God.
I have to make some calls to the Coastal Commission.
There's gotta be a way to stop this.
I suggest the, uh, Sierra Club too.
What's up? Winston Suarez, Talia's dad.
Worked as a night guard at a construction business near Modesto.
And this is the guy who killed him.
Edward William Fish, a.
Eddy Fish.
Nothing to do with Jack LaFleur.
So Talia went to go and find Fish, and he killed her when she did? Uh, what about the rape? Does that fit in with his MO? Fish stabbed Winston 18 times when he tried to stop Fish from robbing the construction company.
- That's a lot of blood.
- Hmm.
Fish disappeared with 300 grand.
Cops never found him.
Assumption is he changed his appearance and identity.
- What's the connection to San Felix? - Talia found the case file.
There's mention of San Felix as a lead that didn't pan out.
All right, thanks.
- Jane? - Hey, Lisbon.
Just putting some of the finishing touches in place.
You be careful.
This Eddy Fish is a dangerous man.
He stabbed Talia's father 18 times.
Then it's good we're about to catch him.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
All we have is a name.
If he's on this island, Lisbon, he will reveal himself to us.
Hang on.
Interesting, huh, guys? Oh, did you hear about what's happening with Stack and Gardiner? - What? - Stack has been working with LaFleur to try to bring cruise ships into the harbor.
- Cruise ships? - Here? Yeah, and then Gardiner found out, and he's vowed to stop it immediately.
- What? - We've got to call a town meeting.
Better hurry, Lisbon.
You'll miss all the fun.
Practically got the killer in handcuffs.
- Won't be good for business.
- I don't want tourists.
What business does anybody have to do with my dock? - As a community, it's everyone's concern.
- This island's a jewel in the rough.
I'm just looking to polish it a bit.
The environmental danger of ferry service pales in comparison Point of order, the chair has not recognized Mr.
Gardiner Ladies and gentlemen.
Sorry for the interruption.
This is atop priority.
I'm here with the CBI.
It's okay.
Everything is completely under control.
I'm gonna need you to follow my instructions to the letter.
Listen to everything I say very carefully.
The first thing I need you to do is to place your coffee cups on those two tables back there.
All of you, your coffee cups on the table back there.
For this to work, you're gonna have to listen and do as you're told.
Thank you.
You heard me.
Coffee cups on the table, please.
This is a very serious matter.
You too, please.
Thank you.
And then return to your seats.
As quickly and efficiently as you can.
Thank you.
Okay, that wasn't so bad.
We've tracked the killer to this island.
The killer's here? - Yes.
He's here in this room right now.
What? Oh, my His name is Eddy Fish.
I don't know which one of you that is.
But you killed Talia Suarez's father.
That's why she came here to find you.
Now I'm here to finish off what Talia started.
To catch Eddy Fish.
- What are you going to do? - Me? Nothing.
It's already done.
Fingerprints on the cups.
Match them to the original crime scene.
- Is that legal? - I want my cup back.
I'll get a camera to document everything they're doing.
We have rights.
I don't know why you're all getting so worked up.
Only one of you is guilty.
The rest of you should just sit back, relax, have another piece of cake.
Am I the only one thinking that's the last we'll see of Mr.
Gardiner? You going somewhere, Mr.
Gardiner? No, let go of me! I'll kill you! Unh! Eddy Fish, you're under arrest for the murders of Winston Suarez and Talia Suarez.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used in court.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you.
Get up.
- Do you understand these rights? I didn't know who she was.
I didn't kill her.
I never even saw the girl.
I didn't know she was on the island.
- Who'd have thought? - He always seemed like such a nice man.
He did, didn't he? Boat's heading to transport us back.
Gotta find someplace to hold the prisoner.
- Good idea.
Tell Cho and Van Pelt.
- Okay.
Well, we do thank you, ma'am.
That was some nice work you all did.
Thank you, Mr.
We were just doing our job.
I did wonder about the man.
It was a feeling I had.
I don't know what it was exactly, but normal people don't feed crickets.
- Butterflies.
- Whatever.
The point is I got instincts about people.
No, you don't.
You were fooled just like everybody else.
- You calling me a liar? - No.
It's only that now you know him as Eddy Fish, the violent sociopath it's easy to see him as a killer.
But as the shy lepidopterist Gardiner? Impossible for anyone to imagine him stabbing a man 14 times.
- Eighteen times.
- Right, 18.
Eighteen times.
And a number that you can't forget once you've heard it.
Eighteen times.
Where did you hear it, exactly? What? Uh From you earlier.
No, not from me.
Where, then? Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.
Gardiner killed Talia's father, that's true but, uh, he didn't kill Talia.
Well, he might have if he'd known she was here looking for him.
But he wouldn't have raped her.
No, not his thing.
You did it.
You met her on the ferryboat coming back from the hospital.
What? No.
Ah, you say no, but your eyes tell me yes.
Talia asked for your help.
Told you about her father and Fish and the 18 stab wounds.
That's how you got that scratch on your face.
You can hold a girl down with one hand, but you couldn't protect your face.
- Gardiner killed her.
We all saw.
- No.
- You're wrong.
- Doubtful.
Proving it should be easy, though, since you gave us your DNA to match.
Cuff him, Lisbon.
Does it make you uncomfortable, Mr.
Naylor? Being alone here with me? It should.
I would gladly hurt you for what you did to that poor girl.
- Hurt you badly.
- Whoa, agent, cool it down, okay? - It's not his fault what happened.
- Oh, please.
It's not his fault? No.
You're a decent guy, I can tell.
You could have controlled yourself, you would have.
You don't want to hurt anyone.
- No.
- No.
When you get those urges it's like somebody else taking over your body, right? Somebody evil.
- Come on.
- No, really.
I understand that you were trying to control yourself.
You went to Stack's ranch on San Felix to take yourself away.
Somewhere safe, somewhere away from temptation, right? But then you hurt your shoulder.
And a doctor needed to set it and there's no doctor on the island.
I wanted to stay on the ranch.
I didn't I didn't want to leave.
And she was on the ferry coming back, wasn't she? She asked about your arm.
She came to me.
She asked for my help.
Wanted me to hide her.
Yeah, so you took her to the ranch.
An out-building where nobody goes.
Where no one would hear when you raped and killed her.
You can't judge me.
You don't know what it's like to be me.
You think I want to be like this? You have the gall to ask for pity after what you've done? You'll get no pity.
Not in this life or the next.
Nice work back there.
You too.
Yeah, we really had him fooled, huh? - Thought you were a real hard case.
- Heh, yeah.
Listen, about before at the office with Sarah, I just Oh, yeah.
She seems nice.
Well, uh, I just don't want it to be awkward between Ha, ha, with me? That's the least of your problems.
What does that mean? Well, she's a public defender.
I mean, good luck, but be careful.
The boat's docking now.
Get the prisoners and get them on board.
- Sure thing.
- Have you seen Jane? - No.
- No.
Better get here quick or he's gonna get left behind.

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