The Mentalist s04e06 Episode Script

Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien

Victim's the local chief of police.
Marnie Green.
Shot twice in the chest, once in the head.
Trucker found the body, called it in just after 5.
First responder was, uh, an officer from her department.
Where is he? - Just over here.
- Clarence Price.
- Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
My condolences.
Any idea what the chief was doing out here last night? No, ma'am.
Weren't any calls on the radio.
Does she have family around here? Chief lived alone.
Worked pretty much 2417.
Truly a good-hearted person It's okay.
- Look, we can do this later - No, no, I'm fine.
- Really.
- Were there any casings? Uh, one.
From a .
One? She was shot three times.
Got people looking for the others.
All right.
What kind of crimes do you usually see here? There's some drugs going through the valley.
Uh, meth, coke.
But we deal mostly with vacationers.
Tourists at the resorts for spa vacations and such.
Could be road rage.
Gets into a tangle with another car.
An accident.
- Driver's got an attitude, a gun.
- Maybe.
Not likely.
What are you doing? I'm checking the chief's height.
She's about 5 or 6 inches shorter than I am.
The driver's seat is set back for someone at least my height.
- Maybe she was in the passenger seat.
- Airbag didn't go off.
Seat was empty.
So where was she? Ah RIGSBY Blood.
So she was shot somewhere else.
Killer thought she was dead - put her in the trunk.
- But she's alive and she opens the escape latch.
Trunk pops open.
Killer's startled, he crashes the car.
She gets out of the trunk.
Killer shoots her in the head.
- Why they found one casing.
- She's not in uniform.
- So chances are she came from home.
- Voilà.
You start inside, I'll look around the property.
CBI, don't move.
- Whoa, take it easy.
- On your knees.
Hands on your head.
- No problem.
- Do it now.
Leave him alone.
Put that down.
- Everybody stay calm.
Damn it, Annie, I told you to stay in the car.
Put that down.
I mean it.
Drop it.
Annie, do what I said.
Listen to him.
What the hell is going on? - Tom my? - Teresa? - Annabeth? - Annie.
- What are you doing here? - What are you doing here? You know these people? - This is my little brother, Tommy.
- Hey, how's it going? And my niece, Annabeth.
It's Annie.
No one calls me Annabeth Put the gun down.
Put it down.
I swear to God, Rees, I told her to stay outside.
You could have killed somebody or gotten killed.
- Hey, it's a tough business.
- Hey, quit that.
She knows not to touch the guns in the field.
Not ever.
- In the field? - Not ever.
Jeez, sorry for trying to help out.
She is sorry, she just won't admit it.
Who's that remind you of? Heh.
What the hell is going on? Why are you here? - What are you doing? - Looking for a skip.
- A fugitive.
Someone who skipped bail.
- I know what a skip is.
Since when are you a bounty hunter? I'm a bail enforcement agent.
When I saw you last year, you were building decks with Eddie Duncan.
Ugh, nobody wants a deck when the bank's at the door, Rees.
I took a course in April.
Uh, Tig Muldoon, Margo's cousin? He's a bondsman, he gave me a shot.
I brought in six guys in the past two months.
- Made, like, 4 grand.
- Tommy.
- Tommy - Don't even start with that.
With what? Busting my chops like I don't know what I'm doing.
- Well, you don't.
- I know what I'm doing.
I'm a professional.
Oh, right.
Taking your 13-year-old daughter along as backup.
That's very professional.
She's 14, and that's not fair.
Because I did not want to bring her my psycho ex went to Miami with her boyfriend, so I got her.
You look good.
You do something to your hair? You should be encouraging me.
I'm trying here.
What's the name of your fugitive? His name's Carmine O'Brien.
Jumped bail out of St.
I found out three days ago he bought a bus ticket here.
So I called this Chief Green and asked her to keep an eye out for him until I got here.
Then I heard on my scanner she got shot.
So you think the chief found O'Brien and then he killed her? - Yeah, I don't know.
- Why break into her house? Door was open.
I went in to find out what I could about O'Brien.
That's all.
When we pick him up, I'll let you know.
If he had any part in murder, I can't give him to you.
What makes you think I won't get him? - Heh, yeah, right.
- You don't think I can do it, huh? - No, I don't.
- Fine.
We'll see.
Can you watch Annie? Are you kidding? No.
This is really dangerous work I'm doing.
Your office is safer than my van, right? Besides, she needs some female time.
Her mom's such a freaking wackadoo, and, you know, I'm a guy.
- Damn it, Tommy.
- Annie.
You're spending the day with Aunt Teresa.
Come on, get your bag.
It is on, sis.
May the best man win.
Oh, man.
Carmine O'Brien is an accountant from St.
Uh, he was arrested for embezzlement.
Skipped town right before the trial.
Spent summers growing up in Fairmont.
Might explain why he's hiding here.
- Any history of violence? - No, strictly white collar.
Ivy-League educated, no prior arrests.
- It's hard to see this guy shooting a cop.
- Doesn't mean he didn't.
Have Cho go back to Fairmont and ask around.
Run his credit card and phone records and have Rigsby put out a BOLO.
- Officer Price? Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you? I felt bad about not checking that trunk.
Should have caught that.
So, uh, I went through the chief's files.
She pulled over a DUI day before yesterday.
Guy named Dmitri Zubov.
Staying at one of the resorts.
- What about him caught your eye? - He blew a .
076 on a Breathalyzer.
That's under the limit.
He wasn't drunk.
But the chief arrested him anyway.
Which is a waste of time, the judge is gonna throw it out.
That's not like her.
She was a real stickler for details.
We'll check it out.
I wanna help out any way I can.
I know the locals.
I can help out with interviews.
We'll let you know.
Two fingers.
Just dip and remove.
No hesitation.
Wanna give it a try? Okay.
- Did you feel that? - Just slightly.
Did you feel that? You're good.
Picking pockets, nice.
Oh, I promised I'd show her if she'd tell her best Aunty Rees stories.
- Don't you dare.
- Of course not.
- I was just stringing him along.
- Oh, you were? - I guess I won't give you this then.
- Hey.
- Annie.
- Annie.
Annie, Jane and I have to go to work.
- You mind hanging out in my office? - Sure.
Rigsby's a nice, easy mark if you wanna keep practicing.
The DUI, Zubov? He's an economist.
He's in Fairmont for some sort of trade conference.
Stayed on for a vacation.
Fascinating, but not what you want to talk about.
I cannot believe my brother's a bounty hunter.
- There we go.
- All of a sudden he's a tough guy? - Who does he think he's fooling? - Not you.
It bugs me he didn't even tell me.
Not like we don't talk.
I could've told him this was a bad idea.
All he had to do was call.
But instead, nothing.
- I wonder why that is.
- I raised that punk and his brother.
It's not my fault if he doesn't communicate.
- Oh, you think it is my fault? - I didn't say that, you said that.
I say live and let live.
You'll all be happier.
Oh, mind your own business.
First name, Carmine.
I'm gonna e-mail a picture.
Let me know if there's any hits.
You were calling in a BOLO for O'Brien, right? Yeah.
- Can I ask a question? - Sure.
Your Sig Sauer.
Is that a .
357, a .
40, or the 9 mm? It's a 9 mm.
- Great gun.
- Thank you.
Forensics just came back.
No prints off Chief Green's cruiser.
Killer must have wiped the car.
You got anything on O'Brien's family in his file? Uh, his parents are dead, he's an only child.
If you're looking for leads, check out the ex-girlfriend.
My dad says they have a kid together.
All right, thanks.
We'll look into it.
No problem.
So do you have a girlfriend? Yes, I do, as it happens.
- Are you in love with her? - Oh, good question.
- Well, it's hard to say - Is she cute? Maybe you should wait in your Aunt Teresa's office.
Zubov, what can you tell us about your arrest? I stand charged with a crime I did not commit.
Chief Green insisted I was drunk.
I was not.
But she would not listen to reason.
Did you have any contact with Chief Green after your arrest? Can I get you something to drink? It's very hot.
No, thank you, Mr.
Just answer the question please.
No contact with Chief Green.
And where were you last night? Last night I had something to eat, I had a drink.
I had a little more to drink.
But, uh, heh, no driving.
M r.
Zubov? Are you ready for your massage? A new girl.
Duty calls.
Am I done? Mr.
Zubov's gonna have to reschedule.
Of course.
Now it's all very clear.
You're quite the, uh, sex fiend, aren't you? Heh, what do you mean? You automatically tried to seduce Lisbon.
But it was the masseuse that got your blood pumping.
You're like an owl watching a mouse.
No, I'm not.
Chief Green thought you committed a crime, but it wasn't drunk driving.
What was it, I wonder? This is ridiculous.
You know what's ridiculous? Is this, this, uh, ascot.
You mind sharing with us how you got those scratches on your neck? I was hiking and boom, I fell.
Really? Yes, hiking.
I refuse to discuss this further.
Now all we have to do is find the woman he assaulted.
Well, she's reluctant to make a public accusation.
That's why the, uh, chief hung the DUI on Zubov.
To buy time to convince the victim to testify.
It fits.
But, ugh, without an actual victim, we don't have anything.
I can't even get a search warrant for his room.
Zubov's an opportunist.
The question is, where did he have opportunity? CBI.
Chad Carmichael.
Operations manager here.
What can I do for you? We're investigating a crime that relates to one of your guests, Dmitri Zubov.
Oh, what did he do? We're not at liberty to say.
What we're gonna need is a list of staff that have been in Mr.
Zubov's room and security camera footage from the hallway outside his door.
Ugh, that's problematic.
Zubov is a valued guest.
It's cold in here.
Is that your, uh, own personal air conditioner? Uh, yes.
Place like this doesn't have central air? I guess I just like it cold.
- What's going on here? - Dad.
This is my father, Philip Carmichael.
He owns the resort.
Government people, are you? These people are with CBI.
They need information about a guest.
And you didn't call me? It is my job.
I'm handling it.
We're happy to assist law enforcement at any time.
We just need a search warrant.
I can't give you the details but Mr.
Zubov may be involved in the murder of Chief Green.
This is extremely important.
Oh, my God.
Really? And I sympathize.
But we have to respect the privacy of our guests.
Son, show them out.
And next time, call.
The old tyrant always talk to you like that? So you're thinking maybe Zubov killed Chief Green? Yes, possibly.
- I'll get the video.
Wait here.
- Thank you, Chad.
Not easy with a father like that, but thank you.
I appreciate it.
You in Fairmont? - Yeah.
Go to 787 Elm Street.
O'Brien's there right now.
- How'd you get the address? - His ex has been getting calls.
We accessed the GPS and pulled the location.
Got it.
CBI, don't move.
You okay? It's either a sprained muscle in your back or a ruptured disc.
They'll tell you at the hospital.
- I'm fine.
- Go to the hospital.
- Yeah, okay.
- What's up? I've been going through the footage and I may have found the woman Zubov assaulted.
It's a maid.
She's crying, and her uniform is torn.
Work schedule says her name is Sofia Chavez.
All right.
Bring her in.
- How's your guy? - He's hurt pretty bad.
It looked rough.
- Shouldn't have been here.
- Told you I was going after O'Brien.
Stuff happens when you're chasing guys.
Could have been me knocked down.
Your daughter almost got shot.
I got a guy going to the hospital.
You don't know what you're doing.
Oh, like hell I don't.
You know how I got O'Brien? He's a type-1 diabetic.
I paid the pharmacist to tell me when he was buying insulin.
That's skill.
Your people think of that? Somebody could have gotten killed.
- I love you, but - "I love you, but " But what, sis? "But you're a loser, you'll always be a loser, just quit.
" I love you, but you and Annabeth need to go home.
Tommy, you should think about going to back to school.
Learn a trade.
You always liked electronics.
Trade school it is.
Want me to detail your car for you before I go? Tommy, come on.
Agent Lisbon, we've set up road blocks.
Sending officers to look for O'Brien.
Wanna talk to them? We'll finish this later.
I have nothing to say.
I go in room.
I clean.
I leave.
Zubov didn't assault you? - Didn't hurt you? - No.
I don't work for Immigration.
Nothing's gonna happen to you.
I promise.
This is just us? No police? No.
Just us.
I clean room.
I think I alone.
He come out of bathroom.
He put hand on me.
He He rip my Um - This.
- He ripped your uniform.
I scared.
I run for door.
He grab me.
I fight.
I get out.
Who told Chief Green about it? I told.
She was my friend.
She tell me to accuse Zubov.
But I say no.
She say she keep him until I change my mind.
But I no change.
He kill her? It's a possibility.
That's why it's so important for you to come forward.
Why? The rich, they get away with everything.
Any luck finding O'Brien? - Look - We're leaving tomorrow.
I don't know, maybe you're right, maybe I'm not cut out for this.
Yeah, really.
What business do I have bounty hunting? Not the first time I thought about quitting.
- Tommy it's probably for the best.
Annabeth will dismember me if we leave without saying goodbye.
- You wanna get lunch tomorrow? - Sure.
This is absurd.
There is no victim of an assault.
- Where is she? - There is a victim.
Sofia Chavez.
Victim? Please.
I asked her to touch me.
- Dmitri - It's okay.
It's okay.
I ask, she refuses.
That's all.
I only ask her because my masseuse that day was little bit ugly, you know? I see.
And normally you assault your masseuse? You make it sound so crude.
I love women.
And love is beautiful, no? You have no case here, agent.
Unless there's anything else We checked the security footage.
You weren't in your room until 12 the night Green was killed.
- Where were you? - Don't have to answer.
Oh, we'll find out where you were.
It's just a question of time.
I went to Chief Green's home.
- Son of a bitch.
- To discuss my arrest.
To see if something could be done.
Heh, it's started to become a bit tedious here.
You went to bribe her.
Hoping to find a mutually acceptable resolution.
But a friend of the chief's arrives.
A big woman.
Uh, Jori.
Jori, I think her name was.
She was upset.
About what, I don't know.
And I left.
Jori? Must be Jori Kasser.
Uh, the Russian was with Chief Green when I got there but he left right away.
What were you doing at the chief's house, Ms.
Kasser? Chief Green had left a message.
- Wanted to know where my son was.
- You know why she was looking for him? Steven has some drug problems.
Knows a bit about Fairmont's seedy side.
Chief would go to him for information.
Uh, Chief Green said a fugitive might be hiding out in Fairmont and wanted to know if Steven had heard anything about him.
Why not call? Why go in person? I needed to ask a favor.
Um I'd overheard Steven say that he was going up to a cabin in the woods.
I know what he does there.
He buys drugs.
And I asked the chief if that was what he was doing to get him into a treatment program.
He really wants to get clean.
We need to speak to your son.
Where is he? That's the thing.
I haven't heard from Steven since I talked to the chief.
Steve's missing? Why didn't you say anything? I was hoping it was a coincidence.
Sometimes he disappears.
Do you think your son had something to do with the murder of Chief Green? No, not if he was sober.
Hey, boss.
Jori Kasser says her son might've been involved in the murder.
He was buying drugs.
Price and I are gonna check it out.
Call my cell if you find anything.
I'm gonna be out of the office.
- Anything on Zubov? - Yeah, Van Pelt's on it.
Yeah, thanks.
- Problem? - Ugh.
puts the time of death between 2 and 3 a.
Zubov was in his room from midnight on.
He couldn't be the killer.
Hmm, it was a non-starter anyhow.
And Sofia Chavez won't testify against him.
We can't even touch the scumbag.
The world's full of scumbags we can't touch.
I know.
I know.
It's just I hear you, but it'd soothe your troubled soul if you could stick it to this particular scumbag.
- Well, yeah.
I guess it kind of would.
- Hmm.
Shall we? They're rental cabins for vacationers, but they're being renovated now.
Pretty isolated.
You have any drug buys up here? Heard rumors there were.
Hard to imagine Steve hanging out in these parts.
- He's not what you'd call a country boy.
- That pile of leaves there.
Who's raking leaves up here? Phew.
Steve Kasser? - Better call his mother.
- Yeah.
Are you ready for your massage? Ah, very nice.
Yes, please.
Uh, lead the way.
What's the word? Lisbon's not answering.
Any idea where she is? - Nope.
- We got another vic dead by a cabin.
We think it's connected to Chief Green.
Drug thing.
- Cocaine? - Yeah.
Victim had about 5 grams on him.
Is there just one cabin or others nearby? - There's a few.
- No, wait! I made a mistake.
I didn't know that Uh, gotta go.
I'll see you up there later.
If I knew You're under arrest for solicitation, sexual assault assault on a police officer.
- You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
Nice shooting.
I practice a lot on the gun range with Dad.
It's good you spend time with your dad, but you should do other stuff.
Why? - I know what I wanna do.
- Really? What's that? I wanna be a cop.
Like you.
I'm flattered, I am, but I don't think you really know what you want yet.
- You don't have to.
It's okay.
- Yeah, I do.
I sleep five hours a night.
I haven't been able to get away to see you and your dad and uncles in a year.
- That's not what you want.
- Aunt Teresa.
You get paid to carry a Glock.
You beat up people when they get out of line.
You're totally badass.
My point still stands.
- Come on.
- Come on, come on.
- You got a text while you were gone.
- I did? Yeah.
How'd you do? - I kicked butt.
- Yeah, she did.
I gotta go back to work.
- Already? - Yeah.
Keep in touch.
Absolutely, Rees.
I'll call you when I learn that trade.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, Rigs.
I got your text.
Did you find Steve Kasser? Yeah, he's been dead a couple days.
Damn, that's a shame.
- Did the coroner show up? - No, but he should be soon.
Those are exit wounds.
Steve was shot twice.
Killer used a .
- Same caliber as Chief Green.
- There's more blood.
Chief Green's, I'm betting.
So Chief Green comes here looking for Steve.
Steve's buying coke from a dealer.
The dealer sees the chief and kills both her and Steve.
He dumps Chief Green in her cruiser, but he's too heavy so he hides him here.
It makes sense, but that scenario eliminates O'Brien as a suspect.
And whatever an accountant was doing in town, he wasn't dealing coke.
He's not the killer.
One off the list.
Why is Philip Carmichael here? He owns cabins.
He's here to let us in.
- Give a yell if anything.
- Okay.
- Have you seen Jane? - Says he'll be up here later.
Will this take long? It'll take as long as it takes.
Hey, check it out.
- Someone was staying here.
- Yeah, recently.
A lot of sugar-free stuff.
O'Brien was a diabetic.
He could've been here, right? How would he end up here? People knew these cabins were empty.
Not a bad place to hide out.
- Think he witnessed the murders? - Maybe.
Question is, where is he now? But the road blocks are still up, right? Let us know if you get a hit.
Nothing on O'Brien from the airport, bus or train.
Welcome back.
Doctors say what the problem is? Yeah.
I got hit by a car.
- Hey, Cho.
Good to have you back.
- Thanks.
I got a call from a ranger.
He spotted a man driving down Black Canyon road 30 miles outside of Fairmont Caucasian male, 50s, gray hair.
Sounds like O'Brien.
On it.
Uh, Van Pelt, uh, why don't you go with Rigsby? Uh, about a mile up ahead, turn right onto the fire road.
- Lisbon's niece.
Sharp girl.
- Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah.
Good questions.
- Yeah.
- Do you love her? - What, Annabeth? - Your girlfriend, Sarah.
- Oh, right.
So? I don't see why it matters if I love her.
Look, we have a good time.
We enjoy each other's company.
I look forward to seeing her Isn't that enough? - Why worry about it? - Trust me, she's worrying about it.
I just think if you start talking like that, you're gonna get hurt.
I'm not sure I even know what that means.
I love you.
What does that say, really? I don't know, Wayne.
My last relationship didn't exactly end well.
I'm probably not the best person to ask right now.
Fair enough.
There's your right.
In the van.
What the hell? I'm not gonna hurt you.
Get in the back.
Put the gun away, Tommy.
Put the weapon away.
Holster it.
Who are you, now? Hey, what's going on? O'Brien won't tell us what he witnessed.
His lawyer won't be here for a while.
Let him stew.
But he's a runner.
- Keep him on lockdown.
- Okay.
Boss? They just put him in your office.
I know how you got O'Brien.
The tech guys did a diagnostic on my phone.
You downloaded spyware so you could listen to my conversations.
- Sorry.
- You couldn't get him yourself so you piggybacked on us.
I'm broke, Rees.
Alimony, rent, frigging 8th grade prom.
Can you even believe they have that? I needed this guy.
So you lied and cheated your own sister.
I know, but I would really appreciate it if you'd give him to me.
- Are you out of your mind? - I need a favor.
Do you think I would give you O'Brien after what you pulled? Not to mention the fact he might be a witness.
You know how hard it is to ask this? Okay, I am doing you a favor by not arresting you.
Now go do something different with your life.
You don't tell me how to live.
- Tommy, come on.
- I bust my ass every day to put food on the table for me and my kid by myself.
Hey, maybe I haven't done quite as well as you have but I'm doing the best that I can, so don't tell me how to live.
- I'm sorry.
- Excuse me, sorry.
Sorry about that.
- Where are we going? - Uh, Tommy.
- Here's O'Brien.
He's yours.
- What? Go get your bounty.
But you have to leave right now.
Uh, excuse me.
I'm very confused Uh, Annie.
Pick her up at the Ellington Inn in Fairmont.
- Isn't she at the motel? - No.
I got her a spa package.
Facial, massage.
She'll be waiting for you.
- How do you know my daughter? - Give her my best.
- Lisbon.
- Are you sure we can't get - Lisbon.
O'Brien's defender sooner? No, I - What are you doing? - We have to leave now.
- I need to talk to O'Brien.
- Might be difficult.
- He's not in the building.
- Why not? Uh, I'll explain on the road.
I know a shortcut.
Where to? Chad, it's Agent Lisbon from the CBI.
We need your help.
Yeah, sure, of course.
There's a bounty hunter on his way to your hotel.
He's travelling with a fugitive.
Carmine O'Brien.
Wait, that guy squatting in our cabin? Listen.
Tell your father to get security, detain him.
We'll be there in 20 minutes.
That was very well played.
- Where is he? - Give it a minute.
There he is.
- If anything happens to him - Everyone's safe.
Just don't worry.
It's all gonna turn out fine.
Shall we? - You're the bounty hunter.
- Excuse me? This is about your bounty.
- Hey, uh, I don't have time for - Listen.
I just need you to take O'Brien to Mexico and let him loose.
- Whatever they're paying, I'll double it.
- What? Exactly what I said.
I'll double your bounty.
I don't do that.
I'll triple it.
- Why? - Look, it doesn't matter.
Will you do it? You killed Chief Green and the druggie, didn't you? You're worried O'Brien can identify you.
Look, just name your price.
- A million bucks.
- Come on Whoa, might need your daddy's checkbook for that.
- What's going on? - O'Brien didn't witness anything.
He was nowhere near the cabin.
But you were, weren't you? No, I Uh, why would you say that? Well, you gave us that videotape so easily.
Practically handed us Zubov as a suspect, and then there's the drugs.
Little partial to the cocaine, aren't you, Chad? - No, I'm not.
- Okay, a lot partial.
Dilated pupils, hyper-alert.
You're burning up.
That's why you have this, uh, personal air conditioner in an already cool room.
And when I shook your hand, your pulse was thumping like a jackhammer.
- Okay.
Stay there.
- Chad, let him go.
Stay there! Don't be stupid, Chad.
Let him go.
Stay back or I'll shoot him.
I swear to God.
Nicely done, Lisbon family.
- Our attorney will be here soon.
- What's the point? - Son - I just wanna be done with it.
When did you start dealing drugs? A year ago.
He doesn't pay me anything.
- Dealing does.
- You were dealing to Steve the night of the murders, weren't you? What happened next? That's when the cop came by.
She told us to take it easy.
Then she started to talk to Steve about his mother.
All I could think was my father's gonna disown me.
I'm gonna lose everything.
I was so high.
I put Chief Green in her trunk.
I tried to get Steve in too but he was heavy, so I left him.
Look, I didn't want to kill Steve.
I didn't want to kill anybody.
But I had to.
That has to count for something, right? No.
- Hey.
The kid wanted to say goodbye.
Give me a minute with your aunt, huh? - Yeah.
- Love you.
Love you too.
Do you still want O'Brien? Well, yeah.
He's downstairs in Holding.
I'll have them release him to you.
This doesn't mean I think what you're doing is right.
But I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.
You got a great kid there, so you're obviously doing something right.
I'm proud of you, Tommy.
Maybe even a little envious.
Thanks, Rees.
I love you, Tommy.
And, um, you know that I'm always here for you, right? Yeah, I know that.
Be careful, Tommy.

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