The Mentalist s04e10 Episode Script

Fugue in Red

The attack took place in the middle of a shift change.
Normally, the shift works till morning, but the crew had a bachelor party.
Who's getting married? Toby Rawlins.
He found the victim seconds after his throat was cut.
Ugh, it's gotta be the worst bachelor party ever.
Did Toby see what happened? He saw a hooded man run into the woods.
Dark jacket.
- Couldn't make out a face.
- Any sign of a murder weapon? Nothing.
Who's the victim? Paul Satterfield.
Twenty-five years on the job.
Multiple citations for bravery.
It's not your fault.
Yeah, I know that.
Unless, of course, you did it.
- Did you kill him? - No.
Just had to ask.
What are you doing out here anyway? I thought you were headed off to celebrate your freedom.
Paul couldn't make the party.
He never leaves his shift early, but he bought me a cigar.
For us to smoke together.
Somebody inside the fire station knew the victim was here.
If you're saying one of our guys did this, no way.
I saw the killer get away through there.
Look, we had half the fire station looking for him.
Guys from two shifts.
Could be the killer circled back around and joined the search for himself.
Could have happened.
It would've been chaotic out here.
Paul Satterfield was one of us.
We all loved him like a brother.
Yeah, you've heard of Cain and Abel, right? Cho, gather the firefighters.
We need to establish a time line.
Can I borrow your flashlight? I'm gonna go looking for the murder weapon.
Jane? Jane, you out here? Jane, come on.
Paramedics! I need help now! Please! Jane.
Come on.
He's still not breathing.
No pulse.
- Is he prone to seizures or blackouts? - No.
He's on the backboard.
Epi's in.
- No pedal, no distal.
- He's bradying down.
- How long has he been out here? - I don't know.
Um, seven, eight minutes.
- Defibrillator standing by.
- Ready.
Pads on him.
- Please.
- Need a milligram of atropine.
Ambu bag.
Come on, start bagging.
- Twelve gauge IV.
- Hook him up to the AED.
Let's charge him.
Charge to 100 joules.
Everybody clear.
Everybody back.
Still nothing.
- Jane.
- Got a sinus rhythm.
Jane, are you okay? - Bring that O2 up.
- NRB, right away.
Can you hear me? Jane.
Get him ready for transport.
On my count.
One, two, three, lift.
- Watch your back, coming through.
- Watch yourselves.
Make a hole.
Make a hole.
Coming through.
How is he? He's breathing.
He's gonna be fine.
He'll be fine.
Jane? How you feeling? Excellent, I think.
It's good to see you breathing.
It's good to see you period.
We're doing everything we can to find your attacker.
You didn't happen to see a face, did you? No.
Not that I could remember.
What's the last thing you do remember? Um Are we sleeping together? Excuse me? You're a cop.
That's obvious.
But you're not treating me like a suspect.
I can't see any reason for a police officer to come to my bedside unless we're-- Unless we're sleeping together.
- You don't know who I am? - Please don't take it personally.
I'm sure you're quite memorable.
I just-- I've been through a lot.
We are not sleeping together.
We're working toward it, though, right? Sol haven't missed anything.
What's your name? Are you putting me on? I wish I was.
Um, I'm Teresa Lisbon with the CBI.
I'm a homicide detective.
You're my consultant.
I catch bad guys? Wow, that sounds like fun.
I always wanted to pit my psychic skills against criminals.
You're not a psychic.
- You used to pretend to be one, but-- - But what? Teresa.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I should've talked to the doctor before I came in here.
I-- Whoa, whoa, Teresa, wait.
I saw something during my attack.
What did you see? A light.
What kind of light? White light.
Intensely bright.
And I walked toward it.
There were lots of people, gathered around reaching out with their hands to me.
There was a woman.
A woman who knew you.
Your mother.
I'm not impressed.
I told you my mother died when I was a girl.
Well, did you tell me that she gave you that cross? You touched it just like that when I was unconscious.
It's what led her to me.
And now I can lead her to you.
You wanna put me in touch with my dead mother? I'm a psychic, Teresa.
That's what I do.
He doesn't know who I am.
He doesn't know who he is.
It's called dissociative fugue.
The temporary loss of personal identity.
It could last hours or months, and in rare cases, years.
But he remembers some things.
Like he used to be a fake psychic.
He just did a cold reading.
It was a good one.
- Has he had any previous traumas? - His wife and daughter were murdered.
There you go.
His mind is protecting itself from further trauma by blocking out that pain.
As far as Patrick knows, his family never existed.
- Their death is what brought him to us.
- That's why he doesn't know you.
But it sounds like you're just what he needs to get back on his feet.
How should we act when he gets here? Normal.
I never know how to act around Jane normally.
Then you're all set.
But don't talk about his past.
It's important Jane's memories come back on their own.
Ugh, this is crazy.
He should be in the hospital.
On the contrary, the doctor wants him in a familiar environment.
- Is he gonna help with the case? - He says he can't wait.
You sure this is a good idea, boss? I don't know, but Jane needs something to hold onto.
We're gonna give it to him.
Where are we with the victim? According to co-workers, Paul Satterfield was a legend.
The old guard respected him.
The younger idolized him.
Satterfield left behind a widow, Diane Together 16 years.
- She's coming by to talk.
- Anything from the crime scene? No trace evidence.
All the EMTs trying to rescue him contaminated everything.
I vote we skip the awkward introductions because you know me.
And in one sweeping glance, I know as much about you as the day I forgot you.
- You gave us a scare yesterday.
- Well, not my intention, I assure you.
Well, we're just glad you pulled through.
Thanks, Bigsby.
It's Wayne Rigsby.
Wayne We're just working the case.
So feel free to jump in any time.
Okay, your armed robber? Desperate amateur.
Why work alone? Because he doesn't know any other criminals.
The Lucha Libre mask projects the correct attitude, but look.
Look what he is wearing.
Khakis and a fitted sweater.
- Jane.
The closest a man should come to touching a fitted sweater is helping a woman out of one.
Jane, another team is handling the ATM lobby hit.
We got the dead fireman.
Got it.
The, uh, victim was featured in a local newscast the day of his murder.
I pulled a copy.
We might find something useful in it.
A dramatic rescue before the light of dawn this morning.
Firefighter Paul Satterfield risked it all to pull an unconscious man from his burning house in Wilton.
Both men barely escaped with their lives when a dramatic flashover exploded behind them.
Officials believe the fire spread from the chimney of the two-story home of Tom Wilcox, who was treated for smoke inhalation and released from the hospital.
This isn't the first time we've featured Paul Satterfiefd on this newscast- Where's Satterfield's partner? You always enter a burning structure with two firefighters.
- I wanna know who let the victim enter.
- Go to the firehouse.
Take Jane.
Me? Whoever killed Satterfield tried to kill you.
You want to give him another try at that? You'll be okay.
Rigsby will be with you.
Why is Teresa insisting that I meet these firefighters? - You might recognize the killer.
- It's doubtful.
They said that I was attacked in the dark and held underwater.
So isn't it likely that he took me from behind? Yeah, probably.
But you're still good at sussing out guilty parties.
How do I do that exactly? It's hard to say.
Causing trouble mostly.
- And you don't mind? - We're a team.
We help each other out.
Well, in that case, Wayne, what's the best way in with the luscious redhead? Van Pelt? Clearly you two had a thing, and she dumped you.
But maybe you can share a tip on how to open the cookie jar, you know? Get some, uh, tasty ginger snaps.
You want a tip? Back off.
I thought we were a team.
- I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs.
- You are, are you? Yes, ma'am.
I hold firefighters in the highest regard.
Even ones who die in a knife fight? Hell, even I didn't see that one coming.
Uh, you mind? It's not allowed.
Did your husband have any enemies? God, no.
Paul Satterfield was a hero.
You didn't hear? You will.
Where's your wedding ring? Oh.
I'm having it melted for cash.
No, not really.
At least not for cash anyway.
Having it resized to fit my middle finger.
Think of it as a statement.
You don't mind being considered a murder suspect.
Consider me whatever you want, you know? You're wasting your time.
- I was working last night.
- Yeah? Where? Suicide prevention hotline.
It's true.
Two minutes with me and your life ain't looking so bad.
You sure I can't have a smoke? Gather around, please.
These men are with CBI.
We're gonna do everything we can to help them out for Paul.
Thank you, captain.
My name is Agent Rigsby.
This is Patrick Jane.
I know a lot of you are here on your day off.
And I want to thank you all for coming.
I spent a lot of time working arson, which is why I know that Paul was hung out to dry yesterday during that house fire.
- What are you suggesting? - I got what I need.
- You recognize one of these men? - I've seen enough to identify the killer.
More specifically, uh, your mascot here has smelled enough.
- What's his name? - Hoser.
Uh, may I? Come on, Hoser.
We've all heard of dogs that found their way home from thousands of miles away.
That's because these animals have a sixth sense.
Natural disasters.
The presence of spirits.
Some of them can even detect cancer.
- That's a bunch of crap.
- Really? An Atlanta woman credits her dog for pawing a cancerous tumor which saved her life.
Why do I remember that? In any case, on my command, our canine friend here will use his extra-sensory perception to sniff out a killer's guilt.
And I do believe he's found it.
Hoser, go get the killer.
- Hey.
- What's this? - Smoked Kipper.
Also known as red herring.
I found it in your kitchen.
What? - What's not funny? - What's going on here? - You said I cause trouble.
- Uh, yeah, to help the investigation.
That guy's the paramedic that saved your life.
- Oh, well, thank you very much.
- No problem.
- Are we done here? - Not by a mile.
When Hoser here was, uh, pouncing on my rescuer I couldn't help but notice a profound sense of relief from you, sir.
What's your relationship with the deceased? - Not much.
- No sad feelings, no wedding ring? That's lady's perfume.
With atop note of orange mixed with bitter almond.
That's not a young woman's fragrance.
Were you sleeping with the victim's wife? That's offensive.
Firefighters are a brotherhood.
- Wives are off-limits.
- Well, tell him that.
I think it's time for you to go.
Huh, Larkin? - I said it's time for you to go.
- It's okay, cap.
It's all gonna come out anyway.
What he said is true.
I was having an affair with Paul's wife.
How was that? Yeah, just like the old you.
Heard you riled them up in there.
Sounds like the Jane I know.
Is anything coming back to you? Kids prefer cheese over fried green spinach.
Come again? It's an acronym for the seven levels Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
I can also name geological time periods, the world's longest rivers and the complete works of Shakespeare in chronological order.
So the memory palace is intact.
- I told you about the memory palace? - We're friends.
The doctor says it's your emotional memories that are tripping you up.
Has anything come back to you? Anything at all? No.
- What do you remember about this? - My wedding ring.
No better way to gain a woman's trust than to wear a wedding ring.
Except maybe buy a dog, but who wants that mess? Okay, so you wear a wedding ring to get over on women.
Worked on you.
You remember the house fire that we saw on the newscast? It was the only call that the victim responded to the day he was murdered.
I'm gonna have Cho go and take a look.
I want you to go with him.
- So it's his turn to babysit me now? - Well, somebody has to.
Pleasant weather.
Has it been like this all week? I guess.
Why? Big elephants can always understand small elephants.
Because, Teresa.
Oh, I get it.
It's another acronym.
Were you at the firehouse the night the victim was murdered? I left early to go to the bachelor party.
Were you with anyone? - No.
- So you could have circled back.
I could have but I didn't.
Why were you sleeping with Mrs.
Satterfield? It felt good.
- Enough to want her husband dead? - I didn't want him dead.
Oh, no? Well, I checked yesterday's logs.
You were Satterfield's partner in that fire.
You let him go upstairs without backup, alone.
I was the one who was left without backup, okay? We live and die by SOGs.
Do you know what those are? - Standard operating guidelines.
- Yeah.
We were conducting a standard left-hand search of a fully involved house, when Paul decides to run upstairs -and find the homeowner.
- Why didn't you go with him? He left me in a smoke-filled room with zero visibility.
I couldn't see my hand in front of my face much less which way he ran.
But that's the way it was with Paul.
He could break every rule leave his partner in danger, and still he's the hero.
So why didn't you tell the captain? Paul was good press.
Look, I feel bad that he's gone but I'll tell you what.
I am glad that I don't have to count on him to cover my back at the next fire.
You take this side of the street.
Find out if neighbors saw the victim interacting with anyone suspicious.
You want me to go door to door like a salesman? You do it all the time.
You say it's one of the more interesting things about being a consultant.
You're a clever one, Mr.
And I'll do your bidding.
First, I wanna take a look at this burned out house.
When can I go inside? I need to get in there.
What's going on here? - They won't let me inside my house.
- It's a standard arson investigation.
We'll call him when it's over.
This is crazy.
Why would I set fire to my house? Everything I own is in there.
My kid's childhood.
- No one's accusing you, sir.
- I know you.
I saw you on the TV.
The fireman saved your life.
Patrick Jane.
Tom Wilcox.
I almost died yesterday too, but, uh, no news cameras.
Did you know the man who pulled you from the fire was killed? Yeah, I read it in the paper.
I didn't even get a chance to thank him.
Did you see the victim in conflict with anyone? - No, I was unconscious the whole time.
- Me too.
A guy was behind me with my head under the water.
How did you black out? When the fire jumped the fireplace, I ran and grabbed all the valuables I could.
But the smoke was too thick, and I couldn't breathe.
We both cheated death.
That's just-- That's remarkable.
You know, we should get T-shirts made up.
I'm glad you're happy, but I just lost everything I own.
I got my wife and my daughter in a motel I can't afford with nothing but the clothes on our backs.
You can ask your insurance company for an advance on the claim.
My house isn't insured.
I mean, it was, but I'm a savings and loan officer, and ever since the banks collapsed I've been out of work.
Okay, well, let's forget the T-shirts.
Uh, Mr.
Let's say we give this poor man a ride back to his family.
Come on.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, boss.
On Rigsby's advice, I went through Mrs.
Satterfield's credit reports.
Take a look at this.
Looks like our grieving widow had a lot to celebrate.
I'm thinking about using that life insurance money to redo my kitchen.
No offense, Mrs.
Satterfield, but you're quite brazen.
Which means you're either innocent or stupid.
She doubled down on her husband's insurance policy a month before his murder.
I'm going with stupid.
Wouldn't be the first time a cheating wife arranged for her husband's death.
- You think I was unfaithful? - You were sleeping with another man.
Paul knew about my affair.
Truth is, he was relieved.
I stopped begging for his attention.
You see, he could never give me what I wanted.
- Which was? - A marriage.
He left ours years ago.
My husband was a junkie.
- Heroin? - Adrenaline.
Couldn't get enough of it.
Drinking in all that glory.
Dancing in the fire.
How do you compete with the high of being a hero? Why didn't you just leave him? And what kind of settlement am I gonna get from a firefighter? I upped the policy because his death was just a matter of time.
Every day a race towards the edge of a cliff.
I'll bet getting stabbed was the biggest rush of his life.
Thanks for the ride.
It's, uh It's been a tough day.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, baby.
- Who are your friends? - I'm Agent Cho.
This is Patrick Jane.
We're investigating the murder of Paul.
Oh, I was just reading about him in the paper.
It's so sad.
Lulu would be without a father right now if it weren't for him.
Do you know anything about the funeral? Uh, we'd like to be there.
Well, they usually have that information in the story.
Have a look here.
Oh, this clown again.
He's stealing a lot of press from our fallen hero.
Did you find my dolls? I'm afraid not, honey.
I still haven't been able to get inside our house.
Well, not to fear.
, uh, Cho here and I will go back to your home and see what we can find to make your life easier.
- Yes.
- No, you don't have to do that.
It's okay.
- I miss my dolls.
- Not for long.
Thank you, both of you.
Shall we? - What's your play here? - I don't know what you mean.
What are you trying to do? Bring a ray of hope to a family, I suppose and help my friends solve a crime.
I don't buy it.
You don't help us because you like us.
I don't like you? You don't not like us but you have deeper reasons for helping people.
Without those reasons, you're a hustler.
So, what's your play? You're wrong about me, Mr.
I do like you.
And I can assure you, I want to help that little girl find her lost doll.
What's wrong? This doll.
It reminds me of something.
I can't I can't quite It's your family.
Yeah, my family.
I can't believe that.
How could I forget my family? I'm sorry.
Could you give me a minute, please, Mr.
Cho? Sure, I'll wait outside.
Jane? Okay, if he does show up, please call us right away.
Thank you.
- Not at the hospital.
- I'm starting to get worried.
- It's not like he has money.
- Uh, yeah, he has money.
I found this in my wallet when we got back from the station.
-"Lou so bucks.
" - Yeah, and I'm $63 light.
- He wasn't even honest about that.
- Start calling local cab companies.
See if any of the drivers remember giving him a ride.
This is my fault.
I should know better.
So should I.
I'm the one who got him out.
We were all marks today.
Not me.
What? He didn't con me.
Yeah, only because he wants a date with you.
- Really? - Don't take this the wrong way.
The death of Jane's family made him a better person.
That person was always inside of him.
The murder just brought it out.
Slow down.
Who is this? Are you drunk? I do not do readings.
You have the wrong number.
- No, stop! - Don't hang up! Hello? Where are you calling from? Okay, I'm being pulled in this direction.
It is an older woman, an aunt or a cousin coming through.
There's a "K" connection.
A "K" connection somewhere over here.
My mother's name was Kate.
She's saying something about-- What do you know about twins? - I'm a Gemini.
- Ah.
That's your mother's way of letting you know she's here.
She's letting me know it's important that you know this is her opportunity to make a connection.
This is her chance to come through.
- okay.
- okay.
Yeah, your mother is saying she was killed.
What I mean by that is hers was not a natural passing.
Is that right? It was a car crash.
Okay, I'm sorry.
That's how you lost her.
You lost her in a crash.
That's what you tell people.
"I lost my mother in a car crash.
I lost her.
" I lost her.
What you're forgetting is that she lost you too.
And there is no greater loss than a parent's loss of a child, but it's okay.
She wants you to know it's okay because she's here with you.
She's here tonight and she's telling me that she wants a hug.
A huge hug.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here, please.
Come here.
Show it to her.
Oh, that's okay.
- I hate him.
- That's not him.
You're very brave.
You have a very strong connection.
You won't lose that now.
Thank you, folks.
What are you doing? What's it look like? Business.
Excuse me.
May I? This is Rigsby's card.
Yeah, you know, just until I get my own printed up.
You said at the hospital that you were dying to help.
This is not helping.
I am.
I'm investigating.
I felt bad about the stunt I pulled on these boys so, uh, I decided to take the B Shift out for a night on the town.
Get to know them.
Make sure they're all innocent of murder.
Are they? They're the best of the best.
- You're a mate, Paddy.
- Yep.
Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Oh, by the way.
He got the last round.
Could you thank him for me? We're going back to the hospital now.
Gonna take a rain check.
I've got another show.
Stick around.
I'm best with the late crowd.
You gonna make me call backup to get you out because I will do that, Paddy.
- The best of the best.
- Yeah.
- See you, Paddy.
- Salute.
Well said, my man, well said.
I got it from here.
I'll see you in the morning.
Uh, no.
Actually, put a fork in it.
I'm done.
No more police work.
I understand.
You can stay in the hospital -until you get your memory back.
- What if I don't get it back? I talked to my paramedic friends.
They told me all I need to be released from this hospital is the signature from a responsible adult and I got some pretty tasty offers tonight.
- I'm telling you, this wedding ring-- - I can make you stay, you know.
It's in my power to hold you as a witness in a murder investigation.
Why would you do that? You think I can't see what's going on here? You people, you're tiptoeing, you're dancing around some forgotten tragedy.
I'm happy now.
Just Just let me be happy.
Fair enough.
Look, I'll miss you, but I'll leave you alone.
Okay? Thank you, Teresa.
I appreciate it.
Any parting thoughts on the murder? Yeah, I figured out who killed the fireman.
- You did? Who? - Jacket, left pocket.
- Kind of obvious, don't you think? - No.
You need me to spell it out for you? - Yes.
- And I suppose you need me to gift wrap the killer too.
You usually do.
My parting gift to you, I will give tomorrow morning.
Good night.
There's room up here.
Moving van, huh? You have to put a deposit down on that? I thought you were broke.
Well, the investigation is over.
They let me in the house and I found our emergency cash, thank God.
- And now you're going away.
- Montana.
No, prison.
Put your game face on, cockroach.
For the dignity of your family.
Hello there.
I got something for you.
I do.
Look at this.
Marcy-G race.
- Yes.
- Oh, that is so nice of you.
- What do you say, honey? - Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
I found something else in your house.
We have to get on the road, so whatever it is, you can keep it, okay? Come on, get in the truck.
Let's go.
What's this about? I don't believe it's anything your daughter wants to hear about.
Honey? Take her into the room.
Just go.
I'll explain later.
It's okay.
Come on, baby.
Get crazy with those cheese puffs, kid.
So cute.
Before I show you what I found, I have to tell you the story that goes with it.
Um, it's the tale of an ATM robbery gone wrong.
I believe you read about it in the newspapers.
Put the bags down! Do it! Now your guns.
I don't believe the masked robber intended to hurt anyone but then again, they rarely do.
The first thing a smart criminal does is destroy the evidence.
Fire, it's a very popular way to do that.
With the fireplace alight the masked robber ran upstairs to lock his stash away in the bedroom safe.
What he didn't know was the fire downstairs was now burning out of control.
Well, excuse me, but what does this have to do with me? Bear with me.
It's been a rough week.
When the robber found the bottom floor on fire he should have run right out of there.
He couldn't abandon the cash, not after all that, so he ran back upstairs.
Problem is the smoke was too thick.
He couldn't breathe.
The masked robber passed out right there in his own bedroom.
Are you accusing me of armed robbery? Yes.
And murder.
Oh, and, uh, attempted murder too.
- Well, you must be desperate.
- Hardly.
I had you pegged from the start.
You know how guards operate from your savings and loan days.
And who would light a fire on such a warm morning? The hard part was to figure out what would drive you to kill the man who saved your life.
I realized that firefighter saw something when he braved those flames.
I got an unconscious man in here.
Something that would send you to jail for life when he caught the news reports of the robbery and pieced together what he saw inside that burning house.
The mask.
It had to be.
It's what you were trying to burn with those bags.
It's what Satterfield saw.
And that's why you had to kill him.
That's a scary story.
But without proof, it's just a story.
Oh, almost forgot.
The other thing I found in the ashes.
Yeah, I searched your house before you did, remember? I actually tried to crack your safe, but that's not my specialty.
Don't worry.
I'm not here to bust you.
There's nothing in that for me.
I want half the money.
Half the money.
Well, I think that's very generous.
I could ask for more.
What choice do you have? Half.
Now the mask.
Uh, yeah, the mask, of course.
Be in the bag there.
This isn't mine.
I, uh, found that at a Mexican party store.
The colors are a good match though, don't you think? Hands in the air where I can see them.
Do it now! Go.
Turn around.
I've always wanted a couch like that.
- Who's this? - This is my responsible adult, Tamara.
- Tamara.
- Hi.
Well, you did it.
You caught a killer and we got back most of the stolen cash.
Most? Wilcox was missing some of the money.
He said you took it, but he must have hidden it.
I'd look for an accomplice.
That's a big job to pull off alone.
We'll do that.
Oh, by the way.
Your last paycheck.
That's my payment? You weren't exactly in it for the money.
I confess a vague satisfaction in taking down someone that thought they were smarter than me.
Not enough to want to stick around here.
Not for this.
All right.
Let me know if you change your mind.
Or you know, get it back.
Some doors are best left shut.
Uh, everyone else, I'd just like to say thank you.
I'm sure we've shared some great times together.
I'm not presently qualified to comment, so I'm gonna make like a rock and roll.
- That looks real.
- Sure does.
- You weren't lying.
You took it.
Wilcox wasn't lying.
You really took it.
I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.
Uh, I'm late for my new life.
When did you grab the cash? Please.
Does it matter? You people are the highway robbers.
Look at this paycheck.
We could have you arrested for theft.
There's not a jury in the world that would convict me.
I'm out of my mind.
- Ask my doctor.
- You're running away.
What are you talking about? You're starting to feel something.
You don't know what to do.
- That's nonsense.
- Prove it.
Take a ride with me.
If you still want to leave after that, you can.
Great house.
Whose is it? It's yours.
Give me your keys.
I'm sorry.

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