The Mentalist s04e11 Episode Script

Always Bet on Red

You know sea air is an antihistamine? The salt clears the passages.
- Cho? - What do we got? Alton Creek.
He's a big-time divorce attorney.
It's hard to say which of his many enemies would want him dead.
- His speedboat's down there.
- Cause of death? Well, he's not dead yet.
Somebody just threatened to make him that way.
Since when do we roll for death threats? When the threatened man is a rich establishment lawyer with juice.
This one's on you, Cho.
Apparently one of your confidential informants knows Creek.
She told him we could help.
- Summer.
That's a nice name.
She's a working girl, been a Cl for a few weeks.
- I'm surprised she knows a guy like Creek.
- She's moving up.
Where are you? - Hi, ye Mr.
- We're walking to you.
- You're late.
Sorry, it's along drive from Sacramento.
We got here soon as we could.
And that's it? Moron, someone's trying to kill me.
And the CBI needs to do something about these threats, or I will call the attorney gen - Uh - His leg? Was that a shark? So much for professional courtesy.
So forensics finished their search of the water near the explosion.
The body parts belong to Alton Creek.
Did they find them all? Most.
And the Arson Squad found traces of C-4 in the debris.
Guy never knew what hit him.
At least he was dead when, you know, the shark ate him.
Um, anything else? Uh, time-frame.
Security cameras covering the yacht's berth were down for repairs between 11 last night and 7 this morning.
Killer planted the explosive then.
Luck or planning? Don't know yet.
So who wanted this guy dead? He was a divorce attorney.
Who didn't? - Does he have any family? - Nope.
We're trying to find his law partner, Lawrence Dersh.
He's not at any of his three houses.
Good to be back.
Maybe Summer will know.
I asked her to come in.
Kimball Cho.
Been awhile.
You're late.
You know sharks can have up to Are you gonna actually help on the case? I could actually use your help too.
Special Agent Darcy.
How's the federal authorities? Haven't seen you for, uh, since The Panzer business, right.
That's why I'm here.
We just took over the case.
wasn't getting anywhere.
Can I ask you some questions? - Um, we're kind of - Of course.
Uh, whatever you need.
Take a seat.
I'll make tea.
Is this an official inquiry? Cop to confidential informant? You'll get paid.
Now did Creek tell you who wanted to kill him? It wasn't that kind of relationship.
How's your back? It's fine.
What was your relationship? He used to be a client.
We weren't close, but I liked him.
- Well, you seem to be one of the few.
- Heh.
Yeah, well, Alton was abrasive.
He was a real lawyer, you know? He wasn't really happy unless he was arguing about something.
Girlfriend? New one every month.
- Know his law partner, Lawrence Dersh? - Nah, not really.
But you know what Al was bitching about Dersh last week, said they got into a fight over money.
Could Dersh be who threatened Creek? Maybe.
I mean, it was pretty hardcore.
- You heard the threat? - No.
I saw it.
We were coming back from this party, and it was sitting on his front doorstep.
A pig.
With a big old knife in his head.
Told him to go to the cops but he said no.
But then a couple days later he asked me if I knew any cops who were cool.
I couldn't think of any, so I told him to talk to you guys.
Red John was accomplished, no doubt.
And I applaud you for ridding us of him.
But he is not in the same league as the San Joaquin Killer.
Red John was a common sociopath.
Lazy, sloppy, delusional You really have no idea what you're saying And only a little while later Hmm The man who killed Panzer wanted it to look like Red John.
Whom you shot and killed last spring.
Lapsang souchong.
I think you're gonna like it.
Here you go.
Your point? Well, it's an odd chain of events, isn't it? Hmm Yeah, I guess.
Odd happens.
What does it matter who killed Panzer? He was the San Joaquin Killer.
So you said.
But I studied Panzer very carefully.
There's not a lot of evidence to support that.
Not your kind of evidence.
He was the San Joaquin Killer.
- I agree.
- It is possible.
But his murderer still has to be apprehended.
Why? Because killing someone without government permission is wrong? Was there something that you wanted to ask, agent? Are you sure the man you killed was Red John? Yes.
I'm sure.
Ahem, then we have a copycat.
Can you think of anyone who would want to do this? Someone that wanted to avenge Panzer's crimes, I'd imagine.
Well, who else thought he was the San Joaquin Killer? Aside from you? Good question.
Figure out the answer, I think you'll have your killer.
But surely the motive is to avenge the insult to Red John, right? I mean, look at the cutting patterns.
Clearly, our suspect is someone who's studied Red John obsessively.
Well, Red John, uh He was the type to attract followers, uh admirers.
He had a particular style a style that people wanted to copy, you know? Not unlike Elvis.
All right.
Well, thank you for your time.
I'm staying at the Oakview Inn.
If you can think of anything else, please give me a call.
Agent Lisbon.
Nice lady.
Nice? That's all you're gonna say? She's nice? Great legs.
Don't you think it's time to tell the truth about Red John? Well, the truth is I killed Red John.
I mean, you can ask anyone.
It was on the news, Lisbon.
But you think he's alive.
I told you that.
You, Lisbon.
Nobody else.
And it's better that way.
Then why make him reemerge? You manipulated Panzer into insulting Red John so Red John would kill him.
I didn't know how else to stop Panzer.
He would have just kept on killing.
And now you've got the FBI asking awkward questions.
You've kept this from the team.
It's not good.
It's lucky they don't know.
If they knew, they'd have to lie to the FBI.
And this way, they can tell what they think is the truth.
Do you know how messed up that sounds? - Yeah.
- What is wrong with the simple truth? Telling people he's alive.
I told a jury that I shot him dead.
Where does that leave me? It's not good.
No, no.
Not great.
Their partner dies and they throw a party.
Hey, if you're stranded on a desert island with Attila the Hun, Josef Stalin, and a lawyer and you got a gun with only two bullets, what do you do? - You're telling a lawyer joke? No.
- Yeah.
Lawrence Dersh? You're a tough man to find.
You are here about Alton.
Awful thing.
Just awful.
But business is business, right? This is our yearly retreat, officers, it's been scheduled for months.
The employees are scared.
I have to show them that business is still strong even with Alton gone.
He'd want that, I promise you.
Sir, where were you between 11 p.
and 7 this morning? Uh, whoa! Sorry, flag on the play.
My client won't be answering any questions right now.
Your client? Colette Santori, I work with Larry at the firm.
White-collar crime.
Fast-track to partnership, right, Colette? - If you play your cards right.
- Heh.
No, uh, in-house dating, Larry.
Well, as you can see Larry's had a few, and is saying some inappropriate things.
- Not a good time to talk to the police.
- Hey, now.
But I would be happy to set up an interview for tomorrow.
Sure, no problem.
Just one thing.
Who had reason to want your partner dead? - I have no idea.
- Like I said.
Thanks for your time.
What the hell? That's weird.
It's late, Grace, what are you still doing here? I just Had stuff to do.
Hey, take a look at this, would you? Somebody uploaded a file onto the major crimes server.
The file was transferred from outside CBI, and that's not possible.
Or at least, it shouldn't be.
It's that "I dare you" thing? Well, let's take the dare.
- Isn't that the FBI agent? - Darcy, yes.
What is going on? Somebody just uploaded a text file - to the same folder as the video.
- Open it.
Uh Oakview Inn, Oakview Inn.
Quick, let's go, let's get out of here.
Come on.
- Grace, Grace, Grace.
- All right.
Hold on.
- Don't move.
Federal agent.
- CBI.
We're friendly, don't shoot.
Patrick? Susan.
Sorry about your door.
Well, it looks like you're my knight in shining armor, Patrick.
So I go to CBI asking about a copycat and CBI is sent this weird stalking video of me.
Panzer's killer's taken an interest in you.
It's dangerous.
I think you should get off the case.
You should give it to someone else.
Heh, come on.
This weird video makes me wanna go after that creep even harder.
This is a dangerous situation.
Not talking about a Peeping Tom.
This stalker - Okay, than ks - Different pathology Good night.
I can take care of myself.
I appreciate your help tonight.
That video.
It was Red John.
Red John is stalking Darcy.
And you didn't tell her.
Are you crazy? If I'd told her, she would've just gone harder at the case.
She's not really the type to stop.
Is this about helping Darcy or keeping Red John - for yourself? - What? This is not about me.
Of course I'm worried about her.
"She's cute.
This is gonna be fun.
" - That message, that was meant for you.
- Yes, that was a message for me.
Red John is trying to form a closer relationship with you.
There's no relationship.
What if Red John took murdering Panzer as some kind of invitation? You manipulated a serial killer.
There's gonna be consequences I didn't have a choice.
I had to stop Panzer.
I will try and get Darcy off the Panzer case before Red John hurts her.
I hope you can.
You had a fight with Alton Creek.
- A disagreement, agent.
Not a - I'd like to hear it from him, Ms.
It was a disagreement.
Not a fight.
About money.
Go ahead, you can answer.
Yes, we argued over money.
Some of his clients were behind in paying their bills and I told Alto get on them about it.
Look, he was my partner for 15 years.
I had nothing but love for the guy.
This is from the security camera outside your building, the day before Creek died.
Doesn't look much like love.
What were you really arguing about? I told you.
You know who you should look at is that hooker he hung out with.
- Summer Edgecombe? - Summer, Autumn, something like that.
- She's got a terrible temper.
- If there's nothing else, we go You lied to us.
- Hey.
- We asked if you knew who wanted him dead.
You said no.
A lie.
Okay, that's enough Do you know who sent this to your partner? Did you do it? That is disgusting.
And I certainly didn't do it.
Now are we done here? - So? - So I asked around.
Did Dersh mention Al's little secret? And by little I mean big.
Because he had to know.
- What secret? - Cost you $1000 to find out.
A thousand dollars.
And dinner at a nice restaurant.
Five hundred and a pizza.
- Six hundred, no mushrooms.
- Deal.
I hate mushrooms.
What can you get for $127.
68? You could go crazy at Olive Garden.
Not me, Creek.
Van Pelt looked into his business records and there's something weird.
Up until six months ago, every week he put in for reimbursement by his firm for $127.
68 for expenses.
So he was hiding whatever it is from his partner.
Yeah, but what can you buy for $127.
68? I don't know.
But Creek was hiding something else.
Our Cl found out he had a big gambling habit.
Poker mostly.
- Illegal? - Very, San Francisco's got this club in the Tenderloin.
Creek had lost plenty lately.
That could be why he and Dersh fought.
Few days later, Creek won 50 grand at Texas Hold'em.
Turned out to be a big problem.
Why? He won it from Brock Marx.
Bay Area crime lord.
Marx accused him of cheating, threatened to kill him.
Narcotics, assault with deadly, attempted murder A mobbed-up guy like this could leave a pig's head at somebody's door.
- Go pick him up.
- He's in the wind.
- Parole officer hasn't heard from him.
- Crap.
We think we can find him at this gambling club.
will bust the place next week - asked us to go in quiet.
- How quiet? Yes! Hey, now.
No more bets.
Thirty red.
- Hey.
There's Marx.
Heads down, hands up, big shooter coming up.
Got a good shooter here, ladies and gentlemen.
You, okay.
You, no.
I wanna play craps.
This is the only table.
Too bad.
It's okay, baby.
I'll play for the both of us.
I bet I do better than you would have, anyways.
Go get a drink.
This won't take long.
Same shooter, here we go.
Looking for six.
Picked the winner six, front line, winner six.
What is it? What happened? Darcy's okay.
It's not her.
Not directly, anyway.
Panzer the gift that keeps on giving.
Do you remember Tom Maier? He was the father of Panzer's first victim? Sure.
Nice man.
He killed himself today.
- Five and I feel fine.
- Ugh, oh, well.
Hoping for eight, that's the number.
Try again.
Side bet? Like? Big six and eight, we got a shooter, we're rolling, folks.
We're smoking, on fire.
You have a bet.
Here we go, same shooter.
Eight the hard way, winner eight.
- On fire, winner eight.
- Ugh.
Sorry, blondie.
Better luck next time.
And the shooter passes, we got a new shooter coming out.
New shooter coming out here.
Pay UP - Right now? - Why not? Here? House is money.
Wait here.
After you.
Let's see that money.
Roll it for me, come on.
There we go! That's the one.
So you're pretty much tall, dark, and handsome.
- Yeah.
- I like that.
- Police.
- Brock Marx - you're under arrest.
- Unh.
For what? Parole violation.
We need to ask you a few questions about a murder.
Nice work.
Thank you.
What did you whisper to him? Wouldn't you like to know? Morning, Lisbon.
Uh, I need to borrow your office.
Too bad, I'm busy.
What costs $127.
68? Creek spent that much every week for months and was hiding it.
Until three months ago.
Anyway, your office? Are you gonna actually help? As soon as I can get Darcy off Panzer's case.
- Mr.
Jane? - Mrs.
Maier, please thanks for coming.
Have a seat.
Lisbon, this is Teri Maier.
Tom Maier's wife.
Maier, we are so sorry for your loss.
The gardener found him in the backyard.
Tom made sure it wasn't me who found him.
The Coroner's office hasn't released the body yet.
I need to bury him.
Of course.
I'll check it out immediately.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I'm so sorry for what happened.
It was the guilt.
It ate him up like a cancer.
Every day, Tom got smaller and smaller until finally, he left.
Did he happen to leave a note? No.
But honestly, I haven't checked.
He felt bad, so the only thing he could do was hang himself.
He was in so much pain, and all I feel is angry.
We will do everything we can to get the coroner to release the body - as soon as possible.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
Could you? - Thank you.
- Uh, Ron, could you help her Well.
Uh, I have a lot to do, so have a nice day.
- Jane? - Yes.
Something you wanna tell me? Deniability, Lisbon.
Your best friend.
Sent to Creek before he was killed.
A warning of what's to come, huh? Make him afraid and paranoid.
This is just your style.
You got a question for me or you just wanna chat? You can keep that.
Uh, Lisbon, it's Jane.
Let's have lunch in San Francisco.
What do you say? Call me.
Teresa, aw, can't tell you how great it is to see you.
Partners with this one for three years.
- Oh, I know.
Patrick Jane.
- Bobby Wilson.
So how's it going? How's the big old CBI? Oh, you know, it goes.
FBI's all over us about this, uh, Panzer case.
They were jackbooting about over here too.
Anyway, what do you say, Bobby could you show us your, uh, file on the Panzer case? Uh, yes, sure, just have CBI file a request, Form 29.
Of course, yeah, yeah.
We were hoping that maybe we could, uh, expedite the process you know, talk to you.
We're under the gun with time.
He's okay, Bobby.
Did you find any? You know, never mind.
Guess what we found out.
California Bar was investigating your law partner.
Over his gambling.
That's what your fight was about last week, wasn't it? Yes.
Alton was out of control.
- So you lied to us.
- Don't answer that.
If Al got disbarred, that was the end of your firm.
He'd become a liability.
And how do lawyers deal with liability? Oh, don't worry.
It's not a lawyer joke.
They get insurance.
You insured Alton Creek's life for 10 million dollars.
Four weeks ago.
Larry? I didn't have time to mention it.
It's common for businesses to have a key man policy.
- Al was key.
- Uh, you know what ahem, we're done here.
Admit it.
Your partner was worth more dead, so you killed him.
- I said we're done.
- Fine.
Let's go, Mr.
I don't think Larry is capable of this.
Don't be naive.
Men lie.
And kill.
Maier? - Yes, Thomas.
- Right in here.
- Five minutes.
- Thank you.
Hey, we've had Brock Marx in the box for hours, the guy won't talk.
The crime lord.
Pig's head.
- Yes.
- Got his law partner as well.
Insurance motive, wanna question him? I'm kind of busy right now why don't you gather your suspects, and we'll meet back here in a few hours? Where are you going? Gotta find a hobo, and gotta do some errands.
And I gotta run by this flower shop too.
What? - Find a hobo? - Flower shop? Patrick.
It's Susan.
Oh, Susan.
What do I owe the pleasure? I'm calling you back.
- Oh, that's right, yeah, I just wanted to let you know I went down to the S.
I didn't find anything.
I know.
So why'd you go? Well, this Panzer-Red John copycat thing has me very intrigued.
I want to help out as much as I possibly can.
- So, uh, Susan, you still there? - Yeah.
I need to talk about some things.
- I've gotta go.
- Patrick.
- Patrick, are you there? - Bye.
Hello? Patrick.
- Susan.
- I was hoping we could talk more - They're waiting for you.
Uh, hang on one second, I have a few questions You're more than welcome to wait but this one hasn't done squat on our murder, and he's gonna help.
Yes, I damn well am gonna help.
I'm sorry.
I won't be long.
- Thanks for rescuing me.
- Shh.
- Hey.
- I didn't call you in.
Oh, Mr.
Jane asked me to come in.
Hi, okay, folks, let's get straight to it.
Patrick Jane.
Nice to meet you.
Do you prefer, uh, eggs for breakfast over cereal? Cereal.
A hardened criminal like yourself? That's very interesting.
- What's your, uh, favorite legal objection? - Well ls it better to be feared or loved? You don't have to answer that.
Patrick Jane, a pleasure to finally meet you.
- Hi.
- You.
You are a borderline sociopath, extremely violent but not our killer.
You were jealous of the victim's talent, his skills in court - but he never, uh, bought you flowers.
- Flowers? No.
The flower shop nearest to your office, uh sells a dozen red roses for a very reasonable price of $127.
- It was flowers? Seriously? - Yes.
Our romantic victim bought them once a week.
A secret relationship he couldn't disclose, an illicit one.
Maybe not that illicit.
Uh, no offense but how many men do buy roses for hookers? Oh, I don't hook any more.
But they do buy them for girlfriends.
Girlfriends they can't have under certain rules.
You killed Alton Creek.
Uh, that's ridiculous.
I'm an officer of the court.
I see homicidal rage, betrayal.
You were lovers, yes, that's right.
And he dumped you.
Hence the pig's head.
A pig for a pig.
We're gonna have to ask you You killed Al? You bitch! Oh.
Have a nice day.
Al was an okay guy.
- Why did you kill him? - I got this.
An "okay guy"? He said he'd marry me, the bastard.
And then he changed his mind.
He just wasn't ready, wasn't sure of his feelings.
A divorce attorney who's holding out for true love? What a joke.
The affair ended months ago.
Long time to hold a grudge.
Take her.
Hey, I waited for him, for years.
I put my career on hold to be with him.
I wanted a family, and now it is too late.
He took away my life.
And turns out, all he wanted was a hooker.
I'm not a hooker, bitch.
- Susan, did you want to talk now? - I don't have any time.
Field office just got a tip on the Panzer murder.
A homeless guy found a bag of stuff in an alley in Fresno.
A tip from a hobo? My people are on it.
It was a bag of clothes with blood spatter on it and a knife.
It looks like it could be the knife that killed Panzer.
Hmm Copycat's sloppy if it's his knife.
Red John would never have been that careless.
Forensics is running the blood now.
Oh, get this.
The alley is in a neighborhood near the Maier home.
Thomas Maier? No.
- Yeah.
The San Joaquin Killer's - I know who he is.
He's the father of the first victim.
I don't buy that.
Maier killed himself yesterday.
We're going to the house now to search it.
Good luck.
I have a confession to make.
When Tom killed himself part of me was angry at him for being weak.
But now I know how strong he was.
Now I know.
The FBI found this letter in Molly's room.
It's from Tom.
It's important that you all hear this, so you can understand.
"My dearest Teri if you are reading this, you know what I have done.
I have avenged myself against Jim Panzer.
Jim was the man who killed our Molly.
When I saw him on TV that night, I knew.
I knew he'd killed her.
I can't explain how except to say that Molly's heart cried out to me, and I knew.
" Please.
"Killing the man who murdered our daughter is the best thing I will ever do.
I'm at peace.
I'm just sorry that I'm leaving you alone, and I hope you forgive me.
And that in some way, this letter brings you some kind of comfort.
Love, Tom.
" "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace where there is hatred, let me sow love and where there is darkness, light.
" That was nice of you to give her that letter.
Least I could do.
- My God, poor woman.
- Yeah.
So the case is closed.
Once we got the labs back, it was a slam dunk.
The prints on the knife? Maier's.
The blood was Panzer's.
It was denatured, but it was definitely his.
But why Red John? Why would he copycat a dead man? I don't know.
Maybe he felt like he had to emulate a monster to hunt a monster.
So he picked the biggest one he could find.
One thing I can't figure out though is was why he was stalking me.
And why the video? Hunting monsters changes you.
He went and killed himself the very next day.
I hope he found peace in the end.
Good bye, Agent Darcy.
Did it change you, Patrick? Hunting a monster? Of course.
Be well, Susan.
It has changed you, you know.
- Darcy's off the case, Lisbon.
She's safe.
- What about you? How's Red John gonna feel when he finds out you spoiled his fun with Agent Darcy?
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