The Mentalist s04e12 Episode Script

My Bloody Valentine

- Hey.
- Hey, boss.
I got your text.
What's up? - I got a call from the FBI.
- What do they want? It's about the investigation to Craig O'Laughlin's death.
It was an agent named Wexler.
He said he'd been trying to reach you.
He left some messages.
I haven't had a chance to call him back.
What did he say? The investigation's over, they filed a report.
He wanted you to know that he was returning your necklace.
- My what? - The necklace O'Laughlin gave you.
It was in evidence, but they're done with it.
He sent it over.
I don't Uh Look, I don't want it.
You take it.
If you don't want it, you can sell it.
Or take it down to the evidence room and they can auction it off.
It's for you.
- Grace.
- Hey, boss.
Got one.
Shooting victim out in El Oro State Forest.
You two take it.
- Grace, are you okay? - Fine.
- Do you want me to take it away? - No, it's okay.
El Oro State Forest.
East of Lake Tahoe, right? Yeah.
You get lost? Briefly.
Beautiful out here, but they could use a little more signage.
The victim's name is Gabriel Porchetto, Jr.
Father's a big mob boss.
Runs narcotics and illegal gambling in the northeast.
They live in the city.
This is a vacation house.
That's, uh, Argentinian, I believe.
- How can you tell? - I used to read a lot of phone books.
As I recall, Buenos Aires had many Porchettos.
- You used to read phone books.
- It's an excellent mnemonic exercise.
You should try.
Porchetto and his brother were throwing a party.
Had a half dozen friends.
- Brought in hookers for entertainment.
- Oh, good wholesome fun.
There's a security fence around the entire compound.
A hundred yards back, there's a blanket over the barbed wire and footprints inside and out.
The point of entry.
And here we are.
Which one's the younger brother? Sergio.
- Yeah? - So you're Sergio and, uh, who are you? Curtis Nett.
I work for the family.
- The enforcer.
- I work for the family.
Ten years.
- Just tell us what happened.
- We were inside the house partying.
Gabe came to the hot tub with one of the girls.
There was a shot.
Curtis and I run out.
Gabe's you know The girl's freaking out.
I run to the fence.
I see a guy just climbed over.
I throw a shot at him.
He throws a shot at me.
No one hit anything.
He takes off running.
- You get a look at him? - White guy, jacket, baseball cap.
You gave your gun to the sheriff? - That's right.
We need all the guns.
- The ones hid before we got here.
- Look at this mess.
- Wanna talk weapons charges? - We won't necessarily press charges.
I need every gun for a ballistics check.
I'll tell the guys.
- You do that, Serge.
- So, what's the deal? You work for the family, but you have no respect for him.
- Is that a question? - I don't know.
Was it? Where's the girl? That's a question.
Her name's Janpen.
She's Chinese.
Doesn't speak English.
My name is Patrick.
We're gonna need a translator.
What is that hideous thing on her shoulder? She speaks English.
She's just a little bit shy, right? I don't speak English, guys don't talk to me.
- It's better that way.
- What did you see - when Mr.
Porchetto was shot? - Nothing.
There's aloud bang, scares the crap out of me and the guy's dead.
- I freaked.
That's it.
- What did the shooter look like? - Didn't see him.
- You're a good liar.
Good, not great.
- She saw him close up.
- I know who these guys are.
- Not getting involved.
- Maybe you shot him.
- Yeah.
I hid the gun in my pants.
- I'm taking you in.
Talk at the office.
- I don't have to go.
- I could arrest you for prostitution put you in cuffs and book you.
That how you wanna do it? - Can I put some clothes on first? - Sure.
Interesting girl.
So, what's your take on this? The fresh air, my first mob hit, I'm thrilled.
- What? - The GPS says turn right but I think it's confused.
Morning! You lost? We're fine, thanks! Hey.
You okay? Hey.
Hey! Hey.
I will shoot you.
Nice driving.
Don't waste your time.
- There's no signal.
- Um There was some noise over there.
Some kind of animal.
Freaked me out.
Unlock me, okay? We can't stay here.
We can't go back up to the road.
Too much chance of running into that guy who's after us.
We follow the stream east, we'll probably run into State Route 4.
We can catch a cell signal there.
I'm not going anywhere.
- It's not a choice.
- Can't make me.
- We need help.
I'm trying to protect you.
- So I can testify.
Against the mob.
Forget it.
- I'll go by myself.
- Cool.
Unlock me.
I need to know where to find you.
You can't do that.
Watch out for rattlesnakes.
They're all over through these woods.
Okay, wait.
Spoke with the Forestry Service.
They're beginning a search with the sheriff.
It's likely the GPS gave Van Pelt bad directions.
They've had people lost.
Don't think she's gonna be hard to find.
- We should be out there.
- Get us looking.
Boots on the ground.
- Don't think she's gonna be hard to find? - How big is the area? One hundred and forty square miles.
- Sounds pretty serious to me.
- If you were out there, we'd look for you.
I hope not.
If I'm lost, I want a search-and-rescue team that knows the landscape and can cover ground.
That's not us.
I will make sure every resource is devoted to finding Van Pelt.
Okay? Meantime, let's do our jobs.
- Boss, we need to be - He's right.
We don't know the terrain.
We'll just get in the way.
Let's focus on what we can do.
What do you got? Ballistics came in.
Junior was shot with a .
One casing found at the scene another 10 yards outside the fence.
Must be the shot the killer fired at Nett when he was running away.
- Any luck on the trace of the gun? - No.
This feels like a hit to me.
Like a pro at work.
He had to have driven there.
Let's check the gas stations and convenience stores.
Maybe he stopped off somewhere.
- Anything on the witness? - No arrests.
The other hookers didn't have anything.
Trying to find the pimp that arranged the party.
Let's take a hard look at the guys that were there.
If someone would know how to hire a hit man, it's them.
Van Pelt is gonna be back here in 20 minutes.
And we're all gonna feel stupid for worrying.
The file on Porchetto senior is quite an interesting read.
Murder, robbery, thuggery.
All sorts of skullduggery.
The organized crime unit's been after Porchetto for a while.
- There's nothing more you can do.
- About what? Van Pelt.
That's what you're fretting about.
Van Pelt is missing because of the murder ergo, we focus on catching the murderer chances are we find Van Pelt.
Unless someone else finds her first.
But right now, let's go.
Agent Lisbon, Mr.
Andrew Kellogg.
I'm the Porchetto's attorney.
This is Iris Porchetto, Gabe's stepmother.
Where is Mr.
Porchetto? On his way, not feeling well.
We'll have to keep this brief.
We'll have to be thorough, but I'll keep your concerns in mind.
Let's play cards-up, agent.
The police have unjustly hounded the Porchettos for years.
I will not stand for that.
These the cops? We're with the CBI, Mr.
This is who they send to find my boy's killer? A girl and a guy in a vest.
This is really a waste of my time.
- I want a drink.
- No.
- Gabe is dead.
I can have a drink.
- Not with your meds.
You heard the doctor, bad interaction.
Excuse me, where's the cancer? - What's your name? - Jane.
Patrick Jane.
Liver, kidney? - Spleen? - Kidney.
- How long did they give you? - How long? I'm a dead man.
- That's how long.
- Having trouble sleeping.
Why? I can tell you how to get sleep if you tell us who you think - killed your son.
- Who says I know? You said you were wasting your time, so I assumed you knew - who was responsible.
- Do you? - Don't say anything.
- Listen to Andrew.
This one can't wait to put me in the ground.
That's not true.
- That's not true.
- Maybe just a little true? You want me to do your job? Fine.
- It was the Mexicans.
- What Mexicans? Julio Iglesias, who do you think? The Zetas.
The Zetas.
- The Mexican drug cartel? - Yeah.
- Why would they wanna kill your son? - I'm not saying any more.
- About that sleeping trick - When you breathe in, count one.
When you breathe out, count two.
In one, out two.
Very simple.
Think of nothing else except your breath and those numbers.
- And that will make me sleep? - Like a big murderous baby.
Organized Crime says Junior wanted the Porchettos to sell meth in the northeast.
The Zetas control the drug trade.
If Junior did make a move - they could've killed him.
- Call Bernie Westeroff in Narcotics.
See if he has a line on any foot soldiers.
- Maybe we can talk to one.
- You got it.
You're gonna get a drug dealer to talk? - I'll think of something.
- Ehh.
Wayne? - Sarah.
- I was looking for you.
- Oh, damn, I forgot.
- Oh.
- Look, I'm sorry.
Grace is missing.
- Uh, oh, my Lord.
What's happened? Um, we don't know.
She was in a state park and Anyway, I have to work.
I'm sorry.
You work.
We'll do it another time.
- Thanks.
- Call me later, okay? I'm sure it's fine.
- She's fine.
- Thanks.
Um It's really hard to walk like this.
Should have thought of that before you ran.
Stay here.
Hey, Grace.
- Who are you? - Come on, Grace.
- Craig's dead.
I killed him.
- Yeah, you did that.
- Are you a ghost? - What do you think? - If you're not a ghost, what are you? - You've been in a car accident.
You're dehydrated, pumped on adrenaline.
I'm just something you're seeing.
The question is, why now? Why do you need to see me, Grace? JAN PEN Hey! What's going on? Nothing.
Let's keep walking.
Hey, Lisbon.
- What'd you get for me, Bernie? - You wanted a Zeta, I got you one.
Luis Osorio.
A lieutenant, connected.
Should know stuff.
- I owe you one.
- Maybe not.
Charge I got Osorio on is bogus.
He knows.
All he's gotta do is keep his mouth shut.
- His lawyer gets here, he walks.
- I like my chances.
Hi, Mr.
Uh, Patrick Jane.
Sorry we've kept you so long.
I promise we won't keep you much longer.
You play cards? Wanna play a little game? It's find the queen.
All right? There she is there.
All you have to do is find her.
You follow the queen, keep an eye on where she goes and then you bet.
Not here.
There she is.
Where is she? I don't give a damn where she is.
What do you think I am? A child? Excuse me.
I was just trying to kill a little time.
- Where is she? - She's on the right.
- Huh.
How you do that? - The hype.
You pick up two cards between your fingers like so but when you throw down, it appears that you throw the bottom card when in fact, you throw the top card.
Like that.
See how that looked like it was the bottom card? - Huh.
- You hold it like that you drop it down there like that.
It's very easy.
A lot of practice.
Fun to watch when you know what's happening, isn't it? Kind of relaxing.
Tell me something.
You think the Zetas killed Gabriel Porchetto? No.
Zetas didn't have any reason to kill him.
Not yet anyhow.
- Man was all talk.
- Good to know.
Now you try.
Go ahead.
Oh, look at you.
A natural.
Look at the way you hold those cards.
And you drop the first one down, just like that.
Two hands.
Let it flop.
That's a beginning.
That's a start.
Baby steps.
Who do you think killed Porchetto? Uh, people say, uh he got into a fight with a biker.
- Biker named Wood.
- Almost have it.
Swindle people before you behead them or whatever it is you do to them.
I never beheaded nobody.
Slit a few throats maybe.
Zero beheadings.
Ran the biker, Wood.
There's an incident report on a bar fight Junior had with Elwood Spiller two weeks ago.
No arrest.
Spiller refused to press charges.
Find out what it was about.
- Boss, check this out.
Nothing from the gas stations but I found some cameras near the scene.
Some professor studying animal migration patterns.
One caught a white male driving near the cabin after the shooting.
- Did they get the plate? - No, we were able to enhance the image.
I asked the FBI to run it through their software.
Got a few hits.
This one seemed the best.
Raynor Marquette.
From L.
Got a long sheet.
FBI thinks he runs guns and that he's a killer for hire.
See if you can find out anything else.
Send that picture to the county sheriff.
You, uh, hear anything? They've covered 40 percent of the search area.
Nothing yet.
- So where are you from? - Barstow.
A cousin of my mom's raised me.
Not so great with the mother thing.
She got me started in this massage parlor.
I was, like, 11, maybe.
I wasn't the youngest.
Anyways, a couple years after, this Guatemalan arms dealer bought me.
I was, like, his pet.
That was kind of weird.
Then he got k Ow.
- Are you okay? - No.
Bitch, take these off.
Like I'm gonna run? Where? I have no idea where we are or how to get where you say we're going.
Last thing I'm gonna do is take off.
- All right.
- Thank you.
It'll be dark soon.
We need to find a place to spend the night.
Um, heh.
Shouldn't there be people out looking for us? - Where are they? - I don't know.
Come on.
Come on.
Elwood Spiller, Kimball Cho.
I wanna talk about Junior Porchetto.
Did you and he have a fight on the 17th? - No, we did not.
- According to the report you got into an argument and he had three of his guys beat you to a pulp.
- Nope.
- How'd all this happen? - Boating accident.
- No.
Junior did this to you.
You must have a major grudge.
We can talk about it here or I can take you in you can sit in a cell and talk tomorrow.
Old man Porchetto is on a hunt.
Anybody he thinks had anything to do with hitting Junior is gonna get clipped.
So you can take me wherever you'd like.
All I'm saying is Junior Porchetto was one hell of a guy and he always treated me good.
You do know his old man is sick, right? When he dies, come back.
- I might say something different.
- Interesting.
He said come back after the father's dead.
That's right.
- That's interesting.
- Killing Junior was a major play.
- Whoever did it took a big risk.
- Expected a big payoff.
Who's that? Hard to say.
According to the Organized Crime Unit the main person who benefits is old man Porchetto.
- Why? - If they'd moved in on Zeta territory? It would have started a war.
Ended the Porchetto organization.
Junior was getting in way over his head.
It's the Sheriff's office.
Thank you.
They're suspending the search for the night.
- They'll start again first thing.
- They're doing something wrong.
They should have found her.
They're doing something wrong.
Um - Either of you play squash? - What? - You know, squash? - No.
I need a squash ball.
It's about that big, little black thing, doesn't bounce very well.
I know what you wanna ask.
Don't be embarrassed.
I am not talking to you.
You are just a figment of my imagination.
Please yourself.
Did you love me? - Of course I loved you.
- Then why did you try to kill me? I had to make a choice between you and Red John.
And we all have to make hard choices, Grace.
Doesn't make me evil.
- Kind of does.
- Grace.
I was just too stupid to see it.
- You saw it.
- No, I didn't.
Not all of it.
But you knew there was something.
Something a little dangerous under the nice guy stuff.
You kind of liked it.
Can't open your eyes a little bit.
Gotta open them all the way if you wanna see the truth.
What are you talking about? Why are you doing this to me? How should I know? I'm just a figment of your imagination.
Damn it.
- Did you find your squash ball? - Well, yes, I did.
As a matter of fact, thank you.
- I'm headed over to the Porchettos.
- Why? It probably won't work, but if it does you have to move fast, so stay on your toes.
- Looking in the wrong place.
- What? - That's why they haven't found anything.
- What's going on? They started at the last cell tower Van Pelt made contact with.
They figured she was within 15 miles.
- Makes sense.
- But they're wrong.
I just checked.
The next cell phone tower, here? Was down for maintenance.
If her phone tried to make contact, there'd be no record.
- They should be looking further in.
- I'm going out there.
You go.
I'll deal with Wainwright.
- Hey.
- Wayne, hi.
Um, I know you're busy.
I was just wondering how things are.
We still haven't found her yet.
- I'm heading out there.
- Um I just want you to know I was thinking of you and praying for Grace, and I just know this is gonna turn out all right.
Uh, listen, I have to go.
The elevator's here.
I'll call you later, yeah? Janpen! Janpen! - Don't blame yourself.
- I fell asleep.
Yeah, you were tired.
She gets lost, she could die.
Why did I think I could stay awake? - Everything isn't your fault.
- This is my fault.
- I wasn't your fault.
- Yes, you were.
You were with me when you killed those cops and shot Lisbon.
I should have stopped you.
You did.
You killed me.
I was too late.
I should have seen it sooner, I should have done something.
How? You were in love with me.
Don't you remember? There she is.
- Where did you go? - I had to pee.
Who were you talking to? - Nobody.
- Great.
Lost in the woods with a crazy cop.
Hey, I got it worse.
I'm lost in the woods with a grumpy hooker.
Let's go.
The silent intimidation act, it's quite effective.
I'll admit, I'm intimidated.
He forced himself in.
You have to do something.
Iris, you need to relax.
Tension causes wrinkles.
- What are you doing? - I need to talk to Mr.
- You can't talk to him.
- Yes, I can.
I talk to all sorts of people.
Do you see what I mean? Mr.
Jane, if you don't leave I will protest to the attorney general.
You can't harass my client.
Excuse me, how long have you two been carrying on this affair? - What do you mean? - Your protectiveness of Iris is more than legal.
And she keeps touching your elbow.
Hard to misinterpret.
I'm pretty sure Curtis here already knows.
Yes, he looks dense, but he's as sharp as a tack.
Doesn't miss a beat.
Do you, Curtis? This is completely irrelevant.
Are you worried Porchetto will find out? Or does it add excitement? - Did you just threaten us? - Let's take a breath.
What's going on? - You.
- Well, good morning.
That trick.
One two, one two? Damned if it doesn't work.
- Fell asleep in no time.
- Glad to hear it.
What do you want? Do you think we could talk someplace else? It's kind of a private matter.
So, what is it? Well, a colleague of mine is missing.
It's connected to your son's murder.
You're still looking for the murderer, right? - Maybe.
- Sure you are.
You wanna kill him.
I get it, believe me.
What I need to know is, have you found him? I'd like to talk to him.
You can have him back.
Do what you want.
- I don't know anything about it.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
- Crap.
You were my last hope.
Okay, what do I do now? I could use a drink.
Um - You don't have any vodka, do you? - I can't have booze around.
My meds.
Surely you got a stash.
A man like you would have a stash.
I only want a nip.
Just, uh, maybe two.
I'm really craving that warm comforting feeling of alcohol hitting the back of your throat.
You it It just levels me.
Don't tell my wife.
Love that sound.
You're a saint.
Thank you.
Yep, that's it.
It just levels me.
Like an angel crying on your tongue.
That's good.
You? Doctor says it messes me up.
Oh, them doctors.
Always with the rules.
I mean, as if they know anything for sure.
So Mike has a pool cue and, uh - Cheers.
- Cheers.
And Sammy's right behind me.
And, uh And I have a shovel.
And he says Man down! Man down in here! What the hell happened? - He just fell off.
I don't know.
- Are you okay? Does he have a pulse? Check.
I don't feel anything.
- Let me check.
- Oh, my God.
Is he breathing? I can't tell if he's breathing.
- I'm not getting a pulse.
- I don't think ls this it? Ls this happening? Oh, my God.
- Call an ambulance.
- I'll call.
I'll call right now.
What should we do? We should do something.
What? We can't leave him for starters.
It's undignified.
Do you have a couch where you can lay him down? In the front room.
- Front room it is.
Guys, come on.
- I need a hand here.
No, please, baby.
- Thank you.
Living room.
Porchetto's dead? More like drunk.
- Are you drunk? - A little, let's not get distracted.
I think someone is staging a coup inside the Porchetto family.
A takeover when the old man dies.
- That's who killed Junior.
- Why? Junior was going to go to war with Zetas.
Would destroy the family before the plotter could take over.
You're trying to get the plotter to reveal himself - by pretending Porchetto is dead? - Oh, you're very good, grasshopper.
Won't doctors figure out he's not dead? Figuring it out now, why we have to work fast.
I know it's a force, but Van Pelt is missing.
- Excuse, me, doctor? Patrick Jane.
- Yes? Do you take bribe money from big pharma? What? No.
Never? Never.
That's an offensive suggestion.
Why would you say that? Well, a lot of doctors do.
- What's he saying? People fall short of the ethical mark.
What's that doctor saying to the cop? Free trips to the Bahamas.
Think it's about dad? Well, thanks for chatting.
What was that doctor saying? Well, he should probably tell you himself.
It's not really my place.
Jane, people are suffering.
Tell us what you know.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
He's gone.
Son of a bitch.
I feel a little responsible here.
- What did you do to him? - Serge.
You were the last one with him.
If you did anything to him, I swear, you're gonna die.
- You hear me? - Shut up.
It's not a threat.
It's a promise.
Shut up.
- All right? - You can't say that to me.
- You work for me.
I'm in charge now.
- No, you're not.
I am.
I talked to the crews.
All of them.
They're with me.
We're gonna do this smooth and smart.
And we're not gonna go around threatening cops in public places.
- Got it? - You have - No, he's right.
- We will talk at the house.
- You're in charge now? - This is none of your business.
Uh, you need to speak with us alone.
- Right.
- You really do.
Wait here.
So? Nurse Temper to Cardiology.
Nurse Temper to Cardiology.
- What the hell? - It's an old trick.
Small ball under the arm stops the blood flowing.
No pulse.
He's alive.
- That's great.
- Not for you.
You hired Raynor Marquette to kill Junior because he was in your way.
Good luck proving that.
I don't have to prove it in court.
I'll just tell him.
- Don't do that.
- I will if I have to.
Marquette's put one of my people in danger.
You're gonna help us find him.
Or I will take you in there and sign your death warrant.
I think she means it.
We got Marquette's cell.
We were able to track it to State Route 4, - He must be somewhere nearby.
- Pretty close to here.
I can get some rangers to meet me there.
So do you ever think about getting out of you know, sex work? What kind of car you got? Piece of crap I bet.
I drive a Lexus, fully loaded.
- Well, excuse me.
- Ha, ha.
There's more to life than that.
Get down.
Stay here.
Don't make a sound.
Behind you.
Bitch, get off! Stop.
- Get off! - Just relax.
So I guess we can call it even now, huh? Good bye, Grace.
Look after yourself.
Grace! Where are you? - Over here! - You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
This is your chance to do something for yourself.
Marquette's still in the hospital.
You talk first the DA will take first-degree murder off the table.
No death penalty.
You want that? Marquette and I are a team.
Part of the job is getting closer to the target.
That's what I do.
- Nett had planted the gun.
- Nett grabbed it when he came out.
He took it to the fence.
Raynor was waiting.
We had to make it look like the shooter came from the outside.
That was Nett's thing.
He was terrified Old Man Porchetto would find out he was behind it.
When I was sleeping, you found a cell signal, didn't you? That's how Marquette found us.
You called him.
- Just wanted to get out of there.
- By killing me.
Oh, heh.
Well, it wasn't personal.
Come on.
I kind of like you, you know? You're hard-core.
I respect that.
Let's go.
How you feeling? Better.
Come here.
- Oh, hey.
- I heard you got back all right.
- Yup.
Safe and sound.
It's just such great news.
- I'll see you tomorrow, Wayne.
- Yeah.
See you tomorrow.
- Um, you want to get something to eat? - Yeah.
I'm sorry if that was uncomfortable.
It didn't mean anything.
Nothing at all.
No, it's okay.
Wayne, I understand.
So how have you been? Good.
I'm pregnant.
- Jane.
- Mm-hm.
I'm sorry to ask this but do you ever talk to your wife? Yes, sometimes.
Do you ever see her? No.
If you did see her - would you think you were crazy? - Uh Craig came to see you, didn't he? - Yeah.
- What did he want? I don't know.
This will sound really weird but he kind of saved my life.
Figuratively speaking, I hope.
I mean, he wasn't really there, but You can't decide what to do with the necklace he gave you because it reminds you of your past.
You can try to forget it, or you can learn to live with it.
Well? Well, what? What do you think I should do? Keep it or get rid of it? Well, I think that's your call, Grace.
Don't you? Good night.
Good night, Jane.

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