The Mentalist s04e13 Episode Script

Red Is The New Black

- Did you see anything suspicious? - You're wasting time with me.
You should be looking for those hooligans he had hanging around.
He owns the building that has the import-export business.
Patrick Jane.
I rented him the upstairs because he seemed reliable.
But he wasn't.
You find those kids.
I don't need these kind of problems.
What are you so scared about? - Scared about losing money, that's what.
- Mm.
I need to get back to work.
Me too.
Morning, Lisbon.
What do we have here? Somebody named Theissens.
He doesn't have a wallet on him, but I'm not thinking robbery.
Looks like a puritan tailor shop.
That's it? That's all you're gonna say? Till I think of something useful to say, yes.
No murder weapon, but there was this, in his mouth.
In his mouth? This is definitely not a robbery.
Crime of passion? Or a message.
Let's keep the feather out of any public statements.
- It could be useful identifying the killer.
- A feather? Now we're getting somewhere.
- Find out where this came from.
- Came from his mouth.
Uh, before it was in his mouth.
Maybe the killer brought it in.
Or the killers.
- Could be this is gang related.
- A golden feather? It's a little camp for gangsters, don't you think? I think it has something to do with dresses.
Ah, secret room.
Ooh la la.
Et voilá, the murder weapon.
Wyck Theissens was a clothing designer in New York and Paris.
Real high-end stuff, cutting-edge.
Very successful.
- Then three years ago, it all went bad.
- Bad how? Bad like this.
You're not taping this, are you? No, we're just warming up.
The fashion world is The fashion world is pond scum and monsters, that's all it is.
It's crawling lickspittle pond scum like you and warty great monsters like Guy Duval.
Who's Duval? A French CEO of a luxury-goods conglomerate.
Holdings are mostly jewelry, watches, perfume, fashion.
He was backing Theissens' clothing line, but fired him after that video.
And I'm part of it all.
Look at me.
What an ugly creep I am.
That's two years ago.
Theissens had some kind of breakdown.
- What was he doing here? - Not much, according to the paperwork.
Cobbled together bits of tailoring for shops around town.
That's it.
- What about the stuff Jane found? - I don't know.
The materials for these dresses alone comes to $250,000.
- Really? - Yeah.
Cashmere, watered silk, vicuña.
You know what this stuff prices out per yard? What about the murder weapon? We get prints? Nothing that matches anything in the criminal database or DMV.
Look into Theissens' financials.
- See if you can find anything.
- Yeah, you got it.
What? Fashion? Really? Come on, beautiful women in nice clothes, what's not to like? Who would wanna murder a washed-up fashion designer? Why would a washed-up designer hide a quarter million dollars in couture dresses in aloft in Oakland? Boss, one of the cops from the crime scene just called in.
Some kids showed up.
Said they used to work for Theissens.
- Have the cops bring them in.
- Will do.
Let's go to them.
Seeing them in their own element will be more revealing.
- You just like the loft.
- I do.
It's very nice.
- I have to be back here right after lunch.
- Oh? Management meeting.
Oh, that Wainwright, he has too much time on his hands.
Agent Wainwright? Patrick Jane.
I just wanted to let you know that Lisbon is needed urgently in the field and as important as your seminar is, she's not gonna be able to attend.
Thank you.
He said it's fine.
See? Simple as that.
Did it ever occur to you that I might actually want to go to the meeting? - No, it didn't.
Do you? - No.
But it's the principle.
Sorry about that.
So, Agent Darcy, you were saying? I wanted to let you know I'm still working the Panzer murder.
The San Joaquin killer case was solved.
James Panzer was killed by Tom Maier, the father of the first victim.
I'm not certain about that.
There was conclusive evidence: There was the murder weapon, Panzer's blood on Maier's clothing.
Not to mention the confession Maier wrote before killing himself.
Odd, don't you think? Why would he go to such lengths to make it look like Red John was the killer? It doesn't make any sense.
And why would he send CBI a video of me? Who can fathom the mind of a desperate man? I'm gonna need all the department files on Red John.
Of course.
Yeah, whatever the Bureau needs.
We are always happy to be of assistance.
Where were you three last night? Jail.
Why? - We were at the demonstration.
Cops said we had to clear the plaza, then just arrested everybody.
- We didn't get out until an hour ago.
- What's your connection to Theissens? We were working on his next collection.
He found us at the Fashion Institute.
He wanted to work with people that were not yet tainted by the industry.
Yeah, that's right.
He'd been screwed over once before.
Wasn't gonna make that mistake again.
Everybody wanted to know what he was doing.
Nosing around.
That's why he built the secret room.
So no one could see the clothes.
Where'd the money come from for all this? We made dresses for the guy downstairs for him to send back to Asia.
Knockoffs of haute couture.
Liu? With the import-export business? Yeah.
It was good training.
Sure, okay.
Any idea why Mr.
Liu would name you three as the likely suspects? - No.
- He's just pissed because we weren't gonna make more knockoffs.
Yeah, once the collection was finished, Wyck told him we were done.
- When were you gonna show this? - Next week.
Everyone in the fashion world was coming out for it.
And Theissens was okay with that? He didn't have any bad feelings? He made his peace with the business aspects, you know? Said it was a necessary evil.
Said if you wanna get your vision to the world gotta work with the devil.
Even Guy Duval.
What about Guy Duval? He's this big corporate fashion guy.
And, um, two nights ago, after this dinner at a hotel in San Francisco Wyck and him were, like, hugely arguing.
- Hey, boss, what's up? - I need you to talk to Liu about paying Theissens to knock off couture dresses for the Asian market.
- Liu? He's not there? - I'm just leaving his warehouse now.
His employees said he went to speak to you at CBI.
- Well, somebody's lying.
He's not here.
- All right, we need to find Liu.
We're headed to talk to Duval now.
Keep in touch.
Okay, will do.
I'm Mr.
Duval's assistant.
Can I help you? Uh, yes, I need to speak with your boss.
It's police business.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Duval is not available at the moment.
When will he be available? Let me set something up.
When's a good time for you? Would you excuse me? What's Up? Just got off the phone with Oakland P.
Liu's in the wind.
- Already? How? - Cops went over to his residence.
Liu was gone.
Neighbors say three Asian guys came over.
- He left with them in a van.
- We get a license plate? No.
But we're working on his phone now.
All right, keep in touch.
Jane and I are headed back there now.
Could you tell your boss to call me as soon as possible? Jane, where are you? Jane? Jane, where are you? Next, we have Meg Scott from Max Truman.
This is Lucia Patel from South - Guy Duval, yes? Guy Duval.
- The room is closed to the public.
- I am so sorry.
Agent Lisbon, meet Guy Duval.
Hey, vato, who invited you to sit? - And you are? - I'm Junior Acosta.
I sense that's supposed to mean something to me.
Junior Acosta is a very important man.
He puts together all my shows and parties.
What is this about? I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI, and this is my colleague, Patrick Jane.
We need to ask you some questions about Wyck Theissens.
What about him? Theissens is dead.
Oh, my God.
What were you two arguing about the other night? Was it about his new clothing line? I haven't even seen the line.
He wouldn't let anyone see it.
You're about to buy a line of clothing you hadn't been allowed to see? He's a genius.
You make allowances.
- Was he killed? - Stabbed.
That's ugly.
Did you make allowances two years ago when he called you a monster? Of course.
I took it as a compliment.
I hope I'm a great monster.
Wyck's career was derailed by Wyck, nobody else.
Where were you last night, Mr.
Duval? I think that means he was in bed with his wife.
You released Theissens' video, didn't you? Yeah, so? It was news.
So you're responsible for derailing his career.
The truth is what it is.
I was just a conduit.
Yes, a conduit is what you are.
Why do you keep a conniving backstabber around? You think you can really trust him? - You better watch your mouth.
- Or what? - You're gonna gossip about me? - I'll show you what I can do, bitch.
Oh, Okay.
- Put the knife down.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
You fashion people, you're a very passionate lot, aren't you? - These are all the Red John files? - Yes, sir.
Four boxes of evidence, plus two hard drives containing all photographic and documentary evidence.
Okay, good.
Sign here.
FBI just called me, they have somebody en route to pick this stuff up.
One more thing.
I want you to listen to me very closely.
This is a highly sensitive issue.
You're not to talk to anybody about this.
Do you understand? No one.
Yes, sir.
Whatever you say.
If somebody comes looking for the files or asks where they've gone, you're to inform me immediately.
I cannot stress enough the importance that this remain secret.
Who let you out of the basement? Hey to you, Agent Lisbon.
How you been? - All right, how about you? - That's enough, thank you.
Back to work.
See you.
Did I call for you? I just wanted to apologize for earlier.
Jane calling to get me out of the meeting.
Would it be too much to ask to schedule a meeting rather than barging in here? I'm so sorry.
I didn't realize.
How's your case going? It's progressing.
We're gonna interview a suspect if you'd like to sit in.
Unless you're busy.
The bane of management.
I would like you to catch me up on that case though.
Of course.
Whenever you want.
Um How about 45 minutes in the bullpen? Yes, sir.
This is a mistake.
I got a little carried away, that's all.
You threatened my colleague with a knife.
And you're also a suspect in Wyck Theissens' murder.
Me? Why would I kill him? You ruined Theissens' life by releasing that video.
It's only natural that he'd like to return the favor and ruin yours.
- What you talking about? - The fact that Duval wouldn't be happy to know what you and his wife are doing behind his back.
What? If Theissens learned that you were cuckolding Duval then he has every reason to reveal that fact.
Which gives you every reason to kill him.
You can't say anything about me and Jacqueline.
If Duval found out, I'd be done.
I'd never work again.
Where were you last night, Mr.
Acosta? - I was at the hotel.
- Ls there anybody who can verify that? Okay, listen, if I tell you something you wouldn't let anybody know it was me that told you, right? - No.
- It depends on what it is.
Well, I wouldn't, she might.
Okay, well, the thing is Wyck and Duval did argue at dinner the other night.
I heard them.
- It was about Tony.
- Who's Tony? Tony Redgrave.
He's a photog.
Everybody uses him, but he's kind of a creep.
The thing is, everybody uses him so you can't say it was me that told you.
- I can't afford to piss him off, all right? - What were they talking about? Wyck had brought in some kids and he was pissed that Tony was there.
He was worried that Tony might get creepy with the kids.
Tony, he likes them young, you know? Got it.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- So we go talk to Tony, yes? - Take somebody with you.
You're not coming? This could be your ticket out of this dead-end job.
Ha, ha.
Wainwright's coming in.
- He wants to check on things.
- More managing? I mean Someone's gotta do it.
So can we bring me up to date on the Theissens case? Well, sir, the alibi for Theissens' assistants holds up.
They were booked and held overnight.
But the landlord, Liu the one selling Theissens' knockoffs, he disappeared in a hurry.
We got a court order to the phone company to track his phone.
I can make a call, get this at the top of their list.
If he had a smartphone on him, we might even get a location on the GPS.
If he had his phone on him.
Well, let's hope.
We're also looking into Guy Duval.
Duval was facing a shareholder revolt.
He had a lot pinned on making this deal go through.
So if Theissens got cold feet? Duval would look weak, his position vulnerable.
He'd do anything to stop that.
Jane and Van Pelt are looking into the photographer, Tony Redgrave.
What reason would he have for murdering? It could just be Acosta trying to throw us off, but Redgrave does have priors.
- What for? - Providing drugs and alcohol to minors.
Uh You definitely have your work cut out for you.
So I will leave you to it.
- Wainwright.
- Just wanted to acknowledge receipt of the Red John files.
Thank you for that.
Sure, yeah.
Anything I can do to help.
I am assuming we're on the same page.
You didn't tell your people about this? No.
I saw no need.
I agree.
- Baris Acar? - Yes, ma'am.
Susan Darcy, FBI.
- Did I do something wrong? - No, it's nothing like that.
I'd never been interviewed by the FBI before.
Acar, this is your signature, isn't it? Yes, ma'am, it is.
This is a form telling me Patrick Jane brought a visitor here to see the body of Timothy Carter.
Jane shot and killed him in a mall food court.
- Do you remember that visit? - I sure do.
Can you tell me about it? It stuck in my head because it was kind of weird.
Weird? What do you mean? She was blind.
That's kind of weird, right? Mr.
Jane's guest was a blind woman.
I couldn't figure out why he brought her.
I mean, she was blind.
Thank you, Mr.
That's all.
Oh, Mr.
Acar, you do know not to speak to anyone about this? Whatever you say, ma'am.
Excuse me, is that Tony Redgrave? Sasha, Sasha, Sasha.
I'm an artist, yeah? Not a fishmonger.
- For God's sakes, relax.
- How am I supposed to relax? Tony you're so bloody selfish.
Wyck is dead.
He's dead.
Circle of life, babe, circle of life.
All right, let's try a couple more.
That sullen grieving look, I like it.
You're Tony? I'm Agent Van Pelt.
This is Patrick Jane.
From the California Bureau of Investigation.
Oh, my God.
I love you.
Take your clothes off, both of you.
I'm just kidding.
Look at your face.
We're here about Wyck Theissens.
It's really sad, right? Really sad.
I was about to shoot his comeback campaign.
What a huge bummer that was.
Stabbed to death, right? What with? A knife? - Razor? - Shut up, Tony.
We were like family.
We came up together, me and Wyck.
I walked in every single one of his shows.
That's it.
Now you're killing it.
Where were you last night, Mr.
Redgrave? Oh, uh Let's see.
I was downstairs at the pool for a little bit.
Then some drinks at the bar, then dinner, then we came up here.
Who's we? I don't know.
Everyone? You came up here for a bit, didn't you, darling? Yes, you were.
Chin up.
That's quite the act, this wide-eyed man-child bit.
Nobody ever calls you on it, do they? I'm just really lucky, you know? I'm just about living in the moment, having some fun.
Yes, the joys of living in the moment.
All fun and games till someone gets hurt.
How old are these kids? Everyone in here is an adult.
They're here because they wanna be.
Nobody's making anyone do anything they don't wanna do.
You got it? Loud and clear.
Did you make sure Theissens got it too? Don't think you're gonna put anything on me.
I didn't do anything to Wyck.
You do whatever you want because no one cares enough to challenge it.
But Theissens, he didn't approve, did he? If you were messing with those kids of his, he'd have sent you to jail.
You've got it so twisted, man.
Wyck was refusing to do anything with any of us, that's what I heard.
But Duval said it wasn't a problem.
He said he'd fix it.
Don't leave town without talking to us first, okay? I could see Redgrave murdering Theissens if he was afraid to go to jail.
Jane went to talk to the assistants.
Maybe they'll give us something.
Then again, if what Redgrave says is true, Duval could be our killer.
Stay there.
Watch the lobby.
Will do.
Any sign of Mr.
Liu? A GPS on Liu's phone points to a warehouse in Oakland.
Cho and Rigsby are checking it now.
I'll call you later.
Yeah, me too.
- According to the GPS, he's in there.
- Okay, let's go.
- Everything okay? - Yeah.
I mean, it's complicated.
Sarah's pregnant.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
It's exciting, right? Yeah.
I'm excited.
Liu? This is the CBI.
Okay, nobody move.
Hands where we can see them.
There's no problem here, sirs.
We're all friends.
No problem.
You can go.
No problem.
No problem.
- Yes? Can I help you? - Rosalind Harker? Yes.
Who is it? I'm Susan Darcy.
I'm with the FBI.
May I come in? Sure.
Harker, you recently paid a visit to the Sacramento County morgue.
Yes? Did I do something wrong? Nothing like that.
I just was wondering what the purpose of your visit was.
Well, Patrick Jane wanted me to check if a man who was in there was my friend Roy Tagliaferro.
Roy Tagliaferro.
Also known as Red John.
Well, that's what I've been told by the authorities, yes.
I suppose it must be true, but I still can't quite believe it.
I understand.
So was it Tagliaferro in the morgue? No.
It wasn't Roy.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate your time.
No, please, don't get up.
I'll see myself out.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What's your connection to Liu? What went down at the warehouse? No English.
They can lawyer up all they want.
All we need is for you to testify.
Dream on, lady.
I testify to nothing.
You don't know these guys.
So tell me about them.
I import and export to China, understand? I deal in electronics, fashion, luxury goods.
In my business, there are always gangsters who need paying off.
Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau, everywhere the same.
What are they doing here? I told them I had no more high-fashion copies for them.
They came to change my mind.
You think they went to Theissens first to send a message to you? Maybe.
If so, forget about it.
- You can't touch them.
- Really? Really.
Like MC Hammer.
Yeah, we hung out with Redgrave.
Dude knows how to party.
- Theissens didn't like him, did he? - Wyck? Wyck hated Redgrave.
He represented everything wrong in the fashion world in Wyck's opinion.
And he wouldn't have wanted you to spend time with Redgrave, then? Are you kidding? He would have freaked.
He was real protective of us.
But, I mean, come on.
We gotta cut loose sometimes.
I take it you three are still planning to put the show on anyway? Yeah.
We wanna do it for Wyck.
He gave us a chance.
He taught us everything we needed to know and we are gonna prove what he could do.
Yeah, he treated us with love and respect.
We wanna honor him the same way.
Well, I particularly like this, uh, gold, feathery number.
It's just so, uh Well, it's an event.
Where'd you get all these gold feathers? We dyed them.
Combination of henna and iron oxide or something.
Tristan was gonna model it.
And Wyck was gonna close the show with it.
Do you have any more of those feathers? I guess so, if you want.
Thank you.
- Why the long faces? - See those two talking to Wainwright? The one with the red tie looks like State Department.
- He is.
- Other one's from the Chinese Embassy.
The three that were intimidating Liu have diplomatic immunity.
- And Wainwright's cutting them loose.
- Well, I'd best go talk to them right away.
- Agent Darcy.
- I need to talk to you, please.
May I? - Of course.
- Of course.
- Is there somewhere we can talk? - I need to do one thing.
- Where are those gangsters? - All in the interrogation room.
- Okay.
Come on.
- Thanks.
This won't take a minute.
What was that all about? - I'm just trying to solve a murder.
- Tea? - No, thank you.
I just have a couple of questions I need you to clarify for me.
Fire away.
Rosalind Harker.
You met her a couple of years ago when you were tracking Red John? Uh, yes.
That's correct.
Why do you ask? - She was the lover of a man by the - Roy Tagliaferro? - Right.
Who was really Red John.
- Yes.
But you took Rosalind to the morgue to look at the body of Timothy Carter.
Who you killed because he was Red John.
Rosalind told you that Timothy Carter wasn't Tagliaferro, didn't she? Yes.
I was hoping for confirmation from her.
But she's hardly a rock-solid witness.
It had been many years since her last contact with Mr.
She's kind of a lonely soul.
I think she'd rather believe he was still out there alive somewhere.
I suppose you're right.
It was Red John that I killed.
I sure hope so.
Thanks, Patrick.
I checked out the Chinese thugs.
They're clean.
Let's go to the hotel, shall we? Aside from the kids helping Theissens only the killer knows what this is.
I'll tell Rigsby and Van Pelt.
Tell me what happened with Darcy.
I know it was something.
Well, it was nothing important.
It's bad news.
You've got a "bad news" expression on your face.
Darcy talked to Rosalind Harker.
She knows Timothy Carter wasn't Red John.
Well, she might suspect, but she doesn't know.
- And you're not gonna tell her? - Well, of course not.
Why stir up trouble? Hm? Let's go.
Hey, we're headed over to the hotel.
You on top of everything here? Hm? Oh, uh, yeah.
Wayne, you're reading a baby book.
I am.
Um, why? I Yes.
I'm pregnant.
Sarah's pregnant.
- I'm having a baby.
- Oh, my God.
I mean, sorry.
That surprised me.
No, it was a surprise to me too.
Still is, actually.
Hard even for me to believe sometimes.
Are you okay? Yeah.
No, I mean, babies are good, right? I always wanted to have kids.
It's just a little earlier than I expected.
- So are you and Sarah getting married? - Oh, no.
No, nothing like that.
Wouldn't wanna rush into anything, right? Haven't even been dating that long.
If you need anything, you can ask.
You know that, right? Yeah.
You should get going, though.
Wayne? The kid's lucky.
You're gonna make a great dad.
- Yeah? You think? - Yeah.
I know it.
We just need to clear a few things up.
- This is harassment.
- We have spoken to our lawyers.
- Come with me, please.
- Why? - I have a question I'd like to ask you.
- What kind of question? It's a kind of question that could clear your name or prove your guilt.
But first of all, I'd like you to empty your pockets, please.
- This is ridiculous.
- Please.
What is this? What does it look like? It's obviously a feather.
It's not mine.
Where did this come from? Lisbon, our work here is done.
Thank you for your time, Mr.
Duval, Mrs.
Hi, Junior.
- Hey, what's up? How's your investigation going? Well, that's why we're here.
I've found the killer.
Really? Well, who is it? What happened? The clue was right in front of my eyes.
It's all here in this magazine.
That's pretty cool.
Is it yours? Hm.
What article am I supposed to be reading? Thank you for your time, Mr.
We'll stay in touch.
Yes, I love that.
Don't move a muscle.
- Yes? - Hello.
I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon.
You've already met Patrick Jane, right? - Hey.
- Hi.
What do you want? Come to hassle me about Theissens' death some more? One or two more things falling into place and the killer shall be revealed.
I'll get it.
So why have you come here? I need your help.
Hey, I didn't order room service.
Where did that come from? Well, all I know is that I'm starving.
Do you think I could have something from here? What the hell is that? It means nothing to you? Why would it? You.
Ma'am! Stop! I got her.
You're under arrest.
You're losing your touch.
You didn't know it was her.
Don't be ridiculous.
The trick worked exactly as I intended.
It didn't matter which one I thought it was.
That's how a good trick works.
You would say that, wouldn't you? We've got your fingerprints on the murder weapon.
It's a perfect match.
Tell me what happened.
It was supposed to be me.
I was supposed to be the face of Wyck's return.
Because you had been his inspiration before.
That's right.
I was his muse.
So you went to talk to him that night? Mm-hm.
He was nice, but distant.
I wanted to see the clothes and he didn't wanna show me them.
I should have known then.
I told him they were all beautiful.
But there was this golden feather dress that just spoke to me.
And that's when he told me.
He told me he had found someone new and fresh.
Some little bitch named Tristan.
He told me I was too old.
You must have felt angry, betrayed even.
Well, how could he think he could treat me like that? So I wanted to make him suffer.
I wanted to make him eat those words.
So am I gonna be out of here soon? I have a show in a couple hours.
I need to get there early for makeup and fitting.
You're not gonna be in the show.
No more shows.
- Hello, this is Patrick.
- This is Rosalind Harker.
Roy came to see me.
- Is he still there, Rosalind? - Yes, Roy's here.
Like I thought, it's all a big misunderstanding.
He says to tell you and that Darcy woman he's going to clear it all up.
Uh, and you're at home? Ha, ha.
Where else would I be? And you're okay? Of course I am.
I'm on my way.
I want teams around back.
Set up a perimeter.
Nobody in or out.
Rosalind, where's Roy? Roy couldn't stay.
That's the morgue attendant.
You still gonna try and tell me Red John is dead?
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