The Mentalist s04e14 Episode Script

At First Blush

That's the third time this year you've been reprimanded in court.
I bent a spoon with my mind.
Big deal.
You were testifying in a criminal case.
You can't play tricks.
It's all theater, isn't it? Bread and circuses.
- Questions, Eve.
Right here.
- See? Eve.
- Eve! - Just a couple of questions.
That's Eve Mulberry, the wine lady.
She grows a great Cabernet.
- What's she accused of? - Killing her dance teacher.
- They were lovers, I think.
- Scandalous.
Eve is 100 percent innocent.
I have to take this.
Think about what you want to eat.
Eve has the deepest sympathy for Mr.
Ruiz's family.
- She's expressed that on many occasions.
- Eve, how you feeling? You nervous at all about closing arguments? Wouldn't you be? Eve is facing lifetime in prison for a crime she didn't commit.
Eve, why don't you just admit that you killed Carlos Ruiz? Nice try.
But instead of going for cheap reaction shots you should be following my case.
Eve, Eve.
This way.
CBI, coming through.
Eve deserves praise for her courage.
Eve, CBI.
Quick question.
Do you love your mom and dad? They passed away years ago.
But you think fondly of them.
Of course.
Thank you, everyone.
Come on.
he defense has tried to paint Eve Mulberry as sweet as the grapes she grows.
But you know the facts of this case.
You know that Eve was an adulterer, even though she may deny it.
And you know that her lover, Carlos, blackmailed her for cash.
And when Carlos Ruiz went back to Eve to ask for more money she beat his head into pulp.
Eve silenced her lover to protect her marketable image.
But this this is the work of the real Eve.
Take a good long look.
Then find her guilty.
Ardiles, you got a second? - For you, Jane, I got two.
I'll come straight out with it.
You made a mistake.
Eve Mulberry? She isn't the killer.
- What are you playing at? - I'm not playing.
I'm just observing.
Eve's non-verbals are screaming innocence and sadness for the victim.
Thank you for the observation.
- She loved her mom and dad too.
- There's more? Most women who murder were abused by parents.
Not Eve.
I mentioned them, she looked up and left.
She tapped into the left side of the brain where visual memories are stored.
And what if she had looked to the right? She would have been accessing her creative mind to fabricate a story.
- This is it? This is all your evidence? - Of course there's my gut too but I didn't think you'd take that very seriously.
That's the first correct statement you've made.
I'd bet you a million dollars she's innocent.
If I only had the money.
- Heh, heh.
How about a nickel? Jane, you understand this whole conversation's pointless, right? I mean, the jury's started deliberating.
It's over.
Well, the verdict hasn't been read yet, so technically it's still on.
You know, unlike you, Eve Mulberry will not get away with murder.
So do us both a favor.
Don't mess with my case.
Oh, I won't mess with it.
I'm gonna fix it.
There you are.
We have to go.
- Where? We have to talk to Eve Mulberry.
She's innocent.
Well, the jury may feel differently.
That's why we need to find the real killer.
No way.
We don't have time to argue.
- This is not our problem.
- Justice isn't our problem? The jury heard arguments for months.
They're equipped to determine the truth.
What if they don't? An innocent woman gets punished - because you were too busy eating.
- That's my sandwich.
Give it.
Can we help you? Ma'am, we're with the CBI.
We'd like to talk to you.
No, no.
No more police.
These might be my wife's last hours of freedom.
We plan to spend them alone.
Thank you.
Oh, what if I could offer a lifetime of freedom? I know Eve's innocent.
I'd just like the chance to prove it.
I'm sorry, why do you want to help me? Well, let's just say to whom much is given, much is expected.
If you don't mind, time is a factor here.
Is there somewhere we could sit down and talk? I appreciate your interest in my wife's case, Mr.
But what can you do at this stage of the game? There's been hundreds of hours of testimony.
Well, I'll let the courthouse vultures pick over that carcass.
If I'm gonna help you, I'm gonna need fresh meat.
Why did you take dance lessons? Peter's a wonderful dancer.
It was supposed to be a surprise.
We're both so busy all the time.
I thought it would bring us together.
And is that how you met Carlos Ruiz? At the dance lessons? Yeah, that's right.
Ballroom or salsa? - Tango.
- Ah.
From what I read in the newspapers, you spent time with Carlos outside of the lessons.
There were phone calls, meals Carlos and I were friends.
A Stanford-educated winemaker and a dance instructor.
Just curious, what did you talk about? I don't know.
This and that.
You've been lying to protect your husband's feelings, haven't you? Look at me, Eve.
I know you're feeling guilt and shame.
I know what this might do to your marriage.
But the way I see it, we're your last hope.
- You have to trust us.
- Honey, what is he talking about? - Why are you doing this to me? - To help you.
- You said I was innocent.
- Of murder.
But you weren't hanging out with your sexy dance teacher for the stimulating chitchat.
You were attracted to him.
I mean, you danced the tango with the man, for God's sake.
- I did not have an affair.
- Non-contracted denial.
Truth tellers use contractions.
"I didn't have an affair.
" This is not the woman at the courthouse.
I think that you should leave.
It's like a Band-Aid, Eve.
Best to just tear it off quickly.
It was just a few times.
Are you kidding me? I'm I'm so sorry.
You're so busy.
You're always traveling.
It's no excuse Hey, you stay away from me now.
What's going on? Eve just admitted to sleeping with Carlos.
I'm sorry I missed that.
- And sorry, who are these people? - CBI.
They're here to help.
This is my best friend, my business partner, Amy and that's my little sister, Gretchen.
What about the blackmail? You were sleeping with Carlos.
Did you pay him off? No, he asked me for a cash loan, but I didn't give it to him.
What was the money for? A business opportunity.
I didn't really want to know.
What are you still doing here? I mean, besides brooding.
Pardon me? Your wife just dropped a bomb on you and you're still standing.
If it were me, I'd be out of here by now.
Unless, of course, I suspected the affair all along.
Why would I hide my suspicions? - To make yourself look good.
- He's right.
If you had knowledge of the affair, it'd make you a prime suspect.
I didn't kill anyone.
A contraction.
That's a hopeful sign, but I'll keep an eye on you.
And you, Amy.
- Me? - Eve confides in you.
She told you about the affair.
Best friends.
Unlike Gretchen.
She had no idea.
You do have issues with your sister, don't you? Duh.
Like there are sisters who don't have issues? - You said these people were here to help.
- We are.
And I'd say we're off to a pretty solid start.
I think we need some time alone.
We'll keep in touch.
According to the court transcript, there was a cash deposit for $20,000 into Ruiz's bank account the week of his death.
If we take Eve's word, she didn't give him money.
Maybe the victim was involved with something illegal.
- Husband thought she had an affair? - Jane thinks.
- Puts him on top of the suspect list.
- Peter runs a boutique investment firm.
Told police he was at an employee's home the night of the murder.
- Employee vouched for him.
- Dig deeper.
Who's the employee? - Do we trust him? - Her.
- Exactly.
- How we gonna get around the murder weapon? That's a cutter mattock, used for digging trenches and cutting roots.
From Eve's vineyard.
Her fingerprints were all over it.
All this tells me is Eve might have been framed.
Make a list of anybody who held a grudge against her.
Also look back into Ruiz's phone records.
The original work from the detectives on that looks a bit thin.
I know that this isn't an official case, so thank you.
Jane and I are heading to the scene.
Let me know if you find anything out.
And work fast, guys.
The jury's out.
- I know where you were.
- You know what? Shut up! - Get back in the house! - Don't you walk away.
How dare I'm tired of hearing all this The murder was months ago.
What evidence do you expect to find in there? - I'll know it when I see it.
- Okay.
CBI, open up.
Police, open up.
What do you want? Were you just watching me? No, I wasn't.
Step away from the door, blondie.
Yeah, easy.
I'm with the CBI.
Do you think I could come in? A consultant? What makes you think I want a consultant in my house? Well, how about a real cop? I got a real cop across the street.
She'll be knocking all day.
Go get her.
I'll put on the kettle.
- Back still hurting, huh? - Well, I got hit by a car, so yeah.
You should lay off those pills.
You ever tried yoga? My neighbor actually teaches it.
I can get you her number.
- No, thanks.
- Okay.
Let me know, yeah? - Detective Silva? - That's right.
I'm Agent Van Pelt.
This is Agent Rigsby.
We're with the CBI.
Hey, how you doing? Nice to meet you.
We've been looking at your files on Eve Mulberry.
Oh, yeah? That was some work, that case.
- The jury come back yet? - No.
- They're still deliberating.
- No worries.
That loon will get hers.
I love to watch the rich ones fall, you know what I mean? We were hoping you could help us run down some information.
- Sure.
What do you need? - Did you interview a Conner Reilly? According to phone records, Reilly spoke with Ruiz - on the day of his murder.
- Reilly, Reilly.
I don't remember.
- What does my report say? - There's no notes on him.
Yeah, I remember.
We checked him out.
He looked clean.
- Reilly had an alibi for the night of the murder? - I guess.
I don't recall.
You never talked to him, did you? What are you getting on me for? We called Reilly.
He didn't call back.
We were on Eve Mulberry.
Not like Reilly had a record.
No record, no employment history, Facebook page.
Not much of anything.
We tried calling Reilly.
His phone's disconnected.
- It's like he never existed.
- What's your issue here? - The case has already been tried.
- We think Eve Mulberry may be innocent.
- Oh, yeah? And why's that? - We have our reasons.
It's that nutjob psychic you guys work with, right? Janet.
No, Jane.
He's showboating again, right? I feel sorry for you guys.
You're like stooges in a comedy act.
- He's not a psychic.
- Whatever.
Do you have anything on Reilly? Anything that might help us find him? Oh, let me think.
No, sorry.
- Hey I'm sorry.
So you're home here a lot, Mrs.
Williams? I am retired.
So yes, I am.
And were you home the night that your neighbor was murdered? I can see that you've lived here along time, you like to keep an eye on things.
- Tell us what you saw that night.
- What are you doing over there? - Just admiring your lovely home.
- Oh.
Do you have help keeping things so tidy? No, I do not.
Do I look like an invalid? Gloria, why don't you tell us what you saw? The same thing I told the other police stomping through my house.
I saw nothing.
- Okay, Lisbon, let's go.
- I'm not done.
She won't talk.
Look, she's scared.
That's why she hides behind the curtains all day.
I'm not hiding from anyone.
I keep vigil over my house.
There's no shame in being afraid.
Old age can be a terrifying time of life.
You're right.
We should go.
Yes, thank you very much for your time, ma'am.
Thank you.
- I saw someone.
- Oh.
I saw a woman the night that Mexican Latino boy was murdered.
She went into the house.
Then a few minutes later, she ran out.
Can you describe her? She had a tote bag.
She was slim build.
She had blond hair.
Long blond hair.
Does she look like this? Eve Mulberry? Yes, that's her.
So there.
We can't throw in the towel.
I don't care what she said.
An eyewitness identified Eve as the killer.
Did you see a clock in that house? - A wristwatch, an alarm, anything? - No.
So? She lives cooped up in this house with no sense of time.
She confused the murder night with some other night she saw Eve.
- You're saying she's flat-out wrong? - I'm just saying Eve is innocent.
I need evidence to keep the team on this.
Got a lead.
Victim talked to a Conner Reilly the day of his murder.
Reilly was using a phony social security number.
An alias.
- Who for? - This guy, Terry Murphy.
Came over on a tourist visa two years ago from Ireland.
He's a tech scammer.
Internet fraud, identity creation.
- Violent too.
Been a murder suspect.
- Ask and you shall receive.
One of our Cl's has contacts in that world.
She's asking around now.
- Okay, we keep working.
- We should talk to Eve again.
Maybe she knows what was going on with Murphy.
- Maybe.
- Fine, you're the boss on this one.
- Okay, don't be like that.
- Like what? It's what you want.
What I want is a little smile.
Well, you can't have everything.
I checked out the employee who had dinner with the husband - the night of the murder.
- And? After the wife's trial started, Peter Mulberry gave her a huge promotion.
Suddenly she's the company's youngest VP.
- Think he bribed her for the alibi? - Maybe.
- I'll keep digging.
- All right.
Summer, welcome back.
I'm not gonna say that I'm the best confidential informant ever but I am pretty high up on the list.
What do you have? This girl I used to hustle with? She's now into identity theft.
She knows Murphy.
I told her that I had some stolen information to sell and she made a call.
- Could she set up a meet? - Already done.
Murphy will be at The Grafton Street Tavern in an hour.
- Is it just me or do you look impressed? - No, it's just you.
We'll have Summer wait at the bar.
Murphy arrives, we scoop him up.
Summer can get Murphy to make an offer on the information.
I could do that.
- It'll cost you extra.
- All we have to do is fit her with a wire.
Okay, just get him to make the offer.
Excuse yourself to the bathroom.
That's it.
Then we move in.
Make the deal, hit the can.
Done and done.
That'll be $500.
Eight if I make the case.
I'll wire you up.
- You again.
- We're looking for Eve.
She just took a walk with Amy.
You might want to give her a minute.
Eve and Peter just had an epic throwdown.
The waterworks were ridiculous.
Okay, well, you think I can sample the goods? Yeah, sure.
That is our new Cab.
New to the business? Is it that obvious? You poured red wine in a white wine glass.
Oh, well.
Yeah, I'm just helping out here during the trial.
You don't own a piece of the action? No, the wine company belongs to my sister and her BFF.
And who owns the private villa? Eve won that jackpot when she married Peter.
All the land belongs to him.
Gretchen, that glass is wrong.
Your shoes are wrong, but you don't see me complaining about it.
We've talked about this.
There's a reason why the investors are knocking down the door.
- It's in attention to detail.
- Thank you.
You haven't taken any of the offers? We go back and forth about it a bit.
From a business standpoint, it makes sense.
But we don't want to be one of those giant corporate vineyards.
Because then it wouldn't be about the wine.
Yes, it's beautifully earthy with a hint of acid.
Do you notice the tobacco note at the end? - The Cab's my favorite.
- Ah, yes.
I'm sorry, could we speak to Eve alone for a moment? - Gretchen, let's go.
- Gladly.
Do you recognize this man? No.
Should I? His name's Terry Murphy.
He's a known criminal.
Carlos was in touch with him the day of his murder.
Oh, my What kind of criminal? He's into identity theft mostly but he's also done some illegal surveillance, wire tapping.
What did Carlos have to do with a man like that? Well, we were hoping you'd tell us.
I wish I could.
But this is good news, right? This could help us.
I feel like the jury's gonna walk out of that room any minute.
We're doing everything we can.
Yeah, very good.
Thank you.
Do you realize every single time I deal with your people, things go to hell? Osvaldo.
Come in.
Sit down.
Is there something in the water here? I need to know.
I need to know why your team is interfering with a state murder trial.
I understand your anger.
No, you don't.
The state's spent millions of dollars, not to mention thousands of man hours prosecuting this case.
- And yet evidence was missed.
- What evidence? The victim was in contact with a violent criminal the day of his murder.
- That doesn't concern you? - No.
That's the concern of an appeals court if Mrs.
Mulberry believes her due process was denied.
An appeals court? And how long will she have to spend in prison? If she's innocent, she deserves our help.
You wanna know why Jane took this case? Because Eve loved her parents.
It's crazy, right? I thought there was something in the water here but I can see the problem now.
It's you.
Testing, testing, one, two.
Kimball Cho's a wallaby.
Here's Murphy.
- Summer, is it? - It is.
What do you got for me, girly? A long list of numbers.
Social security, credit cards, driver's license.
About a hundred of each.
- Where did you get them? - Clients.
The kinds with high credit limits.
Won't know it hits until it's too late.
- What sort of business you in? - I'm a working girl.
Bang on.
You know, a little of your honey would sweeten the pot.
- Five thousand for the information.
- Are you touched? Not here.
Wait, let it play out.
Five thousand ain't gonna happen, sunshine.
You'll get three.
That's the rate.
That's it.
Let's move.
How do I know I can trust you? You're questioning me? My name is my word.
Ask anyone I do business with.
Some friends of mine said that you worked with Carlos Ruiz.
I'd ask him about you, but he's dead.
She's trying to make our case.
Well, now, you've got spirit, I'll give you that.
You think so? I was trying to act tough.
You never know in these situations.
So, what's the deal with Carlos? - Carlos? - Yeah.
He had some plan to install ATM skimmers in strip clubs.
Nice enough plan.
- Got me to invest 20 grand in it.
- Hm.
Which he then spent on strippers and booze.
So, what did you do? What did I do? - Let's go.
- Just give her a minute.
Yeah, you didn't just let him steal from you, did you? What's it have to do with you? Hm? Let go.
Where's that list of numbers? - Stop it.
- I want to see it now.
Police! Don't move! RIGSBY Hey! Off the fence! Get down.
Your hands behind your back.
- You all right? - Unh.
You owe me $800.
Come on.
So jury's deliberating this case as we speak.
The 20 thousand in Carlos Ruiz's bank account is key evidence.
- And you're the one who gave it to him.
- That's right.
So, what? So I think you killed Carlos because he lost your money.
That would be foolish.
If I killed him, I wouldn't be able to get it back, now, would I? Don't mind me.
Rigsby, I brought you a cup of tea.
No, I'm good.
Thank you.
No good deed goes unpunished.
You? You both seem like agreeable men.
Can we not find a reasonable solution to this problem that's beneficial to all? - I think he's trying to bribe us.
- Sounds like it to me.
Your words, not mine.
But now you come to mention it I do believe that everyone has their price point.
What are you willing to pay? If I'm out within the hour, You killed a man.
You're not bribing your way out.
- Certainly not for 5 grand anyhow.
- I killed no man.
I deal in information, not murder.
Yes, fake IDs, right? How do the fake-identity things work? I always wanted to know.
- I'll explain it later.
- Could you explain it now? This lug's not gonna talk.
I gather it's a matter of making a phony credit profile.
That's all? - Yeah.
- If you were a hack, that's all you'd do.
- What if you're not a hack? How do you go about it then, huh? Theoretically speaking.
True identity farming is an art that takes decades to set up.
You invent children.
You set up bank accounts for them, file tax returns, register them as voters.
And then years later you have the perfect identities ready and waiting for real people to step into.
That's it? There's a CD full of personal information you have to fill out first but, yeah, that's it.
And how much would one charge for this particular thing? Theoretically.
- Well, now we're talking top of the line here.
- Mm-hm.
Two hundred thousand for a brand-new you.
I'm gonna get back to the interrogation now.
Yeah, by all means.
All right.
Thanks for the heads-up.
Bad news.
That was a friend from the courthouse.
The jury didn't order dinner.
They're closing in on a verdict.
We need to hustle.
Call Eve, have her come in.
Tell her you wanna update her on the case.
- I'm springing Murphy.
- You can't.
He's our prime suspect.
He didn't kill Carlos.
That doesn't mean he can't be useful to us.
Video surveillance equipment, those little cameras? I need a few.
Mind telling me one thing first? - What I'm planning? - Yeah, that would be super.
- Heh.
No? You're annoyed that I didn't stick to the agenda.
But all's well that ends well.
I mean, we're a team.
Stuff happens and we move on.
We're not a team.
Sign that.
Here's your final payment.
Final payment? You were reckless and put everyone in danger today.
If I can't trust you, I can't use you.
So, what, that's it? You're done with me? Yes.
Oh, you're back for more, are you? Do me a favor and get us another cup of chai with a bit of sugar in it this time.
Get it yourself.
I pulled in a favor.
You're a free man, under one condition.
I need a new identity.
Do you, now? You wanted to know my price point.
That's it.
And I expect a friends-and-family discount from your usual fee.
- How do I know this isn't entrapment? - You don't.
But try this.
You get me a new identity or I will book you for receiving stolen information.
That should be enough to get you extradited back to Ireland where you're wanted in connection with two homicides.
Or is that three? I'll do it for 100,000.
Okay, I'm in a tight spot.
How quickly can you work? How quick can you fill out the forms? - The CD, right.
When do I get that? - One hour.
There's a parking lot at the south end of Fourth Street.
I'll meet you at the bottom with the CD but I'll need a deposit to get me started.
Ten thousand.
I'll send a courier.
- As long as they have the cash.
- Just don't be late.
- We're gonna have a little contest.
- For what? Who has the best Irish accent.
Rigsby, you're up.
Don't argue.
We don't have time.
My name's Wayne Rigsby.
Why I'm talking with an Irish accent right now, I don't really know.
Cho? - No.
- Oh, come on.
We know you have all sorts of hidden talents.
Rigsby it is then.
Practice learning this.
- Did you get those cameras? - Yep.
Good man.
Thank you.
How are you two holding up? Things have been better.
Lisbon, look at these.
What are those? Wireless surveillance cameras.
New owner of Carlos' house replastered the ceiling.
- Found them everywhere.
- Murphy was a surveillance expert.
And Carlos owed Murphy a lot of money.
Maybe Murphy installed cameras to keep tabs on him.
Not maybe.
We traced the serial numbers.
They were bought by one of Murphy's established aliases.
Those may have recorded the murders.
Murphy might have evidence on who the real killer is.
- It's possible.
- A bit of a long shot, isn't it? I'd say it's our only shot.
We just released Murphy.
I'll bring him back in.
Sorry, you have to leave now.
We have a lot of work to do.
- Of course.
Thank you so much.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Well done.
- I try.
- Listen.
Listen, do not interrupt- - Ready? - No, not really.
- You go to war with the army you have.
- Just read what's there and hang up.
- Ahem.
Listen and do not interrupt.
I know who killed Carlos Ruiz and I have a video to prove it.
For $10,000, I'll give you this video on a CD.
There's a lot at the end of Fourth Street.
I'll wait on the bottom level in - Forty-five minutes.
- Forty-five minutes.
Don't be late.
- Bravo.
- The jury reached a verdict.
- When are they reading it? - Six o'clock.
- Almost an hour.
Shall we? - Yeah.
It's been 45 minutes.
Okay, Murphy's here.
Where are you? Hello.
Where's the money? Ten thousand dollars.
It's all there.
Now the CD? - Where else is the video stored? - Take it easy, now.
Where else is the video stored? What video? The video on the CD.
The video of the murder.
Where else is it stored? What video, what murder? Are you off your nut? Amy, put the gun down.
- No, no, no Drop it! Now! You called me.
I know there's a video.
The cops told Eve there's a video of the murder.
I just spoke to her.
I didn't call you.
There's no video on there, you silly cow.
Okay, come on, let's make this snappy.
We've got eight minutes till 6.
- So you set this all up? - Set what up? What the hell's going on? Amy killed Carlos.
She thought your CD had a video of her doing the deed.
Bring Murphy to the station, book him for receiving stolen information.
I'm taking Amy to court.
Seven minutes.
In the matter of California against Eve Mulberry all rise for the Honorable Judge Isley Markman.
The jury's reached a verdict.
Bailiff, please bring them in.
- Hold on.
- What is going on there? - Bailiff, remove those people.
- Wait, we're with CBI.
I know who you are.
He pulled that mind reading trick in my courtroom last month.
Sorry to barge in, Your Honor.
This is the woman who killed Carlos Ruiz.
They show contempt for these proceedings.
This is an embarrassment.
It's an embarrassment to you.
You had no idea Amy framed Eve for murder.
Amy? If you did this, you have to say something now.
- I want a lawyer first.
- Enough.
Everyone in my chambers now.
Except you.
My client is willing to confess, but under one condition.
The DA's office takes the death penalty off the table.
Well? How did Jane know that it was a frame job? Neighbor saw a woman with blond hair leave the victim's house the night of the murder.
Jane knew that Eve was innocent.
It had to have been a woman in a wig.
Eve's sister couldn't have pulled this off.
She couldn't even pour a glass of wine.
Amy was the only one who was capable and had motive.
Yeah, death is off the table.
Start talking, young lady.
I just wanted what was mine, you know? Our wine is a sensation.
Everybody loves it.
Investors wanted to jump on board and they wanted to make us rich.
And Eve wants to stay small.
She has acres of land, she has a rich husband.
What does she know about that? I work nearly a hundred hours a week.
I can barely make my mortgage.
I thought this was my shot.
And Eve had told you about her affair with Carlos.
You knew if he was killed, she'd be investigated.
I told Carlos I was a friend of Eve's.
I didn't know if someone would see me so I wore the wig to make them think I was Eve.
I said I was interested in taking dance lessons.
He invited me in.
And the murder weapon, I took from our vineyard.
Well, I knew her fingerprints would be on it.
What are you doing here? I want my job back.
- Go home.
- I was handling that situation just fine today until you busted in.
I need this job, Kimball.
I've given up everything else.
Why would you take this from me? - Because you're crazy! - Well, what are you gonna do? - Hit me? - No, that's what you want.
What? That's why you kept pushing Murphy today.
- What are you talking about? - You get off on danger.
You need it.
It provides a distraction for your unhappy life.
Screw you, Kimball.
You know, you're not so difficult to figure out yourself.
Yeah? What'd you figure out? Nothing.
And it's driving me crazy.
Who are you? - I gotta go.
- No, no, no.
No, not until you give me my job back.
- Move.
- You fired me because you like me.
You like me and you don't know what to do about it.
- Admit it.
- Okay, I like you.
Admit it! I'm so sorry.
You do? Can I go now? - Eve! - Eve, Peter.
- Eve, this way, please.
A picture.
- Eve, over here, for the camera.
How about a kiss for the cameras? Jane.
Your nickel.
Bet you're glad you didn't beta million.
Good night, Jane.

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