The Mentalist s04e15 Episode Script

War of the Roses

No suspects, as I mentioned, as of yet but we've just received a report that the victim has been ID'd by the San Francisco locals as Natalie Gibecki.
Although police are keeping the nature of her death under wraps they were quick to point out they do not Her name's Natalie Gibecki, counselor in a youth probation facility a few blocks over.
The mayor serves on the board, so we got the call.
Petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes.
And the marks around the neck indicate that she was strangled.
- Where's Lisbon? - She's with S.
We talked to the victim's boss.
She was on her way to a movie with friends.
- Not likely.
- Come again? Well, she's wearing a black lace camisole.
She was planning on changing her flats to heels.
Her makeup is freshly applied.
She's wearing a very flowery perfume.
J'adore, if I'm not mistaken.
She was going to meet a lover.
Married, I'd guess, based on the deception.
Excuse me.
- Hello? - Hello, Patrick, it's Erica Flynn.
Erica Flynn.
Wow, this is a surprise.
Pleasant, I hope.
I bet you're wondering why I'm calling.
Yeah, the thought crossed my mind.
What if I said I wanted to hear your voice? - I'd say you were lying.
- Not entirely.
Natalie Gibecki.
I knew her personally.
She was a client of my matchmaking company.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
We grew very close during our sessions together.
But you know how that can happen.
What do you want, Erica? - Yes, I haven't said, have I? - No.
I'm calling because I can help you find her killer.
- Really? What's his name? - If you want the answer you know where to find me.
It was nice to hear your voice again.
Yours too.
- Thank you, Dennis.
- Of course, Ms.
Helpful as always.
- Who's that? - That was Erica Flynn.
- She wants to help the investigation.
- Great.
We should fax over the case file, get her a gun.
Getting her a gun's a bit much, but I think the case file may help.
I was kidding.
Ha, you're kidding, right? Please, tell me you're kidding.
Hello, Patrick.
Erica, you look good.
Orange suits you.
I suppose I have you to thank for my wardrobe.
I didn't kill your husband.
Neither did I.
Big difference.
What is this about? - I know who killed Natalie Gibecki.
- How is that possible? We grew close during our sessions together.
Natalie told me things that she didn't tell anyone else.
Like that she was seeing someone in secret.
Why'd she need a dating service if she was seeing someone? She met him during our sessions.
- That must have been some time ago.
- Ten months.
But Natalie was still seeing him when she died.
- I'm sure of it.
- How? - I know true love when I see it.
- Then why the secrecy? The man Natalie was seeing was married.
She kept the affair from everyone.
- Everyone except you.
- Yes.
- Why are you doing this? - I cared deeply about Natalie.
Her death is a tragedy and her killer should be punished.
That was a nice try.
All right, I want out of here.
Temporarily, of course.
You have no idea what this is like, Patrick.
Living in a cage, knowing I'll be here for years.
The truth is, this may be my last chance at freedom while I'm young enough to enjoy it.
I just want to go to the spa, eat at my favorite restaurant.
A few harmless indulgences in return for helping you catch a killer.
What if you're lying? You once said you could see right through me.
"Transparent as glass," I believe was how you put it.
So tell me, am I lying now? Natalie Gibecki left the youth facility at 8:14 p.
A commuter found her body at 8:33 giving a 19-minute window for the murder to be committed.
Do we have motive? Nothing's missing from Natalie's body.
Robbery's out.
No sign of sexual assault.
Natalie just returned from a trip to Puerto Vallarta.
I'm checking it out.
Jane's theory about a boyfriend? Friends all say Natalie wasn't seeing anyone.
- Family? - Only child.
Parents died years ago.
Head to the youth facility.
Talk to the counselors working Natalie's shift.
- See if they know anything.
- Can I skip this and work the phones? - I have an appointment I can't miss.
- You all right? Yeah, fine.
Just something I have to do.
- Sure.
Van Pelt? - Sure, on it.
I'm Agent Van Pelt, this is Agent Cho, from CBI.
We're here investigating Natalie Gibecki's murder.
Don't know how we'll tell the boys.
They loved Natalie.
- You have any idea who did this? - We're in early stages of investigation.
Natalie may have been romantically involved with someone.
- You know anything about that? - No.
No, I thought she was single.
Kevin! Keep that up, you'll do push-ups until you puke.
The relationship could have been with a co-worker.
- Don't look at me.
- You didn't like her? I didn't say that.
She just wasn't my type.
Kevin, what did I just say? Now drop and give me 50.
- Now.
- Can you think of anyone who - may have wanted to harm Natalie? - No.
But we did have a kid go missing from the facility last night.
- Trent had nothing to do with this.
- His name was Trent? Trent Matthews.
He's 17, was in here for drug possession and assault.
- What time did he go missing? - I saw him at dinner, so after 7.
Like I said, he didn't have anything to do with this.
We're gonna need to see his file.
Keep going.
You want to let her out of prison? No, I just think Erica could help us.
She knows details of the victim's life.
She may even know the killer.
- She says she does.
- That she's telling the truth about.
- Doesn't mean we need her help.
- I didn't say that.
I said she could be useful.
What do you think, Luther? - I'm intrigued.
- Sir.
I think it's just the kind of innovative thinking the CBI needs more of.
Using a convict to catch a killer.
- It's synergy.
- Exactly.
Sir, this isn't even our jurisdiction.
We couldn't get her released if we tried.
Right, but the warden at Golden Valley State Prison has already approved it.
Flynn's guaranteed a furlough through the rehabilitation program that the governor instituted.
She's a model inmate.
- She's a convicted murderer.
- Convicted manslaughterer, actually.
- Oh, well, in that case - So you agree? No, she's a killer and she's a flight risk.
Which is why I'll be assigning two agents to guard her at all times.
See, Lisbon? What could possibly go wrong? Excuse me.
Synergy - Hey, Cho.
- Hey.
- What's up? - You called me.
Oh, yeah, yeah, that's right.
I got some background on Trent Matthews.
Attending Sequoia Valley High before he was busted for possession and assault.
- Not that far from the youth facility.
- He might head back there? He's alone.
Family moved away from the area.
Probably looking for cash, place to stay.
- Might try old friends for help.
- All right, Van Pelt and I'll get on it.
Wayne, you ready? - Class is about to start.
- Oh, yeah, yeah, all set.
Welcome, mommies and daddies.
My name is Atoosa and I will be leading your class today.
Welcome to the first step in your amazing journey of parenthood.
Now, before we begin, I would like each of you to go around the room and offer something about yourselves.
- Would you like to start? - Sure.
Um - Hi, my name is Sarah.
- Welcome, Sarah.
Oh, hi, I'm Wayne.
Welcome, Wayne.
Um Okay, I'm 28 weeks.
This is my first child.
- Wait, our first child? - Oh, yeah.
Definitely our first, yeah.
Our first child.
Well, although "our" might be a little misleading.
No, not that this isn't his baby.
I'm not some floozy or anything.
Not that anyone in this room is, you know No, I That is I just meant She just meant that we're not married.
That was it.
I mean, yes.
Ha, ha, ha.
According to the youth facility, Trent Matthews was busted for possession at this high school three months ago.
Kids used to call me Bracey Gracie, because I wore braces until I was 17.
- What did people call you? - Cho.
Unh! That's him.
- Hey, break it up! - Hey, hey, hey! - Get up, man.
- Get off me! - Trent Matthews? - What? - CBI.
We need a word.
- Well, screw your word, man.
You needn't look so glum, Lisbon.
If anything happens, you're not gonna be held responsible.
Because that's what I'm worried about.
- You know why she's doing this.
- Trying to escape, most likely.
Yet you're going through with it anyway.
Are you doing this because you need Erica's help or because you want it? Agents, you can come in now.
You'll have to sign for custody.
- Hello, Patrick.
- Erica.
Inmate Erica Marie Flynn is now in your custody.
- Take good care of her.
- Thanks.
- All right, who is he? - Who? - Natalie's killer.
Don't be cute.
- Oh, I don't know his name.
It's in my Symphony files.
Did I not make that clear? - No, you didn't.
- Must've slipped her mind.
Where are the files? My lawyer's having them sent to your offices now.
Good, let's get this over with.
You got her? We got her.
Flynn, I'm Agent McClay.
This is Agent Morris.
We'll supervise you during your furlough.
I hope you don't mind.
A friend owns a car company.
- Offered me transportation while I'm out.
- How thoughtful.
Patrick, are you coming? Okay.
This should be fun.
- Here's your tea.
- Thanks so much.
- Oh, Ron? - Yes, Ms.
Flynn? - Would you mind getting me lemon? - Of course.
Hey, boss, I checked out that trip Natalie took to Puerto Vallarta.
- She traveled alone.
- Did she meet anybody there? Not sure.
We've been unable to locate her camera.
But Natalie did upload travel photos onto a website.
- I'm having those printed out now.
- Okay.
Here you go, Miss Flynn.
What is it with this woman? She can get men to do whatever she wants.
And I can't for the life of me figure out why.
Really? I get it.
I mean, if I were a guy.
Assault is a serious offense, Trent.
That dude was a snitch.
- Is that why you smashed his face in? - Hell, yeah.
He's the reason why I got sent to juvie.
So you ran away from the facility to get revenge? No, man, I left because I had to.
- I wasn't about to get jacked up.
- You had a beef with another kid? It was one of my counselors, a big dude named Danny.
- Danny Vargas? - Yeah.
What happened? Well, the night I took off, he, uh, he and Natalie were fighting.
Like for real, you know.
She was yelling at him like crazy, man.
All up in his face.
But, uh, see, Danny, uh, he's real hard with us kids.
He, uh, pushes us, smacks us around when no one's looking.
Except this time, Natalie saw it go down.
She wasn't too happy about it, you know? - The girl just started flipping out on him.
- Did things get physical between them? Well, it was about to until I stepped in.
I mean, you can't lay your hands on a woman.
I don't give a damn who you are.
Anyway, I mean, Danny got mad.
Real mad.
So I took off before he could do something about it.
You think Danny would've hurt you in retaliation? I know he would have.
The dude has freaking issues, man.
He should be the one sitting here, not me.
Listen, but all bull aside, let me tell you something, all right? I would never hurt Natalie, ever.
I got no reason to.
I mean, she was one of the only adults who ever treated me like a person, you know? Yeah, I do.
Hey, you okay? Oh, yeah, yeah.
That video was Oh, God, it was horrible.
I had no idea that childbirth could be so - Well, so scary.
- It wasn't that bad.
I'm a homicide detective.
I've seen some pretty graphic things.
But that? Nothing prepared me for that.
How do you think I feel? I have to go through it.
Wayne, you're gonna be okay with this, right? Yeah, I think so.
I mean, yes.
Yes All right, good, because I can't do this on my own.
I know.
What are you looking for in a man? Someone generous and caring.
Someone who puts the needs of others before themselves.
I want a man I can grow old with.
A best friend.
- Problem? - This is so frustrating.
One of Natalie's interviews is missing.
- How unfortunate.
- I know what you're thinking.
I had nothing to do with it.
It's not my problem if your people misplace things.
My people? All right, that's enough.
Let's go.
- Where? - Back to prison.
You shouldn't be out if you can't help the investigation.
Hang on a second.
Just because there's a video missing doesn't mean she can't help find Natalie's lover.
Right? Absolutely.
It's all right here.
Natalie lived for her work.
She dedicated her life to helping others.
The fact that she found love without my service can only mean one thing.
- The man she was seeing was a co-worker.
- I tried that.
No luck.
Because she wasn't working at the youth facility when she met him.
This was ten months ago, remember? When she was working at the nonprofit? - Casa Encantar? - Exactly.
- Shall we? - We shall.
Welcome to Casa Encantar.
Can I help you? Yes, my fiancé and I are looking for a nonprofit to volunteer for.
Let me show you around.
We're not usually this busy but we're throwing a fundraising event tomorrow night.
It's actually a release party for a book that our CEO has written.
- Here he is now.
- Hi, I'm Greg Relin.
- It's wonderful what you do here.
- Thank you.
Since we started, we've been lucky enough to build six schools four clinics, two orphanages throughout Mexico.
All in small rural villages.
Some without electricity or running water.
That's our newest orphanage.
We hope to have four more by end of year.
If we raise enough support tomorrow night.
So Evan's told you about our gala? There'll be plenty of food and drink, even some entertainment.
You're both welcome to come, see what a difference you can make.
Well, thank you for the invitation.
Tell me, when did you last see Natalie Gibecki? - I'm sorry? - Don't be.
You said you were looking to volunteer.
No, I didn't.
She did.
She also said I was her fiancé.
- Cheeky.
- And you are who, exactly? Patrick Jane, consultant with the CBI.
I'm investigating Natalie's murder.
She was seeing someone here, yes? - Not that I know of.
Evan? - No.
- No? - Oh, of course, it's a secret.
So you wouldn't tell me anyway.
You mind if I take a look around, talk to some of your employees? - No.
- Thank you very much.
Good luck with the book.
What about him? Handsome, but dim, like a golden retriever.
She'd never be interested in someone like that.
Who would she be interested in? Someone attractive, witty, compassionate.
Twenty-five to 35, fit, good hair.
- And a romantic at heart.
- Oh, that's all? No wonder she enlisted the help of a professional.
Good ones are out there if you know where to look.
Natalie was a college girl.
She read voraciously.
She was inquisitive, intelligent and idealistic.
She would need to be with somebody who was the same.
You buy me dinner at my restaurant of choice if I'm right.
No bet.
You're right.
He's the only man that didn't look at you.
I'll spring for dinner if you can get him to confess right now.
- Bet.
- Do your thing.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You must be? - Uh, Richard.
Can I help you? I'm sorry, is this a bad time? I can see you're upset.
No, no.
I I'm fine.
Bad time for what? It's okay.
Natalie told me all about you.
- I'm sorry.
Natalie? - You were having an affair with her.
That's ridiculous.
I'm a married man.
Hey, don't worry.
I won't tell anyone.
Natalie was a dear friend of mine.
Her passing has been devastating for me.
I can't begin to imagine how you must feel right now.
There's no greater loss than the loss of the person you love.
I didn't think that she had told anyone.
This is Richard.
So there's this great little place downtown, Sicilian chef.
He does wonders with fish.
Fresh, simple.
I'm suddenly hungry.
Hey, Richard.
- We argued.
No big deal.
- You lied, that's a big deal.
I didn't think it was relevant.
Your shift ended at 8.
Same time as Natalie's.
- Where'd you go after work? - To dinner with a friend.
- Right afterwards? - Yes, about 8:30.
- This friend have a name? - Jim Clark.
You think I had something to do with this? - This is insane.
I didn't kill Natalie.
- What did you two argue about? She didn't like the way I handled one of the kids.
- She thought you were abusing him? - I got in his face.
Maybe pushed him a little bit, okay? That's it.
It wasn't abuse.
Natalie came in here all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thinking she'd connect with these kids.
And it's a great idea, but it doesn't work.
Sometimes getting physical is the only thing these animals respond to.
Yeah, you're right.
Abusing kids is against the law.
Do you understand? - Yeah.
- Good.
Okay, thank you.
Richard Eldridge will be speaking with one of my colleagues first thing tomorrow morning.
We make a good team, don't we? - You said you had a question.
- Oh, yes, that.
Would you hate me if I told you I was lying? These days, I don't get to spend much time alone with charming men.
Well, there's a reason for that.
So you don't kill them.
We all have our baggage.
I've been thinking about you a lot over the past few months.
I often wonder how things would be had we met under different circumstances.
Thinking about what might have been will drive you crazy.
Better to think about what will happen in the future.
- Erica.
- I like you, Patrick.
I hope my directness doesn't make you uncomfortable.
- I know what you're doing.
- What am I doing? Seducing me to conceal your true purpose.
- Which is to escape.
- Am I? Seducing you? No.
I'm not trying to escape, Patrick.
In fact, you don't actually believe I am.
- No? - No.
Those agents outside the door aren't to keep me from escaping.
They're to keep you and I apart.
I know you have feelings for me.
This whole escape nonsense is just your way of avoiding those feelings.
No, actually I'm fairly concerned you might try to escape.
Then ask yourself this: If those agents weren't outside the door right now, what would you do? What will you do? What are these? Pictures Natalie Gibecki took when she was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta.
I was checking them to see if she met anyone down there.
- Did she? - Doesn't look like it.
I guess I was done with those.
Natalie and I started seeing each other about a year ago.
You were having an affair? Yes.
But I wasn't just stringing her along.
I planned to leave my wife.
It's just - You know, it's complicated.
- Complicated? Because your wife's family has millions of dollars and you make minimum wage at a nonprofit? What did Natalie think about your being married? She was patient at first.
She knew that I was unhappy.
Recently she got tired of waiting, so she broke things off.
- When was that? - Two weeks ago.
We hardly spoke during the entire time.
I called her.
I asked her to see me.
She wouldn't.
She said she needed to get away, clear her head.
And is that why she went to Puerto Vallarta? Yes.
I just assumed that that was the end.
Then a few days ago, she called.
She wanted to see me.
She was going to meet you the night she was killed? Yes.
Nine o'clock, same little bar we always go to.
I waited an hour.
When she didn't show.
I just I assumed that she had changed her mind.
I know that you're just doing your job, Agent Lisbon.
I would never do this to Natalie.
I couldn't.
Natalie was going to meet you the night she was killed.
A married man she was romantically involved with who doesn't have an alibi for the night of her murder.
You'll forgive me if I'm a little skeptical.
VAN PELT What about the boyfriend? Said he was going to meet Natalie the night she was killed.
Here's the place.
You and Cho talk to the bartender, see if anybody saw him.
- Okay.
- Where's Erica? Getting a mani-pedi? - How'd you know? - All right, this is getting ridiculous.
Erica's served her purpose.
Bring her back to prison.
- Oh, we can't do that.
- Why not? I need her.
Jane, Ms.
How nice to see you.
You are here as guests? Uh, well, not exactly.
- I hope there's not a problem.
- Mr.
Relin didn't tell you? - Tell me what? - Erica and I are performing tonight.
Just a little something we've been working on.
It's all been arranged.
Um - How fantastic.
- Well, let's hope.
Thank you.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Patrick Jane.
For tonight and for a very good cause, let's all imagine that this tawdry hotel ballroom is in fact the Casa Encantar.
The Enchanted House.
Ladies and gentlemen, my lovely assistant, Erica.
Erica and I will conjure up spirits that will awe and amaze you.
And then we will turn that awed amazement into cold hard cash that will help feed, clothe and educate thousands of homeless orphans.
As you can see, Erica has set the stage with four boxes.
Now, in order for this performance to work, we need four willing volunteers.
Once you're chosen, make your way promptly to the stage.
Don't be shy.
This shouldn't hurt one little bit.
Quick hand for these brave souls.
Thank you, Erica.
Looking fetching in green.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, please pay close attention.
You're about to witness something that I can pretty much guarantee you've never seen before.
You will see something clouded in the unknown.
In a world of clairvoyants and divination.
A world of spirits.
Now, I know some of you don't believe that spirits exist.
But trust me when I tell you they are very real.
They are here in this room now speaking to me just as I am speaking to you.
And they are telling me that one of these individuals here is harboring a deep, dark secret.
Huh? Don't believe me? Fantastic, that gives me the chance to prove it to you.
You, sir.
What's your name? - Richard.
- Richard, are you here alone? - Yes.
- Thank you.
Would you step forward? Inside one of these boxes is an item that holds great significance to you.
I don't know which box it's in and neither do you.
Am I correct? - Correct.
- Richard, I need you to concentrate.
I need you to concentrate and clear your mind of any distractions.
I would like you to choose two boxes.
Two boxes either on the left side or the right side.
Erica? There's two boxes left.
I'd like you to choose one, Richard.
Now, you made your choice only with the spirits as your guide.
Erica, if you would, open the box, please.
Does this necklace mean anything to you, Richard? - Yes.
- Tell the audience what it means.
It's the necklace that I gave to Natalie.
Why did you give it to her? It was a symbol of my deep and abiding love for her.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Thank you, Richard.
If you make your way back to your seat, that's okay.
Wait, the spirits are sending me another message.
They're telling me that someone else on this stage has a secret.
A crowd favorite.
You're harboring a deep, dark secret, aren't you? - I don't think so.
- Oh, really? Well, let's check, shall we? Step forward, please.
Clear your mind and choose two boxes.
Now you know the drill.
One box.
Thank you.
Now, you chose this box of your own free will, yes? - I guess so.
- Erica, please, do the honors.
Open the box.
Is this photograph of any significance to you? - No.
- Are you certain? Well, perhaps if you saw it bigger.
Erica? Now do you recognize it? It looks like the site you claimed to have built an orphanage on only there's no orphanage.
- I don't I don't know what you're talking about.
- What about now? It's a photo taken a week ago.
There is no orphanage, Greg.
Only a doctored photograph you've been passing off as real.
Everything you've said you've done is a lie, Greg.
- You don't understand.
- Oh, but I think they do.
You're under arrest.
Let's go.
Fraud! Thank you, you've been a lovely audience.
Thank you and good night.
That's what you are! You embezzled millions of dollars meant for charity and siphoned the money into your own pockets.
You had everybody fooled until Natalie took that trip to Mexico.
Natalie called me.
Said she needed to speak with me about something important.
So I met her after work at the subway station and offered her a ride.
She told me she had visited one of the orphanages that we built.
- And she accused you of lying? - No.
Not at first.
She trusted me.
She wanted an explanation but I didn't have one.
What could I say? She had the photos.
My whole world was threatened.
Everything I had built would be gone.
- Okay, I'm coming.
- In here.
- What is going on with you? - Take a seat.
HARRIGAN Take a? Sarah, I.
- There's something I have to say to you.
- Okay.
So I've been thinking a lot about us these last few days and our situation.
- Our situation? - Yeah.
And I want it to change.
- Are you breaking up with me? - The opposite.
Will you marry me? Oh, no - No? - I don't wanna get married like this.
- Like what? I don't want you to propose to me just because I'm pregnant.
It's so not fair to you or to me.
I don't want to live the rest of my life constantly wondering whether my husband loves me.
Oh Wayne, gosh, you are a great man.
No, and you are going to be the most amazing father, ha, ha, ha.
But, gosh, we're just not ready for this.
Thank you, Patrick.
You have no idea how much this meant to me.
You know, you didn't have to leave the other night.
We can't have everything we want.
Since when? If you'll excuse me, I'll freshen up before the car ride.
Don't bother.
- I know about your lawyer.
- Lawyer? What lawyer? We found him a block away with two suitcases, cash and a forged passport.
I'm sorry, Erica.
I love you.
- I'll wait for you.
- Touching.
So it's over.
- You can't blame a girl for trying.
- I'd expect nothing less.
It was nice to see you, Patrick.
I had a lovely time.
Me too.
Good bye.
When you say it like that, it makes it sound like forever.
Just 15 to 20.
All right, just sign here? - Yes, sir.
Bottom of the page.
- Time to go, ma'am.
- Of course.
Glad that all worked out.
- Yeah.
Special Agent Luther Wainright? I'm Officer Hopkins from Golden Valley State Correctional Institution.
We're here to take custody of Erica Flynn.
I'm sorry, I'm confused.
I just signed custody Sir? The U.
marshals are helping with the search.
She's been flagged on flight lists and all border crossings.
You're wasting your time.
Thanks for your optimism.
I have to ask, Jane.
Did you know Erica was gonna do this? Try to escape? Of course.
I mean, who wouldn't? You didn't answer my question.
No, I didn't.
Answer your question.
- Hello? - Hello, Patrick.
I wanted to thank you for dinner.
It was the best date I've had in years.
It wasn't a date.
If you say so.
- Where are you? - Someplace warm.
Why? Do you miss me? Heh.
Something like that.
You know, Patrick, we'd have been good together.
Would be good together.
They will find you.
It's only a matter of time.
Oh, Patrick.
I'm almost looking forward to it.

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