The Mentalist s04e19 Episode Script

Pink Champagne on Ice

Just think, this was once the seabed of a prehistoric ocean.
- So? - So it lends perspective.
In the great scheme of things, just how insignificant, small, tiny we are.
Maybe for you.
- Cho.
What have we got? - Tiny.
License and registration ID him as a Ryan D'Stefano.
Wallet was on him, no money gone.
Key's in the ignition, gas tank was empty.
- How'd he die? - Shot from behind at close range.
Road rage or paid hit? Hmm.
There's two sodas in the drink holder.
One's diet, the other's regular.
Body's on the passenger side so one can assume there were two people in the car.
- Where'd the other one go? - A good question.
Anything else useful? We're still running down the name.
Found this in his pocket.
Good start.
Yeah, I know Ryan D'Stefano.
He worked here for about six weeks.
He doesn't work for you any more? Not for the last six months.
What kind of work was he doing, Mr.
Holmes? Security guard.
I run security here at the casino.
D'Stefano is a convicted criminal.
He served time for burglary and armed robbery.
You hire ex-cons to work for security for you often? No, I don't.
That's why I fired him.
How'd he get past the background check? I can't access police records as fast as you.
Once I found out, I dealt with it.
Yes, you seem like a man that deals with things.
You got that right.
Did Mr.
D'Stefano form any relationships while working here? - Friends? Or enemies? - He kept pretty much to himself.
Can you think of anybody who may have wanted to harm Mr.
D'Stefano? No.
We need to talk to your boss.
Where is he? That would be Mr.
He's not here today.
What about paperwork you might have on D'Stefano? Where's that? This way.
- Where's the other guy? - Ah.
He does that.
He'll be back later.
This way.
The handcuffs are no longer on me, they are on you.
And here's your watch, good as new.
A round of applause for our volunteer.
- From the lamaseries of the Orient - Hey, Jack, where's my 50 bucks? - We're stunned.
- Yeah.
From the lamaseries of the Orient to the ancient texts of Atlantis I have found the key to controlling the dark energies of the universe.
Channeling these energies I will transport my beautiful assistant across the stage to reappear in this box.
Seriously, Jack, I just want what's mine.
Where's my 50 bucks? Fifty bucks.
Jack, come on.
Lowlife piker, I want my scratch! - Ooh! - Damn it.
Hey, Jack, calm down.
Don't recognize me? Patrick Jane.
I should have known.
A little heckling and you blow a simple pass.
You're losing your touch, Jack.
You ruined my act.
It was good to see you.
Yeah, I'm doing pretty good here all around.
This job's just temporary, really.
Until the new floor show at Caesar's.
That's next, probably.
- That's great.
- Yeah.
I'm excited.
I am super excited.
What happened, Jack? You were headed for the top.
I still am.
I still am.
I still am.
I just, uh I got sidetracked.
I got caught up in some stuff.
I got busted for drugs, I did some time.
It's not a big deal it just messed with my bookings a little, so That's showbiz.
Right? But I'm working my way back up, so Blah, blah, blah.
That's me.
What you been up to, Patrick? I work with the police.
I'm investigating a murder.
- You're kidding me.
- No.
In fact, uh, ahem this is my bit.
Uh Do you recognize this man? Nope.
Never seen him.
N Yeah No, no.
How are you, of all people, working with the cops? You didn't hear what happened? No.
Hear what? Ah, it's along story.
I'm here.
Well, I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance, officer.
- Good to see you so well, Jack.
- Yeah, yeah.
Last time I saw you was 16 years ago when you opened for me in Kansas City.
And for what it's worth, you don't look a day older.
Well, thank you, but you're mistaken, Patrick.
- It's you who opened for me.
- Your memory's going.
Big talkers.
No skills.
See you.
Ballistics reports the slugs came from a .
Explains why there were no casings.
We got D'Stefano's prints all over the car and on one of the soda cups.
Different prints on the other.
We're searching.
- We'll find them.
- What've we learned about D'Stefano? Grew up near the Oregon border.
D'Stefano was getting his life back on track - since he was released.
- They always say that.
It tracks, though.
New town, new job, fresh start.
Leave the bad influences.
Getting fired would've put a dent in that.
- What'd he do after he lost his job? - Nothing.
What do you mean, nothing? He didn't get another job? He hung around San Refugio until he was killed.
Here's something.
I called his parole officer.
D'Stefano got into a scuffle with an unknown individual at a bar outside San Refugio.
- PO gave him a break and let it slide.
- When was that? - Couple of months ago.
- What about the casino? Connections? Owner's a guy named Nicky Shaw.
Reputed to be mobbed up.
Cho, you and Rigsby look into D'Stefano's movements leading up to his murder.
See if you can find anything.
- Grace, follow up on the bar fight.
- Will do, boss.
Are you planning on taking any interest in this case? I'm looking for clues.
Yes, in the newspaper.
- Besides, I heard every single word.
- Really? Yes.
Our victim is either a hardened criminal or a tragically misunderstood Dickensian waif.
Also, the casino may be connected to the Mafia.
Okay, so, what do you think? What do I think? I think I'm hungry.
What can I do you for? I'm curious about a fight that happened here months ago.
Involving this guy.
Yeah, that's Ryan.
Yeah, they went at each other pretty good.
You knew Mr.
D'Stefano? What's this about? He was murdered.
You don't know anything about that? What happened? He was shot.
- What can you tell me about him? - He was a good guy - just hotheaded.
- Is that how the fight started? Yeah, well, after he lost his job at the casino he was always going on and on about getting back at them.
So when the guy who fired him showed up one day, yeah, Ryan lost it.
Was that Shaw, the casino owner? - Or the other guy, head of security? - I don't know.
Just a big black guy with a shaved head.
Finished eating? D'Stefano got in a bar fight with the security guy from the casino, Dante Holmes.
- We should talk to him again.
- Oh.
I'll take care of it.
What? What do you mean? Where are you? Uh, be back soon.
We'll talk then.
Sorry about that, Mr.
So rumor has it that you're a made man.
Did you have D'Stefano whacked rubbed out, smudged, whatever it is the phrase you use? That's funny.
Look, is it an embarrassment that we hired a convicted felon? Of course.
Does that implicate us in his death? Not at all.
Does that make us liable in any way? I don't think so.
What about the fight that you had with D'Stefano? What fight? He was drunk and angry at me for canning him.
Can't blame him for that.
So I tuned him up a little.
Saw no reason to speak about it seeing as there was no connection to him getting shot.
Well, that seems reasonable enough.
And who wants that kind of publicity? Right.
Look, I run a nice establishment here.
Everything is the best.
Next month, I've got an international poker tournament coming in.
Top cable coverage.
It's gonna be big.
- You didn't know about the fight.
- No.
You don't mind that Holmes here was withholding that information from you? - No.
- Hmm.
Is there anything else you'd like to know? My business is an open book to law enforcement.
No, I'm fine.
Enjoy the show.
- What's up? - Found the gas station where D'Stefano and his passenger got sodas.
- Got an ID on the passenger.
- Holly Danvers.
Paid for the drinks using a credit card.
Hasn't used it since.
Couple of drug priors.
There's an address.
Nice work.
Go and get her.
But be careful.
If she executed D'Stefano, she's likely to put up a fight.
All right, we'll call in we get anything.
Can I, uh, help you gents? CBI.
You know a woman named Holly Danvers? Sure, we know Holly.
Trailer 60.
Fine tenant.
Her roommate Cheryl's a pushy one, though.
Complains about the water pressure.
Is she in her trailer? No, she went away with a young fellow, couple of days ago.
My wife sees everything.
Nobody gets away with anything around here.
Do you recognize this man? Yeah.
That's him.
I remember because one of them forgot something - and he went back to get it.
- Can we talk to the roommate? I don't think she's in.
I stopped by earlier to check her propane, but she didn't answer.
Any chance we could take a look? Be a big help.
Oh, of course you can.
No, we run an honest place.
Go get the keys.
Yes, ma'am.
Head over.
He'll come meet you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
We need to speak to you.
See? Nobody home.
- Can you unlock it for me, please? - Yeah, sure.
Step back.
Your park manager let us in.
Cheryl? Cheryl? Damn it.
Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen to be terrified and amazed.
Hey, what did you do to me? I can't feel my toes.
Where are my toes? I can't feel my toes.
Hey, hey, hey, look.
Her head's in a box, but she's still talking.
That is crazy.
Holly Danvers is our number-one suspect.
- What do we know? - According to her records Holly Danvers did everything she was supposed to.
Got clean.
Passed all her drug tests, went to regular counseling.
Even got a good job at a place called Big Frank's.
- Big Frank's outside San Refugio? - Yeah.
That's where D'Stefano got into his fight.
They must've met there.
Love triangle gone wrong? D'Stefano and Danvers hook up, she catches him cheating with her roommate, kills both.
- Does she have a history of violence? - No.
We need to dig deeper.
Van Pelt, go to Big Frank's.
- See what you can learn.
- All right.
- Order up.
- Holly? She's one of my best waitresses.
Why? When was the last time you spoke? She was supposed to be working today.
She called, said she had to miss a couple shifts.
- Order up! - She called in? What'd she say? She needed time off for a personal matter.
Seemed kind of cranky, so I didn't push.
Like I said, she's one of my best.
Come on.
Order up.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
I don't know.
That's why I called Hey, Patrick.
What is it? Well, I caught the show.
It was great.
Very smooth.
Uh, the sphinx, nicely played.
Love the blammo box.
It's all about the assistant.
- Oh.
I'm Trish.
- We're old friends.
I'm sorry.
This is Vincent and Skiddy, they're young magicians I am mentoring.
Jack and I used to work the circuit together.
Mentoring? Used to be this guy was so tight he wouldn't tell you the time.
Still owes me 50 bucks from what, 16 years ago? - I don't remember this 50 bucks.
- Of course.
You know what? I'm gonna let that slide.
Anyway, I have to run.
Um, it was a great act.
Nice to meet you.
- Be good.
- Thanks.
- Uh, I'll call you.
We'll get together, okay? - Sure, Jack.
Hello, Lisbon.
You wondering when I'm coming back? No, not at all.
I wouldn't wanna impose.
Whenever you find the time is okay with me.
Sarcasm doesn't suit you much at all.
I'm working the case.
In fact, I've almost cracked it.
Really? So have we.
Really? What do you got? It looks to be a crime of passion.
A woman named Holly Danvers was the last to see D'Stefano before his death, and we found her roommate dead in their trailer.
And Danvers is a waitress at the bar D'Stefano got in the fight in.
Well, now it seems to make sense.
Yeah, because I just explained it to you.
When are you coming back? We'll talk later, Lisbon.
Security's too tight.
It was 12 minutes, man.
We checked it twice.
- Sorry, man.
- Okay.
Come on, you guys, there's gotta be There's no way, man.
We tried, man.
Thank you.
Hello, Jack.
Jeez, where'd you come from? I know what's going on.
What are you talking about? You've been following me? The way you fell apart on stage when I yelled was the first clue.
Then you lied about knowing D'Stefano.
And now you're palling around with a couple of ex-cons.
Your friends are professional.
I must say that.
They did a good job casing this place.
- What do you mean? What? - You're planning to rob the casino.
- There's no point in hiding it.
- Shut up.
You can get me in trouble if people hear you.
The question is, why? You're not the casino-robbing type.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You should leave it alone.
You're scared.
I knew that from the first.
But not for yourself.
For someone you care about.
Cut it out.
I mean it.
Walk away.
Holly Danvers is your girlfriend, she's been kidnapped by whoever's making you rob the casino.
Okay? But it can't be robbed.
It's impossible.
Really? I mean, it's not Fort Knox.
Is it really that hard? I've been looking at it every which way.
I can't see how it can be done.
They've got Holly.
There's nothing I can do to save her.
Hey, whoa, whoa, don't worry, I can help you.
Okay? What are you doing? - I'm calling the police.
- No.
They said any hint of the cops and they'll kill her.
They told me.
Then we have to do it the other way.
What's the other way? I rob the casino for you.
Here's what they sent me.
- You have any idea who sent it? - No.
But you know how it is.
I meet all kinds of people.
Some hard cases in this town.
Could be anyone.
Why now? First of the month is when the vault's fullest.
So whoever's doing this knows how the casino works.
I'll take a look around and see what can be done.
Can't be done.
Vince and Skiddy agree.
They've done things like this before.
They're doing this out of the goodness of their heart? Of course not.
They don't know anything about the kidnapping or Holly.
- Nobody can know.
- And what about Trish? She's involved, isn't she? How much does she know? Only what Vince and Skiddy know.
Nothing more.
Well, we'll meet tomorrow to discuss it more.
Um, and I think we should introduce me to your team.
Hey, Jane.
Uh - Than ks.
- Yeah, sure.
- Hey, found something.
- What is it? Remember Hellion told Jane he didn't know D'Stefano? - Yeah.
- Take a look at this.
"Master of dark arts Jack Hellion performs magic" with the help of casino employee Ryan D'Stefano.
" - You told Lisbon yet? - No.
Just found it.
What's with the flowers? They're for Summer.
- Summer? Your Cl? - Yep.
Good night.
- Hey, nice work on Hellion.
- Yeah, thanks.
Good night.
That goes there.
- Who is it? - It's us.
Hey, boys.
- What's this about, Hellion? You're late.
Sit down.
We got a lot of work to do.
What's he doing here? Jane's coming in on the job with us.
Oh, yeah? I don't know about that.
- How do we know we can trust this guy? - You can trust him.
He's one of us.
Says you.
I'm not doing this with him.
Well, fine.
Walk away from a million bucks.
Tell you the truth, I didn't think you had the chops for it anyway.
- Show us your plan.
- Doesn't mean that we agreed, though.
Lounge, casino floor, vault loading dock.
Right? First order of business, the lock to the vault.
It's a high-security lock, using a combination of side wards and pins.
I can get into it, but it's gonna take more time than we got.
Security comes by every five minutes.
Then we're gonna need a key.
Holmes, the security chief, carries it on him at all times.
I'll take care of that.
- The vault, you cased it yesterday, right? - Yeah.
The door in the main room of the casino marked "Authorized Personnel Only" accesses both the backstage area and a hallway that leads to the vault.
Now, there's a heavy steel gate, then the door to the vault.
There's a small window set into it.
Inside the vault is a room with the safe set in the wall.
There's no place to hide in there.
There's cameras outside the vault.
We can put them on a loop.
Nobody?! know.
They're not the problem.
The problem is that the guards check the vault every five to six minutes.
The safe isn't complex, but it's gonna take more than six minutes to crack.
We need to get into the vault without being seen.
We need to return the key to Holmes before he realizes it's gone.
We need to open the safe without being seen, take the money, and get away.
- Yeah, that's all.
- Yeah.
Well, if I can figure out a way to do it, you gotta go along.
- No questions.
No arguments.
Yes? - Yes, absolutely.
You better be on the level.
Or else we got a problem.
The only problem I can foresee is getting you ready in time.
- When are we pulling the job? - Tonight.
Let's get to work.
- Jane, we need to talk to you.
- Well, that sounds ominous.
I need to talk to you as well.
Your friend Jack Hellion looks good for this.
- Heh.
You think? - He knew our victim, D'Stefano.
And he was dating Holly Danvers.
- We think they were in it together.
- In what? The murder of Ryan D'Stefano.
Uh Well, it's a theory.
And you think it's wrong.
Well, I know it's wrong.
I mean, it's way off the mark.
- I'm sorry.
- You know the right story, of course.
Yes, I do.
And I know how to close this case neatly.
So? Do tell.
I shall, but we're in a very tricky situation here.
There is a life at stake.
Bear with me.
What I'm about to say might sound a little crazy.
But trust me, it is the only way.
- He said, "Crazy idea.
" - He said, "Trust me.
" - Always a bad sign.
- I'm just a consultant here.
We don't have to do this all together.
I can manage on my own somehow.
I will bear with you.
It's the kidnappers.
They've given us a location to drop the money.
Tell them we're not doing anything until we know Holly's alive.
They're sending something.
Oh, my God.
Okay, keep it together, Jack.
We've got a job to do here.
Okay? Text them back.
Tell them we'll take the money to the drop site just like they said.
Okay? - Okay.
- Let's go.
Hey, where have you two been? We go on in four minutes.
You ready? There is one small thing.
Those police that are investigating D'Stefano's murder, they're here again.
I just wanted you to know so you don't freak out if you see them.
- Oh, crap.
- We gotta call it off.
No, no.
No, we don't.
Everything goes ahead as planned.
They're working a homicide, not thinking about a robbery.
We'll do it right under their noses.
Okay? Okay.
- Let's do this.
- Curtain's up.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Tonight, I will delight and amaze you.
You will see things that will make you doubt your eyes.
You all set? - Set.
- I can't believe we're doing this.
- I'm doing this.
- Yeah, but legally we're accomplices.
Could you shut up? Hello, Grace.
What luck running into you here.
- Hi, Jane.
Am I late? - Not at all.
Follow me.
My next demonstration is something I learned from a yogi mystic in Dharamshala.
How to see by using your astral mind not your physical senses.
I will need a volunteer.
You, sir.
- Folks, give him a hand.
He's just shy.
- Go on.
I want you to examine this hood.
It's impossible to see out of it, is that not so? Okay.
Uh Yes, you can't see out of it.
Thank you.
Okay, you step over here.
Okay, it's coming up.
Can you see? No.
I'm completely blind.
Great, now from our volunteer, could I get an object? Any object, please.
Can I have a spot here, please? What is the first object I am showing you? ls it a wallet? You can go back to your seat.
Thank you.
I will now come out to the audience.
Anyone can give me an object.
Hat, glasses.
Dante Holmes.
I'd like to introduce you to Grace Van Pelt.
She's an agent at the CBI.
She'd like to ask you a few questions.
I think you two are gonna get along famously.
So, um, you're the head of security, huh? - Nobody saw you, did they? - Nobody saw us.
- You get the key? - Like candy from a baby.
We clear? Clear.
All set.
You have roughly five and a half minutes.
Good, good, good.
Gentlemen, I have to get this key back to Holmes before he realizes it's gone.
- My hands.
- What? I don't think I can do this.
I'm not cut out to be a criminal.
All right.
Uh, you're gonna have to get this key back into Holmes' pocket.
I'll stay here and help.
Right-side jacket pocket.
- Right-side jacket pocket.
- Okay.
Okay, Jack.
Hey, look at this coin.
Look at how bright that is.
Look at the way the light hits it.
Huh? As you breathe you will feel your body slowly relax.
I think you will be able to tell what I have now.
Is it a pair of glasses? - See you soon, I hope.
- Yeah.
Good luck.
Do you have an object you'd like to share? When I click my fingers, Jack you will feel calm and relaxed.
It'll be easy to open the safe.
When I click my fingers, Jack you will open the safe with great ease and quickness.
- What do you say we open this safe? - Okay, here we go.
Grace, have you seen Jane? - He was here a second ago.
- Oh.
- Careful, son.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Um, which way to the bathroom? - It's right over there.
Excuse me, agents.
I've gotta get back to work.
You guys ready? Let's go.
You need to get back to the stage.
I got the rest of this.
Time to bring the van around to the loading dock.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
And for our last demonstration, may I have another object? I think you will be able to tell what I have now.
You're holding a set of car keys.
Got it.
Me and Vinnie will follow right behind you in the car.
- You have the keys? - Yep.
We get separated, we meet at the truck stop at I-90, okay? - Don't worry, we won't get separated.
- Okay.
Well, done, man.
We did it.
- Okay.
- Nicely done.
Hey, don't stick around.
CBI's gonna be crawling all over the place very soon.
Why did he have to hug me? I hate that.
Who cares, bro? We're rich.
Open the car.
Let's go.
He took the keys.
- Bastard took the keys! - What? That's not the worst of it.
Let me see your hands.
You're under arrest.
Heads up.
Here they come.
- Holly? - Whoa, whoa.
- Stop right there, Jack.
- Trish? Turn around.
Open the back of the truck.
- Trish, what are you doing? - Open it.
Let me see the money.
The money's in the box.
It's gonna be all right, Holly.
Gonna be all right.
Yeah, sure it is.
Get over there.
Line up.
Trish, you don't have to do this.
He's right, you know.
You don't have to kill us.
You're right.
I don't.
But it's cleaner this way.
Everybody who can identify me will be dead.
I will be on my way to Mexico with a box full of cash.
Drop the gun and put your hands in the air! Blammo.
Ballistics checks out for the gun, Trish.
Tell us why you did it and we'll ask the DA to take the death penalty off the table.
What do you mean, why did I do it? For the money, of course.
I was robbing a casino.
You think I was bitter because Jack was seeing some waitress instead of me? You're a hundred percent wrong.
Couldn't care less.
It was strictly about the money.
It was D'Stefano that gave me the idea first.
Always yammering on about getting even with Holmes.
And it was D'Stefano who grabbed Holly.
Why did he kill the roommate? She was in the trailer, she saw him.
Bad luck for her.
And once he brought you Holly, you got rid of him.
I couldn't trust him.
He killed that poor innocent girl without a shred of remorse.
Even laughed about it.
No moral compass.
You were about to kill three innocent people yourself just a while ago.
And I would have felt terrible about it.
There's a difference.
You're nuts, lady.
Sign here.
We can never thank you enough.
I owe you big time.
Big time.
Plus 50 bucks.
- You said you'd let that slide.
- Ah, so you do admit that you owe me.
Wait, when did I first incur this debt, anyhow? You were opening for me in Kansas City.
It was '93.
- There was a girl - Opening for you? Please.
Never happened.
What were the drugs you got busted for? You wanna get a cup of coffee? This could go on for a while.
Whatever they are I'm afraid they've undermined the foundation of your memory.
- I'm sorry, I've never seen Jack like this.
- No need to apologize.
Jane has that effect on people.

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