The Mentalist s04e20 Episode Script

Something's Rotten in Redmund

High school, huh? Must bring back some memories for you.
Friday nights, your friends from band strapping on those funny hats.
I am not gonna take the bait.
And then after practice a little spin the bottle in some wood-paneled rec room.
Whatever you say.
Rigsby, what have we got? Jack McTierney, 28, an English teacher.
ME puts the time of death between 6:00 and 9:00 last night.
Apparently he likes to stay late and go jogging around the campus.
Cho's searching his locker now.
Looks like a blunt force trauma to the head.
- We have a murder weapon? - No, but ME thinks it was metal.
There were bats in the equipment bins.
- We're testing.
- We contact the family? They're all back east.
He's single, lives alone.
Start setting up interviews.
Anybody who was here between 6 and 9 last night.
You got it.
See that bruising around the eye? It's faded, looks like it's about a week old.
It'd be good to know how that happened.
Well, let's ask the principal.
That guy? Cheap power suit, phone holster, Bluetooth, large watch.
Has petty tyrant written all over him.
Excuse me, sir? Hi, I'm Agent Lisbon.
This is Patrick Jane.
We're with the CBI.
Principal Carl Snyder.
Thank you so much for coming so quickly.
Did Mr.
McTierney have problems? Trouble with a student? No, I don't think so.
He was a great teacher.
He started working here right after college.
A bright kid who could have made money doing so many things.
But he loved teaching.
We were lucky to have him.
Now, I have a grief counseling session starting momentarily Excellent.
We'll come.
How did he get the black eye? He said that he was playing basketball with some students after school.
- But you didn't believe him.
- Why would he lie? - Of course I believed him.
- No, you didn't.
Well, why would I lie? Probably just bureaucratic instinct.
You suspected that the black-eye story was false.
You have any notion of the true story? - No.
- Hmm? Like I said, he was very popular among everyone.
- Students and faculty alike.
- Not everyone.
I went through McTierney's locker.
I found this in his briefcase.
Oh, this looks very interesting.
I had the honor of working with Jack McTierney for the past five years.
He was a good teacher, and he will be missed.
Thank you, Mr.
Now, is there anyone else who would like to say something about Mr.
McTierney? Uh I'd like to say something.
Jane, this is a very sensitive moment Yeah, they're just teenagers.
They'll get over it.
Good morning, everyone.
I'm Patrick Jane.
I'm with the CBI.
I'm sorry for everyone's loss.
I know you were close to Mr.
And I was hoping one of you could tell me who wrote this letter that we found.
"Dear Mr.
I saw what you did and I'm disgusted.
You are a total pig.
" Exclamation point.
"I used to think you were special but you're just a hypocrite like the rest of them.
I can't believe lever thought you were cool.
I hate you.
" Who would write such a letter? Hmm? Clearly someone who felt betrayed.
A sensitive soul who now feels deep remorse for having spoken so harshly.
Someone seated right here in this room.
While everyone was looking around trying to figure who wrote the letter, you weren't.
You knew who wrote the letter, because it was you.
Isn't that right? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Oh, Lisbon, you're on.
- Wow.
- Hey.
Hey, stop.
Drama, huh? Anyone else have anything to say? Why'd you write this letter, Rachel? Mr.
McT was my favorite teacher.
He always talked about self-respect.
He wanted us girls to value ourselves for our minds.
And I mean, he was cool with us.
He didn't treat us like idiot kids.
Well, what changed? Three nights ago I was driving to the food bank where I volunteer.
It's in kind of a sketchy neighborhood.
And I saw Mr.
McTierney talking to, like, a hooker.
And they were fighting.
Well, arguing.
And then she got into his car.
I mean, he's a teacher.
What did she look like? I took a picture.
Text me that picture and the address that you saw her.
Excuse me.
- Cho, what's up? - Forensics finished up.
None of the school's bats show traces of blood.
But we found a baggie of homemade pills in McTierney's car.
MDMA, ecstasy.
Turns out our victim had a few secrets.
I've got a student who says she saw him in an argument with a prostitute.
I'll forward a picture and address.
You and Rigsby see if you can track her down.
Got it.
- Jane? - Hey.
No, you go on.
I'm gonna stay here.
- Bye.
- I'm sorry, may I help you? No, no help necessary.
You are? Ms.
Austin, the drama teacher.
Ah, I was just admiring you set.
What play are you doing? Hamlet.
A modern interpretation, as you can see.
To die, to sleep, To sleep, perchance to dream, ay, there's the rub.
That's right.
I'm, uh, worried about Rachel.
She's in the play.
She's really a good kid.
Oh, she'll be fine unless she murdered Mr.
What do you think? No.
I can't imagine.
Well, if you'll excuse me I have five minutes to get bad coffee from the teacher's lounge.
Enjoy Well, it's no fun if you just give up.
Are you one of the cops? Cop-adjacent maybe.
- Are you in the play? - Yeah, I am.
I'm Jeremiah.
I play the ghost.
I am thy father's spirit, Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night.
Sounds cool when you say it.
I'm not sure I'm pulling it off.
- I only auditioned to meet the girls.
- How's that going for you? Not good.
Well, Jeremiah, you seem like a fellow in the know.
Let me ask you this.
Where could I buy some drugs around here? - What? - Ecstasy, preferably.
I have no idea.
Why would you ask? I wanna meet the bad kids.
You know, the kind that might sell drugs to a teacher.
Every school has them.
Where do they hang out? Um, I wouldn't know where they hang out.
The bad kids keep real low profile.
Principal Snyder's kind of a hard-ass.
You wouldn't know, huh? - Do you swear? - Yeah.
I swear.
Well fought.
Off with you.
I know the due date's just an estimate, but I mean, it could be today, right? Okay, just promise me that you'll call or text.
Sorry, Sarah's freaking out.
- And how are you doing? - Yeah, good.
Definitely not about to have a heart attack.
Hey, back it up.
I'm just waiting on my laundry.
- Laundry.
In that outfit? - What are you, a fashion critic? We're looking for this girl.
You seen her? I don't know, I lost my glasses.
Maybe I had some money for a new pair Now I see it.
Looks like White Chenille.
Usually works over on Fremont.
Thank you.
But she won't be out yet.
And you know where she stays? Come on, honey.
We've been over this.
- Nice bathroom, Luis, uh, very clean.
- Sorry? I was just saying, the bathroom, it's spotless.
Where are all the bad kids? Bad kids? I don't know.
Nice chatting with you.
Hello? Wait.
Hello, Mr.
I'm sorry, if I had known you wanted to come down here I would have had Luis escort you.
Perhaps you can help me out.
I'm trying to find the delinquents.
Well, I found one myself, or at least his shoes, but he managed to get away.
I don't think they're gonna help you much.
McTierney taught mostly advanced classes.
Yes, but it's the bad apples that have the real dirt.
And where are they? They're in class.
The kids are in class.
It's a revolutionary concept, I know.
Well, if you'll excuse me, that's lunch.
Speaking of which, I'm a little peckish.
Where's the cafeteria? - Yes? - Are you Chenille? - Who's Chenille? - I'm Rigsby.
This is Cho.
We're with CBI.
Look, we know you go by Chenille, and your real name is Lindy Hayes.
Seems like you got it all figured out.
What do you need me for? You were with this man, Jack McTierney, three nights ago.
- Yeah, so what? I see him a lot.
- So he was a regular of yours? No.
He was my English teacher.
What is this about? Hey, excuse me.
Can I borrow this? You can have that back.
Excuse me.
I just need a moment of your time, then you can get back to your lunch.
I'd like you all to raise your hands.
All of you.
It's official police business.
Raise them high.
Put your hand down if you're on the Dean's List.
Okay, good.
Now put your hand down if you're taking the SATs or planning to take the SATs.
Okay then.
Put your hand down if you've never smoked a cigar Never mind.
Carry on.
Enjoy your meatloaf.
What was that? Ah.
Bad kids.
At last.
No need to run.
Don't even think about it.
The place is surrounded.
Snipers on the rooftops.
Just kidding.
Who's running the show here? You? Or You.
What do you want? I'm Patrick.
What's your name? - Krista.
- Krista.
I come in peace.
So which of you crazy cats is gonna help me solve McTierney's murder, huh? Wow.
You really are bad.
- What do you wanna know? - Oh.
While the rest of the kids are stuck inside sharpening their pencils you're out here, roaming free.
I bet you know way more about what's really going on, right? Like who's selling the ecstasy, for starters.
I wish I knew someone.
That would definitely be a popular kid.
What about McTierney? Did he have any secret vices? No.
He was a square.
Super clean cut.
Which is why it's so weird he was tight with Loveland.
Because Loveland's a crazy drunk.
Loveland, the career counselor? Yeah.
See, awhile back, um Loveland confiscated my friend's cell phone so my friend broke into his office.
And he found, like, a million of those little vodka airplane bottles.
Well, thanks, Krista.
Very much.
When you wake up tomorrow morning and you look in the mirror you'll see yourself for the first time, and will decide to never smoke again.
How did you know Jack McTierney? He was my teacher.
Like three years ago, before I dropped out of school.
Back then he tried to help me with this problem I was having with my stepfather.
What was the problem? Take a wild guess.
If your stepfather was abusing you, you could have him prosecuted.
I ran away to the city, problem solved.
But I guess Mr.
McTierney felt guilty or something because ever since then he's been trying to rescue me.
He freaked when I told him I was turning tricks.
What did he say? You know, that I could still have a normal life, stuff like that.
And then afterward, he'd come to see me, like, once a week buy me a cup of coffee, talk to me about getting my G.
But I didn't wanna hear it so we fought.
We found drugs on McTierney.
Couldn't have been his stuff.
- He was a total straight arrow.
- Was it yours? Ecstasy? That's for amateurs.
Do you know if he was having any problems at school? I don't know.
He had a couple other projects like me.
I guess one of them could have gone wrong.
- Projects? - You know, kids he was trying to help.
You got any names? He tried to keep that stuff pretty private.
But I heard him arguing on the phone with someone.
You've been very helpful.
Let me know if I can do anything else.
I want to help, for Mr.
Okay, if you wanna help, you should do what he wanted.
Go back to school.
You got a minute? Of course, come in.
Anything I can do to help.
Well, in that case, why did you punch Mr.
McTierney? How did you know that? Oh, heh.
Well, I didn't, but you just told me.
Also, drunk people aren't really known for their impulse control.
Perfectly understandable.
You're working with overachieving children.
Who wouldn't wanna take the edge off, huh? Look, I know what you must be thinking but I had eight years sober.
And my wife left me and we got a new principal and I started thinking that a drink might be a good idea.
About a month ago I, uh, tested that theory.
How'd that go? Okay.
For a while.
Then I started drinking before work and I realized that I was out of control.
- You confided in McTierney.
- I thought I could trust him.
I was wrong.
He told the principal.
He screwed me royally.
Doesn't seem like something McTierney would do.
I know.
But when I asked Snyder for some time off he knew about the drinking.
He couldn't fire me for it, but he can make my life hell.
Oh, uh Where were you when you, uh, told McTierney you relapsed? - We were in the men's room.
- Was there anyone else there? You think I'd be talking about that stuff if there were? No, of course not.
Thank you.
- I take it no baby yet.
- No.
Got anything to distract me? We finally got into McTierney's computer and looked at his calendar.
He had an advisory meeting with Martin Klubock the night he died.
- Really? - Yeah, but it's weird.
Martin's an A student and has no history of disciplinary action at school.
Why was he one of Mr.
McTierney's projects? Well, I looked into his attendance records.
He's been out sick a bunch of times this year.
A trip to the emergency room, broken rib and some stitches.
You think it's abuse? Could be, although his folks don't have a record.
He called in sick to school today.
Cho and I will check it out.
That guilty creatures sitting at a play.
Have, by the cunning of the scene so struck to the soul that presently they have proclaimed their malefactions, their shortcomings.
Mind if I borrow some of this? For murder, though it have no tongue will speak with most magnificent organ.
I'll have these players play something like the murder of my father.
Before mine uncle.
If he but blench I know my course.
- Line? - Billy, we have been over this.
You should have been off book a week ago.
The spirit that I have seen may be a devil.
And the devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape, and so on and so forth.
The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king.
That was amazing.
Are you an actor, Mr.
Jane? Well, I've done a little stage work here and there.
I hope you guys were paying attention.
Billy, did you hear the passion and clarity of his delivery? - The rhythm? - Yeah, I heard.
Okay, everybody take five while I try to find out what happened with the programs.
Well, maybe Mr.
Jane could give us a few tips.
Jane doesn't want to be bothered with our little play.
- Oh, it's no bother.
- Well, then brilliant idea.
It's not every day we get a visit from a professional.
In that case, let's warm up with a simple enunciation exercise, shall we? "Toy boat," ten times fast.
- Toy boat.
Toy boat.
- Toy boat.
Toy boat.
Toy boat.
Jeremiah, you're not projecting.
Inhale from the bottom of your stomach, not the top of your throat.
Deep breaths.
Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast.
More voice, more voice.
Ay, that incestuous, that adulterate beast.
Bravo, Jeremiah.
You are good, Mr.
Any notes for Billy, our Hamlet? Remember, never break character, even if you forget your lines.
The audience will never know as long as you keep going.
Thank you.
I have been telling him that.
And Hamlet's not as pleased with himself as you are.
So dial that back a touch.
As for you, Ms.
You have, uh, something on your coat.
A leaf.
- There.
All set.
- Oh, thank you, Mr.
You should come back and see the play.
I'm sure all the kinks will be worked out by then.
Break a leg.
- Martin Klubock? - Uh, yes? I'm Agent Rigsby, this is Agent Cho.
We're with CBI.
Your parents home? Uh, no.
No, they're at a sales convention in Tucson.
But they'll be back Saturday.
We need to talk to you about Mr.
Of course.
You got something burning? Uh, no.
No, it's fine.
It's just some soup.
You had a meeting with Mr.
McTierney an hour before he died.
I was supposed to meet with him, but I canceled.
- I'm coming down with something.
- You got something burning.
- Uh, no, it's fine.
- No, come on.
Hey! Hey.
What the hell are you doing? Making Ecstasy.
Patrick Jane, please report to the principal's office immediately.
I repeat, Patrick Jane to the principal 's office.
There he is.
The principal will be in shortly.
What did you do? Nothing.
Eleven years in Catholic school, and I never got sent to the principal's office.
That's because you're a boring goody two-shoes.
I didn't say I never did anything bad.
I just never got caught.
It has come to my attention that Mr.
Jane here performed an act of vandalism in the second-floor boys' restroom.
A vicious personal attack on me.
Jane? It's true.
Sir, on behalf of the CBI, I apologize.
I appreciate that.
Jane? Jane! I'm sorry for the senseless act of graffiti.
That's all.
Very well.
I will send a bill to CBI which will cover the cost of cleaning .
and I would ask that as we move forward with this investigation it is conducted without Mr.
Jane on site.
Are we agreed? How'd you know it was me that graffiti'd the bathroom? A student told me.
Well, that's strange, because it was during class and there was no one else in the bathroom because I checked.
- Well, somebody saw something, didn't they? - Mm.
You saw something on your unauthorized security cameras.
- What? - He has unauthorized security cameras hidden in the bathrooms.
It's a little creepy, huh? I don't know where you are getting your information, but it is simply not true.
Whoa, whoa! Hello.
Pervy perv perv.
Secret cameras? That is profoundly illegal.
No, listen.
Listen to me.
These cameras are for disciplinary purposes only.
Then why didn't you tell us? Because as you say, strictly speaking - they are not 100 percent legal.
- Mm-hm.
Snyder, if you're withholding evidence from this investigation we've got a serious problem.
And the PTA and the ACLU and all those other acronyms they're gonna have a host of problems with you, pal.
I wouldn't think of withholding evidence.
I'm not an idiot.
I looked through the footage the night of the murder.
I don't think there is anything there.
Frankly, I don't care what you think.
I want all the footage now.
All right, I understand.
Agent Lisbon, could I ask that we keep this discreet? No.
You've been manufacturing Ecstasy, a Schedule I narcotic.
Now, you're 16 years old.
You can be tried as an adult or you can be tried as a minor.
Believe me, you don't wanna be tried as an adult.
You lied about meeting Mr.
McTierney the night he died.
Okay, I met him.
And he confiscated your pills.
That's why we found the drugs on him? Yeah.
But he didn't know I was making them, I swear.
I told him I found the pills and he believed me.
What about your parents? They must have known there was a drug lab.
They had no idea about the drugs.
- Told them it was for my science project.
- Okay.
So why were you meeting Mr.
McTierney? I've been having some trouble.
And he was trying to help me.
Something to do with your trip to the emergency room? Yeah.
Are you getting abused at home? No.
No way.
My parents aren't around enough to abuse me.
So you're getting bullied at school.
Not really.
I mean, kids can be morons, but it's not that bad.
I went to high school.
They eat kids like you for breakfast.
That's what Mr.
McTierney was helping you with, right? Whatever.
He tried, but what was he gonna do? He couldn't be there 24!? And what kind of wuss needs a teacher to protect him anyways? It just made things worse.
So you decided to become a drug dealer? I just wanted to be popular.
Thought if I became the drug guy everything would be different.
I wasn't even gonna sell the E, just give it away.
I know that's crazy but I would do anything.
You know what? I got my ass kicked in high school.
- Yeah, right.
- No, seriously.
I was 5'4" till my senior year.
Then I grew afoot.
Things change.
That would be so awesome.
Wait a second.
Hey, what's up? Your what broke? Oh, uh Yeah, yeah.
Um, I'm on my way.
Uh, don't move.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Okay? - The water broke.
- That's a good thing, isn't it? - Can you tell Lisbon? - Yeah, I got you covered.
- Thank you.
Good luck.
We've watched 60 hours' worth of footage.
I think it's a dead end.
Patience, grasshopper.
I am being patient.
Back that up.
Can you grow that? Can you biggify it? I can do a digital zoom.
- You know that kid? - Our Hamlet.
Well, that's interesting.
Oh, that's very interesting.
What's interesting? I just talked to the DA.
They're gonna go easy on Martin.
They don't want to pursue Principal Snyder on the cameras.
No upside.
Oh, that's a shame.
Get your jacket on.
We have to go.
Where are we going? Back to school.
Excellent, a full house.
Make sure you get a good seat.
- You're not coming with me? - I just have to make a quick stop first.
Can I have my thespians stage left, please? Time for our pre-show circle.
Looking good.
Five minutes.
- Hello, Mr.
- How's it going back here? Great.
Oh, Sarah, time to get to the light board.
Lex, please tuck in that shirt.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Jane, I have to go.
- It is absolute chaos.
- Of course.
Of course.
Jeremiah, how are you feeling? You look a little green around the gills.
I'm a little nervous.
Well, that's to be expected.
Why don't I give you a breathing exercise just to ground you? - Sure, anything.
- Belly to the lips.
Belly to the lips.
Short quick breaths.
Short and quick.
Now big, deep, long.
Lots of oxygen.
Lots of oxygen.
There you go.
Look how calm you are now.
Yes, yes.
Um, there's someone sitting there.
Oh, my God.
Should we call an ambulance? No.
No, no, I think I'm okay.
I don't know what happened.
You hyperventilated, silly boy.
I think he'll be fine.
I don't know that he'll be able to perform tonight.
You do have an understudy? We have one understudy.
He's already being used because Laertes has mono.
This is just a disaster.
There's no way we can go on without a ghost.
Oh, we have to.
We've worked so hard.
Can't we replace him? Jeremiah wasn't even that good.
Don't say that.
- Who could we get to stand in? - I don't know.
It's an important role.
- Stay down.
- I know.
Oh, you could do it, Mr.
You already know the lines, don't you? - I couldn't possibly.
- Please? We're screwed if you don't.
Come on, dude.
What do you say, Ms.
Austin? I think it's a brilliant idea.
Good job, Rachel.
Okay, then.
Well, the show must go on.
Thank you.
And you can stay in what you're wearing.
It's perfect.
Two minutes.
- Overture and beginners.
Stay down.
Have after.
To what issue will this come? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Heaven will direct it.
Nay, let's follow him.
All right.
Jane, Billy, scene five, you are on.
Whither wilt thou lead me? Speak.
I'll go no further.
Mark me.
I will.
My hour is almost come when I to sulph'rous and tormenting flames must render myself up.
Alas, poor ghost.
Pity me not, lend thy serious hearing to what I shall unfold.
A tale of murder most foul.
The murder of Mr.
Uh, surely thou means the murder of my father, the king.
A murder born of lust in the woods, next to the baseball field.
Nay, thou means the woods in Denmark, right? A murder born of unnatural lust between woman and boy.
Uh, line? A murder committed by you with this baseball bat.
- No.
It wasn't me.
- No? It was her.
Oh, oh.
We have a runner.
Well, thank you.
You've been a lovely audience.
Sorry we had to close early, but you get the general idea.
Pretty much everyone dies.
Poisoning, stabbing.
Yeah, it's all very sad.
The Scandinavians, huh? Gloomy bunch.
Oh, and by the way, don't do anything naughty in the bathrooms.
Principal Snyder has hidden cameras in there.
Illegal? Yes.
Immoral? You decide.
Good night.
We found the bat in your house.
Austin is probably blaming it all on you.
So help yourself out.
Talk to me.
She's 35, you're 16.
It's statutory rape.
So tell me what happened.
It started last semester in her acting class.
She was, like, passionate about everything, you know? It was exciting.
And she told me I was talented and asked me to audition for the play.
We started hooking up after rehearsals.
And then Mr.
McTierney saw us when he was jogging that night.
He said he was gonna go to Principal Snyder.
He said she was gonna go to jail.
She asked me to go after him and stop him.
She just wanted to talk to him, she said.
To change his mind.
I followed him through the woods and out onto the baseball field.
I begged him not to tell.
I didn't want her to get in trouble.
I know what I did to Mr.
McTierney is unforgivable.
And I wish to God I could undo it but you have to understand.
What Billy and I have is special.
It's real.
I'm not some pervert.
I love him.
And he loves me.
Is that wrong? Yes.
Lindy, hi.
What are you doing here? I just wanted to say thank you for figuring out what happened to Mr.
You're welcome.
And also I think I wanna do what he said.
You know, get out of the life.
That's good, Lindy.
I'm happy for you.
I feel stupid.
I don't know why I'm telling you.
It's just I don't really have anyone else to say it to now that he's gone.
Well, I know a social worker.
I'll get you her number.
There's all sorts of programs and shelters.
She can help you.
Thank you.
Hey, how did you know Billy was having an affair with the teacher? They both had leaves on them from their make-out spot in the woods.
That's it? Plus I could see she liked him.
She was meaner to him than the other kids.
You know, like Lisbon is to me.
Shut up.
See? Oh, a text from Rigsby.
It's a boy.
He's so cute.
- Yeah, if Winston Churchill is cute.
- More like Mao Tse-Tung.
- Yeah, you're right.
- Hush.
He's gorgeous.
He is gorgeous.

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