The Mentalist s05e01 Episode Script

The Crimson Ticket

Previously on The Mentalist: - Hey, Patrick.
- Perhaps we can see each other again.
- I do what Red John tells me to do.
- Accept his friendship.
- It's that easy? Sure.
And you'll need to bring him a gift.
- What gift? - Teresa Lisbon's dead body would be the perfect thing.
- Heh.
Good luck, Teresa.
Love you.
Well, the question remains, why did Jane do this? - Orders from Red John? - I don't know.
I want arrest warrants for every member of that CBI team, dead or alive.
- FBI, nobody move! - CBI.
Don't shoot, we're CBI agents! You're making a terrible mistake.
That the gift? - Red John in there? Mm-hm.
Our fake deaths were a ruse to trap Red John.
It worked.
What if you and I were friends? Lmagine the life we'd lead.
Go to hell.
You're gonna break down and tell us everything about Red John.
- You're gonna sing like a bird.
- No, lover.
I won't.
Yes, you will.
Yes, you will.
- We're up.
- What? We have a case.
Now? You can't talk to her yet anyhow.
The FBI won't let you.
I'll be right there.
You can't leave your car there.
Hey, boys.
- You the responding officer? - Uh, yes, ma'am.
What have we got? A 911 call came in from this location, 7:33 p.
M but, uh, nobody spoke.
Door was unlocked and, uh, this is how I found them.
This is Rex Lango and, uh, Callie Karlsen.
They both worked together at the hotel convention center.
This is her place.
- So the door was already open? - Yes, sir.
I figure the marks and bruising on the neck indicate strangulation and, uh, he got clubbed with a bottle.
Nice analysis there, Yannick.
- Couldn't have killed each other? - Unlikely.
She'd have to be conscious and active to hit him.
Check the lipstick on his cheek.
It's a classic love triangle.
Third wheel comes in, finds these two kissing.
Whacks the rival with the bubbly, chokes Jezebel.
Yeah, that's pretty much what l Figured.
Jane? Thoughts? Well, the champagne is an excellent vintage.
Callie didn't have a steady boyfriend.
No spare toothbrush.
She believes, poor soul, in a benevolent universe.
And she, uh, comes from money.
- Hmm.
- Money? She works in a hotel.
I've seen enough.
We're out of here, let Forensics do theirjob.
So, uh, if you need me, you know where to find me.
- Thank you, Officer Yannick.
- My pleasure.
What are you guys doing here? What are you doing here? Hey, Teresa.
You're all under suspension, aren't you? - We were told to cover your calls.
- Suspension? What? - Who are you guys? - FBI.
Walk away.
You didn't hear? Suspension's been lifted.
Brass made a deal.
Yeah, we heard they were talking.
They put a lid on the whole thing.
Business as usual.
Suspensions lifted.
So you guys don't need to be here.
I'm sorry for the mix-up.
You tell me after the monumental crapstorm you guys created they're just gonna let you walk away? - I'm stunned, frankly.
- I understand.
I mean, you destroyed the career of a fine FBI agent.
You caused the death of your own boss.
And this one? Has got assault, narcotics, and fraud charges against him.
- All dismissed.
Part of the deal.
- How did you get such a sweet deal? Uh, we got a deal because it was the FBI that messed up not me or the CBI, the FBI.
- That's right.
- That's incorrect.
Oh, touche.
We were this close to catching Red John, you blew it.
Despite your interference, we caught Lorelei Martins - She's our suspect and we want her back.
- You're not getting her.
Oh, we'll see about that.
- We'll see.
- We'll see? Your inarticulate rage is understandable, but it's misplaced.
- You should probably just calm down.
- You calm yourself down.
I'm not angry.
No? Your temples are pulsing like some weird undersea creature.
- That's not anger, you should see a doctor.
- Jane, stop.
Okay, I'm going.
Nice to see you.
Watch this one.
He's a hothead.
Sorry, he does that.
- I'm not angry.
- I believe you.
I just think you people should be in jail, not working cases.
We're not in jail, we're here.
Keep moving.
Or else what? You're gonna make us move? - Lf you like.
- Ha, ha.
- Yeah, go ahead, make me move.
- That's enough.
You're both being childish.
- Take your hands off me! - Hey! Hey! - Come on.
Get your hands off me.
- Hey! Break it up.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Sorry.
- That's it! - Come on, break it up.
- I'll see you back at the office.
- Knock it off! Come on.
- That's it.
- Get off me.
- What you doing? - Welcome back.
- Thank you so much.
I could not be less happy to be back.
Uh I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for, uh, fixing things.
- Yes, sir.
We - You know, I thought I had as you say, fixed things.
And now I discover that you and your FBI counterparts have been fighting? - At a crime scene? - Sir If I can persuade the FBI to forget this latest incident you, Jane, are down to your very last chance.
You're granted this chance because to get rid of you would be evidence of the scandal we are trying so hard to conceal.
Looking on the bright side, we have Lorelei Martins.
She can lead us to Red John.
She knows who he is.
California's most notorious serial killer, caught on your watch.
Well, that remains to be seen.
But until I negotiate an arrangement with the feds, you cannot talk to her.
- That's the deal.
- I understand.
Here's the thing, the FBI can't have her.
In a half an hour, I have a press conference to lie to the people of California in order to protect you.
- And you are arguing with me now? - They can't have her.
- I will do my best to keep her.
But you - I promise, no more trouble from me.
- I won't say a word at - Damn right you won't say a word because you won't be there.
Agent Schultz.
Alexa, ha, ha, hi.
We still have a deal, right? I'd rather eat spiders, but yeah, we have a deal.
Good, good.
You look fabulous, by the way.
Is my tie straight? You understand, Gale, this matter doesn't end here.
You have to give us Lorelei Martins or there'll be consequences down the line.
Consequences for whom? It was your agents that killed the best chance yet of catching Red John.
- It was your agent that killed Wainwright.
- A tragic outcome in a deadly-force situation.
Agent Darcy is devastated.
She's had a nervous collapse, in fact.
Your people committed deliberate crimes.
Well, that's debatable.
Look, we have agreed to a cover-up.
That's the deal.
If you're saying now that you'll dig this all up again unless I do your bidding, then no deal.
No, let's tell the truth right now.
An FBI agent shot and killed a CBI agent in the midst of a botched operation.
There will be a huge scandal, we'll probably lose ourjobs but I'm sure we'll both feel better for it.
Son of a bitch.
I am very proud to tell you that last week in ajoint FBl/CBI sting operation of great complexity and danger Lorelei Martins, a close associate of notorious serial killer Red John was arrested.
Tragically, in the course of that operation CBI Special Agent In Charge Luther Wainwright was shot and killed.
Gale? Luther Wainwright was a good friend, a valued colleague and we all mourn his passing deeply.
He's a hero.
As part of the operation, one of our operatives, Patrick Jane had criminal charges fabricated against him in order to go undercover.
Now, we apologize to the public for that deception.
The story is of the great job done by these teams of consummate professionals, working together in harmony.
Questions? This working-in-harmony business is very hard to believe.
There's a very long public history of disharmony between your two bureaus.
That's why they call it history, Josh.
It's in the past.
What we're celebrating is the dawn of a new era.
Just this morning, these teams began work on another case together.
A double murder in Dupont Gardens.
Best of luck on that one, guys.
Go get them.
Let's call it a truce, shall we, guys? I mean, we're all grown-ups here.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
- Nice place.
- It is.
This is like a bad date.
I wish these bozos would just vanish.
Wow, four cops.
Must be a red ball, huh? - A red ball? - That's what you guys call an urgent case? All murder cases are urgent.
Yes, of course.
I would never imply otherwise.
What can you tell us about Callie and Rex? Um, Callie has been with us two years as a housekeeper.
Reliable, always upbeat.
Really, just a lovely girl.
Well, woman, that is.
Uh, Rex Lango, I don't know so well.
He's only been here a couple weeks and, uh, works over in Tech Support.
But he seems like, you know, a good fellow.
Were they friends? Lovers? Uh, well, I wouldn't know.
Uh, you know, you should check with their workmates.
- You and Callie were close? - Yes, me and Callie were friends.
She was such a good, kind person.
Poor thing.
Oh, my God.
Did she have any boyfriend trouble? Uh-uh.
Men were asking her out, but she would always say no.
Was anybody bothering her? Not that she told me.
- What was her relationship with Rex Lango? - None, I don't think.
What about Mr.
Norris? Did he have a thing for Callie? You think Mr.
Norris? He would ogle her, but he did that to all the women.
Ogle them, and, you know, cop a feel sometimes.
He always asks people out, but nobody says yes because he had a girlfriend once here and they broke up, and he fired her butt so fast.
You think he did this? - Did you get anything useful? - Nope.
You? Nope.
Be right back.
No, nothing useful.
Uh, excuse me.
Thank you so much for your help.
I just have a couple more questions before we go.
Um How many employees are you responsible for here at the hotel? - I supervise 210 employees.
- Wow, that is a lot.
- Have you ever seen your mother naked? - What? - No! - We'll leave that alone for a moment.
Let me ask you this: Have you ever looked at Callie Karlsen in a sexual way? No.
I mean, you know, she's an attractive woman.
I didn't look away.
So, yes, you looked at her sexually.
Have you touched her? No.
Why are you shielding your right side? Are you hiding something? I'm not hiding anything.
Your inside jacket pocket is making you nervous.
- No.
- What you have in there? Nothing.
Oh, okay, a wallet.
- Why are you wanting to hide your wallet? - I don't.
It's just a wallet.
- Hey, you can't do that.
- It's a gray area.
Okay, there's nothing in there.
Well, lookie here.
- Callie Karlsen.
That's our girl, isn't it? - Couldn't resist a souvenir, huh? Okay, I have never seen that before in my life.
Really, has this wallet been out of your possession recently? Ugh, no, but I have never seen that before.
I swear to God.
I tell you what, Mr.
Norris, let's talk some more downtown.
- See if we can solve this mystery.
- No, no.
- I have got a hotel to run.
I cannot - Wait a second.
- He's our suspect.
- Looks like he's ours to me.
- No, no, that's not fair.
- Fair? What are you, 7 years old? Fair.
Tell you what.
Give us Lorelei Martins, we'll give you this guy.
That's fair.
No? Okay, bye-bye.
Hey, no need to be so grumpy, you got your wish.
You wanted them to vanish, they vanished.
What is so funny? They took our suspect.
- No, they took their suspect.
- Norris isn't our man? Small hands, addicted to routine.
No way a man like that strangles a woman on impulse.
- But the photos - Planted.
I took them from Callie's apartment for such an occasion.
You know full well that is illegal in 20 different ways.
- What about your promise? - I had my fingers crossed.
Didn't you wish for Mancini and Smith to just disappear? Well, voila, your wish was granted.
Like magic.
We can focus on catching the real killer while the FBI's dealing with Norris.
That is not the point.
We're supposed to be rebuilding our relationship with the FBI.
- Rebuilding trust.
- Trust is not an option.
Red John has a friend inside the FBI.
If they get hold of Lorelei, she will die or escape.
God, here we go.
How do you know that? Red John told me.
Well, he was lying, of course, to muddy the waters.
- Why would he tell you the truth? - Because he knows we'll assume he's lying.
And he knows we'd begin to suspect the truth anyway.
It's a double bluff to conceal his friend.
- Or he's lying, has no friend in the FBI.
- Why are you so determined to believe that? I would like to feel solid ground under my feet.
I want to trust somebody or something.
You, with your wheels within wheels You're driving me nuts.
- Hey, boss.
- Hey, Grace.
- Where are we on Karlsen and Lango? - Looked at phone records.
No calls in or out for Lango that evening.
Callie Karlsen called Nicola Karlsen at 7:15 18 minutes before the 911 call.
Hey, boss.
Where's the FBI? - They're pursuing other inquiries.
- Sweet.
Listen to me.
The FBI is a fine organization, and they are our partners.
We need to work with them.
They deserve respect and trust.
- Am I clear? - Yeah.
- Did you contact the sister? - Yes.
She lives out in Boone.
She was out of contact for two days, at a swap meet.
Got home this morning.
Local sheriff gave her the news.
What's their story? The Karlsen family used to own half of Alameda County.
Lost it all in the crash of '06.
Parents died a year later, highway collision.
Nicola is the older sister, single mom, two kids.
Jewelry designer on her IRS forms.
- What about Lango? - Moved to town from L.
Six months ago.
No rap sheet.
No relatives nearby.
- We went to his apartment.
- Bare.
Mattress on the floor.
Running from something? Keep digging on Lango.
Sounds promising.
Jane and I will go talk to the sister.
You two go canvass the crime scene like you should have instead of fighting with the FBI.
- Yes, boss.
- Yes, boss.
Hey, Yannick.
- Thanks for your help.
- No problemo.
Just don't hit me, okay? Funny.
Hey, no offense, but I never saw that before.
Law enforcement agents fighting it out in the street.
Heh, you guys are hardcore, man.
Uh, so anyway, I started canvassing already.
- Nothing useful so far.
- Let's check out the rest of them.
All right, thanks for your time.
Appreciate it.
Saw a young fella over there.
Same one they've been showing on the TV, got beat to death.
And you saw just one man? Rex Lango? Yes, sir.
Knocking on her door about 6:30.
We were sitting out in the sun, then we came inside.
- Did you ever see him around here before? - No, first time.
She didn't have visitors much.
Then later we heard a scream from over that way.
Just a little short one, like a, "Aah!" - And you weren't concerned? - No.
At the time, I thought it was, you know, passion.
I said to Bucky, "Good for her.
- That Karlsen girl got a boyfriend at last.
" - What time was this? I know what time it was, we were checking our lottery tickets on TV.
It was 10 past 7.
Here's me thinking her luck had changed, when really she was dying.
Poor girl.
I'll be right back.
Nicola Larsen? Hi.
Um, you must be the CBI.
We're very sorry for your loss.
Uh, girls? Could you maybe take the boys to your place, watch some TV or something? Sure.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
I was at a crafts fair in the Sierras.
The hippie geniuses in charge picked a place with great vibes and no cell phone reception, so I didn't get this message.
Nic! Call me soon as you can! I didn't get that call till last night when I came home.
And I called her and called and called and then the sheriff came by this morning.
Nicola, tell us about your sister.
To be honest, we haven't found a motive yet.
No one would want to hurt Callie.
She was a warm, happy spirit.
Everybody loved her.
She have any failed relationships in her past? - No.
- What about feuds with neighbors or financial disputes? Somebody who felt burned when your family's business went under? We paid off all the debts.
All of them.
That's why I'm here doing this.
And Callie was cleaning rooms instead of going to college.
- Well, you make some beautiful things here.
- Thank you.
Do you know Rex Lango? Is that the man who died with her? No.
I've never heard the name before.
It seems that, uh, Callie and Rex were about to drink a very nice vintage champagne.
At least.
That was the last from my Dad's cellar.
No way Callie took it out of the fridge.
She'd been saving that bottle for years for a special occasion.
Like a talisman.
She would have told you if there was a relationship brewing with her and Lango.
We're very close.
Callie was not interested in finding a man.
She wanted to go to college first and get her career going.
And what kind of career did she want? She had all kinds of big hopes.
She was the optimist of the two of us.
She always said our luck was going to turn somehow.
I always said, don't hold your breath.
Excuse me.
I have to take this.
- Hello? - Good news, Jane.
The FBI folded on Lorelei Martins.
She's all yours.
Folded? That's not like them.
- You want her or not? - Yes.
I'm on my way.
Uh, we need to go soon.
That's all for now, Nicola.
But I want you to know we're gonna do everything to bring whoever did this to justice.
Yes, we sure will.
I don't really care who did this.
Justice for them won't help Callie or me.
That was rude, I'm sorry.
It's yourjob, I'm sure you do it well.
No apology needed.
You make a very valid point.
Can I ask you, how much is this particular one? What are you thinking? - She's ready to crack.
- Nicola? Lorelei.
I meant what are you thinking of the case we're working on now? Well, that one's a puzzler, isn't it? What the hell is the motive? I don't think it was the sister.
I liked her.
So you bought that bracelet for Lorelei? No, just a whim.
I liked it.
When I talk to her, I need to be alone.
You will be.
I mean with nobody watching or listening.
I need to be able to tell her truthfully that we are alone.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Just be careful.
Don't get pulled into her game.
- Well, what game is that? - I don't know.
You tell me.
I'm supposed to tell you a game that you're thinking of? Okay.
Uh, you are thinking of, uh, Twister.
Go ahead, laugh.
But she's practically the first person since your wife that you've, you know Oh.
It wouldn't be surprising if you had feelings for her.
She's a stepping stone to Red John.
I knew that from the beginning.
I don't have any feelings for her.
Hello, Patrick.
Is it just us? Or are your friends listening? It's just us.
We're alone.
It's much nicer that way.
Sorry I didn't come visit you sooner.
I've been real busy with a case.
That's okay.
I've been enjoying the peace and quiet.
Is there anything you need? I'm fine.
Never mind about me.
How are you? - Back to solving crimes, huh? - Yeah.
Why do you bother? You're trying to hold back the tide with a broom.
What good are you doing? I think you do it to be close to Teresa Lisbon.
I think you're a little bit in love with her.
I do it to, uh pass the time.
What good are you doing? Not much in here.
But I'll be out soon enough.
How and when is up to Red John.
You think he'll get you out of this? He'll kill you.
It's easier.
That's okay.
If that's what he wants.
You're that far under his control? He'll kill you as well, if that's what he wants.
- You just can't accept the fact.
- I can make you a better offer.
No killing.
I can get you out of here now.
Today if you want.
I get you money, a new identity, set you up with a new life far away from here.
- You can do that? - Yes, I can.
I can do anything you want if you give me Red John.
I want your trust and friendship.
- You have that.
- I don't believe you.
How can I make you believe? Kiss me.
What does that prove? First you say you'll do anything I want, then you refuse the first thing I ask for.
You're very complicated.
Let me get you out of here.
- I need time to think.
- Not for long.
I don't know how much longer we're gonna get to keep you here.
We'll talk again this evening.
- What are you, huh? Crazy? - Excuse me? I told you to be careful.
I told you not to go over the edge.
- I told you not to listen.
- Don't be childish.
I am not your girlfriend, I am an officer of the law.
How could I not listen? You kissed her.
You offered to help her escape.
And I would ask her to marry me if I thought she'd buy it.
I was playing her.
She's playing you.
We should have given her to the feds.
Um, ME sent his report on Callie and Rex.
It's not possible they killed each other.
Callie had a small white feather lodged in the back of her mouth.
- A feather, huh? Like from a pillow? - Right.
Which suggests Callie was strangled by hand and suffocated with a pillow.
Probably in that order.
Why two methods? Two different people? Or the killer wasn't strong enough to strangle.
- Right.
- A woman? Women can strangle people.
Believe me, I know I could.
- Where's Cho and Rigsby? - I got a line on Rex Lango finally.
Changed his name.
Used to be Erzat Lonagul out of Bakersfield.
Cho and Rigsby drove down there to speak to his family.
Nobody could say his name so he changed it to Rex.
He was gonna be a big businessman and he thought that sounded rich, Rex Lango.
Any particular business he was interested in? You know, he was good at computers, but he didn't know yet exactly.
The internet, robots, or whatever.
Any brushes with the law? Shady friends? No.
My cousin was a good man.
Bah! He was a good man, and he's gone now, so be nice.
- He was a bum.
- He was not.
He nearly always had ajob and he was never in trouble with the law.
Is that a bum? He was never in trouble because he was too sneaky.
The kid was stealing candy and quarters before he could walk.
And then he would lie to your face like a rug seller.
He was a dog to the women always.
A bum.
Scheming, dishonest, greedy, selfish womanizer.
Yeah, but not a criminal, just a creep.
He left Bakersfield two years ago to avoid a paternity suit.
They had no idea that he was in Sac.
Last they heard, he was in L.
That's interesting.
- Like I said, a love triangle.
- But we've got no jealous boyfriend and I can't see Callie dating a sleaze like him.
She logged no calls or texts to him? Nope.
I'm waiting for her e-mail records.
I couldn't get them direct from her PC.
The hard drive is fried.
Well, that's why he was there.
He was in tech support, right? So he offers to fix her computer.
How could she refuse? - And then what happened? - I don't know.
I gotta run.
Lorelei's on her way up from holding.
We still haven't resolved our issue.
I don't think you should be talking to Lorelei.
You're too close.
- I disagree.
- I can put a stop to this right now.
- One word to Bertram - Please don't do that.
I know I can turn her.
I know I can.
And I promise you I will be careful.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hey.
Stand down, men, I'm taking charge of this prisoner.
- What are you talking about? - This is ajudge's warrant.
- Transferring custody of - No, no, no.
You can't do that.
- Back off.
- Don't touch me.
- Get off.
- Let's go.
Don't let them take me.
- Patrick.
- You can't just take her.
Patrick! There isn't a choice.
We have to get her back.
Jane, the FBI outfoxed us.
They pretended to give up Lorelei while they were preparing the warrant to take her.
We should have known they wouldn't fold.
Just deal with it.
I'd have to strong-arm ajudge and the FBI into an arbitration hearing, even then Well, do it.
The FBI know how to interrogate people.
- They'll do a fine job.
- They will either kill her or she'll escape.
We will lose our best chance, the best chance we've had of getting Red John.
Kill her? Why? The FBI? Don't be ridiculous.
Red John has a friend high up in the FBI.
Oh, please.
Now, how do you know that? - He told me.
- Well, there you go.
If we don't get her, I'll blow this whole cover-up wide open.
The truth of Wainwright's death, all over the news.
If you do that, this whole deal collapses.
- You go to jail.
- I don't care.
You call a hearing or I will be very glad to sing like a bird.
Well, I've studied all the documents in this matter, and it is very clear to me all of you people are lying through your teeth.
- Judge.
- No.
I don't want to know.
Whatever sordid errors you are all conspiring to cover up I don't want to know.
The sole purpose of this meeting is to decide who is best equipped to have custody of Lorelei Martins.
I will decide in favor of whichever side irritates me the least.
I will tolerate no misbehavior of any kind.
Proceed with care.
Your Honor, I would ask you to simply look at the record of Patrick Jane.
Red John killed his family.
Lorelei Martins is a close confederate of Red John.
How can this man possibly treat her with the clarity and the objectivity required? He's not a trained professional, he's a vigilante.
That alone should disqualify the CBI from custody in this matter.
For many years I have been pursuing Red John.
I know this case better than anybody else.
These people, they don't know how to make Lorelei Martins talk.
I do.
If I may interject Miss Martins tells us that she has had sexual relations with Mr.
That may be the source of his confidence.
That so? Yes, it is.
We have a relationship.
Uh, that's a good thing.
That's how you turn people.
I'd expected a denial, to be honest.
Do we need to continue? Um, that does tend to disqualify you, Mr.
So, um, if you have nothing further She's already given me valuable information.
Let's not stop now.
Valuable information like what? All due respect, this is not the time or the place to share the details.
If you want to see Lorelei Martins again, this is both the time and the place.
She told me that all Red John's friends have a secret sign they use to identify each other.
- And what is it? - Go on.
They carry a glass bead in their pocket, blood red, the size of a pea.
Lorelei showed me hers.
That's it? Unprovable trivia.
- It proves she trusts me.
- It proves nothing.
Can we stop this farce now? It is a bit thin, Mr.
Is that all you have? - No.
Not at all.
- Well? Red John has an accomplice inside the FBI.
Come on.
Judge, this man is just spinning fantasies now.
Yes, you would say that.
I saw you.
What do you mean by that? When I mentioned the glass bead, you suddenly looked very guilty and you glanced at your right-hand jacket pocket.
What's in there, Mancini? - This is the same thing you did to Norris.
- What? - Son of a bitch.
- Agent.
What's in your pocket, Mancini? There's nothing This is a childish trick, Your Honor.
This man has just planted a bead on me.
Uh, let's be clear.
I have not touched you.
Everybody in this room has seen that.
But you're saying that there is in fact a red glass bead in your pocket? - Is that what you're saying? - No.
You're putting words in my mouth.
Show us what's in your pockets, agent.
- You don't understand.
- Show us.
He planted it.
He planted it.
But he didn't touch you, did he? You son of a bitch! - Mancini.
- Come here! Get over here! Order! Agent Schultz, this is a disgrace.
- Well done.
- Good job.
When do we get her back? Judge says we can pick her up at county jail tomorrow.
Did, uh, Mancini really throw a bottle at you? Yes, he did.
And then he proceeded to chase me through the statehouse.
But failed to catch me.
Another mortal enemy made.
You should be very proud.
Meanwhile, we've got a case to solve.
Well, let's get busy then, boss.
So let's just assume that Rex was at Callie's apartment to fix her computer.
What happened next? How does that escalate to a double murder? Maybe the computer's key, there's something on the hard drive.
She cleans hotels.
What could be important? How does that connect to her lipstick on his cheek? He couldn't fix her computer so they made out instead? Well, there are other reasons for kissing someone.
Celebration, for instance.
Hence the champagne.
What would they be celebrating? Maybe "Thanks for trying to fix my computer"? So who's the third person here? What are we missing? Ugh.
Sorry I'm late.
They're setting up a stage for the state lottery prize presentation at the Capitol.
Traffic on L Street was crazy.
Ugh, the lottery.
They should do that at Raley Field or someplace where they have parking.
When did Forensics say they'd be done with Callie's drive? - End of the week.
- Ha! - What? - Callie's sister Nicola.
You have her phone number? Ladies and gentlemen, friends it is my very great pleasure to introduce to you at this time the lucky winner of this year's biggest lottery jackpot! Please welcome to the stage a young woman who is now worth Come on out here, Valerie.
There you go, Valerie.
Thank you.
Thank you so, so, so much.
I'm so blessed.
Thank you.
- Valerie, how are you feeling? - Ha, ha.
I'm just in shock.
It's like a movie.
- Any plans for the money? - Not yet.
I'm gonna take a flyer, do you know a Tom Yannick of the Sacramento Police? - No.
- You sure? Because I'm pretty sure.
Who else would've had the opportunity? A random intruder? Unlikely.
Tom Yannick, he's not your boyfriend, then? - Uh-uh.
- Okay, just a moment.
Valerie, this is Nicola Karlsen, she's Callie Karlsen's sister.
The woman brutally murdered for the ticket that won that check you're holding.
Would you tell her you don't know Tom Yannick? Aha.
- You told me nothing would go wrong! - Shh! No.
Stop, stop.
Thomas Yannick, you're under arrest for murder.
This doesn't belong to you.
We're gonna have to get the name changed.
Do you have a marker? A pen? Callie was checking the lottery numbers while Rex tried to fix her computer.
She won 56 million dollars.
She kissed Rex, got the champagne out of the fridge, and she called her sister.
Then greed got the better of Rex.
He tried to strangle Callie so he could steal the ticket but she killed him instead with the champagne bottle and called 911.
Then, half-strangled and in shock, she fainted.
And that's where you come in.
You found the two of them.
You saw the ticket and bottle.
Put two and two together.
Quite the detective.
So you killed Callie.
You think about it for a while or you just go for it? I thought about it for a while.
I felt bad for her.
- But 56 million dollars, man.
- Yeah.
You should have thought about it a while longer.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You are such a good man.
Thank you.
Sorry to interrupt, Nicola, but Jane and I have to pick up a prisoner.
- Thank you.
- Pleasure.
Come on.
What is taking so long? Relax, she'll be here.
Look, I'm sorry, by the way.
For what? There's a long list of possibilities.
Yeah, well, this is sort of a general-purpose apology.
Use it for your top issue.
Here you go.
- Who's this? - 5467B.
That's not her.
There's been a mistake.
No mistake.
Her paperwork is all in order.
It's the only Lorelei Martins we got.

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