The Mentalist s05e02 Episode Script

Devil's Cherry

- Hey, Jane.
- Got a positive I.
on the victim.
Viktor Mendelssohn, 62.
He was a diamond cutter.
He has a shop in the San Francisco diamond district.
Same as it ever was.
- More bodies.
More death.
- Well, not exactly the same.
This one was eviscerated with an electric rotary saw.
Excuse me.
Your toe? Careful.
Is it me, or does Jane seem a little bit off since the Feds took Lorelei? Well, he spent six months setting a trap for Red John.
He has nothing to show for it.
How would you feel? Maybe we should invite him out for a night with the boys.
All right, you ask him.
Well, I came out this morning to snip my herbs.
It's always best to do that right after the morning dew evaporates.
And when I didn't see Viktor, I got a really bad feeling.
Do you usually see him in the morning? Every morning.
We chat over the fence.
Hey, Jane, this is Betty Fulford.
- She lives next door.
- Hey.
Patrick Jane.
Did Viktor tell you about anybody who might wanna hurt him? No.
Although, last night when I was getting ready for bed I did hear him arguing with a man in his house.
What were they arguing about? - Flowers.
- Really? Blue orchids, to be exact.
They were shouting.
And Viktor never shouts.
You were in your bedroom at this time? That's right.
That's right.
My window was open.
You happen to catch a glimpse of the other man? I tried to snoop, but I couldn't see into the kitchen.
That's where they were having it out.
What's that noise? I have absolutely no idea, but I will investigate.
Everything okay in there? Everything's fine! It's all peachy.
What are you doing in there? Rabbit stew.
We'll just fatten you up.
Come on, fella.
What time did you get to the house? Same time every Monday, 8:30.
I walk from the bus stop.
- Do you have a key to the house? - No.
Mendelssohn let me in.
But this morning he didn't answer the door.
So I looked in the window.
Well, you did the right thing.
Calling the police, very brave.
Very brave.
I told Mr.
Mendelssohn something bad was coming but he didn't listen to me.
Why did you think something bad was on its way? The black ants.
For two weeks I come now, and I clean black ants from the house.
- Black ants? - In some South American countries it's said that if black ants enter your house then someone in your family might die.
You understand.
This is an eagle's claw.
It will help you find who did this.
Take it, please.
Okay, thank you.
I will just take it.
Okay, thank you.
Excuse me.
Bunny? Where's the bunny? Here, Rigsby, hold this.
Has anyone seen a rabbit around here? Excuse me, did you happen to see a rabbit? Yeah.
Thank you.
Hello, fella.
There we go.
There you are.
Got you.
You found him.
I take it this belongs to you? Yeah, it's the third time he's escaped.
He chews through that metal like a floppy-eared rat.
- Thanks for finding him.
- Oh.
Certainly took your time getting here.
You were expecting me? Yeah, of course.
You know something about the murder? Yeah.
Poor old Mr.
You know anything that could help us? You tell me.
How can I know what you know? How can I know what I know will help you? You're testing me.
Why? You don't have issues with authority figures.
You know you're the smartest person in most rooms.
What's your name? Am I required to tell you? Well, I'm just a consultant.
You don't have to tell me anything.
- Then I won't.
- Okay.
Have it your way.
- Where you going? - You're playing me.
- You don't have anything to offer me.
- Stop.
Who's playing who? You think you can manipulate me with reverse psychology? Seems to be working.
Well it's not.
I'll help you.
But not because of your lame attempt to prey on my ego.
I'm bored.
Not a whole lot's going on in my world.
And what world's that? Come on.
Mendelssohn hardly went to his store in the diamond district.
He, um, liked to work close to home here.
This is his workshop.
Have you been inside before? No.
But I've seen him go in a lot.
He spent all of his time here.
This place is so cool.
Weird is what it is.
It's like a place in a dream.
Close, but no cigar.
You're getting warmer though.
What? Who are you? What's your name? Here we go again with the name.
You have a tendency to obsess.
- Do people ever tell you that? - All the time.
What are you hiding? You tell me.
You're the mentalist.
I never said I was a mentalist.
So how did I know? You're playing a little game with me and I want to know why.
Who are you? What's your name? Charlotte.
Okay, well, that's half a name.
It's a start.
Half a nice name.
I had a daughter named Charlotte.
I know.
No, you don't.
Who put you up to this? Red John? Red John, Red John, Red John.
I am so over Red John.
You're not my daughter.
My daughter was murdered.
I found her body.
"You are safe, you are loved, and you are wise.
" Who told you those words? You did.
Every night when you tucked me into bed.
Hey, Jane.
How'd you find this place before we did? Lisbon, good.
Could you run a background check on this girl? She's playing a con on me, a very good one.
And who are you, miss? - Hello, I'm his daughter.
- I've heard so much about you.
- It's nice to meet you.
- My daughter's dead.
- He's having another episode.
- Yeah.
Come on, buddy.
Why don't you have a seat? - What is wrong with you? - It's all right.
We'll explain it all to you.
We'll tell you everything.
Just sit down first.
Charlotte's dead.
Everything okay in there? What's going on? Oh, my God.
Did he ingest anything? Uh, tea.
He drank hot tea.
His heartbeat's irregular.
Pupils dilated.
Skin's unusually dry.
Right here.
Get that to the lab.
Extend the primary crime scene into the kitchen.
No need for the lab.
It's belladonna.
The devil's cherry.
- I know from working narcotics.
- Belladonna is highly toxic.
That's why users dilute it with tea.
Berries have a sweet flavor.
They say it gives you instant hallucinations.
If the victim was tripping, it'd make him easier to kill.
- Is he gonna be okay? - He's holding his own.
Good sign.
We need to get him to a hospital, pump his stomach.
I'm gonna go with Jane.
Cho, you're in charge.
You push on the investigation.
It's okay.
Did you know Mendelssohn cut some of the rarest stones of his time? He's considered a master.
- You have his client list? - Heh.
Yeah, you should see this thing.
Leaders of Industry.
Hollywood stars.
- We need to run them down.
- I'm all over it.
I already have a call in to Clooney.
Preliminary forensics report.
There were no usable prints on the teapot or bowl.
Well, except for Jane's prints.
Smudging fingerprints.
Drinking evidence.
Like a drunk uncle.
What about the electric saw that was used on the victim? Two sets of prints.
One belongs to Mendelssohn, the other unidentified.
Puts time of death around midnight.
Lisbon said the neighbor heard Mendelssohn arguing with a man in his kitchen last night.
Did Mendelssohn live alone? He was sharing his home with his daughter, Melaina.
I guess she hit hard times last year and moved in.
She writes children's books.
- Where was she last night? - Big Sur.
Rented a cabin to work.
- I notified her.
She's driving home.
- Meet with the daughter.
See if she knows who was at the house.
Did the victim have coworkers? - An assistant named Julian Gallego.
- Bring him in.
- Let me know what you find.
- Okay.
It's all right, I got it.
Oh, yeah, Mr.
Yeah, this is Agent Cho.
I just have a couple questions for you.
This way.
This way, please.
- We'll take it from here.
- Is he going to be o? Viktor was like Stradivari.
He could hear a flaw in the diamond by the way his grinding wheel changed its song.
- How long did you work for him, Julian? - Four years.
Who's going to teach me now? There is no one like Viktor.
- When did you last see him? - Yesterday.
We spent the whole day in the workshop together.
He was showing me how to open a window.
A window? Before making the first cut, Viktor would spend weeks getting to know a rare gem.
You have to, uh, polish a window in the cloudy surface of the stone so that you can peer into its heart.
- Sounds romantic.
- It is.
A careless cut can shatter your treasure.
Did your boss come into possession of any rare gems lately? Oh, yes, a hundred-and-two-karat blue diamond.
Most master cutters will turn into old men and never touch a diamond over 50 karats.
One hundred karats.
How much is something like that worth? Uh, it's just a chunk of rough crystal now, but after Viktor was through with it $20 million dollars? And where is that diamond? Viktor took it home with him.
He took all of his clients' stones home with him at night.
He kept them close in a hidden shoulder wallet.
There was no shoulder wallet found on Viktor's body.
Did anyone have it in for your boss? Fahad.
Fahad threatened him.
- Who's that? - Fahad Ranjani.
Another diamond cutter.
Minor talent.
The blue orchid is a career-making stone.
Fahad thought it was going to him.
The blue orchid.
- Blue orchid? - That's right.
When was your last contact with your father, Melaina? Yesterday morning.
I called him from the cabin.
And he didn't indicate that anything was wrong? On the contrary.
He was so excited about that new stone.
According to his assistant, Julian he liked to hide his clients' gems on his body.
Dad never took off that beat-up shoulder pouch.
Even in bed.
It drove Mom crazy.
And why would he do that? He was raised not to trust security services.
His father was a German Jew who survived the Holocaust only to have the bank steal the family money.
Did anyone other than you and Julian know about the shoulder pouch? We're the only ones he trusted.
Melaina, are you a tea drinker? I am.
We found a toxic substance inside your teapot.
I don't know anything about that.
Look, excuse me for asking but can anyone confirm that you were in Big Sur last night? No.
I rent a remote cabin for solitude.
Would you consent to a forensics exam and an examination of your vehicle? No.
I mean, go ahead.
Do whatever you need to.
You're not real.
You're an hallucination.
Depends on your point of view, I suppose.
It's the only reality that I know.
How come I'm strapped down? Because you are strapped down.
Yeah, they're pumping your stomach right now.
- Listen.
- Set suction at 125 intermittent.
Check his IV and get an electrolyte bag, just in case.
Yes, doctor.
Well, how about that.
So you're my daughter.
Well, at least how I imagine my daughter to be all grown up.
Do I meet your approval? You're a bit lippy.
- Yeah, I get that from you.
- Mm.
Yeah, sorry, not really crazy about that.
Well, hey, you didn't exactly turn out the way I expected either.
What's that supposed to mean? What happened to you? I've been dead for ten years and you're still stuck in neutral.
You have no life.
Just this endless obsession.
Red John.
Red John.
Mom would not be happy.
Well, my relationship with your mother is, uh It's my business.
Show a little respect.
Hello, I'm a figment of your imagination.
Show yourself some respect.
This is what I've been missing out on for all these years? When do you go to college again? Look at you.
You can't even be real with someone who doesn't even exist.
Does anyone know who you are? Yes.
Who? Well, come on, who? Lisbon.
- Lisbon.
- Hey.
Hey, Jane.
- Hey, I'm back.
- Yeah.
You're gonna be okay.
They pumped your stomach.
- You took some kind of - Hallucinogen.
Was it in the tea? Belladonna leaves.
The doctor says it could take a few hours to leave your system.
You're gonna be okay though.
You just need some rest.
How you feeling? Parched.
So thirsty.
Can you get me a little water? Please, Belladona? I'll be right back.
Great park.
- You're still here.
- You're still tripping.
It would seem so.
You really shouldn't be driving.
And you especially should not be driving an ambulance.
Oh, that's some strong tea.
Now you're stealing an ambulance.
No, I'm just admiring the interior.
Wicked GPS.
How much you think one of these goes for? - You need bed rest.
- I need to go back to the crime scene.
What's her story? She have a boyfriend? - Be quiet.
- I didn't say anything.
I was talking to the hallucination.
In bed now.
When I was in the victim's kitchen, I made a breakthrough in the case.
At least, I thought I did.
That's about when the wacky tea kicked in.
I will have Van Pelt come down here with crime scene photos.
Not the same.
I have to be there.
Hallucinations are part of the subconscious.
- Mine could be clues.
- We'll go when you're lucid.
When I'm lucid, I could forget everything.
But right now, let me tell you.
Right now my visions are very, very real.
In other words, you want to use drugs to solve a case.
Some great minds did their best work on hallucinogens.
Now you have a great mind? - Ooh, I like her.
- Oh, you're funny.
Double act, huh? Jane, you're scaring me.
You can call me Patrick.
Drugs is not the path I would choose, but it's been chosen for me.
So I must stay the course.
Please, I implore you, take me back to the crime scene.
The Maharaja of Jodhpur owns the blue orchid.
His royal highness called personally to inquire about my services.
The commission was mine.
Until Viktor Mendelssohn used his flashy credentials to steal my job.
I was told you threatened Viktor.
- I did.
- Did you kill him too? - Come again? - It means barking dogs seldom bite.
If I intended to kill Viktor, I wouldn't broadcast my intentions.
Things happen in the heat of the moment.
Things we can't control.
Before he was murdered, Viktor was overheard arguing with a man about the blue orchid.
What can I say? It wasn't me.
But you're a barking dog, Fahad.
You just said so yourself.
Were you barking at Viktor last night? What do you want from me? Do you want to arrest me? Then arrest me.
If not I'm going back to work.
What do you have to say to that? You're a person of interest, Fahad.
Don't leave town without notifying CBI.
- Sound like the man you heard yelling? - It might No.
He didn't sound I don't think that was him.
The man I heard yelling didn't have an accent like that.
Last thing I remember was admiring this beautiful butterfly.
Right here.
Real or imagined? Real, I think.
Then I heard a bang in that pot there on the stove.
What was in the pot? A rabbit.
Like that rabbit? Yeah, just like that.
But my rabbit was real with a diamond necklace.
That is some hallucinogen.
She's kind of cute.
- I mean, have you guys ever? - You be quiet.
Pressing on, I carried the rabbit to the foyer.
And it jumped from my hands and hopped out the door.
Then I moved down the walkway, looking.
Where's the bunny? Here little bunny, bunny.
And I went through the gawking neighbors.
And across the street.
Right here I met this lovely Scandinavian couple that spotted the rabbit hopping up that path.
- They were Scandinavian? - Yes.
It's a clue, right? Scandinavia.
Reindeer, Christmas.
I might have just figured out that the killer has a December birthday.
Did the couple you met kind of look like them? You must have walked by them on your way into the backyard.
Still waiting for those subconscious clues to kick in, Jane.
They will.
Follow me.
- This is wrong.
- What's wrong? This yard's different.
In my hallucination, this was a manicured garden with a Look at that pool! Okay, so tell me what happened back here in your vision.
The water's great.
- It's where I met Charlotte.
- Charlotte? My daughter.
- Is that who you've been talking to? - Yes.
- Is she here right now? - Yeah.
What is she doing? She's doing the backstroke.
I taught her that.
Maybe your subconscious didn't send you any clues from the crime scene.
Maybe it sent you your daughter.
- Why? - I don't know.
Can we go back to the hospital now? - Workshop.
- What? Charlotte took me to the diamond cutter's workshop.
Last stop, I promise.
If we don't find anything, I will tuck myself into bed and sleep it off.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
- You have a key? - Mendelssohn's daughter gave it to me.
She said her father's workshop was, uh, in the back here.
- And who are you? - CBI.
We're investigating Viktor Mendelssohn's murder.
- You're his assistant? - Julian Gallego.
I work here.
It's not what I imagined.
- You mind if we take a look around? - Not at all.
I'm just packing up.
Thank you.
- I liked the other workshop better.
- Shh.
This is so dull.
Why do you even work for the CBI anyway? You know why.
To catch Red John.
What does that mean? "Okay.
Whatever?" To be honest, Dad, your obsession's a little creepy and weird, you know? What? I do it all for you, and your mom.
Yeah, and I hate to be the one to break this to you, Dad but there's nothing that you can do for us.
We don't give a damn what happens to Red John.
I mean, we're dead.
And you need to start dealing with that.
I deal with that every day.
Maybe that's the problem.
Could you please move? Don't roll your eyes at me.
You don't need to go in there.
That's, uh, just my stuff.
You found it.
You found the blue orchid.
In your stuff.
What's a $20 million missing diamond doing in your bag? Viktor's daughter said he kept it on his body at all times.
I don't know how it got in there.
You're not accusing me? Viktor's neighbor said she heard a man arguing with Viktor last night about a diamond.
- Was that man you, Julian? - No.
- I mean, okay, yes, um, I was there.
- So you lied to Agent Van Pelt.
She never directly asked me if I was at Viktor's house.
- You should've told her.
- How would that have sounded? - You fought with your boss drugged him, stole his clients' diamonds and then killed him.
We had a creative argument over how to shape the stone.
We're both artists.
I didn't kill Viktor.
I idolized him.
Turn around, put your hands behind your head.
- What? - Do it.
Come here.
Well, that certainly was easy.
Yeah, you're just saying that because I found the diamond.
You wish.
Come on.
Alrighty, then.
It's been real.
Well, hang on, where are you going? Hello, I'm practically a grown woman.
I don't need to tell you where I'm going.
No, yeah, I know.
But you're coming back.
I love you, Dad.
- Hey, Jane.
- Not now.
Julian's in holding.
The D.
Likes the case.
- Is Charlotte? - Gone.
Tea wore off.
Well, you were right.
Your hallucination led us to the killer.
No, my imaginary daughter was right.
It's all too easy.
What are you talking about? I've never been to that workshop.
I've never even met the apprentice.
How would I know he was stashing stolen goods there? - Who cares? You found the rock.
- Doesn't mean we found the killer.
Got a match for the second set of prints on the weapon.
They belong to Julian.
You coppers and your evidence.
You always let it confuse everything.
Of course Julian's prints are on his boss's tools.
They were master and apprentice, right? - You're really serious about this? - Yes, there's something I am not seeing.
- Rigsby, where's that necklace? - What necklace? The one I handed you from the maid that found the body.
The gardener found the body.
That means I hallucinated the maid.
Why? To send myself a message.
An eagle claw necklace.
What are eagles? Don't answer that.
They're hunters in the sky.
With excellent vision.
Just after I poured the tea I was looking through the kitchen window watching a butterfly and I saw the bedroom of that, uh, neighbor lady.
What was her name? - Betty.
- Betty, yes.
Her bedroom was on the second floor, up high with an eagle's view.
- How do you know it was her bedroom? - Lace curtains and blackout shades.
Betty told me she couldn't see the kitchen from her bedroom window.
She lied.
- Okay, play it cool.
- Okay.
How's the, uh, investigation going? Well, to tell you the truth, uh, we're a little stuck.
Well, if I can be of any more help There's an idea.
Oh, uh, would you like to come inside? Only if there's a cup of tea involved.
I'd love a cup of tea.
- Heh.
Sure, come on.
- Fantastic.
We're closing in on Viktor's killer but before we make an arrest we need to find his clients' diamonds.
The blue orchid.
I've been following the news all day.
Oh, no, we found that.
The blue orchid was hidden in the, uh, bag of Viktor's apprentice.
- Oh, so you have your killer.
- No.
We don't think so.
- Oh.
- Uh, relax.
I'll fix the tea.
Only a foolish killer would keep the blue orchid.
It's hard to move such a high-profile piece quietly.
Oh, I see.
A smart killer would use the blue orchid to frame an innocent man for murder and keep the small diamonds.
Easier to fence, but still worth a couple million.
Does anyone want, uh, lemon with their tea? - Just top that up there.
- Thank you.
There's just one thing I don't understand.
Why don't you believe that Julian killed Viktor? Doesn't that make more sense? It's more plausible than somebody framing Julian.
Framing him was the easy part.
After Viktor was dead, all the killer had to do was take his keys drive to his workshop and plant the blue orchid in Julian's bag.
Well, if that was the easy part, what was the hard part? Uh, gutting Viktor like a fish.
Oh, dear.
Oh! - What's wrong? - Oh, my.
Something is tickling my toes.
Oh, there it Where did that? Oh.
Where did that come from? Uh, where did what come from? - The rabbit.
- What rabbit? I have no idea.
The rabbit! There's a rabbit right here in my house.
Where did it come from? What is wrong with you people? Why are you? Oh, no.
Oh, my Lord.
Which tea did you serve me? Oh, Lord, oh, Lord, oh, Lord.
Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
I will not answer your questions.
I will not tell you what you want to know.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No, no, no, please, let me go.
- Let me go.
No, I need help.
- What do you got there? - Viktor's shoulder pouch.
- Please! I need medical help! - I just drank belladonna! I need help.
- You drank raspberry hibiscus.
Sweet like belladonna, doesn't pack the punch, believe me.
Uh, but, uh, the rabbit.
Local pet store.
You tricked me.
- Come on, let's go.
- You tricked me.
Your finances are a mess, Betty.
The money from your late husband's insurance policy, long gone.
You couldn't make next month's rent.
Two million in stolen diamonds would've kept you living in style for a long time.
What was he thinking? An old man walking around with all those jewels? He was begging for it.
How did you know he carried them on him? Oh, please, I've known for years.
His kitchen window's right across from my bedroom.
Every night I would lie in bed, thinking: "How can I get my hands on that pouch?" - The blue orchid was your shot.
- Oh.
Framing Julian was one of, like, a dozen plans I've had over the years.
The daughter was at the cabin and when I saw the two of them in the kitchen with that big rock I knew it was now or never.
Once Julian left, I just I went on autopilot.
Where'd you get the belladonna? I've had it for months forjust such an occasion.
All I had to do was drop in and offer him a pot of tea.
The hallucinations made it easier to kill him.
That was the original plan.
But once I lifted the diamonds off Viktor it was the craziest thing.
He became so delusional, I convinced him to take his own life.
What do you mean? How? I told Viktor that the diamonds were trapped in his stomach.

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