The Mentalist s05e03 Episode Script

Not One Red Cent

Stay calm.
Do that, nothing can go wrong.
Got it? Yeah.
We got it.
Hi, good to see you again.
Uh, yes, that time of the year.
I have to get my shoes resoled.
- Put.
- Yeah.
Yep, yep, yep.
Right there.
I got just a hole there.
Everybody get down! This is a robbery! Get out from behind the counter! Get out here! Now! Get down! Down! Get down! Get down on the ground! Nobody do anything stupid.
I wanna see cell phones kicked into the center of the room now.
Let's see them! - Name.
- Still Jane.
Thank you.
And, uh, how long do you think that will be? We'll see.
Good to see you too.
Everybody is gonna go home to their families if they don't do anything stupid.
Who here can open the vault? - I can.
I can.
- Get up.
Get in the back.
Get the bags.
Open it.
Kill it.
Fill it.
Fill it.
What's taking him so long? Get on your knees.
Count to a hundred.
One, two, three What the hell was that? Let's go.
Back up! Hey, you idiot, you hit my car.
There's a cop.
Oh, I think you need to lie down.
Have a little rest here.
- I think I'm going to faint.
- There we go.
Put your head down there.
Three men hit the vault for a million in cash.
- They killed an assistant manager.
- Any witnesses? Lots, but they're not much help.
The robbers were wearing masks.
They blacked out the cameras with spray paint.
I'm pulling footage.
- Where's Jane? - Inside.
- Is that a friend of the victim? - Fiancee.
Works in the bank.
Nice shoes.
Uh, yes, loaners.
Mine are in getting repaired.
How long is that gonna take? We'll see.
The, uh, cobbler fainted.
- Are you coming? - Uh Eh, it's a little cramped in there.
No expended casings in here.
- Any outside? - We found two.
Both nine millimeter.
Witnesses say six shots were fired outside.
- Shooter must've been using a revolver.
- Let me know what the ME says when he pulls the slug from the victim.
Got anything? Maybe.
I spoke with a Sac P.
Detective who thinks this is connected with three others in the past six months.
In all, two, sometimes three, masked men took out security cameras passed teller drawers, went for the vault, like these guys.
- How many victims in the other robberies? - None.
He's the first.
- Sac P.
Finish their search of the bank? - Almost.
Nothing so far.
Here's how we're gonna run this.
You coordinate witness interviews.
And tell Rigsby to pull case files from the other robberies.
I wanna know if this is the same guys.
- This is Lisbon.
- Cho.
Was the safe deposit vault open when you got here? - Yeah.
Why? - Just curious.
Yes, sir.
I will be right there.
That was Bertram.
I gotta go.
Bank robberies belong to the FBI.
This case is ours.
Tell me, why does the CBI continue to encroach on ourjurisdiction? We were on site first.
It's not our fault if you're late.
Agent Lisbon, Agent Mancini has a point regarding jurisdiction.
- Thank you.
Sir, the crime my team and I are investigating is the crime of murder.
Committed during a bank robbery.
The murder supersedes the crime of armed robbery so our investigation takes priority.
You're more than welcomed to investigate after we close the murder.
- Heh.
Assuming you do.
- You know what they say about assumi - I know exactly what - All right, that's enough.
Agent Lisbon and her team will take point in the murder investigation.
In the meantime, you will have full access to all case files.
Agreed? Hey.
Do we have a personal problem? - Personal problem? - You act like you don't like me.
- Like I killed your pet tortoise.
- What are we, in high school? You lost the most important witness we've ever had in the Red John case.
You wonder why I won't make nice? I didn't lose Lorelei Martins.
I want her back as badly as you.
And generally speaking, when people act like they don't like me, it's because they do.
- They just don't wanna admit it.
- Yeah.
No, I don't like you.
- You'll have the case files by the end of day.
- Listen, there's this poker game.
Friendly game, mostly law enforcement, State Department, FBI.
- You want in? - Maybe.
When? I'll call you with the details.
Good luck with the case.
- Hope you find your man.
- All right.
You boys leave tonight.
Don't come back.
I don't wanna see you again.
Understood? That was a complete waste of time.
Not one security camera near Sac Federal caught the robbery.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- What's all this? - Case files and footage from the other robberies.
Check this out.
The Sac Fed job was by far the largest haul.
More than double than any of the others.
- They're getting ambitious.
- Not they.
In each, there's 30 seconds of footage before the cameras were blacked out.
That was enough to analyze height, weight, build and skin color so I did.
And guess what? Only one of the robbers was involved in all four crimes.
That's him.
So the other robbers, they were work-for-hire? Exactly.
Do one job, then disappear.
But if we can find this guy, we find them all.
He's the key.
You remember anything about the men? No.
Not a thing.
You know Ernie and I were up for the same promotion? I was mad when I didn't get it.
But not now.
That could've been me in there.
Ernie was a good man.
He didn't deserve this.
- What were you doing during the robbery? - What they told me to.
I am not trying to get shot over this job.
Ernie must've done something wrong.
Poor fool.
That's when the robbers ordered you to the ground? Yeah.
He stuck a gun right in my face.
I was gonna grab it, take those guys down.
But I just had back surgery so I didn't want to risk the loss of innocent lives.
After that, one of the robbers took assistant manager Ernie Wright into the vault? I think so.
I don't really know.
- I was in the back.
- During the robbery? In the men's room.
Is this really necessary? - You were in the men's room the whole time? - Yes.
I was, uh, washing up when I heard the gunshot.
Of course, I didn't know it a gunshot at the time.
It wasn't until I stepped into the hall that I heard the screaming.
- Was anyone there with you? - Not that I saw.
Ernie and I had lunch plans.
We were just about to leave when I went into the back to use the restroom.
Yes, we saw as much on the security footage.
We also saw your manager, Armin Gagnon, heading into the men's room behind you.
- Do you remember seeing him? - No.
Not until after I heard the shot.
I opened the door and Armin was standing there.
Then I heard the robbers shouting so I closed the door and I hid in a stall until they'd left.
Gagnon was in the hallway? - Here? - Yes.
- Why? - Just trying to get the facts straight, ma'am.
Was Ernie the type to fight back? No.
Ernie was a big teddy bear.
He'd never fight unless it was to protect someone he loved.
- Hey.
How's it going? - I think I got it.
Lay it on me.
This ringleader, he had to have planned the robberies.
Which means he probably visited the banks before he robbed them.
On camera and without a mask.
So we run all security footage through facial recognition.
We find the man that visited all banks before the robberies, we find the ringleader.
- Great idea.
- It's an idea.
- I don't know if I'd call it great.
- Ah, he's just jealous.
- What are you wearing? - Oh, these things? Uh, they're loaners.
How about this? Whoever figures out the bank robber's name first wins lunch for a week.
Yeah, that usually doesn't end well for us.
What do you say, Grace? You feeling lucky? You're on.
It was closed.
You're certain? Must have been closed.
The safe deposit vault is always closed.
I think it was closed.
Now, I want you to close your eyes.
Hey, we're grown-ups.
Come on.
Now, put your mental self back in this very spot in that very moment.
I want you to hear the sound that your shoes made on this marble floor.
Now, without opening your eyes I want you to picture the door as you pass by.
Can you do that? Can you see the door? - Yes.
- And? - It was open.
- Aha.
Which means someone went inside the safe deposit vault during the robbery.
Most likely a robber trying to take something from a deposit box.
Oh, my.
What if they did? Let's find out, shall we? - That's impossible.
- It is? The safe deposit boxes are legal property of the individuals who rent them.
We don't have keys, only the owners do.
Only the owners do.
You wouldn't happen to have a list of those names, would you? We got a match.
Good morning to you too.
The suspect visited Pacific Bank of Modesto and Fresno Savings and Loan before each was robbed.
He comes in, cases the place, leaves without a transaction.
We found our guy.
- His name anyway.
- Congratulations.
- Me too.
- You did? When? - When did you figure it out? - About an hour ago.
Well, there you have it.
I figured it out two hours ago.
- So looks like I win the bet.
- Okay.
What's his name? Oh, I'm not gonna fall for that old trick, Grace.
Write it down on a piece of paper so I know that you're not lying.
John Hutten.
- How did you do that? - How did I do it? Does it matter? I did it.
Rigsby, we got a work address on the suspect.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Uh, by the way, Grace there's a fabulous Thai place on 6th Street.
They make a delicious tom kha gai.
Can't wait.
Hutten? John Hutten! Put it down.
Let me see your hands.
I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
Just wanna ask you a few questions.
Agent Lisbon, you say? Pleasure to meet you.
John William Hutten.
You were arrested twice for grand theft auto.
You served 18 months in Folsom.
Here you are, a suspect in a robbery and homicide.
Is there a charge at the end of this, detective? Where were you yesterday at noon? Home.
Is there anyone who can verify that? - No, because I was home, sick.
- Oh.
You were caught on camera at four banks in the Central Valley.
All four of those banks were robbed within weeks of you visiting.
Which is conclusive evidence of what? I think it's evidence your client planned to commit armed robbery.
Then charge him, and we'll see what ajury has to say.
What were you doing in those banks? Times are tight.
I was shopping for competitive interest rates in money market accounts.
You've been smart so far.
Blacking out cameras, going straight for the vault.
But this time, you screwed up and somebody ended up dead.
Maybe the Sac Fed job was too big for you or maybe the murder was a part of the plan all along.
I didn't rob Sacramento Federal.
I didn't rob any bank.
But if I did, I wouldn't need to kill someone.
That's just sloppy.
Now, I've had my brushes with the law, but I've learned some things from them like the fact that you can't use my past against me in court.
And that no matter what you say inside this little room you have nothing on me.
So unless there's something else, Agent Lisbon I think I should be getting back to work.
We'll see ourselves out.
Patrick Jane.
I'm working the robbery-murder case.
- We already spoke with Agent Lisbon.
- Yes, I know.
I saw the whole thing.
Just a heads-up that large mirror is, in fact, a window.
- What do you want? - Uh, I can see that you're professional but Agent Lisbon was correct.
This last robbery was a break in pattern.
I don't mean that because someone was killed.
- I'm talking about the entire job.
- How's that? Well, the other three robberies were simple.
Small town banks, very little security.
But Sac Federal, bigger.
Much bigger.
- We've already answered - Now, there had to be something that gave you that extra bit of confidence to pull this one off.
- What was that? - John, don't say a word.
You had an inside man.
Yes, of course.
I should have known.
I used to use one on occasion in my stage act.
Stage act, huh? Let me guess.
Balloon sculpting? Animal impressions.
That's it.
John is a good worker.
Shows up on time.
Keeps his mouth shut.
Does he hang out with coworkers? Not that I've noticed.
Keeps to himself mostly.
Has he been acting strange recently? - Do anything out of the ordinary? - Like come in in a dress? No.
Nothing like that.
Can you confirm whether or not Hutten was at work on these dates? Can't help you.
These are all before John started working here.
Last few days, Hutten called in sick? Yeah.
He said he had some bug, couldn't get out of bed.
- You believe him? - Sure.
Why wouldn't I? - It's been going around.
- What do you mean? Two of my other guys got the same thing.
Arroyo brothers.
Jorge, Cesar.
We're gonna need their home address.
When are you getting your shoes back? They're not so bad, are they? Are you sure this is the right place to do this? Hutten's inside man works at the bank, and it seems everyone that works at the bank is here.
I'll be right back.
Jane, wait.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Were you friends with my grandson? Perfect.
I'm glad you're all here.
- Quick.
What's your favorite color? - What? - Favorite color.
Red, green, blue? - Blue.
Of your employees, which is the least trustworthy? What? None of them.
- You.
What's your name? - Casey.
You work in banking, yet your personal finances are a wreck.
- No, they're not.
- Oh, please.
That handbag on your salary? Dead giveaway.
And you bite your nails.
Sure sign of anxiety.
Someone as anxious as you doesn't have the stomach to pull off a crime like this.
Crime? What crime? You didn't like Ernie, did you? You felt threatened by him.
- Who told you that? - You did, just now.
Clearly not smart enough to pull off a robbery.
- What'd you say to me? - You heard me.
Uh, when I asked your manager who he trusted least, his eyes darted to you.
- They did not.
- Repeat after me.
I am the inside man.
- Hell, no.
- Just as I thought, not you either.
There was an inside man? - What's your name? - Tai.
Tai, pleasure to meet you.
Have we met? Did you help rob Sacramento Federal Bank? - No.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Get off me.
- Yes? No? Yes? This is completely inappropriate.
Show Ernie some respect.
Absolutely right.
My apologies.
That was 1982? Yeah.
- Jane, where are you going? - To check on something.
I'll be right back.
You should probably answer that.
- It's very important.
- Damn it, Jane.
- Hello.
- Hey, boss.
We checked out the Arroyo brothers' apartment.
Place was empty.
According to the manager, they took off last night.
- Where were they were going? - No forwarding address.
They told the manager they were headed to Mexico to visit family.
We also tracked down the van used in the robbery, but it's torched pretty bad.
Doesn't look like we'll get anything.
All right.
Flag the Arroyo brothers with Customs.
Maybe we can get them before they cross the border.
All right.
Uh, Lisbon.
I found something.
You will never believe who was working with the bank robbers.
Ernie Wright.
Probably shouldn't discuss it here.
We're very sorry for your loss.
There's no way Ernie could do something like this.
There's just no way.
We found a one-way ticket to Brazil in Ernie's name.
- No.
- No? That's absurd.
Ernie? - Robbing a bank? He wasn't the type.
- He was exactly the type.
Judging from these photographs here l'd say Ernie became a different man.
He lost weight.
He started dressing sharper.
Powerful external transformations can often coincide with even larger internal ones.
- He was trying to better himself.
- Why? Because of you? I encouraged him, of course.
I loved him.
Ernie was just a teller when we met.
He was still living at home.
Shy? Inexperienced with women? - Yes.
- And what changed? He finished his degree.
Got promoted to assistant manager and bought this house.
You were by his side every step of the way.
You must have seen something very special in Ernie.
I saw that he was sweet, and how good a man he was.
He could never do something like this.
No way.
Where'd you grow up? Upstate New York.
A town called Newburgh.
- Hmm.
And you two? - Uh, Chicago.
Here, in Sacramento.
Why? No reason.
So if we prove Hutten's connection to Ernie, we prove Hutten's guilt.
But a connection should've come up by now.
How did Hutten know Ernie? - Hot reading.
- What? Hutten's a careful, meticulous professional.
He wouldn't have used an inside man that could be traced to him.
So he researched the staff at the bank.
Hot reading.
Very easy to do these days.
He kept digging until he found someone with shaky ethics and a yen for a better life.
Ah, it's late.
What are you still doing here? Trying to find a connection between Hutten and Ernie Wright.
I've checked Ernie's e-mail account, text messages and cell phone records.
So far, there's no sign of communication between them.
Sorry to hear it.
The bank manager was supposed to send over a list of safe deposit box owners.
- Right.
It's on my desk.
Thank you very much.
Silly me.
Almost forgot.
I've really been craving Italian lately.
So, what do you say we get a nice linguine for lunch tomorrow? - Huh? - Yeah, okay.
- Ciao, ciao.
- Mm-hm.
- Jane, wake up.
- Yeah.
- What's the time? - Eight.
- We have to get going.
- Where? I'll explain it all in the car.
You'll explain it now, please.
Oh, I like it when you get authoritarian on me.
Where are we going? To catch Ernie's killer.
- We don't have anything on Hutten.
- Hutten didn't kill Ernie.
- He didn't? - He robbed the bank, all right.
He was telling the truth when he said he didn't need to shoot anyone.
Why would he do that? It's sloppy.
Not his style.
Jane, I need more than that.
Remember the safe deposit vault was opened during the robbery? I assumed that someone took something from there, but, uh, I got it all backwards.
They didn't take anything.
They put something in there.
What? You really want me to tell you? Lt'll ruin the surprise.
- Yes.
I don't like surprises.
- Three guesses, then.
I'll give you a hint.
It's not animal or vegetable.
You know, we can't open a safe deposit box without a warrant.
We can if we have the owner's permission.
Uh, we don't open for a half hour.
Is everything all right? Everything is fine.
We just want to ask your employees some questions.
Can you have everyone who was here at the time of the robbery gather in the vault? - Yourself included.
- Yes.
- Has there been a break in the case? - You'll see.
What's this all about? Uh, I've gathered you here to help catch Ernie's killer.
- How are we gonna catch the bank robber? - Well, the bank robber didn't kill Ernie.
- Then who did? - Uh, one of you.
- What? - I don't think so, buddy.
- I would never hurt Ernie.
- Whoa, there's no need for objections.
One of you shot Ernie during the robbery and you hid the gun in a safe deposit box.
I am sure of it.
- But, uh - Yes, exactly, Doug.
That means the killer planned the murder a long way in advance.
So one of you, who I will identify shortly is a cold-blooded schemer.
Now, first of all, if there's anyone here that feels the urge to leave, feel free.
Please do so.
But know this, we will assume you are our killer.
Armin, if you wouldn't mind unlocking the vault door.
Thank you.
Before we begin, uh, Agent Lisbon has a few words.
Agent Lisbon.
I've been authorized by the district attorney's office to offer Ernie's killer a plea deal.
Ten years in prison if you cooperate now and open the deposit box.
Ten years.
That's a very generous offer.
And all you have to do is open the box before I'm forced to.
Just as I'd hoped.
Definitely somewhere here.
- You're sure? - Positive.
The offer is now 15 years.
All right, this is absurd.
You can't play some game with people's lives.
We're the law.
We can do whatever we want.
Any takers for 15 years? Very well.
I'm not really feeling it.
It's somewhere in this group here.
The offer is now 20 years.
Twenty years.
Right now.
There it is.
Your last chance of seeing freedom in your lifetime.
All you need is a little key that fits in a little lock.
Suit yourselves.
I believe it's one of these three here.
" "Keene.
" Stephens, Hudson, Keene.
Twenty-five years.
If we have to force open the box, the deal is off.
You'll be facing first-degree murder and the district attorney will aggressively pursue the death penalty.
- Might get life if you're lucky.
- All right, Jane.
Which one is it? - Yeah, yeah.
Uh, Stephens.
No, no.
Keene? No, I don't think so.
- Perhaps it's Hudson.
- Wait.
Nancy? - I knew it.
- Oh, my God.
You evil bitch.
There's no need for that.
Let's see if the key fits, shall we? Mm-hm.
Nancy Sterling, you're under arrest for the murder of Ernie Wright.
Turn around and put your hands behind your back.
When I met Ernie, he was a loser.
Fat, stuck in his job, still living with his parents.
- And you helped him change? - Helped him? I made him the man he was.
I supported him when he went back to school, found him his house.
I even helped him get promoted.
And how did he repay me? He completely lost interest in me.
- You resented him for it? - You're damn right I did.
I thought he was cheating on me.
He was getting in shape, working out.
Don't think I didn't notice women looking at him.
And you should have seen Ernie.
He loved it.
- Was that when you began spying on him? - I checked his phone.
His e-mail.
One time, I followed him into one of those Internet cafes.
So shady.
- He was using a secret e-mail account.
- Which you hacked into? That's when I found the e-mails.
You refer to the correspondence between Ernie and John Hutten? More like step-by-step details outlining how they were gonna rob the bank.
I didn't know what to do.
But then I found that ticket to Brazil.
Ernie was gonna leave me.
After everything I'd done for him.
I don't think so.
I had the details for the robbery.
I knew exactly where everyone was going to be and when they were going to be there.
So I hid.
And I waited for the robbers to leave then went into the cash vault.
Ernie never suspected a thing.
- I'm keeping the ring.
- What are you? You should have seen the look on his face.
It was perfect.
Except for one thing.
I left the safe deposit vault door open.
When I tried to go back and close it it was too late.
You could've just called the police.
- Turned Ernie in.
- I thought about that.
I really did.
But Ernie was gonna leave me.
I was planning our wedding and he was just gonna disappear forever.
He deserved everything he got.
This is getting to be grounds for harassment, Agent Lisbon.
I told them this wouldn't take long.
"I will arrive Tuesday at 12 p.
You'll be in the lobby.
I'll take you in back at gunpoint where you open the vault.
You will help load the cash into duffel bags, then you will stay behind.
" Ernie's fiancee was spying on him.
Text messages, phone calls.
She even found the secret e-mail account.
As a matter of fact, she saved every e-mail you sent him.
You ready to talk about that deal now? Hutten wasn't the killer, so it had to be somebody else in the bank.
But why Nancy? Whoever killed Ernie had to have known about the robbery in advance.
Nancy was, uh, a likely candidate.
- She's also a classic power dater.
- A what? You know the type.
They date down so they have all the power in a relationship.
And how did you know this? Uh, well she had more than half of the space in Ernie's closet.
She didn't even live there and she had more than half of his closet space? And how did you know which safe deposit box was Nancy's? I hot-read her.
I had the list of owners and the bank staff files.
I knew one of the names had to be Nancy in disguise.
- Hudson? - Mm.
No one ever strays very far when it comes to false names.
Nancy said that she grew up in a small town in upstate New York.
- Newburgh.
- On the Hudson River.
On the Hudson River.
You know, these shoes are actually quite comfortable.
They're growing on me.
- Not on me.
- No? Hey, Teresa.
Glad you made it.
It's a pretty high-class crowd.
I wish you'd have warned me.
They're pussycats.
Come on.
I'll introduce you.
Teresa Lisbon, this is District Attorney Don Wolcott.
- Hi.
- FBI Bureau Director Charles Bailey.
- Sir.
- Senator Eileen Dawkins.
- State senator.
- Here, have a seat.
- Get you a drink? - A Scotch on the rocks, please.
You got it.
- I think you know this guy, right? - Teresa.
I didn't take you for a gambler.
It's not gambling if you know you're gonna win.
Well, we got a live one.
Watch out.
Look at that, huh? Beautiful work.
Thank you.
There we go.
For the rental.
- Thank you.
Good night, Mr.
- Good night, Niko.
- I'm headed home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Uh, yeah, tomorrow, curry.
Feel like some Indian.
Tell me, how did you come up with Hutten's name? It's driving me crazy.
Fair enough.
Get a pen and some paper, write down a name.
Any name.
Wayne Rigsby.
You guessed? No.
Although with that name, it wouldn't be hard to.
I, uh, read your pen.
- So you cheated.
- Uh, that's a dirty word.
Maybe just a little.
Well, here's what I think of your little trick.
I didn't quite get the first word, but the second word was definitely "you.
" Good night.
Oh, well, that's not very nice.

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