The Mentalist s05e04 Episode Script

Blood Feud

Good, there we go.
What a good baby.
What a good baby boy.
Yes, yes, I know.
You like that butterfly? Huh? You like that butterfly? Could be late again.
- I'll leave the check in the kitchen, okay? - Okay.
Now, you repeat after me, little man.
I will not throw food at Tina again.
Well, I tried.
Oh, don't worry.
He's a good boy.
Like his father.
Here we go.
- Hey.
- A piece of cracker? Yes.
I'm Agent Jurmain, this is Agent Weber.
We're gonna be your ride today.
Come on.
- Hey, rules are rules.
- He's a cop.
Not in front of his kid.
All right.
Let's go.
- Agent LaRoche.
- Lisbon.
It's the man that watches the watchmen.
How's tricks? You tell me.
Oh, you'll get nothing from me, copper.
I'm no rat.
My team and I will cooperate in any way we can.
We've got nothing to hide.
Just better things to do with our day.
Ah, the man of the hour.
Excuse me.
You're excused.
If I don't like what you have to say you could walk out of this room charged with murder.
- Do you understand that? - Yes.
Very well.
Let's begin with your arrival in Carson Springs a week ago.
I got the call around 3 in the morning.
It was a shooting death on the edge of town.
I arrived about 5 a.
Jane and Lisbon were around 20 minutes behind.
- What have we got? - Victim's name is Andy Huff.
Found three shotgun shells over there.
Nice ride.
It's perfectly restored, except for the pellet holes.
- Does he live nearby? - He lives downtown.
He's a barber.
Owns his own shop.
- It's a strange place to stop.
- Local P.
Says the city has a pretty big drug trade.
Couple big gangs run it.
The Overtons and the, uh, Lo Ryders have the town split in two.
- Doesn't look like a gang member.
- Got no record either.
Customer, maybe? Drug deal gone wrong? - We should ask the other guy.
- The other guy? What other guy? A towel is missing.
Our towel thief.
Another victim, or is it the shooter? Beats me.
Got a wounded man who has left the scene.
Alert the local hospitals, be on the lookout for a gunshot victim.
The attack was hours ago.
Whoever it was could be miles from here.
Wounded people, they don't wanna run.
They wanna hide.
This is the California Bureau of Investigation.
We know you're in there.
Go away! - I got a gun and I will shoot.
- Uh, I'm gonna be back here.
I'm coming in.
Throw out your weapon.
Go straight to hell.
What the hell did you do, Dad? Hello to you too, son.
We have dealt with your father before.
Last time, I felt that you weren't being honest with me.
Your father is a criminal.
A violent felon.
Smuggling, narcotics, manslaughter.
- Yes.
One-time sergeant at arms - of the Iron Gods motorcycle gang.
- Yes.
Served time in Lompoc - San Quentin, Pelican Bay.
- Yes.
Did you know that he was living in the Carson Springs area? - I heard he moved.
Didn't know where.
- Had your relationship with your father changed? What relationship? - How is he? - He's stabilized.
We put four units of blood in him.
Got a couple dozen shotgun pellets in him.
Most of them shouldn't be a problem unless he walks through a metal detector.
- Most? There's a pellet close to his heart, lodged in his pericardium.
There's a chance it could fall out.
If it does it could cause cardiac arrest or a stroke.
- Can you get to it? Open-heart surgery is too great a risk, especially in his condition.
Hopefully scar tissue covers it and he'll be fine.
- Is there anything that can help? - Quiet life, low heart rate.
He should invest in a good easy chair.
Avoid excitement, smoking, drinking, hard living.
- Can I ask him a few questions? - Yeah, both of us.
How do you feel? Hey.
They got some high-grade dope here.
I'm fine as May wine.
That's great.
Yeah, well, you should have seen the look on your face when you found me.
- You looked scared as hell.
- Yeah, well, I was.
I am.
You nearly died.
Not me.
I'm going when I say I go.
- What happened, Dad? - Nothing.
Forget about it.
Ain't no big deal.
- So tell me, boy or girl? - How'd you know? Well, I ain't that far out of the loop.
Cousin Katie.
She told me you were expecting.
His name is Ben.
Is this little Ben's mama over here? She's pretty.
No, this is my boss.
I'm Agent Lisbon.
Why don't you tell us what happened, Mr.
Rigsby? I gotta tell you I could not work for a beautiful woman like you.
It's way too distracting.
You dating anyone right now, honey? Both you and the victim were hit with shotgun pellets.
Your pistol hadn't been fired, so you're not a suspect right now.
You can tell us what happened.
Years ago, I'd have probably been too much for you.
Hell, I'd have broke you.
Now, under the circumstances, I bet we'd move just about the same speed.
This is serious.
You've been shot.
You need to understand You need to understand that I don't need you or any other government bitch fixing my problems.
What about Andy Huff? He's dead.
Well, then he doesn't need anything.
Vic's partner should be at CBI by now.
We can talk to her, get some leads.
- Rigsby.
- Yeah.
Jane and I are gonna go talk to the barber.
You're not working this case.
- I gotta do something.
- You can stay here - No way.
I'm not staying here.
- I didn't give you a choice.
It's okay.
Go home.
See your kid.
We just wanna find whoever killed him, Ms.
People call me Stew.
Like that matters right now.
Call me whatever.
This is a lot to take in.
- Where did you meet the victim? - We grew up in Carson Springs.
We managed to stay out of the gangs and drugs.
It put us in the minority.
It's a rough town.
You have no idea.
We both went to barber school.
We were buddies so going into business together was just a no-brainer.
This is who Huff was with.
He's an ex-con with a violent record.
Have you seen him before? No.
Killer wounded him but didn't go after him when he ran away.
Like he wasn't a target.
So? Well, we just told you that your business partner was driving around with a violent criminal and you didn't blink.
Why not? I really don't wanna get involved.
Just tell us what you know.
You don't have to be involved past that.
Please tell us what happened.
Family troubles, I guess.
We don't have any living relatives on record.
Tom Overton was his father.
You know, the Overtons? Overtons run Carson Springs.
Half of it, anyway.
And Tom Overton ran the family.
He died a long time ago of cancer.
- Was Huff in the family business? - No.
No way.
His mom was just a kid when she had him.
And as soon as she saw what kind of man Tom Overton was she wouldn't have nothing to do with him.
She raised him on her own without a penny of Overton money.
She raised him honest.
Is she dead as well? Car crash.
None of the Overtons even showed up at the funeral so, no, he wasn't close with them.
But he couldn't escape them either.
It's family.
I mean, you know how that is.
DEA sent over what they could.
They've got a thick file on Carson Springs.
Overtons have been selling illegal substances since Prohibition.
Now they focus on illegal prescriptions and meth.
They're not alone.
These days, they own half the city.
East side belongs to a gang called the Lo Ryders that came along in the '80s.
The river through town is the border between their turfs.
Very orderly.
The DEA says the two gangs fought a war about 10 years ago.
People died, about 30.
- Thirty.
- Including the Overton boss.
Cutting the town in two was the only way to peace.
It's been quiet for a long time.
Huff and Steve were attacked in Lo Ryder territory.
Maybe the Lo Ryders saw him as an Overton, decided to take him out.
Partner said he had nothing to do with the family.
I believe her.
- Maybe they don't care.
All is fair in war.
- What war? It's been quiet between the two gangs.
Why shoot someone? - Let's go ask them.
- We don't have enough information.
Local cops say there's a gym where a lot of younger members hang out.
Maybe we can learn something.
Give it a shot.
Cho, you and Jane go talk to Steve Rigsby.
Could be tied with one of these gangs.
- Think he'll talk? - No.
But Jane might not need him to.
So can you tell me if the feud between the Lo Ryders and Overtons is heating up? - Anything? - Sorry, lady.
We're not allowed to talk gang business in the gym.
It's neutral ground.
Hey, knucklehead.
You bothering this lady? Can I help you? Grace Van Pelt, CBI.
I'm working a case that might have a gang angle.
Just looking for more information.
Fletcher Moss.
- Nice to meet you.
- Hey.
Andy Huff was murdered last night.
It's all over town, I heard that.
That's terrible.
- What happened? - That's what we're looking into.
We're told you have a pretty good handle on the scene here.
Any insights? Well, you know, I heard that he was a nice guy.
- He was a civilian.
- How come this place is neutral ground? Well, I started this place about two years ago with one rule: No gangs.
I was in gang life as a kid.
I had to get shot and go to prison to knock some sense into me.
I don't know, figured this is a better way.
Were you an Overton or a Lo Ryder? Neither, I was a Cobra.
Ancient history.
Andy was on Lo Ryder turf when he died.
You think they would have shot him just for being there? Back when those guys were tearing the town apart l'd say yeah, but now it doesn't make sense.
Unless the Lo Ryders were looking to start the war up again.
You know, the Overtons have better customers, they got better turf less trouble.
Lo Ryders may want it all.
- I hate the smell of hospitals.
- Everybody does.
Bad smells, bad memories.
That's because the memory is right next to the smell box inside your brain.
Nothing makes you remember like a smell.
Maybe they're doing tests or something.
- Yeah, I don't think so.
- Excuse me, can I help you? There was a man attached to this needle.
Have you seen him? How does a man in his condition walk out of a hospital without being noticed? He grabbed some clothes from the men in the next room and he walked out the door.
That's my dad.
And so Lisbon invited you back on the case.
No, she didn't invite me.
She was reluctant, I insisted.
She warned me to be careful.
I want that clear.
Go on.
I took Cho and we went to look for him.
Talked to some biker buddies and an old girlfriend.
Ah, yes.
That would be the woman called Rocket.
She had heard from him.
Dad wanted to see her.
He was waiting for her in a bar, but she was scared, so I went instead.
You went? Where was Cho? We I thought it was more likely that he would come quietly if I was alone.
He doesn't like cops.
Doesn't like anyone much.
Outside it was hot But inside I was cold Hey.
Let's go.
I'm taking you back to the hospital.
- Damn, you can never trust a woman.
- Let's go.
You can sit down or you can get out, but I'm good here.
You need to be in a hospital.
- I don't believe I need to do a damn thing.
- You have a pellet lodged in your heart.
Could come loose any time.
- Just like your mother.
Worry, worry, worry.
- Thought you'd be out there looking for the guy who shot you.
- I'd rather sit and have another beer.
That's my choice.
Now you make your choice.
But I'm telling you, I'm not leaving without a fight.
Well, I ain't fighting you anymore.
Miss? I'll take a beer.
Whatever it is, we're not buying.
We're not selling.
I'm Agent Lisbon, CBI.
This is Patrick Jane.
I said we're not interested.
I'd love to hear that from your boss.
That is a very nice suit.
- Hello.
What's his name? - Brutus.
- I'm Sue.
Can I help you? - We wanted to talk to you about Andy Huff.
And who says I'm your gal? Well, you're the boss, aren't you? Dogs and humans protect the alpha.
Don't worry, Rawson.
Let's go.
Come on.
This is my son, Kyle.
Very nice to meet you, ma'am.
Kyle, strapping lad.
Your brother, Tom, he never claimed Huff as his son.
- Did you have any contact with him? - Nope.
Did you kill him? Now, why would I do that? He was my brother's He was my brother's blood.
I think the word you're struggling not to say is "bastard.
" He was my brother's bastard.
And he never wanted anything to do with me.
I didn't kill him.
You don't care that he's dead, but you do care that he was murdered.
Appearances are a big thing in your line of business.
- My line of business? Heh, heh.
We own some dry cleaners.
No, I'm not talking about that.
Ha, ha.
I'm talking about the drug dealing.
Drug dealing? I don't Drug? Huff was killed on Lo Ryder turf.
Are you involved in some sort of dispute with the Lo Ryders? - Lo Ryders? Um, uh - You remember.
They killed your husband.
I'm a businesswoman.
Dry cleaning.
I don't know who killed Huff, and I don't know why.
Your rug to dry-clean, I guess.
All right, listen up.
You're going for a knockout every time, all right? The punch that hurts most is the one that lands.
- You gotta hit him more, not harder.
- It's called the Stockton Slap.
Yeah, the detective is right.
It's called the Stockton Slap.
All right, give me some push-ups, as many as you can do plus 10.
- That's not bad.
You watch the fights? - I been watching some.
- I like how it gets to the point.
- Well, you know, with gloves and a ref, it's not a real fight - I know.
I've been in a real fight.
What are you here for, detective? My boss is on her way to meet the Lo Ryders.
Was hoping you could help.
- They're led by a guy named Beltran, right? - That's a bad dude.
Overtons ran this town for a long time, you know and little gangs would pop up here and there, no threat to them but Beltran stood up to them.
- He killed Sue Overton's husband.
Well, I don't know who pulled the trigger, but yeah.
Then the Overtons killed his little brother.
That last war was brutal.
You don't want a sequel.
We're looking for Beltran.
- I didn't do it.
- Do what? Whatever it is you think I did.
Somebody killed a relative of the Overtons.
I sure didn't do that.
It was on your turf.
Maybe you saw Andy Huff.
You wanted to send a message to the Overtons.
A message? Heh.
I don't know what you're talking about.
When the Overtons beat him up, that was a message.
The question is, what was it saying? Those bruises are only a few days old, before the murder.
Was Huff payback for the beating? - Let's get them out of here.
- Calm down, Joey.
I made a mistake, trusted the Overtons.
My guy paid for it but we didn't kill Huff for payback.
- What does that mean? - We're just talking? Yeah, I think.
Well, there's a new park in town.
A good place to maybe set up a market.
You know, maybe we had a little disagreement about it.
The Overtons beat up your guy over new turf? I said what I got to say.
We didn't kill anybody.
Not last night.
Ever thought about sitting down with Sue Overton having a cup of tea, a little chat? Look, in the last war, the Overtons killed my little brother.
I heard Sue ordered the hit, so no, I am not interested in sitting down with her, ever.
I don't want anything to do with those people.
But if the Overtons go to war with you, you're ready to jump right in? Hell, man, can't be no punk.
Right? Right.
I'm down.
Somebody killed Huff to start the feud back up.
We'd better do something or this town is gonna get real bloody real fast.
What do you think? Did Beltran kill Huff to provoke the Overtons? Or did Sue do it to have an excuse to attack the Lo Ryders? - Neither.
- What do you mean? Sue doesn't wanna fight this war.
Neither does Beltran, but they both will.
- The question is why.
- No, it's who.
Again, really? You don't like it, put your own damn quarter in the machine.
- Not going after the guy who shot you? - Maybe I'm waiting for him here.
- Or maybe you don't know who he is.
- Don't I? No.
You don't.
You'd already be out there hunting him down.
That's your code.
Same place I've been I don't know anything.
All I saw were flashes in the dark.
Why were you there? Well, somebody had called Huff.
Said they were gonna burn down his barbershop if he didn't come.
Kid got scared, so I went to help him.
That's all I know.
Thank you.
- Let's see some pictures.
- Mm.
And what they were thinking I'll never be told - Who's the mom? - We're split up.
The team was working a case.
I faked my own death, she got mad.
It's complicated.
- There's more pictures, if you wannajust - I know how to use it.
- It's a hell of a thing.
- Yeah, it is.
Look, I don't know, I feel like Don't go too easy on him.
No parenting advice, thanks.
What do you got to complain about? I did my job.
- You did yourjob.
- That's right.
You're still here.
You're a man of respect.
You walk around all over the place with a legit weapon.
You got a handsome son.
- I did a good job.
- Yeah.
I suppose when you look at it like that.
Damn right.
I could have drowned you at birth.
- Let's go.
- Go where? - See my grandson.
- Uh-uh.
Okay, yeah.
We could do that.
- You're gonna have to buy these beers.
- Oh.
I'm paying, huh? - Unh.
- Hey, call 911, right now.
Hold on.
Ain't it a cold, cold world? Fight it.
Come on.
You fight.
You fight it.
Ain't it a cold, cold world? Wayne.
Rigsby, I am so sorry.
We are gonna find whoever did this.
Trust me.
You're on bereavement leave, starting now.
We'll give you a call if we catch a break in the case.
Thanks, everyone.
- I know what you wanna do.
You can't.
- Lf I got shot, he would have taken care of it.
You didn't like growing up with a dad in jail.
Ben wouldn't either.
I'm sorry.
Cho's right.
Leave it to us.
Van Pelt said there's no other big gangs in town.
The Overtons and Lo Ryders drove them out of business.
Who told her that? Some guy that runs a gym, pulls gang members off the street.
Let me guess, is he a former crook made good? - Yeah, I guess so.
- We should pay him a visit.
Maybe she's not asking him the right questions.
When you step in that cage, you'll be fighting for your life.
I'm not gonna put you in that cage unless you're properly armed.
These are your weapons.
I'm teaching you how to fire your weapons.
Pop, pop, pop.
Pop, pop, pop.
Three-round bursts.
There you go.
Get your shoulder up on the jab.
There you go.
Come on.
Give me some.
Fletcher Moss? Hi, I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
This is Patrick Jane.
- Hey.
- How you doing? - Good.
- Van Pelt said you were helpful.
- What can I do for you? - It's quite a setup you have here.
Yeah, just trying to give these guys a place to go before they get in too deep.
We think Huff's death might trigger another war between the Overtons and Lo Ryders.
Is there a third player in town that might be behind it? - No, those - Actually, we're thinking I'm thinking someone ought to sit down with these gangs and talk it out.
What do you say? That's nuts.
The Lo Ryders killed Sue's husband.
Overtons killed Beltran's little brother.
Those guys hate each other.
They're not sitting across from each other.
This gym is neutral territory, right? So, what if we held the meeting here? - They're not talking.
You'd be wasting time.
- It's worth a try.
If I can arrange it, would you be okay if we held that meeting right here? - Could save a lot of lives.
- Go ahead, try.
Thank you.
What was that about? We need to get back to the Overtons.
Actually, I'll go alone.
- You're a little too cop.
- Too cop? Van Pelt.
Yeah, I need to get something delivered to Carson Springs.
Doesn't matter what as long as it's big, heavy and on the back of a truck.
Okay, call me when you're done.
I thought we'd said our piece.
And I thought it was about time we started talking straight.
I have a proposition.
There's a Lo Ryder that's ready to give up his gang to the CBI.
Whole gang.
But he needs to know that when the other Lo Ryders go down you will give him ajob.
Why should I trust you? I'm not asking you to do anything illegal.
Just saying you'll give the guy ajob.
- Doing what, I don't need to know.
- This is a bunch of crap.
The Lo Ryders have ordered a substantial supply of guns.
The supplier is supposed to arrive at noon today.
- What kind of guns? - I don't know.
I know nothing about guns.
All I ask is that you check it out.
If the information is correct you give this guy a shot.
- I wanna meet him.
- I wanna see this informant in the flesh.
- Yes, well, that could be difficult.
I wanna meet him or there's no deal.
Well Well, I will see what I can do.
Check out this gun business, from a distance.
It's 12:30.
They're not getting any shipment.
So that cop wasn't on the level? - He seem on the level to you? - Nope.
It's a waste of time.
Son of a bitch.
There it is.
Call Sue, let her know.
Okay, so they're out there.
They're spying on me.
So what? Means our informant in the Overtons is telling the truth.
So he's part of their family? And he'll give them all up as long as I hook him up after? That's the deal.
- I wanna meet him.
- Uh, I don't know.
Well, then forget it.
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Hey, boss? There's some dude with a flatbed full of scrap metal.
- What? Oh.
I've gotta take that.
I, uh I'll set up the meeting.
I'll get back to you, okay? Hey, guys, glad you could make it.
Follow me.
This better not be a waste of my time.
Hey, hey.
We're not off to the greatest of starts.
- What are you doing here? - Has it started yet? It's happening right now.
You should be at home.
- I'm here.
- You sure? Yeah.
- They should all be in the office by now.
- Thanks.
All right, everybody settle down.
We're not gonna do this here.
- You said you were gonna bust them.
- Yeah, well, uh I told them exactly the same thing about you.
Big lie on my part, I'm sorry.
- Just needed to get you in a room together.
- Why? To stop the feud before anyone else gets killed.
You know Moss? Listen, my gym is neutral ground.
You're safe here.
He's good at talking kids out of dumb decisions.
And let's face it, you guys are acting like a couple of kids.
- A sit-down.
- That's the idea.
Give it a try.
If it doesn't work, go nuts, shoot each other all you like.
Just not when I'm there.
What the hell.
Let's go.
Let them talk.
You lie, woman.
That park was open turf.
Then we send my guy, your boys jumped him.
Open turf? That park is mine.
So you paid a price for trespassing.
And you killed my nephew for payback.
I know for a fact you pulled that trigger yourself.
- You are one crazy lady.
- You scum could never learn your place.
- I have given you the east side of the canal - You ain't given me nothing, okay? - Who told you I pulled the trigger? - This isn't how you do it.
We're here to talk about peace, not dwell on he said, she said.
Let's dwell on it.
It's all very good.
You're doing a lot of talking, you're not listening.
Let's take the park situation.
Beltran, you said that it was open turf.
- Who told you that? - I got my sources.
Well, in this case, your source was wrong, huh? - Who's your source? - That's none of your business.
Who told you for a fact that Beltran killed Huff? Damn.
- Son of a bitch.
- Bingo.
Now, when you two criminal geniuses are done killing each other Mr.
Moss and his new gang are ready to take over.
- Son of a bitch.
- You killed my nephew and blamed it on Beltran.
Son of a bitch! You've got this wrong.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Drop the weapon! - Unh! - Police.
Drop the weapon.
Do it now.
I can't move, man.
I can't feel my arms.
Please give me some help.
Help me.
Please, help me.
I said, I can't move! Steven Rigsby says hi.
You'll get my report when I'm finished.
Until then, you will continue with your paid suspension.
You're free to go.
- You're gonna regret this someday.
- What? Well, this.
This paperwork.
Every night you just file it and forget it.
You know what it's like? It's like cooking a beautiful meal and putting it straight in the refrigerator.
- Forever.
- You could help.
No, I couldn't.
So, what's your report gonna say? It will say that Agent Rigsby acted appropriately and with sound judgment when he used lethal force against Moss.
Good work.
- You got away with it.
- Me? I can't make a case, but you chose a remote location for the meeting you set up a situation where Moss had to flee.
And there, by chance, was Rigsby.
Well, I'm flattered.
You flatter me.
But I can't take credit for that.
Moss didn't have to run.
I would have brought him in.
The plan did require Moss to put his own head in the noose.
A small gamble Jane had to make to keep everyone's hands clean.
- Moss fired his gun.
- So you all say.
And of course, Moss can't tell his version.
And now Rigsby has taken perfectly legal revenge against the man who killed his father.
Do you think it will affect him? Well, I think it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.
I suppose Rigsby will never know.
Agent Lisbon, my report will reflect that you made a mistake in calling Agent Rigsby to the scene.
An error in judgment.
- Yes, sir.
It was.
- Lisbon didn't call Rigsby.
I did.
- Jane.
- Of course you did.
Agent Lisbon, your instincts to protect your team are admirable and your biggest flaw.
Yes, well, we all have our flaws.
Don't we, Agent LaRoche? I might have to leave you I think's what she said Wish I could sleep Instead of tossin'in bed I can find myself thinkin' That I'd rather be dead It's okay.
Ain't it a cold, cold world? Ain't it a cold, cold world?
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