The Mentalist s05e05 Episode Script

Red Dawn

Can I help you? Yeah.
He says his name's Patrick Jane.
Patrick Jane? Really? Red John, right? Wife and daughter? About a year ago? Yeah, he's been off the radar.
Sac P.
Lost track of him six months ago.
- Never met him.
Did he say why he came in? - Just that he wants to talk to you.
Nevada County Sheriff's Office called, got a body.
Country road near Malakoff Diggins.
You and Cho check it out.
I'll catch up.
Jane? I'm Agent Teresa Lisbon.
You wanted to talk to me? Hi.
- Hi.
- Um Detective Elliott said that you're in charge of the Red John investigation? That's right.
We took the case over from Sac P.
In May.
What's happening with the investigation? That's a big question, Mr.
Jane, and we're a little busy right now.
Another case has come in.
Could you come back another time? Yeah, well, I can wait.
I'll wait.
That's not really practical.
We don't have a waiting area for guests.
I can just sit right there.
I'm sorry.
It's policy.
Call, make an appointment.
We'll talk as soon as possible.
- I'm afraid I have to go.
- Yeah.
No problem.
I'm gonna wait outside - Mr.
- It's okay.
It's a nice day, I'll take a walk, and uh If I come back in three hours will that be okay? - Sure.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Steve? - Yeah.
Would you help Mr.
Jane find his way out of the building? Sure.
You work on the Red John case? That's none of your business, sir.
You have any suspects? Like I said.
It's my wife and daughter, I, uh Red John killed my wife and daughter.
Oh, well, uh l'm very sorry for your loss.
But we don't discuss cases with the relatives.
Yeah, no, I understand.
Listen, no offense, but I seen a hundred guys just like you.
You wanna find this son of a bitch and kill him, right? Yeah.
Well, what happens, it'll drive you crazy.
My advice, you move away.
Far away somewhere.
Forget it.
Start another family.
I know that's tough, but it's the best way.
I just asked if there were any suspects.
One more time.
Let it go.
Come on.
- What went wrong with you? - Say what? Clearly you're older and more experienced than Agent Lisbon.
You must have done something bad for them to promote a woman 20 years yourjunior over you.
Who told you that? It's a temperament issue.
As well as character.
That's why they gave you to Lisbon, isn't it? She was new.
No one else would work with you.
- What the hell are you doing, Hannigan? - Boss.
I told you to take him downstairs, not beat him up.
- Sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
I I lost it.
- No, no.
It's fine.
It's fine.
My fault.
My fault entirely.
I provoked you.
God, Hannigan, get him some ice.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Seriously, it's not his fault.
I deserved it.
He is supposed to act like a professional law officer at all times.
Let's get you some ice.
Come on.
Teresa Lisbon.
That's a nice name.
How'd it happen? Hannigan says he was provoked.
Jane agrees.
He says it's all his fault.
Decent of him.
A cop with a history attacks a murder victim's grieving spouse.
I'm sorry, boss.
I hope we can find a way to make this right without being too harsh on Hannigan.
He's a good guy, he's just a little too old-school.
Jane says he won't press charges.
Let's hope Mr.
Jane remains so amiable when he wakes up in the morning with a pounding headache and time to think.
We must find a way to make him happy.
Director Virgil Minelli.
No, no, no, sit.
I'm, uh, terribly sorry about all of this.
I understand that, um, Agent Hannigan has apologized? Uh, yes, he did, mm-hmm.
I hope that's been of some help.
Uh, um I came here to find out about Red John.
Agent Lisbon told me.
Uh, I understand your concern.
Red John is one of the most difficult cases we've faced.
- How many victims, Lisbon? - Ten.
- So far.
- Yes.
Catching him is our top priority.
How many interviews have you done? Over a hundred.
We're also re-analyzing the physical evidence that Sac P.
We're sharing some of that with the FBI.
We're pursuing a lot of different leads.
We haven't had a break yet, soon as we get one, we'll let you know.
What are the leads? Where are they leading? You have any suspects? We can't give out details of the investigation.
You don't have any suspects.
It is a complicated investigation.
And, yes, slow.
Everything that can be done is being done.
I'll tell you what, Mr.
My people have to get back to work now.
Long drive ahead of them.
But if you don't mind waiting here, when, um, Agent Lisbon returns l'm sure she'll be very happy to show you the files and explain the case to you.
Is it in the country? The long drive ahead, is it in the country? Would you like to go along? Even better.
Ride along with Lisbon.
She can answer any questions you may have on the way.
- I'd like that.
- Good.
Hey, boss.
- What's he doing here? - Long story.
Patrick Jane.
- Just pretend I'm not here.
- Okay.
Victim's name is Winston Dellinger.
Shot three times.
That's his car.
Road crew came across his body around 6 this morning.
Coroner estimates he was shot at midnight.
Some damage on the front end.
He must have hit something.
Could be a road-rage type thing? - I doubt it.
There's no debris nearby.
- Widen the search.
See if you can find out where it did happen.
This is Lisbon.
What do you do now? Well, techs have done theirjob, took all the photos.
We get up close.
Well, you see, it looks like he was shot right here.
Note the natural posture of the body.
And there's no drag marks.
Now, this guy, this guy is pretty clean.
Pretty fresh.
Sometimes we get to them, there's so many maggots, it looks like a stewpot boiling.
Just popping and bubbling.
And the smell? Oh.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
You all right? Yeah, I'm fine, I just, uh Oh, I'm just a little lightheaded.
I told the coroner they can take the body.
Piece together where Dellinger was before he got here.
Work his cell phone, credit card bills.
Retrace his steps.
- Okey-doke.
- Find the lady.
- What lady? - The lady he was on a date with.
Wow, so you are some kind of psychic? How do you figure that, Kreskin? There's no such thing as psychics.
He has a bachelor's car, peacock clothes.
He smells of alcohol, breath-mints and too much cologne.
Well, thank you for your input.
You got anything? Uniforms found a credit card receipt in his car.
He had dinner last night at a restaurant called Cafe Tuscany.
See what they can tell you.
The victim's father was an appellate court judge.
- I need to go and talk to him.
- Roger that.
Going to Sacramento.
Want me to drop you off on the way? I'll go with you.
Uh, so how does this work? I go in, ask the people questions.
They're probably pretty upset.
May not be able to tell me much.
It doesn't help to have other people around.
- You want me to stay here? - I would prefer that.
No problem.
I don't want to intrude.
Agent Lisbon? Do you mind if we talk out here? My wife's extremely distraught.
I'd rather she didn't hear us.
This is Patrick Jane.
This way, please.
Uh, had you and your wife heard from your son recently? We spoke on the phone last week.
Was he in some sort of trouble? Agent, I have the sickening feeling this had nothing to do with Winston.
What do you mean by that? I've put a lot of desperate individuals into prison.
Any one of them might be behind this.
Why would they go after him? Why not you? You want to hurt a man, don't kill him.
Kill his family.
We'll certainly look into that.
Terrible thing.
Winston was drinking again? We won't know until after we get the lab reports back.
So you're simply casting aspersions? No, I just I assumed from your manner.
From what manner, sir? Your disappointment in him.
With regard to my son, Mr.
Jane, it's myself I'm disappointed in.
He is my failure.
Do you have a child, Mr.
Jane? No.
Then you wouldn't understand.
If there's nothing else, Agent Lisbon? No, sir.
Dellinger chairs the fifth circuit appeals court.
Do you know how much trouble I could get in if he's pissed off? - No.
How much? - A lot.
What you have to understand Yeah.
Hang on, Cho.
Excuse me.
Go on.
Just talked to the maitre d' at Cafe Tuscany.
Dellinger came in last night with a woman.
Seemed a little low-rent.
Dellinger got so drunk the woman left before dinner arrived.
Talked to the cab company that picked up Dellinger's date.
Her name's Kelly Burbage.
She's coming in.
You were right.
The victim was on a date.
Good call.
- Cold reading.
- Cold reading? You, for instance.
You cared for a dysfunctional parent.
Father, probably.
- That's why you put up with Hannigan.
- I don't put up with Hannigan.
His unhappiness reminds you of your father's unhappiness.
We're done for the day.
Is there somewhere I can drop you off? What about the Red John files? Mr.
Jane, I truly sympathize.
I understand how you're feeling.
I would probably feel the same way.
But nothing good will come from chasing this man.
It's the kind of obsession that destroys people.
Go someplace else.
Try to get on with your life.
That's just what Hannigan said.
Come to the office in the morning.
But clean yourself up.
You're a mess.
Get in.
- Hey.
- It's Kimball Cho, isn't it? Is that after the Kipling character? No.
Why are you still here? Agent Lisbon told me to come by.
To read the Red John files.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Lisbon told him to come by.
Read the Red John files.
All right.
Well, pretend I'm not here.
Kelly Burbage.
The girl who had dinner with the victim? - Interview three.
- All right.
You can take the desk over there.
No one's using it.
Burbage how do you know Winston Dellinger? I work tending bar at The Thirsty Pup in Hagginwood.
- Winston's a regular.
- He has a drinking problem.
Heh, it's a bar.
- What happened? - What I should have known.
He climbed through two bottles of house red before I even got my pasta pomodoro.
I told him he was too drunk to drive me home, he got mad, I got a cab.
Heh, look, if this is because Winston did something last night it's just because he was smashed.
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
He's dead.
He was killed last night.
What? Somebody shot him about two hours after he left the restaurant.
Any idea who might have done that? - Oh, my God.
- That sounds like yes.
There's this guy.
We used to date.
But I broke it off because he was this gigantic ball of negativity.
- Sure.
- He called me last night after I got home.
Totally messed up.
He said he followed me on the date.
He kept talking about what a loser Winston was, how he didn't deserve me.
What's his name? Emmett.
Emmett Cox.
Hey, boss.
Cox has two arrests for assault and a gun charge.
- Is this address still current? - Burbage thinks so.
You and Hannigan go locate him, bring him in.
He seems like a real charmer.
Full SWAT protocol.
- He said you said he was allowed to be here.
- Yes, I did.
I didn't think he'd actually show up.
- Go get Cox.
- Yes, boss.
- You can call me Patrick.
- Patrick, have a seat.
You were hoping I wouldn't come back.
Frankly, I don't think you should look at the files.
Your boss said I could.
You're right.
I should probably start a new life.
I can't.
I will have the files sent up.
There's a lot of them.
- Meanwhile, you stay in here.
- I don't mind waiting.
I don't want to be a burden.
You're kind of a distraction to the office.
No offense, but you have a bit of a homeless vibe about you.
I cleaned up like you, uh, told me to.
It's a process, huh? Hmm.
Get in there, Cox.
Have a seat.
Come on, scoot up.
There you go.
That's it.
Okay, Emmett, cut the crap, tell us what happened.
Bite me.
I done nothing wrong.
Well, if you done nothing wrong, there's no reason not to tell us what happened.
Give us something.
I followed Kel and that dude to the restaurant.
Kel came out and got in a cab.
A few minutes later that dude came out.
And by that dude, you mean Winston Dellinger.
If that's his name.
- He got in his car.
So I followed him.
- Why'd you do that? Honestly, I was thinking I'd follow him home mess him up a little, take his money, whatnot.
But no harm no foul, right? Ha, ha, well Winston Dellinger's dead.
That's not on me.
Dude was driving too fast.
I couldn't keep up.
So I went home.
Well, you know what I think? I think when the dude pulled over to relieve himself you drove up behind him, and you thought: "Cool, why not jack him right here, save time, save trouble?" That's what I think.
You can think what you like.
All I'm saying is, if you will let me go at him again, Cox will open up.
I don't know.
I think he's telling the truth.
Where are we? Went through the threats made against Judge Dellinger.
Doesn't look like any of these guys have the pull to reach out of prison, kill Winston.
What are you doing? Uh, just stretching my legs.
Anything else? Yeah.
Ballistics came back.
Bullets match the bullets from a gun used in an armed robbery 12 years ago.
Guys are in prison.
Gun never recovered.
Someone must have it.
Nine months ago Winston was charged with vehicular manslaughter.
DA said he killed a woman, Mia Dos Santos, while driving drunk.
- What happened? - Manslaughter charge dropped before it went to trial.
He pleaded to a DUI.
No jail.
- How does that happen? - Got me.
Dos Santos' husband was mad when charge was dropped, made threats.
- Who handled the case? - Sac P.
Detective named Nathaniel Kim.
Talk to him.
I'll talk to the husband.
- Where are the Red John files? - On the way.
The office remodel has got Records backed up.
Tell them to get their butts in gear.
Hey, you, you're coming with me.
I'm looking for Detective Nathaniel Kim.
You got him.
I work here on my off days.
You know, Sac P.
's great, but alimony and child support are a bitch.
- This about Winston Dellinger? - That's right.
Dellinger knocked poor Mia Dos Santos right out of her shoes.
She had three kids.
That's tough.
Why'd the manslaughter charge get dropped? We only had circumstantial evidence putting Winston at the scene.
Nobody actually saw him hit her.
But we did have blood on his car.
Seemed like a dunk.
Lab results come back, the blood doesn't belong to Mia Dos Santos.
No dunk.
No case.
We were lucky to get the DUI.
- Did you double-check the lab results? - Sure.
Came back the same.
Winston's father is ajudge.
- Knows people all through the system.
- Yes he is and yes he does.
Ever consider the possibility he reached out? - Made sure his son didn't go to prison? - Sure I thought it.
- Wouldn't say it.
- Why not? Guy's a freaking Tyrannosaurus Rex.
I'm gonna accuse him of obstruction ofjustice on a hunch? You do it.
What can I get you? Have you heard anything about Winston Dellinger recently? I heard he was killed.
Is that right? Where did you hear that, Mr.
Dos Santos? I'm not sure.
Our lawyers, I think.
You know, we were preparing a wrongful death lawsuit against Dellinger.
It's not gonna happen now.
And have you been in contact with Mr.
Dellinger since your wife's death? - No.
Not recently.
- After the charges were dropped didn't you seek him out and threaten him? Several times? Yeah.
I was really angry and I said some angry things.
I shouldn't have done that.
No, it wasn't.
That man killed my daughter.
And he left her babies without their mother.
And nothing happens to him? You should have done more.
You should've hurt him.
You should've hurt him the way that he hurt us.
What have we got? Ran Cristian Dos Santos.
No arrests, but he's had trouble at work since his wife died.
Issues with customers.
He's taking an anger management course.
- What about the judge? - Checked his accounts.
No transfers when the murder charge was withdrawn.
If he paid someone there's no sign of it.
No sign of where Winston Dellinger's car had an accident.
Some uniforms out there looking for debris.
That's it? Uh, it's a hard case, boss.
Let's start from the top.
Bring in everybody involved, we'll hear their stories again.
- Maybe something'll shake loose.
- Will do.
First batch of Red John.
Where do you want him? You can just leave it there.
Eager beaver, huh? Mr.
Jane, before you get into that, I wanted to ask a favor.
I need your help.
Everybody involved in the Dellinger murder is in that room.
One of them is very likely lying.
One of them is very likely the murderer.
I'd like you to go in there, take a look at them and tell me if you can spot the liar.
- Me? - You seem to have a gift.
I told you, I'm not a psychic.
I'm a charlatan.
You hear me? I'm a fraud.
I believe you, but whatever it is, it's a gift.
I figure, why not use it.
- I can't.
- We're kind of at a standstill here.
Hello, everybody.
Um, this is Patrick Jane.
He's a consultant with the CBI.
Before we start the interviews, he's gonna We'll see what he's gonna do.
Jane? Hi, folks.
Quick question.
Which one of you killed Winston Dellinger? - Come on.
This is ridiculous.
- What? - Not gonna sit here and listen to this.
- Are you serious? Everybody just calm down, please.
That was worth a try.
Agents Cho and Rigsby will proceed with the interviews.
Thank you very much.
- Judge, if you'll come with me.
- Uh, wait a minute, I think I know who did it.
- You're sure? - Pretty sure.
If everybody could just please sit back down.
My apologies.
Now what? - You are absolutely sure? - Ah, 70 percent.
You have tarot cards? - Tarot cards.
- No.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen, um, I'm sorry for, uh, wasting your time.
Lf, uh I've had more than enough of this.
Agent Lisbon, really? - This is outrageous.
- Tell them, judge.
Just one moment more.
There's something I wanna show you.
Something you might find amazing.
I used to be a psychic.
I used to read minds, talk to dead people, only I didn't.
Of course I didn't because there's no such thing as psychics or mediums.
Or at least I've never met one.
Psychic powers are just tricks, they're mind games.
It's observation.
But it works.
There's a killer in this room and I'm gonna use pseudo-psychic powers to persuade that killer to confess.
This is bull.
Shortcut method, the first person to leave did it.
Now, like I say, there's no such thing as psychics.
Let's be clear about that.
But the human mind is amazingly powerful.
It can do things for real that sometimes feel like magic.
And I wanna show you.
Now, normally I would use Tarot cards for this.
But, uh, in this case these will have to do.
As long as we're all willing to use a little imagination.
Bear with me.
Agent Lisbon, if you could mix those cards up thoroughly please.
Thank you for your patience.
There you go.
Thank you.
Now I would like you without looking to choose a card face down but first, and this is very important, before you take a card l'd like you to close your eyes, think about the last scary dream you had.
Remember the last time you woke up shivering with fear.
Got it? Good.
Thank you.
Open your eyes.
Take a card.
Keep it face down.
Keep your hand on top of it.
Thank you.
Now, here's the thing.
You think you just made a random pick.
Where, in fact, your subconscious mind made a very meaningful choice.
And this is how the killer will be revealed.
You dreamt that your daughter was falling into a dark place and you couldn't stop her.
You called out that you loved her, but she couldn't hear you.
- Yes.
- And that's why you chose The Lovers.
Judge Dellinger, you dreamt of death.
And you chose Death.
Kelly, you can't shake the idea that you'll never find true love.
And you picked The Fool.
How do you do that? Mr.
Kim you have a lot of scary dreams but you can't remember them.
However, you're a cop so you think the rules don't apply to you.
And you chose The Magician.
- Neat trick.
- Yes, just a trick.
Dos Santos, you dream of being trapped, caged like an animal.
And you dream of a terrible, violent escape.
You picked The Devil.
None of that's true.
And Mr.
Cox you constantly dream of all the people you've hurt coming to seek revenge.
And guess what? They have the same dream.
You chose The Hanged Man.
Huh? Uh, actually, that's not right.
Uh, Mr.
Kim had that card.
What's that supposed to mean? It means you killed Winston Dellinger.
Yeah right.
Give me a break.
No break.
You did it.
The subconscious mind never lies.
Your guilt is written on that card and written all over your face.
No, no, I didn't, come on, it's a card trick.
Yes, it was, but when I said I could use your choice of card to reveal the killer you looked a little worried.
For a split second.
Just you.
Then you looked relieved when I couldn't read your dream.
When you saw The Hanged Man, the blood drained from your face.
No, this is ridiculous.
Everyone can see your guilt.
But what I can't see is your motive.
Why, Nathaniel? Why did you kill him? Look at me.
Why, Nathaniel? You seem like a good person.
You come from good people.
Why did you kill him? Well, I'll be damned.
That's your man, Agent Lisbon.
That's your man.
You hid the evidence against Winston Dellinger.
I went to the lab swapped the blood sample from his fender for another sample.
- Why'd you do it? - I'm a silent partner in the bar.
Everything I got is in that place.
Last year we got sued.
Guy got beat up in a fight.
And the bar lost the suit.
I was gonna lose every penny I had.
But when I caught the Dellinger case I found out his father would hear the appeal of the lawsuit.
Judge must've been scared about his son going to prison.
I mean, he was sure the kid would be killed.
Because of all the guys he put away.
So I went to the judge and made a deal.
He'd rule in the bar's favor.
I'd hide the evidence against Winston.
How did that get Winston killed? That night I'm in bed asleep and Winston calls me in a drunken panic.
He says he was driving and hit somebody.
I said he should man up and call the cops.
He says if I don't help him he'll tell about the deal I made with his father.
He was gonna destroy my career.
So I go out to the place and meet him.
Look, I hit him right there! Oh, my car.
Look, he must have crawled off the road or some Well, don't just stand there, help me.
You owe me.
My dad saved your ass.
Now do something! He's freaking out.
I mean, he can't find the body.
He thinks maybe whoever he hit is still alive and crawled away.
I mean, he was out of control.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
That's when I knew.
It's gotta be here.
If I don't do something about this fool right now Winston.
- He's gonna dog me the rest of my life.
- Sorry.
You, uh You ever find the guy he hit? Must be still out there somewhere.
But uniforms found a deer that'd been hit by a car a little ways off the road.
Must've been too drunk to know the difference.
A deer.
He hit a deer.
Oh, that's perfect.
So Minelli really hired this Jane guy? Hey, he exposed a corrupt cop, dethroned ajudge.
Those are all major points for us.
As far as Minelli's concerned, he's a hero.
And, uh, does Hannigan know about this? Yeah.
He doesn't wanna work with Jane so he's transferring to another unit.
Who's gonna replace Hannigan? Don't know.
New class of trainees coming up.
Maybe we'll get one of them.
Files are right there if you wanna take a look.
I like this one.
She's cute.
And out of your league.
One last time.
Are you sure you want to do this? Yes, I am.
I tried.
You did.
Thank you.
Should we go? There you go.
I'm going home.
If you need me to explain anything, give me a call.
- Yes? - Virgil Minelli? Yes.
Who's this? Alexa Shultz, FBI.
We met at the forensics conference in Roanoke.
Director Shultz.
What a pleasure to hear from you.
I understand the CBI has hired a new consultant.
- A man named Patrick Jane? - Yes.
I'm surprised you know.
I didn't realize you followed our hiring that closely.
Jane is connected to a case we're interested in.
The serial killer known as Red John.
I'm, um, calling to ask a favor.
What's that? I would appreciate updates on the Red John case.
That way, when my boss asks me what's going on, I have something to tell him.
To put it bluntly, Alexa, why would I do that? What's in it for me? Well, it's useful to have a friend in the FBI, isn't it? And I'm a good friend.
Well, I'm a great believer in inter-agency cooperation.
I don't see why we couldn't engage in some.
I look forward to it, Virgil.
Oh, by the way, one thing you might wanna know about Patrick Jane.
Know how he's been out of sight in the past year? You know where's he's been? No.
An insane asylum.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Good morning.
- Hey, boss.
- Shh.
- We caught one.
- Get Rigsby.
Let's leave before traffic.

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