The Mentalist s05e14 Episode Script

Red in Tooth and Claw

Previously on The Mentalist: There's this poker game going on.
- You want in? - Maybe.
When? Let me see, Thursday night.
Ah, you're going to play poker.
Hey, Theresa, glad you made it.
- District Attorney Don Woolcott.
- Hi.
- FBI Bureau Director Charles Bailey.
- Sir.
- Senator Eileen Dawkins.
- State Senator.
It's a pretty high-class crowd.
Wish you warned me.
- Oh, I think you know this guy, right? - Theresa? I didn't take you for a gambler.
It's not gambling if you know you're gonna win.
Ace of hearts.
Not me.
Action's on you, judge.
Well 500.
Dealer folds.
That's 500 more to you, Bertram.
Raise you a thousand.
Hmm You're bluffing.
All in.
I love playing with you, Gale.
I can read you like a kid's book.
- Yeah, yeah, pick up your chips.
Good night, moon.
I'm sorry, guys.
We caught one.
- Will you cash me out? - Yeah.
Have fun.
- There you are.
- I should come by when there's not a corpse here to meet us.
You playing poker again, Lisbon? It's getting the better of you.
Losing money? Losing skin's more like it.
Bertram's been in a bad mood.
Hi, I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
Christos Papadakis.
I'm dean of the university's Natural Science Department so the museum is my responsibility.
Please follow me.
I believe your team is the one who investigated the death of Professor Montero.
Yeah, we were.
We have a bit of a walk.
The museum labs are in the east wing of the museum.
What can you tell us about the victim? We think it is Linda Parfrey.
You think it's her? Linda has been missing for some time, and Well, you'll see.
Ah, this is the student who found Linda.
Tell them your name.
Uh, Greg.
Gregory Lewis.
I found her around midnight.
Tell me what happened.
Well, by sheer luck I happened upon a very nice tree shrew.
Um, I've never examined one before, and I brought it in to strip the flesh off.
- To keep the skeleton.
- How do you do that? Oh, we put them in these tanks.
How does that strip them of their flesh? - Flesh-eating bugs.
- Flesh-eating bugs.
That's when I found Linda.
- Yeah, that's Linda's ring all right.
- So it is Linda Parfrey.
Why dump a body into a beetle tank? The museum doesn't have great security.
But it's not the place you could sneak a body out of.
Unless you make it fit in a duffel bag.
Killer was waiting for the bugs to eat it so they could sneak it out? Possibly.
We found a scientific tool in the tank.
- It could be the murder weapon.
- So the killer's probably another scientist.
Or someone that works at the museum.
When was Linda last seen? Linda's been missing a couple weeks.
People thought she was out camping near Yosemite doing some research.
Someone noticed her car on campus, and they realized she was missing.
- Who filed the missing persons report? - Dr.
Sonia Kidd.
Head of the Biology Department at the university and Linda's advisor.
Her name sounds familiar.
She's written a couple books.
Popular science.
The Evolutionary Roots of Murder.
Jane and I will talk to her.
And, uh, Linda had an office here at the museum.
- You and Cho check it out.
- You got it, boss.
We thought she was lost in the mountains.
But she was here the whole time.
It's too horrible for words.
What did she study? What kind of animal? Why does that matter? Nobody picks what they dedicate their life to by accident.
It says something.
I study primate brains.
What does that say about me? You have dark thoughts inside your head that you want to believe are normal and natural.
Which they are, of course.
Linda was an ornithologist.
Her doctorate was on the diet of the northern flicker.
A kind of woodpecker.
Bang their head against a problem until they solve it.
- Was that Linda? - It was.
Although woodpeckers don't bang their heads against things so much as they use their bills to drill holes.
Well, the subconscious mind isn't really a stickler about that kind of thing.
Was she a good student? Brilliant.
She'd already co-authored several papers in prestigious journals.
Who was jealous? Nobody.
This is the top biology department on the West Coast.
Best and brightest only.
The success of one of us helps all of us.
We're a family.
People murder family members every day.
It's natural.
Murder is natural.
But abnormal.
Teachers don't know the scandals unless of course they are the scandal.
Are we done? Yeah.
For now.
We're gonna need to talk to some students.
And visit the gift shop which is left out the door, isn't it? Yes.
- Excuse me.
What are you doing? - Who are you? I'm Agent Rigsby.
This is Agent Cho.
We're with CBI.
And you are? Megan Parker.
I was Linda's classmate in the doctoral program.
- And I have the office next door.
- What are you doing here? I came to get my copy of Understanding Macro-Evolution before you guys sealed the place off.
- Did you know Linda well? - She was a rock star.
A rock star who could use a makeover, but still.
She got the Dean's Fellowship this year.
That's like a hundred grand.
Rest of us will be paying off our student loans with our Social Security checks.
What's with all the taxidermy? I thought Linda studied woodpeckers.
No, Linda managed the specimen rooms for her work-study.
So she got the overflow.
Drugs? - Sugar.
- She didn't do drugs.
- Not even diet soda.
- What about her personal life? - What about it? - Did she have one? We didn't talk about that stuff very much.
I know she had a boyfriend outside the school.
But that's all I know.
Hey, Jane, call me when you get this.
I think I found Linda's classmates.
Look for the elephants.
Most species stay in stasis for long periods of time.
- I'm sorry, can I help you? - I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
- Professor Friedman? - Adjunct professor.
Adjunct Professor Paul Friedman.
Which as you can see engenders a great deal of respect from the students.
I teach a couple seminars under Dr.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I'm looking for information on Linda Parfrey.
- These are her classmates, right? - Yeah.
We all knew Linda.
Do you know anything that might be helpful with the investigation? We know that Linda had a boyfriend.
We'd like to talk to him.
Ex-boyfriend, I guess.
She didn't talk much about it, but one night she told me they broke up.
When was that? About a week before she went missing.
You don't think he did it, do you? I mean, he's a cop.
- A cop? Do you know his name? - Yeah.
Officer Ray Moran, San Francisco P.
Beat cop.
Talk to his captain, see if we can bring Moran in for an interview.
Put Cho on it.
Jane, too, if he ever comes in.
You got it.
Hey, boss? I did it.
I made it into the program.
White Hat? You got in? That's great.
A month in L.
I'll be staring at a computer the whole time, but still.
The team's gonna miss you.
You said you'd talk to Bertram about the stipend request.
The deposit's due in two days.
I'll swing by on my way back.
Thanks, boss.
It's called White Hat.
It's advanced computer investigation training taught by actual hackers.
It's so advanced, I don't know what she's saying when she talks about it.
I'd like to rush a request for a training stipend to cover the costs.
Do you think Manchester's been cheating? - What? - At poker.
- No.
- Well, he's just so damn smug.
"Good night, moon" he says.
What the hell is that? It's just a game.
You don't believe that.
Sir? Now, what was that about Van Pelt? Her training stipend? Times are tight.
We've cut all outside training funds from the budget.
Request denied.
Lisbon says she lost you.
Well, I come bearing gifts.
Jelly dinosaurs are for me.
For later.
And I'm guessing you're a Triceratops man.
- Yeah.
- Rigsby's a T.
Any news on the case? Victim's ex-boyfriend is a S.
Beat cop.
- He's on patrol.
I was gonna talk to him.
- On the streets? - Yeah.
- Let's go.
Haven't been on the streets for a while.
Let's do it.
- Come on.
- Thanks? I don't know, he was, like, 5'6"? Not fat, really.
- Just a big face.
Brown hair.
- He didn't even have a gun? - Why did you give him the money? - I didn't give it to him.
He took it.
What was he dressed like, this guy? - You guys from CBI? - Agent Cho.
This is Patrick Jane.
I want to talk to you, but gotta handle this.
Let me catch up with you in a couple hours.
- A couple hours? - Yeah, we just got this.
We got to put out a crime broadcast, cruise the neighborhood.
Then there's the paperwork.
- Well, can't help you with the paperwork.
- Yes, a hoodie came in - Why'd you give him money? - Sir, we're asking the questions here.
Just tell me what happened.
So this dude comes up while I'm cashing out the register.
Asks for a calling card.
I turned for one second, and he reached through the gap and grabbed a stack of 20s.
You wait until you're finished cashing out before you do another transaction.
Look, the guy had money, he didn't look shady or anything.
- How was I supposed to know? - Hey.
Excuse me.
Show me how he reached through the gap again.
All right, pull your hand out.
That's how they catch a raccoon, you know that? Guy couldn't have grabbed the cash through the gap.
There wasn't another guy, was there, buddy? You.
You're the thief.
- I'm the thief? - You're the thief.
With what you're paying me, I'm the thief? Work's done here, buddy.
I think you can get your mate to do the paperwork.
Look No, no, no.
When did you and Linda meet? Last year.
I was moonlighting, doing security at the museum.
And how was the relationship? Her life was more together than anybody I ever met.
She was so focused.
Got to me, I guess.
- I started studying for the sergeant's exam.
- Mm-hm.
Then you dumped her.
- You think I was happy about it? - You tell me.
About two months ago, I got an anonymous e-mail, with a link in it.
To her online dating profile.
I couldn't believe it.
She'd started seeing other people? I don't know if she started, if she was shopping around.
- Maybe she'd been doing it.
- You talk to her? Yeah.
Big fight.
You get rough with her? I don't have that in me.
Hurt a woman? Especially not Linda.
She have an explanation? She denied it.
You know, but what else was she gonna do? I can't take cheating.
I had to let her go.
- You know who sent you the profile? - No.
And you weren't curious? I don't know.
Some guy's girlfriend's in the same boat as me.
Somebody's holding a grudge.
Only thing that mattered was I wasn't enough for her.
After you broke up, you never spoke again? No.
I should've known.
You know, she had smarts.
She was gonna have a big life.
What's she want with a mook like me, right? - Do you have something? - The dating profile somebody sent Moran.
Get a hold of the dating site.
See if anybody contacted her around the time she went missing.
- I don't think Linda went on any dates.
- Why not? The address that sent Moran the e-mail was used to set up an account at the dating site.
Did you find them? - Sort of.
I logged into the account.
- Don't you need a password for that? I spent two minutes using the most common passwords.
It was Qwerty.
- Qwerty? - Q-w-e-r-t-y.
It's the fifth most common password.
Guess whose profile it was? Linda.
So whoever sent Moran the profile also created it.
The profile is a fake.
Someone was trying to break up Linda and Officer Moran.
- Nice work.
- Hmm.
Look, I know you're disappointed about the training program.
We'll get you in next year.
It's fine.
Bertram's supposed to be this real smooth player but he loses a couple hands of poker and has to bum everybody else out.
Linda wanted a man with a super-hot body.
- The fake dating profile, right? - You were saying something? Bertram hanging Van Pelt out to dry.
He's just mad because he's losing big money at poker.
Some people like to push their pain onto other people.
Weaker people.
And there's always someone weaker.
It's the circle of life.
Bertram doesn't want to win, Lisbon.
He has to.
It's why he is where he is.
The idea of losing is just intolerable to him.
Why would somebody break Linda and her boyfriend up? Romantic rivalry? Yeah, possibly.
"I'm looking for brains, brawn, the total package.
" Van Pelt's trying to trace the e-mail.
Hit a dead end.
Whoever authored this left their fingerprints all over it.
"No half-steppers.
A genuine bad-ass.
Feather in my nest.
" - Gather the troops, Lisbon.
- Why? It's time to play Bingo.
So we have a list of words from the fake dating profile.
We talk to the students and compare what they say to the list.
If what they say matches up with the list, they're the one that wrote the profile? So far, so good.
How do we get them to say the words? What do we ask? Try to get their words flowing.
Talk to them about their passions.
- Their passions? - Animals, of course.
People use "cold-blooded" to mean evil.
As if a species' thermophysiology could determine its moral attributes.
That's ridiculous.
Reptiles never invented the atomic bomb.
If you ask me, warm blood is the problem.
You know what I mean? Excuse me.
So skeletons.
Why are you into them? Why do I need a reason? I'll just go with "weird.
" It's like under all this viscera we wear there's something strong and clean and beautiful that holds us together.
And you can't lose it.
I think that's cool.
Did I pass? I've taken a psych test before.
Ah, Mr.
We were just discussing you.
Dean Papadakis told me about your impressive memory.
My own memory isn't as good as it used to be.
What's your secret? It's easier to remember when you never forget.
What you doing? Laying bait for moths.
They like sweetness.
So I use brown bananas and beer.
- Mm, delicious.
- Ha, ha.
Paul here discovered a new species of moth.
The California Jade Moth.
It's on display in our museum.
- It's rather a big deal.
- Yeah.
Now there are 1,500,001 types of insects in the world.
- Well, that's false modesty.
- I guess so.
It is a big deal.
To moth people.
To all of us.
- Congratulations on your new addition.
- Thank you.
It's most impressive.
Thank you.
Ah, let me guess.
You're studying buzzards and you're laying a trap for one right now.
As if.
Mating habits of the Zalophus californianus.
Sea lions.
One bad-ass male maintaining a stable of females through combat.
And that appeals to you? A man fighting for you? Who doesn't want an alpha male? A guy who will fight for what's his? Yeah.
Ha, ha.
Sounds exciting.
So cool.
While Paul chases moths and Jeanette messes around with her lizards I head out for the islands to watch the seals play.
I'm not just a brain, see? I like to play too.
I'm the total package.
Total package.
Bingo! Whoo! Bingo.
You wrote the fake dating profile that made Linda and her boyfriend break up.
No law against it, is there? Maybe she found out it was you, confronted you, and things got out of hand.
Hello? I didn't kill Linda.
So why did you want to break them up? You don't even know what it's like in the program.
Kidd likes us to play like we're one happy family.
More like a pack of hyenas tearing each other apart.
- Why? - Money.
Why else? The museum doesn't get all that stuff for free.
It needs discoveries, publicity, donations.
Kidd wants our program to be the best.
- So if you weren't producing, so long.
- What does that mean? You ever heard of survival of the fittest? Because Dr.
Kidd sure has.
She likes to weed out the ones who can't contribute, who can't hack it.
- But nobody hacks it.
Not really.
- What do you mean? Jeanette? Lizard girl? She has a special place on the back stairs she goes to cry.
Greg had a major breakdown last year, like throwing rat skulls out the window.
And Paul, he was convinced Dr.
Kidd was gonna fire him until he discovered that dumb moth.
How about Linda? How did she handle it? She was a machine.
You're losing your mind and there she is working just as hard, not even breaking a sweat.
My mom wanted to kill me for not getting the Dean's Fellowship.
And then Linda lands that hunk cop boyfriend? Her? I mean Right? So you made up the fake dating profile to break them up.
I just wanted to see if I could hurt her.
If she could even be hurt.
Did she know it was you? It wrecked her.
The next day she messed up something stupid and Dr.
Kidd yelled at her.
You know what? It felt really, really good.
I know that doesn't make me sound nice.
No, it doesn't.
It's like Lord of the Flies over there.
I didn't know the world of science was so cutthroat.
Like the man said, academic politics can be vicious because the stakes are small.
Very small.
Tomorrow morning, we need to go back to the museum.
- Why? - Education.
But now I have to do something.
And the AG knows damn well the indictment won't stick.
I don't have time for this.
Nobody rides for free.
He knows that.
What, you came here to play games? I heard you've been losing and it's, uh, been affecting your work.
I'll call you back.
Look, the cards haven't been falling my way.
Oh, come on.
You believe in luck? No.
Lisbon says you're pretty good.
Margaret, cancel my 6:00.
Two pair.
Four of a kind.
See? I know how to play poker.
- Of course you do.
- You play the man, not the cards.
Right? I know the odds.
I know myself.
You know people.
You know how to control them.
Not that you always care.
What's that mean? You win more flies with honey than with vinegar.
- But you use vinegar anyway.
- Is this about Lisbon? You're very fond of the fake tell, aren't you? Before you bet, you look away and you breathe out very slowly like you're trying to calm yourself.
Yes, heh, heh.
Well, you have a tell inside the fake tell.
When you're bluffing, the breathing is audible.
- The hell it is.
I control myself.
- You get yourself a good hand and puff away like that, Manchester will for sure think you're bluffing.
Trust me.
Can I help you? I hope so.
Uh, you still want to learn my memory trick? I would.
You teach a master class with all of Linda's fellow classmates, yeah? Paul and I will be teaching it this afternoon.
Well, how about I put on a memory seminar for you and your class? That would be terrific, but don't you have a murder to solve? Eh, all in good time.
I'm gonna need some tables.
Possibly three or four across the back there.
- Okay.
- And Linda's office, it's full of animals? - Dead ones? - It is.
We'll need access to that for props.
I assume you have some ulterior motive for all of this.
Do you have a suspect? There's one thing I'd like you to confirm for me.
What is that? Just what is the diet of the northern flicker woodpecker? Yeah, sure.
How can you like Triceratops more than T.
Rex? T.
Rex are losers.
Little arms.
It's a big chicken with teeth.
And Triceratops is basically a pig with horns.
And a shield on its head.
Beats a giant chicken any day of the week.
In your dreams.
What did Jane want? - He wants us back at the museum.
- What are we gonna do? - Museum heist.
- Why? I stopped asking questions a long time ago.
Come on.
What's this all about? - Need to cover our bases.
- What does this have to do with the investigation? - I can't discuss details of an investigation.
I'm gonna need to look at one of these spiders.
- The tarantulas? - Kids, come check this out.
Yes, the tarantulas.
I don't see why it is necessary.
- Don't worry, sir.
Official police business.
- Detective, please.
- I assure you it won't take too long.
- Wait, what are you doing? I'm gonna need to take a close look at this spider here.
This one specifically here.
- This spider.
- No, what are you doing? - Don't pick it up! - Here we go.
Just Please, be very careful.
There we go, yeah.
I don't see why this is necessary.
Don't worry, children, it's - There we go.
- Wait, what are you doing? Yeah, we're gonna have to dust this for prints.
- Do what? - Pretty colors, huh, kids? - Ow! Ooh, ow! - Whoa! It bit me.
Wait, what? It bit me.
Ow, ow, ow.
Let me call someone.
Ow, ow, ow.
See? It's deadly.
- I feel a little strange.
- I don't see anything.
I'm feeling woozy.
No, I'm just kidding.
I'm fine.
Don't play with spiders, kids.
Okay? We've got a real treat today.
You could call it evolution in action.
Patrick Jane is coming to give us a seminar on the upper limits of memory.
- Are we in the classroom? - Yes, we are.
The human memory is far more capable than most people realize.
I've been in this room once before, but when I was in here I paid attention.
Very close attention.
Oh, thank you, please.
But that's just Memory 101.
Let's move forward into the advanced coursework.
For memory to be useful, it has to be as accurate and as fast as a camera.
How many animals did you get, Lisbon? - Around 30.
- From Linda's office? - Yes, I did.
- All of the animals came from Linda's office.
That's a place that I have never been.
And in a moment, I will turn around, and look behind me, just for a few seconds and I will memorize every animal on those tables in order.
And then I will show you how you can do the same.
How do we know you didn't already memorize them? Ah, a skeptic.
I should have known.
And you're right.
There's no reason for you to trust me.
Paul? Would you mind rearranging the animals any way you see fit? Sure.
Thank you.
The human brain.
Once you get it working right, it can be incredibly effective.
The mind can do some miraculous things.
Uh, like telling the future.
- Which is what I'm doing right now.
- Bull.
For that you can be the one who holds the prediction.
Science is about prediction, isn't it? Predictions based on hard data, not fortune-telling.
Well, you say tomato, I say scientists believe in rational thought.
And grids, lists, classification, which is fine.
But it's not how the world works and it's certainly not how the brain works.
You're saying people aren't rational.
Well, being rational is a tool, but it's not the only tool we have.
Long before we stuffed our knowledge into graphs and charts we used older and in some cases more entertaining ways to remember things.
- How we doing, Paul? - I think we're good.
Please, take a seat.
Now, I'd like to show you what I'm talking about.
Lisbon, would you mind? Thank you.
We can create a memory by building a palace in our minds.
We can sing ourselves a song or tell ourselves a little story.
A story of a bully, a gray fox and a little brave man, a rat that stood up for his chubby little buddy, the toad and his friend, egghead.
The story of a man in a tuxedo who snaked his way through a crowd to meet a woman in a colorful dress.
Penguin, cobra, three squirrels and a parrot.
A story of flight.
An owl, a bat, a moth, all Ah, I sense I made a mistake.
- No moth.
- Hmm.
Well, perhaps my prediction will explain my error.
Uh, Jeanette, could you read it out, please? "The moth is in Paul's pocket"? - Wait, what? - The moth.
The moth you stole from the table when you were rearranging the animals.
It's in your pocket.
I'm gonna need you to empty your pockets.
Come on.
Let's have a look.
Paul, why did you take the moth? - That's a California Jade Moth.
- So it is.
The kind he discovered.
The other one was in the museum.
- Where did that come from? - Wait a second.
- All the animals came from Linda's office.
- They did.
Linda died before Paul discovered the moth.
This moth couldn't have come from her office.
- You'll get there.
- Unless she discovered the moth first.
Paul, you didn't kill Linda.
Yes, he did.
But, uh, I confess.
That moth didn't come from Linda's office.
I st Well, I borrowed it from the museum to prove a point.
Paul? I'd just had a paper rejected.
Peer review threw it back at me.
Kidd was so disappointed.
She never said anything.
- She never had to.
- How did Linda come into it? It was late night at the lab.
She came in fresh from the forest, excited.
She'd seen one of her woodpeckers eating a moth that she couldn't identify.
So she put down some bait and caught one.
We found the brown sugar in her office.
- Was that her bait? - Yeah.
I knew what it was the moment I saw it.
A new species.
I mean, that's articles.
That's museum exhibits.
That's money for the program.
I saw myself naming the moth.
I'd always wanted to name something.
My job was on the line.
My future.
I needed it.
To survive.
I just lost myself completely.
I came back to my senses.
I cleaned up.
Lots of ways to clean up blood in a lab.
And then, I gave Linda to the worms.
I went out to the part of the forest where I knew she'd been.
Discovered the moth.
I came back and got my accolades.
I saved my job.
I got everything I wanted.
Sonia, please.
I wanted to thank you for catching Paul.
There's no thanks necessary.
Linda's dead, Paul's in jail, and Megan is being expelled.
I don't think the program will ever recover.
The program isn't real.
The question is, will you recover? I felt so powerless.
I mean, what can you do in the face of death? You're not powerless though.
You act.
Well, there's one thing you can do.
Paul took a lot of pride in naming that moth When it should have been Linda who named it.
I'll make sure to rename it after her.
Thank you.
Makes sense.
- All the good ones are taken.
- Oh, please.
Natural selection, I suppose.
Come on.
Goodbye, Patrick.
Goodbye, Sonia.
Five hundred to Dawkins.
I'll, uh raise a hundred.
Well, I'm just gonna have to raise you another hundred.
When are you gonna learn, Gale? Raise a thousand.
All in.
Two pair.
Flush takes the pot.
Good night, moon.
Good night, stars.
Good night, judge.
See that? Did you see that? The flush? It was very nice.
- I gutted him.
- I would say so, yeah.
That was very slick, you having Jane give me lessons.
You must really want to help Van Pelt.
What did Jane do? Oh, now, there's no need to be coy.
I don't have a problem with a little quid pro quo.
The White Hat program, wasn't it? - I'll authorize the stipend in the morning.
- Thank you, sir.
No, no, thank you.
- And thank Jane.
- I will.
And some scientists think the T.
Rex could run up to 45 miles an hour.
That's an apex predator.
Know what that means? - Yes.
- Top of the food chain.
Ate everything.
- So? - So T.
Rex beats Triceratops.
I win.
You went home last night and Googled dinosaurs? - Yeah, I did.
- You have no life.
I win.
- I owe her from yesterday.
- She's on her way to the airport.
Oh, yeah, for that White Hat thing.
I thought there wasn't money.
Lisbon fixed it.
Would have been nice to say goodbye.
Well, cowards don't get to say goodbye when they want.
Cow? Wow, where'd that come from? You're calling me a coward? - Yup.
- How so? Pretending you're not in love with Van Pelt.
Who says I'm in love with Van Pelt? I was a long time ago, not anymore.
We're just We're just good friends.
You're a coward and a terrible liar.
Says you.
" What does he know about relationships? Yeah, well, you date pregnant hookers and your dinosaur eats grass.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
We're gonna be short-staffed for a while.
Van Pelt's off to L.
- Thank you.
- Adult education is a beautiful thing.
Uh, speaking of which l've upset the ecosystem of the poker game.
You've been spending too much time at the museum.
Upset the ecosystem? Bertram's a better poker player because of me.
The ecosystem has changed.
- You need to adapt or die.
- Who says I need the help? Don't try to razzle-dazzle me.
Money talks.
What do we use for stakes? Can't play poker without stakes.
Oh, I have that covered.
Herbivores are worth one, carnivores are worth five.
What do you got? - Ahem.
All in.
- You're bluffing.
I call.
Really? - Okay, are you cheating? - No.
I'm gonna smoke you.

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