The Mentalist s05e15 Episode Script

Red Lacquer Nail Polish

It could do with a little, uh, yard maintenance, don't you think? How does one person live in a house this big? - Uh, let me see.
By being very rich.
- That's not what I meant.
Ah, you mean morally.
Well, we've been called in so it's likely that whoever lived here paid a hefty price in the end.
There is something off here.
This place gives me the creeps.
Normally I'd be tempted to mock your superstition but in this case I'm inclined to agree.
Ladies first.
Boss, this is Reggie Brooks, private security.
He found the body, called it in.
Hi, I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
This is Patrick Jane.
Hi, how you doing? Is this gonna take long? I'd really like to get out of here.
Why don't you just walk us through what happened this morning? I was doing my rounds of the neighborhood this morning, as always, when I got a call.
It said Ms.
Vogelsong's doctor wasn't getting an answer when he called her and asked me to follow up.
- Do you know the name of the doctor? No, I don't.
Uh, you can call Dispatch.
Okay, so the doctor told you to go and check on her.
I, uh, noticed the smell right away and I, uh, followed it to the library and that's when I called it in.
The final remains of Elise Vogelsong, Sacramento's tragic heiress.
You know the story, right? Orphan at 12, widow at 18, divorced five times before she turned 40.
My mother ate that stuff up when I was a kid.
- Never heard of her.
- Check out this place.
What a creepshow.
And, uh, look at this body.
It's reduced entirely to ash.
There've been a handful of cases I've read, but I've never seen it.
Spontaneous combustion, they like to call it.
- It's in a book somewhere.
- Bleak House, Dickens.
Yeah, Mr.
Krook, the rag-and-bone man, bursts into flames in his parlor.
- It's not believable.
- I didn't buy it either.
Oh, uh, it's a misnomer.
You know, it's not actually spontaneous combustion at all.
Almost always happens with a heavy drinker and a smoker.
They pass out with a cigarette.
Ember falls, their clothing starts to burn.
The smoldering cloth acts like a wick.
It turns the victim into a human candle with the body's subcutaneous fat deposits as a perfect form of tallow.
A human candle.
Isn't that awful? What's produced is a slow and all-consuming burn so in the end, there's nothing left but ash.
- So this could be an accidental death.
- Yeah, very likely.
And you notice how weird the light is? Kind of waxy and brown? That's because human fat is congealed on all the light bulbs All right, don't say another word, please.
Okay? Uh, this was murder, which is ironic considering Ms.
Vogelsong's appreciation and love of murder mysteries.
- Murder? - Yes.
There's globules of glass in the fireplace.
And this Scotch was opened very recently.
That's a lot of Scotch for one woman.
There were at some point four glasses here, but now there are only three in the room.
Where is the fourth glass? So two people are sitting, relaxing, having a drink.
Now one is dead.
The other tried to conceal his or her presence by throwing the fourth glass into the fireplace.
You think? Who's the other person, huh? Why'd they kill her? Well, you know, if you hadn't mentioned the congealed human fat in the light bulbs I may have had the stomach to stick around and find out, but You're a ghoul.
Oh, thanks.
My mom kept a scrapbook on Elise Vogelsong.
You'd think she was family, the way she talked about her.
Your mom like that? Nope.
I think for Mom it was a way of feeling better about things with my dad, you know? No matter how bad things got between them it was always worse for Elise Vogelsong.
I think that was it, anyway.
Have we got a name yet for the doctor who called? Dispatcher didn't write it down.
He doesn't even know if he got it or not.
This says someone poured accelerant on Ms.
Vogelsong and lit a match? Best arson teams in the world would have missed it 99 times out of 100.
If Jane hadn't been so sure, I'd have missed it too.
Spectrometer says traces of ethyl alcohol, methanol.
I guess Sterno as an accelerant.
Wouldn't take much.
- That's nice work.
- Yeah.
Next of kin didn't seem to believe it, though.
Give it time.
Lisbon and Jane will convince them.
Can you think of anybody who may have wanted to harm your aunt? She was an old lady who devoted herself to charity and helping veterans.
Who'd want to hurt her? She was losing her mind at the end.
Have you taken that into account? Losing her mind how? You know what my aunt endured in her life? - The scandals.
The tragedies.
- Yes.
I'm sorry.
Well, she was a strong woman despite it all, until about two years ago.
What happened? She stopped wanting to leave the house, started getting paranoid thought people were out to get her.
- Were they? No, not at all.
It was all in her head.
She fired all her servants and was living in that big old pile by herself.
The police said there was nothing stolen from the house.
There were no signs of robbery.
Someone commits a murder in a house like that and doesn't take anything? No money, no jewels, no works of art? - It doesn't make any sense, does it? - Well, not yet.
It's an ongoing investigation.
- Yeah, it's ongoing.
- Could you give us her doctor's name? - The one who called the security guard.
- I didn't know her doctor, sorry.
As I said, my aunt had become withdrawn.
I didn't communicate with her much.
- You had a falling out? - No, as her mind went, she became difficult.
I admit I distanced myself.
I prefer to remember her as she was.
Okay, so before that, you were close? Some of my fondest memories from childhood were sailing with my aunt Elise on the Songbird.
Your aunt liked sailboats.
Aside from the charitable foundations, it was her greatest joy.
A week didn't go by that she wasn't out on the water.
- Even at her age? Was that safe? There was a girl that went with her.
Down at the marina.
Cayce Robbins? That's right.
I'm Agent Lisbon with the CBI.
This is my associate, Patrick Jane.
- We spoke on the phone.
- Oh, about Elise.
You going somewhere? Elise always said she wanted her ashes scattered out at sea, out of sight of land.
I figured it's my duty to make that happen.
Just waiting to get the ashes.
That has to wait until after our investigation.
I'm sorry.
It's awful to think what happened to her.
Can you think of anybody who may have wanted to kill her? Uh, I can't.
But I only sailed with her.
I don't know much about her life on land.
What about her mental state? In the last few years, you see any signs of senility? Elise? Heh.
No, she was sharper than most people my age.
I didn't like all the pills she was taking.
Doctors prescribe too many pills, I think.
What were the pills she took? Or better still, you know the name of the doctor that prescribed them? There's some in the cabin.
I can go get them.
Thank you.
Very helpful.
Seems like a civilized way to travel.
Are you kidding? Stuck on that in the middle of the ocean? It's like being in a prison cell with a chance of drowning.
- There you go.
Hope that helps.
- "Dr.
" - Yeah.
- It does.
Thank you.
Right this way, Agent Lisbon.
Come on.
I was just about to learn how to drive her wild in five easy steps.
I've been Elise's personal physician for almost two years.
I felt a particular concern.
She was in the early stages of dementia.
Why would you say that? Anyone who spent time with Elise would recognize the symptoms.
- And as a doctor, it was obvious.
- What kind of symptoms? The onset of dementia can manifest in various ways.
In her case, it took the form of an intense persecution mania.
I was not comfortable with her living alone but Elise Vogelsong was a very strong-willed woman.
Is that why you were so quick to send the security company to check on her? I'd spoken to Elise the evening before.
When I couldn't get a reply the next morning, I became concerned.
I worried she had fallen and hurt herself.
The idea that she had been brutally murdered is beyond all comprehension.
Well, better than the discovery that her death was related to your care.
That must have been a relief.
Excuse me? Well, your primary emotion as you talk right now about Elise Vogelsong is that of relief.
Why is that? Where do you get this idea? Is this an effective method of investigation? Making things up? Or do you consider evidence as well? Somebody told us they thought you were prescribing Elise way too many drugs.
This is a mild sleep aid.
I was attempting to regulate Elise Vogelsong's sleep cycles.
Balanced sleep cycles are a bulwark against dementia.
This is widely known.
Now, I understand you must pursue all avenues of inquiry but embracing the medical theories of laypersons does not seem productive.
Did you approve of Elise Vogelsong sailing? I did not.
Not at her age and in her condition.
- But, as I said, she was a willful woman.
- You didn't think it was good for her to get out of the house? - Of course I did.
But not by going out to sea or spending time with mentally unstable war veterans.
That was her charity work? The Vogelsong Soldiers' Home.
I told her it was dangerous, but Curtis and Alex Wiley.
Both artists.
They own the California lmpressionist Gallery.
- Successful? - More enthusiastic than talented, I gather.
They're well-liked in the community.
So family money keeps the business running.
- Any trouble with the police? - None.
That's Cayce Robbins, 28, originally from New London, Connecticut.
Been working on boats at the Bodega Bay Marina for the last six years.
The only thing in her file is some unpaid parking tickets.
What about the doctor? Dr.
Lance Reinhardt, born in D.
, educated in the U.
And Europe.
Impressive list of degrees from across the globe.
Moved to California five years ago.
Clean record in the state.
See what you can find about Reinhardt, what he did before he moved to California.
Keep me posted.
I'm gonna talk to the guy who runs Vogelsong Soldiers' Home.
Elise Vogelsong was a wonderful, wonderful woman.
I've been praying for her.
And for whoever it was that committed the horrible act.
Place looks like it has an interesting history.
The Vogelsong fortune was made by Elise's grandfather, Ernst during the World Wars.
- This foundation was created to ease his conscience? - Yes, and God bless him if it did.
Elise says it gave a purpose to her life.
A purpose that was missing for many of her relations.
Please, follow me.
Chaplain Griffin, do you know anybody who may have wanted to do her harm or had a grudge against her? - Here? No.
She was a lifesaver.
Last year, the building heating unit went kaput.
She replaced the entire thing.
No questions asked.
How was Elise's relationship with the veterans? Oh, she was generous with her time as well as her money.
With a certain reserve, of course.
But I did notice a bond forming between her and one of the WACs.
- Really? Which one? - Uh, Lissie Calhoun.
- She was a nurse in Vietnam.
- Could we talk to her? Uh, yeah, she's usually here in the afternoons.
I could tell her to contact you.
- We appreciate that.
- Of course.
Don't know what we'll do now that she's gone.
There's no one to protect us.
- To protect you from what? - The rest of the family.
The Vogelsong fortune breeds entitlement and guilt, Elise used to tell me.
It had driven all of her relations mad.
All they did was fight each other over money.
Where's the money come from for the home? The Vogelsong Foundation, which Elise was in charge of.
With her gone, I fear we might be shut down.
- Is that a real danger? - Oh, yes.
Sadly, yes.
One of the relatives was determined to destroy us and all of our work here.
According to Elise, it was his obsession to crush her and take everything that was hers.
- Do you know which relative? - It was a nephew.
His name is Curtis Wiley.
Vogelsong legal disputes.
Want to help? - Rigsby.
- What? Somebody die? No, it's from Van Pelt.
She's learning cross drive analysis and anomaly detection.
- And that makes you sad.
- I'm not sad.
Okay, I'm sad.
Every time she's been away in the past and she sent a postcard she always addressed it to me or, you know, Wayne and the gang.
This is just addressed to "The Bullpen.
" Like I'm nobody.
She's moved on.
- Yes, thank you, I know that.
- Like, years ago.
Well, "years" makes it sound like decades.
It hasn't been that long.
You're losing your mind.
How long's it been since you've had relations with a woman? - Recently.
- Lying again.
Find a woman.
Yeah, you know what? You're right.
I will.
That's what I have to do.
" Not even an XO at the end, just Move on, Wayne.
Move on.
Hey, Cho.
What do you got? There's about 30 descendants of Ernst Vogelsong.
Every one of them is contesting the will or accusing the others of improper financial behavior.
Did you find what was going on between Elise and her nephew? A codicil giving Curtis Wiley a chunk of inheritance and a seat on the Foundation board.
Pages of claims and counterclaims centered on whether it took effect at 35 or 40.
Seriously? These people are a law firm's dream.
No kidding.
More recently, Curtis had been making claims of managerial incompetence.
Said there were accounting irregularities at the Foundation and Soldiers' Home.
Any idea which way the case was leaning? No, but I've got a call out to the probate judge.
One thing's clear.
This much paper means bad feelings on both sides.
This is a family matter.
It's not something outsiders can understand.
I understand that you lied to us.
You and your aunt hated each other.
- And you're greedy.
- No, you're wrong.
That's not true.
I never felt any ill will towards my aunt.
I loved her.
I wanted to help her.
By suing her.
Interesting way of showing your love.
Look, from a financial point of view, something had to be done.
She wasn't making good decisions.
Her mind was going.
So you say, and Dr.
Reinhardt, but Elise's sailing companion didn't say so.
Excuse me if I don't put much trust in what Cayce Robbins says.
My aunt's will showed that little thief manipulated my aunt into giving her the Songbird.
Why shouldn't your aunt give Cayce the boat if she wanted? Because that boat is worth a quarter of a million dollars.
All assets of any unmarried heirs revert back to the family trust.
- That's how it's done, as my aunt well knew.
- Apparently that's not what she wanted.
She was not in her right mind.
People were taking advantage.
Expenditures at the Soldiers' Home were astronomical.
One of the trustees told me.
And now we're losing the Songbird? Honey, this couple is interested in one of your paintings.
Could you talk to them? My family is being robbed blind.
It's my fiduciary responsibility to act.
Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a lot.
We should talk to Cayce again.
I'm always happy to take a trip to the ocean.
- Well, we could get on board and wait.
- Not without a warrant, we're not.
Rules are just so tiresome and boring.
We're sorry to bother you this late.
Please, call me Cayce.
I hope I didn't make you wait too long.
I was doing a favor for a friend.
We just had some questions.
We talked to Curtis Wiley.
- Oh, I bet he had a lot to say.
- Yeah, he's very upset.
- Mmm.
- He's very upset? Look, I didn't expect anything and I'm honored that Elise even wanted to give me Songbird but changing the will affects the Foundation.
What do you mean, changing the will? You don't know? I just got a call from the lawyers.
The doctor said Elise was non compos mentis.
The will isn't valid.
That affects the Foundation? Elise left her seat on the Foundation board to the chaplain of the Soldiers' Home.
That goes too, with the will thrown out.
That's interesting.
Thank you for your time.
Look, she wasn't crazy, you know.
It was those pills that doctor had her on.
That's what made her like that.
They were actually just a mild sleeping aid.
We checked.
There was more than just those pills.
A lot more.
I thought you understood that.
All right, what have you got for me on Reinhardt? Looks like Elise's sailing friend might have had it right.
Took some digging.
- Negligent homicide? Where? - Monaco.
- You see why the charge was brought? - Overprescribing of pain medication.
It was treated as a terrible mistake.
The charges were eventually dropped.
Still, it's not something that would inspire confidence in patients.
Probably why a great effort's been made to cover it up.
What about records for what he was prescribing for Elise? - Trying.
We may need a warrant.
- Talk to Reinhardt.
- See how he reacts when confronted.
- Should I take Cho? - I sent him to the Soldiers' Home.
- Okay.
- You must be Agent Cho with the CBI.
- That's right.
Like I told Agent Lisbon, I don't want to get anyone in trouble.
But I think they've been plotting this.
Wait, slow down.
Who was plotting what? The nephew and that doctor.
I think they've been working together for a while.
What makes you say that? About a week ago, they came in to talk to Elise about the future of Soldiers' Home.
- You're sure about that? - Okay, here's what I saw.
Elise was outside with Lissie Calhoun when Wiley and Reinhardt appeared.
The conversation got very heated.
Lissie Calhoun? She's the nurse? Served in Vietnam? Agent Lisbon wanted to talk to her, but she hasn't been in for a few days.
- You have her address? - Yeah, I think I do.
Follow me.
Uh, Lisbon, I'm sorry but I think we might have to get back to the crime scene.
Really? That place was so creepy.
Yes, but I'm worried we might have missed something because of that.
Fine, but no jumping out and yelling "boo" at me or anything like that.
Seriously, what do you take me for? I am not gonna answer that, because I'm a nice person.
She paid the month, but was going to visit a friend.
- Did she say where? - No, she didn't.
What'd she do this time? I told her any more, I'd throw her out.
Three strikes, that's my rule.
She hasn't done anything.
I just want to talk to her.
Don't get me wrong, you know, Lissie's good people but she's got impulse control issues and problems with anger management.
I think maybe she saw stuff over in Vietnam that nobody should see, you know? Yeah, I know.
Plus, she drinks.
That's probably where she is now.
So you think the friend she's visiting is made-up? All I know is, I told her she can't stay here if she's not sober.
I can't put up with that.
She may have been America's tragic heiress, but she knew how to throw a party.
Look at these photos.
Hot and cold running servants.
Fine food, champagne and wine.
It must've been something to see.
But she went crazy, I guess.
- Uh, Lisbon.
- What? Come take a look at this.
Look at this shelf.
Tell me what you see.
Mm, a picture frame, a silver candlestick, an old lace doily.
One lace doily.
- The other doily's missing? - Yes.
Now look at this.
On this shelf, what is it that you don't see? Well, that medal's gone.
I knew we missed something.
Okay, will do, boss.
Jane thinks some small commemorative object was stolen from Vogelsong's house.
Huh? Never mind.
- Still on that computer dating site, huh? - Yeah.
It's really cool.
You can customize the kind of woman you want to meet.
Have you actually made any dates? Or are you hesitating and second-guessing yourself like usual? Yeah, I've made dates.
So there.
Glad to hear it.
Maybe you can also help around the office a little bit.
- Meaning? - That the Reinhardt warrant on your desk? No, I've been waiting on the Reinhardt warrant for Oh, crap.
Reinhardt will see you as soon as he can.
You understand I'm an officer of the law? Investigating a murder case? The doctor is with a patient right now, but as soon as he's done Hey! - Get away from the machine.
- It's not what you think.
I didn't do anything.
"Phenobarbital, clonazepam, diazepam, Thorazine.
" Looks to me like you did quite a lot.
Hands behind your back.
You're under arrest.
- Hey, I think I found your missing object.
- Oh, yeah? It's called the Vogelsong Medal, and apparently it's kind of a big deal.
This is from Channel 7 News a few years ago.
Elise Vogelsong welcomes foreign dignitaries to the annual Vogelsong Foundation Dinner wearing the renowned and priceless Vogelsong Medal.
Priceless, huh? Explains why somebody stole it.
Except that it's only priceless as the Vogelsong Medal.
- What? - Melt it down, it's worth almost nothing.
Keep it as the Medal, you can't sell it.
So with all the treasures in that house, why take that? Beats me.
What about Dr.
Reinhardt? Did you talk to him? I'm about to.
The amount he prescribed her no wonder people thought she was losing her mind.
I'm amazed she could stay upright.
Okay, I did not want to prescribe her those pills.
She made me do it.
She blackmailed me.
Okay, you can take a seat.
So an old lady with rapidly progressing dementia.
You're gonna say that she was the bad guy in this situation? It's true.
I don't know how she found out about my past, but she did.
She said she'd tell everybody unless I did what she said.
I just want to help people.
I'm a good doctor.
She would have ruined my career.
She's a cruel and vindictive woman, willing to do anything just to get her way.
So you weren't conspiring with Curtis Wiley to undo Elise Vogelsong's will? - What? No.
- But you and Wiley had a conversation with Elise outside the Soldiers' Home? - Elise asked me to meet her there.
That was the first and only time I ever met Curtis Wiley.
I swear on my mother's grave.
I voided that will because I believe Elise Vogelsong not to be in her right mind.
That's the only reason.
I tracked down Lissie in Vegas.
She used a credit card to get a room.
- Send somebody to get her? - Pass it to the locals.
- Have them drop in.
See what she says.
- Will do.
Oh, and I got some intel on the lawsuit from a clerk in the probate office.
- Can't get ajudge on the phone? - He's stuck in mediation.
- Stay on the judge.
What did the clerk say? - Trusts and estates law is arcane.
But the clerk was pretty certain that Elise was gonna win.
- Okay.
I want to get a warrant to search Curtis Wiley's home and place of business.
- I want to lean on him hard.
- You got it.
Curtis is painting out back.
Should I go get him? Not necessary.
This is a warrant to search your business.
- Step aside from the desk, please.
- What? Step away from the desk, please.
Curtis, the police are here.
Already searched your home.
This won't take long.
- My husband will put a stop to this.
- No, he won't.
What's going on here? This is a warrant issued by ajudge.
It authorizes me to search your business, your vehicle and your persons.
I don't understand.
Why are you doing this? Where were you the night of the murder? I was here at the gallery going over paperwork.
- Alone? - No.
No, I was here too.
We were both here together.
- I think you're lying.
- Hey, boss, I found something.
Those are my personal art supplies.
There's nothing back there that you need.
Really? This is an art supply? My great-grandfather's medal.
Where did you get that? Back there.
It was wrapped in this.
Smells like Sterno.
I'm arresting you for the murder of Elise Vogelsong.
Your client was in a bitter legal dispute with the victim over an extended period of time.
Realizing he had no chance of winning the suit he set about getting rid of her.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.
He found an ally in the form of Dr.
Lance Reinhardt.
Together they started drugging Elise Vogelsong in calibrated doses so the world around her believed she was mad.
I met the man once.
Once! The murder would look like a terrible accident.
Just another in a line of tragedies that Elise Vogelsong had suffered in her life.
- And Curtis would inherit everything.
- This is slanderous.
- What he's saying is slander, isn't it? - Curtis, please.
It's all very neat, but it is completely circumstantial.
You've presented nothing but innuendo and gossip.
Except for the fact that your client couldn't resist taking something from the victim.
Something that represented everything she stood for as a Vogelsong.
The Vogelsong Medal.
Which he wrapped in a doily taken from the house.
And that doily still has traces of the Sterno he used to light his aunt on fire.
Now, it's just a matter of which one is quickest to make a deal and testify against the other.
I'm quite sure that Dr.
Reinhardt is signing a plea deal right now.
Your client might be able to save his neck and just serve life without parole.
Deal? Uh-uh.
I'm innocent.
No, that was planted on me.
By you, for all I know! I'm innocent! Well, it's your choice.
Don't move, and don't say a word.
Agent, please.
Give me a minute.
I'm sure I can talk sense into him.
Don't take the deal off the table.
Talk to your client.
They're gonna turn on each other.
It is gonna be an open-and-shut case by the time we get it before ajudge.
It all fits, I'll give you that.
Yeah, the psychological motive for stealing the medal is particularly compelling.
But there's something about it that's not right.
What do you mean? We've got a killer, motive, conclusive evidence.
- What more do you need? - I don't know yet.
- Oh, you're just being contrary.
- I swear, I'm not.
Hey, Cho.
Hey, just talked to the probate judge.
He finally got in touch.
Really? What'd he say? Widespread malfeasance was found in the running of the Foundation.
What does that mean? Elise Vogelsong had run through her inheritance.
She was plundering the Soldiers' Home to line her own pockets.
The past few months, she nearly emptied the accounts.
- Elise Vogelsong, the victim? - The matter was being referred to the DA.
Not only was the ruling going to be a complete victory for Curtis Wiley but Elise was going to jail.
- You're telling me that sweet old lady that was murdered was really a liar and a cheat? Soldiers' Home is bankrupt.
And Curtis Wiley murdered his aunt for a lawsuit he was gonna win? If he'd waited a week, he would've gotten everything he wanted.
That's horrible.
And I was just gonna take her ashes down to the boat.
So that the girl could scatter them at sea? That's very kind of you, Lisbon.
I'm not gonna do it now.
I'll have somebody call her.
She can pick them up herself.
Do you mind if I do it? I like the idea of giving this girl some closure.
You've gotten sentimental all of a sudden? Not at all.
I just think it's the right thing to do.
I'll call you when I'm done.
How's the, uh, computer dating thing going? Great.
Yeah, great.
Haven't met Ms.
Right yet, but, you know, I'm out there on the prowl, just moving on, like we said.
That's funny.
There must be some mistake, then.
Several women out there say some guy is running a scam online where he pretends to be a cop named Wayne Rigsby and makes dates with women, then doesn't show up.
It's weird, huh? That is weird.
Uh, they're by the elevator? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Hi, la Oh, wow, there's five of you.
Um, so, I can explain.
Uh Wow.
I mean, I'm glad you found who killed Elise it's just, it's all so sad, you know? - Mmm.
Maybe now Elise can rest in peace.
- Are those the ashes? - Oh, yes.
I remember you saying you wanted to scatter them at sea so I brought them with me.
Thank you.
I really appreciate this.
Um, I know this is what Elise would have wanted.
Let's go, shall we? - Oh, what are you doing? - I always wanted to take a boat trip.
And this is a particularly nice boat, isn't it? You know, I don't think it's a very good idea.
You're very, uh, inexperienced and it can get dangerous.
It'll be absolutely fine.
Uh, you got an emergency kit here.
That's good.
Which reminds me, I should take a bit of the old motion-sickness medication, just as a precaution.
There we go.
And one of these.
Marine flare, huh? Wow.
- Okay, you know what? - Ever had to use one of these things? - Uh-oh! Uh-oh! - Hey! What are you doing? - Smoke.
That's hot.
- Put that out.
Let me have it.
Let me Oh, my God.
Oh! Sorry.
Mayday! Girl overboard! Get some help! Uh, help! Sorry, sorry.
Hello? I know you're down there.
Ah! Elise Vogelsong, I presume.
And that looks like the money you stole from the Soldiers' Home.
Let's go! I'll get the one in the water.
- Who are you? Why are you on my boat? - My name is Patrick Jane.
He's an agent with the CBI, and you, my dear, are under arrest.
Bon voyage.
I didn't know about the money, I swear.
And I didn't know she was gonna hurt anybody.
But somebody did get hurt.
Lissie Calhoun died.
She told me that her family was trying to get her put away in a home.
I was just trying to protect her.
- I thought I was doing the right thing.
- But you weren't.
- Now you're an accessory to murder.
- I'm not.
I'm not.
I can't be.
I would never.
You have to believe me.
You know, she was probably planning to kill you too.
You were never getting off that boat.
I feel really stupid.
What am I gonna do? Testify.
We'll make a fair deal for you.
But you have to play straight with us, okay? I will.
I promise.
I believe you.
So what if I took the money? My grandfather made it.
It was mine by right.
But Curtis wouldn't have seen it that way, would he? Curtis? Nosy little brat, that one.
Ever since he was a child.
That's why you contested the codicil.
You didn't want Curtis on the Foundation board.
Him, judging me? Telling me how to run my foundation, spend my money? Oh.
It would have been unendurable.
So you hatched your plan, found a doctor to blackmail to get the pills you needed.
Was Cayce in on the plan? I told her that Curtis and the rest of them were plotting against me.
That it was the only way I could escape.
And she was already convinced that I was the mother she never had.
Girls like that are so naive and foolish.
And what about Lissie Calhoun? Was she naive and foolish also? That was an unfortunate necessity.
That woman was a tortured soul.
What I did was an act of mercy.
And I made sure that her death was a peaceful one.
You certainly did.
Overdosing her on barbiturates and burning her to ash, that is a peaceful way to go.
Then all that was left was sending Cayce to Vegas to rent a room with the dead woman's credit card and planting evidence on your nephew.
- Yeah.
That was rather fun.
Even if it did mean having to enter that tacky little shop of theirs.
Curtis had been eying Grandfather's medal since he was a boy.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you for saving my husband.
Despite your colleagues' best efforts to imprison him.
You can, uh, thank me by forgiving my colleague, Agent Lisbon.
And keeping the old Soldiers' Home open.
Don't worry.
Soldiers' Home will stay open as long as there are veterans who need it.
- And we forgive you, Agent Lisbon.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Goodbye.
What? We followed the evidence.
You did.
You followed the evidence.
- Okay.
Okay, I was wrong.
- Mmm.
But we followed the evidence.
You know what gave me second thoughts about Elise Vogelsong? She read too many murder mysteries.
There you go.
That's not police work.
That's guessing.
You should try it sometime.
Now I'm gonna pursue Red John, ciao.

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