The Mentalist s05e22 Episode Script

Red John's Rules

Jane? Jane? - Good morning, Lisbon.
- Hi.
- What happened to your wrist? - It's nothing.
I tripped.
What are you doing? I'm close.
Very close.
How close is very close? Oh, about, uh, this close.
- Tell me.
- Oh, first I need to sleep.
First you need to tell.
I haven't slept in a week, Lisbon.
I am beat.
- I need to sleep.
- Come on.
You're killing me.
Just gonna take a little rest here.
Just a little one.
Just a little sleep.
Okay, thank you.
Jane? Wake up.
Jane, come on.
What? What is it? We got a call on a homicide in a motel in East Sac.
The first responders say it looks like Red John.
So, what do you think? Is this bogus or actual Red John? I've worked Red John's murder scenes since he began.
Totally bogus.
That's a shame.
I always wanted to work one of the famous killers.
He's been laying low for years, working through friends and proxies.
- He killed recently, didn't he? - That was an internal issue.
Lorelei Martins was one of his own people.
It doesn't count.
Could you guys give us a moment? Hey, Lisbon.
- Uh, this is my colleague, Val Ziskin.
- Hi.
You're sure this wasn't Red John, are you, Mr.
Partridge? - Uh, yeah.
- You a hundred percent sure? No, I mean, I'm surmising.
You're the expert.
Well, you heard what she said.
- Excuse me? - Out.
- I have ajob to do.
- Out.
You can come back later.
Do you think he's right? This is Red John.
- How can you tell? - Because when it's him, I can feel it.
She looks familiar.
What do we know about her? She's a Jane Doe.
She's been at the motel for five days.
Paid cash, checked in under a false name.
As you can see, she had a baby with her, around six months old, that went missing.
- Not Red John's MO at all.
- True.
He must have had an accomplice who needed a baby for some reason.
Or it's not Red John.
No, it's him.
Uh, yes, hi, uh, where are your offices located? Thank you.
Child Protective Services.
Carson Springs.
You say that like it's bad.
Yeah, well, when I was a kid, I spent a little time there.
You think it's connected? Probably not.
It's strange.
Right at this precise moment, when you get close Red John reappears and murders somebody.
- It's got to be a coincidence, right? - I hope so.
- Are you gonna make me beg? - For what? Come on, stop it.
How close are you, exactly? Assuming Lorelei's telling the truth, Red John is one of 1357 men who I've shaken hands with since my wife and daughter were killed.
I've whittled that list down to only those men who could have possibly been at all Red John murder sites.
How many is that? I have a list of seven names.
That's great.
That's amazing.
Tell me the names.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- Are you kidding? Please watch the road.
Yes, I'm the night clerk.
I was here all night listening to radio.
She was being murdered 50 feet away.
I couldn't hear a thing.
Any unusual visitors that night or earlier? No.
Well, not yesterday, but the day before a guy walks in asks if we have a woman with a baby staying.
I say no.
He looked like trouble.
- What does trouble look like? - Big white dude.
Um, brown hair.
Um, foreign accent.
I think Irish it was.
When I tell the poor lady about him, she says thank you.
Like I did the right thing.
- Could you identify him if you saw him? - Yeah.
We need to talk to the maid that found the body, Sandra Guzman.
- She went home.
She's not here.
- Didn't the police tell her she had to stay? Yeah, she was really upset.
You know, shivering.
She had blood all over her.
She tells me she's freaking out, and she couldn't talk to nobody, and she had to go.
- She couldn't talk why? - I don't know.
She's a strange one.
She's one of those with black hair, rings, goth type, you know? - You have an address for Sandra? - Yeah, uh, in the office, I think.
I could show you.
Why won't you tell me? If I tell you why I won't tell you, you'll get mad at me.
I'm already mad at you.
Tell me.
No, you're not mad, you're just vexed.
There is a difference.
We're with the CBI.
We need to talk to whoever's in charge.
Yes, ma'am.
Gottlieb, we have an unidentified murder victim.
Your phone number was written on her wall.
I'm gonna show you a photo of the woman.
See if you recognize her.
- She's dead, so it may be disturbing.
- Oh, my gosh.
- You know her? - It's Eileen.
Eileen Turner.
- What about Caitlyn? Is Caitlyn safe? - Is that her baby? - Yes, where is she? - We don't know.
- Whoever killed Eileen may have taken her.
- Oh, my God.
- Do you have? - The man you want is Roddy Turner.
- Eileen's husband.
- You think he's responsible? He was abusive towards her.
She left him a week ago.
We were helping her get a restraining order against him.
Um, here we are.
His address is 1204 Stoney Ridge.
- Wait.
- That's about I know where that is.
Uh, thank you.
Thank you for your help.
We may be back.
Of course, anything I can do.
Jane? Stoney Ridge is a traditional carny layover.
In the winter when we'd go to Carson Springs, it's where we'd stay.
Stoney Ridge, I mean, it's practically my hometown.
- Oh.
- Yeah, oh.
It must be a coincidence.
Or Red John is deliberately bringing me home.
How would he even know about this place? Holy smokes, Patrick! Hey, Pete, it's Patrick Jane! - Hi, Sam.
- Patty, me boy, it's good to see you.
What the hell are you doing here? I'm sorry.
We don't have a formal ID, but we're pretty sure it's her.
We found her this morning at the Torchlite Motel in Sacramento.
- Where's Caitlyn? - She's missing.
- Missing? - Oh, my God.
We and several other agencies are doing everything we can to find her.
- Now, what's your connection to Eileen? - She's married to my nephew, Roddy.
They've been living with us in the airstream.
I don't recall a nephew.
My sister's boy.
Came over from Ireland five years ago.
He's a lead rigger.
Puts up the big wheels and the coasters.
A good lad.
Where's Roddy now? Been driving around looking for Eileen and Caitlyn ever since they went.
We need to talk to him.
Does he have a phone? - No.
- Oh, come on, Pete, it's me.
We're family.
How long have the Janes and Turners been traveling together? A hundred years now probably.
- But Roddy's got no phone.
- Okay.
So Eileen left a week ago, yes? - Yeah.
- Why? We don't know.
They'd been having a hard time financially, and they're both Leos.
That can cause arguments, but nothing serious.
Caitlyn's social worker had mentioned abuse and violence.
In a pig's eye.
Social workers, eh? Last month, Roddy and Eileen had a bit of a go and the cops came and made a big deal of nothing, and they called in child welfare.
It was a bunch of nonsense.
Eileen and Roddy love each other and they're great parents.
What kind of car was Roddy driving? I don't know.
I think he borrowed it from a friend.
What's his friend's name? - I don't remember.
You remember? - Nope.
Caitlyn's life is at stake here.
We need your cooperation.
Roddy didn't kill Eileen, so he hasn't got Caitlyn.
- You had another name in mind.
- No name in mind.
All right.
Have it your way.
Pete's calling Roddy right now.
If Roddy's innocent, which I think he is he'll feel compelled to go to the crime scene.
Why not contact the police? Look, there's no man in that family who's gonna willingly contact the police.
- Hi, boss.
- Where are you? We're looking for Sandra Guzman, the motel maid.
- She's playing hard to get.
- Oh, take a break from that.
Get to the motel as quick as you can.
Stake it out.
The victim's husband might be heading there.
Tell them he's innocent.
We need to talk to him.
We don't know if he's involved, but bring him in.
Be careful.
Will do.
What makes you so sure Roddy Turner's innocent? I'm not sure about anything.
You won't tell me the names on the list.
You're sure of that.
I should tell you why I'm not gonna tell you.
Some of the names are people you know.
You'll start acting differently.
You may tip them off.
- What? No, I won't.
- Ugh.
Yes, you will.
You can't help yourself.
No offense, you have no dishonesty in you.
I have dishonesty in me.
I can put on a front.
This is you putting on a front: - No, it's not.
I can keep secrets.
- Oh, okay.
I have secrets from you.
Secrets you cannot imagine.
Well, of course.
How about I tell you three things you think are secrets from me that I know.
- Then will you be convinced? - Sure.
Go ahead.
- Okay.
- You know what? Wait.
Don't bother.
I won't stoop to playing your silly games.
Wise call.
- Are these people I know well? - Very well.
- J.
- No.
- Ardiles? - Hmm.
Interesting guess.
Would you tell me if I guess right? - Nope.
- You're killing me.
So, what's new with you? Nothing.
Same old, same old, huh? Yeah, me too, pretty much.
- Except for one thing.
- Yeah, I know.
You know? You know what? You and Van Pelt are having sex again.
I mean, I wouldn't call it that.
Having sex.
Kind of clinical.
- You're not having sex? - No, yes, we are, of course.
But it's more than that.
- We're in love.
- Yeah? No kidding.
- Congratulations.
- How did you know? - We were keeping it on the way down low.
- Good job.
Can I help you? Hey, CBI, stop! Hey! - Where is she? - Roddy, stop that right now! Put your hands on your head! Do it now! I'm doing my job and this maniac attacks me! I thought I was gonna die! - You're alive.
Be quiet.
- Where are they? Sir, we understand your anger.
We're sorry for your loss.
We want to talk quietly someplace.
You need to come back to our office.
Why did she leave you? Roddy, you need to talk to us.
If you didn't do this, we need to know, so we can find the man responsible.
And find your child.
- You want to help us find Caitlyn, right? - Let me go.
You assaulted a cop and a CSI technician.
You're not going anywhere.
I need to find me daughter.
Please, let me go.
- He didn't do it.
- Hold on.
If he did do it, he did it as some sort of accomplice to Red John, right? True.
But Red John always offers his friends something that they don't have.
Why does Roddy need Red John? What's his motive? Where's his child? Good questions.
Still, I get the feeling that he's hiding something.
Me too.
The same thing Pete and Samantha were hiding.
Someone else they suspect.
Which would suggest a family dispute.
Yes, it does.
Who is Eileen's family? Where's she from? Family name is Barlow.
- Barlow.
- Yeah, she was born in Modesto.
Her parents were Kevin and Suzanne Barlow.
They were killed in a car accident when she was 3 years old.
- She's Leelee Barlow.
- You knew her? Well, after Eileen's parents were killed, uh, she was raised by her uncle Sean.
- He was very close with my father.
- Oh.
Yeah, well, they fell out over a business deal, became enemies.
But, uh, I haven't seen Eileen or Sean for at least 30 years.
You think Eileen's murder is connected to Sean Barlow? Pete thinks so.
Otherwise he would have told me who she was.
What else? There was something about remembering Eileen that freaked you out.
- What is it? - Oh, you're getting good, Lisbon.
Don't patronize me.
Just tell me, what's the deal? You know how some certain little random childhood memories stick with you forever? And oftentimes they're associated with a piece of music or a song? Sure.
You know that song about the cake being left out in the rain? I see my mother feeding pigeons.
I don't know why.
Whenever I think of happy times in my childhood, I see a certain image.
It's a 4th of July picnic, uh, I'm about 12 or so.
And there's music playing.
There's a young girl laughing.
As she's being lifted into the air by her father.
Eileen Barlow.
Well, people called her Leelee back then.
I don't think I ever saw her again after that day.
She's just a memory that made me smile.
And Red John killed her.
It's like he just reached into my head and killed a happy memory.
How is it possible? - How could he read your mind? - I don't know.
Hell of a trick, though, right? It's a coincidence.
It must be.
Yeah, it must be.
Could you do me a favor? Could you wait in the car when I talk to Pete? - Okay.
- It's not that he dislikes you.
It's just, you know, you're You're police.
I understand.
Thank you.
- What? - You know what.
So you say.
Why didn't you tell me Eileen was a Barlow? You didn't ask me.
You think Sean Barlow is behind her murder.
You're calm about Caitlyn.
You assume the Barlows are gonna take care of her.
Is that so? And you're just waiting for me and the cops to move on then you and Roddy are gonna take care of this.
The only thing I don't know is why.
Why would you think that Sean Barlow would kill his own niece? It's your theory, not mine.
No, it's yours, and you're probably wrong.
This murder was done by Red John.
I mean, Sean Barlow may have helped him but if he did, and you know he did, you better tell me why right now.
- Like I said - Don't you even try to lie to me.
Sean Barlow has always hated Roddy.
He forbade Eileen to see him, but she did anyhow.
Why does he hate Roddy? The travel circuit in Britain and Ireland is a tough go and Roddy used to be a little salty.
Used to be.
He's a calmer fella now.
But he broke some faces he should have left alone.
He was one step ahead of trouble when my sister sent him over here to me.
Anyhow, some of the injured parties were cousins to the Barlows and Sean Barlow loves to cultivate a grudge.
- Grudge enough to murder his own niece? - You don't know Sean Barlow.
He disowned Eileen, called her a whore.
He demanded money from Roddy for payment for lost Barlow property.
Roddy refused, of course, and Sean accused him of theft and swore vengeance.
Swore vengeance.
In a manner of words, yeah.
And what's his connection to Red John? It doesn't quite fit.
Sean Barlow is a sinister piece of work.
He's mean and clever.
Hell, Patty for all I know, Sean Barlow may be Red John.
Give me an address.
You should probably wait here.
Not a chance in hell.
He's old-school like Pete.
He's not gonna talk to a cop.
- We'll see.
I'm old-school too.
- Seriously.
Seriously, I didn't come here all the way from Sacramento to wait outside.
Welcome, welcome.
You are very welcome.
I'm Marta.
How can I help you? Relax, sister.
We're not chumps.
She's a cop, and I'm in on the gag.
What do you want? To talk to Sean Barlow.
There's no Sean Barlow here.
She's almost as bad a liar as you.
You tell Sean, who isn't here, that Patrick Jane is here and he'd like to talk to him.
We'll wait.
Patrick Jane, it is you.
I didn't believe her.
Hello, Mr.
Call me Sean, my boy.
Why, I haven't seen you since you were what, 15? You haven't changed a bit.
You've brought a policewoman with you.
A great pleasure to meet you, young lady.
Come on upstairs and let's catch up.
I've been following your doings, Patrick.
I know why you're here.
Well, of course you do.
My grandfather came over from Ireland with this one's great grandfather.
His father and I were great friends.
He was a wicked man, but I loved him.
A wicked man? You're a spiritual person, Teresa? - You believe in life after death? - Yes.
Then you'll agree, it's a sad thing to be an unbeliever, to have no faith.
And when faithless men use the faith and belief of others to steal from them with lies, like the Janes do, that's sad and wicked.
I agree.
I don't do it anymore.
A lawman now.
It's atonement you're after, is it? Well, the Janes never pretended to have powers, especially with people in the show.
But, uh, the Barlows always tried to pass themselves off as real psychics.
Because we are.
Well, you said you know why we were here.
Yeah, it was on the news.
Eileen is dead.
You don't seem so upset about it.
She was already dead to me when she left the family for that scum.
I mourned her passing long ago.
I want the baby though.
- She'll be raised a Barlow.
- Where were you the night before last? Oh, I was far away.
Communing with the spirits.
Where were you? Let me see.
Lying in bed thinking of Patrick.
You're a little in love with him, eh? But he's so secretive and controlling.
That's hard, isn't it? We're here because of Eileen.
It was that scum Roddy Turner killed her, no doubt.
Roddy and his uncle say it was you.
Words are cheap.
It was Roddy she was afraid of, wasn't it? It was him, and God knows, he'll pay.
Whoever killed Eileen and took Caitlyn, they had help from Red John.
And you're more the Red John type of man.
Red John.
Any punk killer who wants to fool with you can paint a smiley face on the wall.
Ooh, it's Red John.
It was Red John.
Red John has your mind completely messed up.
You see him every place you look.
You think you're getting closer, but he is just playing with you.
- We'll see.
- Has it never occurred to you to ask exactly how Red John is always one step ahead of you? - How is it he seems to read your mind? - You tell me.
Red John's got powers.
Real psychic powers that you refuse to believe in.
Teresa will hear what I'm saying, but you've no faith, so you're deaf to the truth.
He's got powers.
That's why he'll always defeat you.
So I take it you have no alibi for the night before last.
No, I don't.
Thank you for your time, Mr.
Entirely my pleasure.
It's odd, isn't it how the daughters of alcoholics so often are the best kind of women.
When you find the baby, bring her to me.
She'll be well looked after.
- That's not the way it works.
- Oh, does it not? I'm sure we'll sort something out.
Think on what I said.
It's honest advice from a friend.
Good seeing you, Sean.
Well, that was intense.
You okay? Oh, I'm fine.
You okay? He spooked you, did he? Yeah, he didn't spook you? Eh, he's a good showman, I'll give him that.
Couldn't read him.
He might have killed Eileen.
Might be right.
Maybe he believes that Roddy did do it.
Or maybe I've just fallen for some punk playing a trick.
What if he's right? What if Red John really does have powers? Please.
And what if dolphins were actually aliens from another galaxy? - That would be kind of cool.
- I'm serious.
How did Red John do what he did? He read your mind.
It was a cool trick, just like I said.
Looking for this woman, Sandra Guzman? She just go on the bus.
CBI! Hey, Sandra.
Why have you been running from us, Sandra? We wanted to talk about what you saw at the motel.
Did you see in that room? That was the devil.
I don't want nothing to do with that.
I don't want to talk about it.
I just want to forget I ever saw it.
- How is that working out for you? - Not so good.
I can't sleep.
Every time I close my eyes, I see that poor woman.
So maybe you do need to talk about it.
Tell me exactly what you saw when you walked into the room.
I was I was pulling my cart in, so I didn't see the bed right away.
And I was thinking she moved out because before when I did the room, she had, like, stacks of diapers and baby milk.
But it was all gone, so I thought they left.
Then I turn around, look at the bed and oh, my God.
Her eyes were open, looking right at me.
I fell down I was so scared.
The carpet was all wet with her blood.
When you arrived for work that morning, did you notice any strangers? Anybody acting weird? Anything out of the ordinary? Nothing.
Uh, what happened to the baby? We don't know yet.
The motel maid, blameless, but illuminating.
We need to go back to Carson Springs, but first you need to let Roddy Turner go.
Thank you.
Okay, so we have two prime suspects, Roddy Turner, Eileen's husband.
And Sean Barlow, her uncle.
Both men are pointing at each other as guilty.
We need your help to find out which one is, in fact, the killer.
- Uh - Oh, don't worry.
There'll be no danger.
Oh, I don't mind that.
What's the plan exactly? We're gonna let both men know a baby that resembles Caitlyn has been left with you.
Now, we're assuming that the killer has baby Caitlyn or knows where she is so he'll know that the baby left here is not her.
Oh, I see.
So only the innocent man will show up to see if the baby is Caitlyn.
And the guilty man simply won't show.
- Clever.
Of course.
- Lf you're willing.
A girl has been left at the CPS offices in Carson Springs.
I'm trying to confirm ID as Caitlyn Turner, and you're listed as one of the contacts.
Does Caitlyn have a small birthmark on her left arm? Yes.
Yes, she does.
- Yeah, hello? - Hey, Sean.
Some lady here says they found baby Caitlyn.
- Look - You know, I've been thinking.
- So have I.
- You first.
- I can't work like this - No, sorry, wrong.
Me first.
Um, Sean was right.
I've been secretive and controlling and I'm gonna tell you the seven names.
But you need to promise me you will not tell another living soul.
How can I put them under surveillance, investigate them if I can't tell anybody at the CBI who they are? - You can't.
- But I don't have - Especially the CBI.
- Why? Because one of the names on the list is Gale Bertram.
- What? No.
- Your boss.
Oh, my God.
How am I gonna face him? Who else? - Roddy Turner.
- What? Over there.
- Hi.
They said you have my daughter here.
- Um - Where's Caitlyn? - Mr.
- What is this? - I'm sorry, it was a false alarm.
- Caitlyn's not here.
- What? It was a trick to flush out Eileen's killer.
Uh, who didn't come, because he knows that Caitlyn wouldn't be here.
Oh, this is gonna be interesting.
What the hell is this then? Yes, sorry.
Sorry for what? Where's Caitlyn? You know Roddy, don't you? Good news is you're both here, which means neither of you killed Eileen.
That's off to a reasonably good start.
Please don't even think about it.
Eileen would want you two to be making peace.
Like hell she would.
You better have a damn good Hold that thought.
Excuse me.
Uh, yes, Van Pelt, you better talk very quickly.
My phone is about to run out.
I'm under pressure here.
I'm calling like you said.
Good luck.
I hope it works.
What? Where? Are you sure? Yeah.
Yeah, okay, we'll be right there.
Well, you're not gonna believe this.
Hospital in Carson Springs just called CBI.
Someone left a baby girl with a birthmark on her arm in the waiting room.
If you wanna see her, come with us.
Not gonna let you near her otherwise.
And if it is Caitlyn, she's evidence.
Okay? Why would he come? - I'm her father.
- And a fine one you are.
Okay, ah-ah-ah.
If you want what's best for Caitlyn, you need to call a truce.
- Let's go.
Which hospital is it? - There's more than one? There's three.
She, uh She didn't say which one.
Um, Van Pelt.
Damn it, my phone just ran out of charge.
- Can you call her? - No, my phone is in the car.
Miriam, can I borrow your phone just for one second? Thank you.
- Van Pelt.
- Okay, I'm ready.
Yeah, uh, which hospital is it? Apparently there are three.
Which, uh, is kind of odd considering it's such a small place.
I'm tracking the last number she dialed.
- Got it.
- St.
Thank you.
- What are you looking at? - A big tall dirty peasant.
- What are you looking at? - I already warned you two.
- A dead man - I told you Yeah, let's go.
Uh, Miriam, thank you for the use of your phone.
- Let's get out of here.
- We'll be in touch.
Uh, listen, I hate to mess with you, but, uh, I was lying again.
No Caitlyn.
But we'll have her very soon.
I promise.
And we'll be in touch.
Okay? Thank you, Grace.
Told you it'd work.
Hasn't worked yet.
She has to figure out what we're up to.
At this moment she's calling whoever has the baby, telling them to get out of there.
How's she gonna warn them? Her phone's dead.
- The land-line.
- I bet she doesn't know the number.
No one knows numbers.
You have them programmed into your phone.
Hello? - Yes? - Hi.
Where's Ruth? She's under arrest.
She didn't know what I did.
She thought she was just taking care of a child in a custody dispute.
So she said.
How did you know? The diapers and the milk were taken from the motel room.
Which told me that Red John's partner was someone frugal, very organized meticulous, someone who would take care of the baby.
Probably a woman, middle-age, wanting a child.
I told Eileen that Caitlyn would be taken away by social services if she didn't completely separate herself from Roddy.
She was devastated, but she did it.
She moved to the motel.
Easy pickings.
You did all this for a child? Have you heard of adoption? Well, sure, but this way I could help Red John also.
And Caitlyn's such a lovely girl.
Always happy and smiling.
- Tell me about Red John.
- He's been a good friend.
- For how long? - A long time.
A long time.
- Why did he kill Eileen? - I don't know.
You don't ask him questions.
But it had to be her.
It was important to him that it was her.
He told me this might happen.
And if it did, that I should give you something.
- Easy.
- It's okay.
I mean you no harm.
- What is it? - I'm done talking.
What's on the disc? Hello, Patrick.
As you can see, things didn't go as I planned.
Don't say I told you so.
Red John wants me to read a message to you.
And in return, he won't make me suffer so much.
He was really mad at me, so I think this is very fair under the circumstances.
"Patrick, Lorelei told me what she told you about shaking my hand.
So I know that you've made a list.
And I know that by the time you watch this video you'll have narrowed that list down to a few names.
That's quite a feat of memory and research.
I bet you think you're pretty damn clever.
But you're not.
You got a lucky break.
That's not clever.
I'll show you clever.
I'm going to kill a happy memory that you've never told anyone.
And when you investigate l'm going to lead you right to this video.
There's more.
Right now, I want you to take out your list of suspects and look at the names.
I'll give you a moment.
" Okay.
"The names are: Bret Stiles.
Gale Bertram.
Raymond Haffner.
Reed Smith.
Bob Kirkland.
Sheriff Thomas McAllister.
Brett Partridge.
See? That's clever.
But fair's fair, Patrick.
You've changed the game.
So there's new rules now.
Eileen Turner is the first of many.
I'm going to start killing again.
Until you catch me.
Or I catch you.
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