The Mentalist s06e01 Episode Script

The Desert Rose

"I want you to take out your list of red john suspects "and look at the names.
"I'll give you a moment.
"the names are "bret stiles "gale bertram "raymond haffner "reede smith "bob kirkland "sheriff thomas mcallister "brett partridge.
"I'm going to start killing again.
"until you catch me Or I catch you.
" How did he do that? Huh? That tape was made two months ago.
Red john knew the names on the list of suspects Before you did.
I mean, how is that even possible? Eh, it's a trick.
A trick how? I don't know.
I'll be right there.
That was bertram.
We have a case.
Huh? We have a case.
Now? Uh, I don't want to work right now, lisbon.
I need to think.
We need to carry on as normal.
We don't want to look freaked out.
I'm not freaked out.
Hi, guys.
Hey, sarge.
Good to see you again.
Nice to see you.
Hey there.
He can't say hello? Eh, it's a tough day.
What do we got? The victim's name is sandra helvig.
She lives her with her fiancé.
That's cody benbow, the baseball player.
So he comes home from practice And finds her lying right here.
Looks like she's strangled with her own scarf.
The back window is broken, Plus there's jewelry and cash missing.
We're thinking that she came home and surprised a burglar.
Hey, cody, how much was stolen? Dollar value? I don't know, sir.
Her engagement ring alone was 50 grand.
Um A couple hundred grand in total.
What's your batting average this year? .
What about last year? .
What happened? You came here to talk about baseball? Yeah, I'm trying to work here, And you're staring at me like I have two heads.
Do I look like I have two heads? Uh, no.
Sarge, why don't you and I go outside, do our paperwork? Cody, look at me.
I think it was you that killed sandra.
Sir, you are flat-out wrong.
She is the love of my life.
Why would I kill her? You tell me.
There is no reason in the world, sir.
No reason.
Okay, cody.
Fair enough.
I know when a man is telling me the truth.
Do you have any guns? Do I have any guns? Yeah.
Y-yeah, yeah, I-I do.
Where? What kind? A couple of handguns or so in the safe.
Show me.
What does guns have to do with anything? I'm sorry, but she was strangled.
Can you not see that? Who's in charge here, me or you? Um, I just want to see your guns.
I can search this place from the roof to the basement.
I can dig up the garden if I want to.
O-okay, all right.
Just chill.
I'll show you my guns.
They're in the safe.
It's that way.
They loaded? Just the nine.
Let me see.
Well, it doesn't look like it's been fired.
Here's the thing, cody.
Sandra wasn't coming home when she was killed, was she? She was leaving.
She was just about to walk out the door When You got home.
She was leaving you.
No! We've never been happier.
She packed her suitcases, Left the engagement ring on the table Like you were nothing.
But you're cody benbow, for god sakes.
No one can treat you like that.
And you got mad, and you killed her.
Then you had to unpack her suitcase, Put her clothes and her makeup away.
But you did it poorly, Like a man putting way a woman's things.
Are you serious? That's your proof? That--that her closet's messy? Yeah, you're right.
It's not really much, is it? It's not proof.
Proof would be finding the jewelry and the cash That was taken from her.
But a sensible man like you wouldn't actually Throw that money away, would they? Even if they had the time.
A sensible man would hide it someplace That no one would think to look.
Someplace close, like the garden.
You buried it in the garden, didn't you? You shut your mouth now! Shut your mouth.
I'll take that as a yes.
Oh, no! Gun! He's got a gun! Back off, or he's dead.
Okay, everyone just relax.
There is no need for violence.
The gun doesn't work.
I put peanuts in the chamber.
So just come on down and arrest him.
Don't move! Keep your hands where we can see them! Don't move! Officer down! Send me a medevac helicopter right now! Officer down, now! Garcia, secure his weapon.
I'm sorry.
Here he comes.
Oh, crap.
Just act naturally.
I am breathing.
Have you gone mad? A-are you insane? I-it's a serious question.
Are you asking her or are you asking me? 'cause speaking for myself, the answer is no.
Lisbon--sane, not sane Mnh.
Sir, I fully recognize that I failed in my duty To oversee jane's behavior.
Oh, stop.
You did nothing wrong.
Agent lisbon did wrong when she failed To stop you furnishing guns to a man Who used those guns to mow down a sac p.
It was a good plan that went awry.
I said "sorry.
" she's not responsible.
That's her job.
Being responsible.
I am responsible.
Well, sac p.
Brass wants your blood.
So the question is, should I suspend the both of you For a month or-- sir, that is not fair.
Allow me to complete my thought.
Should I suspend you, Or should I just send you on an out-of-town case Far away from the sac p.
? The second option.
Oh? I-I thought you might prefer suspension.
It frees you up to focus on red john.
I hear you're getting close.
Oh, yeah? Where'd you hear that? Well, you can't keep secrets around here.
There's a buzz all around the building.
Jane's getting close, or thinks he is.
Well, are you? Eh, we have some fresh leads.
We're trying to keep them a little quiet.
Oh, yeah.
Mum's the word.
But if you do get close, you will tell me first, 'cause I need to be on the boat when you catch that fish.
Do we understand each other? Yes, sir.
I know that sometimes I must appear calculating, Even duplicitous to you, But please understand It--it comes with the job description.
I am many things to many people.
We understand.
In the meantime Get out of town.
Way out of town.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? No.
You're thinking that if bertram is red john, He sent us out to the middle of nowhere for a reason.
To get us out of the way for when he makes his next move.
I am thinking about Trains.
So what do we do? I don't know.
Well, we have to do something.
Arrest them all, release the names publicly--something.
Well, maybe that's what red john wants us to do.
We could at least keep bertram And the other seven suspects under surveillance If the rest of the team was involved, if they knew.
No, no.
We tell no one about the list.
No one.
Well, if red john knows about the list already-- Anyone else that knows about the list Will be in danger.
We tell no one.
I shouldn't have even told you.
Kind of beautiful and weird, huh? All the flowers.
Hey, partridge.
How long's the body been here? About 18 months, probably.
Uh We think he was a large male, early 40s, maybe.
No teeth, no fingers.
Probably removed By whoever brought him here to prevent identification.
But I bet if you cross-reference that frat ring-- That's what she's doing.
Got you.
Hey, boss.
Brooke yardley.
He was a los angeles real estate developer, 46.
His wife reported him missing in August of 2011.
I-I want you to run a full profile on this guy asap.
Will do.
Hello, mr.
Who did this to ya? Hmm? How long until you're done with forensics And you pull this guy out of here? Delicate job.
Oh, we'll be out of here by tomorrow morning, probably.
Something wrong? Wrong? You've been really sullen with me recently, And now you're staring at me strangely, And I don't know why.
You truly don't know? No.
Yardley was a wheeler-dealer salesman type.
No criminal record, but he had his share Of law and tax problems.
Bankrupt twice.
His car was found abandoned in los angeles A couple weeks after his disappearance.
Any standout enemies? Not off his paper trail.
Cho and rigsby are driving to l.
In the morning To talk to the wife and son.
All right.
Jane and I need to stay out here Near the crime scene till the body's dug up.
We'll give you a call when we find someplace to stay.
What's your take on partridge? If he is red john, he's a very good actor.
He would have to be, wouldn't he? Oh, let--let's turn here.
This looks interesting.
Thanks, hon.
Hey, folks.
Yeah, what can I get you? Tea, please.
Oolong, preferably.
Uh Well Just tea, Some loosely scrambled eggs on rye toast, One strip of bacon, And one sausage, thanks.
Coffee and muffin.
Coming right up.
You've heard about the dead guy, I guess.
Yeah, sure.
Everybody has.
We're with the cbi.
We're investigating the case.
Sorry, I-- I didn't mean to scare you.
Oh, no, no.
I-- I'm not scared.
I just I've had a bad feeling forever, Like I knew there was something evil out there.
I knew it.
Didn't I, hec? Uh-huh.
Hmm, come to think That I'm right? My gosh.
I mean, I always knew I had a psychic gift, But this is damn spooky.
Psychic gift? Excellent.
Tell me, uh, will I enjoy your eggs? You betcha.
We'll see.
You're right, sonya.
These are enjoyable eggs.
Room for improvement, but very enjoyable.
What are we doing, jane? I'm eating eggs.
You're staring at a dry muffin.
We need a plan.
I've been thinking about that.
In the meantime, red john is gonna kill again.
Yeah, probably.
Jane, I'm scared.
He's not psychic.
Well, that's not what scares me.
Well, no, that scares me, too.
There's no such thing.
I'm scared because I've never seen you like this before.
It's like you don't know what to do next.
Next? Well, pecan pie.
I'm serious.
So am I.
We need help.
Hey, boss.
Hey, we need to talk.
Are you alone? Y-yeah.
Well, I mean, wayne's with me.
Call me back as soon as you're on your own.
Hello? Hello? Lost her.
Bad signal in the desert.
She'll call right back.
Give me a moment, huh? Sure.
You okay? I'm fine.
You cannot tell anyone what I'm about to tell you.
Jane has worked out that red john is one of seven men.
But red john also knows The seven names on jane's list.
How? We don't know.
It's like he's read jane's mind, Which has made jane paranoid, understandably.
He doesn't want anyone to know about the list of names.
He doesn't know I'm talking to you right now.
He thinks whoever knows about the names is in danger, And he's probably right.
But I have a strong feeling we need to do something, And I need your help.
Do you want me to continue? Yes.
Thank you.
I'm gonna give you the seven names, And I need you to put a g.
Bug On each of their cell phones.
But you need to do it secretly.
Tell no one.
Can you do that? Yes, I can, But when are you gonna tell jane? When the time is right.
Okay, I guess.
Um Let me get a pen and paper.
No, I don't want you to write anything down.
Everything okay? Sure, of course.
I, um Spoke to lisbon.
I have work to do.
Work? Now? What's so urgent? Oh You know lisbon.
No sense of time.
You go on home.
I'll see you there.
What's going on, grace? Nothing.
Something wrong? No.
What do you mean? You're acting weird, Like you're keeping something from me.
What? No, dude.
What would I be keeping from you? You're acting weird.
Weird, like how? Like you can't look me in the eye.
Yes, I can.
You happy now? No.
What's going on, wayne? Am I intruding? Are you sure it's my husband? Mrs.
Yardley, we-- Madison.
I'm sorry.
We're dealing with a skeleton here, So we can't be sure of I.
Until d.
Test results are done.
But we think so, yes.
Oh, thank god.
Mm! Well, don't get me wrong.
I loved brooke very much, but I've known in my heart He's been dead for some time now.
He would never have run away without a word.
It's just good to finally know the truth.
I've been in the most hellish limbo.
Records indicate he had started divorce proceedings.
It was a mutual decision.
You can love someone very much And not be able to live with them.
What was the problem? Oh, brooke was a dog.
Pathological womanizer.
I knew it when I married him.
I'm his third wife.
But he was so charming and witty and handsome.
He cheated on you.
Cheating would involve deception.
He never tried to deceive me.
Some would call that good motive for killing him.
Well, I didn't.
But I know who did kill him, If you want to know.
I told the police two years ago, but they weren't interested.
"no body, no crime," they said.
So you know who killed him.
A man called arek green.
He owns nightclubs across the border.
Brooke went to a meeting with arek in mexicali, And that was the last anyone ever saw brooke.
And why would mr.
Green have reason to kill your husband? Arek owed brooke something around $100,000 On a property deal and didn't want to pay.
Brooke was going to sue him.
That's motive, isn't it? This is my stepson gavin.
He lives here also.
These are police of some kind.
They found your father's body.
Really? Where? Buried in the desert.
How squalid.
Murder, was it? That's our supposition, yes.
Well, I'd take a good, long look at this one.
She's perfectly capable of murder.
Too lazy, perhaps, but she could have summoned a burst of energy.
She did so despise my poor, dear father.
You are a bitter, twisted little fantasist.
We had our battles, but I loved that man.
Oh! Dishonest crap.
These are professional policemen, madison.
They can see right through you.
Returning to arek green, When was this meeting in mexicali, exactly? July 10, two years ago.
I apologize for my stepson.
When brooke is officially dead, his will is enforceable, And gavin will have to leave my house.
Hence the anger.
Oh, don't think for a second I won't dispute Every inch of that will.
Oh, I know you will.
You're such a child.
God, I can't believe I ever let you have sex with me.
You were practically begging me.
I am so sorry.
I blame his mother.
Now she was a piece of work.
Don't you say a word about my mother, You conniving little slut.
Hey, folks-- I will talk about who the hell I like.
Your mother was a cold-hearted bitch! Okay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's just take a breath.
Low heat, then a little water Keeps the eggs nice and loose.
I've been cooking eggs for 20 years.
Oh, so your cup's full.
Can't learn any more, huh? Not about eggs.
Bon appétit.
Would you come here? So both yardley's son and wife Are still possible suspects.
But the wife says the last time she saw yardley, He was heading down to mexicali To demand money out of some shady businessman-- Guy named arek green.
He's got a criminal record, underworld connections, And right now, we're about a hundred miles from mexicali.
Sounds like a lead.
Yeah, I'm thinking we should go and talk to this guy arek green.
Yeah, I-I'm gonna stay here.
You go.
You can manage on your own, right? Of course I can, but-- Well, I-I like the quiet here.
The desert helps me think.
You know what? I'll stay.
Cho and rigsby can go to mexicali.
Don't trust me alone, huh? I never have.
I'm gonna go and run some calls.
Boss, the wires are up.
All of them? Yep.
And audio.
Good work.
Okay, we watch them like hawks.
We log everywhere they go, Will do.
And remember, do not-- I-I know.
Tell nobody.
what up, now, mama? I like the way you move in your prada while you make them gabbanas shake That's a shame.
Yardley was good people.
Green, we're told you and yardley Were in a business dispute.
Yeah, I mean, you know Yard loved drama.
But we're old friends-- ten years now-- And it was nothing.
It seems like you were the last person to see him alive.
And you owed him $100,000.
Which I gave to him.
In cash.
Last time I saw him, he was a happy man.
Very happy.
You get a receipt? You know, it wasn't that kind of transaction.
Go on.
Look, I pay my debts.
I heard he vanished, I thought he went somewhere like brazil or something So he didn't have to share the money with the old lady.
Now you're telling me he's dead.
I gotta assume the loopy bitch did it.
Or that wacko son.
Have you met those two? Oh, you did? So you think it's either the greedy wife, The angry son, or the shady business partner? Mm-hmm.
Looks that way.
I think we should get them out here, Take a look at them.
How are we gonna do that, arrest them all? Well, tell them we're gonna find out Where the $100,000 cash is.
They'll come.
Well, what if there was no 100 grand in cash? Well, if there wasn't, the wife and the son don't know it, And the shady business partner has to pretend there was, right? I guess.
They're here.
Now what? I think a simple seance should do the trick.
Seriously? Seriously.
My name is patrick jane.
This is agent lisbon.
Thanks for coming all the way out here to help us.
Hey, van pelt.
Hi, jane.
So where's the money you promised? Have a seat.
Um, try the eggs.
All will be revealed in very good time.
I just need to have a quick word with my colleagues.
Could you give us a minute, please? She knows about the list.
Yes, but only grace.
Nobody else.
Now we can keep an eye on the suspects.
You bugged their phones.
Red john will know what you've done, And he will use it against us.
He will lead you wherever he wants to.
I am not naive.
We'll act with that possibility in mind.
But it's better to have the information Available to us.
It's better than doing nothing at all.
No, no, no.
I-I told you-- Tell no one! I told you! You told me? You are not my boss.
This is my case.
Red john is my case.
You work for me.
Oh, come on, please, lisbon, don't be childish.
Don't be arrogant! You are out of your depth.
You can't-- You can't tell me what to do, Because I don't think you know what you're doing.
I have to do what I have to do to do my job.
Now I'm going back to sacramento To keep an eye on the suspects.
You can do whatever you want.
Grace, you're in charge until cho gets here.
After that, he's in charge.
Okay, boss.
Wait! Mr.
Jane, agent van pelt, this is arek green.
Nice to meet you, mr.
Why don't you go inside the diner, take a seat? I just need to talk to my colleagues.
You told them about the list.
I told rigsby.
Look, I had to.
He thought I was having an affair.
She was acting weird.
You told cho.
Well, he can't be the only member of the team That doesn't know.
Come on, that's not fair.
I'm not gonna tell anybody.
Lisbon was only doing what she thought was best.
You have to make up with her.
So what's the plan? Well, if anyone tries to kill me, shoot them.
Okay, hello, everybody.
My name is patrick jane.
I'm with the cbi.
We're here to solve a murder.
Uh, sonya, will you help me? I need your psychic gifts.
Me? Oh, no, no.
I don't think so.
Yeah, please.
Come take a good look At these three people.
They all had reasons to kill brooke yardley.
Are you kidding me? What reason did I have? If you're innocent, hush, please.
Uh, you knew that yardley was out there, didn't you? You heard him.
He spoke to you.
I Guess, in a way.
Yardley can tell us which one of these three Is the guilty one, just like he told you That he was out there.
He can? Uh, this is very amusing, but I'm Quiet.
Thank you, cho.
He spoke to your subconscious, And we need to speak to him in that way.
This will do.
Uh Would you just put your hand just like that? Just Relax.
Just like that.
Now close your eyes.
Think about brooke yardley.
Ask him to tell us what he wants to tell us.
Think deeply.
Okay, and when you're ready Let your hand fall.
" Uh, van pelt, would you write these down, please? Keep thinking about yardley.
What does he want to say? And when you feel it Do it again.
" And again.
"k" "e" "12" "27.
" Luke 12:27? Is there anyone connected to the case named luke? Maybe it's the, uh, bible verse? Luke 12:27.
Wh--what does-- what does that say? "consider the lilies, how they grow.
"they toil not" "neither do they spin.
" What does that have to do with anything? I don't know.
Wait a minute.
"how they grow.
" Yardley had lilies on his grave.
Well, flowers, anyway.
Uh, not--not the normal kind of flowers You'd see in the desert.
And grass, for that matter.
That's what he's trying to tell us.
How did those flowers end up there? And--and how did they get water? Well, there's only one logical explanation.
The body was in a block of ice.
A block of ice that was carried in a flat-bed truck That normally carries garden supplies, Like flower and grass seeds.
Seeds that stuck to a block of ice.
Yes, but But ice melts very fast in the desert, So that block couldn't have been moved very far from the start.
What we're looking for is someplace Close to the crime scene Where they have a large commercial freezer.
Like in a diner.
But why would anyone at the diner Want to kill brooke yardley? Yeah, I Hello.
Well, unless, of course, he was Flashing all that money he had.
And he was that kind of guy.
You know, a showoff and a ladies' man, right? Yes.
I bet he hit on you, sonya.
Yeah? Well, you said no, of course.
Then he offered you money.
And you're a good woman, But everyone has their price.
Your boyfriend hector is the jealous type.
But brooke was a big man, So probably he got mac to help out.
Then the three of you argued over what to do next.
Do you let yardley go, or do you kill him And take the money? Your biggest mistake-- you let him hear you.
What are you doing? We have to kill him.
He knew he was gonna die, So he made sure his body was identifiable By swallowing his ring.
Mac's right.
We gotta kill him! No! Mac! No! This is garbage.
You have no evidence.
This from a man wearing a hat That says "landscaping and gardening supplies.
" There's plenty of other guys That work at garden supply stores.
And plenty of other diners that got freezers.
Yes, but this is the only one with a fancy new sign On the highway.
How much did that cost you? I-it was them! They killed him.
They tried to keep me quiet.
I had nothing to do with it.
Book 'em, guys.
Forget you, jane.
This is teresa lisbon.
I can't take your call right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Uh, hi, lisbon.
Um Call me.
Uh I'm sorry we argued.
I just, uh I realized, um Yeah, just--just call me.
We'll chat.
We have an anonymous tip directed to your unit.
A person or persons in distress at 5570 west huron.
At 5570 west huron.
Okay, I got it.
Oh, my god.
Brett partridge is there.
This is agent lisbon with the cbi.
I need sac p.
To roll code to 5570 west huron.
Immediate assistance, Yeah, no, I understand.
When do you think they're gonna be here? All right.
Thanks for nothing.
Damn it.
This is teresa lisbon.
I can't take your call right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Where are you? Call me.
Oh! Oh, my god.
Partridge? Partridge?! T T Tiger.
T Tiger.
Uh, excuse me, have you seen lisbon? Nope.
Haven't seen her.
Ah, great.
Lisbon, finally.
Sorry, patrick.
Teresa can't come to the phone right now.
Can I take a message? No? Well, I'll tell her you called.
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