The Mentalist s06e02 Episode Script

Black-Winged Red Bird

Previously on "the mentalist" Jane has worked out that red john is one of seven men.
But red john also knows the seven names on jane's list.
I'm gonna give you the seven names, And I need you to put a g.
Bug On each of their cell phones.
The wires are up.
All of them? Yep.
And audio.
We watch them like hawks.
We log everywhere they go Will do.
We have an anonymous tip directed to your unit.
A person or persons in distress at 5570 west huron.
Brett partridge is there.
Oh, my god.
Partridge? Tiger T Tiger.
Lisbon, finally.
Sorry, patrick.
Teresa can't come to the phone right now.
Sir? Sir? Are you sure I can't call you a cab, or No.
You're gracious and kind.
Domo arigato.
You're welcome.
Good night.
Pull the car over to the right.
Oh, no, no, no! Sir, are you aware you crossed a double yellow line back there? Please, officer, this is unnecessary.
You should go.
Have you been drinking? No! Not at all.
Sir, I'm gonna need you to step out of the vehicle.
Officer, I'm really sorry about this.
Sir-- hey, hey, don't-- What? It exploded? Well, how long will it take to get that under control? All right, well, when the smoke clears, let me know, And I'll get a team out.
Sheridan, what happened here? We got a call about an hour ago From your, uh, agent lisbon.
Called for immediate assistance from this address.
Uniforms responded, found one male d.
And lisbon down.
How is she? Don't know.
The e.
S are with her.
She I.
The body? Yeah, we got a Brett partridge.
Worked forensics.
You know him? Uh, slightly.
Jane, how is she? I don't know.
You got any water on you? What? I need some water! Anybody, you got any water? Bottle of water! Anybody! Over here! Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait.
Oh, hey, boss.
Feeling better? Much.
Good morning.
Sir? Oh.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Lisbon Give me a hand, would you? Teresa? Sorry about this.
Everything's okay.
It's all right.
You're safe.
You're safe.
What happened? You don't remember anything? Aside from partridge, no.
Why? Wh-what'd he do? Nothing.
Doctor says you're completely unharmed, Apart from a taser burn.
What time is it? Morning, sometime.
Partridge is dead.
Red john killed him and did nothing to me.
Why? He didn't do nothing.
He took partridge's blood Put it on your face, Made his mark.
Wh-what does that mean? He was just being playful.
Ran out of time.
Maybe something spooked him And he couldn't go through his usual routine.
You were right about the phone traces.
Red john hooked me like a fish.
Well, at least he threw you back.
I'll have van pelt pull them down.
They're completely illegal, aside from anything else.
There is that.
Well Before partridge died, he looked at me And he said, "tiger, tiger," as in the poem, Which is what red john said to you, right? That's interesting.
What does it mean? I don't know.
Hello? Uh, mr.
Lee? Carmen lee? Uh, sorry.
Wrong room, I guess.
Red john has been ahead of us this entire time.
I know you say he's not psychic, but I'm not sure.
Hmm? You said yourself, when red john killed eileen turner, It was like he reached inside your head And killed a happy memory.
How could he do that if he's not psychic? That's a good question.
You've reached the voicemail Of dr.
Sophie miller.
If this is a true psychiatric emergency, Please call 9-1-1 and seek immediate assistance.
Otherwise, leave a message, and I'll get back to you As quickly as I can.
Sophie? Uh, patrick jane.
It's been a while.
Uh Good to hear your voice.
I have something I need to ask you about.
Uh, could you give me a call back When you have a moment? Thank you.
Hope you're well.
How's the boss? Awake and cranky.
Are they releasing her today? Yes, I guess.
Look out.
So who's in charge until lisbon gets back? I am, sir.
Well, no rest for the wicked, I'm afraid.
A car exploded last night on churchill road.
There's one victim.
Sac p.
's already on the scene.
We'll get on it.
Yeah, I'll, uh, go with him.
I'll check with the p.
See what they dug up.
You, jane? Oh, I'm, uh, busy.
No doubt.
Well, it's good news about lisbon, huh? Extraordinarily lucky, Red john sparing her.
What was she doing there, by the way? What do you mean? Well, when the call came in about the house, There was no mention of partridge or red john.
So Why did lisbon go there? Don't know.
Following a hunch, I guess.
Jane, I-I understand your appetite for secrecy.
I've even willing to tolerate it Within limits.
But I'm telling you again.
If you have red john in your sights, I will be there.
Clear? Completely.
I think it's bertram.
We know red john has major juice.
He has to, given what he's pulled off.
Bertram's got more juice than anyone on jane's list.
No, bret stiles runs a worldwide cult With thousands of followers And billions of dollars in assets.
Okay, other than stiles.
But bertram's on the inside.
He can keep an eye on the investigation, Hide his tracks.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Go ahead.
Bring it on.
I don't think you're wrong.
Yeah? It could definitely be bertram.
There's something creepy about him.
There is something creepy about him, isn't there? So you're, uh, agreeing with me? I guess.
All right.
Wha! The crowd goes wild because cho agrees with me! Wha! I pulled the guy over a little before midnight.
Typical d.
Driver's giving me some lip.
Then he hits the gas, and kaboom.
You run the plates? Yeah.
Guy's name was titus stone.
I sent the I.
To your office, But coroner already took his body.
But you're not missing anything.
Guy was pretty crispy.
Hey, cho, look at this.
Hole in the roof says bomb in the car.
The edges of the hole are bent inward.
So the bomb was on the outside on top of the car.
Yeah, but how? It doesn't look like there was a roof rack.
How's it stay in place? Did you see it explode? No, but my dashboard camera caught it.
You want to see this.
Here we go.
See that thing right there? What the hell is that? Run that again.
There's a light moving parallel to the ground Right behind the car.
Is that something flying there? Looks like it hits the car right before it explodes.
Could it be some kind of missile? I doubt it.
You know, that could be a drone.
A drone? Wow, that's crazy.
Run it again.
Excuse me.
Hey, grace.
Hey, good-lookin'.
So I didn't want to wake you when I left, but, uh, That was pretty spectacular last night.
Yeah, it was.
Hey, I'm free tonight.
Sounds good.
So I was thinking, uh, We should definitely discuss the, uh, new agenda with A focus on a significantly New approach to Something.
Someone just walk by? Yeah.
What were you calling about? Uh, titus stone.
No arrests, No family in state.
A cousin in minneapolis.
She's been informed.
He worked for a company Called modern aerodynamics.
According to their web site, they design Unmanned aerial vehicles.
You know what those are? Drones? How'd you know? Patrick.
What's up, cho? Are you working this case? I'm always working the case.
Rigsby's going to the victim's house, And I've got to talk to some people about drones.
That's new.
Count me in.
All right.
I'm kris makkena.
I'm one of the company's presidents.
Agent kimball cho, cbi.
This is patrick jane.
I'm sorry.
I'm just, uh It was a very hard morning.
Um My partner is in the conference room, If you'll come this way.
So you make drones here? Uh, we design them.
We don't manufacture.
What did titus stone do for you? Titus had been with us since we started the company.
He was our design chief.
He was a genius.
He was our genius.
He was--he was brilliant.
Mm, "genius" and "brilliant"-- Usually synonyms for "difficult.
" Uh, well, he was a tad eccentric And socially awkward at times, didn't always get people, But at the end of the day, we all adored him.
I doubt that.
Elliott winston.
I run the company with kris.
Agent cho, is it? That's right.
Our attorney says that you think A u.
Killed titus.
Is that true? U.
V An unmanned vehicle.
It's a drone.
We're looking into that.
Then why are you here? What do you mean? Our product isn't very popular in certain quarters Outside the country.
Or inside the country, for that matter.
If a u.
Was involved in this, it's clear-- Someone decided to use poor titus as a prop In a particularly grotesque piece of political theater, Which is simply-- oh, elliott-- Simply Terrorism.
The f.
Should be here, not a State agency.
We're in contact with the f.
If we find evidence of terrorism, We'll take the appropriate steps.
But right now it's a homicide.
Now Was stone having problems with anyone else here? Uh Nothing serious, not that we knew about.
What was he working on? He started a new line of product, uh, But he'd just completed work on a project Called the redbird, Which we delivered to the military a few months back.
The redbird? Mm-hmm.
Well, that's a cool name.
Is that the kind of drone That shoots missiles and blows up Trucks and houses, stuff? Something like that.
I see.
Is it red? No.
What is the point here? There is none, just that mere mention of it Makes both of you tense.
Why is that? Our work for the pentagon is covered By strict confidentiality agreements, So technically, admitting the redbird exists Is a violation of federal law.
We could all go to jail just for having this conversation.
Well, that could explain it.
Some nut out there who thinks we're war criminals Has drawn a target on our back.
That's who you should be looking for.
Now where does stone work? This is nicholas vashum.
He was titus' research assistant.
Anything else, let me know.
What's with all the bugs? Oh, um, we've been working on u.
S That mimic insect flight, And titus said having images around helped.
Why would you want to mimic insect flight? So you can make the drone really small, Like the size of a mosquito.
It could land on your shirt and you wouldn't even notice.
I guess.
We hear stone can be difficult.
You have issues with him? No.
God, no.
No, no.
I got him, you know? Like, what was in titus' head Was way more real to him than what was outside of it.
Like Other people.
Like, he started this diet a few months back, And if I brought in food-- like, any food-- He would throw me out of the room And say I was sabotaging him and You know.
You know.
What did stone do in his free time? Uh, he played a lot of videogames, He watched a lot of movies.
Samurai movies, I'm thinking.
Yeah, he was really into that kung fu stuff.
More kurosawa than kung fu.
Was he seeing someone? You mean, like, a woman? Um No.
What about hookers? What--what makes you think he did that? Well, lonely overweight guy goes on a diet-- He's trying to impress someone.
Yeah, he didn't Mention that to me.
What do you know about the redbird? And you can speak freely, 'cause cho and I Have top level security clearance.
Mm Nothing.
I didn't work much on the redbird.
Your boss says you get threats from people Who don't like drones.
That true? Yeah.
That happens.
It's scary.
There's some hardcore haters out there.
I'll bet.
I'll be outside.
If that's stone's laptop, I'm gonna need to take it.
Ooh, uh, I'll have to ask.
It probably has some classified material on there.
You guys really have top security clearance? No.
You've reached the voicemail Of dr.
Sophie miller.
If this is a true psychiatric emergency, Please call 9-1-1 and seek immediate assistance.
Otherwise, leave a message, and I'll get back to you As quickly as I can.
Grace, I want you to stop what you're doing And look up an address for me.
We ran stone's credit cards.
Jane was right.
He was hiring prostitutes through an escort service Called private companion.
You get any names? Yeah, a woman named carol mathews Was with stone the night before he died.
Rigsby's bringing her in.
And what about the laptop? Any problems with security clearance? No, we told the f.
We only wanted to look at his calendar And correspondence.
They're cool with it.
Van pelt's on it.
When are you getting out? Soon, I hope.
Good luck.
Man, they're letting anybody into the hospital these days.
Hey, teresa.
Sorry about this.
What are you doing here? Well, I heard that my favorite cbi agent was laid up.
I thought I'd stop by.
Nice suit.
Private sector's treating you all right.
I do okay.
So what happened? Oh, nothing.
I-- I scraped my knee.
That's not what I hear.
I hear you were this close to red john.
That's some scary stuff.
You okay? Fine.
Yeah, it turns out red john isn't so tough.
You know, he barely laid a hand on me.
Good for you.
Well, th-thanks for--for coming by.
But I'm fine.
I'm Totally fine.
Am I making you nervous somehow? No.
You sure? 'cause you're acting like I'm making you nervous.
No! Wh-why are you here? You and jane figure you're pretty close To catching red john, right? Have you got a bead on him, parameters? Can't say.
Why do you care? I don't care.
I have clients who care.
Visualize clients.
Why do they care? You know, I figured this was how the conversation Was gonna go, but I came anyway.
You know why? I like you, teresa.
I really do.
And one of these days, you and me-- We'll have the time.
Take care of yourself.
I've got to get out of here.
Miss mathews, I don't care about the prostitution charges.
I'm just interested in what happened with titus stone.
I get it.
You work as an escort for the Private companion agency, is that right? Strictly speaking, I'm a Independent contractor.
That means the company offers the service, But the terms are negotiated between the client and me.
Also, they don't pay withholding or f.
And stone was paying for you to sleep with him? That is what was occurring.
How long had you known stone? Like, four months? He'd call every two, three weeks.
And how would you describe him? Quiet, not very good at talking, really.
Not until he got into the role.
The role? Yeah, he's into role-playing.
And what role did you play? He's a samurai warrior, and I'm a village girl He just saved from bandits.
He had a robe and sandals and a real samurai sword.
It's called a katana.
He would talk about The honorable way of the warrior, And then I would be grateful for about a half hour.
What was it? Go on.
You know, when he was talking about honor In that crazy robe, It's the only time he ever really seemed Comfortable with himself.
You saw him the night before last, right? Mm-hmm.
Did he talk about any issues that he had, Problems with other people in his life? No.
He did seem kind of sad, though.
He paid for an extra half hour.
Just, you know, cuddling.
They let you go? Y-yeah.
What is that? A computer from stone's office.
Anything on it? No, nothing.
No files, no applications.
Even the operating system is gone.
It's been wiped.
Well, how would you do that? Run a program.
But you have to run it five or six times To a get a disk this clean.
Somebody really wanted to get rid of something on the drive.
There are fragments of data here and there.
I'm trying to put them together.
Keep checking, and, um, grace The surveillance on the red john suspects-- I need you to take it down.
Really? Right away, as soon as you can.
Don't leave anything behind.
Have you seen jane? No.
He called a little while ago, Needed an address.
Whose address? Um Lisbon.
You're wondering who sophie miller is? She was your psychiatrist.
What made you think of her? Oh, I don't know.
Doctors, hospitals.
You think red john learned about eileen turner from her.
He must have.
I must have told her a lot of things I don't remember.
I was on some serious medication.
Well, call me after you talk to her.
Right after.
The patient showed Some treatment response at the session.
Hilary continues to exhibit signs Of separation anxiety disorder.
Oh! Oh! Boss? Are you okay? Jane found a dead body.
It was somebody he knows.
Red john killed her.
Why? We think he got information from her.
Jane's talking to the local p.
Uh, did you get something off stone's computer? This is the other thing.
I was shutting down the surveillance like you asked, And I noticed something.
I wasn't looking for it.
It was just there.
It's really weird.
It's happening right now.
And when was the last time you talked to her? Uh, a-about five years ago.
Excuse me.
Lisbon, I have to call you back.
Jane, I thought you should know.
Three of the red john suspects are here together right now.
Who? Bertram, sheriff mcallister, and reede smith.
They're talking outside bertram's office.
And we'll need to track the arrests.
Uh, jane, what you doing? This is a private meeting.
How was I to know? Door was closed.
Agent smith.
Sheriff mcallister.
Okay, I'll call you tom then.
So what's the deal, patrick? Well, as soon as you're done, I need to talk with you.
Well, we may be some time.
We're discussing a joint anti-narcotics effort By the cbi, the f.
I, and napa county.
A lot of meth in my neck of the woods.
I'd like to see it cleaned up.
Good luck with that.
Uh, carry on discussing your effort.
I'll wait.
So what is it that you would like to talk about, jane? You wanted to know whenever we made progress On the red john case.
We've made progress.
Red john just killed the doctor who treated me During my nervous breakdown.
Maybe You and I should discuss this alone.
Well, we're all law enforcement family here, right? Sophie miller.
Good woman.
He chopped her head off, placed it in her kitchen oven.
A gag, I suppose.
Dear god.
So how is that progress? Red john killed sophie miller because I'm closing in on him.
He's killed two people within days now.
He's getting desperate and a little crazy, And he doesn't realize, but he's made a terrible mistake.
That's progress, right? What mistake did he make? I would tell you, but I've always gotten the feeling That this room is bugged.
Good seeing you all.
Now what the hell was that all about? Exactly how much does jane know? Well, that is the question, isn't it? Yes, it is.
And it's your job to know the answer.
I'm doing my best.
Thank you.
So did you see anything that says one of them is red john? No.
I'm sorry about sophie.
I know she helped you.
Do you want to be alone? Look, I'm gonna go back to my office.
You can come-- no, no, wait, wait.
I'm waiting.
Red john killed sophie because she could identify him.
Now he could have stolen my records Without ever seeing her.
He must have wanted to meet her, to talk to her.
Why? Well, I don't know why.
Maybe curious about someone that was close to me.
But he did.
He's been planning this for a while.
Probably went to see her weeks ago, Or maybe even months.
Why not kill her then? And why kill her now? Her death would have tipped me off.
He waited until he knew that I would try to track her down.
He had to have used subterfuge To get in to see her.
Like pretend to be a patient? Probably.
Then she'd have a file on him.
What good would it be? It's not like he's gonna tell her the truth.
No, but sophie had a very good eye for people.
He may not have been able to hide everything from her.
We need to get that file.
The local police Will let you into miller's house.
Her appointment calendar should be in her office.
You're looking for a first-time male patient That's been to see her once or twice In the past six months.
Got it.
Do not tell anyone what you're doing.
Turn off your cell phone and the g.
In your car.
You don't know who's watching.
If you say so.
What's up? Did you find something on stone's computer? I'll have something soon.
Cho wanted me to tell you That he went to talk to a guy named aaron kalinosky.
Worked for modern aerodynamics until a few months ago.
What's the connection there? Apparently he's got a lawsuit against titus stone.
Aaron kalinosky? Uh, just a moment, please.
Give it a run.
Agent cho, yes? Yes.
That one of your designs? Yeah.
It's, uh, self-guided.
It's supposed to wend its way through the forest And return without smashing into a tree.
We'll see if it pulls it off.
This about titus stone? Yes.
Poor bastard.
The man was brilliant.
Head and shoulders above the rest.
Did a samurai kill him? Sorry.
Bad taste.
I understand you were suing him and modern aerodynamics.
Oh, that.
I worked with titus, kris, and elliott On several projects while I was there.
We were arguing over who owns one of the designs They're still developing, happens all the time.
Nothing personal.
Did titus stone feel that way? You're gonna have to ask him.
Were you friends with him? I don't know that he had friends.
We got along.
Did you talk to him recently? Um Why don't you want to tell me? 'cause it's confidential, and national security, And blah, blah, blah.
Try not to get me arrested for saying this, okay? Titus called six weeks ago.
There was trouble with that system They sold to the military.
The redbird.
There was an accident in afghanistan.
One of the redbirds missed a target And hit a civilian home, And there were nine or ten deaths, big investigation.
Titus was worried That there was a problem with the guidance system.
He wanted me to look at the specs with him.
Then He called back a few days later.
False alarm.
Everything was fine.
Uh Look out.
See? No hands.
No one will say anything official about the redbird.
I talked to a guy I served with who's at the pentagon now.
He said, off the record, There was an accident and an investigation.
Apparently it cleared modern aerodynamics.
They think the accident was caused by local weather.
I guess that's why stone called kalinosky off.
What else do we have? The techs found fragments of a drone like this In the wreckage.
It's for surveillance.
No weapons.
But you could attach a small explosive to it.
Is that easy to do? Nah.
Had to be somebody who knew what they were doing.
Co-worker? With the added weight, the drone has a range of 4 or 5 miles.
I checked with the other employees.
No one was close enough that night to launch it.
Yeah, might elliott winston was right.
Some anti-drone guy did it.
Okay, you know what? Let's start over.
What did stone do that night? Well, he left his house about 6:30.
Went somewhere.
We don't know where.
Showed up at the restaurant A 3-hour dinner by himself? That's a meal.
Did you get anything from the computer? Yeah, but it's just a stream of numbers.
I can't make sense of it.
Well, find somebody who can.
Otherwise, we're back to the drone people.
Did we get the autopsy report? You want to look at the autopsy results? Come on.
Don't be so surprised.
Does it say what stone had for dinner? Um "contents of stomach.
" Fried chicken, cheeseburger, Mashed potatoes, french fries, macaroni and cheese, Apple pie, and ice cream.
Let's bring everyone in tomorrow, wrap this one up.
What does that mean? Finish.
Uh, move on, concern ourselves with something more important.
You know who did it? Sure.
Take a look for yourselves.
It's right there.
Where? Thank you for coming.
This shouldn't take long.
What is all this? Is-- is that aaron kalinosky? Ah, we'll What's he doing here? Let you know in a minute.
Please, sit down.
I'm sure you're nervous, Called to see the coppers and all, So, uh, let me reassure you, we know neither of you Killed titus stone.
I think I speak for both of us when I say that's true.
Do you know who did it? Yes.
He killed himself.
He what? He was a samurai, and he felt he'd dishonored himself, So he committed seppuku, ritual suicide, With his own particular sword.
Well, what's your evidence? His dinner.
Cheeseburger, fried chicken, Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese.
Comfort food.
A condemned man's last meal.
Why would he do that? H-how had he dishonored himself? Miss makkena, you wanna tell us? Me? Why? Because he told you.
Uh, no.
Sure, he did.
He came to you to confess, Because he was in love with you.
I brought you this.
I thought I-I won't need it anymore.
Can I come in? Uh, ye--sure.
Okay, titus didn't love me.
Sure, he did.
He had a photograph of you on his desk.
He kept it there.
He also hired a hooker that looked exactly like you.
It wasn't hard to see.
He came because he knew there was a problem with redbird.
It's what led to those deaths, And you three covered it up.
You made investigators think it was something else, But he couldn't live with that.
People died Okay.
Because we screwed up.
There were mistakes.
We all know it.
We lied! To everyone! It's not It isn't honorable.
I don't even know what that means.
Look, it was a moment.
Okay? That's it.
The point is to collect ourselves, Act with grace, and move on, because if we don't, Titus, this company-- it's gone.
Me, too.
I am done.
You will have ruined me.
Is that what you want to do, titus? No.
He told you what he was gonna do, And you didn't even try and talk him out of it.
The way I feel right now, I can't live with myself.
I think you should do Whatever brings you peace.
Who knows? It could be beautiful.
So you went to the office, And you found the suicide note on his computer That he told you about, and you got rid of it.
Kris Look, shut up, elliott.
Is this true? Look, even if it were true-- I had no idea about titus, none.
Even if it were, you can't prove it.
I'm gonna be sick.
Look, just shut up, okay? I-I-I have-- I have nothing to answer for.
You're right.
We can't prove anything.
Not about the suicide.
But we can prove the cover-up.
What do you mean? Agent van pelt was able To recover documents from stone's computer.
They're just numbers to us, But according to mr.
Kalinosky, They prove that there were flaws in redbird's design.
He's out there right now about to give his statement.
Obstruction of justice, fraud, Maybe even manslaughter.
I wiped that disk.
That sounds like a confession.
It does, doesn't it? I'm done.
Wait, wait.
Elliott, hang on.
Look, everything's gonna be all right if we just-- If we just hang together.
Hang together? Hang-- Are you insane? After what you did to titus? Just don't focus on the negative.
Focus on this.
I'm calling my lawyer and cutting a deal.
You're on your own, kris.
Good luck.
I wiped the disk.
You're right.
You did.
Kalinosky said the data was just random numbers.
Jane, rigsby's on the phone.
Excuse me.
I'll take it in your office.
Miss makkena, I can't arrest you today, But I will Soon.
How many names? Four.
Ernest matthewson, mitchell livingston washburn, Miguel vavario, and jay roth.
It's from the german rot.
Means "red.
" When did she see him? Uh About five and a half months ago.
Do you have the file? No.
There is no file.
What do you mean? Well, I searched the whole office.
It's not here.
I got the department secretary to check The archived files at the university.
There's no file there, either.
It's gone.
He took it.
I'm sorry, jane.
Oh, it's all right, rigsby.
Thanks for everything.
We'll see you when you get back.
Damn it! Now, now.
I thought we had something.
I really did.
Why aren't you more upset? Well, I kind of half-expected it.
And I know something that red john doesn't.
Sophie dictated her notes.
She couldn't type.
Never learned.
She was kind of proud of the fact.
She had a service that transcribed everything for her.
Did they keep a copy? Very possibly.
Preliminary diagnostic session with jay roth.
Roth came in complaining of a recent issue With severe acrophobia.
Fear of heights.
I know.
He's middle-aged, In good health, with no stated prior history Of psychiatric issues.
He has no living family, but many friends On whom he relies for company and emotional support.
He's well-spoken, good posture, self-possessed.
In the waiting room, he sat calmly in one place, Needing no distraction.
Though I note, he is an excellent whistler.
His self-presentation is pleasant, But there are hints in his behavior Of a damaged and narcissistic personality.
He says he deals with conflict and adversity Easily, though.
I'm not convinced he's being truthful about this.
In fact, much of what he said, though spoken convincingly, Did not match what I can only call My instinctive response to his presence, Though I cannot point to identifiable Clinical behaviors that indicate this.
I sense something deceptive and dark In his emotional makeup.
However, there is every indication That his phobia issues are real-- Whether acrophobia or some other issue Remains to be seen.
An interesting case.
I look forward to further sessions with him.

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