The Mentalist s06e03 Episode Script

Wedding In Red

Sorry he woke you.
Oh, it wasn't him.
Was I snoring again? I thought it was a low-flying jet.
Thanks for playing with him.
I don't mind.
I had to get up early anyway To drive home and get changed for work.
He's a good kid.
You know, I'd like to stay at your place, But when I have benjamin, it's I know.
It's fine.
You know, you should be careful, lady.
I could still make an honest woman of you yet.
You actually could.
Did you hear about last month's policy change? Oh, yeah.
No more sanctions on office relationships.
Read the e-mail.
As long as there's no rank issues.
So, I, uh I couldn't date lisbon.
But do you want to date lisbon? No.
God, no.
I just-- No.
They're even letting agents get married.
You want to shower first? Oh You go.
All right.
We're going to napa.
You drive.
Homicide bulletins? Hot off the press.
A john doe in a duck pond awaits.
Well, that sounds like a case for local authorities.
Okay, wait a minute.
That's sheriff mcallister's jurisdiction.
You want to go and investigate a red john suspect.
Investigating is your thing.
I'd just like to get to know him a little better.
Shall we? Gardening crew found the body submerged in the pond.
Doesn't look like he was in the water For more than a few hours.
There's a contusion on the back of the skull.
I'm guessing someone caught him from behind.
What was he doing behind a church In the middle of the night? Any personal belongings? No wallet or cell phone.
Just a money roll in his front pocket.
$32 in small bills.
Hey, jane? Care to offer your opinion? These ducks love muffins.
Very helpful.
Look at 'em go! I see the cavalry has arrived.
Sheriff mcallister.
Agent lisbon.
What, uh What brings your crack team to our little slice of heaven? Oh, you know, any excuse to get up to wine country.
Well, we always welcome the help, But I expect I can handle this one.
Well, to be honest, it was, uh, It was me that wanted to come out here.
Is that a fact? Well, more of a feeling.
I think there's more out here than meets the eye.
How so? You don't feel it? Mm, no.
What's your take? On what? Our friend.
Well, let's have a look.
"One five six.
" You suppose he's repping his code? Area code 1-5-6 is reserved for telemarketers, So I'm guessing no.
Well He's kind of a slack-looking fella.
Gloomy, even for a corpse.
You know, cheap clothes, no muscle tone.
Uh, sedentary low-income job.
Sounds right.
Your turn.
The tread on his shoes wrap up around the heel To prevent the heel from slipping, Like those of a serious race car driver, Or a delivery man that likes to pretend he races cars.
Couple that with the roll of small bills Found in his pant pocket Pizza delivery man.
Could be mexican.
Or ribs.
Could be.
But, uh You don't detect The faint scent of oregano about him? That's a leap.
What do you think? Well, he's not as dumb as he looks.
Well, is he red john? It's too early to say.
How do we find out? I need to be alone with him.
Well, that would not be wise.
What's cookin' in here? Spot any clues? No.
Well, just that hammer up there.
You see it? Is that blood on the hitting side? Could be.
I'll call forensics.
Helms? Did you see that? He did not want to go up that ladder.
Uh, didn't the psychiatrist's office say That red john was afraid of heights? That's very astute, lisbon.
Well observed.
They'll join us when they're done outside.
Yeah, I can't wait that long.
Sheriff, would you mind going up the ladder for me? You want me to climb all the way up there In these pointed toe boots? Unh-unh.
That's a job for sensible shoes.
It would be a big help.
I got it, boss.
Thank you, son.
Hey, boss, cho got a d.
Hit on the victim's prints.
His name is larry kincaid, No.
Doesn't look like blood.
I think it's paint.
Thanks, rigsby.
Kincaid lived in vacaville and worked As a pizza delivery driver.
What was the victim doing in napa? His boss said he was here for his niece's wedding tonight.
Stacey bonner.
The rehearsal dinner was here last night.
All right, you two stay in the area And look for witnesses.
We've got a wedding party to find.
Use the table to help you swirl.
The table's your friend.
You look so sexy when you do that.
This draws oxygen into the wine to bring out the aroma.
Who cares what it smells like? Let's drink.
Excuse me.
Uh, uh, is this the bonner-salas wedding party? I'm stacey bonner.
Can I help you? Yes, I'm agent teresa lisbon with the cbi.
This is patrick jane.
We found a body behind the bella vista wedding chapel This morning.
It's a member of your party.
His name is larry kincaid.
Uncle larry? Oh, no.
Well Don't everyone cry at once.
My wife's brother was something of a courtesy invite.
He's a nice enough guy, but A little off, socially speaking.
Uh, you're the bride's father, I take it.
And, uh, where's your wife? She's resting back at the hotel.
She came down with a migraine last night.
Poor uncle larry.
Mom's gonna freak out.
It's okay, cariño.
The wedding is ruined! What happened to him? That's what we're trying to find out.
Can I see the body? Suzie, that's not very appropriate.
This is life happening.
We can't shut our eyes.
So Can I look at her? No.
Uh, Who was the last person who saw the victim alive? All of us.
After the rehearsal dinner, We all hit up the big party tent.
The wedding pavillion.
The wedding pavillion.
It's the big tent by the chapel.
We ran out of wine, and larry offered to make an alcohol run.
I'm mr.
Roberto's my son.
Did uncle larry ever come back? No.
But we weren't surprised.
It felt like he was looking for an excuse to leave the party.
It's like he was A ghost before he was a ghost.
Angel, you're such an idiot.
He was her uncle.
I'm sorry, baby.
He seemed like an okay guy.
I'm not crying about uncle larry.
Is is the wedding day.
Oh! Hey, we're still gonna get married, right? Right? I guess.
But it's all so Sordid.
Lisbon said this was the last room The victim was seen alive in.
Well, it's gonna be a beautiful wedding.
Eh, I can think of better ways to spend good money.
Oh, yeah? Like what? A new leather sectional? No.
Okay, how'd you guess? I used to dream about having a cinderella wedding.
You did? You never said anything.
It was a long time ago.
I suppose it all seems silly now.
Who's in here? Step out slowly.
Don't shoot.
Set it down.
Hands behind your back.
It's not what you think.
What's this? Laxatives in the wedding cake, huh? That's a cute move.
What's your name? Oscar salas.
The groom's brother.
Why'd you want to ruin your brother's wedding, oscar? Why not? You don't like his fiancée? Twitter freak.
Completely self-obsessed.
They all are.
Children who need constant feedback.
Just wait until they try that cake.
I am dying to read that tweet.
What about uncle larry? He seems cool.
At least he doesn't follow the pack.
Did you know he was murdered last night After the rehearsal dinner? No.
Any idea who might want to hurt him? Yeah.
My brother's best man.
He talked trash about larry all the time.
I think he sent him text messages, too.
What was your beef with the victim? No beef.
We heard you didn't like him.
You heard wrong.
I didn't have no opinion of him.
Barely knew the guy.
We also heard you harassed him with text messages.
That's not true.
How about you show me those texts? I'm not giving you my phone.
I can have a court order here in 30 minutes.
Only then, I'll be looking at you as a suspect.
"hey, larry, any word yet from your boss? I could really use the work.
Thanks, buddy.
" He was helping you get a pizza job? I need work.
So what? You get the job? Nope.
Did you leave the wedding tent at any point During the after party? No, I was there till the end.
Ask anyone.
And larry was long gone by the time I left.
Thank you for coming, mrs.
Did you happen to see your brother leave the party? No, I, uh I had a headache.
I left the party early And walked back to the honeymoon suite.
Why were you in the honeymoon suite? We're paying for this wedding.
What was the victim doing at the party? The usual.
Standing Watching.
To be honest, I felt sorry for the man.
What was your relationship with the victim? Larry's my fiancée's uncle, So as far as I'm concerned, he's my blood.
But weird blood, you know? Do you know of anybody who may have wanted to harm the victim? Nobody really felt strongly enough about him One way or the other.
He just kinda Floated along Like family flotsam.
That was his strength, you know? The power of social invisibility.
I think I could have loved him.
Did he talk to anyone at the party? Yes.
My son's friend charlie from college.
Did you know roberto went to college? First in the family.
Well, I was pretty toasted.
But I think larry was talking about a new rifle.
Said he bought it to defend himself.
Rifle? Are you sure? The victim doesn't have any record of gun ownership.
I think he was just trying to fit in.
You know, be one of the guys.
Same reason larry offered to go on a liquor run for us.
Did you see the victim leave the party? No hablo inglés.
Excuse me.
Somebody in that wedding party had to have seen something.
Love is in the air, lisbon.
These two families are about to be married.
They're not gonna turn on each other without a push.
What kind of push? If we want to learn who killed uncle larry, Then we need to clear the air.
That means no more playing nice for the happy couple.
We need some honesty.
Who's not being honest? Well, you, for starters.
You're the groom's sister, I take it.
And my bridesmaid.
Yes, that was a lovely gesture, But you put her in a very awkward position, Because she resents you.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
Be honest.
Do you resent me, rose? You talk down to my brother! You're always correcting him.
That's not true.
When has she ever-- not now, roberto.
Rose, are you mad at me Because I paid for your bridesmaid dress? You didn't pay for my dress.
You don't work in retail.
Now she's doing it to me.
Stacey was an english major, chica.
She just sounds superior.
"chica"? My daughter is not your housemaid.
She speaks english.
Can we all show some respect here, please? We're a family now.
Yes, one big, happy family.
Is that why you hooked up with the bride's mother At the after party? Hmm? Hmm? What was that? You said that your wife had a migraine last night, Which is the enablers' code for "drunk.
" And today, she can't look the groom's father in the eye.
That's why she wasn't at the wine tasting This morning.
You made a move on my mom? Why are you blaming papi? Maybe your mom's the adulterer.
Stop correcting him! Yeah! I see it now.
Okay, shut up! This is my wedding day, and I will say and do Whatever I want.
And what I want Is to cancel this wedding.
Stacey, you don't mean that.
You guys have been planning this for months.
I flew in from florida to be here.
You're all on your own.
Nice push.
Ah, something good will come out of this.
You'll see.
Can we go back to napa now? Please.
Groom's brother said That neither side of the family approves of the wedding, But they're both pretending like they do.
Not anymore.
I followed up on that rifle tip.
According to bank records, uncle larry wrote A personal check for one two weeks ago.
We need contact information for the firearms dealer.
A private rancher sold it to him.
James harris.
I have an address.
The victim said he brought a rifle to protect himself.
Let's find out from who.
Rigsby, you're with me.
I'll run background checks on the invitation list.
I thought you were supposed to solve a crime, Not, uh, destroy a wedding.
Well, I'd say the killer did that.
I'm prepared to marvel at your insight.
Who's the killer? Still working on it.
Really? I'm surprised.
I'd have I'd have thought you'd have him in cuffs by now.
Oh, I hate to disappoint you.
Bonner would like to have a word with you.
You were right.
Before I left the party, mr.
Salas and I shared a kiss.
A drunken, mistaken kiss.
Uh, where did this, uh, inebriated smooch take place? Behind the chapel.
Did you see anything here by the pond? No, but we heard a splash around midnight.
Did you hear any Screams or sounds of a struggle? I should have gone to help him.
It wouldn't have mattered.
It seems he was killed someplace else.
The body was just dumped here.
Hiding the body until after the wedding in the pond, Which is not such a great hiding place, I would think.
A little too public.
Bella vista.
Bella vista.
"Beautiful view" in italian.
Where is this, uh, bella vista? Through the trees.
Now this is a place to dump a body.
Take a look.
Huh? Killer hauls the body to the pond.
Just a little bit further, And he could have dumped it right here.
He's right.
Nobody's finding anything down there.
Come over here, fella.
Have a look.
Yeah, I'm familiar with the view.
Uh, tell us what we're looking at.
Uh Excuse me.
I'm gonna take this.
Strike two.
You believe me now? Hey, cho, you think I'm a marrying type? You proposed to your baby mama.
Well, yeah, but every kid deserves two parents.
I was talking about van pelt.
You knock her up, too? No.
So why are we talking about this? Well, you clearly missed the departmental memo.
They changed the policy on office relationships.
Don't have to lay low anymore.
Good for you.
We could even get married if we wanted to.
That's it? "ah"? She wants to get married and you don't want to.
I don't know.
What do you think I should do? You want to make it my fault? Okay, you're right.
It's my call.
You're on private property.
Cbi agents.
You james harris? That's right.
You sell a rifle to a man named larry kincaid About two weeks ago? It's quite possible.
I'd have to check my receipts.
It's a violation of state law For you to sell firearms without a license.
What are you hiding in the barn? My private arsenal.
Open the door, please.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
If I recall, Larry bought one of these.
A genuine It's rigged up to fire blanks now.
You're a civil war re-enactor.
That's right-- field commander For the napa valley cumberland guard, We got a battle next week in fort point.
That must be what the "156" meant on the victim's shirt.
What victim? Larry was murdered last night Behind the bella vista chapel.
Very sorry to hear that.
You know of anyone who may have wanted to hurt the victim? Oh, god, no.
Larry was a harmless sort.
Quiet, but A good soldier.
His loss is gonna leave a real whole In our little community.
You break it, you buy it.
Oh, please, don't stop praying on my account.
Oh, I'm not praying.
In church.
Isn't that a sin? I hope not.
I make my living with my thumbs.
I'm, uh, sorry for busting your wife.
It's not the first drunken kiss She's shared with a man that wasn't me.
And I'm sure it won't be the last.
Do you have any idea who killed her brother? I believe it was someone from the wedding party.
No, you're wrong.
No one had any reason to kill uncle larry.
It would be like Killing a llama.
Why would you? They spit? What do you do for a living? I'm a speculator.
I look for undervalued assets.
What kind of assets? Oh, artworks, islands-- Anything I can buy low and sell high.
Last month I found a first edition Coverdale bible at a church auction, Printed in 1535.
I was gonna do a reading from it at the wedding.
How much is that worth? Oh, uh, half a million.
For an antique bible.
Where is it now? With a private security firm.
They were gonna deliver it here for the wedding tonight.
Might as well just sell it now.
Agent van pelt.
Grace, I need your help.
It is imperative that our young lovers Go ahead with the wedding as planned.
Good luck with that.
You ruined a girl's wedding.
Yes, and I lack the putty To spackle those emotional wounds.
That's why I'm calling you.
I have putty? No, you have life experience.
Use it to convince the bride That her "happily ever after" begins tonight.
Really? Jane is feeling really badly For what happened in the bull pen.
He shouldn't.
This was never going to work.
He did me a huge favor.
Your families don't want the marriage.
Mom says I'm too smart for roberto.
And my dad is worried he won't be able To take care of me.
And roberto's parents just want him to marry A nice catholic girl.
What do you want? I want roberto.
But It's too complicated.
So you're gonna throw it away? Look I had someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
But Staying together would have ended my career.
So I let him go.
What happened? Oh I got engaged to someone else.
That ended badly.
So I shut down a little inside.
Closed some doors to feel safer.
But The problem is with every passing year, You close more doors.
Until eventually You wonder if anyone will ever get inside again.
That's really tragic.
Well, that's why I keep the dress.
Your wedding dress? I know.
It's crazy, right? But It reminds me of who I was Naive.
Maybe a little foolish, but Full of hope.
I'm afraid if I destroy that dress I'll forget what hope feels like.
What are we gonna do About mcallister? Well, until I get some alone time with him, I'm not gonna draw any conclusions.
Well, he's avoided heights twice.
If red john is acrophobic, why would he tell my shrink? To gain her trust so he could steal her file-- Which he did right before he killed her.
Guess what? We're getting married.
No hard feelings.
Well, I think that's a great decision.
You-- of course, you know, We will have to attend the ceremony, Just in case uncle larry's killer reveals himself.
Uh, you should follow us.
The courthouse closes.
Courthouse? What about your big napa wedding? It's a waste, but, I mean, what can we do? I can't find a priest.
I canceled him this morning.
And we only have the chapel for two more hours.
So Well, you know, it turns out that I am, in fact, A certified wedding officiant.
I can marry you.
Oh, my gosh.
You're a lifesaver.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
It would be my pleasure.
Oh, you are not legally ordained.
Yeah, I've never used it.
But I always thought it was a handy thing to have.
I don't believe you.
I swear.
I could marry you off in a minute.
Hey, ron.
Don't tempt me.
Sheriff mcallister.
Yeah, it's patrick jane.
What can I do for you, patrick? Well, I'm at the chapel.
We have a break in the case.
How soon can you meet me here? Real soon.
Funny thing, I, uh, saw your car in the lot, And I was just coming to find you.
I didn't hear you coming.
You move quietly.
Well, it's an old habit.
I've been a hunter most of my life.
Really? What do you hunt? Anything with a face.
Game is game, right? You hunt? Me? No.
Too squeamish.
I-- I couldn't handle all the skinning and the gutting.
Sure, yeah.
Clean and quarter a kill.
It takes some stomach for that.
And a certain bloodlust.
There's a grain of truth in that.
So you got a break in the duck pond killer case? Well Less a break, but, uh, more a plan.
I'm gonna reveal the killer tonight.
And I need you and your people To just hang back.
No problem.
I truly appreciate you making my job easier for me.
You look great.
Thank you, wayne.
Jane thinks our man's gonna try to sneak out of the reception.
We need to be there.
I'm gonna follow him.
What if he's too cautious to make a move while we're here? If he's in the reception tent For more than two hours, jane wants you to create Some sort of distraction.
He thinks it'll encourage him out.
What kind of distraction? You know what? Don't worry.
I can handle this.
Let's split up.
"for this thing shall a man leave his father and mother "and cleave unto his wife, And the twain shall become one flesh.
" whoa.
That sounds messy But beautiful.
Thank you, mr.
Reading from the very rare And valuable coverdale bible.
Rings--we've, uh, we've done that.
Have you ever done this before? Have you? Yes.
I'm married.
What's next? Kissing.
That's what I thought.
Okay, um If there are no objections Nope, okay.
By the power vested in me-- By a mail-order ministry-- I I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Roberto You may kiss the bride.
I'll, uh I'll guard that for you, if you'd like.
You wish.
Bonner trusted me to lock this away In the priest's room for the reception, so Step back, son.
Excuse me? Thank you.
Try the cake.
Oh, thank you.
It's been two hours, and nobody's going Anywhere near the exit.
We need a distraction.
How do I look? Fine.
Why? Good.
Excuse me? Is this on? Yeah.
Uh, excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, Can I have your attention, for, uh, one second, please? I'd like to offer one more toast.
I'd like to thank stacey and roberto For making me realize just how important it is To protect a dream.
I didn't protect my dream.
To be honest, I, uh, well, I didn't know how.
But what can you do when you meet the right person At the wrong time? Do her anyway! Well, yeah, that works For a while.
But Eventually you say things Or don't say things.
You, uh, make more mistakes than you can count.
And in the end, Well Things fall apart.
Is this your idea of a distraction? Trust me.
Now if you're lucky, You might find each other again.
But there's too much history and heartache To ever find your way back to that dream.
At least that's what I thought.
I'm hoping I was wrong.
Grace Will you marry me? Well-- Well, say something.
This is real.
Yes, wayne.
Of course I'll marry you.
Target's on the move.
Oh, that was easy.
How'd you know I'd be here? You know, the big fight at the cbi, You were the only one that wanted The wedding to go ahead as planned.
Ergo, you were the guilty party.
Guilty? I was just checking on the bible.
I didn't do anything.
You killed a man.
What?! Oh, charlie, stop.
You're just embarrassing yourself.
There's only one way you could jimmy a dead bolt-- With a putty knife.
You sawed through the bolt.
So you snuck out of the party, But Somebody caught you in the act, didn't they? Charlie? What are you doing here, larry? I came to swipe the priest's wine.
We ran out at the party.
Pretty smart, huh? Uh, what are you doing here? That's a saw.
You're gonna steal the bible, aren't you? You know how much that thing is worth? Larry, it's insured.
All right? Mr.
Bonner will get his money, and we'll get rich.
That's right, I'll cut you in.
Okay, you'll never have to deliver Another pizza in your life.
I kind of like delivering pizzas.
I'm going back to the party now.
Larry, wait! Well, you're not gonna tell them, are you? No, I-- I'm just going back.
I don't suppose you wanted to kill him, But, uh, if wishes were horses, And all that And you not being from around here, You didn't know about the cliff, So you threw the body in the pond.
I suppose you took the wallet and I.
Because you wanted to make it look like a robbery.
You can put down the putty knife now.
I'll leave this up to my lawyers.
Just Don't make the handcuffs too tight, okay? Oh, no, no.
I don't do the cuffing Jane, move away! Charlie, put the gun down.
My dad died in jail.
I'll take my chances on the outside, thank you.
You know, if you just let me go, I'm sure they'd be Happy to open the dialogue with you.
Charlie, stay calm.
You don't want to go down this road.
No, you don't.
Get away from me! You wanna live? Get me out of here.
Upstairs, now! Go! Charlie, think about what you're doing! What's through the door? No idea.
I'll cover it.
Set up an exterior perimeter with rigsby and van pelt, And call for backup.
Keep moving.
Uh, yeah, I'd-- I'd love to, charlie, But without wings-- On the roof.
Now! We're getting out of here.
Whoa! Uh, you know if there's a-a way down from here? We're gonna find a way down.
Yeah, that's what I was afraid of.
Uh Hey! Drop the gun.
Now he's talking directly to jesus.
Where-- where did you come from? The church keeps an extension ladder for tree trimming.
Don't look down.
Bad place for the spins.
Give me your hand.
Let's go.
Good thing I ignored your request to stay away, huh? Guess I just felt obliged to keep an eye on you.
Why? Truth is, I didn't trust ya.
The way you forced your way onto the case here-- It almost seemed like you had a hidden agenda.
Ah, well, sometimes I give out mixed messages.
It's one of my many failings.
It looks like everybody's okay? Sure.
He saved my life out there on the roof.
My pleasure.
I'm at your disposal anytime.
I'll see you two downstairs.
Hey, get it out! Get it out! I didn't see that coming.
I hate those things.
You're not hurt? Oh, I'm fine, lisbon.
Well, you missed all the action, you know.
Oh, I did? Mm.
Did you not see me out there on the roof? That was some action.
This is different.
It looks like we're going to be spending A little bit more time in napa than we expected.
Really? Join hands and face each other, please.
Grace, you'll begin.
Repeat after me.
I, grace I, grace Take you, wayne Take you, wayne To be my husband.
To have and to hold from this day forward For better or for worse, For richer or for poorer, In sickness and in health, To love and to cherish Until death do us part.
You seem to have that down.
This has been a long time coming.
And now you, wayne.
Uh, everything she just said.
Grace No more wasted time.
I want to spend every day with you.
Every day for the rest of our lives And Whatever comes after.
Love freely given has no beginning or end.
Your rings represent your unending love for each other.
May I have the ring for grace, please? Thanks.
Place that ring on grace's finger And repeat after me.
I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.
Grace, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.
With this ring, I marry you.
With this ring I marry you.
May we have the ring for wayne, please? I think you know what to do.
Wayne, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love.
With this ring, I marry you.
Inasmuch as the two of you have made known Your mutual desire and your consent to be married, By virtue of the authority invested in me, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
I'm sorry it's not the fairy tale you dreamed of.
I'll take the real thing any day.
Hey, guys Your ride to the hotel is ready.
We have a ride? We have a ride.
Formation! Ready! Aim! Fire! I think that's our cue.
Ready! Aim! Fire! Ready! Aim! Fire!
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