The Mentalist s06e04 Episode Script

Red Listed

Previously on "the mentalist" Who's that? Bob kirkland, homeland security.
Do I know you? No, but I know you.
Get me everything.
Jane made a lot of red john connections here.
This is good.
Why is this a homeland security issue? It's complicated.
Agent lisbon, jane, cbi.
Personnel only.
Uh, we don't want to be here, either, But we were invited.
Uh, could you tell agent reede smith That we're here as requested? What do you think smith wants? I don't know.
What do you think? Every time we go to see one of these red john suspects, I get edgy.
Really? Can't tell.
Really? Oh.
Jane, lisbon.
Thanks for coming.
Miss this? Who could say no? How can we be of help, agent smith? We caught a body.
I thought it might interest you.
And why would you say that? You tell me.
This is benjamin marx.
The guy you buried alive.
Excuse me.
The killer I buried alive.
And I did let him out-- eventually.
Not bad.
That's a tough I.
, Considering most of his face is burnt off.
What do you think happened to him? You're the f.
I-I'm sure you have the answers already.
Tell me what I've come up with.
Well, the first thing you'd notice Is that he was tortured-- With fire and whatever it is people use To cut someone's thumbs off.
And what do I think he was tortured for? Well, your guess would be sadistic pleasure, More likely he was tortured for information-- Information that he didn't have.
How do you know he didn't have it? Because if he had it, The killer would only have had to burn off half his face.
What else do I think? Well, whoever did the torturing took their time, So you would reason that they had somewhere private to do it.
And I'm sure you saw The, uh, sticky stuff on the leg of the victim, Probably sent it off to the lab.
And in three days they'll tell you That it's pine sap, which makes sense, Because there's a broken pine needle Wedged into the sole of his shoe.
Yeah, I see.
Eventually you'd come to the conclusion That he was kept in the woods someplace Before he was killed and dumped here.
Uh, why are we here, agent smith? Marx was out on bail while he stood trial.
Things were looking good for him, too.
I mean, you tortured him into a confession, So a little good lawyering, A little luck, and he could walk.
Bet that really chapped your hide, huh, jane? Not at all.
That's the best theory the f.
Can come up with? That jane killed benjamin marx and burned his face off? We're exploring every angle.
He's an angle.
If I wanted to kill benjamin marx, I would have done it the first time.
He was a sociopath that stole from widows and orphans, And he got what he deserved.
But I didn't do it.
We'll see.
Yes, we will.
Thanks for coming.
What's going on, jane? Nothing.
Tell me.
I said it's nothing.
It's never nothing with you.
Do you think smith is red john? Possibly.
Well, if he isn't red john, he's an idiot For thinking you could have anything to do With marx's death.
He's not completely wrong.
I mean, I-I didn't kill benjamin marx, But I might have gotten him killed.
Okay, no more secrets.
Spill it now.
I was concerned with security When I was working my list of red john suspects.
Obsessively secretive.
Yeah, well, you say "tomato," But I knew there were people that needed that information.
So I planted what you would call Misinformation on my crime board.
So whoever saw your crime board Got the list of the seven red john suspects.
But they would be the wrong suspects.
And it worked.
Someone broke into my office.
How do you know? Well, I set a trap, and it was sprung.
Now this person has a fake list of red john suspects, And benjamin marx was on that list.
So somebody is torturing and killing The people on your fake list.
Whoa, whoa.
N-not necessarily.
Someone tortured and killed one person from my list.
But theoretically, his death could be about anything.
He wasn't a nice man.
I am trying to wrap my mind around this.
You put the lives of seven innocent people in danger.
None of them are innocent.
Marx defrauded hundreds of people Then he brutally murdered someone to cover it up.
I assure you, lisbon All of these men are very bad.
They just don't happen to be red john.
Do you think the real red john could have broken in here And killed marx? Well, red john is the only person besides us That knows the real list of suspects, So he is the only person that has no motive to do this.
Then who broke in here? I don't know.
Someone with easy access, a lot of resources and power.
The f.
They've been wanting To get their hands on the red john case for a while.
They were not happy when homeland security took over.
You know, I've always suspected the f.
Are watching me.
As paranoid as it sounds, It would explain how they got the marx case.
But why would they do this to him? And how do we proceed? I can't just go to the f.
And ask them If they killed marx.
If the f.
Has been watching me, I'll bet that someone very high up in the cbi Authorized it, or at least went along with it.
I need to talk to them.
But you obviously can't ask him.
Madeleine hightower then.
Hightower? She hasn't run the cbi in three years.
What kind of information do you think she still has access to? And if so, why would she share it with you? Well, red john tried to kill her.
She's gonna want to help me.
Unless she blames you.
I'm gonna call her.
What do you have planned for the day? You don't officially have a case, do you? You can relax.
Get a massage, mani/pedi.
I have to go and offer protection To the six people on your list, which you are going to give me.
I was hoping you'd opt for the massage.
Oh, I can't believe it.
Finally got him back to sleep.
Good job, mr.
And we don't have to leave for work for another hour.
What are we gonna do to pass the time? Well, I don't know, mrs.
Oh Don't.
Oh It's lisbon.
She can wait 10 minutes.
It must be important.
You should get it.
Morning, boss.
You and rigsby take these four.
I'll take haibach and lee.
Isn't haibach the guy from the panzer case With all the photos of the little girls? Yeah.
I've dealt with him once before, So maybe he'll be more likely to come with me.
Rape charges, drug charges, Human trafficking charges.
Really? We're gonna help these guys? That's the job.
We don't get to pick and choose.
We need to warn these men that their lives are in danger And offer them protection.
Now get on it.
And I was watching her brush her teeth this morning, And she does the full two minutes, Just like the dentist says.
The wrong person, that could be really annoying, But today I just thought, cool.
I'm gonna be spending the rest of my life With those really good teeth, you know? Nope.
M-my point is, marriage is even better than I thought.
Except W-well It's not a big deal.
It's only been three days.
It's sort of funny, really.
W-we haven't done it yet.
As a married couple.
What about at the hotel? After the wedding.
I got you that carriage.
Yeah, we passed out.
It was a very emotionally draining day.
Plus we drank too much.
Then we had to work the next day.
And since then, sara's at a conference in l.
, So we've had ben every day, morning and night.
You know, I read a study on the internet.
It said women lose interest in sex Almost immediately after marriage.
It's darwinian.
Nah, not grace.
She's always been super into M-my point is, I don't believe it.
It's not true.
I'm just telling you what the internet said.
Rick dort? Cbi.
Open up.
Anyone can say anything on the internet.
Doesn't mean it's true.
Yeah? Mr.
Dort? Agents rigsby and cho from the cbi.
We want to talk to you about-- Hands in the air, or I'll shoot you in the head.
Hey, man, don't shoot.
We have reason to believe your life's in danger.
We came to offer police protection.
What? Your life is in danger.
It is? You're not here about the meth Other thing? The meh Other thing? There is no other thing.
Slip of the tongue.
Get out of the pool.
Hey, grace.
You look a little peaked.
I found out why you haven't been able To get in touch with hightower.
What is it? Tell me.
I spoke to her aunt, and she said Hightower and the kids had an accident.
They're dead.
What? When? Two weeks ago on vacation in mexico.
They drowned.
How come we didn't hear about it sooner? It's very strange.
Apparently, they never found the bodies, And authorities have called off the search and rescue.
Wh-what did you say her aunt's name was? Ruby.
Ruby hightower.
Yeah, well, I-I'm gonna need an address.
I need to send her some flowers.
That's terrible.
This is bob kirkland.
This is agent reede smith, f.
What can I do for you, smith? I think it's what I can do for you.
My superiors asked that I fill you in On a case I'm working.
It involves patrick jane.
I'm listening.
It's a murder/kidnapping thing.
Vic's a guy named benjamin marx.
Jane dealt with him before.
Used some Shall we say, Over-the-top techniques to get marx to confess? That sounds about right.
Marx was on trial, could have gone free.
Frankly, I like jane for it.
He's got a vigilante beef with red john.
Maybe this is his thing.
I think you might be on to something.
Nice work.
And, smith? Keep me in the loop.
Yes, sir.
Yes? Mrs.
Hightower? I'm so sorry for your loss.
I used to work with your niece madeleine, And, uh, well, I was hoping that maybe we could talk.
These are for you.
Oh, please come in.
When was the last time you saw your niece? A few weeks ago, right before they went on vacation.
They made a point to come and see me.
At least I got a chance to say good-bye.
Yeah, well, there-- there's that.
What is it? Oh, it's just, uh I just wish that there was some way I could Let her know how I feel.
There is.
My neighbor is very good with the computer.
He set up a private memorial site On the internet Just for friends and family.
I'd love to see that.
Okay, here you go.
Oh, d-do you mind? I'm not very good with computers.
Just say what you need to say.
Write this.
In death You have found new life And I want to shout it from the mountaintops.
I know in my heart, Dearest madeleine That when sunset comes, I will find you waiting for me In the heavenly gardens.
Love, patrick.
Oh That was, um That's lovely.
Very poetical.
Thank you.
Feels a lot better.
I should--I should go.
Or, you poor lamb.
You were a little sweet on her, weren't you? Oh No.
I remember you.
Talk to my lawyer.
It's not what you think.
Just hear me out.
I think you've wanted to pin something on me for a long time.
I won't be your patsy, ms.
It's agent lisbon.
And we have reason to believe that your life is in danger.
I am here to offer you police protection.
So if I go with you, nothing bad will happen to me? Sounds like police state trickery, agent lisbon.
The stasi would be proud.
I am legally and morally bound to inform you that-- Please don't try to stake out the moral high ground here.
If you had your way, I'd be in jail For a crime I didn't commit.
I think I'll take my chances.
How's it going, jane? I just visited with hightower's aunt.
That's so sad.
Did you find anything out? I mean, do you think red john had anything to do with it.
I don't think so.
Not his m.
So you think it's just an accident? Looks like it.
How's the roundup going? Haibach wouldn't come with me.
I think he's hiding something.
Well, a guy like that probably takes issue With lady police.
Ladies in general.
Uh, you're right.
You know what? I'll send cho and rigsby.
Or not.
Would the world really miss him if something happened? And that's the difference between you and me.
And good-bye.
If you are from cbi, I'm-- Uhh! What happened? We found the door open, Blood and beer bottle on the floor.
No haibach.
Rigsby's canvassing the neighbors.
This is bad.
Not really.
Confirms the theory that someone is going through my list Trying to find red john.
Haibach has been abducted, And he's probably gonna be tortured to death.
Yeah, he's in for a rough night.
And we have to tell smith and the f.
That he's been taken and that it's connected to the marx case.
No, we don't.
We can't lie.
We do it all the time.
He's gonna put it together eventually, And it'll be worse.
Okay, fine.
Tell him.
But do not mention the list.
Just tell him that someone else Connected to an old case of ours has gone missing.
What do we do now? I will have the answer for that very soon.
I have black, milk And milk and sugar.
I'll take whatever you don't want.
You always this thorough? I like to cover all my bases.
Milk and sugar.
So you said you got something for me? There's been an interesting development In that case I was telling you about.
Looks like another man's gone missing That's connected with jane.
A, uh, richard haibach.
That is interesting.
Thank you.
Look, it's none of my business, but, uh Can I ask what the deal is with you and jane? Long story.
I'm not looking to pry.
I like that.
I've done some research on you.
On me? Yeah.
You're a good agent.
Real straight shooter.
Why would you research me? I have some other business I want to discuss with you.
Delicate business.
Tiger tiger.
Huh? Tiger tiger.
What, are you messing with me? What--what is that? "tiger tiger"? You really don't know? Know what? Nothing.
That's a test.
I'm totally in the dark here.
You want to fill me in? While investigating red john, Homeland security's begun to suspect The existence of a powerful secret organization Within california law enforcement.
Police, cbi, d.
Strictly high-level, we think.
What do they do? They do dirt.
They protect each other with major cover-ups, Get away with murder.
What's the tiger thing? We think that's the password.
Is red john a member? It's too soon to tell.
What about jane? We're just starting to put this thing together.
We're looking for partners within the f.
Lower level guys that We're sure we can trust.
That's me.
Happy to help.
Thank you.
I'll be in touch.
Thanks for the coffee.
Hello, patrick.
Thank you for coming.
Tea? Yes, please.
Just so we're clear, I have a gun pointed under the table.
And it's pointed at something important.
Fair enough.
How are the kids? They're safe.
That's all you need to know.
Your aunt is a delight.
Wonderful actress.
I had to do what was best for me and my kids.
I knew that red john was cleaning house After lorelei martins was killed.
I did not want to be next.
No, I got it.
He's already tried to kill you once.
It's not something you ever really get over.
So what's so damn important You had to bring me out of hiding? I'm getting close to catching red john, And I need your help.
I'm not putting my family in danger to help you.
Besides, I've been out of law enforcement for three years.
How can I help you? I don't know anything.
Really? Because I think you've been holding something back For a very long time.
Yeah, there it is.
I'm right.
The f.
-- They've been watching me, haven't they? Please, I wouldn't be here if it weren't important.
Tell me.
Well, I guess there's no reason not to tell you now.
But obviously you did not hear this from me.
When minnelli was chief of the cbi, He struck a deal with f.
Director schultz.
What did schultz want? She wanted reports.
On you.
Minnelli provided them.
When minnelli retired, that became a part of my job.
But the intel wasn't exactly going to the f.
I found out that schultz was passing it on To homeland security.
Bob kirkland? Yes.
Why? He thought you were red john.
Of course.
How long have homeland security been watching me? Eight, nine years.
I did what I thought was best at the time.
Don't expect me to apologize.
No, no, I-I won't.
You cannot tell anyone you saw me.
Even lisbon.
And I won't.
I meant what I said.
I'm gonna kill red john, And you're gonna get your life back.
I hope so.
So what's next? Well, I'm gonna go see bob kirkland.
What I'm looking for is an open And honest dialogue.
I don't know what you want from me.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe not yet.
But That room in your basement.
Come on.
You are a depraved man.
At minimum, a pedophile.
But frankly, that's not why we're here.
Why then? Please just tell me Why.
I brought you here to ask you some questions.
I'll--I'll tell you anything.
All right then.
Tell me-- Do you recognize me? Have you seen me before? No I don't think so.
Okay, we'll come back to that.
Next question.
What? What? Are you red john? What? Are you Red john? No Are you red john?! No! Agent kirkland? Hey Jane, what are you doing here? Uh, can I have a quick word? It's nothing private.
Your friends can stay.
I'll catch up, guys.
I have a pet theory I was hoping you could confirm or deny.
I'll see what I can do.
Has homeland security been investigating me? Yes.
I'm surprised you're allowed to tell me that.
I mean, you guys are usually so cloak and dagger.
Well, it's no secret that homeland security Has the red john case.
Yeah, your name has come up in various ways.
So then did you guys break into my office And steal my list of suspects? Absolutely not.
No? Why not? Because we don't care who you think red john is.
We have the case.
Point taken.
Thanks for your time.
That's it? Uh, yeah.
I just wanted to make sure You weren't on a wild goose chase, Because whoever it was that broke into my office, They stole a fake list of suspects.
Well played.
Thank you.
I thought so.
Maybe you should come work for us.
Maybe not.
You need a ride somewhere? No, I'm--I'm good, thanks.
Well, we should talk some more.
Get in the car.
Do I have a choice? No.
By all means Let's talk some more.
Let me see your phone.
Hey, you don't have to do this.
I actually want to talk to you.
Just hand me the phone.
Seatbelt, please.
Hey, have you guys heard from jane? Nope.
I haven't seen him since yesterday morning.
His phone just keeps on going straight to voicemail.
Can you ping it for me? Sure.
It'll take me a little while.
It's probably nothing.
And here we are.
Keep moving.
Oh, I love what you've done with the place.
Come on, I'll give you the 10-cent tour.
Help me Please.
Richard haibach, patrick jane.
Help me.
I just wanted you to see the face of the man Who got you into this mess.
It's a funny story, actually-- A comedy of errors.
Please let me go.
But don't worry.
Jane'll get his, too.
So, let's talk about that real list of red john suspects.
I couldn't get a hit on jane's phone.
Wherever he is, he has no cell service.
That's probably him now.
This is lisbon.
Hello, lisbon.
Do you know who this is? Yes.
I thought you were dead.
I met with jane yesterday.
He didn't say.
I asked him not to tell you, But I think I might have gotten him into trouble.
I've been trying to call him all day.
Me, too.
I gave him some information yesterday.
Did he say anything to you about who he was going to see? No.
Should he have? Yes.
We need to talk.
I think I might have caused jane To do something very dumb.
Funny thing about the list.
Uh, I'd Rather not share it with you.
I get it.
It's been your pet project for a long time.
Mine, too.
But you will share it with me.
What if I just give you one name to start? Robert kirkland.
Makes sense, actually.
But it doesn't really help me with my cause, though, does it? No, I suppose not.
I was wrong about you.
You're not red john.
You're hunting him, same as me.
Not exactly the same.
I'm willing to kill seven people To get the job done.
Why aren't you? 'cause that would make me a murderer.
You're planning on murdering red john.
That doesn't make any sense.
Okay, so we--we both have different approaches, But the important thing here is that we share a common goal.
We can help each other if we work together.
I'm not interested in working together, And I doubt you are, either.
We both want our revenge, And only one of us is going to get it.
Robert kirkland.
I know I should be surprised, but-- But he's a creepy guy, that's why.
Where would he take jane? Probably the same place he took benjamin marx.
Jane saw a pine needle in marx's shoe.
It was like he'd walked through a pine forest Before he was killed.
Lots of pine needles in northern california.
Kirkland would be keeping up appearances.
He'd be going to the office every day, so Pine forest within a hundred-mile radius Of sacramento? Sure, sure.
If that's all we got.
Hey, boss.
Van pelt, I need you to run something for me.
Properties or businesses owned by robert kirkland Within 100 miles of the capitol In close proximity to a pine forest.
Robert kirkland? It's a long story.
Nothing for robert kirkland within a hundred miles.
Ah, crap.
But there's a michael kirkland.
Owns a cabin up near el dorado state park.
Oh, is he a relative? I don't know.
I can check.
All right, text me the address.
We should call local authorities for backup.
No cops.
Nobody can know about me.
How do we do this? That's how.
Do you have siblings, jane? No.
I had a twin brother-- michael.
We were very close growing up.
I hear that's a strong bond.
And our father was a sadistic drunk.
He beat the crap out of us And our mother.
Beat her till she couldn't take it anymore.
She left? With a razor blade.
After that, It was just me and michael.
I was all he had.
You were the stronger one.
Uh, I grew up.
I got away.
But michael couldn't do it.
He stayed in this house And watched our father drink himself to death.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
You're right.
Michael turned to the bottle, Drank like his life depended on it.
I paid for treatments.
I took him to meetings.
Nothing worked.
Until? Until one day he met someone, A man who could help him.
More than a man.
A savior.
Red john.
He only asked for a few simple things in return.
Devotion and sacrifice.
Michael drifted further and further away Until one day he was gone.
I never saw him again.
You think red john killed your brother.
I never found him, But in my heart, I know.
Look at me blab.
I-I You're not my therapist.
I didn't bring you here to talk.
Please tell me who the suspects are.
Have it your way.
You understand, I'm gonna have to torture you.
You don't seem like someone Who deals well with physical pain.
Uh, not particularly.
A name then.
I can't do it.
God! Okay, okay, okay.
You You--you have to understand, This is hard for me Emotionally.
I've never said any of these names out loud to anyone.
A name.
First name--don.
Don turtmee? "don't hurt me.
" Ha.
You got me.
Why, I oughta Put your hands in the air! Keep 'em where we can see 'em! Jane, you all right? Oh, never better.
I'm just fine.
Ooh! Thanks to us.
You were foolish to come here alone.
You taking pleasure in this? Don't get me wrong.
You are a pain in the ass.
Well, thank you.
But I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you, Especially when it would be my fault.
Well, I'm sure your conscience is clear now.
It is.
Now leave me alone.
Next time I hear from you, You better be telling me red john is dead.
That is a deal.
Thank you, madeleine.
You're welcome, patrick.
Good luck.
Lisbon You good here? Yeah.
You can call for that backup now.
Ahh! You'll pay for this! I won't forget! This is on you! Aah! Aah! Aah! You sure you're all right? The list is down to five names.
That is a very manageable number.
Somehow that doesn't reassure me.
We're in the home stretch, lisbon.
So, uh, Looks like I got it wrong about you.
Looks like you did.
Ah, it's all right.
We all make mistakes.
I mean, a A homeland security agent? Who would have thought, right? Not me.
It's gonna be a jurisdictional cluster-bomb.
But we'll book him first at county.
In a few days he'll get transferred To a federal detention center.
I'd like to talk to him for a sec.
Hey, jane.
No hard feelings, huh? No.
No hard feelings.
If you have anything else to say, Now would be the time.
Oh, I might know some things.
But this isn't the best place to talk.
Come see me sometime.
I will.
Are you gonna finish this thing? Yes.
Lisbon called.
They're not coming back into the office tonight.
You can probably go, too.
There's nobody else here.
Did you change? What, this old thing? Wait.
What's this? It looks like a hotel room key.
You didn't, did you? I did.
The honeymoon suite.
Capello is watching ben.
That's amazing.
Thank you.
You know, I was beginning to think-- I know what you thought.
And am I crazy? Yes.
You shouldn't think so much, wayne.
Come on.
Don't mind me.
Let me speak to him.
What's going on? What are you doing here? You hit the nail on the head, bob.
About what? There is a powerful organization within law enforcement.
But it's a lot bigger than you thought.
It's not just the big boys, either.
They even let lower level guys like me in.
I know what you're doing.
We've had our eye on you for a long time.
We just want to help.
It's what we do.
Help me how? Listen to me closely.
That's the address of a safe house.
It's 2 miles due east of here.
When you get there, someone will contact you, Get you some money, I.
, clothes.
I don't believe you.
Come on, bob.
Get out of the van.
Start running.
Just do it here.
Actually, I'd prefer it if you ran.
You know Protocol.
Agent kirkland tried to escape.
You had no choice but to use deadly force.
Do you understand? Tiger tiger.
Tiger tiger.

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