The Mentalist s06e05 Episode Script

The Red Tattoo

Previously on "the mentalist" Jane has worked out that red john is one of seven men.
But red john also knows the seven names on jane's list.
I'm gonna give you the seven names, And I need you to put a g.
Bug On each of their cell phones.
The wires are up.
We watch them like hawks.
We log everywhere they go We have an anonymous tip directed to your unit.
A person or persons in distress at 5570 west huron.
Brett partridge is there.
Tiger T-tiger.
Just that hammer-- you see that up there? Is that blood on the hitting side? Could be.
I'll call forensics.
Did you see that? He did not want to go up that ladder.
Didn't the psychiatrist's office say That red john was afraid of heights? Wh-where did you come from? While investigating red john, Homeland security's begun to suspect the existence Of a powerful secret organization Within california law enforcement.
We're looking for partners within the f.
Lower level guys that we're sure we can trust.
That's me.
We should talk some more.
Get in the car.
Do I have a choice? No.
I was wrong about you.
You're not red john.
You're hunting him, same as me.
We both want our revenge, And only one of us is going to get it.
Please tell me who the suspects are.
You understand I'm gonna have to torture you.
Put your hands in the air! Jane, you all right? Are you gonna finish this thing? Yes.
There is a powerful organization within law enforcement.
It's a lot bigger than you thought.
It's not just the big boys, either.
They even let lower level guys like me in.
Agent kirkland tried to escape.
You had no choice but to use deadly force.
Do you understand? Tiger tiger.
Tiger tiger.
Hold the elevator.
So, dad, can we ride on the cable car? Yeah, you bet.
Then lunch in chinatown? Again? I like those noodles, and the dumplings.
Well Whoa! What the heck?! Hey, how do you think you are? You can't shove my kid.
Don't run away from me! Hey! Hey! You open this door! I'm complaining to the management! You hear me? You all right, buddy? He get ya? Huh? Mr.
Parkman? Sir, this is hotel security.
Parkman, I'm gonna have to ask you To open the door, please.
Parkman? Sir? I'm coming in.
He stabbed me.
Who stabbed you? Mr.
Parkman? Oh, jeez.
Parkman? G-get some help.
Uh, call 9-1-1.
Room 8-1-5.
Deceased white male.
And you say the victim appeared worried? Yeah, he was looking over his shoulder When he got in the elevator, like he was being chased.
He had something in a paper bag.
And what sort of time was this? I entered the room at 10:58 p.
The victim, chad parkman, Was on the floor in some distress.
He stated he had been stabbed by another individual.
Although he appeared to be alone in the room.
Uh, this is the head of hotel security.
A fount of information.
Agent lisbon from the cbi.
She'll be happy to listen to you.
Do we have a murder weapon? Uh, no, ma'am, nor have I been able to establish Any means of egress used by the killer.
Uh, what about a paper bag? The kid outside mentioned a paper bag.
Uh, just scraps on the toilet.
Must have been shredded and flushed.
Any idea what was in it? No idea.
Maybe the perp who killed him took it.
Hey, boss.
Just got a call on the radio.
Another homicide nearby.
Attempted carjacking, looks like.
Related? Probably not.
Thought I'd check it out.
All right.
Come back as quick as you can.
When I was outside the room, I heard them struggling, Then heard the victim cry out when he was stabbed.
But then I got the door open He was all alone.
Window's open.
It's a long way down, and a long way up to the roof.
I don't think he went that way.
So, what? Magic? Nope.
Just a trick.
And we all know how good you are at those, don't we? Tricks, I mean.
Hey, teresa.
What are you doing here? You don't work at the cbi anymore.
I'm with a client.
He works for visualize.
He does, and this is a visualize matter.
Who are they? Uh, this is jason cooper, Errand boy for cult leader bret stiles, And ray haffner, who is a member of the cult.
Visualize is not a cult, And it is exactly bigotry like that That leads to murders like this.
What are you talking about? Chad parkman was a prominent member Of the visualize community.
We view his murder as a hate crime.
Haffner is to be included in your investigation.
Purely as a victim's advocate, But I do like the idea of working with you again, teresa.
I appreciate your concern, mr.
Cooper, But we never let civilians in our investigations--ever.
Never ever? Well, he's-- he's different.
I'm different.
I have a letter here signed by the lieutenant governor Inviting mr.
Haffner to join the investigation.
To observe.
That's all.
Read the letter, agent lisbon.
I am confident you'll want to grant The lieutenant governor's request.
So Any ideas on the case yet? Just questions.
It's a stumper, isn't it? Speaking of which, how's your red john investigation going? In the bag.
You know, we study you in visualize now.
Your blind struggle against fate.
So heroic.
So fruitless.
Bret says there's a lot to be learned From watching patrick jane, so We all do.
So much anger.
It's not good for you.
Anger? I'm not angry.
Annihilating rage.
About what, I have no idea.
You don't know anything about me.
Just what's written on your face.
You're so much smarter than everybody else, right? But it isn't helping you catch red john, is it? Here's a switch for you.
I'm gonna predict your future.
There's a comeuppance headed your way.
You're a worse psychic than you were a cop.
So our victim-- chad parkman-- Was a successful olympic gymnastics coach.
He had a facility out in marin.
What was he doing at he hotel? Sports health conference.
He was the keynote speaker.
What about the visualize angle? Did you find anything there? Nothing I.
Ing him as a member.
You think cooper's lying? I don't know.
Uh, if bret stiles sends his second-in-command And private security, it's important to visualize somehow.
Let's play nice.
I'll go make up with cooper.
I want you to go through the security tapes with haffner.
He likes you.
Just be helpful and accommodating.
Get him talking.
Pump him for every bit of information that you can.
Sure, boss.
I know what to do.
But be careful.
You know.
You wanna come with me to talk to cooper? Nope.
We don't want to spook him.
I'll take cho to parkman's gym.
He can talk reps and curls, And I'll take a little look around.
All right.
I'll call you if I find anything out.
Nice Nice Okay, now All right, now Stick the landing, kimmy.
Good Gah! That's right! Nice.
She's impressive.
You know, rio 2016-- that's the goal.
And, uh, parkman was your first choice as coach? You bet.
Uh Parkman offering to coach your kid? Ah, you know, he's probably too busy with kimmy To take your kid on, but, uh, he's the best.
Yeah? Oh, yeah.
He got kimmy to bear down in ways I never could.
She's always texting with friends, Wanting to go for pizzas on a Friday night with boys.
You know? No more of that.
Thank goodness.
And I never felt I had to worry About her being alone with him.
Well, that would be important, wouldn't it? Yeah.
All right, let's go.
Did mr.
Parkman ever talk about his personal life? No, never.
I would ask questions sometimes Just to be polite, you know, and he would just be very vague.
Thank you.
Uh, excuse me--ooh! Whoa, careful.
You all right? Yeah.
Guess I shouldn't have worn heels.
Um, my little sister's interested in gymnastics.
Could you help explain this pricing to me? Uh, I don't work here.
I-- Excuse me.
You're the guy from cbi? That's right.
Agent kimball cho.
I'm bill mylar, co-owner.
We talked on the phone.
Oh, wait.
You're here investigating something? A murder.
I thought you were gonna come directly to my office.
Uh, we decided to talk to come of your clientele.
You don't mind, do you? Anything that helps, but the truth is, Everybody here at the gym loved chad.
People always say that about the dead.
Seldom is it true.
Is there someplace private we can talk? So You're a policeman.
I'm so sorry.
I'm embarrassed.
Somebody died? Yes.
Oh, my gosh, a murder? Did you know chad parkman? The gym owner? No.
What happened? There's a staff member right over there.
They can tell you about the pricing.
Tough guy, huh? Thanks.
Excuse me.
Could you help me with this pricing? I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
Now I want you to know that I am completely committed To finding whoever killed mr.
Our interests are the same.
In light of that, I-I was wondering if you could give me A little history as to mr.
Parkman's role in visualize.
I haven't been able to find any evidence Linking him to the organization.
Chad's eyes were opened to the truth only recently.
But he was deeply committed.
We had big plans for him.
What kind of plans? Chad parkman had very positive name recognition Across all quadrants.
The most commonly used word to describe him Was "trustworthy.
" So you were gonna use him for public outreach? Something like that, yes.
Do you think that's why someone killed him? It's a strong possibility.
Uh, what was mr.
Parkman's relationship with bret stiles? Bret stiles was a guide and a beacon for chad, As he is for all of us.
And where is mr.
Stiles? I can't be certain.
Really? You have no idea where he is? It is not necessary for me to know where he is In physical space.
If he needs me, he will find me.
Would you excuse me? Hey, rigs.
I'm at the carjacking scene.
So the victim here got shot.
On the seat next to him, we have a bloody knife.
Do you think it's the same knife that was used to kill parkman? Yeah, it could be.
You can see the hotel from here.
Get that knife to the lab.
Will do, boss.
I'm on my way.
Parkman was the face of the business.
I do the business.
And how is business? Phenomenal.
We're planning on expanding To the southeast, northeast, every place.
Now I don't know what we're gonna do.
Well, there are upsides to parkman's death, Let's be honest.
What are you talking about? You know, that's a very sick thing to say.
Well, think about all the sympathetic press coverage.
That's free publicity right there.
Plus the whole visualize mess goes away.
What are you talking about? Well, you've heard of visualize, right? Of course I have.
It's that wacko cult.
What does that have to do with anything? Yeah, well, parkman was a member of visualize.
You didn't know that? No.
You sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Tell me, did chad talk about visualize a lot? Yeah, sure.
Uh He was a member.
Some kind of weird self-help group.
It's not my thing, but if it helped him coach, All the power to him.
And, uh, mr.
Mylar-- How did he feel about visualize? Oh, mylar hated that stuff.
You'd see them arguing about it all the time.
Oh, really? Hated it, did he? Hmm.
You got me.
A foolish lie.
The truth--I was mad as hell about visualize.
I'm trying to expand our business, He joins some moonbat cult? We fought about it a lot, so now I feel guilty That we ended on bad terms.
But I didn't kill him.
You didn't, did you? Boss wants us back.
Lisbon, you find something? The knife that killed parkman At the site of rigsby's carjacking.
Uh, what was the carjacking victim's name? Frost.
Devin frost.
Tell me about devin frost.
Devin? He used to work here.
He's a good kid.
Interesting news.
The plot thickens.
Plot thickens.
Lisbon? She's gone.
We're in an alley about a block from the hotel.
We found a gun.
Is this the gun used to kill frost? Yeah, looks like it.
And there's duct tape on the barrel From the silencer.
Well, get it to ballistics.
Make sure it's a match.
See if we can get any fingerprints.
Will do.
Looks like we've got the gun.
Yeah? It's on its way to forensics now, but it's a pretty sure bet.
Well, as soon as haffner gets here, we'll get started.
I don't like it, boss.
Uh Haffner shouldn't even be in our offices.
He's one of jane's red john suspects.
And he's a member of visualize.
Which is run by another red john suspect.
We should be investigating him, Not letting him join our investigation.
We don't really have a choice.
Might as well make the most of it.
Haffner! Teresa.
Lovely as always.
So what have we got so far? Well, let's see.
Parkman entered the hotel at 10:48.
He was anxious, and witnesses got the impression That he was being pursued.
He has an altercation in the elevator, And parkman flees to his room at approximately 10:51.
And at 10:58, hotel security opened parkman's room To find him dying on the floor with a stab wound.
At 12 past 11:00, police and e.
S arrive, But they pronounce parkman dead at the scene.
Nobody could have entered or left the room During that time period without being seen.
Here's the park.
The hotel's on the one side, And this is where devin frost was murdered-- On the other side of the park.
Now, in front's car, there's a knife With parkman's blood on the blade And frost's fingerprints on the handle.
We also found a homemade silencer in the car.
And we found the gun that belongs to the silencer here, Which, given the timeline, seems to be a physical impossibility.
So Frost stabbed parkman And somehow left the hotel without being seen, And then an unknown assailant killed frost? It would look that way.
The silencer didn't work too well.
We have three witnesses who heard a gunshot Around 10:57.
What, so frost got shot In his car at almost the exact same time That he was supposedly in the hotel stabbing parkman? Which is impossible.
So, you're looking for an unknown suspect Who is a magician or quite possibly a wizard Of some kind.
Great work, guys.
Uh, we've brought in mylar, the owner of the gym.
We're hoping he can shed some light on this, Or at least give us a plausible motive.
Okay then.
Well, I'm so glad we got the "a" team working this case.
I'm gonna go back to the hotel and look things over again.
Ciao, kids.
Jane said not to lean on mylar too hard.
Just ask him about parkman and frost And see how he reacts.
You got it.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
Weird report just came over my desk.
It's about bob kirkland.
What, the psychotic homeland security agent we arrested? Yeah.
He's dead.
Dead? How'd he die? The report says he was killed Attempting to escape from prison.
Seriously? Doesn't sound right, does it? No, it doesn't.
I should check it out, right? Find out what happened and why.
Will do, boss.
And see what we can get from mylar.
You got it.
How long had devin frost worked for you at the gym? Couple years.
What was his relationship with chad parkman? Parkman had coached him And brought him on as an assistant.
Was frost a member of visualize? Him? I don't think so.
One thing about those visualize nuts-- They got a work ethic.
And frost not so much? Is that why you fired him? I didn't.
He quit.
Really? When? About a month ago.
Parkman went to a gymnastics tournament in europe.
In the past, frost went with him.
This time, he didn't.
Instead he walked in, told me he was quitting, walked out.
Last time I saw him.
He and parkman get into a fight? No, uh I just figured he got a better offer somewhere else And was taking advantage Of parkman not being around to quit to me.
Why would he do that? Like I said, parkman had been Frost's mentor since he was a teenager.
I don't think he had the courage To quit to parkman's face.
You think mylar is our killer? Eh.
Me, neither.
Cooper was awfully cagey with you About stiles' whereabouts, wasn't he? Mm-hmm.
After I spoke to cooper, I did some digging.
Stiles is missing.
Nobody knows where he is.
Really? When? Around the same time red john sent you The lorelei martins tape.
Boss? I just got frost's phone records.
Look at this.
That's ray haffner's cell phone.
Frost called it three times The week before he stabbed parkman.
Well, let's go see What brother ray has to say about that.
He's not here.
He went to the hotel.
He said he had to check on something.
Then we'll go there.
No, you stay here.
Grace and I will go.
Don't be ridiculous.
We'll be fine.
He's more likely to let something slip to us Than he would to you.
All right.
But what am I supposed to do, Just sit around? Well, we still haven't figured out How frost got out of the hotel room after he stabbed parkman.
Except frost couldn't have been there In the first place, could he? You said it was a trick.
Figure it out.
I got the name of the sac p.
Detective Who investigated kirkland's shooting.
He's gonna come by cbi.
Good work.
Hey, man.
Usual, please.
You want anything? Yeah, coffee.
It's a fruit stand, cho.
They sell fruit.
Give me another one with everything--lime, chili.
Thank you.
That's great.
Keep the change.
Ahh I'm starving.
I guess you burn a lot of calories, Being a newlywed.
We're not having this conversation.
It's amazing.
You'd think that marriage would just cool things off, But for us, it's just the opposite.
Please stop talking.
You know, I think I'm the happiest I've ever been.
Every morning when I wake up next to her, And every night when we go to bed together, I just think, "wow, I'm the luckiest man in the world," You know? I just lost my appetite.
So I wanna say thank you.
'cause you were the one that made me take the risk.
And I'm starting to regret it.
You're a good friend, and I owe you.
I'm gonna find you somebody to love.
You're not.
Yes, I am.
Trust me, there is no point in going through life alone.
Are you really not gonna eat that? Hmm.
Agent van pelt.
What brings you two here? Why didn't you tell us you called frost The week before he killed parkman? Look, there's nothing suspicious about it.
I was hired by visualize to protect parkman from frost.
Bang-up job.
Frost was threatening a wrongful termination suit.
I figured he was just looking for a payout.
What'd you say to him? Well, I told him that visualize's lawyers Were behind parkman, and they'd keep it in the courts Until frost had spent his last penny.
What's wrong, ray? These questions making you uncomfortable? Do you see that? It's that.
It's a spider.
I hate spiders.
Better now? Look.
It It never occurred to me that frost was Planning anything like a murder.
He didn't really strike me as the violent type.
Live and learn, I guess.
Sometimes you get it wrong.
Next time you do better.
I've been trying to figure out how frost got away.
You know, the trick that jane can't figure out.
And? Well, we know there was a third man.
Yeah, the one who killed frost.
There had to be a fourth as well.
An inside man.
An inside man? Or woman.
A maid, a cook, a bellboy, whatever.
Somebody who could help frost get in and out of the hotel Without being seen.
There's no evidence frost had contact With any of the hotel's employees.
We did interviews.
So? Somebody lied to you.
The killer could have already been gone By the time hotel security got to the room.
All the witnesses said they heard a struggle Going on inside the room.
Uh, there is a difference between hearing and seeing.
Autopsy report just came out.
Parkman wasn't immediately killed from the knife wound.
He died from a struggle sometime after being stabbed.
He had an aortal hemorrhage.
So You're welcome.
How did you get the autopsy before us? I still have friends in cbi, teresa.
They help when I need it.
Speaking of Helping friends, A word of advice for both of you.
Yeah? What's that? Jane.
He's made a mess of things.
He doesn't know when to leave well enough alone.
You know what I mean? No, I don't.
There's a lot of powerful people that jane's pissed off, Not just red john.
You should get out of the way, both of you, Before something happens.
I really--I'd hate to see you get hurt.
It's funny you should say that, ray, Because, actually, we're putting your name On a list of suspects for parkman's murder.
What? That's crazy.
The third man could have killed both frost and parkman.
Frost killed parkman.
Maybe the third man just wanted it to look that way.
Maybe it's you, ray.
Maybe you're the third man.
You have motive.
I just hope you remember this.
That I tried to help.
Okay? I want to see that autopsy report.
Thanks for coming in, detective cordero.
I really appreciate it.
Call me oscar.
Nice digs you got here.
No expense spared for you cbi folks, huh? Yeah.
Can I get you something? Coffee? Nah, I'm fine.
Here's the file on the kirkland shooting.
It's got the prison report plus my investigation.
Anything that stuck out? Nah.
Only a sick puppy who couldn't hack doing his time, Looking for any way out In my opinion.
And you spoke to the correctional officer Who shot him? Oh, yeah.
He was just a kid.
Says your guy kirkland paid no attention To three verbal warnings, just kept going, Didn't even turn around.
Kid had to shoot.
You hate to see something like that, you know? Some piece of crap making a cop do What he ain't got the stones to do himself.
It ain't right.
And I'll tell you somethin'.
Messed the kid up really bad.
D Or something.
It's a damn shame.
Can I make a copy of this? Don't need to.
Brought that one for you.
Thought you might want it.
Hey, no problem.
Maybe one day you'll do a favor for me, right? He clear things up? Not really.
I mean, he says it was clean.
Kirkland was trying to escape, nobody wanted to shoot him, But they were forced to-- reluctantly.
You don't buy it.
Well, it says in here He was shot six times in the back.
Six doesn't sound so reluctant.
No, it doesn't.
That's the story we're gonna get.
I'll tell the boss.
Uh, where can I find kimball cho? That's his desk, but he stepped out for a moment.
Can I help you? Maybe.
I met him this morning at the gym.
I thought I'd come by and see if he wants to let me Buy him a cup of coffee.
Plan seemed normal when I was driving over here, But now it's feeling a little stalker-ish.
Does it seem stalker-ish to you? Mm, a little.
Okay, I should go.
Remember me? From the gym, yeah.
Come here.
Sit down for a second.
What are you doing here? My name's kira.
Kira tinsley.
I was gonna buy you a coffee, But it was a bad idea.
I'm gonna go.
No, I can drink a cup of coffee.
Give me a second.
Uh, when parkman was stabbed, The knife glanced over the rib And barely nicked the aorta.
Haffner wasn't lying.
There coroner says that There was a struggle after the stabbing That caused the nick to tear, and that's what started The hemorrhaging that killed parkman.
And if frost and parkman were really struggling And that's what caused the hemorrhage, How is it that frost didn't get parkman's blood all over him? Hmm.
And how did he avoid tracking bloody footprints Out of the room? Jane? I just solved the case.
Really? How? Yeah.
One second, lisbon.
Jane? Grace? Hmm? Who was that woman cho just met with? Someone named kira tinsley.
Oh, the woman he met at the gym? That's right.
Attractive, right? She was okay, if you like that type.
You, uh, you ever go to the gym, grace? Sure.
You ever try to pick up a guy there? Ugh.
Uh, did they happen to say where they were going? Coffee.
Now you just walk out in the middle of a conversation? Lisbon, can I ask a favor? What? Can you go get one of those elastic exercise bands, The kind to help you stretch with? What do you need one of those for? Bring it to parkman's hotel room.
I'll meet you there.
What do I do? Oh Client relations.
Boring stuff.
Tell me more about the cbi.
It's a job.
Uh, we try to help people, Try to stop the bad guys.
You don't talk much, do you? No.
It's all right.
I like that in a man.
Hey, cho.
Kira tinsley, right? Yeah.
Is that yours? That looks good.
May I? What? Oh.
Nice muffin.
I think this is yours.
What is that? I've never seen one of those.
Really? Because I found that under kimball's desk And I was certain that it belonged to you.
Why would you say that? Because it goes with, uh This.
And here's your wallet, And that identifies you as a private investigator, Doesn't it? Yeah.
All right.
That's why I don't take jobs like this, but The client paid cash up front, so I'll take this.
No, you can't-- you can't have those.
What? You can't-- Oops.
That cost me 300 bucks.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Excuse me a minute.
Hey! Wait a minute.
Look, it was just business.
Nothing personal, okay? Your client--who was it? You know I can't reveal that.
All right, I'm arresting you under section 632.
That's worth a year in jail.
Hey, wait a second! No, whoa, whoa, whoa! We can work something out here, right? Jeez.
What do you want to know? What were you hired to do? Bug your office, get close to you.
Client wanted to know everything you and your team knew.
And who was your client? Was it visualize? Yeah.
So are we good? Are you visualize? No.
I just work for whoever hires me.
Are we done? Yeah, we're done.
Look, you seem like a nice guy.
Uh No hard feelings? Looks like she was hired by visualize.
I'm gonna put a tail on her.
No need.
I put the bug in her bag.
We can listen to her whenever we like.
Let's go solve that double murder, shall we? Right.
Any idea why we're here? Your mr.
Jane asked us to come.
Oh--are you gonna teach us aerobics? Jane will be here any minute.
So the gun was found somewhere here, right? Mm-hmm.
And the hotel is That way, yes? Right.
You can't see it, But it's just the other side of that wall.
I'm right.
About what? Uh, you stay here with rigsby, and keep very alert.
I don't want anyone getting hurt.
We've been waiting here long enough.
All good things come to those who wait.
Thank you.
You gonna solve the case now with a stretchy band? Yes, among other things.
The first thing that's important to note Is that parkman and frost were lovers.
Thank you.
No, they weren't.
Yes, they were.
We never heard anything about that.
Because the relationship started When parkman was frost's coach.
When frost was still a minor.
And I never felt I had to worry About him being alone with her.
Like I said, parkman was frost's mentor Since he was a teenager.
And continued to the present day? Yes.
Then the relationship started going badly.
When parkman went to europe, that was the final straw.
Mylar thought frost was sneaking away When parkman wasn't looking.
Parkman went to a gymnastics tournament in europe.
In the past, frost went with him.
This time, he didn't.
He had it backwards.
Parkman hadn't invited frost.
So he assumed that he was being replaced With a younger lover And decided to seek revenge.
So he tried filing a wrongful termination suit, But he found himself being intimidated by visualize.
So he tried the hard touch, When parkman came to the hotel for the conference.
Now their relationship had always been a consensual one, But that wouldn't matter in the eyes of the public Or the law.
It was in frost's power to transform parkman From a--an olympic coach to a child molester With just a few words.
He demanded that parkman bring a large sum of money Across the park in a brown paper bag.
Or frost would ruin parkman's life forever.
And frost was right in his estimation Of what parkman stood to lose.
What he didn't realize was how parkman would react.
The soda bottle silencer worked perfectly.
Even if it did blow off, no one heard a thing.
But, uh, parkman hadn't expected That frost would have a knife.
The wound looked to be minor, So parkman put his gun back in his bag And he left frost.
Already parkman was starting to panic.
What happened in the car hadn't gone to plan.
Nothing was going to plan.
Whoa! What the heck! And when you arrived, parkman was trying to figure out What to do with the gun.
The window was his only chance.
He couldn't just throw it out there, though.
It would end up right down there in the street.
But If he could just Get it A little Further.
Just that little Bit Further.
What the hell? When the gun landed on the ground In the alley, it went off.
That was the gunshot that witnesses heard.
Very likely we'll find a bullet hole Somewhere in the alley.
But who killed parkman? Where'd all the blood come from? Uh, when parkman pulled on the elastic His aorta--it ruptured.
Fore! Help.
He stabbed me.
So you're telling me that nobody came in or out of the room.
It was just mr.
Parkman the whole time? Yeah.
The trick was that there was no trick.
Et voilà.
Good-bye, agent lisbon, mr.
I hope you won't be insulted when I say That I hope I won't be seeing you again.
Oh, we won't be.
I'm sure mr.
Haffner would say thank you if he were here.
Where is he? It's not like him to leave Without one last barbed compliment.
Oh, he had some business to attend to.
I am not his only client.
I was hoping your office could be discreet.
You know what I mean.
Uh, speaking Of discreet, It was stupid of you to try and bug the cbi.
What are you talking about? Hiring someone outside visualize Might have made you feel safe, But she admitted that you hired her.
Agent cho told me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
But all I can say is that if someone did bug you, It wasn't me.
Good-bye, agent lisbon.
Jane? Are you okay? Grace needs to trace this immediately.
Why? What's going on? Cooper wasn't lying.
He didn't bug the cbi.
Well, who did? Red john.
We need to find kira tinsley.
She either works for red john, or she's about to become His next victim.
She's in the north section of the city, boss.
Van pelt's working on the address.
No answer on her cell, and the landline's busy.
Yeah, we know.
Yeah, you say And then you never even show up.
Almost got it.
I paid my cleaning lady to stay here all day To let the guy in, and then he never came.
We're on douglas, headed toward folsom.
No, I want my cable fixed now, tonight, Or I'm gonna-- I'm g--yeah, hold on a second.
Somebody's here.
I need sac p.
To 1065 oak terrace Fast as they can.
Okay, I'm coming! Oh, hi.
Okay, you're about ten minutes away.
We'll direct you.
Could you drive faster? Oh, crap.
Boss, you're gonna want to take the next left And then a right on el camino.
Got a patrol car six blocks away.
Sac p.
's on scene.
Come on.
Oh, come on, stay with me.
Stay with me.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on, stay with me.
Right on el camino, boss.
Damn it.
Just drive, lisbon.
I need e.
I need medical assistance immediately.
Now look at me.
You're gonna be fine, okay? They're on their way.
Wait-- Where are the e.
S? We need e.
I'm cbi.
Who did this to you? Tell me.
Tattoo Tattoo on his arm.
What did she say? She told me red john has a tattoo on his left shoulder.
Three dots.
That's my leverage.

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