The Mentalist s06e11 Episode Script

White Lines

Previously on "the mentalist" Lisbon I just want you to know I'm okay.
And I'm gonna miss you.
Thank you for this.
I needed the company.
I'm here to make you an offer.
The bureau is willing to drop all of the charges against you If you come and work for us.
You are on u.
Soil now.
This Is the deal.
Take it or leave it.
I leave it.
They conceded to all your demands.
Every single one.
How did you do it? Well, remember that thumb drive We found in bertram's wine cellar? The encrypted database.
It's a list of blake association members.
I used it as leverage.
But we never broke the encryption.
Yeah, f.
Doesn't know that.
Got a desk ready for you.
You can work right back here.
Eh, I don't need a desk.
Really? You work standing up? Lying down.
I need a couch.
Really? Really.
Opens the mind.
That's why shrinks have you lie down.
I wouldn't know.
You can't have a sofa here.
You've never been to a shrink? No.
That's a lie.
We'll come back to that.
Wh-why can't I have a couch? Only grade 3 employees and above can have sofas.
Sofas, couches Potatoes, po-tah-toes.
Uh, what grade am I? You're a consultant.
You're not in the grading system.
What grade are you? You can apply for an ergonomic chair if you have back issues, But you'll have to get a doctor's note.
I asked for a couch, and abbott--your boss-- Said I could have a couch.
You chave a sofa.
You just can't have it here.
No couch, no me.
Okay, you don't understand the deal here.
You don't get to make the rules.
Yes, I do, and you've already seen that I do.
Why do you say that you've never been to a shrink? What are you ashamed of? I'm sorry that I deceived you, patrick.
But you didn't deceive me.
I'm glad you feel that way.
I didn't intend to get so involved.
I was meant to confirm your identity And keep tabs on you.
And then we started talking, and I Whatever.
I'm sorry.
And I will attempt to make it up to you By being as honest as possible in the future.
Do you always mask your guilt with anger? There's nothing in my life that I'm ashamed of.
But it is my life, And whether I have been to a shrink or I haven't, That's not your business.
Uh, this is the conference room, obviously.
The break room is through here.
What did you see a shrink about? Okay.
I will get you a couch.
I like the club style, but obviously bigger.
Worn leather, something I can really snuggle into, you know? Just like the one I had at the cbi.
Saddle up.
We're going to corpus christi.
Five d.
Agents were murdered.
Five? Five.
Let's go.
There's three different caliber casings, So there were three shooters, maybe more.
These people never knew what hit 'em.
Well, they found the security camera.
It was hidden in the clock.
Got another one here hidden in a lamp.
They knew what they were looking for.
One of the agents survived the initial shooting.
See the streaks of blood? He was trying to crawl to safety when he was killed.
Clean job-- No witnesses, no footage.
Why is there a mirror in this room, And why is it set so high on the wall? Et voilà.
I know who did this.
I know it.
What agent higgins means is the d.
Has strong reason To believe a corpus christi narcotics organization Is behind the murders-- the gulf coast ring.
Why would they want to do this? Retaliation.
Last month, we took And shot and killed one of their lieutenants.
We've been hearing they want payback.
It was a clean shooting.
We first caught wind of the ring two years ago.
They're disciplined, they're organized, And highly secretive.
The bust we made a few weeks ago Was the first dent we made in their operations.
But they still control Virtually all drug flow into corpus christi.
Where were you when the shootings occurred? I was home.
I was on surveillance late the night before.
Who runs the gulf coast ring? We don't know.
But we do have a profile.
We think this mr.
X is an intelligent And disciplined businessman, Mostly likely using a legitimate front as cover.
Hiding in plain sight.
That's right.
Look, most of these guys-- They want you to know who they are.
It drives them.
But this one--it's like he doesn't have an ego.
Well, that's odd, isn't it? What's that? Well, you said that mr.
X is disciplined.
Uh, I would think that Shooting five d.
Agents is anything but disciplined.
Who do you have in mind? There's a few possibilities.
Hector ruiz.
A real estate developer based in corpus christi.
But he has dealings throughout texas.
Francisco perez, a.
Paco, A colombian national with ties to a drug cartel.
Now we know he's in the city now, But we're still not sure why.
He's only been in the states a few months.
And michael ellis.
He runs a financial group.
It's mostly private equity, But some international business.
He's been investigated for tax fraud, S.
Violations But nothing's stuck.
Um, wh-who's this? It's richie vargas.
He's the ring member who got killed in the bust.
Yeah, no, the woman.
It's krystal markham, vargas' girlfriend.
You know where we can find her? Uh, we've questioned her in the past.
Few times.
She wasn't much help.
Do you know where we can find her? Wylie, you get anything From the d.
Footage we sent you? As a matter of fact, yes.
S on all three gunmen.
That was fast.
Once I pulled clean photos from the footage, It was just a matter of running a facial recognition program.
All three were in the federal database.
Well, who are they? According to corpus christi p.
, They're local street criminals.
Nothing to do with the gulf coast ring.
Well, maybe the d.
Was wrong.
Or maybe the ring freelanced out the shooting.
Addresses are current, but they're not gonna help.
Local police checked them out.
Gunmen are long gone.
So we have to wait for a hit on the b.
I hate that.
You want to take a drive down to corpus christi? Yeah, let's go.
Did you listen to the audio On the d.
Surveillance video? Yeah.
Why? Well, you couldn't see the gunmen's car, But you could hear its engine.
So? So maybe we can use that.
That's a fantastic idea.
Every engine model has its own unique audio signature.
If we can analyze the gunmen's And compare it to known engine signatures, We might just have a match.
Call me if you get something.
You got it.
He can do it? Yeah.
Krystal markham? Yes? Agent fischer with the f.
This is patrick jane.
We'd like to ask you a few questions About a recent shooting at a d.
I don't know anything about it.
Six d.
Agents lost their lives, ma'am.
Oh, yes.
I remember now.
It was on the news.
What about it? Well, some people think the gulf coast ring did it-- Revenge for the death of your boyfriend richie vargas.
Richie wasn't my boyfriend.
No? Uh What would you call him? A friend.
A good friend.
And I'm very sad that he is gone.
He-- um He was a sweet guy.
He was a gangster.
I didn't know that.
No? I never asked him what he did for a living.
That can be a rude question, you know? Excuse me.
May I go? Uh, yeah.
Of--of course.
Um, but first, could I-- could I get your phone number? I told you I don't know anything.
I believe you.
That's not why I'm asking for your number.
I'm a little out of practice.
I'm sorry.
It's been a while.
You want my number? Yes, then I could possibly call it, And maybe we could Wow.
I don't know.
I never, um Uh, that was wylie back at the office.
He'd I.
'd the gunmen's vehicle.
Late '60s chevy impala.
There are three in the area, But none of them's registered to the gunmen.
Do we know where the three are? One of them's in downtown corpus christi.
Second was spotted near the warehouse district, And the third is in bella vista, So we have our day cut out for us.
Thanks for your time, ms.
Could you give us a moment? Yeah.
Thank you.
So you--you were saying you've never I never dated a cop.
Well, nor will you now.
I'm not a cop.
Well, what are you then? I'm not a what, I'm a who.
And I'd be happy to tell you which who Over dinner.
Thank you.
I'll call you.
Maybe I'll answer.
Did you just ask her out? Yep.
Good for you I guess.
I'm surprised.
Hmm? I wouldn't have thought that she was your type.
She thinks the impala we're looking for Is in the warehouse district.
She does? How can you tell? I can tell.
Oh, you think You think she knows more than she's saying.
That's--that's why you asked her out.
I asked her out 'cause she's just my type.
She say yes? She did.
She may be your type, But you don't seem like hers.
Nah, she was happy I asked her-- Once I convinced her I wasn't a cop.
Are we gonna go anywhere? This our car? Yep.
Okay, you two take the side and the rear of the warehouse.
You're with us.
Krystal, it's patrick jane.
Give me a call when you get a chance.
I want to know if you want to meet me for dinner tonight.
Clear! Clear! Let's check the back.
We got something.
Found the gunmen.
Hey, krystal.
No, no.
Now's a good time.
So how about dinner tonight? Great.
Let's say 8:00.
Um Shall I pick you up, or-- or meet you there? Awesome.
Look forward to it.
So all three victims were killed in the same fashion.
Their throats were slit first.
That accounts for the amount of blood.
And then for good measure, I suppose, They were re-shot in the head.
Close range.
Someone sure wanted these men dead.
You work any cartel murders before? Enough to know this fits their m.
Just what I was thinking.
Got it.
Gunmen dead, justice served.
Are we gonna be here much longer? 'cause I got some plans.
Here we go.
Got a burner phone.
No numbers in the contacts.
Call log? Six calls made, all in the past three days, All to the same number.
Try it.
The phone company says the number Was disconnected yesterday.
Who was it registered to? Frank price, which just so happens to be A known alias of Francisco "paco" perez.
And has strong family ties To the espedes cartel in bogotá.
You said he's been in the states the last three months.
Doing what? Not sure.
Before that? Again, not sure.
Colombian records aren't what they could be.
And you like him for our mr.
X? Yeah.
Always have.
The other suspects-- ruiz and ellis? They fit the profile, but, uh, I've met 'em, Talked to 'em.
Running a drug ring? Murder? I don't see them as being capable.
Then why not just move in on perez? He was a hard sell to my supervisors.
Our intel tells us that perez Is a middleman between the cartel And the corpus christi drug ring, Not the man in charge.
But for my money He's the guy.
We're having a hard time tracking perez down.
What else can you tell us about him? Not much.
Perez keeps a low profile.
To be honest, I'm surprised he left behind a burner cell.
It's not like him.
It's sloppy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you gonna tell me who you are? Oh, no, that was just a sales pitch.
I never, uh, really tell anyone who I actually am.
That's why we're so well-matched.
I think you're the same.
You think? Well, uh There's a real krystal That you don't let anybody see.
Underneath the glamour and the smiles, uh, There's someone that's honest and strong and down to earth.
Well, that's the krystal I want to meet.
You throw a pretty good line For a guy who's out of practice.
I'm doing all right, am I? Excellent.
So what's with the wedding ring? Oh, um That's a long story.
Maybe we should order some drinks.
Good idea.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Great minds.
So how's--how's it going with jane and the girlfriend? Oh It's a dead end, if you ask me, But jane certainly seems to be enjoying himself.
He usually does.
From the gentlemen at the bar.
Oh, boy.
Oh, those gentlemen? Oh Oh, great.
They're coming.
Oh Hello, ladies.
I'm dale.
This is mike.
I'm kim.
I'm teresa.
Beautiful name.
Thank you.
Are you two in town for the orthodontics conference? Oh.
Uh No.
We're--we're cops.
You're kidding.
No, uh Actually, we're f.
Well It was nice to meet you.
Have a nice night.
Thank you.
Never fails.
That reminds me.
What is it? It's your badge.
District sent it to me today.
You look surprised.
No! I-- Yeah, I just--I guess it didn't feel real.
Now it's--it's real.
I'm in the f.
Thank you.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, that's the craziest story I've ever heard.
You killed him? Mm.
That explains why you still wear your wedding ring.
I guess.
You poor man.
What you've been through? I can't imagine.
Well, you've been through some tough times yourself.
Mm, nah, nothing like that.
I don't buy the tough girl act.
I think You cared about vargas a lot, And it hurt you deeply when he was killed.
Sure, it hurt.
Well, loss has its way of paralyzing you.
It It stops you from moving on in your life, And as hard as that is And as guilty as you feel, it's That's what you have to do.
Move on.
That's what I'm trying to do, anyhow.
And this investigation of yours-- Is it important? Yes.
To you, I mean? Yes.
Maybe I can help.
I thought you didn't know anything.
I didn't want to withhold information, But you have to understand, I can't Get involved in all this.
And now you can? Well, what can I say? Someone changed my mind.
What can you tell us about paco perez? He has a condo that he uses by the beach.
Richie and I went there to party a couple times.
Do you know the address? Oh, yeah, uh, It's--it's right on the water.
Is there anything else you can tell us about perez? Just that he'd probably kill me if he knew I was talking to you.
Has he threatened you before? No.
But He is a violent man.
Are you sure that this is safe? That I'm safe? You have nothing to worry about, ms.
No one outside this room will ever find out You cooperated with us.
Trust me.
Any luck? Perez was definitely living here, But no sign of him when we arrived.
You think he knew we were coming? It's hard to say, but it looks like he left in a hurry.
Tv was still on.
The condo building has security cameras.
See if you can pull the footage.
We might able to see What car he was driving or if he left with anyone.
We're on it.
All right.
All right.
Phones, computers-- Any sig intel we can use to trace perez.
I want all of it.
And he has a head start, So let's move.
Clock's ticking.
Thanks again for the ride.
It's my pleasure.
Can I walk you in? Uh If you walk me in, I might invite you in, And We both know where that would lead.
Oh, you're trouble.
Harmless as a fly.
That makes me the spider.
I don't know how I feel about that.
Right at home, I imagine.
Next time.
Okay? So there's a next time? If you want, and if you call me.
You know what I mean.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Where have you been? What are you doing here? I had nowhere else to go.
The f.
Just raided my place.
Okay, that doesn't answer my question.
Why are you here in my house? I think you know why I am here.
I think you sent the f.
To my condo.
I think you wanted them to find me and to arrest me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Enough! You know who I work for.
You know what they would do when they find out That you ratted me out to the feds.
And you know what I would do.
Don't you ever threaten me, you little bitch.
Did you forget who you're talking to? I run this town.
I'm the boss.
Show some respect.
Now Let's start over.
Why would I talk to the f.
? Don't--don't play dumb! With me out of the way, you have a straight line To the espedes cartel.
But you just can't take me out.
Otherwise, colombia? Gone.
Your product? Gone.
You? Gone.
So this little game you are playing with the f.
, It's not gonna work.
Yes It is.
Five d.
Agents are dead, And the f.
Thinks that you killed them.
I mean, I may not be able to touch you, But what if I made it look like someone else did? Oh, you never thought of that? Relax! Paco Uh If I wanted to kill you You'd be dead.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna kill you.
Not tonight, anyway.
I thought you were gonna call me tomorrow.
It's tomorrow somewhere.
Bali, I think.
It's a problem? No.
No problem.
I'm just surprised.
It happens so rarely these days.
I'm calling because I want to see you tomorrow.
You're free? Mm I have some errands to run And some things to take care of, But I should be free in the evening.
It's a date.
Good night, patrick.
Good night, krystal.
We have a b.
Out on perez.
Corpus christi p.
's gonna help with the search.
What's this? Security camera footage from perez's apartment building.
You got anything? Not yet.
The camera only catches the front of the building, So perez could have come and gone Without us even knowing about it.
Ladies, quick question.
Huh? Which shirt do I wear? Jane, we're kinda in the middle of something right now.
Please, I need the help.
It'll only take a second.
Huh? Which one? This or This? Are you sure? It's--fine, that one.
Eh Jane, really? Come on.
We're trying to track down perez.
Are you gonna actually help with this investigation, or what? Well, who says I'm not? Oh, you're helping By going on a date.
Well, it paid off once, didn't it? By the way, thank you very much for the couch.
Warms the place up tremendously.
He is up to something with that woman.
Yeah, I'll say.
I mean he knows something That he's not telling us.
I've seen it a thousand times.
I don't know.
He seemed pretty interested in her.
She's not even his type.
That's what I said.
What is his type? I don't know.
This is a dead end.
Uh Maybe perez knew about the cameras.
It was worth a try.
You're right.
At the d.
's office, the gunmen knew About two of the hidden security cameras.
But not the third.
Why? Bad intel? Maybe, but even so, where did the intel come from? How did they find out about the two hidden security cameras In the first place? I don't know.
But I do know where we can find out.
Hello, patrick.
Uh, just wanted to make sure we're still on for tonight.
Mmm, I'm looking forward to it.
Uh, do you want to come by the house? Love to.
What time? Let's say 7:00.
I'll see you then.
Comfy? Don't worry.
It'll be a short ride.
So who knew about the hidden cameras? Me.
My colleagues.
And the gunmen.
Somebody told them.
Who? Maybe someone from the cleaning crews.
One of the techs that installed the cameras.
Drug ring could have bought off any number of people.
Look, what I do know is that no one on my team would do this.
Why don't you pull up a seat? It's gonna take a minute.
You should have thought things through, paco.
You should have been smarter.
Ahh, but then You are a man.
Corpus christi police department.
How can I help you? Yes.
I think I saw the man on the news That you're looking for-- paco perez.
Where did you see him? Uh, heading into an empty house in my neighborhood.
I thought it was strange, Because the house has been empty for months.
What's the address, ma'am? I have officers responding.
If you see him, do not approach him on your own.
Understood? Yes, of course.
What's your name? Sorry to have to run.
I will kill you.
You hear me, bitch? I'll kill you! Good-bye, paco.
Uhh! You know what to do.
Just Text me when you're done.
Down! Down, down, down, down! Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! Jackson, salazar, with me.
What's up, cho? We found perez.
He's dead.
What happened? Well, it looks like he opened fire on corpus christi p.
The officers fired back.
They had more guns.
Did we get anything from the scene? A revolver.
All six rounds were fired.
But there's something strange.
I found a bullet hole in one of the window frames of the house.
So? Well, it was at the back of the house, Which means someone was shooting from the backyard.
I don't think perez was alone.
Is that Krystal markham.
Higgins had said his colleagues had interviewed her, But that's not what interested me.
Watch this.
She's looking into the camera, like she knew it was there.
I think she did.
There are beautiful.
Thank you.
It's a little old-fashioned.
I love them.
Go take a seat.
I'll put these in water.
I am right in the middle of something.
Call me back a little later.
Krystal markham is the ringleader.
Jane? Damn, he hung up! I thought we could have a drink down by the water.
My friend has a boat he lets me use.
What do you say? Sounds wonderful.
All right.
Your friend lets you borrow this? Mm-hmm.
He doesn't get a chance to use it very much anymore.
Isn't he generous? Wow, some friend.
Should I be jealous? Always.
Thank you.
How's your investigation coming? Oh, we've had some breakthroughs.
We found paco perez, thanks to you.
Oh? Is he in custody? No, uh Dead.
Corpus christi police shot him dead.
Well, at least that's what they think happened.
And you? Oh, I like to keep an open mind.
I like that about you.
Now that paco is dead, I imagine you'll be heading back to austin.
In due time.
What's keeping you here? You are.
Excuse me.
So rude.
You're a wanted man.
Maybe I'm the one who should be jealous.
It's just work.
Nothing important.
Well, personally, I hope your investigation Drags on for weeks.
And why is that? You and I are getting to know each other.
Well Sadly, I don't think it's gonna go on much longer.
I have a new theory.
Can you share it with me? Sure.
I trust you.
First thing that stuck out to me was that the gunmen Knew of two of the hidden cameras, but not a third.
Didn't make sense.
Unless, of course, the person that sent the gunmen in Wanted them to be caught.
Yeah, it is.
And the second thing? Well, it's just a theory, like I said, But this mr.
X that the d.
Keeps talking about-- We know he's disciplined, he's organized, he's careful.
And smart.
But But here's a man that runs this huge drug ring.
And doesn't just run it.
He runs it seamlessly.
And yet no one knows who he is.
He's a man that's completely void of ego.
And in all my life, I don't know That I've ever met a man who could do that.
A man who would completely shun all attention? That just got me thinking, and Well, you know, maybe this mr.
X is a woman.
That's quite an interesting theory.
Yeah, I think so.
I'm not loving this.
I think I'm gonna open another bottle.
I like it.
I'm curious about something.
And--and don't worry if you can't answer this.
I won't.
This woman-- who do you think she is? Hmm.
What makes you say that? You're smart.
Smart enough to let people think that you're not.
Which is exactly the trait That allowed mr.
X to be a mystery for all these years.
Besides, I knew better than to think That you were interested in me, because Well, you were interested in me.
You underestimate yourself.
Not this time.
Well, I guess we'll never know.
A question--if I If I am so capable Mm-hmm.
So smart, as you say, How did I end up here? Where did I go wrong? It wasn't anything you did.
You were flawless.
And the way you set the gunmen up to be caught, And killing them, and linking the murder to perez, And having perez killed the way you did-- My particular favorite.
I mean, the corpus christi police Probably still think that they shot him.
You're wrong about one thing, patrick.
I didn't have paco killed.
I shot him myself.
Ah My mistake.
Yes It is.
If you shoot me, you'll be caught.
Look around, patrick.
No witnesses.
But The f.
I Has been listening to everything you've said.
And they will be arriving Right about Now.
Nice try.
This is the f.
Drop your weapon now.
Jane? You okay? Oh, I'm fine.
You guys took your time getting here, didn't you? Another minute, I would have been B-bobbing around there in the marina Like a-a dead duck.
Maybe you'll learn your lesson.
Wh-what lesson is that? If you'd actually told us about your plan in advance, We'd have had time to get here.
I've been trying to tell him that for years.
Oh, cho, you're with me, aren't you? No, I'm with them.
You're a terrible communicator.
You're just lucky we found the right boat.
Okay, well, yeah, Maybe I need to work on my communication skills.
"but, you know, no problem.
Thanks for solving the crime, and" Just a little hypothermia.
I'll get over it.
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