The Mentalist s06e12 Episode Script

The Golden Hammer

You jackass sons of bitches! What the hell? Don't think I don't know what your game is! If I wasn't in a hurry, I'd kick your lousy butts! Hey, where you going? Somebody stop him.
Good morning.
Hey! Mr.
His name's charles whitaker -- He's a computer engineer specializing in mapmaking.
This is his workplace in houston yesterday morning.
He's saying, "stop.
" I take it he's dead.
Heart failure -- Induced by a massive overdose Of prescription and illegal drugs.
So, he o.
'd and freaked out.
Why is the fbi concerned with this? He had sleeping pills, crystal meth, mdma, And horse tranquilizers in his system, But there were no pill bottles or other drug paraphernalia Anywhere in his home.
He had no drug history whatsoever.
His security profile indicates no suicidal tendencies.
Accident or suicide is probable, but murder is a possibility.
He was definitely trying to say something before he died.
Why o.
And then decide to talk? And why does he have a security profile? Ah, there's the rub.
That's why we're looking into him at all.
Wait here.
This room makes me feel like I'm in an aquarium, and everyone's looking at me.
Well, you could very easily feel like They're all in the aquarium and you're looking at them.
What are you doing? I'm following the conversation.
The g-man says that I don't have adequate security clearance To work on the whitaker case, and fischer is arguing.
Are you reading their lips? Yeah, I would be if I didn't have to answer inane questions.
Oh, okay, boss.
I'm not your boss.
Why would you say that? It's just that sometimes now you act like you are.
But we're equals, partners.
Okay, fine.
Just remember that.
I will remember that.
I-I will.
Oh, great.
Now I don't know what they decided.
Hold on, sir.
I'm done discussing this.
Jane, I'm supervising agent daniels.
I'm in charge of security clearance for the office.
I need you to leave immediately.
This briefing is classified.
Sir, I am in the process Of getting him clearance from d.
With an fd-258.
Jane is a consultant.
The fd-258 grants temporary security clearance To local officials In the event of a terrorist attack.
He hardly qualifies.
You're right.
And if whitaker was murdered Because of his highly sensitive military work With the pentagon, I shouldn't know anything about that.
So, I'll happily leave.
What did you tell him? Nothing.
Who told you that he works for the pentagon? And consider your answer well.
You did.
Don't be absurd.
I've never seen you before.
No, but your presence here told me, Because you wouldn't be here If he worked for, uh, pottery shack or pizza barn, Would you? Excuse me? You're excused.
He's a little slow on the uptake, this one.
Fischer, this is unacceptable.
I apologize, sir -- no, no.
Don't apologize.
Don't take it out on her.
She didn't do anything.
Good morning, everybody.
What's all the rumpus? I was just explaining to agent fischer That mr.
Jane doesn't have security clearance For the whitaker case.
Well, problem solved.
I just talked to the deputy director, And he approved.
And you got the clearance in writing? Yes, sir.
Well, then, I guess all this is on you.
Carry on.
Thanks, boss.
No problem.
Congratulations, jane.
You now have full security clearance.
Very few civilians get it.
That is awesome.
Thank you so much.
Oh, oh, okay -- area 51.
What's the real story, huh? Give me the skinny.
How long had your brother lived here, mr.
Whitaker? Uh, curtis, please.
I believe it was four years or so.
Do you think it was murder? Surely, it was suicide.
How could someone feed him all those pills? Well, that's a good question.
Any guesses? No.
Did your brother have a drug problem, to your knowledge? No, never.
He was straight edge his whole life.
But for heaven's sake, why would anyone murder him? Well, there's another good question.
Any guesses on that one? No.
I'm not sure I like your manner.
That is a very nice suit.
I always liked the double-breasted, but it's -- Doesn't work on me.
I'm too short.
Did you get that in london? Yes, as a matter of fact.
You know, usually money is either earned or inherited.
Yours is both, isn't it? I suppose.
The family is established.
I'm in banking.
Bless you for your service.
And your brother drew maps, nothing fancy -- Well, compared to the rest of the family.
I did not say that.
My brother was extremely talented, But he went his own way.
My family values achievement.
Charles was a dreamer.
Did you notice anything unusual About your brother's behavior recently? Full disclosure -- there was a dispute Over some money my grandmother left.
She wanted it to go to the museum.
We were working it out.
I do know he was very excited About some new project at work.
Is this your newspaper? No.
No? No.
You can go.
Thank you, curtis.
We'll be in touch.
Thank you.
Good day to you.
Well, he's a prime suspect.
Say again? Oh, I was talking to my colleagues.
Bye, curtis.
Thank you.
Well, he is, you know? Beady eyes, a bespoke suit, the feud over granny's will -- Prime suspect.
I am gonna find a cup of tea, sit down and relax, And read this newspaper.
Call you later.
But wait a second.
We're going to cartesian, his employer.
Shouldn't you come with us? Maybe later.
I'll, uh -- I'll call you if I need you.
"if you ne--" Hi.
Avery schultz.
I'm gabriel's executive assistant.
I can take you to see him now.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave Your cellphones and your guns here, I-if you have guns.
We do, and, no, we're okay.
Oh, it's strict company policy, for security reasons.
Sweetheart, we're fbi.
I'm not gonna give up my beretta, And my phone contains protected data.
Our stuff stays with us.
I'll -- let me just check if it's okay.
You do that.
You have a beretta? Yeah.
You? I carry a glock 26, but -- Hello? Hey.
Teresa? Osvaldo ardiles.
Long time, no see.
Hey, ardiles.
How are you? How's the private practice? You know, more work, more money.
Can't complain.
How's the fbi? Uh, it's the same money, more work.
Great dental plan, though.
Hey, teresa, you think, uh, We could meet for dinner tonight? I have some business to discuss.
Dinner? Well, I-I'm in houston.
Oh, great.
I'm in chicago.
Houston is no problem.
I'll take the jet.
You have a jet that you can use to take me to dinner? What's the deal? I'd, uh -- I'd rather discuss it in person.
This is business, right? It's not, you know, personal? Oh, gosh, yeah.
Strictly business.
Well, okay, then.
You're buying.
That was weird.
Sounds intriguing.
Is there a problem? I hope not.
Gabriel said it's okay to keep your things, So right this way.
It's really sad about charles.
I saw him Sunday, and he seemed totally chill.
What do you think could have happened? That's what we're here to find out.
This is our pre-viz department -- Pre-visualization.
It -- We know.
Agents lisbon and fischer.
I'm gabriel quinn.
I run this place.
This is leo drembelas, my general counsel.
Do you need anything else? No, w-we're fine, avery.
Thank you.
Sorry about the security rigamarole.
We take every precaution we can.
So, how can we help you? I understand you think whitaker was murdered.
We can't rule it out yet.
But suicide or an accidental overdose is more likely, no? Tell us a little bit about cartesian.
We develop tactical image visualization For the armed forces.
Been around about six years.
The intelligence we develop Gets us close to a lot of bad guys overseas.
Had whitaker been working on anything sensitive recently? Ongoing projects are strictly need-to-know, But assume that everything we take on is sensitive.
How did whitaker get on here? He was a lovable goof, super-bright, Uh, kind of a big kid, gave people nicknames.
He called me "quinner.
" He put it on a t-shirt.
He was that guy.
Irritating sometimes, but nobody disliked him.
We've pinged the gps in his car, And it told us that he was here on Sunday, The day before he died.
A lot of your guys come in on weekends? Sure.
You don't take this job because it's easy.
We're going to need to speak with all of your employees, But we'd like to start With the guys that were here on Sunday.
Of course.
I'll need to sit in, as legal counsel.
Oh, sorry.
Don't -- Hey, cho, finished grilling the locals? 'cause, uh, I think I may have a lead.
I was fixing some resolution issues On our dynamic terrain simulator -- Did you talk to whitaker? Sure.
Yeah, you know, "hey.
How's it going?" Like that.
How did he seem? He was one of those guys -- he was quiet or loud.
Sunday he was quiet, like, thinking.
His brother said that he was excited about a new project.
A newproject? Why is that strange? Uh There was none.
He was stuck on this massive geo-spatial analysis report.
That's the last thing in the world You'd be excited about.
And that's all we're at liberty to divulge about that.
And did you see whitaker talk to anybody else on Sunday? Yeah, he asked hagen a lot of questions.
Martin hagen, our military liaison.
And what did whitaker say to you? He wanted to know whether any of the secret technologies Developed here has shown up in foreign hands.
And what did you say? The answer is yes, But there's always a certain amount of leakage.
And did he tell you that he thought Somebody inside the company was stealing data? He didn't say that.
But you got that impression? With all due respect, Mr.
Hagen's opinion is not germane.
Let me point out, agents, There is zero evidence of a security breach here.
We cannot even be sure a murder was committed.
Let us keep this matter in proportion.
This is a lead? It's a coded message.
See? That says what? I have no idea.
I thought you were good at code-breaking.
Yeah, that's not the point.
The point is, there's a coded message here.
Or doodles.
Oh, come on.
You know, you've read crime novels.
Y-you want to communicate with someone But not be seen with them, Then you put a message in a newspaper, And you leave it in a public place.
You think whitaker was a spy.
I think he found a spy.
He saw someone leave this paper, and he intercepted the drop.
We need to find out When and where he found this newspaper.
Espionage is a big leap from doodles in some old newspaper.
Remember -- it's still perfectly possible That whitaker killed himself.
The company whitaker worked for did some top-secret stuff.
His apartment looked like it was decorated By an 8-year-old.
He was naive, inquisitive, very clever, And he had one copy Of a very serious newspaper he never read, Which, as you can see, is faded and stained, As though it's been left outside someplace.
Now he's dead.
Okay, I have the security footage from cartesian.
The newspaper came out last Friday, So that's our starting point, obviously.
Whitaker arrives at work at 8:45.
No paper visible.
At 1:15, he comes out, probably for lunch -- No paper.
Aha! He comes back at 2:10 with a newspaper The financial record, Which he puts away inside his jacket Before entering the building.
Which way does he come from? We'll retrace his steps.
Uh, he came from the south.
Thanks, wylie.
How far south do we walk? Eventually, we'll come to a small park With a bench under a fig tree.
Why is that? Bird poop and tree sap, with a faint figgy note.
No, I'm good.
Ah, look -- Ficus rubiginosa.
It's a fig tree.
Good call, maybe.
And Yep.
That's our bench.
What, you don't know the latin for "bench"? No need to be snippy just because I was right.
I said "good call" already.
What now? Well, it's too late today.
We come back tomorrow at lunchtime, Leave the newspaper, see who picks it up.
If someone picks it up.
Oh, someone will.
I suspect the other spy comes by once a day To see if there's been a message left.
He'll keep coming until he finds a newspaper to pick up.
Or whitaker just o.
Any other brilliant breakthroughs? Otherwise, I'm gonna hit the gym.
You should hit the gym.
Jane? - Lisbon? Where are you? I'm on the scent of murder like a bloodhound.
We just questioned the staff.
Apparently, the day before he died, Whitaker was asking people about industrial espionage.
Yeah, I'm a little ahead of you on that one.
You broke into my car.
I entered your car without your knowledge.
But the good news is, tomorrow at around 2:00, This case will be cracked.
You sound awfully sure of yourself.
So, what's going on tonight? Tonight I plan on painting houston red.
Where's cho? Arm-wrestling with some heavy objects At the gymnasium.
Oh, I just want room service.
I happen to have a date.
Sorry? A date? What, like I couldn't possibly have a date with somebody? You have a date in houston? Yeah.
Remember osvaldo ardiles? Ardiles? Two words -- tassled loafers.
He's not a bad-looking man.
Tassled loafers? Oh, wait.
Hold on.
Back up.
You said you already solved the case.
Are you gonna tell us how? Oh, ask him, and he won't tell you.
Pretend you're not interested, and he might.
I'm not even gonna try.
Uh, I-I'm sorry.
Y-you said, uh, "date," and then the subject changed.
Yeah, okay.
It's not exactly a date date.
It's a business thing.
He is flying in on a private jet from chicago.
Wow, that's very impressive.
Why? I don't know.
I'm gonna find out tonight.
So, how's life in san francisco? Oh, it's good.
I'm barely there.
This case has me traveling half the month.
Big case.
Yeah, defending a cellphone company.
Competitor says my client stole their phone design, So my client's looking at $100 million in legal bills, Give or take.
I'd be happy to taksome.
Listen, the, um -- the thing is, Several times now, in meetings, uh, My phone gets hot even though I haven't used it, You know, like it's been on the whole time, Like -- like somebody hacked it and used it to listen in on me.
Ardiles, you flew here all the way from chicago To tell me your phone gets hot? Yeah.
What is it you're not telling me? Nothing.
Nothing verifiable.
Go on.
Last couple months I just get this bad, bad feeling, You know, like somebody is watching me, Somebody malicious, who really doesn't like me.
You ever get that feeling? I'm sure your company has good detectives on retainer.
Yeah, but I can't go to them 'cause I don't think it has anything to do with my business.
Why not? You said it was a big case.
It's just not the way the other side plays.
This is personal, all right? But I got no -- I got no real proof.
You know, I sound like a crazy person.
This is not in my head, teresa.
Come on.
You know me.
There is something going on, And I need the advice of a detective That I can trust 100%.
As it happens, I know exactly what you should do.
When you go back to san francisco, Call wayne rigsby and grace van pelt.
They're in the bay area, And what you need is what they do now -- Digital security.
They're good.
If there's anything going on, they'll find out.
Drink up.
Hot phones.
I think he might be losing it, but you never know.
Maybe it really is bugged.
Anyway, rigsby and van pelt could use the business.
Maybe he just wanted a date with you.
Have you considered that? Please stop.
Ardiles -- he always had a crush on you.
It's 2:23.
This is a waste of time.
Your theoretical spy isn't showing up.
You have to have patience, lisbon.
I'd rather have coffee.
There's a place over there.
You want anything? I'm good.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
Do you happen to have the time? You have a watch.
Yeah, I-I forgot to wind it.
Uh, it's almost 2:25.
Thank you.
No problem.
Did you take my phone? What? I can't -- I can't find my phone.
No, I didn't take anything from you.
Then where is my phone? How would I know? Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute! Help! Police! Police! This man stole my phone.
What's going on? He stopped me and he asked me the time And he just snatched my phone right out of my hand.
He's a thief.
He is lying! He stopped me, he asked for the time, and I -- Sir, sir, is that true? No, sir.
He stopped me, he asked for the time, and -- This man is crazy.
Uh, liar.
Could you call my phone, please? Yes.
Thank you.
That's my phone.
That's my ringtone.
Very good.
You tricked me.
Thank you.
Very good.
Very good.
Oh, you're gonna let him just walk away? Sir, sir, I didn't tell you you could leave.
How did this phone get in your pocket? What's happening? A whole lot is happening.
I-I have no idea.
And magically his phone appeared in your pocket? So, mr.
Hassan zarif, you're in quite the pickle.
Please, before you waste valuable breath, I will not boondoggle with the fbi.
What do you want to know? How long have you been buying intelligence From inside cartesian? Uh, a year, about.
From who? I do not know.
My client arranged the first purchase.
And who's your client? They're far away abroad and very powerful and very rich.
And I will never tell you their names, Even if you torture me.
So, tell us about the seller inside cartesian.
I know nothing.
I mean -- all contact is anonymous.
When the seller has a file to sell, He drops a newspaper at the park.
We have a simple code.
This one says "same price as last time.
" Then what happens? UmWe have another spot in the same park For the actual exchange.
I leave cash.
The seller picks it up, Leaves a flash drive with the data.
I-I paid $475,000 in total.
But you have no idea who this person is? No, sir, I do not.
Do you know a charles whitaker? No.
He worked at cartesian, Died two days ago -- heart failure.
May he rest peacefully.
What of it? We think he was murdered, either by your client or you Or whoever you're buying from.
I see.
That puts a different complexion.
Very sad.
Uh, my client did not kill this person.
I assure you.
The arrangement was too lucrative.
I did not do it for the same reason.
I mean -- you must believe me.
Yes, we must.
The spy inside cartesian is the killer, And I have an excellent plan for their capture.
Which is what? Well, our mystery spy had something to sell.
That's why they left a newspaper, But whitaker screwed it up.
So they still have something to sell.
And they don't know we intercepted their buyer.
They'll try again.
They just need to be lulled into a false sense of security.
And how do we lull them like that? We need to arrest someone else And charge them with whitaker's murder.
We can't arrest people under false pretenses.
We can't? No.
Why not? It's illegal.
Well, that's a problem.
I guess we need to think outside of the box.
That's always a bad sign.
I amrelaxed.
Really? I've seen rodeo bulls more relaxed.
Okay, I'm not relaxed.
You're acting like you used to act In the early days, and it makes me nervous.
How did I act in the early days? You were crazy.
I'm not anymore.
You're not? Nope.
Then what are you? I'm fine.
I know how to calibrate these things.
How can I help you? The question is, how may I help you? I don't follow.
Well, as you can imagine, mr.
Whitaker, I've been watching you very hard -- Very, very hard.
I know what you did.
Oh, yeah, I know.
What do you mean? What did I do? You want me to say it out loud? Most people would pay me to keep quiet.
Are you asking me for a bribe? How dare you?! Um Oh, my god! Is that gonna do? Sir, you're under arrest for battery.
Daniels, call someone! This is ridiculous.
What is happening? Lawyer.
Curtis -- Call me mr.
And I want to speak with my attorney.
Whitaker, you don't need a lawyer.
Damn right.
Any clown on the street could tell you That battery charge won't stick.
I was grossly insulted by that -- that man, And I was falsely arrested.
You're right.
It was a pretext to get you off the street In a conspicuous way.
What? I'm very sorry for any trouble that you've been caused.
We need your help.
My help with what? We think that charles was hunting for a spy at work.
Hunting for a spy? Charles made maps.
Right, but the company that he worked for, They're a pentagon subcontractor -- Battlefield apps.
Somebody was stealing And selling sensitive military data.
Charles caught on to it.
Sounds exactly like the kind of half-baked fantasy Charles would have cooked up.
Except it's true.
You're saying my brother got killed for rooting out a spy? Yes.
And now you need my help? We need his killer to feel safe enough to make one more deal.
We need them to think no one's looking at them, So we need someone else to look at, Someone plausible.
That's an absurd idea.
Is this really how the fbi operates? Really? We're a specialized unit.
What if I say no? Then we'll press the battery charges.
But you just admitted those were bogus.
Only to you.
Either way, you're staying here.
This is outrageous.
I swear, my attorneys will -- Curtis This isn't about you.
This is about national security and justice for your brother.
So deal with it.
As a courtesy, we wanted to update you On the whitaker case.
We saw the news.
You arrested his brother? Yes.
We haven't charged him yet, but soon.
There was a dispute over some money that a relative left.
Curtis got greedy, it looks like.
I didn't know there was money in the family.
Several million.
Is there anything else you need from us, agents? No, no.
We just wanted you to hear it from us.
And we know charles had a lot of friends in the building.
I just can't believe it.
It's so sad.
It's very sad, but family feuds run deep.
We see this sort of thing all the time.
Yeah, of course.
Well, have a safe trip back to austin.
And you haven't made any phone calls Since the incident? On my cell? No.
I bought a burner.
Can you believe that? Me in some grimy back alley buying a prepaid phone From a kid who probably stole the thing.
Oh, that was smart -- If, in fact, your digital life has been compromised.
You two can do this? You can take over someone's phone? Yeah.
'cause whoever's doing this to me, I want to nail them.
I want to destroy them.
I'm sorry.
This one will not go to sleep.
No, I'm -- I'm sorry.
I got excited.
Look, we can't wage war on whoever bugged your phone -- If you were bugged.
That's just not a service that we provide.
I understand.
We'll start by looking into your phone, And as soon as we know anything, you'll know.
Thank you.
And you understand the pricing schedule? Yep, I do.
It's no problem.
Do whatever it takes.
Look, I'm scared.
And I want this fixed.
All righty, then.
We'll be in touch.
This is juicy.
But like lisbon said, he seemed a little out there.
Still no action at the park benches.
No sign of anyone approaching from either side of the plaza.
No kidding.
Maintain radio silence Unless you have something to say.
Yes, sir.
You tell 'em, cho.
This is like a stakeout of old -- You, skeptical and grumpy.
Me, confident, cheerful.
You're only being cheerful to irritate me.
I'm cheerful because I get to sit here with you In this park on such a beautiful day.
Son of a gun.
It's avery schultz.
Is she a real person? It's the c.
's secretary.
That's our target.
Move in.
Stop! Fbi! Fbi! Move! Move! Move! Fbi! Stop! Avery schultz.
You're under arrest.
Come on out of there.
I would have never thought it was her.
Really? You surprise me.
You normally have such good people instincts.
I do? No, I'm kidding.
Well, I was kidding that I was kidding.
You have very good people instincts.
It's just you're people skills are a little Oh, you're hilarious.
Nicely done, cho.
You look great in that hat.
We searched your apartment.
Some nice shoes, but otherwise kind of spartan.
Your buyer says he paid you almost $500,000.
My mom has medical issues.
And I have drug issues, to be frank.
So the money goes.
How'd you get started in the espionage business? My dad was a big-deal currency trader Until he went bust.
We lost everything.
Five years ago, he killed himself.
I was desperate, So a man reached out to me on the internet, Said he was a friend of my father's, Said he was a journalist, Said he would pay me for gossip from the high-tech world.
It grew from there.
And what's the name of this man? Oh, he doesn't exist.
He is a crime syndicate in russia someplace, I think.
By the time I realized that, it was too late.
I had gone too far already.
When I said I wanted to stop, They threatened to tell cartesian what I had been doing, SoI had to keep doing it.
Then that idiot started following me.
Charles whitaker.
I had a feeling someone was watching, But you do, don't you? When you're doing stuff like that, you get paranoid.
So I forced myself to ignore the feeling.
Big mistake.
We were both in the office on Sunday.
He told me he knew what was going on.
Avery, we work for the pentagon.
W-what you're doing They call treason.
You have to stop.
Treason? Charles, it's a game.
It's something we do for fun, Me and bunch of friends from college.
We've been doing it for years.
It's like a scavenger hunt.
So, you're not selling stuff? Me? A spy? Really? No.
It's just a game.
But I knew that lie was not gonna hold him for long.
I knew I had to keep him quiet.
So I went to see him early Monday.
Can we talk? Sure.
Come in, I guess.
I put enough drugs in him to kill a horse.
He didn't look it, but that guy was strong.
Shame you had to kill him.
Hey, you're a cop.
You're not a judge.
Don't judge me.
I had no choice.
No, you had a choice.
Yeah, I could have given up.
But I don't give up.
And that is a virtue.
It's not a sin.
Wayne? Hey, grace, I can't contact ardiles.
His office hasn't heard from him since Friday.
Can't exactly call the guy And tell him his cellphone's been bugged.
Can you ping his cellphone, try and figure out where he is? Sure thing.
Yeah, got it.
Hey, are you gonna be home for dinner? Uh, yeah, sure.
Are you at that dirty taco truck? I can literally hear you trying to think up an excuse.
That's the sound of me eating a taco.
Salad tonight.
I promise.
I love you.
Hey, baby.
What are you doing? The national intelligence distinguished service medal -- For your brother's selfless contributions To the intelligence community.
You should be very proud of him.
Now we'll get you to the presentation room, okay? Agent fischer, you coming along? Cho and lisbon are already there.
Ah, I'll be along in a moment, sir.
Okay, he's gone.
Just being considerate.
Seeing me again would have spoiled his big day.
Oh, by the way, I just, uh -- I found the trailer I was looking for.
You can have any vehicle you want, And you choose an airstream trailer? But that -- it's for an old retired couple.
I think it's an elegant solution -- An office and a vehicle in one.
Could change my entire approach to solving crimes.
I won't fight you on that.
Hey, what did you say to him that made him so angry that he hit you? Oh, I have a foolproof line.
This is wayne.
Leave a message.
Wayne, uh, call me back as soon as you get this.
Actually, don't call me back.
Just, uh, m-meet me at the corner where you had lunch.
I'll be waiting for you.
Don't worry.
It's not the kids.
The kids are safe.
Ardiles isn't the only one being bugged.
It's all of us.

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