The Mentalist s06e13 Episode Script

Black Helicopters

Oh, no.
Oh, damn it! Get the kids inside! Let's go! Move! All right, you know what to do! Quickly! Quickly! Get them inside! All right, let's go, men.
This is not a drill.
Take the guns.
Get your ammo.
I'm special agent dennis abbott with the fbi.
Means nothing here.
Well, that's okay, son.
I'd like to speak with whoever's in charge here.
They'll send someone out if they want to send someone out.
Easy! Easy.
Guys, does it have to be so serious? Can we just relax a little? It's the d.
Need to get used to it.
Your victim was a high-profile u.
The solicitor general's demanding answers.
Esta calle está bloqueada.
Uh, no problemo, moises.
Uh, they're -- they're with me.
Hey, jane.
How was the flight? Fine.
How long you been here? Oh, about an hour or so.
Yeah, that thing is very smooth, very smooth on the freeway.
I told you it'd be faster to drive.
Where's, uh, lisbon? No lisbon? Back in austin.
She's still dealing with ardiles' murder.
Uh, dos champurrados, uh, para mi amigos.
Oh, I'm fine.
No, thanks.
You're missing out.
It's very, very good.
Uh, commander delgado, Special agent fischer, special agent cho.
Mucho gusto.
As soon as I heard the victim was an attorney for the u.
Government, I made this case my top priority.
This way, please.
So, commander delgado, how did you I.
The body so quickly? Medical alert bracelet.
This is edith firlock, Had a severe nut and dairy allergy.
That's not what killed her.
It was a bullet to the brain.
I've already conducted my examination.
What time was the body found? Lack of blood on-scene suggests that she was shot somewhere else And dumped here.
Any witnesses see the body arrive? None that will talk about it.
Clean shot to the back of the head, execution-style.
Could be juarez cartel.
The local police are exploring that angle right now.
I'm telling you guys, The commander and I have been through all of this.
Let's just save a little time, shall we? Have a look at the t-shirt.
Hmm? The sandals.
And this Tattoo.
It looks like an insignia.
So, she has a tattoo and likes casual clothing.
But she doesn't.
She's a federal attorney.
The clear nail polish and the conservative hairstyle Suggest that she -- She worked very hard to look well-groomed And authoritative Yet she's dressed up as an old-fashioned hippie.
Hmm? It's a costume.
What is that about? Firlock lived in fort worth.
Do we know why she was in mexico? Nah, she had no official business down here.
Border patrol says edith firlock never crossed into mexico.
We have no record of her flying or driving here.
Well, she crossed the border somehow.
I'll call wylie, check the surveillance on our side.
So, lunch.
You like tamales? Ms.
Graham? Just call me elsie.
Oh, before I forget, this was edith's.
They asked me to bring it.
Thank you.
Please, take a seat.
Edith was always on that thing.
If she wasn't prepping for a case, she was photo-sharing.
And how long had you been renting a room from edith? Five years.
We met when she helped me beat An intent-to-distribute charge.
Never carry a suitcase across state lines for a man, No matter how good he looks.
Can you think of anybody in edith's life Who may have had a problem with her? With edith? No one.
She was the genuine article.
A little gruff, but she saw the good in people.
Certainly saved my life.
Uh, you're the last person we can find who saw her, And that was yesterday at what time? I was leaving for the early shift when I ran into her.
Said she'd be back later that evening.
Now she's dead.
Did she say where she was going? I didn't ask.
And you're sure she was planning on coming home last night? She had a deposition this morning.
Edith would've never missed that.
Her clients were her life.
If firlock drove from forth worth to juarez, She wasn't planning to stay long.
That's a half-day drive each way.
Not to mention the time she would've spent just getting through the border crossing.
Oh, it's -- it's not that bad.
Shorter than airport traffic, apparently.
I, uh -- I got some lunch.
Tamales de carnitas.
Cho, little napkin, there.
There we go.
Thank you.
What if the victim didn't drive herself to mexico? You mean what if she was abducted? Yeah, that's a possibility.
What do you think, jane? Well, I think you're gonna want some salsa verde with that.
There you go.
What do you think about the case? Well she was in costume, Pretending to be an old, leftist hippie.
Uh, you solve that mystery, And I think you'll catch your killer.
If you're right.
Well, it does require paying attention To some of the details.
Everyone betrays truths about themselves.
Speaking of which, ah, cho Almost forgot.
I got you those at the marketplace.
Mexican jumping beans.
I knew you'd love them.
I used to love jumping beans.
Totally forgot about them.
How did you know? Well, knowing what people secretly want is what I do.
Really? What do I secretly want? You sure you want me to answer that? Tell me.
Well, how about I do one better? I'll just get you one.
It'll be my little gift to you.
One what? Come in! Commander, thank you very much.
What a great lunch suggestion.
It's delicious.
You want some? No, no.
I'm good.
I just came to let you know that this isn't a cartel hit.
How can you be sure? The local police tell me that there's a field Very close, very secluded, Where the juarez cartel put their bodies.
It's a custom.
Everybody around here uses the field When they have a body to dump.
So not a local.
Could be an old client with a beef, Blames his lawyer for prison time, wants payback.
We need to look at firlock's case files.
I'll call abbott.
Meet you back in austin? Yeah.
I may be a little delayed.
I want to go take another look at the crime scene before I roll out of here.
According to firlock's colleagues, She had the best record of any defense attorney In the fifth circuit.
Gave the ausas hell, And did it with very little money.
No wonder she was highly sought after.
But still, being a federal public defender Seems like a thankless job.
And they also said that threats of violence from her clients Were very common.
These case files just arrived from fort worth.
Fischer and cho are on their way to help you dig into 'em.
Looks like fun.
What exactly are you looking for, mr.
Jane? Well You didn't know there was a body dump near here, But, you know, that's to be expected.
You're an important state official.
But the locals knew.
And what better way is there To hide your involvement in the crime Than to frame a cartel? There is no better way.
So why dump the body here and not in the body dump? Must be because it's more convenient here.
But why is it more convenient? Mr.
Jane! Mr.
Jane? What have you got, wylie? I searched border surveillance for a 100-mile radius Around the city of juarez.
And did firlock's car pass through? No.
Her vehicle didn't clear any bridges or border crossings In the past 24 hours.
Well, if she was abducted, She might've been in a different vehicle.
It's possible, but not likely.
Well, first of all, Her car should've been found abandoned by now.
We have half of texas looking for it.
Then there's the thermal-imaging scanners at the border.
Even a body in a trunk will have registered a heat signature, But there were no suspicious reports last night.
All right.
What about illegal routes? I checked with the d.
, I.
, and border patrol -- No unusual sightings.
I-I-it's like firlock appeared in juarez out of thin air.
Hey, jane.
I-I think I know how edith made it to mexico, But I need you to track my phone.
Uh, just tell me where you are.
Well, that's the problem.
I don't really know where I am.
Jane, I'm gonna need a little more information than that.
What's wrong with jane? I don't know.
Jane, are you there? Well, these are the coordinates jane was calling from.
No, this can't be right.
We had to cross the border.
The map says we're in gentry, texas, now.
We left jane in mexico.
Well, the rio grande's right down there.
Let me try calling him again.
We got a truck coming down the road.
What the hell you doing? This is private property! Fbi.
Put down the rifle.
Show me your badge.
Can't do that until you lower your weapon.
I ain't lowering my weapon until you show me a badge.
Uh, hey, guys.
Sorry to interrupt.
UmJust listen.
Whatever happens -- whatever happens, don't shoot.
Ah! Jane? Jane, where did you come from? Mexico! In a tunnel! This is the juarez cartel we're talking about.
I had no choice but to let them dig that tunnel! You let them build a thousand-yard tunnel into your land, And yet you got nothing in return, mr.
Phelps? Of course I did.
But what was I supposed to do? They threatened my family.
We found blood on your land, a lot of it 200 feet from your tunnel's entrance.
I don't know anything about that.
Type "b," same as edith firlock.
Who is edith firlock? The innocent woman you killed And dragged through the tunnel and dumped in juarez.
It's only a matter of time before we find your dna On her body.
That's not how it happened at all.
No? Tell me.
Early yesterday morning, I went to check on the cattle, Saw some buzzards.
Drove out, thinking that one of my herd was down.
Found that woman dead.
She was lying there with her arms crossed, all creepy-like.
Last thing I needed was cops snooping around.
So I moved her.
What'd you do with her car? There was no car.
It was just the body.
Phelps is guilty of many things That will put him in jail for a long time.
But you don't think he killed firlock.
No, I don't.
Neither do I.
No? We would've found more blood in the tunnel.
So we agree.
I won't tell anyone if you don't.
But someone did kill that woman on phelps' property, Someone who didn't know about the tunnel, Or they would've hidden the body themselves.
What I'm more interested in is how phelps found the body.
With her arms crossed.
Well, it suggests a degree of care.
So you think the killer knew firlock.
Oh, great.
Is this what I secretly want? Yeah, this better be good.
Agent fischer, I-I completed an image search for that tattoo you sent over.
I'm sorry it took so long.
Firlock's tattoo is an insignia For a legal defense fund that closed down 25 years ago.
She was a member? That's right.
They represented fringe groups, uh -- Oh, my god.
Is that a tamagotchi? Excuse me.
May I? Thank you.
I-I bought that for you.
I loved these things so much as a kid! I-I-I killed my fair share, but I'm gonna keep this one alive.
Thank you so much! My pleasure.
You must've been a real hoot At other kids' birthday parties.
What was firlock doing in gentry? It's a long way to drive for a day trip.
But it's a nice drive, though.
How you doing on the case files? They put me to sleep.
I decided to take a break and look at her photo-share site.
Check this out.
These are the pictures she downloaded The night before she left for gentry.
Farmers market.
I wonder where it is.
Well, that's easy -- gentry.
How do you know? Those wind turbines are the same ones You can see from phelps' ranch.
Okay, so she sees these photos on the internet, And the next day, she jumps in her car For an all-day road trip? Why does somebody do that? Well, that corn on the cob looks very tasty.
I could drive my airstream down to gentry.
Want to join me? In the silver bucket? No, thanks.
Well, fischer it is, then.
I'm still trying to track down whoever tapped our cellphones And killed ardiles.
Van pelt's got a lead, but I'm waiting for a judge to sign off on a warrant To search the property.
Well, j.
Owes me a favor.
Laroche? Yeah, I heard he's working internal affairs at sfpd.
You snap your fingers, I bet he'll come running.
Uh, we're the last people he'd want to help.
He lost his job because of us.
Well, I'm not saying he's gonna want to help us, But if you just mention that I'm involved And that, uh, you know, he kind of owes me a favor, I think he'd be glad to help.
Just saying.
We're here already? Yeah, well, we've been on the road for five hours.
Guess I dozed.
All right.
Let's go meet the locals.
Here are some photos of the victim we can show.
Well, it's lunchtime.
There's too many people.
Better to wait till the crowd thins a bit.
Where you going? I Am going To take a little nap.
You're gonna sleep on the job? Hi, there.
I was wondering if you'd seen this woman Anywhere around here in the past couple of days.
We're trying to track her down.
Who are you? Kim fischer.
I'm with the fbi.
Yeah, I don't know anything.
I will take that as a "no.
" Thank you for your time.
I'll take one of those.
Our peanut butter is all-natural and hand-ground.
Thank you.
Mmm! Wow, that's really delicious.
Um -- clancy.
Clancy, you look like a man who knows his way Around this market.
Well, I've been working here for a couple of years, so I could use your help.
Have you seen this woman? She might've been here a few days ago wearing a "free mandela" t-shirt.
Oh, yeah.
I remember the t-shirt.
I believe I gave her a sample.
Do you remember anything else? Uh, did she have anyone with her? So, are you the cop lady everybody's talking about? Cop lady? Uh, I'm with the fbi.
As an officer of the law, you're required to announce yourself.
Uh, an innocent woman was murdered.
I'm just looking for information.
Oh, you want the truth, and yet you approach me with artifice.
What's your name? Special agent fischer.
"Special," indeed.
Uh, well, agent fischer, How do you expect anyone to follow the rules of the government If you won't follow them yourself? Hello, laroche.
Looks like you're keeping busy.
As keen-eyed as ever, young rigsby.
Van pelt.
Are you enjoying internal affairs? Dealing with mistrust and disdain For half the paycheck I got at cbi? No, I am not enjoying internal affairs.
But you're not here to discuss my problems, are you? I believe lisbon called.
Your old team's phones are being bugged, ardiles' murder -- Yes, she -- she told me.
To be honest, I am not interested In the headache that seems to accompany you all.
As bad as this job is, it's drama-free.
Good day.
Uh, we were told to remind you that you owe jane.
And if you help us out, your debt with him will be settled.
I willSecure the warrant and search the premises.
I will let you know if I find anything.
I would like to assist with the search.
You're no longer on active duty.
, our lives are at risk here.
Let's go.
Tough rodeo.
Tough, but not without rewards.
Clancy at the peanut-butter stand Remembers giving firlock a sample.
Well, that's interesting.
Once he heard I was fbi, He shut down like everybody else.
Maybe someone found out firlock was a federal p.
And took offense.
Well, that's a reasonable theory.
But it's wrong.
Where are you going? Uh, well, you said that edith Accepted a peanut-butter sample? Why would she do that? Her medical alert bracelet Said that she was allergic to nuts.
My turn.
Would you care to try some freshly ground peanut butter? Oh, yeah.
Don't mind if I do.
That is delicious.
You make that? Sure did.
Let me get a jar of that for the road.
Thanks, and, um Oh, and this, one of those.
Thank you.
Mm, how's $10 for both? Very reasonable.
Where you headed? Uh, probably west.
Yeah, no -- no set plan, Just looking for some level road to set the silver sovereign on.
It's a nice rig.
Yeah, it's home.
At least till I find someplace to settle down.
Gonna get myself a farm one day.
It's a good life.
"gadsden grove.
" "citizens farm.
" What's the deal with that, huh? Just homesteaders, focusing on living our own way.
Oh, yeah.
Like -- like a commune? Nah, none of that hippie stuff.
No, we're just steering clear Of the power grab going on out there.
I feel you.
If a man wants justice and freedom in this world, He's got to get it himself.
That's right.
Well, nice talking to you.
Thank you.
Better hit the road.
Hey, you know, if, uh -- If it's farming you like, you should come visit us, Take a look-see.
Well, I don't want to be any trouble.
No trouble.
Actually, I'm heading back there right now.
Yeah, sure, why not? That's a very generous offer.
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
You, too.
We got a report on an abandoned vehicle That matches the description of edith firlock's car.
Really? Where is it? Ditched in a gully not far from your current location.
I'll drive over there with jane, And we'll check it out.
Hey! Hey, jane! Jane! Yes, sir.
Sitting on 1,000 acres.
Plenty of space for crops, gardens, Private living quarters.
It's a sweet setup.
It's home.
Fully licensed under the state's concealed-carry laws.
Most of us on the farm here choose to exercise Our second-amendment rights.
Well, if you like it, I love it.
How'd you end up here? Well, like you, I looked to the government for answers After I got discharged Only it didn't show up.
So I turned to the bottle for support.
WellI've been there.
Lucky for me, the farmer that owned this place saw my struggle And helped me turn my life around.
When he died, he left me all this, So I decided to do for others what he did for me -- Help people find a place to be free.
That's very impressive.
We're always open to good people.
Oh, I don't know.
Can't stay on the road forever, patrick.
Gotta let it take you someplace.
Stay the night.
Think about it, huh? Jane, where were you all night? I, um I slept at the compound.
With the peanut-butter people? Yeah.
They're really very nice.
Very nice.
And -- and the air here is so clean.
I slept like a baby.
Are you ever coming back? Yeah, well, as soon as I figure out who killed edith firlock.
What makes you think the killer's there? Well, she drove down to gentry To get in touch with someone from the peanut farm.
I mean, why else would she dress like a rebel And accept a food sample That could possibly send her into anaphylactic shock? Do you have any leads? No, but I have a plan.
Daylight's a-burning, pilgrim.
Oh, uh, I'll be right out! Um, I'm gonna need, uh, a black helicopter and A tank.
Yeah, right.
I'm serious.
What? I'm serious! I know what we signed up for.
I-I know that we have to support him And take a back seat to his whims.
But he abandoned me at the farmers market yesterday.
Okay, well, l-let's just think about this for a second.
Jane is making a sincere effort to fit in.
No, he's not.
Look at what he gave me yesterday, huh? A robot.
N-no, no, this is just not a robot.
This is voltron, okay? I used to love this when I was a kid.
DennisHe ditched me.
Well, that's not cool.
No! No, that is far, far from cool.
Okay, did jane have something to say about it afterwards? W-- uh, who knows! He hasn't responded To my texts or my phone calls ever since.
I -- look, where do we draw the line? How far do we bend for this man? I just got off the phone with jane.
He says he needs a black helicopter, a convoy of vans, And whatever you have that looks most like a tank.
Uh, uh, fischer -- What's her problem? She'll be fine.
What in the hell were you just talking about? Pretty handy with that hammer.
Oh, I've used one a time or two in my life.
Where'd you grow up? What's wrong, patrick? That helicopter -- it's circling us.
Must be some border issue.
It's unmarked, Dark-colored.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Somebody doesn't want us to know who they are.
What was that about? Well, I don't want to freak anyone out, But this is usually how it starts.
They scope the property out right before they, uh Before what? That fbi agent yesterday, the one marcia got a picture of.
You know, she was trying to question us About this missing woman.
Feds must think we took her.
Or killed her.
This will not do.
We're good people.
This is sovereign land.
Guys are a little paranoid, aren't you? It's not waco.
It was one helicopter.
One black helicopter -- never a good sign Unless, of course, you're lost.
Yeah, better safe than sorry.
We should be preparing ourselves.
Prepare ourselves for what? A black helicopter was surveilling the property Not 10 minutes ago.
A raid? Maybe.
There's, like, a convoy of government vehicles headed our way.
How many? A lot.
Oh, my god.
I'll open the gun locker.
Whoa, now.
We need guns? Really? It's just a helicopter, a few vans.
Easy, fellas.
Guys, does it have to be so serious? Can we just relax a little? Guns down, people.
Go ahead.
Guns down.
All right, everybody.
Lower your weapons.
That's better.
We came here to talk.
No gunplay, please.
My name's alex mildray.
I speak for gadsden grove.
Mildray, we have a warrant to search these premises.
Search it for what? Evidence pertaining to the abduction and murder Of edith firlock.
Never heard of her.
Well, that may be.
But somebody on this farm has heard of her.
Look, we're coming in, sir, And I'd like to have your cooperation before we do that.
You and I have the power to save lives right now If we can work this out.
I speak for the farm, but I don't decide.
We gotta put it to a vote.
I give you an hour to persuade your people to stand down.
Then we're coming in Whether you voted for it or not.
What do we want to do, people? Do we want to let the feds in here? No! They say there's a murder suspect among us.
How do we even know that's true? We can't let the government roll all over us.
Right! They done that all our lives.
Isn't that why we came here? I like what you're doing here, and I want to help you.
Will you let me speak to them now? I'm gonna say something that may shock you, But if you work with me, I guarantee you will come out of this a big hero.
You will be golden.
I promise.
Yes? Yeah.
Okay, people.
Fellow citizens, my name is patrick.
I'm not just a citizen.
I'm also a sort of indentured servant to the fbi out there.
You're fbi? I'm with them, not of them.
Let him speak.
It's the truth.
There's a killer amongst you -- Murdered a good woman by the name of edith firlock.
You know, I can find this bloodthirsty killer right now, And I can take him out of here, And I can do it without letting those accursed feds Cross your property line.
How does that sound? Keep talking.
Edith firlock drove down to gentry To, uh, catch up with someone from her distant past -- A past where she was a leftist lawyer.
So anyone under the age of 45, Please go to the back of the barn right now.
Under the age of 45 -- back of the barn.
The rest of you, please Stay here.
Now, my guess as to what happened here -- Edith firlock knew a lot of radical fringe types From the old days.
One of those old friends Is on the run And using your farm to hide out.
Now, I think edith figured that out And came down to pay a visit.
Any takers? The killer also owns their own gun.
Who here doesn't own a firearm? To the back of the barn, please.
Now we're getting close.
The killer's starting to get nervous.
The killer feels like it's 110 degrees in here.
The killer's starting to feel faint, it's so hot.
Which is not you or you.
Now we're getting very, very close.
And I would suggest that the killer can now see edith Every time they blink.
You can see her, right? Coming for revenge.
Right in the corner of your vision.
That poor woman.
Oh, stop it! Marcia, right? What's your real name, huh? This is a lie! Remember who he is! He's a fed! He's the enemy! Marcia Marcia! Marcia! You don't want to do this.
Don't tell me what I want! I am so sick of you telling everybody what they want, What to do, how to think! Marcia It's over.
I ran your fingerprints, And they tell an interesting story, marcia.
Or Perhaps I should say Rachel.
In 1986, you were implicated in an eco-terrorism bombing Just south of the canadian border.
You call it "terrorism.
" We called it "liberating nature.
" Edith firlock's defense fund represented you Until you skipped bail.
You know, 27 years is a long time to be on the run.
Oh, it's not so bad once you get past the first 10 years.
Until the past shows up on your doorstep.
She said she saw my picture on some travel blog, That she recognized me instantly.
Rachel solket I believe we need to talk.
She told me that if she found me, It was only a matter of time before the authorities did.
So firlock showed up to help you.
Yeah -- help me turn myself in.
But you had no intention of turning yourself in.
None whatsoever.
So you shot her at phelps' ranch, And then you went back to the market.
She should have left well enough alone.
It was all her fault.
Hey, laroche.
Do you have news? I got the warrant.
I have a physical address in sacramento.
Heading there now.
That's great.
Where is it? Looks like it's in the warehouse district.
Send me the address.
I'll join you.
Do you remember nothing from our conversation? Yeah, but I can help you.
I will search and let you know If I find anything worth your time.
Listen, laroche, I -- good-bye, rigsby.
Hey, honey, you catch that? Yeah.
Looks like he's headed towards elk grove.
I'll text you the address once his car stops.
Uh, wayne Be careful.
I love you.
Love you.
What do you want? Oh, just wanted to apologize For leaving you out there without a ride.
I understand.
All in the line of duty.
I got you that thing you wanted.
Oh, my god.
How did you Where'd you get that? Jane gave it to me.
Jane gave you a wand? When I was a girl, I thought I could change so many things If I just had one of these.
Change what kind of things? Oh, you know, uh, make myself invisible, Transport myself to magical places.
You must have been disappointed when it didn't work.
I never got one.
My mom thought all that princess stuff was stupid nonsense.
She was right, of course.
Of course.
If you former cbi people are one thing, it's predictable.
I can explain.
I need to search the premises alone.
You stay outside.
Police! Police! Search warrant! Rigsby! Everything okay? No.
It's not okay.
This place is creepy.
If you think I'm gonna search this dump by myself, You are gravely mistaken.
Do you hear that? Yeah.
It sounded like a man talking.
! MyDog.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just -- Just stay with me.
Just s-stay -- stay with me.
It's okay.
It's okay.

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