The Mentalist s06e14 Episode Script

Grey Water

Two drops in each ear twice a day.
We're gonna fix you right up, kid.
Shouldn't lisbon have called by now? She said she would call when there was a break in the case.
I mean, maybe there wasn't one.
I'm gonna call her anyway.
You're such a worrier.
Can you take her? Yeah.
No, I'm not! Except for when there's things to worry about.
Hello? Hey, it's rigsby.
Any news? I was gonna call you from the car.
Sfpd is sending the case over to us.
Hey, they got the case from sfpd.
Oh, that's great.
That's great.
How'd you convince them? When you're fbi, people tend to give you what you want.
Had they developed any leads? Not really.
They agree that whoever murdered laroche and ardiles Bugged our phones.
It's probably somebody we arrested at the cbi, Someone holding a grudge.
I'm putting together a list.
I'll keep you posted.
That's great.
I'll talk to you soon.
Wayne? Coming.
Can you give her her drops while I get her bath started? Oh, sure.
Go see daddy.
Come on.
There we go.
All righty.
Let's see what we got.
Grace? All righty, kiddo.
This won't hurt a bit.
At least I, uh, think it won't.
No! Wayne! Are you all right?! Wayne, is she hurt? Is she hurt? She's okay.
She's okay.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
She's okay.
We're okay.
And if she has trouble falling asleep, Try taking her for a ride in the car.
That usually puts her right out.
I'll call you later.
Maddy's gonna be fine with your aunt.
I know.
And ben's gonna be fine with his mother.
They're both gonna be just fine.
Hey, come on.
Welcome to austin.
You okay? Yeah.
We're okay, considering.
You settled into your motel? Uh, yeah.
Well, we heard back From the crime techs in san francisco.
It looks like the intruder Got into your house through a basement window That wasn't on your alarm system.
Did forensics find anything? No, ballistics ran the casings That were recovered from the crime scene.
There weren't any matches.
Any eyewitnesses? People heard shots, but nobody saw anything.
Come on.
We're just about to start the briefing.
We're gonna get this guy.
Come on.
We believe the assailant is the same person That killed attorney osvaldo ardiles And former california bureau of investigation agent J.
Now, in your packets, You'll find a preliminary list of suspects.
Some are still incarcerated, But it's possible he's orchestrating this from prison.
Now, there are 12 names, so we have our work cut out for us.
Acquaint yourselves with the case files.
I'll be assigning individual suspects for you to investigate Later this morning.
Thank you.
Good to see you, guys.
Yeah, you, too.
How you doing? All right.
Just got word that the fbi has officially hired you As consultants for the case.
You're the ones who first found out we were being tracked.
You know this case better than anybody.
Don't worry.
We'll figure out who it is.
Not anytime soon, the way you're going about this.
I had wylie run the suspects Through the vicap database.
Those are the ones that were flagged.
What's their connection to ardiles? Well, he was involved in all their prosecutions.
Well, that's fine and dandy, but we're the ones that caught them And questioned them, And we certainly know them better than any database.
What do you think we should do? I think we should trust our instincts.
You mean take a wild guess.
A detective's first guess is right.
You just made that up.
And you knew that because your instincts told you.
Now, come on.
Everyone, pick a photo.
Whoever looks right.
John hutten, the bank robber.
He's smart, determined.
I could see him trying something like this.
Yeah, you have a hunch.
Grace, don't be shy.
I'll go with donny culpepper.
He's a professional criminal implicated in several murders.
This wouldn't be a stretch.
Cho, you know you want to.
Tommy volker.
A sociopath if ever there was one.
Lisbon? I don't know.
Richard haibach? Linus wagner, maybe.
The pedophile and the homicidal shrink.
Excellent choices.
Now we have a set of suspects.
Okay, we'll go with those five.
I'll have my agents work the other seven.
To start, we need to know who's in prison, Who's out, and who they've talked to recently.
Yes, well, that's not really my sort of thing, So if you need any more help, I'll be on my couch.
I need some help.
Agent fischer.
Oh, hey.
I want you to know that everyone here Is 100% behind this investigation.
We appreciate that.
Thank you.
But since there's nothing for you to do here, I'm stealing you.
We've got another case.
No rest for the wicked.
Where did the wheel of death stop today? Bradley, texas, an hour west.
A body was found this morning on a fracking site.
A worker discovered the victim in a wastewater pit.
The victim's name is dan becker.
He's a local rancher -- Small-time, 50 acres or so.
Couple of months ago, he brought a lawsuit Against a regional energy company called millman oil.
They're the frackers? Yeah, they've been developing frack sites For the past couple of years.
The one where the body was found is leased federal land.
That's why we caught the case.
Becker sued because he claimed The company polluted his ranch's groundwater.
An anti-fracker found dead On the site of the company he just sued.
That's murder gold.
Well, we don't know the company's involved.
We shouldn't leap to any conclusions.
Of course we should.
That way, it'll go a little quicker.
Sheriff says the coroner took the body about an hour ago.
Oh, good.
Seen enough of those.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Hi, there.
I'm fbi agent fischer.
This is my colleague, patrick jane.
We'd like to ask you a few questions About dan becker's murder.
Uh, just -- just you.
The rest of you can go home.
No, they can't.
Yes, they can.
They just work here.
He's in charge.
Well, stay close.
We'll get to you in a minute.
What makes you say I'm in charge? Your snakeskin boots, Your nice, stiff black jeans, Shiny belt buckle That air of command that you have about you.
Well, I'm jason kern, chief operating officer.
Well, you make the tough decisions around here -- Who to fire, who to hire, who to bribe.
Well, I wish I could do that.
Boy, that'd make my job easier, wouldn't it? No need to be so coy.
You're big oil.
You can do whatever you want, right? Well, you're a character, aren't you? Mm.
So, why do you think this was murder? The coroner says the likely cause of death Was a blow to the head.
So it's murder, or he, uh Fell and hit his head.
Be that as it may, We'll assist your investigation any way we can.
Because we are not big oil, sir.
We're a regional company.
We're part of the communities we work in.
When we succeed, they thrive.
Uh, something is not thriving.
Yeah, our equipment keeps shutting down.
Started right after those yahoos Protested at our offices yesterday.
What yahoos would that be? Group that calls itself the cooperative.
They're anti-corporate "hacktivists" Who spread mischief over the internet.
We think they're interfering with the computer That runs the hydraulic pumps.
Maybe you should be talking to them about becker.
You think an anti-corporate group Was responsible for the murder of an anti-fracker? Ma'am, all I know Is the cooperative likes a grand gesture, And they don't care who they hurt To stop the corporate agenda.
Now, would they kill a man and try to blame us for it? I wouldn't put it past them.
Look, I'm afraid I got my hands full just now, all right? You have more questions, you all come by the office.
It'll be easier to chat there.
All right, guys.
What's -- what's going on here? Folksy.
Yeah, let's go talk to becker's family, See what they have to say.
Okeydokey, ma'am.
Well, that's one suspect eliminated.
Linus wagner's been in solitary confinement For the past five months.
You can take culpepper off the list.
He got married and moved to venezuela.
He hasn't been back in the states in over a year.
So who do you like now? I keep on coming back to haibach.
He was on jane's fake red john list.
Kirkland tortured and nearly killed him.
I'd hold a grudge.
Does he have an alibi? I have a call Into his office in denver.
I got something.
John hutten's out of prison.
Apparently he's on work release.
His new address is in houston.
That's two hours from here.
But hutten's a bank robber.
He's not a killer.
Well, whoever attacked the house bypassed the security system, And that took planning.
That sounds like hutten.
I'll go talk to him.
Mind if I come with? Sure.
Can I drive? No.
Why not? Consultants don't drive.
It's policy.
Whose? Mine.
Oh, come on.
Becker? Uh, no.
I'm -- I'm susan -- susan fitzgerald.
I'm a family friend.
But molly's here somewhere.
I'm agent fischer with the fbi.
This is patrick jane.
May we come in? Of course, yes.
This is my husband, emmett.
Uh, I'm -- I'm sorry.
Where is the kitchen? It's right through there.
Thank you.
They're with the fbi.
How long did you two know dan? Oh, since he was a kid.
We've always been close.
That's what makes this so hard.
Who are you? I'm patrick jane.
I'm with the fbi.
You -- you must be molly.
Sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I wouldn't fill that in the tap.
Use the bottled water.
Groundwater's full of methane.
Been that way almost a year.
Wonderful, isn't it? Killed off a bunch of our cattle, too.
Mm, well, I can see why dan wanted to sue.
Dan was gonna win that lawsuit, come hell or high water.
You thought the suit was a bad idea? I just didn't see the point.
Nobody's gonna testify against millman oil.
They make everybody too much money.
And that lawsuit did not make dan very popular in town, I'll tell you that much.
There were other reasons, though.
Weren't there? We could've sold instead of suing.
We need the money.
And dan could barely work with his hurt back.
And then dan couldn't pass the ranch On to his son.
He's on his way home from a camping trip.
It meant a lot to dan that his son would get the land That he got from his father, and He was stubborn.
Now there's nothing stopping you.
You gonna sell? Whoa.
Just as soon as I can.
And what do you think about millman oil? Well I'll say it.
They saved this town.
It was dying.
They brought it back to life.
So you don't think they had anything to do with dan's death? No! No.
No way.
You're a fool, fitzgerald.
Oh, man.
And who are you? Bryce kendrick.
Me and danny known each other since we was kids.
I knew him better than anybody.
And I wouldn't trust these two idiots.
Millman oil They're behind this.
Come on, bryce.
That company is ruining this town.
Police, politicians -- They ain't lifting a finger, Because they're bought off.
Here we go again.
Nobody dares cross them.
Dan tried.
Hmm? Look what happened to him.
They didn't kill dan.
That's crazy.
Only reason you're saying that, emmett Is 'cause you're in bed with them.
Yeah, by the way, they sold their fracking rights Quick as they could.
Money whores, the both of them.
You would've done the same thing If you had any land worth selling.
You smug son of a bitch.
Hey! It's all right, everyone.
It's under control.
Aah, aah! I'm cool.
I'm cool.
Now, why are you so convinced That millman oil killed dan? About a couple of weeks ago, They sent a bunch of thugs out here to rough him up, Hmm? Hurt him bad.
Busted up his back.
They wanted old danny to drop his lawsuit.
Said he wouldn't do it.
I didn't see a police report.
He didn't go to the police.
I told you Everyone in this town is on their payroll.
Did dan know who ordered the attack? He had his suspicions, yeah.
Yeah, there was someone behind the payoffs And the threats and Some bigwig with millman oil.
Which bigwig? Danny didn't know.
But it was one of them.
Can I help you? Fbi, ma'am.
We're looking for john hutten.
Johnny? Johnny, fbi's here.
It's okay, darling.
Go ahead.
Sorry I can't stay.
See you Wednesday afternoon, okay? Yeah.
Have a good flight.
I remember you guys from california.
Fbi, huh? That's a step up.
What are you doing out of prison? Spending time with my wife.
She's a good woman.
I enjoy domestic life.
How did you get out so soon? Behaved myself.
They let me go.
Prison overcrowding -- it's a problem.
You been to san francisco recently? Why? Answer the question.
I don't know that I remember.
Maybe it'll come to you back at our office.
Let's go.
That's an excellent idea.
I've been wanting to get out of the house.
We've got hutten.
We'll be back in a couple hours.
Ready? One second.
All right.
Let's go.
Fbi! Hands where I can see them! Hey, take it easy! I'm fbi, too! Kimball cho.
This is wayne rigsby.
It's cool.
I'm miller, houston bank robbery division.
What the hell are you doing with hutten? We're taking him in for questioning.
No, you can't do that.
And why not? Why not? Because he works for me.
Hutten's been working for my team for the past year To take down bank-robbery rings.
That's why they let him out early.
Did I not mention that? He's also a suspect in two homicides.
Homicides? You're kidding.
When? Within the last two weeks, Both in san francisco.
Has hutten been there recently? San jose.
We had an operation there.
Just got back yesterday.
But you got the wrong guy.
San jose's an hour from my house.
He could've done this.
No, see, I-I think miller would've known.
Do you see that dot? That's hutten.
He wears an ankle-monitoring device.
I know where he is at all times.
That's how I knew he left the house, for god's sake.
He's not your killer.
W-we're done here, aren't we? Yeah.
Yeah, we are.
Best of luck, guys.
You from the fbi? Yes.
Samuel millman.
I own this place.
Welcome, welcome.
Agent kim fischer.
Patrick jane.
Jason told me about you.
Maybe you agree with what these people did to my company.
But come on.
I'll show you something there.
Stop fracking now! Stop fracking now! Stop fracking now! They call themselves the cooperative, Whatever the hell that means.
The music is some kind of calling card.
You know, in my day, if you had a problem with someone, You would just tell them face-to-face, None of this computer-hacking nonsense -- Not that I pretend to understand any of it.
Are you looking into the possibility That they killed that poor man, becker? Your mr.
Kern asked exactly the same thing.
It's a valid theory.
Yeah, perhaps.
But the cooperative is an online activist group.
Murder is a different thing.
Well, look at that.
You speak of the devil, and he shall appear.
Jane, ms.
To, uh, what do we owe the pleasure? Did either of you deal directly with dan becker? Not me.
In the last few years, I've taken a step back from the day-to-day operations.
The, uh, company shifted its focus To our fracking activities.
That's, uh, my area of expertise.
Oh, so you would've been the one Who ordered the assault on becker.
That's funny.
No, there have been no assaults ordered Or, uh, anything like that.
You'd think a man in your position would be a better liar.
Jane, we're not an evil company.
Uh, you truly believe that, don't you? Of course I do! Look, We're the victims here.
What the hell? What What's going on here? Jason? This is the cooperative.
Millman oil has committed its latest crime -- The murder of a man named dan becker.
This will not go unpunished.
The cooperative will be listening.
The cooperative will be watching.
And we will not rest until justice is served.
Well, that was weird.
And it's obvious they think millman oil's behind this, But why? You said that the cooperative hacked into their office.
Maybe they found something to connect them to the murder.
So why not come to us with it? These kind of groups aren't what you'd call "fbi friendly.
" We're investigating half of them for cyber crimes.
So how do we find out what the cooperative knows? You could start with whoever made that video.
Can you track him down, wylie? Yeah, I can try.
Let me know if you find anything.
Well, I heard one of your suspects didn't pan out.
Hutten? Big bust.
We only have a few more names on the list.
We're running low.
I need to see you in my office.
Agent lisbon, laura dubin Attorney for richard haibach.
Haibach is in denver, But I'm going to conference him in.
Hello, richard.
I'm here with agents abbott and lisbon.
You damn people are -- One moment, richard, please.
Agent abbott, did you know agent lisbon Contacted mr.
Haibach's employer To ask about his whereabouts During osvaldo ardiles' murder? I was not aware of that.
For the record, Mr.
Haibach was at a dinner With two coworkers.
I want to know what justification you have For endangering my career! Uh, this is an active investigation.
I'm not at liberty to say more.
Which means you have nothing to say.
Agent abbott, My client has suffered enough At the hands of agent lisbon.
If you continue to do this, We will have no choice but to sue.
That won't be necessary.
I may consider the investigation into mr.
Haibach closed? You may.
I want an apology from her, From agent lisbon's lips! Mr.
Haibach, I am very sorry If I've caused you any inconvenience.
It won't happen again.
It better not! Agents.
Please, sir, you can't drop this.
We're not.
There's something off about that man.
I want you to put a surveillance team together, But just give it I want him to think that he's off the hook.
Yes, sir.
Okay, buddy.
I'll see you soon.
I love you.
How's ben? He's fine.
Please tell me you have some good news.
Wish I did.
Volker's in federal lockup, so I had the prison Check his communications for the last six months.
There's nothing there.
Anything on the other seven suspects? A few leads.
No breakthroughs.
Which leaves us with haibach, Who we have nothing on.
Take a break.
Get something to eat.
Of course he used an anonymizing proxy server.
Why would you want to make my life easy? Was I talking out loud? No problem.
I'm grace.
I'm wylie.
Um Sorry if I disturbed you.
Excuse me.
Want some help? Ever try cracking A daisy-chained anonymizing proxy server? Sure.
What's going on? Well, uh, a cooperative member posted a video earlier today.
I'm looking for the upload location.
Problem is, he routed it through 70 different servers.
Well, a lot of times, These guys use public computers to avoid detection.
I checked that -- 20 of the servers are public locations.
Did you unlock the video's file attributes? I know some good forensic-decryption software.
Dorsey, maybe? Mcclaren.
It's faster.
Here we go -- He uploaded the video today At about 5:00 p.
He posted dozens of videos, All of them uploaded between 5:00 p.
And midnight.
Any of the public locations open late? Wylie says our guy's been uploading videos from this lab Almost every night between 5:00 and midnight.
It's 9:00 now, so he may be here.
Shh! Yeah.
But it could be anyone.
It's him.
Are you sure? Yeah, look at his eyes -- all squirrelly.
Don't you think? Hmm.
Excuse me, sir? Fbi.
I need to ask you a few questions, please.
I lied.
It's him.
Sir Wa-- fbi.
Stop! Hey, hey! - What are you doing?! Sorry.
- Don't do that! Sorry.
Leave him alone! Ethan zorn.
Enrolled at u.
At the age of 14, Dropped out after one semester.
Arrested a year later for hacking into nasa.
I assume you have a point.
I don't think That you are a run-of-the-mill cooperative type.
If I had to take a guess I would say that you are the one in charge.
You believe that millman oil Is responsible for dan becker's death.
Why? Well, call it a hunch.
I-I don't think you understand, mr.
The federal government doesn't treat cyber crimes lightly.
Conspiracy to engage in hacking carries a 10-year sentence.
Now, you may be tough behind a computer, But in a cellblock Uh The -- the cooperative has an e-mail account Where whistle-blowers can get in touch.
Dan sent a note regarding his troubled lawsuit.
He wanted my help.
Your help for what? He heard a rumor that an executive at millman oil Kept a black book of names -- all the people he'd paid off.
Dan wanted that book.
An executive -- jason kern.
So, together, dan and I hatched a plan.
I would organize a protest At the front of the building.
That would distract security, And dan would be able to break into kern's office in the back.
We staged it on a Sunday so nobody would be in the office.
Okay, what about the alarms, the locks, the cameras? A joke for someone with my skills.
I hacked the alarm systems, and I gave dan A list of jason kern's possible pass-code combinations, If needed.
Most people are very predictable In their choices.
Well, something didn't go according to plan.
Uh, either dan was discovered in the act, Or he was tracked down afterwards.
All I know for sure Is that I never heard from him again.
The tanker would then cost a million bucks.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Excuse me? Your secretary's out to lunch.
Hope you don't mind we let ourselves in.
What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell us That dan becker broke into your office? Because he didn't.
Oh, yes, he did.
And he searched the place Until he found your safe.
Uh-huh, and he opened it, And he stole your little black book of names.
Jason, what are they talking about? Uh, mr.
Kern here Has been bribing residents and city officials To keep them from testifying against your company.
This is ridiculous.
All right, I don't have a black book, and even if I did, How did becker get into my safe without a combination? Well, he did.
You obviously had a very simple code -- your birth date? How d-- yes.
Was anything else taken, aside from the book? No.
That was a yes.
The book and what else? Nothing was taken, all right? No black book, no nothing! All right, look, you know what? I'm sorry, but you people need to leave.
We just have a few more questions.
Then I'm gonna have to bring in our lawyers.
Oh, this is interesting.
What? Look at the indentation on the carpet.
Someone has moved this file-cabinet thing When they were searching for the safe.
How many times do I have to tell you? There was no break-in! We're done here.
So, you think dan took something else.
Like what? I don't know.
Money, maybe.
Kern would need a slush fund.
I mean, he's not paying people off with checks.
I need to make a stop on the way back.
Where are we going? Talk to dan's friends.
Why? Patience.
Ah, everyone is here.
Please, come on in.
Take a seat.
Thank you.
There's been a very interesting development in the case.
I'm gonna need you all to pay very careful attention.
Agent fischer, if you would.
Thank you.
Now, does this song Mean something to any of you? "london bridge is falling down"? It's a nursery rhyme, isn't it? Anything else? Bryce? Susan? Molly? This is why you brought us here? Thank you for your time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Are you gonna tell me what this is about? Nope.
I want to talk to hutten again.
Just hear me out.
He's wearing a monitoring device.
I checked in with miller's unit, And they say that hutten hasn't left the house in 14 hours.
And? That doesn't seem strange at all? Not necessarily.
I also tried to call hutten.
No answer.
Look, maybe it's nothing, But we don't have any other leads.
What do we have to lose? Just so you know, this is a waste of time.
You sure hutten's home? He's here.
He's probably just sleeping.
John, open up! You got a key? No, just wait.
Excuse me.
What the hell are you doing?! Sorry.
You can't go in there! He's not upstairs.
I'll call in a bolo.
This doesn't make any sense.
His monitor says that he's right here.
'cause he modified his cellphone To give out the same signal as the ankle monitor.
You leave it on, everybody thinks he's still home.
I'm guessing he's gone.
Thanks, cho.
Got it.
I just got off the phone with hutten's wife.
She's been in san diego for two days And has no idea where her husband is.
Any luck? Cho just got a hit on the bolo.
A convenience-store tenant saw hutten 20 minutes ago.
He left traveling west in a blue jeep.
I've got the nearest traffic-light camera.
There it is.
He turned left on hampton.
I'll start pulling more footage.
Maybe I can track where he's headed.
All righty.
You got five minutes to help catch a killer? Uh, yes.
How much can you really learn about someone on the internet -- I mean, intimate details? You'd be surprised.
Of course, if you have a court order For phone records and credit-card transactions, You can find a lot more.
Do we have a court order? Would I be asking if we didn't? Everything's going according to plan.
Agent collins is at his house, siphoning his gas.
Okay, he's headed out now.
All right.
It's working.
He pulled into the gas station.
Are we all set on your end? All set.
Good to go.
All right.
Hey, man, what's wrong with these radios, huh? Don't know.
Just came on.
Hello, bryce.
Yeah, you.
I'm talking to you, bryce.
Hello? This is the cooperative.
Did you really think you were gonna get away with it? What? What the hell's going on? Oh, come on.
We know you killed dan becker.
No, I did not.
I would never hurt dan.
We know you did it, and now we know why.
You helped dan break into jason kern's office, But you didn't just find the black book, did you? No, you wouldn't murder dan for that.
You found kern's slush fund.
You killed dan so you could have the money for yourself.
No, I didn't.
Don't worry.
We're not turning you in.
The cooperative makes its own justice.
You're not gonna get away with this, bryce.
What are you gonna do? Well, we know where you hid the money, and we took it.
You couldn't possibly know that.
We know everything, bryce.
Don't believe us? Today for lunch, You ordered a ham and cheese With chips and a drink.
Last week, you saw a dermatologist For a reoccurring case of athlete's foot.
Two months ago, you were fired After a coworker accused you of sexual harassment.
Now do you believe me? How could you possibly know that? I told you -- we know everything, And we made sure you wouldn't profit from dan becker's death.
Goodbye, bryce.
Hello? What do you got there, bryce? Now, we know you helped dan.
He had a bad back.
He couldn't have moved that file cabinet by himself.
Anybody could've helped him.
Why me? Jane could tell you were the only one Who knew what "london bridge is falling down" really meant.
You heard the cooperative playing it During the break-in, didn't you? Yeah, I helped dan.
He wanted backup in case something went wrong.
Found the safe in kern's office.
Cash was in it, along with the black book.
$100,000, man But dan didn't want the money? No.
Thought it would make him a thief.
But I didn't.
I needed that money.
I deserved that money.
Everybody else is getting rich, huh? Why couldn't I have a little? Figured what dan didn't know wouldn't hurt him.
Let's get out of here.
Stop fracking now! Stop fracking now! So, what went wrong? Bad luck, I guess.
Thanks, man.
Nice work.
What the hell is this?! Hey, hey, wait a minute, dan! Let me explain! Let me explain! We're not keeping the money.
That's not what we were supposed to do.
We deserve it, dan! They are profiting off of our land! Doesn't make it right.
I'm giving it back.
The hell you are.
Ah, he just wasn't breathing.
And, uh I didn't know what to do.
So you dumped the body on millman oil property.
I figured if anybody deserved to get in trouble, it was them.
But I never meant to hurt dan.
It's a very detailed book.
Thank you for this.
We have a lot to talk about, don't we? Oh, this'll be tied up in court for years, and you know it.
We have some very good lawyers.
They won't be working for you.
You're fired.
Samuel, we can beat this.
I'm done with your lies, jason.
Get him out of my sight.
Samuel, wait.
Samuel! Hold on.
Back up.
Blue jeep.
Fbi, ma'am.
All right.
Aw, man.
Any chance you guys can come back in a half an hour? He's been hacking the ankle monitor So he can bang his girlfriend without his wife knowing.
The mistress says she visited hutten last Thursday In san jose, the same day ardiles died.
They were in a hotel the whole time.
It checks out.
Hutten's not our guy.
So, where are we on haibach? His surveillance detail should be up.
Let me call.
Hello? Agent burns, hi.
This is agent lisbon in austin.
Anything to report? No.
We got nothing.
Haven't seen the guy all night.
All right, well, keep me updated.
We got nothing.
I could use a drink.
I'm in.
We should grab jane.
Count me out.
You sure? Yeah, I'm beat.
I'll see you guys tomorrow.
All right, lisbon.
Good night.
I fell asleep.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I just wanted to check in.
I'm out having a drink with the guys.
What happened with hutten? It's not him.
I'll explain later.
You go back to bed.
You having fun? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
I'm glad.
It's good for you.
Thank you.
I love you, babe.
You know that, right? I love you, too.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Good night.

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