The Mentalist s06e17 Episode Script

Silver Wings of Time

Excuse me.
Let me call you back, okay? Here you go.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thanks a lot.
Have a nice day.
Have a nice day.
Morning, jane.
Cab to a crime scene? That's very cosmopolitan of you.
Well, my car wouldn't start.
Well, of course it wouldn't.
How was your date with agent pike? It was okay.
Just okay? It went well.
Good, huh? Oh, well, that's great.
That's great.
The hospital says there's only one death.
He was right next to the bomb when it went off.
Could have been a lot worse.
How many injuries? Four, but only one serious -- A homeless man.
They think he's gonna pull through.
That's lucky.
The eyewitnesses agree that the bomb went off In front of the kiosk just after the bus pulled out, But so far, no one's been able to I.
A bomber.
Well, he probably got on the bus.
Did the first responders get a list of the passengers? A few.
It was chaos.
We're hoping to pull some security footage from the area.
Anything you find, make sure you share it With the joint terrorist task force.
They're gonna look at their crimes And see if there's anything that fit with what we have here.
You think this is terrorists? Well, we can't rule it out.
Well, I think we can.
Someone just wanted the dead guy dead.
And why do you think that? Because he's dead.
I mean, look at this place.
Bomber could of killed a dozen people if he wanted to.
But, nope, this guy just bumped off one.
Pretty ineffective terrorism, if you ask me.
Would be a good way to bury a homicide.
Nonetheless, we are gonna look at this As a possible terrorist attack Until we have conclusive evidence That shows us something else, okay? Call the nsa and see if they heard any chatter About an attack, okay? Sir, we found pieces from the case The charge was in when it exploded.
We also found this.
A bit strange, actually.
What is it? It's blanketing material.
It appears to have been placed above and beneath the charge.
And why's that strange? It would have dampened the explosion.
Usually, a bomber wants a bigger boom, you know? Not this one.
This device was designed to be lethal only to someone Situated right next to it.
I never saw that before.
Dead guy.
Male voice: It's 9:00.
Did you just tell me what time it is? Excuse me? Someone just said the time.
Yeah, my computer.
It's 9:00.
I've programmed it to announce the time every quarter-hour.
I think it makes me more efficient.
A regular reminder of the passage of time Seems to have a subtle but definite I'll turn the volume down.
Thank you.
It's not me.
They're testing the fire-alarm system.
They'll be working on it for the next couple days.
Great! We got an I.
On the guy who was killed by the bomb.
David ronaldo, 47 years old, from hillsboro.
His family there's been notified.
Does it confirm jane's idea that he was the original target? Turns out he's connected to an old murder.
by a guy named luis cruz.
He busted into her house and shot her.
He's been on death row for the past 11 years.
How's ronaldo connected? For some reason, ronaldo thought cruz was innocent.
He's been trying to get him exonerated.
How does that get you killed? You got me.
Abbott's gone down to The west livingston death row unit to talk to cruz, See if he can shed some light on the situation.
He left already? What's the hurry? Cruz is sentenced to be executed in three days.
No, not david.
I'm afraid so, mr.
It ain't right.
T-there's no sense to it.
How did you know mr.
Ronaldo? We, uh We grew up together.
His folks were my -- my foster parents From the time I was 8.
David and me, we were brothers, tight.
I should've been more like him, like david.
He was a good student, good son, good brother.
But I was -- I was a mess.
First narcotics arrest was at the age of 16, right? David would bail me out, Help me get into a program or whatever.
Then I'd screw things up and back I'd go.
Recently, he was trying to get your conviction overturned.
He'd been working with my -- with my lawyer for years, Spending his own money, tracking down any -- Any crazy thing that might help an appeal.
Cruz, have you heard from him recently? I got a message a few days ago Saying that he -- he might have some good news, But he didn't want to say until he was sure.
And he never mentioned what it was? No.
You have any idea of problems he may have had? Girlfriend problems, money issues? Never mentioned any.
I appreciate your time.
Agent, I didn't kill that woman.
I don't expect you to do anything.
I just need somebody to believe me.
All the things I've done in my life, I never killed anybody.
I'd appreciate it if you'd just -- Just try to believe that.
What have we got, kids? Found an atm with a camera Across the street from the explosion.
There's no video, but it automatically takes A still picture every second, so That's about a minute and a half before it happened.
Then about 20 seconds later, our bomber appears.
Techs confirmed that's the briefcase the bomb was in.
Can you enhance the image? I already did, But the disguise makes him impossible to identify.
Facial recognition can't do anything.
That's quite the rug.
Then the mom and baby appear The bus pulls in, bus pulls out, And Boom! Whoa, whoa.
Okay, can you back it up a ways? Before the bus pulls in? The briefcases -- they're identical.
Can you enlarge that? See, I-I don't think that's a coincidence.
Okay, can -- can you pull up an image Before the explosion but after the bus pulled in? There's only one briefcase now, So the bomber must have taken ronaldo's.
Leaving ronaldo with the bomb at his feet.
So, the bomber not only wanted ronaldo dead, He wanted what was in that briefcase.
Look at that woman.
Can -- can you back her up a bit? You see? She's there on purpose to distract ronaldo From the briefcase.
You find that woman, you will find your bomber.
Try facial recognition.
Gina petrocelli, open up! Ms.
Petrocelli! Gina: Yes? Fbi.
Open the door.
I just got out of the shower.
I need a minute.
You have 30 seconds.
No problem.
Just need to dry off.
What's this about, anyway? ms.
Okay, just Don't shoot or anything.
Just need to put some pants on.
Those pants look all right to me, gina.
This your baby? Yeah.
Gina, you've had run-ins with the law before -- Arrests for fraud.
I think you know this is far worse than that.
I didn't know anything about the bomb.
I swear.
No idea that was gonna happen.
You know who this is? Yes.
His name is peter koch.
He's a private investigator.
I help him out sometimes.
I'll have wylie run him.
What do you mean "help him out"? When there's something he needs to getCreatively.
You mean illegally.
Pete throws me some money.
I do what he asks me to do.
Why did he kill david ronaldo? I don't know anything about that.
All pete told me is he needed help snatching a briefcase.
I distract the mark.
He makes the grab.
Then I'm walking away, and -- boom -- I'm facedown on the sidewalk, I can't hear, People around me are bleeding.
You think I would get into that on purpose? He didn't tell you anything about it? No.
Just, uh That it was a big job.
He was gonna make a lot of money.
New development.
Pete koch is dead.
Local p.
Found koch's body in an alley in east austin About four hours ago -- gunshot to the head.
His watch and wallet were missing, So they assumed it was a robbery gone bad.
Any signs of the briefcase? None.
And we had his apartment searched.
It wasn't there, either.
I'd say that rules out robbery.
What about gina petrocelli? This one, I think she's telling the truth.
She didn't know about the bomb, and she doesn't know Who hired koch to get the briefcase.
Charge petrocelli with conspiracy And whatever else you can think of.
Anything else? No, that's it.
Do you know what this is? I'm betting it's a transcript From luis cruz's trial for murder.
Good read? It's a little dry.
Cruz was a drug addict.
The night of the murder, He said that he was alone, using.
No one to confirm it.
The d.
Had circumstantial evidence And a piece of luis' clothing With the dead woman's blood on it.
The blood clinched it.
Yes, well, blood's very easy to plant.
Childishly easy, really.
Yes, it is.
You don't think cruz did it? Why? Well, it's just a feeling that I can't shake.
What do you think? Well, david ronaldo was looking for evidence to clear cruz.
He was killed and had something stolen from him.
That pretty strongly suggests that he was onto something.
Which means that, in the next few days, The state of texas is going to execute an innocent man.
And once he's dead, There's very little incentive to reopen the case Which the real killer knows.
So What are we gonna do about all this? Oh, well, I think I can come up with something.
was accused of murdering This woman -- sarah feinberg.
She was shot to death in her home, Apparently by an intruder.
Her body was found by her husband, edward feinberg.
Edward was a psychiatrist At the university teaching hospital.
He found his wife's body when he arrived home Later that night.
Anything connecting cruz to the feinbergs? Yes.
Edward feinberg knew cruz From a halfway-house drug-treatment program That feinberg ran.
Cruz and feinberg had an argument Because cruz showed up to a therapy session high Three days before the murder.
And the d.
Claimed That that made cruz kill sarah feinberg? That's thin.
What put cruz at the murder scene? They found a sweatshirt of cruz's Snagged on a bush outside of the house With sarah feinberg's blood on it.
There was also gunpowder on one sleeve.
What about the gun? They didn't find it.
It's 10:00.
I'll turn it off.
No worries.
It's good to know.
Patrick: 10:00.
We believe that david ronaldo was murdered Because he had evidence that would clear luis cruz.
We need to find out what that was.
And because they're going to execute cruz In about50 hours, we should hurry up.
Boss, is there any evidence That the cops or the prosecutors made a mistake? Not that I can point to.
And this case was fully appealed, right? Yes.
Then can I ask why we're taking this on? I-I don't want to sound cold, but it seems to me That the system did what it was supposed to do.
Patrick: No, it didn't.
Because luis cruz is innocent.
You're absolutely certain of that? Well, I'm not absolutely certain of anything.
But I'm confident enough to know that I'd like to try and help.
That's good enough for me.
Me too.
Let's do it.
Fischer, cho, work ronaldo.
Go to his apartment, see if you can find anything.
I'll call the governor's office And let him know what we're up to.
Jane, lisbon, talk to the feinbergs.
Wylie Just keep letting us know what time it is.
Really? Well, we're just -- just getting here now.
I can't do anything tonight.
This case could go all hours.
Thursday's great.
Me too.
Bye, marcus.
What? Nothing.
Feinberg? Yes.
You're from the fbi? Yes, I'm agent lisbon.
This is patrick jane.
Come in.
This is my wife, mae.
Nice to meet you.
Sit, please, sit.
Now What exactly are you here for? You said on the phone it had to do with luis cruz.
His friend david ronaldo was killed.
Have you ever heard of him? I don't think so.
Um, and what does his death have to do with us? It's complicated.
Well, that's -- That's a little evasive, now, isn't it? This is an ongoing investigation.
I'm not allowed to say more.
Uh, this is the room where your wife was killed, right? Yes.
You have an office here, too.
Yes, I see patients here.
That must be kind of weird.
You like to provoke, now, don't you? Classic defense mechanism.
And, yes, it was, as you say, "weird" For some time.
But I wasn't going to let cruz Chase me out of my own home.
Well, I'm not judging, honestly.
I'm just curious.
And I must say, I love what you've done with the remodeling.
Oh, we did it together.
I detected your touch.
How long have you two been married? Oh, almost 11 years.
And did you know each other at the time of the murder? No.
I was a new graduate student then.
Edward was far too important to notice me.
I went through a period of deep grieving For several years after sarah was killed.
But I pulled myself out of it, And we were fortunate enough to, uhFind each other.
So, it was fate, huh? Wonderful.
A couple more questions before we go.
Have you ever considered suicide? No.
And you, mae -- Did your father go to your high-school graduation ceremony? No.
What does that have to do with anything? You'd be surprised.
Thank you for your time.
Before we go, do you think I could Just quickly use your bathroom? Yeah, of course.
It's through the kitchen, on your right.
Thank you.
One last question.
Just curious -- How long before the first mrs.
Feinberg died Did you start your affair? Fascinating method you have, If it is a method.
Mae and I did not have an affair before my wife died.
Really? You're so careful to mention Your "deep grieving period," even now.
And, you know, this is not really the house of someone That's sentimental -- quite the opposite.
You're very observant, mr.
And perhaps you're right.
I do protest too much.
But I have grown weary and defensive on the subject, As I'm sure you might understand.
I do, I do.
I understand that luis cruz didn't kill your wife.
You did.
And we're gonna prove it.
Unless you want to confess now and save us all some time.
Now, I assumed that this was where This was all building toward.
You're not the first to think it.
I was her husband, after all.
But it's not true.
Leave my husband alone.
I'd like you both to leave now.
Of course, ma'am.
Jane? Ronaldo did not have much of a life Outside the cruz case.
Guess not.
This is weird.
What? Everything taped to the walls is old except for this map.
Looks brand-new.
What's it doing here? Got me.
Let's make sure we take it back with us.
Hey, did lisbon date on the job at cbi? Don't know.
Never asked.
Surprising to see her and pike hook up, huh? Wouldn't have put those two together.
You ever wonder what jane thinks about it? Never.
Really? Why not? My brain would explode.
Hey, cho.
Does ronaldo seem like the type who'd go diving? Ronaldo started taking diving lessons about a month ago.
Diving lessons? Why? Was he planning on going to the ocean? Uh, not that we could tell.
Well, isn't it obvious? He was looking for the gun.
He was? Sure.
Well, the police still haven't found the gun That killed sarah feinberg.
This map shows all the bodies of water Within a 50-mile radius of the crime scene.
Ronaldo planned on diving them all One by one in the hopes of finding it.
And why would he think the gun was thrown into a body of water? I don't know, but he did.
And that is why the killer wanted his briefcase -- To see how far ronaldo had gotten with his plan.
That's a pretty desperate move on ronaldo's part.
I think "desperate" more or less describes the whole situation.
Well, we got 20 hours.
What are we supposed to do? We're right where we want to be.
I'm gonna need some help from wylie, And we need to set up a security station Downstairs in the lobby.
Why? Well, we are the fbi.
Shouldn't we be secure? If we arrest feinberg, he has to stay here, right? He can't just up and leave.
Just overnight, until his arraignment.
Overnight is perfect.
What are we arresting him for? Yes? Edward feinberg? Yes.
Special agent cho, fbi.
You're under arrest, sir.
For what? Prescription drug fraud.
We believe you've been selling pads like this one to drug users.
Where did you get that? Turn around, sir.
Edward? What's going on? I don't know.
Call rich summers.
Have him meet me at the fbi office.
I'll follow you.
Let the games begin.
Empty your pockets.
Take off your watch, please.
When will I get these back? Tomorrow.
When you leave for your arraignment.
Your purse and cellphone.
I'm not under arrest.
Why should I give you my purse? Fbi policy.
Well, that's crazy.
You're free to leave at any time.
But if you want to stay, your purse and cellphone, please.
You should go.
The attorney's on his way.
Of course not.
I'm staying with you.
Step through, please.
Wait here, please.
It's 5:00.
Excuse me? Sorry.
It's just Never mind.
You might want to cover your ears.
Why would I want to do that? They're testing the fire alarm! It goes off twice a day, at 9:00 and 5:00! It's getting pretty annoying, actually.
Agent collins, show mr.
Feinberg into interrogation.
Someone will be in shortly.
I -- can't I go with him? Fischer: No, I'm sorry.
You'll have to stay in the waiting room.
Come with me.
You should be comfortable enough in here.
Bathrooms are around the corner.
I have to stay in here? For how long? I can show you to your own interrogation room If you'd prefer.
That's fine.
What time is it? Um, 8:17.
Sorry to keep you waiting so long.
You kept me waiting on purpose, Like you trumped up this drug charge.
Last, desperate attempt to prove your pet theory.
You know, it must be very difficult for people around you, The fact you can never admit to being wrong.
Well, let's cut to the chase, shall we? In 14 hours, luis cruz is gonna be executed For a crime that you committed.
I know you think you're doing the right thing.
I mean, it's always the husband, right? But in this case, it's not.
So you've said.
Believe what you want.
I didn't murder my wife.
Yes, you did.
Then you got in your car and you drove back to your office.
You stopped on the way and you dumped the gun.
Now, you could have dumped it anywhere, But you chose to dump it in a lake, which is a good idea.
Great hiding spot.
Of course, until david ronaldo figured it out.
Ronaldo got your goat, didn't he? I don't even know what you mean.
Well, I mean that he wasn't nearly as clever as you, But he was determined.
His persistence really paid off for him, didn't it? Well, you tell me.
I will.
That's why you hired the private detective koch To keep an eye on him.
And you had him killed Once he started taking diving lessons.
Then you had koch go through his briefcase To see what evidence he had, And then you killed koch.
This is a very interesting theory.
But even if you find the gun, It's not gonna prove that I'm guilty.
Well, it's not gonna have Any fingerprints on it, of course, But it may still have serial numbers on it, And you would be surprised What the fbi can do with serial numbers.
And, of course, it does prove luis cruz's innocence Because the timeline suggests that there was no way That he could dump the gun anywhere Between your house and your office before he was arrested.
Well, it looks like you've got Your work cut out for you now, doesn't it? My name is richard summers.
I'm mr.
Feinberg's attorney.
I'll be sitting in for the rest of the interrogation.
Well, I hope for your sake, richard, That you're charging him by the hour 'cause it's gonna be a long night.
Here's how this is gonna work.
You can keep my client here overnight, But he's not gonna speak to you.
About anything.
Richard -- Not about the prescription-drug matter, Not about the murder case.
Are we clear? Crystal.
Now I'd like a moment alone with my client.
Cho, you're up.
I'm gonna ask you some questions.
You can ask anything you want.
He's not gonna answer you.
I want to hear it from him.
Where were you on the night of February 11, 2000? I know this is hard, but I need to talk to you About the night your wife died.
Any little detail could help.
Fischer: Let's just chat.
How do you like u.
Next year? I mean I don't know about their running game.
Well, I hear the cat's got your tongue.
You think you'll let something slip? Okay.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Where were you on the night of February 11, 2000, In between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00 p.
? Richard? Is this necessary? You know he's not gonna discuss it.
Yes, it's necessary, Because in seven hours, a man is gonna die.
You know what? I resent -- ed! Don't.
Kim, what are you doing? You're not going to get anything out of him tonight.
You might as well let him rest.
You need to rest.
Don't get comfortable.
I'll be back.
I'll be turning out the lights, mr.
Summers, But you are welcome to stay.
Only one pillow, though.
And hopefully the floor is okay with you.
I'm sure it's been cleaned sometime in the past year.
Let's hope.
Richard, you should go.
I want you rested for my arraignment.
Are you sure? I will not say another word Until you get back.
I promise.
Get some rest.
Hi, there.
I brought you this.
Is this from the fbi handbook? Some good cop/bad cop thing? No, it's just a pillow and a blanket.
Do you have any idea what you're doing to my husband? You're asking him to relive A very painful chapter in his life.
I think it was more painful for sarah.
Anyway, it'll all be over soon enough.
Yeah, then we'll finally have closure, no thanks to you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I would like to get some rest.
You needn't be a martyr.
Take the pillow.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
What time is it? It's a little after 9:00.
Your murderous ass got to take a nap, While all the good guys had to stay up all night.
I take it you didn't find the gun.
So that gives me 40 minutes to get you to talk.
I want my attorney.
We'll call him.
But first, the truth.
I have nothing to say.
We'll see.
It's 9:30.
I'd like to know how much longer you plan on keeping us here.
You're free to go at any time.
But your husband will remain in custody Until his arraignment.
Look, I know this is hard on you.
You want a cup of coffee? Yes, thank you.
I'm checking in with the dive unit.
Damn it.
Tell them they've got 30 minutes.
Nothing yet.
You're gonna talk to me! Please.
I-I want my attorney.
In the next few minutes, Luis cruz is going to die for your crime.
Does that mean anything to you? A man's death? Is that all you've got? Appeals to my sympathy? Answer the question! If he were innocent, it would be a tragedy.
But he's not.
He killed my wife, my beautiful, sweet sarah.
He deserves to die.
I look forward it.
There you go.
He's not talking.
It's all over.
You called the governor's office? I spoke to an aide.
No go.
Without a weapon, they're not gonna postpone.
And he made it abundantly clear That once cruz is executed, the case is dead.
They're not gonna want to hear one more word about it.
So, what now? Come on.
Everyone's watching it on tv.
I'm sorry, people.
I wish this happened a different way.
We did what we could.
For what? Luis cruz is dead.
Well, thank you for telling me.
Doesn't feel the way you thought it would, does it? No.
No, I thought I'd feel avenged, or at least relieved.
Instead it's just sad.
And it doesn't bring my wife back.
It doesn't.
I'm not supposed to be talking to you.
And I don't even know why I should want to.
You think I'm a murderer.
Oh, I don't know.
I know you didn't kill your wife.
I knew all along.
What? Well, I strongly suspected you didn't.
And your reaction to cruz's death proves it.
Not the reaction of a guilty man.
Your wife, mae, however What about mae? Oh, come on.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'll let you see for yourself.
This is her learning of the execution.
Well, that doesn't mean anything.
Come on, you can see it.
It's obvious.
No, it's not obvious.
Well, if you didn't do it and luis cruz didn't do it, who did it? Who wanted to kill your wife? I-I don't -- I don't know.
Mae worked at the clinic, right? Very easy for her to get a piece of his clothing.
She drove to your house, shot your wife, And left his sweatshirt at the scene.
Then she dumped the gun in the lake on the way home.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
She knew you were never gonna leave your wife, So she took care of it for you.
She was your student, your lover.
She idolized you.
She was obsessed, and you knew that.
But you enjoyed the devotion.
It fed your ego, So you didn't allow yourself to look too closely.
And now an innocent man is dead.
I don't believe any of this.
And she was the one who convinced you To keep the affair a secret after your wife died, right? Yes.
Why do you think she stayed here all night last night? To support you? No.
Because she's scared.
She wants to know what we have.
Feinberg, We're dropping the charges against you.
You're free to go.
There's no point now.
We can't make a case.
Edward, thank god.
Edward, wait! Edward, what's wrong? Why are you ignor-- Let me have the keys.
Well, what did they say? Edward, speak to me.
Give me the keys! Mae, I have a question for you, And you need to give me an honest answer.
You can ask me anything.
Did you kill sarah? What? Who told you that? I need to know.
Was it you? Of course not.
I would die rather than hurt you.
I don't believe you.
Don't say that.
It was you.
Edward, stop! It's not true! You knew I'd never leave her.
W-- I lo-- I love you.
That doesn't mean that I would kill the woman -- Don't lie to me! Please.
You're scaring me.
This is insane.
You are insane.
You don't understand! Then explain it to me! I did it for us! So we could be together.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
How could you have done this? You have to believe me.
It was the only way.
And it worked.
We're together.
Now that he's dead, we are safe.
There is no one looking for the killer.
We have weathered the -- Don't touch me.
We have weathered the storm.
We should be celebrating.
Get out of the car! Now! I don't understand.
What's going on? Abbott: You're under arrest For the murder of david ronaldo, sarah feinberg, And peter koch.
But luis cruz killed sarah.
I mean, he was just executed for it.
Well, actually, he wasn't.
But they said on the news -- it happened at 10:00.
I don't understand.
You tricked me? Bingo.
You took our phones, his watch.
Lisbon: We changed all the clocks, Including your car and cellphone, While you were sleeping.
Actually, you woke up at 7:00.
The tv -- they did that, too? Oh, no.
That was agent wylie.
I'm not much with computers.
He took some footage From earlier in the day and put a little banner on it.
I did, however, plant the bug in your husband's pocket That recorded everything that you said in the car.
This is fbi agent dennis abbott.
I need to speak to the governor.
Feeling a little sleepy? Mae feinberg gave up the location of the gun.
It was in a pond off of I-35.
So that's what david was looking for? Yes.
We wouldn't have been able to find it without him.
He died trying to get me out of here.
He did.
Lawyers are doing their thing.
It'll take a little while.
But this proves you're innocent, luis.
You'll be walking out of here soon.
How'd it go? Oh, well It's not every day you get to tell a man That he's getting off death row and going home.
It was emotional.
I can imagine.
Oh, you're gonna like this.
We found out how ronaldo knew to look for the gun in a pond.
He went to a psychic.
She said she saw it near a body of water.
Come on.
How many times do I have to say it? There's no such thing as psychics.
And it's the oldest one in the book.
I mean, if you think about it, Most things are close to a body of water.
You're just mad because she was right.
Even a broken clock Gets the chance to be right twice a day.
Oh, yeah, the water.
Look at you.
Don't start.
I'm not starting.
You look beautiful.
I hope he's taking you someplace nice.
Cloth napkins and everything.
Well, you have a great time.
Good night, jane.
Night, teresa.

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