The Mentalist s06e18 Episode Script

Forest Green

Coffee? Thank you.
Made you breakfast.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
Well, when there's a guest, I like to make a fuss.
And I like the fuss you make.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
Something wrong? JustWork stuff.
Listen, I was wondering if we could get dinner tonight.
OrIs that weird because we went out last night? Is -- is two nights in a row weird? No.
I don't think it's weird.
Okay, good.
I'll make a reservation.
A reservation, huh? Like I said, I like to make a fuss.
I have to go to work.
I will take this to go.
I'll see you later? Yeah.
Morning, lisbon.
Hey, jane.
We just got a call from the forest service.
They caught a body in sam houston national forest.
Abbott wants you guys to go check it out.
How far away is that? Mm100, 120 miles.
Is there a problem? No.
She has plans for tonight.
She's worried about getting back in time.
Really? Actually, it is not a problem.
Doesn't the fbi have helicopters? Can't we just take one of those? I guess, I-if it's available.
That will not be necessary.
We'll be up and back in a jiffy.
Just tell your agent pike he owes me a favor.
Hello, there! Officer green! Forestry service! Thank you so much for coming! This way! Two hikers found her around 9:00 this morning.
Any identification? Nah.
She's a jane doe.
But we did find this cellphone about 10 feet from her body.
Must have fallen out of her pocket.
It's pretty beat-up.
Any idea how she died? Well, medical examiner says it must be a broken neck, Somewhere between My first thought was maybe she was hiking on the road above and fell, ButI don't know.
Something just seems off about the body.
That's why I gave you guys a call.
Sure hope I haven't wasted your time.
Not at all, ranger green.
In fact, you're very astute.
She wasn't hiking.
You know, you go hiking, you wear some socks.
No socks And no blisters, either, So I don't think she walked here.
New, off-brand sneakers and jeans.
Full face of makeup.
Expensive ginger-and-citrus shampoo.
She's a girl of slender means Going out to meet someone she wanted to look good for.
Any idea where she could have been brought from? There's nothing around here for miles, except the club.
Club? Yeah, the foragers' club.
It's just up the road.
It's kind of a-a ritzy place.
Very exclusive -- men only.
But, nah, she didn't come from there.
Now, how do you know that? Well, I called as soon as we found her.
Uh, all their female employees are accounted for.
And, like I said, they don't allow female guests.
No one's missing.
Welcome to the foragers' club.
How may I help you? We're with the fbi.
Let us in, please.
What's this about? One of your members murdered somebody.
We'd like to talk to someone about that.
I need to talk to someone at Hello? Mr.
Agent lisbon.
Welcome to the foragers'.
I'm, uh, kenyon russell.
I'm the president.
Listen, before we begin, I need to ask you to wear one of these While you're on the grounds.
Uh, all the staff and guests wear them.
Just, uh, one of those rules.
All men, huh? Yeah.
What's that about? Well, it's just simple brotherhood, ma'am.
We're not anti-female -- not at all.
We're fully chartered by the state of texas As a private, single-sex organization.
We have, uh, female employees -- mainly in the dining hall.
But, uh, we just don't accept women for membership.
Are women allowed as guests? Uh, generally no, Though there have been exceptions -- First ladies, for instance.
But, um, none recently.
Please -- sit.
Uh, I know this all sounds very old-school, But you have to understand -- Our members are senators, judges, c.
They're successful, driven men.
They really have very few places that they can completely relax.
Here, we have no cellphones, no twitter, No distractions from the outside world.
Women are a distraction? Well, no, of course not.
But we offer, um, um VeryUnique kind of camaraderie.
The foragers' is a -- It's a very special place for a lot of us, A place our fathers and grandfathers built And brought us to.
Then how did our jane doe get on the property? She wasn't on our property.
If she was, I'd know.
We have excellent security systems in place.
Do you know this woman? This is the poor woman who died, I assume.
No, I don't recognize her.
Oh, that's kind of weird, 'cause she was killed here.
And if she were here, then you would know, right? That's a, uh, very serious accusation, mr.
I hope you -- The victim was found With two holes in her shirt right here -- Uh, made from a pin like this.
So she was wearing one of these badges Like this.
She was killed here, and she was dumped outside the gate.
Holes in her shirt? That's a pretty, uh, tenuous theory, at best.
Tenuous? We are And that poor woman is dead outside your gate.
Tenuous, it is not, sir.
Now, I hope we can rely on your full cooperation.
Yes, ma'am.
I can't promise she won't hurt anyone.
I-I'll try to restrain her, but I can't promise.
How many people are on the grounds? and 97 staff.
There'll be more people coming for the talk tomorrow.
The talk? Yeah, we have a speaker coming in from silicon valley To speak about digital technology and the economy.
We're gonna need the names of everybody who was here last night.
Well, our membership list is confidential.
You -- I can get a subpoena, if I have to.
That won't be necessary.
I was merely gonna counsel you toExercise discretion here, For your own sake.
Our members are, um Powerful people.
You can see our concierge, peter kilgallen, And he'll give you the information you need.
His office is right down there and to the right.
Thank you.
Give it back! Hey! Hey, give that b-- mr.
Russell -- Don't treat me like a child! Mr.
I'm sorry.
I found mr.
Gryska using his cellphone.
What are you gonna do? Spank me? You know the rule.
There's no cellphones on the grounds.
I was talking to my lawyer.
I have matters that need attention.
Okay, all right, marvin, if you have business to do, You're welcome to take care of it off the grounds, please.
Oh, forget it.
Who are you? Teresa lisbon, fbi.
Oh, here about the dead girl, huh? That's great.
First woman here in a hundred years -- she's a fed.
Excuse me.
Marvin gryska is one of our, umNewer members.
I'll let kilgallen know you're coming.
Good luck with the investigation.
Thank you.
I think you can deal with kilgallen.
I'm gonna take a walk.
What for? Men stuff.
Men stuff? Mm-hmm.
Any luck identifying our forest victim? We didn't get any matches off fingerprints.
Facial recognition didn't pull up any names, either.
What about the cellphone they found? Uh, techs are still working on it, But haven't dug anything out yet.
Spoke to the manager of a motel in the area.
He said a woman matching our victim's description Checked in yesterday morning, But according to housekeeping, she hadn't slept in her room.
He faxed me a copy of her driver's license.
That's her.
Madison pryce.
Austin address.
I tried calling her apartment.
Nobody answered.
I spoke to the super in the building.
He said pryce's younger sister's been staying with her.
I'll bring her in.
All right.
Let lisbon and jane know.
Kilgallen? Oh, you must be agent lisbon, right? Yeah.
Here you go.
The names and contact numbers of all the staff.
Also, all the members that were here last night as of 7:00.
That's when we close the gates.
Keep that to yourself, though.
It's highly confidential.
I heard.
Does the name madison pryce mean anything to you? Madison pryce No.
Everyone heard about the woman who died, though.
Is that her name? You're certain she wasn't on staff here? Oh, yeah.
No one by that name's worked here since I started, And that's about -- that's about five years now.
What do you do exactly? Provide things for the campers -- Anything from a 120-year-old bottle of brandy To a snakebite kit.
You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've had to track down.
I'll bet.
Listen, I don't mean to tell you your business.
But, uh, I think you're barking up the wrong tree.
That woman -- madison pryce, was it? Yeah.
She has nothing to do with us.
Your boss, russell, said the same thing.
Maybe we're right, then.
Alan! S-stop telling me to be realistic.
Just tell me how this ends well for me, 'cause I -- I got to go.
I won't narc.
Don't worry.
Use your phone, they make you assume the position.
You were with that woman.
You're fbi.
"with," not "of.
" Yeah, well, back up, g-man.
I got nothing to say to you vultures.
You've met the feds before now, I take it.
Oh, you don't read the financial pages? Life's too short.
Your guys are throwing the book at me.
Conspiracy to commit securities fraud, wire fraud, Bank fraud, false s.
And your lawyer's trying to convince you to make a deal.
Yeah -- the schmuck.
Will you? The hell I will.
Quick question -- russell said Most of the women on staff work in the dining hall.
You ever see them anyplace else? No -- just a bunch of fat guys with pleated shorts As far as the eye can see.
That's a vivid image.
Okay, well, uh, good luck with the fbi.
You know, they had me dead to rights, And I beat 'em.
I think you can, too.
What charge? Murder.
How'd you do that? Got to know the right people.
Our mom and dad were killed in a car accident When we were little.
The two of us spent years in and out of foster homes.
And one night, madison -- It was, um it was "margaret" then -- She ran away, And I didn't hear from her for months.
Then, on my birthday, she sent me $50.
The next year, She was paying for me to go to boarding school.
When I graduated, I-I asked her If I could stay with her for a little while.
Where did the money come from? She worked.
As a temp, at first, And then she started her own company.
It helps executives with their speaking skills.
She e-mailed me this morning.
Dee, gentle reminder -- Fish must eat, or fish will die.
Love you.
She's in a cabin.
Could someone have snuck her into the foragers' camp -- A boyfriend, maybe? Madison didn't have any boyfriends.
She was gay.
Any girlfriends? Not serious ones.
She worked too hard.
Their business wasn't doing well.
Do you have any idea Why she might have been at the foragers' club? No.
She never mentioned it.
We can talk to the waitstaff After they're done with lunch service.
According to the maître d', it should be an hour and a half.
Not to worry.
Uh, excuse me? Miss? Uh, could you pour my friend some coffee, please? Thank you.
Tell pike I say hi.
How do you know it's pike? "jane says hi.
" Yeah, he seems like a good guy.
He is.
Good, 'cause you deserve to be with a good man.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Um I'd like to get some cream.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
This, uh This fork is dirty.
You see that? Oh.
How about this one? Oh, yeah, that's clean.
Thank you.
Nice and clean.
What is going on? The video madison pryce made showed That she stayed in a cabin the night before she died.
She was gay, so it was unlikely a man's cabin -- More likely a friend or a lover.
She washed her hair, So she probably borrowed the shampoo From the other woman.
None of these women here used that shampoo.
But by process of elimination, it leaves -- Excuse me, miss.
Yes, ma'am, you.
Come here, please.
Ginger citrus.
Very nice.
Very nice.
Uh, there we are.
You were with madison pryce last night.
Excuse me? Do you know madison pryce, ma'am? Oh, my god.
It's her, isn't it? She's the murdered woman.
Oh, my god.
And when was the last time that you saw madison? UmThis morning.
A little after 5:00 -- that's when she left my cabin.
We weren't a couple.
I mean, we hooked up when she came to the camp, But it wasn't serious.
We just Liked each other.
How did you meet? Last year -- A late-night beer party for staff.
She just roamed in.
I had no idea where she'd come from.
What was she doing there? Work.
It was a gig for her.
What kind of gig? She was an escort.
AProstitute? She preferred "escort.
" She kept it quiet so her sister wouldn't find out.
The public-speaking business was a cover story.
She was gay.
It helped.
She didn't take men too seriously.
So, she was at the club to meet a client? Yeah, at the fishing camp.
Fishing camp? Okay.
Thank you.
That was fischer.
According to pam, Madison pryce worked as a prostitute At a brothel they maintain on the grounds Called the fishing camp.
Sothe club provides a service -- atnot one I avail myself of.
And it's called Fishing camp.
In my father's and grandfather's time, It actually was, uh, used for fishing.
But not anymore.
We had a problem.
In years past, People would go to a house about When theyWanted that kind of thing.
But there was drunkenness, accidents, arrests.
Not a healthy situation in the age of the camera phone.
So kilgallen Came up with the idea Of moving the enterprise onto our grounds As a way of avoiding the difficulties.
And it worked.
We've had no problems since then.
Except a murder.
So, it was kilgallen's operation? Yeah.
He brings the women up on the weekends, Usually one or two at a time.
Got them on some sort of rotation.
The foragers', by the way, derives no income from this.
I was very firm about that.
Did you know madison pryce? No.
According to pam parsons, Madison visited the camp several times.
You never saw her? Well, that wasn't your question.
You asked me if I knew her, which I did not, By any reasonable definition of the term.
Upon reconsideration, I think it's possible That I did see her once or twice.
We never spoke.
Now, you told jane you didn't recognize her picture.
Not many people can get an evasion like that past jane.
Your point being? You must be a very good liar.
Where were you from 6:00 to 8:00 this morning? I was asleep.
Whoo! Hey! Look who I found.
What are you doing here? Well, you have poked the bear.
After russell was questioned, He called a few high-powered people, and they called me, So I figured I'd come down and check everything out.
Where's kilgallen? I don't know.
He's not in his office.
His laptop isn't there, either.
Camp security is looking for him.
He's on the run.
Not the type to pack a bag.
All right.
Well, I'll have fischer start a search.
So, this is the fishing camp, huh? Madison used cabin 9.
Pam parsons says that Madison left her cabin at 5:00 this morning to come here.
That was the last time anybody saw her.
I don't think she died here.
What makes you say that? Well, there's nothing out of place.
There's no scratches on the floor from furniture sliding.
A fight would have left marks.
Well, I would have called it just a hunch, but that works, too.
Maybe it started in here and then went outside.
Either way, the killer had to have used Something to move the body.
There's no way they carried it to where it was found.
There are a lot of golf carts here.
Get forensics up here.
Have them test the golf carts.
Tell them to bring the m-vac system.
That'll dig dna fragments out of anything.
And if madison's dna is on that golf cart, Then the killer's might be, too.
What is that? Oh.
Wait a minute.
It's a golf-ball marker.
You use it to, uh, place your ball on the green.
Whoever visited this room must've been a serious linksman.
But a place like this, ah, that must be a lot of people.
I think we can narrow it down.
Grant kimura.
Dennis abbott, fbi.
I'm a fan.
I saw you play in augusta last summer.
That putt that you made on the seventh -- Oh, that was amazing.
Patrick jane.
I don't know anything about golf.
What's this about? All security told me Was some guys from the fbi wanted to talk.
I got a massage in 15.
Well, we found something that belongs to you.
Where'd you get that? Over at the fishing camp.
You know it, don't you? Sure you do.
No, man.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Plays golf better than he lies, huh? Who are you, again? We found it in a cabin That is used by a woman named madison pryce.
It must have just fallen out of your pocket while you were there.
There are a million of those.
Could belong to anyone.
Yeah, well, the fishing camp's For a certain kind of man -- Pampered, hedonistic, self-centered.
Certainly screams out "professional athlete.
" Now, we're talking to a lot of people about the fishing camp.
If you deny being there and we find out that you lied, That's obstruction of justice.
It's worth thinking about.
I'm married, okay? Two little boys.
And my endorsements, They require a certain Public image.
Oh, we get it.
We get it.
You're in a tough place.
Grant, what's going on? Are these people hassling you? Man, greg, thanks for coming.
I heard from a security guy the fbi wanted to talk to you.
You guys are fbi, right? Well, I'm gregory dyer.
I'm mr.
Kimura's attorney.
So whatever conversation or interrogation You have going on here is over Because he's not gonna say anything.
And the idea that you would question him Without an attorney present is a shocking professional lapse.
I'll be complaining to your superiors.
So frisky.
Oh, we were just talking to mr.
Kimura About a woman named madison pryce, Who was killed earlier this morning.
Now, we believe mr.
Kimura saw ms.
Pryce Within the last 24 hours.
So anything that he saw or heard, That would be a great help to finding her killer, Which we assume he wants us to do.
Nice try.
Okay, abbott, let's go.
It's obvious we're no match For the keen legal mind of mr.
Dyer here.
You're not actually a member of the foragers', are you? No, I'm here as grant's guest.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
You're too, uh, sweaty.
Why don't you have one of those guest-badge thingies? I'm what's called a residential guest.
We don't do that.
So concerned about status here, aren't they? By the way, your collar is frayed.
You might want to bill him for a new shirt.
Still no sign of kilgallen.
Fischer's put out a bolo.
Call the office.
Get as many agents up here as we can find To sweep the woods.
We got to find this guy.
How's it going with the golf cart? The techs are working on it now.
One of the carts was methodically cleaned -- No fingerprints, no dust.
They don't think they'll find any dna, either.
Well, that's the death cart.
The weird thing is, the techs say That the cart was washed within the last hour.
It's still wet.
Why would the killer wait until now? That does seem odd.
All right.
Well, ask around.
See if anyone saw who cleaned the golf cart.
Excuse me.
Are you abbott? Marvin.
Marvin gryska.
This is a -- this is a very energetic forager.
You are abbott with the fbi, right? Uh, yes, I am supervisory agent dennis abbott.
I need to talk to you.
I'm busy.
Have fun.
Just a minute of your time.
Okay, what can I do for you? I made a couple of calls.
That guy jane who was just here -- He told me he beat a murder charge the fbi had on him.
You're the agent that made that deal for him, aren't you? I don't know where you get your information from, mr.
Gryska, But I can't discuss that with you.
It's okay.
My information's good.
You're in austin.
You have an agent there named matthews.
Jim matthews is in a different division.
Gryska, I can't help you.
You just asked what could you do for me.
That was a figure of speech.
I just heard your agent matthews has frozen my assets.
He's locked my money away.
And why? Apparently, he thinks I'm a flight risk.
Are you? No! Because the case against me is gonna collapse.
What was my crime? I made money.
I got rich.
And I made other people rich -- And not blue-chip types, like these guys.
Teachers, firemen, cops -- people just like you.
What's your point? Matthews is being unreasonable.
I'm looking for someone reasonable from the fbi To mediate my situation, And I'd be very grateful if I could find that person.
So you're offering me a bribe? Well, no, no.
That would be illegal.
I'm just looking to put this mess behind me So I can get back to the business of making people rich.
Can we discuss that, agent abbott? I'll get back to you.
But great.
I came looking for you, But they said you're still in the woods.
I'm disappointed.
I'm sorry.
I don't know when I'm gonna be back.
Could we do dinner tomorrow night, maybe? No problem.
What's holding you up? This guy named kilgallen took off.
He's nowhere to be found at the camp.
We put a bolo out on him, but that didn't turn anything up.
We figure he rabbited into the woods.
It's gonna be dark in an hour, And there is no way we're gonna find him at night.
Have your people tried accessing a forestry satellite? They're imaging that area all the time, Looking for fire outbreaks.
That is an excellent idea.
I used one once to find a guy who was running With some stolen frederic remingtons.
Check you out -- good-looking and helpful.
We're at the map coordinates you gave us.
Okay, according to the satellite image, There should be a clearing ahead.
Yeah, looks like there's something there.
Is it maybe a A service vehicle? All right.
Got it.
That our guy? Yeah.
That's kilgallen.
The techs and m.
Are finishing up at the crime scene.
The gun that kilgallen was shot with Appears to have been taken from the club's trapshooting range, But there's no prints on it.
Any sign of kilgallen's laptop? None.
The killer must have taken it.
Well, it seems pretty clear that kilgallen was murdered Because he knew who madison pryce's killer is.
So, tomorrow, we go at the club members About kilgallen, right? Does anyone at the camp know he's dead? No, not yet.
I wouldn't be too quick to mention it.
Why not? One dead body makes people antsy.
They hear about kilgallen, the place will be empty by dinner.
So what do we do? Good question.
Well, I'll let you people think about that.
I got to draft a memo to I.
Internal affairs? What's going on with them? Marvin gryska all but offered me a bribe To release his frozen assets.
Oh, yeah? Well, he's desperate.
He's looking at 20 years.
Probably why he wants me to release his assets -- So he can run across the border.
What'd you tell him? What I was supposed to tell him -- That I'll think about it.
And then I'll get him to make that offer on tape, And we'll nail that fool's ass For attempting to bribe a federal official.
Or you could not do any of that.
Why? Because I have a better plan.
Were we able to get anything out of madison pryce's phone? Not yet.
They're still working on it.
We're gonna need that phone and a little help from wylie.
Is it possible to get the camp on lockdown -- No one in or out? I might be able to claim the investigation requires it For a couple of hours, but no more than that.
Plenty long enough.
What's up? I need you to do something for me.
Something shady for jane? Why do you ask? Because people only talk to me like this When we're doing something shady for jane.
I need you to create an electronic trail that makes it look like The fbi just released millions of dollars in frozen assets.
You mean a dns hijacking? When -- when you go to a bank's website, It redirects you to a phony version of the same site.
You can make it look like anything you want.
Yes -- that.
And yes, it's for jane.
You can do it? With my eyes closed.
Good man.
Got your message.
What's up? I thought about your offer.
You want your assets made available to you, right? So you can take a little trip before the trial starts? The cost is 30% of whatever funds I free up.
At this moment, I'm gonna ask -- are you wearing a wire? No.
'cause if you are and you lied just now, this is entrapment.
I am the only one that can help you right now.
If you don't believe me, ask patrick jane.
All right.
Your funds are now set free, minus my percentage.
Jim matthews won't know for at least three days.
That's it? Check your account.
Nice doing business with you.
He just checked the website.
Everything looks good.
Gryska bought it.
Any sign of kilgallen? Afraid not.
Well, find him soon, please.
I'd very much like to fire him.
You, uh, look a little put off.
What seems to be the trouble? Well, thanks to your fbi blockade, Our speaker can't get into the camp.
We're gonna have to postpone the talk.
I a-- I am sorry.
That is -- that is -- that's very disappointing.
People are gonna be disappointed.
Well, you know, I-I used to be a magician.
Really? Yeah.
UmI was pretty good at it, actually.
I-I could try and entertain the troops for you briefly, If you'd like, if you twisted my arm.
I mean, it's the least I could do, After all the trouble I've caused.
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.
Just, this -- is this yours? I mean, I'd only charge you like a-a dollar.
My god, that was incredible.
I guess the members might be interested In, uh Seeing something, yeah.
Oh, sure they would.
I've got some props, but I can take care of that.
We'll have some fun.
Okay? Put a smile on that face, huh? See you later.
Okay, people.
Let's get together, shall we? Ah.
Thanks for coming.
It's important nobody overhear us.
Where were you? Uh, I was arranging to perform this afternoon.
Why? Just a minute.
Do you have madison's phone? Here.
The techs say that there's an audio file Recorded at 5:52 the morning of madison's murder.
Apparently, she recorded a message for herself.
That was around the same time she was killed.
What if she got audio of the -- of the killer? What's on it? They don't know.
It's too damaged.
They can repair it, but it'll take weeks.
No need.
We can identify the killer today.
How? I'm gonna do a routine onstage With four objects that I will say I got From the club's lost and found.
One of those will be this phone.
When the killer sees it, He will identify it as madison's.
And think that there's evidence on it.
Well, he doesn't know that the fbi has it.
He's gonna think it's in the lost and found.
And after the show, he will go to the lost and found And try to take it back.
That's when we get him.
Unless he doesn't try to take it.
Oh, he will.
It's like offering honey to a hungry bear.
He won't be able to resist.
Now I'm gonna place this card bdo a little dance, And if you look in your right pant pocket, I think you might find, Uh What do you got in there? How did you do that, jim? Thank you.
Thank you.
Now please take a seat.
I'm gonna do one more thing for you.
I'm gonna need the assistance Of the irreplaceable special agent teresa lisbon.
Earlier today, I approached four random members of the club.
Uh, are they here? Could you raise your hands? Yes.
I asked each of these men to go to the club lost and found And to choose one item and place it in a cardboard box And then seal that box.
Do we have the box here? Yeah.
Thank you.
Now, just to be clear, neither I nor agent lisbon Saw what you picked or know the contents of this box.
Is that correct? That's correct.
Now, without the benefit of sight, I am going to attempt to identify each object As agent lisbon holds it up.
Huh? Are we ready? Yep.
Here's the box.
Okay, no, not here.
I have a chair back here.
Okay, just over -- yeah, it's right here.
You're doing good, lisbon.
You're doing good.
Just stay calm.
Just let your beauty show.
Okay, are we ready, agent lisbon? Yes, we are.
Then let's begin! First item.
What am I holding in my hand? It takes a licking but keeps on ticking.
A watch? Correct.
Next! What am I holding in my hand now? They say it's mightier than the Is it a pen? Yes, it is.
Two for two.
What is in my hand now? Ooh.
This one is difficult.
If I could only just See.
Glasses? You are correct.
Last one.
Can you figure this one out? It's a word.
" No.
"hurt"? "hurt" -- no.
" Broken BrokenCell.
Broken -- is it a broken cellphone? Yes, it is.
Ahh! Thank you! Thank you.
Really, thank you.
AndThank you.
A big foragers' thank-you To mr.
Jane and special agent lisbon.
I know you can hear me And see me 'cause you've got a camera in here.
You did it so you can blackmail one of madison's clients.
It's how you also knew That you needed to clean that golf cart Before the tech got here.
We only talked about it in this room, So we know you heard.
It's how you also knew not to take the phone.
But I still got it.
And it still has evidence that will implicate you.
And given the exchange That I know you witnessed in here Between me and mr.
Gryska, I'm pretty sure that you know That I am willing to make a deal.
I'll give you 10 minutes.
What kind of deal are we talking about? None at all.
Go! What are you d-- I didn't do anything! Et voilà.
A honey bear.
We found kilgallen's laptop in your room, mr.
Your client grant kimura had scheduled a session To see madison pryce at 10:00 on the day she died.
You were gonna blackmail him, weren't you? There are someIrregularities in grant's accounts.
I could explain everything.
But I needed some leverage.
When grant invited me To the foragers' again, I thought about The girl in cabin 9.
He'd been with her before.
So I cut a deal with kilgallen.
He let you put the camera in the cabin.
For a fee.
Kilgallen always had his hand out.
But when I went to the cabin To put the camera in that morning The girl came back early.
What are you doing? I went after her.
I was just trying to Aah! Make her stop.
Aaaaah! Aah! And she just Stopped moving.
So, you left kimura's golf-ball marker in there To throw suspicion on him.
I thought that if there was legal trouble, I could help him, he would be grateful, And he would forget the financial stuff.
Kilgallen figured out what had happened.
Right away.
And he put his hand out -- Said that he'd be quiet if I paid.
And we met to settle the terms.
That thing with the phone was a trick, wasn't it? Oh, yes.
There's nothing on that phone.
And gryska never got any money, did he? No.
Gryska's under arrest -- just like you.
I'm sorry we had to put this off.
Oh, it's okay.
I took another girl out to dinner last night instead.
Really? Yeah.
You trying to make me jealous? What's her name? Gladys E-eg-egbert.
GladysEgbert? Hmm? Yeah? That's the best I could do on the spur of the moment.
You are a terrible liar.
I like that in a man.
Well, I'm glad.
I'm a lousy liar.
So you're right.
Actually, there's, uh, there's something I wanted to tell you.
Hmm? What? That work stuff -- it's actually a promotion.
Really? What kind? The bureau is forming a task force To deal with international art theft.
It'll be working with scotland yard and other agencies.
Long story short They, uhThey -- they -- they want me to run it.
That's fantastic.
Yeah, but they want me to run it from d.
So I'm telling them "no.
" You can't do that.
I'm allowed.
It's a great job, okay? You can't turn it down.
I'm not a kid.
I've been married and divorced.
I know when something's real.
And when it could get serious.
I feel that way about us.
Do you Feel that way? Yeah, I do.
Look, one thing I know Is that when you feel that way about someone, You got to hang on, 'cause Because it doesn't happen very often.
You cannot turn down this job.
They are not gonna offer it to you again.
I know.
It's okay.
No, it's not.
At the same time, the truth is, I don't want you to go.
I really don't.
What if you came with me? What? I'm asking what if We went to d.
-- You and me, together? What would you think of that, teresa?
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