The Mentalist s06e19 Episode Script

Brown Eyed Girls

Tres tacos? Sí, señor.
Ah, muchas gracias.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.
Let me help you with that.
It's okay, man.
Let -- let me -- It's fine.
Just leave it.
I loved that movie.
Classic movies are the best.
You fell asleep.
That's how you can tell I liked it.
So, listen, um, turns out my old band Is playing a gig downtown tonight.
Do you want to go? Your old band? You were in a band? I never told you I was in a band? No, no.
What did you play? Bass.
Ah, you are so cool.
Let's go.
Yeah? Okay, then.
We need a cab.
About that question.
Was that "do you like butter with your popcorn" Or "will you come with me to d.
"? D.
Oh, I just wanted you to know I've been thinking about it really hard, And I-I want to say yes.
It's justI've been so independent my whole life.
It's a big decision for me.
I understand 100%.
Take your time.
There's no deadline.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So, you gonna get onstage and sing? Sorry.
Jane, this better be important.
Yes, it is.
I am heading south on trinity between 6th and 7th.
I need backup fast.
W-what's going on? A girl's been abducted.
What's going on? Okay, so I went to buy some tacos at that great truck on juarez.
You know the one? Yeah.
Anyhow, I bumped into this big guy.
He drops his shopping bags.
And it's obvious from what spilled out That he's keeping a woman captive.
So I followed him.
He went in there, in that guest house.
Now, normally, I would take care of this, But this guy's sketchy.
What was in the shopping bags? All sorts of stuff -- duct tape, women's vitamins.
You brought me out here for duct tape? You need to trust me.
There is something off about this guy.
I mean, who buys nudie magazines and tiger beat? You know what?! You're a jerk! I was on a date, and you knew it, And you did this to screw it up.
You were on a date? Yeah.
And I am an idiot just for listening to you.
I'm gonna go see a band.
No, t-there is a woman in there that doesn't want to be, And she's possibly injured, all right? I will bet you anything you like that I am right.
I'll bet you a million dollars.
What?! What?! Sir, we're with the fbi.
Do you have a female in there with you? Female? No.
No females.
No females here.
I know you.
I know you.
Don't lie to my friend.
She's a very serious person.
What's your problem, man? I'm not lying.
Excuse me, sir.
Hey! Y-- This is agent lisbon with the fbi! Where are you? Stay there.
She's been shot.
Put your hands on your head! I-I didn't do nothing.
Put them on your head! She's really cold.
I need emergency medical assistance at 812 ashcroft.
It's a guest house at the end of the drive.
I was trying to fix her.
T-that's why I went to the store.
Get down slowly.
It's gonna be all right.
We have a doctor coming.
I'm gonna get a doctor.
You're gonna be okay.
Just look at me.
Look at me.
I'm here.
Bow and arrow.
What does that mean, "bow and arrow"? I ain't speaking no more.
Just look at me.
It's okay.
Breathe, breathe.
Come on.
Just breathe.
Jane, she's gone.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I need to understand how that girl Wound up in your bed, bleeding to death.
I was trying to make her better.
I didn't mean no harm.
Except you shot her, didn't you? No, I did not.
I don't do that.
I fix things -- things others throw away.
I find new uses for the.
And I found her like that, ad I was gonna make her better, Till you people interrupted.
She died because of yo, not because of me.
Okay, well, you say you found her.
When was that? It was early last night, And I was out driving on route 16.
That's how I find things, mostly.
And that girl -- someone thought she was garbage.
But I knew better.
You have a history of stalking girls, huh? Restraining orders in idaho and nevada.
Now, that's lies and bureaucracy, is what that is.
I'm just -- I'm just trying I didn't shoot nobody, never.
Now, you say you found this girl on route 16.
Where exactly? I don't know! I don't remember! I was drinking! I I was -- I was drunk.
Okay, well, if -- if we, uh, show you a map, Would that help? Maps -- don't give me maps.
I know all about your maps.
That is one crazy individual.
He has no idea what he did.
I think he does.
His world view is meticulously constructed brick by brick.
And we didn't find a gun.
No registered weapon.
No gun in the house.
No residue either.
But there was blood in his truck.
So you think we should believe his story? A man goes for a drive on route 16, Finds a gutshot girl, and brings her home? Yeah.
Her name is leanne cole, We ran her fingerprints.
She was arrested for shoplifting two years ago in spokane.
She was also arrested for driving with an expired license.
She tried to evade.
It was a misdemeanor.
So, joyriding.
Looks like.
Her parents died when she was in high school.
Her aunt said that she dropped out of school And moved down to los angeles.
I'm gonna go talk to her roommate, Find out what she was doing in texas.
What I don't get Is how she got back to the u.
They just left for euroe four days ago.
For europe.
Like Italy and stuf.
Who? Leanne and some guy? Yeah, but it wasn't like tha.
Leanne wasn't a party girl.
I know a lot of girls who get taken all ove.
This was professiona.
She booked a modeling gig.
And they left four days ago? Yeah.
Some model scot set it up.
Did you meet this guy -- the model scout? No, I didn't.
I think his name is jesse.
No e-mails, no texts with anyone named jesse.
And we're still waiting on her phone records, right? Yeah, but here's the weird thing -- She leaves for a modeling gig four days ago, And her digital life just disappears -- nothing.
Delahay says he found her last night.
There's a three-day gap.
So who was she with? Where's this model scout? Someone shot her and dumped her on route 16.
We don't even know where yet.
We're working on that.
Jane's gonna jog delahay's memory.
Mind if I join you? Can't stop you.
I can't even scratch an itch.
Let me help you with that.
Let me see.
All right.
Just hold still.
Thank you.
You say you don't remember where you found leanne cole.
I think you do remember.
So you think I'm a liar, too.
I just don't think you can find the memory.
Like beer? Who doesn't like beer? There you go.
That's good, huh? Mm-hmm.
Now, thaddeus, I want you to imagine That you're driving along route 16 last night.
Might be easier if you close your eyes.
Now you're in your truck.
Nice ice-cold beer in the cupholder.
You're about to turn onto route 16.
It's dark, warm.
What do you hear? Jazz, man.
Jazz on the radio, huh? You mind turning that down a little? Thanks.
Now I can talk quietly.
The music's still playing.
You're about to turn right onto route 16.
You can feel the road change.
Tell me what you see.
UmThere's, uh Nothing at first.
Live oak tree on the right.
Found an old miner's lamp there.
Took it home, fixed it up.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
I'm -- I'm driving.
There -- there's a old gas station around mile two.
Turnoff for quint's farm.
They let me come and haul stuff.
A little creek ButIt -- it's dry now.
Then -- then, there's an old bar.
It's empty now, and She's there.
You can see her? She's all dusty, bleeding.
I-I -- I can smell her hair.
It smells like dirt.
What are you doing here? I got some thai from that place over on south congress.
I love that place.
I know.
You're good.
MmNot really.
I have an ulterior motive.
Oh? Just trying to make d.
Look attractive.
Are they opening a restaurant there? Yeah.
Hey, agent pike.
Ah! From your favorite thai place on south congress.
That's a shame.
Why? We got to go.
We have a location.
The girl? The girl.
I'm driving.
I'll meet you downstairs.
Oh, office scuttlebutt says that your new guy Is ditching us for the d.
Office And maybe you're going with him.
Well, who told you about that? Well, you know, I hear about things.
Are you going with him? We'd miss you.
To be honest, sir, I don't know.
What does jane have to say about this? Well, if he wants to talk about it, he can.
But he hasn't, so I'm sure he's fine with it.
Well, maybe he doesn't know.
He's jane.
Of course he knows.
Remember, jane is a psychic.
A pretend psychic.
If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.
Delahay was driving east, So he would have picked her up on the south side of the street.
So, south we should walk.
Someone could have dumped her from a truck.
Or she was shot here.
Her hair smelled of dirt.
Her shoes were caked in clay.
She walked, collapsed.
He found her.
We should be getting a move on.
This is wide-open country.
Well, she was bleeding badly.
She couldn't have gone too far.
Tractor trailer.
Looks like some sort of way station For undocumented immigrants.
We're pretty far north for that.
I'm gonna wait outside.
Lisbon! What? Shh, shh, shh, shh.
You hear it? We need to move that.
Oh, my god.
Hey, daniela.
You ready for me? I guess.
Look, I know this is hard.
But any detail you have Will help us find who did this to you.
Can I sit? Did you find my sister? Your sister? You have to find her.
Is this her? No.
Do you recognize her? No.
My sister's amy welker.
She's 16.
You have to find her.
She was abducted with you? Yes.
We're gonna do everything we can to find your sister.
You need to tell me everything you know.
Me and amy -- We did some modeling, like little things, you know? We answered an ad online for an open casting call.
They took our head shots.
The guy told us to come back.
The photographer? No, the -- the model scout.
His name was jesse.
He said that clothing designers in europe Would love us for their shows.
Did he say where in europe? No.
He just said to bring our passports and clothes, And everything else they'd take care of.
Jesse gave us a glass of champagne And made a toast to our new adventure together.
Next thing I woke up.
And I was in that place.
One last question, daniela.
Do the words "bow and arrow" mean anything to you? The girl we found said that right before she died.
Did jesse ever say those words to you? No.
Why? Just asking.
It's okay.
We're gonna do our best to find your sister.
Her sister was there.
There are more girls.
We know.
You know? Forensics is at the safe house now.
They found dna from 20 different people on those water bottles.
Or more.
She had the same story -- the phony model scout, This jesse guy.
Someone is rounding up these girls.
But where did they take them? We have approximately Abducted by traffickers.
We found fresh tractor-trailer marks at the scene.
So we figure these girls are on a truck With an 18-hour head start on us.
And since they're traffickers, It's logical to assume they headed to mexico.
Nuevo laredo is where they would most likely cross.
The laredo world trade port of entry.
Straight shot down I-35.
But the truck left at least 18 hours ago.
Which means they could be a thousand miles into mexico by now.
Possible but not probable.
No? Well, when the truck left the house, It was headed due north, right? So, uh, last time I looked, mexico was the other way.
So, you think they're headed to oklahoma? That's not exactly a hot spot for sex-slave trafficking.
True, so they headed north for some other reason -- Pick up more girls, probably.
It's possible.
Yeah, you can fit a lot more than 20 girls In a freight container.
More like 40.
But not for long.
So by now, they're probably headed south to mexico, Straight down the I-35, probably as we speak -- Well, possibly.
Too thin to warrant closing down a highway.
And that's what we would need in order to search every truck.
Well, we don't need to set up a realroadblock.
We just need to convince the driver of that truck That we've set up a roadblock.
Sorry -- scanning long-range frequencies is like I don't have a metaphor.
It's hard.
Heads up on a 10-42.
Traffic jam's backed up Across the border there at nuevo laredo.
Thanks a lot, heavy metal.
Places, everyone.
This is lefty here.
Heads up.
I'm hearing highway patrol set up a checkpoint Right near the border on I-35.
They pulled me over, checked my cab and my cargo.
And these aren't county mounties.
These are some full-grown bears.
Big pete jumping in with a 10-17.
Company driver said smokey's set up on the southbound side About yardstick 21.
They eyeballed him, but he's deadheading, So they waved him through.
What? That was incredible.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'll pass that along.
I believe you hooked him, big pete.
I believe you hooked him.
I'm gonna pull off at that diner right north of laredo And make sure the cab's shipshape Before I hit that bear trap.
It's crowded.
Yes, it is.
How do we know if it worked? Oh, it worked.
You think all these people got off the roads Because they're scared of cops? Well, not all of them.
Just the ones that have something to hide.
Well, how can we tell which one's our driver? We look.
What about those two? The lady? I don't think so.
Not just her.
The two of them.
They're obviously traveling together.
They're not a couple.
There's no intimacy there.
Oh, they've been in a truck for hours.
How could there be intimacy? I'll show you.
Ohh! What was that about? Well, I bumped her, and he didn't say anything.
They're not a couple.
He's got a gun in his jacket.
Go get them, guys.
You okay? Fbi! Cut your engine! Lady! It's all right, ladies.
We're with the fbi.
You're safe now.
Hi, daniela.
I'm special agent kimball cho with the fbi.
We just stopped a truck That was transporting girls into mexico.
Was my sister on it? No, I'm sorry.
We didn't find your sister.
But we're still looking.
Don't worry.
Now, I've interviewed the girls from the truck, And their descriptions match yours Regarding the modeling scam.
We've made a composite sketch from your description and theirs Of the modelling scout.
Does this look like the man you and your sister met with? Yes! That's jesse.
Thank you.
It's a big help.
Agent cho! Find my sister, please.
She's just a kid.
Are the girls all right? Are they safe? Do you recognize either of those girls? No.
That's amy welker.
She's 16 years old.
She might have been on the other truck.
The other truck? Yeah.
They left the day before we did.
Those girls are well over the border by now.
Who is the driver? I never met him.
What happened to the girls after they were delivered? I don't know.
I'm not a bad person.
I really need you to believe that.
Why should I? The bank was gonna foreclose on my parents' house, So I agreed to drive some illegals over the border.
It didn't seem so bad, you know? It's still against the law.
I know, and that's what I said, too, after the one trip.
They told me they'd turn me over to the police Unless I started driving trucks full of girls the other way, Into mexico.
How did you get the girls over the border? A border guard -- he'd been paid off.
He'd recognize the truck.
How? There's a dashboard ornament in my cab.
It was provided by the guys in mexico -- A hula dancer.
What about the girl who ran off -- leanne cole.
She got away? She's dead.
I was really hoping she got away.
We were running late.
Ramon was pissed.
Please! Get in there.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're doing good.
You're doing good.
We're 45 minutes behind! What the hell, claudia?! Relax, ramon.
We'll make it up on the road.
Come on! Speed it up! Claudia, go get her! Me?! Go! Go find her now! Come on! Where is she? I don't know! I don't see her.
We're an hour behind.
Get to the truck.
Come on.
We got to go.
He started making calls, telling people what happened.
Who did he call? I don't know.
But I never saw him so scared.
He was worried she'd go to the police? No.
Ramon wasn't scared of the cops.
It was the guy he worked for that scared the hell out of him.
Do you know his name? I just know ramon And the guys we turned the girls over to.
Did you get their names? Yeah.
The qasimi brothers, ali and ray.
This is ray and ali qasimi.
They're businessmen With connections to the middle east and asia.
Raised and educated in the u.
, They have a network of assets worldwide.
I checked with washington, put in a call to interpol, And there's nothing on these guys.
They're as clean as a whistle.
How are we doing with the leads from the girls? The modeling agencies all pulled up stakes after ramon's call.
All that's left are empty storefronts.
We're trying to track backwards through phone records And rental agreements, But I don't think we're gonna get much.
It was a well-run organization.
Okay, what about ramon's cellphone? Is there anything that we can use? It was a prepaid cell.
All the calls he made went to burner phones, as well.
Does anyone have any good news that they can offer up? Well, all the women I.
'd the same model agent.
Called himself jesse.
We had a drawing made.
Wylie's running it through the facial-recognition database.
Um, I think I just got a hit, actually.
There's a james o'connor in san diego Who's a really close match -- also goes by jesse.
I'm sending cops to check on him.
Well, that's good news.
Anyone else? Can't we bring the qasimis in? The driver will testify against them.
They're in mexico with no criminal record And a ticking clock.
By the time we get an extradition order, They'll be long gone.
And I don't think we can get them to come to the states for us.
Do we still have the driver's truck? Yeah.
It's impounded.
But according to the qasimis, it's just late.
I bet they're getting anxious now.
And? Well, that's our in.
How's that? You and I are gonna drive that truck down to mexico, And we're gonna talk those qasimis Into doing a deal with us.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I do.
What do you say? Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
I think it looks good on you.
I like it.
Stylish, but manly.
What? You want to try mine? That's not what I was You're not getting this.
Never mind.
There's a free-trade zone just south of the border into mexico.
Nafta created it.
No tariffs, cheap materials, cheap labor -- Products for the u.
Now, the qasimis own a factory there.
That's where the girls were dropped off And then shipped out to their new destinations, Probably somewhere in the middle east.
Now, the qasimis appear legit, But that doesn't mean they won't have muscle at the factory.
Well, it's the border.
They'll have muscle.
We're counting on that.
The qasimis are smart.
If we arrest them, they'll flip On whoever's rounding up these girls in the u.
That's the guy we need to find.
Buenos dias, amigo.
You want to give that to your bosses And tell them we'd like to have a little chat? Howdy.
Uh, my name is, uh, patrick.
This is my head of security, dennis.
You all must be, uh, ray and ali.
Ray and ali? We don't know you.
Where did you get that? Well, I own a couple of gentlemen's clubs up in houston.
Real exclusive -- you know, o-only the best.
Ramon -- he likes coming into my club.
He likes my girls.
He likes them all the way to the poorhouse.
Who's ramon? I gotcha.
Uh, mum's the word, huh? Here's the thing -- ramon gave me the truck That this here gal came from.
Uh, this ramon, whoever he is -- Why would he do that -- just give you a truck? Ramon had a little bit of bad luck.
One of them girls ran off.
He thought he might have winged her, but he never did find her.
And he got to thinking that maybe the man in charge Would take it all amiss.
I figure you guys know that man.
That's none of your business.
Ramon was scared.
He wanted to take a long holiday.
Needed some cash, so I obliged.
And in return, he gave me that truck and all its cargo.
Is the cargo safe? Well, a little weepy maybe.
Lot of runny makeup.
But sure, it's safe.
Well, suppose, just for kicks, That we know ramon And we want that truck and the cargo.
How much? Come on.
They're girls, not racehorses.
$1,000 a head.
But you got to come across the border and pick it up.
You deliver them to us.
No deal.
I'm a businessman.
I ain't no smuggler.
You want that truck, you want its cargo, You come across the border, and you pick it up.
How much further? We're almost there now.
There she blows.
Give us the keys.
Give me the money first.
That's ain't money.
No, it's not.
I thought we were just businessmen.
This is business, right? It's a tough business.
There's nothing in there.
Fbi! You're under arrest! Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground! Right there! Get down! Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
It's a tough business, isn't it? You look uncomfortable.
Don't be.
We're here to help you.
Help? You've killed me.
Just by bringing us here, My brother and I are already dead.
We're just about the only people who can help you now.
You have no idea who you're dealing with.
You people are amateurs compared to him.
Who? Give us a name.
He will bury you.
Well, we'll see about that.
Yeah, you will.
You recognize this girl? She's 16 years old.
My brother and me will not say a word.
Maybe some time in gen pop will loosen their tongues.
Maybe, but I don't have high hopes.
I better go tell daniela.
San diego police are on the line.
Put it on speaker.
This is agent cho.
You're calling about jesse o'connor? Yes, sir, but I'm sorry to tell you we don't have good news.
He wasn't there? No, sir.
He was there.
Only thing is, somebody else got him first.
He's dead? Yes, sir.
Throat cut ear to ear.
I'm sending you a picture.
Thank you, officer.
Please keep us in the loop on your investigation.
You okay? Hello.
Yes? That thing in san diego? It's taken care of, just so you know.
Jesse o'connor, you mean? Yep.
He won't be an issue for you anymore.
Now we have another problem I need you to fix.
Oh, yeah? The qasimis.
A similar solution would be greatly appreciated.
You got it, mr.
How soon you need it done? Time is of the essence, anthony.
Time is of the essence.
We didn't find your sister.
There was another truck.
She may have been on that.
So someone saw her at the house? Maybe.
We can't be sure.
But you will find her and catch whoever's left, right? You'll punish them for what they've done? We will.
I promise.
Well, she promised, so now we have to.
You, uh, need me to give you a ride someplace? Oh, no, that's all right.
I already got one.
He was just waiting there all the time? Yeah.
Well, I guess those art-department guys Aren't that busy, huh? It's the art-crimes department, and he's very busy.
He just makes a point to be there for me.
You really like this guy, huh? He got a promotion.
It's a-a posting in d.
And he asked me to go with him So we can be together in d.
I'm thinking about it.
What do you think about it? UhI mean --- Congratulations, I guess.
Congratulations? That's all you're gonna say? Sure.
Well, I mean, if -- if -- if that's -- If that's what you want.
You're not upset? No.
Of course not.
I mean, if that's, um -- if you're happy.
Oh, I'm happy.
Then I'm happy.
Guess what.
That show we missed the other night -- They're playing another one in 45 minutes.
We can catch it if -- if -- you guys are done here, right? Oh, we're done.
See you, patrick.
See you.

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