The Mentalist s06e20 Episode Script

Il Tavolo Bianco

Will you come with me to d.
? I want to say yes It's just Take your time.
There's no deadline.
Are you going with him? To be honest, sir, I don't know.
What does jane have to say about this? I'm sure he's fine with it.
I need emergency medical assistance at 812 ashcroft.
Bow and arrow.
What does that mean, "bow and arrow"? How long were you held captive for? I couldn't tell.
I never saw the sunlight.
Two days, maybe.
And you never saw your captor? No.
My sister's amy welker.
She's 16.
You have to find her.
She was abducted with you? Yes.
Her sister was there.
There are more girls.
Forensics is at the safe house now.
They found dna from 20 different people on those water bottles.
And thanks to you, we shut down a trafficking ring.
You didn't find my sister? No, but we're still looking.
There was another truck.
Your sister may have been on that.
He was just waiting there all the time? Yeah.
He just makes a point to be there for me.
You really like this guy, huh? He got a promotion in d.
And he asked me to go with him So we can be together.
Thank you.
You shopping for real estate? The bureau is paying for marcus to relocate to d.
I'm helping him find a place.
Have you decided? Decided what? Whether or not you're gonna go with him.
Not yet.
Well, I hope you stay.
You do? Yeah, I think you'll be bored in d.
That's why I should stay, to avoid boredom? What's worse than boredom? Patrick jane? You are patrick jane? Yeah, when it suits me.
I've got a warrant for your arrest.
Cuff him.
Hold on.
What's going on? The attorney general has found Your coworker in contempt of court For ignoring a federal subpoena.
Teresa lisbon? Yeah, that's me.
You've been subpoenaed to appear before A federal grand jury in dallas.
What's happening here? Well, hold on a minute.
Are you kim fischer? Yes.
You've been subpoenaed To appear before a federal grand jury, as well.
Let's go.
Uh, probably best not to ignore those.
Two years ago, An arrest warrant was issued for patrick jane In connection to the murder of thomas mcallister, The serial killer known as red john.
Is it true you were part of an international fbi manhunt To bring patrick jane to justice? That's accurate.
And yet now you work For a unit of the fbi that employs him.
I am a part of that unit, yes.
The fbi conducts a two-year manhunt, Finds its suspect, and brings him back, But instead of a trial by his peers, He is given a government job with benefits.
Why? We made a deal with him.
What were the terms of that deal? I don't know.
He was already a part of the team when I was hired.
Jane is required to assist us in cases In exchange for immunity from prosecution.
You worked very closely with mr.
Jane in california.
Does he confide in you? You close? You could say that.
Did he tell you he killed thomas mcallister? Not specifically, no.
Did he tell you he killed thomas mcallister? I plead the fifth.
Did he tell you where he was On the day mcallister was murdered? I plead the fifth.
Agent lisbon, are you besmirching your badge And refusing to answer to protect yourself Or to protect patrick jane? Go to hell.
This is where we found daniela, the second trafficking victim.
They separated her From the rest of the group.
Any idea why yet? No.
The others were being held inside the house.
It isn't much better.
Now, the girls were abducted From across the western United States And transported here by truck.
We believe the traffickers used this house As a way station of sorts.
It's hard to believe 30 women were crammed in here.
Took two days to process -- A lot of hair and fibers floating around.
Yeah, I'll bet.
Can we get some light in here? We're still looking for the second truck full of victims, But I think it's south of the border by now.
What about the truckload that we did find? Those girls provide any useful information? All they could tell us about was jesse, The dead man who lured them with the modeling scam.
Ringleaders remain a mystery.
Well, what about the girl that died? She was trying to tell jane something about a bow and arrow.
We don't know what that means yet.
I'm hoping for more answers once we analyze all the evidence.
Well, you finish up here, And I'll see you back at headquarters.
All right.
We need to talk.
In my office.
What's going on? Lisbon and I just got back From the grand jury hearing in dallas.
They're trying to indict jane for murder.
Thomas mcallister.
They asked us point-blank Whether or not jane had ever confessed to killing him.
And what did you say to them? What are you doing here? Uh, I'm out on "bail.
" W-what does "bail" mean? It was a con.
Uh, technically the term is "sting.
" Operation juryscam.
You're kidding, right? I am very sorry for the deception, But to maintain authenticity, we couldn't inform you Until after you sat with the jury.
Our target for the sting is this man John acardo.
He's a young mob boss.
He owns the illegal sports-betting market in dallas.
You guys didn't answer my question.
Did anyone narc on me? How does indicting jane nail acardo? This Is elijah macy.
He created a sports-betting website That was cutting into acardo's profits.
Now, we think that acardo had him killed five weeks ago.
What's the evidence? Well, it's circumstantial but more than enough to indict.
And then, surprise, surprise, The grand jury voted not to prosecute last week.
You think acardo got to them.
All they'd have to do is sway two or three jurors.
And that's what the attorney general thinks happened.
Now he's asking for our help.
Fortunately, the same jurors are impaneled for another month.
And, under the pretense of a murder investigation, I will face them and determine which ones were bribed.
Or intimidated.
I-I can't believe you got a prosecutor To take part in the con.
It's not a con.
It's a sting.
The prosecutor doesn't know that this is not real.
The attorney general does.
This is the last of it.
Is everyone out? Locking up now.
Fbi! Daniela.
How'd you get in here? The window.
They released you from the hospital? I released myself.
This is an active crime scene.
I'm looking for my sister.
We're doing everything we can to find amy.
But you haven't found her, have you? Daniela, why'd you come back here? You told us you didn't know if amy was even at this house.
I didn't But I do now.
This is her tag.
She left it everywhere.
She was here.
Look at me.
We're gonna find her.
It is none of your business what I told the jury.
I did what I had to do.
What about you, lisbon? You snitch on me, huh? Be honest.
You want to know what I said, read the transcripts.
What did I do? You should have told me This whole courtroom charade was a charade.
Since when am I a target of one of your cons? It wasn't a con.
I don't care.
You should have told me.
I thought that you You know what? Forget about it.
Operation juryscam, it was abbott's idea.
He ordered me not to tell anyone.
Oh, you picked a great time to start following orders.
Well, I-I have to do -- Am I interrupting? No, it's perfect timing.
I am more than ready for lunch.
I heard about your grand jury.
I'm pulling for you.
I think you did what any good father and husband would do.
Yes, jane has all of our sympathies.
Let's go.
How long are you gonna let that go? What? Well, you know he's gonna take her to washington, right? Listen, she'll do what she wants to do.
You know, I've collared lots of con men over the years, Best in the business.
You know what led to their downfall ultimately? Yeah.
They start believing their own con.
That's not gonna happen.
There is no con here.
No? No.
All right, then.
Jane, you understand you're under a waiver of immunity.
Yes, ma'am.
What does that mean to you? Uh, it means that anything I say may be held against me.
Very good.
In a moment, I'll open the floor up to you So you can provide a narrative of events To explain what you were doing and where you were On the date and time of thomas mcallister's murder.
You said "murder.
" Thomas mcallister may have shot and strangled himself.
There are no objections here, mr.
Jane, No judge, just a friendly inquiry.
But I take your point.
Do you recall the day of mcallister's death? I do -- big day.
I had been chasing the man for eight years.
Any of you know what it's like To be driven by a moral imperative? You do.
And you.
And you do.
You all have strong jaw muscles.
It's a sign of strength and character.
You -- I'm not so sure.
Your eyes are a tad close to each other.
Excuse me.
What are you doing? I'm establishing a narrative of events, as you asked.
So stick to the narrative.
Narrative -- yes, I do love a story.
As do you.
You read a great deal of fiction, don't you? Romantic novels.
That's right.
Yes, an illicit engagement wouldn't scare you, would it? Where are you going with this? I'm trying to tell my story, if you'll just let me.
You haven't even started it.
Well, they seem engaged.
All of them except this gentlemen here, Who's preoccupied by his new jacket.
That's a little vain and childish, don't you think? This is serious business.
Pay attention.
I'm sorry.
I was just trying to -- Sir, you will not indulge him.
Well, he's happy to indulge himself.
T-that should definitely be on the record.
Jane, this is not a forum for you to chat with the jurors.
Well, it should be.
They just seem like good, honest, friendly people, All of them except that gentleman on the end there.
You know, you really should mend things with your son.
All this anger, this bitterness, this resentment That you're bottling, it's ruining both your lives.
Stop now.
You do not dictate the agenda here.
Who does? I do.
This is my courtroom, and it runs the way I say.
Is that clear? It is now.
Thank you.
Lydia faulk? Socialized narcissist.
There is no one in that courtroom keeping her in check.
John acardo didn't pay off jurors to avoid prosecution.
He just paid off the prosecutor.
Well, theoretically, A prosecutor could throw an investigation, Especially one with circumstantial evidence.
I'll obtain the transcript.
MmFaulk's too smart to exclude evidence.
It would be in the way she presented the case.
Halfheartedly, lacking confidence.
Jury would see defeat in her eyes and vote accordingly.
So, what do you propose? A new strategy.
We need to prove That john acardo is guilty of murder ourselves.
Jane believes that acardo didn't get to the jury.
He got to faulk, the prosecutor.
So now we have two targets.
That's right.
And to take them down, we're gonna have to find proof That acardo was behind the elijah macy shooting.
What evidence do we have? Earlier this year, One of acardo's men was arrested, Turned state's evidence for immunity from a drug charge.
He also testified that his boss order the hit on macy.
Multiple witnesses heard acardo threaten to have macy killed If he didn't shut down his sports-betting website.
But we don't have any physical evidence.
Not yet.
But that's what we're gonna have to find.
Well, according to the transcript, Acardo claims he was at a place called il tavolo bianco The night of the murder.
That's his favorite restaurant, obviously his alibi.
Yeah, but he drones on and on about it After it was already in the record.
He keeps talking about the restaurant Because he's hiding evidence of his guilt.
You sound jane.
Well, you spend enough time with someone.
Lisbon, why don't you check out this il tavolo bianco? And take jane with you.
You two have a nice dinner on the fbi.
Yeah, sure.
How are you? All they've got me doing Is staring at photos of sex traffickers.
I need a shower.
Here you go.
You're right-handed.
Uh, yes.
So, that heart on your hand, y-you didn't draw that? Uh, no.
They did.
Yeah, we don't know what that means.
None of the other girls we rescued had that mark.
Guess I'm special.
Excuse me.
I was looking over your interview with agent lisbon.
You mentioned blood tests.
When amy and I went to our first modeling gig, The nurse took our blood.
They said we couldn't enter europe without a blood test.
They lied.
I'm thinking that mark Has something to do with your blood test.
Like how? We'll find out.
You keep saying that, but nothing happens.
Just keep looking over those photos, okay? It's not your fault.
It's all my fault.
I talked amy into this.
Hey, boss.
Any breaks in the case? Maybe.
They took a sample of blood from All the trafficking victims, including daniela.
Well, that's hardly standard procedure for traffickers.
Why do you think they needed the blood? I don't know yet, But I just went through all the evidence from the house.
I found these inside a first aid kit -- Blood-test equipment.
According to the q.
Codes, They were supplied by a dallas company, Rutherford medical supply.
Well, their purchase records can help find our traffickers.
Good work.
Hey, cho.
I know you're working with daniela on this, But try not to get her hopes up.
The longer this stretches on, The less likely we'll be able to find her sister.
It's nice.
A little dark.
Buona sera, signora.
I am aurelio.
May I hang your coat? Yes.
Thank you.
This way, please.
I have just the table for yourSpecial evening.
Oh, it's just dinner.
Every night with this one is, uh, an occasion, yes? Can't deny that.
Settle in.
I'll be right back.
I owe you an apology about the grand jury thing.
I overreacted.
You're just doing what abbott told you to.
Did marcus help you decide that? As a matter of fact.
Well, marcus is wrong.
I should have told you, And you were right to be cross with me.
I pled the fifth, by the way, in the grand jury room.
Figured as much.
You always know what I'm gonna do, huh? Mostly.
One of these days, I might surprise you.
Please don't.
I love that you're predictable.
Just what a girl wants to hear.
What does a girl want to hear? I wish I knew.
Your wine menu.
Thank you.
If I may, We just imported a beautiful brunello di montalcino.
Well, uh, what do the mobsters drink? Mi scusi.
Yeah, the -- the guidebook said That real-life mobsters used to favor eating here.
My father once served joseph civello, Joseph campisi, All the old dallas mob families.
They came here for a taste of the old country.
They used to say, "the veal is good, But the goodfellas -- phew -- they're bad.
" What about now? Well, fortunately, There are no active crime families left in dallas.
Well, isn't there that guy? What's his name? The up-and-coming guy, John, uh, acardo.
He's, uh -- does he ever eat here? I wouldn't know anything about that.
I'll bring your server.
Buon appetito.
Thank you.
Grazie mille.
It's italian.
You're good.
What do you think? I think I'd like to take a look At the evidence from the original case.
And then I was thinking about The brunello di montalcino.
That did sound good.
Abbott's paying.
Let's get it.
This is all the physical evidence From the elijah macy murder scene.
I sorted it by order of relevance With this end of the table being most relevant.
What do you consider relevant? Any object that can yield trace evidence of the shooter.
If we I.
The triggerman, We can cut a deal with him to finger acardo.
Yeah, uh, trace evidence, That's the fibers and the hairs and the gooey stuff, yeah? That's an oversimplification, but, yes.
In the last year alone, there are 17 new methods For extracting dna evidence from -- Yeah, we know that there's a lot of ways To find out what we need, right, wylie? Hmm? Yeah.
So, uh, there's the federal way, with the trace evidence, And then there's a more interesting way.
Let's go with the more interesting way.
Tell me, hmm? If I were to ask you what is the most random item On this table, what would you say? This.
An overcoat.
It was found 200 feet from the crime scene.
There were no trace elements found on it.
The detectives weren't even sure It was connected to the crime scene.
What was the weather like the day of the murder? Pretty warm, if I'm not mistaken.
You see that, wylie? Uh-huh.
Okay, so, if this didn't belong to the victim, You have just solved the case.
I did? Well done.
Find out if it belonged to the victim or not.
Okay? Mrs.
Macy? Yes? Special agent fischer, fbi.
I apologize for the intrusion.
I need your help.
It's about your son.
Um Come on in.
Thank you.
When you raise a son alone, You don't stop and think about, well Anything, really.
You're just trying to keep up.
It wasn't until elijah was, uh Taken away That I realized how woven he was Into the fabric of my entire life.
Tell me about him.
Elijah was such an inquisitive child, Loved building things, Taught himself to code when he was 12.
I understand he started his internet company While he was still in college.
That's right -- junior year.
He was plan ii up at u.
, And I thought, "oh, no.
He's just never gonna have the time.
" But he was so excited to launch that website.
In six months, paid off my house with the profits.
Graduated with honors, too.
Special kid.
If you'll allow me just one more question.
Was this elijah's coat? Huh.
According to his mother, elijah was allergic to wool, And that coat is 100% wool, So it didn't belong to the victim.
I was hoping you would say that.
Well, I know how john acardo ordered the hit, And, more importantly, I know how to prove it.
How? It's easy.
I just need to make acardo put a hit out on me.
Acardo, 11:00.
You really think you can get him To take out a hit on you in one night? Usually, only people who know you want to kill you.
It's just a matter of figuring out which buttons to push.
A man like acardo, you know, he, uh, Has a fierce need for control, Fancies himself the lord of all he surveys.
Elijah macy cuts into his profits, He responds by eliminating the competition.
A grand jury tries to indict him, he buys the outcome.
All I need to do is to take something that belongs to him.
Like what? What about her? Good luck with that.
I'll be at the bar.
Oh! Oh, god.
I am so sorry.
Please excuse me.
No problem.
No problem.
It's your arms.
They're so sparkly.
Oh, my god.
You noticed my glitter lotion? Yeah.
Oh, look.
It's on me, too.
At least somebody did.
Wait, check it out in the light.
That is fantastic.
Yeah, it's so shiny.
Oh, no.
What is it? What's wrong? What is it? UmM-m-my -- my bracelet.
What does it look like? Let me help you find it.
Let me find it.
I-it's a diamond tennis bracelet.
It's from my fiancé.
Your fiancé bought you this? Yes.
Thank you! Thank you! No, that's fine.
Thank you.
Here, look.
I mean, no offense, But I can't say much for his taste.
I would put nothing more than cartier on your wrist, Around your neck Or dangling from here.
You're so sweet.
I'm patrick.
What kind of scotch you got? Oh.
Oh, look.
"casablanca" is on.
Here's looking at you, kid.
You know bogart made that line up? It wasn't in the script.
I've never seen "casablanca.
" What? Are you serious? I'm not really into old movies.
This is not an old movie.
This is a classic.
You've got to watch this.
You're gonna love it.
Okay, let's watch it.
Is everything okay? Yeah, I'm just tired.
Well, teresa I may not be able to read minds like jane, But even I can tell when something's going on.
Jane can't read minds.
It's hard to explain.
You know, it doesn't matter.
Do you want to talk about it? Not really, no.
I just wanted to say That I know moving to d.
Is a big thing, And it might raise issues you don't feel Totally comfortable talking to me about.
But I just want you to know it's okay.
I mean, you go through whatever process you need to.
JustLet me know when you make a decision.
I'll be here.
Thank you.
Let's watch "casablanca," huh? What is it about, anyway? Well, various things, But basically it's a love story About a woman who has to choose between two men.
There's also a baseball game on.
That sounds better.
Yeah, let's do that.
Hey, boss, check this guy out.
Dance card's full for the night, friend.
This can go one of two ways.
You can take your hands off her body, Or I can cut them off.
You must be the fiancé.
Let me tell you something, pal.
You are marrying a wonderful dancer.
I-it's okay, baby.
Nothing to worry about.
He found my bracelet.
Found the bracelet.
Oh, did he? Uh-huh what did you say your name was? Uh, this is patrick.
Patrick jane.
Well, patrick, I think it's time For you to say good night.
On your way.
Oh, no, not yet.
This -- this may be my last night of freedom.
I'm being indicted for murder, And I was hoping to go out big, you know? Finest champagne, Finest woman.
Brandy's spending the night with me.
I hope you don't mind.
Oh, he's just joking, johnny.
Oh, no, I'm not.
And I'm gonna take you places that you've never been.
And when you get back, You can tell johnny all about it.
That'll be my wedding gift to the two of you.
I think our friend patrick here Has had a little too much to drink.
Why don't you escort him out? Excuse me! Can I have your attention, please, Ladies and gentlemen? That man, john acardo, Is a drug dealer and killer.
I want you all to remember his face And the faces of his men here So that you can describe them later to the police.
They're gonna physically assault me -- or worse -- The moment I walk out that door.
Thank you and good night.
Arrange a dinner tomorrow night.
Il tavolo bianco.
My usual table.
Get over here.
The question isn't what medical equipment do we supply.
It's what don't we supply.
Gelatin capsules, glass vials, hospital beds, And everything in between.
Put that in the corner, bob.
- Okay.
What about blood-test strips? Did these come from rutherford medical? Uh, yeah, these are from our home-typing kits.
Do you also handle the results? No, the particular strip is from a home kit, So there's no need to send in for a lab report.
Bow and arrow.
Agent cho.
It's a bow and arrow.
The first trafficking victim that jane found, Didn't she say something about a bow and arrow? Just before she died.
That's a blood-type kit from our arquero line.
That's one of our best sellers.
We're gonna need a printout of everyone Who ordered one of these kits.
That's a long list.
We sell those to half of the hospitals And clinics in the state.
We'll wait.
Buona sera.
And how is my bella donna tonight? Aurelio, you always make be blush.
Your, uh, usual table is waiting.
May I hang your coat? Of course.
And, uh, take nico's coat, too, Would you? Of course.
Va bene.
Marie, show mr.
Acardo to his table, eh? Take good care of mr.
Acardo, eh? Johnny, how do you think I'd look in a cartier necklace? Mm Uh, no need, alfons.
Um, I think I'll have a new york strip tonight -- Rare.
And, uh, salad? Is that good? A salad for her.
Thank you, alfons.
It's me.
I've got it.
Drop it on the ground.
Now come here.
You know what to do.
Drop the weapon.
Drop it now.
Don't shoot! I am unarmed.
Put the gun down! Okay.
Be calm.
Can you breathe? I'm okay.
Check the shooter.
I heard shooting.
Everyone all right? Oh, yeah.
He's dead.
This is how acardo orders his hits.
He sends a message through aurelio To distance himself from the gunman.
They made me.
T-they made me do this.
Calm down! Put your hands on your head.
And then acardo puts the target's name In the pocket of the jacket.
Patrick jane.
That's me.
Excuse me.
I think this, uh, belongs to you.
Sit down and put your hands on the table.
And this.
And this.
Oh, my god! He's choking! He's choking! Oh, my god! He's choking! Do something! Do something! Here we go.
Ready? One, two, three.
There we go, huh? All better and off to prison.
Let's go.
Come on.
Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Oh, thank you.
Um Choking? No, I'm good.
Hey, jane.
Did you hear the news? Your grand jury investigation ended.
And they voted to indict you for murder.
Well, is it any wonder? Well, the a.
Is making it go away, But, you know, it's a good thing That you're under our protection.
That's a fact that you'll never let me forget.
How was your dinner with lisbon? Oh, my chicken was so-so, but lisbon's fish was excellent.
Why do you ask? Just wondering.
Lydia faulk.
Agent fischer.
We didn't recall you to testify.
I'll let you know if we need you to come back in.
Oh, that won't be necessary.
The case against jane was a setup.
What are you talking about? A sting to net a corrupt prosecutor.
You're under arrest For grand jury tampering and bribery.
Bailiff, take these people out.
Arrest warrant.
Back off.
We have acardo's phone.
The two of you had a lot to say to each other The night he received his subpoena To appear before the grand jury.
And then there's the large deposit Into your offshore account two days later.
Cuff her.
Okay, well We have good news for you.
The attorney general agreed not to prosecute If you testify against acardo.
Acardo came to me and said he'd make my wife a widow If I didn't do what he ordered, eh? You will be moved to protective custody, of course.
And what about il tavolo bianco, eh? I testify for you.
But I won't leave my home or my restaurant.
If acardo wants revenge, I'll stay out in the open, Where they can find me.
Otherwise, they hurt my family to find me.
Well, you will have to remain In protective custody until the trial.
I understand.
I'll send an agent in to walk you through that.
Good luck.
You made a tough choice, mr.
Brave man.
That's very admirable.
Agent cho.
What am I looking at? Ooh, uh, I cross-referenced A list of facilities that purchased the arquero kits With their location and last date of purchase.
What am I looking at? Oh, well, I-if -- If you'll notice the highlighted line, To wheatondale medical center last month.
Okay? Wheatondale isn't in operation.
It was condemned two years ago.
Let's try the other door.
Let's break it.
You hear that? That humming sound? Sounds like a generator.
It's coming from in there.
Someone's been using this place.
Yeah, but for what? The hum is coming from in there.
What? What is it? The body's been cut open.
Looks like they took the heart.
They're killing these girls for their organs.
Lisbon in? Yeah.
It's, uh -- it's jane.
W-what's up? Cannoli -- il tavolo bianco.
Aurelio made them specially.
That's sweet.
There's -- there's enough there for marcus, too.
You didn't come here this late to drop off cannoli.
Look, I-I've been thinking a-about you leaving.
And I want you to know that I-I really want you to be happy.
And that is the most important thing to me -- That you do what makes you happy.
Okay? Yeah.

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