The Mentalist s06e21 Episode Script

Black Hearts

Previously on "the mentalist" You really like this guy, huh? He got a promotion in d.
, And he asked me to go with him So we can be together.
My sister's amy welker.
You have to find her.
She was abducted with you? Yes.
How long were you held captive? I couldn't tell.
I never saw the sunlight.
Two days, maybe.
Her sister was there.
There are more girls.
You're right-handed.
So, that heart on your hand, y-you didn't draw that? No.
They did.
They took a sample of blood from All the trafficking victims, including daniela.
Why do you think they needed the blood? I don't know yet.
Look, I-I've been thinking a-about you leaving.
And I really want you to be happy.
And that is the most important thing to me -- That you do what makes you happy.
The body's been cut open.
They're killing these girls for their organs.
And I need a list of every transplant facility In the country.
We need to track down where these organs went.
Thanks, wylie.
What's going on? The office said multiple homicides? Three, all women.
And we believe They were from the same trafficking operation That we investigated.
It gets worse.
All three girls were missing vital organs.
What? They were harvested -- We think for sale on the black market.
How can I help? You could start with this place -- Wheatondale medical center.
We need to know who had access to it.
And, also, the qasimi brothers.
Well, you don't think they had anything to do with this? They worked closely with whoever abducted these girls.
I'm guessing the same people are behind their murders.
I'll contact beaumont penitentiary.
I should be able to see the qasimis tonight.
Okay, if you guys have any problems, give me a call.
Three women.
Think there were more? Many more.
Covered up like they're old cars, JustSet there unceremoniously, you know, Like you set down a cup of tea.
And look at their feet -- Their blood types written on their soles.
There's nothing special about these murders.
It's just routine, transactional.
It's a business, a production line.
Our bureau's major-crimes unit covers the greater d.
We investigate hundreds of crimes each year, Ranging from homicide to armed robbery to kidnapping.
Sounds like you've got your hands full.
We do.
So when pike told me you were thinking of Making a move to d.
, I jumped at the chance to snap you up Before someone else did.
Job's yours if you want it.
Uh, that sounds great, sir.
I just need some time to think about it.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
But do me a favor.
Let me know as soon as you can.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Pike, abbott.
Talk soon, don.
Sounds like a great gig, teresa.
You know we'd be sorry to lose you.
So What are you thinking? I don't know yet.
Well, abbott's right.
It's a great job.
And don's the best.
I believe you.
Well, look, teresa.
I've been patient.
I I kind of went out on a limb for you -- Pushed don to pass on other candidates So that I could have you with me in d.
I mean, I know it's a big decision, But it's a decision you need to make.
Morning, lisbon.
All right, got anything? We might have a hit on the truck Used to traffic the girls to the qasimi brothers.
It's the one we intercepted.
We've had that truck for days.
What's taking so long? Well, the truck was leased by one company, Which is owned by another company, Which is a subsidiary of another company.
There's six in total, all privately owned.
Which makes figuring out who owns it a nightmare.
I just got back from the prison.
The qasimi brothers are dead.
What? They were stabbed to death in their cell this morning.
Whoever abducted these girls must have gotten to them.
We think amy is with a group of girls That was trafficked across the border into mexico.
From there, she would've been transported by cargo ship, Most likely to a buyer in south america.
South america? We estimate amy will be arriving at a foreign port In the next few days.
That'll be our best chance to find her.
Why wasn't I with her? Why was I held separately? A small number of girls were pulled from the main group.
You were one of them.
That's why you had the heart drawn on your hand.
What happened to them? They were taken to an abandoned medical facility Outside dallas.
We found the girls murdered.
Their organs had been harvested.
Oh, my god.
Was -- was amy -- No.
We're sure of that.
We're gonna find her.
What you doing? Nothing.
What, uh, meaning-of-life-type stuff? Something like that, yeah.
I got something.
Wheatondale medical center.
I started background checks on everyone associated with it.
Anything turn up? No.
But then I cross-referenced that list of names With the trucking-company information.
Got a hit -- michael ridley.
Who's he? A partner in the equity group That sold wheatondale two years ago, So he would have had access to the building.
And he just so happens to own the same company I traced our confiscated truck back to.
That is quite a coincidence.
Yes, it is.
So, you can understand why we're here, mr.
Oh, I'll admit it's suspect, But I can assure you I had nothing to do With these horrific acts.
What was your involvement in the wheatondale medical center? It was a distressed property.
My partners and I purchased it, Sold off the medical equipment that was still valuable.
Just like harvesting a crop.
When was the last time you were there? Wheatondale? I've never been there.
Ridley, what was -- Interesting office.
Very plain, simple.
No muss, no fuss.
I never felt the need to decorate.
An office is for work.
You were saying? What were Doing in a truck owned by your company? One of my companies.
I'm in shipping and logistics.
I own or co-own dozens.
Let's talk about that.
Your corporate structure is incredibly convoluted.
It's almost like You didn't want the truck linked back to your company.
Not at all.
It's simply done that way for tax purposes.
I wouldn't want to bore you with the details.
What is so boring about the details? Well, to me, nothing, but for most people, Corporate accounting isn't exactly thrilling.
We've got time.
Unless, of course, There's something you're trying to hide.
I think we're getting off on the wrong foot.
Here's the name and number of my cfo.
He'll make sure you have access to everything you need.
I have absolutely nothing to hide.
Hello, mr.
Anthony, I just had a conversation with the fbi.
I see.
Is everything all right? No.
Apparently, they found three dead women At the wheatondale medical facility.
Well, that is disturbing.
Is there anything I can do to help? I'm sure the fbi will find whoever's responsible.
Nevertheless, I'd like you to look into it.
Absolutely, sir.
Anything you need.
Hey, cho.
You got a minute? What's up? I got offered a job in d.
You gonna take it? I don't know.
Don't tell anybody, all right? Okay.
It'd be a great move, though.
You think? Absolutely.
You remember the first day we worked together? Sure.
I almost quit.
Really? Why? Rigsby.
But then I saw the way you worked.
I knew I had to stay.
I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you.
Whatever decision you make, it's been an honor.
Thank you.
By the way, they're ordering chinese for lunch.
Forensics found something at wheatondale -- Dna from 16 different people, so far.
Are you saying that 16 women were killed in there? No.
15 of them were women.
One of them was a man.
His name's alexander lark.
At first, I thought he might be another victim, But he was never reported missing.
Do you think he was involved? I think that he's the one that carved up these women.
Up until seven years ago, lark was a surgeon, And that's when he lost his license.
Well, where is he now? The local p.
Went to lark's house, But they didn't find anything.
His neighbors haven't seen him in a couple of days.
Does he have any family in the area? He has a daughter -- April.
She lives in san antonio.
Well, grab cho and see what the daughter knows.
April, have you spoken to your father recently? Does two years ago count? He's been missing for a few days.
We need to ask him some questions.
Like I said, we don't talk much.
Why not? Do you have a couple hours? Mom died, I don't know, eight years ago.
Dad decided that was a good time to start drinking.
He became someone different -- Lost his job, his house.
I don't even know how to be around him anymore.
Do you have any guesses where he might have gone? Anything could be useful.
It's probably nothing, But my father grew up near the beach, In corpus christi.
Sometimes, when he wanted to get away, he'd go there.
Thanks for your time.
What kind of trouble is he in, anyway? Actually, never mind.
I don't even want to know.
Thank you for seeing us again, mr.
Anything to help.
Garish, I know.
My ex-wife's idea.
It was your idea.
It's an intimidation technique.
Is it? Yeah.
You want whoever comes here To know exactly who they're dealing with.
Well, now we know.
Very perceptive.
So, how can I help you? You recognize this man? His name's alexander lark.
He was a doctor years ago.
No, can't say that I do.
He's lying.
Excuse me? Lark worked with you.
It's as plain to me as that nose on your face.
I'm beginning to realize You've got a certain idea about me, But let me be more than clear.
You are mistaken.
We're gonna find lark, and when we do, We'll know if you're involved.
Cho, it's wylie.
Corpus christi p.
Spotted lark's car.
It's in the marina district.
There's his car.
Here we go.
Alexander lark! Fbi! Don't even think about running! Let me see your hands.
We have a problem.
The fbi is arresting lark.
They cannot take him alive.
Is lark in range? Yes, but he's not alone.
Go now.
Everybody okay? Yeah, I think so.
You've had your drink.
Now tell us how ridley's operation worked.
Uh Ridley had a guy named jesse.
His real name was james o'conner.
He was found dead this week.
Uh, h-he'd find the girls for ridley.
Most of them were sold off, But if their tissue and blood type were a match They were brought to me -- a heart drawn on their hand.
And you killed them? They came to me drugged.
But yes, yes.
They never felt a thing.
I'd remove the organ, And one of ridley's employees would pick it up And deliver it to the buyer.
Ridley forged paperwork so the organs seemed aboveboard.
The hospitals that performed the transplants Never had a clue.
This employee -- you have a name? No.
He wasn't a chatty type.
He was, uh, young, maybe late 20s.
I'd store the bodies in the freezer.
Every few weeks, That same guy would come and take them away.
When did you start working for ridley? UhSix years ago.
He was an old patient.
When I lost my license, he offered me a job.
I needed the money, and he paid well.
You see, ridley's been involved With human trafficking for years.
He used the money he made to go into legitimate business.
I'm curious.
Did it ever bother you -- killing these women? Sure.
Of course.
But after a while You stop thinking about it.
And that means profits for the next quarter Are expected to rise by at least 7%.
Yeah, I wouldn't be so sure of that, Especially when your c.
Is behind bars.
Michael ridley, you're under arrest For human trafficking and murder.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do can and will be used against you In a court of law.
No, we don't know which ship the girls are on, But we believe they're headed to south america.
How many ships are we looking at? and been inspected.
Unfortunately, nothing was found.
The remaining 12 will be arriving in your territories.
We need a search of each one.
That's gonna be a problem on my end.
Colombian port officials are bought off by the cartels, And drugs are going in and out.
They're not just gonna open the doors for the fbi.
Ambassador moreno, this is agent cho with the fbi.
Hello, agent.
I was just briefed on your situation.
I'd be happy to facilitate a search warrant But it may take some time.
We don't have time, sir.
I'm sorry, but there's a chain of procedure.
You understand what will happen to these girls If we don't find them? Agent cho -- You understand what will happen to you? Are you threatening me? No, sir.
But I'm not an enemy you want to make.
Now, we know that the cartels Have infiltrated local government -- Even high-ranking officials like yourself.
If this warrant doesn't come through in time, We'll be forced to look into it.
Let me see what I can do.
Thank you, sir.
They're letting ridley out on bail.
I'd say congratulations, But I think your victory will be short-lived.
Give us a moment? Michael.
I -- a moment.
I know you want me punished.
You want to see me suffer.
I wouldn't object to it.
You've misjudged me.
I've done nothing wrong.
You truly believe that, don't you? Of course I do.
It's just business to you -- all these women dead.
It's just numbers on a spreadsheet, Figures on your bottom line.
First of all, I didn't kill anyone.
But perhaps the man who did Wasn't solely concerned with money.
Perhaps he had a greater cause in mind.
Perhaps the lives of these women were taken So that the lives of important men could be spared -- Scientists, leaders, philanthropists, People who shape the world.
I-I'm not sure how I'm supposed to react to that.
Oh, come on.
It's just us.
If anyone could understand that perspective, it's you.
Well, you're right.
I've worked with psychopaths and monsters for years, So, yes, I do understand your perspectiveVery well.
Have a lovely afternoon.
You too.
We want names of every organ recipient.
We find these people, We can get them to testify against ridley.
I -- I need another drink.
Not this time.
Not until you talk.
I-I can't help you.
Ridley was the only one who knew their names.
He kept the information on an encrypted laptop.
I never had access to it.
And you never talked to ridley about any of these people -- Not once in six years? Mr.
Lark, you have the chance to do something right for once.
Um Uh, well, it's not much, but, uh, last week, Uh, I had a meeting at, uh, ridley's house.
I got there early And overheard ridley with a client.
He was sick, uh, Said he needed a transplant as soon as possible.
I heard him say he was nigerian And in the states conducting meetings For his oil business.
H-h-he and ridley had met at a fundraiser in houston.
Anything else? He had, uh, an expensive gold watch -- A philippe badeaux.
I used to have one just like it.
Okay, so you don't have recipient names.
What about ridley's employee? You know, anything else you can tell me about him? What's this? Ridley's employee had that tattooed on his forearm.
Run it through the database.
See if anything pops.
You got it.
Scooch over.
How often do you sleep in your own bed, anyway? Oh, I don't like that bed.
Too many lumps.
Maybe you should get a new bed.
Actually, you know what? I always did like this couch.
Jane -- Take your call, lisbon.
Fischer? What? When? Guards found him this morning.
Did he leave a note? No.
But they found that on his bed.
Now, what do you make of that? Does this belong to you? Where did you find this? We found it in your father's cell.
But that's impossible.
I was wearing it last night.
I -- I thought I lost it.
April Were you alone last night? Yes.
Why? Wait, a-are you telling me That there was someone in my house? Ridley found her.
That's why lark killed himself.
And killed our case against ridley in the process.
Maybe so, but we can't prove it.
I'm having wylie Pull the security tapes from the jail.
Maybe we can find out How ridley got the necklace into lark's cell.
Good idea.
What about the man that worked for him? We're looking into it, But all we have is a vague description And a tattoo.
The nigerian.
Excuse me? The man lark spoke of.
The man ridley met with.
If lark was right And the man was an organ recipient, He'd be able to implicate ridley.
If he'll talk, And if he actually was a recipient.
We don't even know if he's still in the country.
You don't have to be so negative.
You haven't found her? No.
Not yet.
She's alive.
I know she is.
We think we've narrowed down her location To one of four cargo ships headed for colombia.
If we're right, She should be arriving within 12 hours, And we'll be there to find her.
And if you're wrong? I got him.
Well not him, specifically, But I think I found the fundraising event Lark was talking about.
The blue skies gala.
It was held six weeks ago in houston.
Looks like it was an environmental charity event Put on by domestic oil companies.
Including representatives From africa-based ar ahim energy.
This must be the event Where ridley met this nigerian man.
Nice work.
E-mail me the contact info for the event company.
Already did.
I'm patrick jane.
I'd like to see the evidence from the abandoned hospital -- All of it, please.
So, these are all the pictures From the blue skies gala? Every last one, According to the event-planning company.
You know, we can wait for jane if you want.
Why? He hates this kind of stuff.
I don't know.
You guys always work together.
Not always.
Here we go.
I-it must be one of these guys.
Lark said the man wore an expensive watch.
Gold, right? That's him.
His name is jonas diop.
You were right.
He's a nigerian oil executive.
But according to his recent credit-card activity, He's still in the houston area.
Do you know where he's staying? Uh The park huntley hotel.
Hello? Hello, mr.
How are you? You doing okay? I hate to have to make this call, But the fbi may be looking for you.
You knew the risks when you got involved.
If I were you, I'd leave the country immediately.
Lisbon? Jonas diop's gone.
His driver says he left the houston airport On a private plane He's headed back to nigeria.
He was our only lead.
I'm running out of ideas.
Well, I'm not.
You have a plan? Yeah, but I'm gonna need your help.
Why don't I like the sound of that? Well, I'm gonna need you to be deceitful and corrupt, And you'll be breaking numerous laws.
Lisbon? I'm thinking.
Ridley will walk.
This is the only way.
Hey, hey, are you a medium or a small? You're not helping yourself out here, jane.
Thank you.
What is this? You'd guess scotch, wouldn't you? Japanese whiskey -- One of my few indulgences.
It's delicious.
But that's just scotch.
It's speyside.
I'm sure of it.
Look at that.
I stand corrected.
You're not the first one to make that mistake.
People assume it's not as good, but they're wrong.
It's better, in fact.
Some say it's the water, but I have my own theory.
I think it's cultural.
Japanese have it in their blood To sacrifice everything in order to succeedLike I do.
Like you do, I believe.
We tracked down one of your clients -- Jonas diop.
Diop's a business associate, not a client.
But I'm curious -- what did he have to say? Nothing.
He fled the country As soon as he heard we wanted to talk to him.
How unfortunate.
Yeah, I know it was you that tipped him off.
So far, you've been one step ahead of me, But, uhWell, sooner or later Oh, if you and the fbi Were gonna prove your case against me, You would have done so by now.
No, I think you've lost the battle, my friend.
Best to concede defeat and move on.
I'm not sure that I can do that.
Something wrong? I, uh I-I don't feel well.
I think it's time for you to leave.
Yeah, might be time.
Y-you don't look so good -- a little pale, shaky.
You look like you need to lie down.
It's almost as though you've beenDrugged.
You know, I've been thinking about What you said, you know? Some lives are more valuable than others.
Anyway I figured, uh Well, I couldn't agree more.
Sorry you didn't catch it.
Almost done? Yeah.
Jane, we don't have to do this.
We can still stop.
It's a little late for that, isn't it? Can you help me? Is he restrained? Yes.
And the gag is securely in his mouth? Yes, it is.
He's a screamer.
He's not gonna last long.
That's all right.
He isn't meant to.
Get it in there.
He's gone.
He's awake.
You said he was gonna be unconscious, jane! It doesn't matter what I said.
What's going on? Where am I? Quiet.
You killed him.
You killed anthony.
I said, be quiet.
What are you gonna do to me? I think you already know the answer to that.
You're insane! Let me go now! Or else what? You're a cop.
You can't do this.
This is wrong.
Not after what you've done.
What do you want, a confession? You know it'll never hold up in court.
Eh, I think you might be right about that.
Stop! I'll tell you everything! I think it's a bit late for that.
Just -- would you -- wait.
My laptop.
I -- I kept records Of everyone.
We know about the laptop.
It's password-protected.
I'll tell you the passwords! Stop! Stop.
I'll tell you anything you want.
Just stop, please.
Tell it to me.
What's the password? I'm the last person who can save you.
All right?! We got it.
We're done here.
Your agents tortured my client.
He's lying.
There is no evidence of physical abuse.
Psychological torture is still torture, agent abbott.
My client was made to believe That he'd be killed by mr.
Jane, Making any evidence you may have gathered inadmissible.
Yes, if that evidence is ruled To have been gathered illegally.
Which it won't be.
My client has sworn to these accusations.
Your client is a monster facing life in prison For what he's done.
I'd say just about anything if I were him.
You killed him.
Please, don't say anything.
He murdered a man that worked for me.
Anthony tremmel.
You're certain? I watched him die.
This is from a live security feed From our holding cells downstairs.
NoI-it can't -- I saw him.
Perhaps your client Would like to revise his statement.
Try this.
How you doing? Good.
Are you kidding? That was amazing.
Can we do it again? Lisbon.
My office.
Ridley and his lawyer Have made some serious claims against you two.
They're only serious if they're true.
Are they? No.
So, you didn't threaten to kill ridley? And you didn't stage the death of his associate? No, of course not.
All right.
Well, then I'm done with you.
Not you, lisbon.
Jane is a liar.
No need to deny it.
I expect it of him.
But you're not a liar, lisbon.
You're an honest, good person With a long career ahead of you, And I don't want to see you throw away This new opportunity of yours.
SoI'm gonna ask you this time.
Is there any truth to ridley's accusations? No.
Everything jane said was true.
You had an update for me? I do.
There you are.
Ready to go? I am so ready.
You won't believe the day I've had.
Yeah? Ugh.
Look, uh, about d.
I know it's a lot to take in, And I didn't mean to pressure you.
Yeah, you did.
Yeah, I did.
Maybe a little.
But it's your life, And I just want to be a part of it.
I've made up my mind.
I'm gonna call don tomorrow and tell him I'll take the job.
Are you sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
I wish we were somewhere more romantic, But what the hell? Will you marry me? What? What? Don't freak out.
Um, wow.
Marry you? Um I know.
I know.
You need time to think about it.
It's -- it's a big decision.
It's huge.
There's no pressure, okay? Okay.
You're a tough date.
Have you told jane that you're leaving yet? No.
No, not yet.
He'll understand.
All right.
I'll be downstairs.
All right.
How'd it go with abbott? Eh.
We make a good team sometimes.
We do.
You heading out? Yeah.
I-I'll see you tomorrow? I'll be here.
Good night.

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