The Mentalist s06e22 Episode Script

Blue Bird

You really like "thethis guy, huh? He got a promotion in d.
, And he asked me to go with him.
Have you told jane you're leaving yet? No.
No, not yet.
I really want you to be happy.
And that is the most important thing to me -- That you do what makes you happy.
I wish we were somewhere more romantic, But what the hell? Will you marry me? Um, wow.
Marry you? Um You're very chipper today.
Why not? I thought you'd be sad about lisbon leaving for d.
Oh, lisbon's not leaving.
She likes to talk like she might, But I don't think she's going anywhere.
From what I heard, it's a done deal.
She put in her transfer papers.
She starts work at the d.
Office next month.
She's leaving austin in a week, next Friday.
Captain muller, campus police.
This is jane.
This way, fellas.
We got a call at 6:07 a.
Housemates woke up and found him like this.
Name's tyler vankamp -- Sophomore studying business.
Practice-squad linebacker.
You sure about lisbon? Did you hear it from her or did you hear it from other people? Say? That's okay, sir.
He's talking to me.
I heard from other people -- abbott.
Well, it's not a done deal, then, is it? It's just a rumor.
Jane, she's leaving.
I'll believe it when I hear it from her.
Just telling you what I heard.
Uh, excuse me? What? Tyler vankamp.
Yeah, we're on it.
Where are these, uh, housemates? This way.
We've been sitting here like two hours, dude.
You guys heard of human rights? No such thing.
Which one of you found tyler's body? I did.
What time was that? What were you doing up at 6:00 a.
? Me and colt go running.
You guys have any playing cards? No.
Over there.
First drawer.
She's leaving a week from Friday? Yeah.
That's only 10 days.
When was the last time anyone saw tyler alive? I-I came in at like 2:00, and he was up studying.
Right there on the couch, totally chill.
We figured he must have surprised a sneak thief.
We need to go, cho.
We're working.
Uh, yeah.
I almost forgot to say it.
It was all of them.
The ninja knife wasn't in more than an inch, Not deep enough to kill him, so, uh, he was drowned.
In a kiddie pool? Well, if someone was helping him along.
I mean, a big, athletic guy like tyler, I would guess that that would be a job for two people.
Yeah, but why drown him? Well, probably something to do with the drunken card game That took place here last night.
They used toy money as chips.
Tyler was a player, huh? Flashy gold watch, slick sneakers.
I bet he knew how to play cards.
I bet he won a lot of money.
Money that none of you could spare.
Then someone accused him of cheating.
That would be you with the red eyes And the turtleneck to cover the bruises on your neck.
What's your name? Barry.
Tyler's an angry steroid freak.
He got mad.
He smashed a chair and started throttling you Until, uh, this brave man stepped in to help you And received a punch in the face for his trouble.
Hence the, uh, badly applied makeup covering your black eye.
You applied the makeup.
Hmm? You wear your watch on your right hand -- Probably left-handed.
So judging by the angle and the depth of the wound, I would guess that it was you that stabbed tyler in the back To stop him from throttling barry here.
Now, stabbing tyler in the back didn't help much.
It made him madder.
He chased you outside.
He fell in the pool.
That's when you two with the still-damp sneakers Got on top of him and held him down until he drowned.
Then you all came inside and cleaned the room.
Now, what self-respecting student Voluntarily throws away perfectly good vodka? Can we go now? I have stuff to do.
I guess so.
You're all under arrest.
Thank you.
- You're so welcome.
Oh, I'm gonna miss you so much.
Me too.
It was sweet.
What's with all the hugging? You leaving today? Tomorrow.
Are you still mad at me? Do I look mad? Yeah, you do.
Well, maybe I am.
Jane, this is something I need to do.
Please just be happy for me.
I am happy for you.
I'm just a little sad for me because you're leaving.
I'm not mad about it.
I just feel a little slighted because I was the last to know.
You know damn well why I couldn't tell you.
It's hard.
We've worked together a long time.
So stay.
Don't go.
Don't break up the team.
I'm kidding.
I'm kidding.
I'm happy for you.
You know I'm happy for you.
You deserve this.
You -- you deserve him.
He's a good man.
Thank you.
All right, people, gather up.
This letter was sent to chief agent shultz By u.
Mail, arriving an hour ago.
"remember greta dejorio? "that was me.
"to honor greta's memory, "I will start killing again very soon and very publicly.
"and you fbi simpletons still won't catch me.
"ask yourselves -- do you understand Interesting.
Greta dejorio was murdered five years ago In miami beach, florida, And the fbi team down there worked the case hard, But nobody was ever charged.
She was a prominent socialite, So the bureau got beat up a lot in the press at the time.
Dejorio's body was found in the trunk of her burnt-out car On a remote dirt road in the everglades.
Why was the letter sent to austin, not miami? We assume it's because the chief was running the miami office Of the bureau at the time.
Perhaps this guy has a grudge against her.
There's nothing in the letter to prove It's from the actual killer.
That's true.
But if this unsub kills again And brags about outwitting the bureau, It could be a p.
The chief is throwing everything that we've got at this.
Leave and transfers are canceled.
Everybody that is here now is working on this case And no other until we get results.
Boss, no transfers? I-I'm supposed to leave for d.
I'm sorry, teresa.
No exceptions.
Cho, fischer, Get a team together, head down to miami.
Start by finding and debriefing All of the original investigators.
And, jane, any read on this code or whatever it is? Nope.
All right.
Wylie, start crunching that.
Jane, a moment in my office, please.
We'll close this one quickly.
He wants to be caught.
Besides, we get to go to miami.
That's a fun place, right? I guess.
So cheer up.
This is gonna be our last case together.
Let's make it a happy one.
It's a murder case.
We've had fun before, haven't we? You know what? You're right.
I'll cheer up.
You're acting weird.
Weird? Yeah.
You're acting cool about stuff That I know you can't be cool with.
Anything you want to tell me? No.
All right.
Wow, huh? Look at those sailboats.
Yep, it's beautiful.
Pelicans, too.
Yeah, you won't see a view like this Behind a desk in d.
, though, huh? This is the third time today you've said something like this.
And you're correct.
There are no pelicans or sailboats in d.
, But I'll manage somehow.
Yeah, I'm just saying.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, look, I don't care.
Just do it.
Don dejorio.
Fbi, huh? Okay.
I got 10 minutes.
There's been a development in your wife's case.
Oh, this is megan, by the way.
Wife number two? Number three, actually.
But who's counting? And this is my lawyer, ted randolph.
Good morning.
Good morning.
He's here because last time 'round, You federal geniuses tried to pin this murder on me.
Now, is this more pointless harassment, Or did you actually catch somebody? No, sir.
We received a letter from the killer.
It says he's gonna kill again.
W-what does that have to do with mr.
Dejorio? He was thoroughly investigated and conclusively exonerated.
Not by me.
I'm kidding.
That was a little joke.
Hmm? Actually, I don't think that you killed your wife.
I have a different theory.
Yeah? What's that? Hey, there.
Come on in.
Christie, come here.
This is my daughter, christie.
Chris, these people are here about your mother.
Some wacko sent a letter.
Hi, christie.
Nice to meet you.
Now, what's this theory of yours? I think this letter wasn't written by the killer.
I think this letter was written by someone Who thinks they know who the killer is, Someone who wants revenge Someone devilishly clever and patient.
Really? Why? Well, imagine if you're the killer and you read this letter.
It would freak you out, wouldn't it? Here's the fbi.
They're on your trail again.
Why? What's it all about, huh? Why are they pretending to be you? Why now? What does this code mean? It's possible, or it was sent by the actual killer.
Don't waste your time.
The killer is wes baxter, like I've always said.
Don, let's stick to the essentials here.
Wes baxter.
He did it.
Wes baxter was a prime suspect, But he was cleared in the investigation.
They just couldn't nail him.
He lived next door.
The little creep was always spying on greta, stalking her.
It was him.
What do you think of wes baxter? It doesn't matter what I think.
It matters a lot.
Tell us.
He was okay.
I liked him.
She's speaking.
He didn't kill mom.
You know, chris has been through a lot, all right? Now, she doesn't remember everything so clearly, So why don't you just leave her out of it? No, dad, I remember.
You hounded wes like you know he did it, but you don't know.
Christie, you don't have to get upset.
I'm upset because you're being a jerk.
Excuse me, young lady.
That is no way to talk to your father in front of company.
Oh, you be quiet, you.
Excuse me? No, megan, I don't excuse you.
You're a witch, and I hate you.
That is beyond rude and completely unacceptable! I am talking to you! Hello? Are you gonna let her treat me like that?! We're gonna get going.
Excuse me.
You gonna let her treat me -- All right, all right, all right.
Come, come.
I want her out of this house.
You need to buy her that condo so she leaves.
She's 19.
We need to talk to wes baxter.
Married life, huh? Whoa.
I mean no disrespect to your marriage.
I'm not getting married.
Well, you're moving to a new state with a man.
Basically, you're getting married, in effect.
I mean, lucky you've had all that time to get to know him -- Weeks and weeks.
A month, even.
I was thinking about what you were saying About the letter not being sent from the killer.
If you're right, maybe it was the daughter.
There was a five-year gap.
She would have been 14 at the time of the murder -- Too young to take action until now.
That's a great idea.
Could be her.
Um, what do you think this code means? I don't know.
If you can't solve it, I definitely can't.
Well, I think if we put our heads together, We can solve it.
"752 598 h is m key o.
" It's not a phone number.
It's definitely not map coordinates.
What do you think? Well A street address, maybe.
Too many numbers.
Uh Or what about a date? Like 752 would be July 1952.
But why? They're out back.
Exhale, warrior ii.
Now flow through your vinyasa.
Excuse me.
Monica giraldi? Yes.
Kimball cho, fbi.
This is agent fischer.
You were greta dejorio's business partner? Well, a friend more than partner, butYes.
Why? What's happened? Have you caught someone? Oh, my god.
Everything okay, monica? Yes.
Thank you, tanya.
I'm sorry.
It's just brought that whole terrible time flooding back.
Greta and I were friends at college.
We wereClose, like close.
We, uh, both loved interior design, So going into business together was a no-brainer.
Our firm started taking off as she died.
I mean, I continue to run the firm, But it wasn't the same.
She was such a joyous person.
What was her state of mind In the days leading up to her death? Did she express any anxieties or fears? I never told anyone this, But a few months before she died, She told me she was having an affair -- That it was real love, and she'd never been happier.
Why didn't you tell the investigators at the time? I didn't want to make her look bad.
Did she give you a name? No.
I begged, of course, but she wouldn't.
She never mentioned him again, So I figured the affair ended badly, you know? They usually do.
Real Real what? Uh Jane, could you turn that down? I'm sorry, cho.
I couldn't hear you.
What was that? Okay.
Got it.
See you later.
Greta was having an affair.
With who, we don't know.
An affair.
Of course.
Well, that's relationships for you, isn't it? They always seem to end up in a tragic web Of deceit and betrayal, don't they? The ones we see? Of course they do.
Stop it.
Stop what? Trying to convince me not to leave.
Oh, come on.
I know better than that.
Once you've made your mind up, it's made up, For better or for worse Shush.
Richer or poorer.
Seriously? Not funny.
Wesley baxter.
You -- you think this is me? No.
I-I swear to god -- Relax.
It's okay.
We -- we can tell that you've never seen this before.
Relax? You people destroyed my life.
I mean, my own parents thought I was guilty.
You were a legit suspect.
The file says that you were stalking greta.
You were spying on her.
I-I didn't.
I wasn'tStalking greta.
Ah! Of course.
What? You were spying on christie.
I I mean Kind of.
I was watching christie.
I was in love with her.
I was just a stupid kid.
Why didn't you say anything about this then? Oh, sure.
That would have made everything all right.
I mean, she was 15.
I was 18.
You do the math.
Well, for what it's worth, we talked to christie, And she always thought you were innocent.
She did? Mm-hmm.
She said that? Yeah, she did.
Does that code mean anything to you? Nope.
Okay, well, you keep that copy, and if anything -- anything -- Comes to mind, you let us know, huh? Okay.
Thanks for your time.
I think he's telling the truth.
I agree.
Let's go to the beach, take a little walk.
It's close to here.
We're working.
Oh, come on.
Live a little.
Well, this is nice.
We don't take enough time to do stuff like this.
That's because we're wasting time.
Well, okay.
Let's solve that code, then, shall we? Just like that, huh? "ask yourselves -- do you understand.
" Well, that's an odd turn of phrase.
Must have some hidden meaning.
Ask yourselves -- do we understand? Do we understand? Do we? Do we understand? Dewey.
Do we? That's what I said.
The dewey decimal system.
Oh! That's what the numbers stand for.
It's a way of cataloging library books.
752 598.
and 598 means "bird.
" "color bird.
" what does that mean? There's no number for specific colors, So it's blue bird, red bird, whatever.
"h," "h.
" the radio call sign for "h" is hotel.
There's a blue bird lodge on the islamorada in the keys.
"is m key.
" Islamorada, key.
Lisbon, you solved it.
I did, didn't I? You did.
But what does the "o" at the end mean? Oh.
Uh It's a date.
"o" is a date? "o" -- it's the astronomic symbol for, uh, the full moon.
It's a full moon tomorrow night.
You just cracked the case.
We cracked it.
If you asked nicely, I would bet That abbott will let you go back to washington right now.
Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for the world.
I'm gonna be on the islamorada tomorrow night.
I did it.
You did it.
I did it.
I did it this time, not you.
Who did it? You did it.
It was me.
I did it.
Welcome to the blue bird.
You have adjoining waterside suites, Just as you requested, mr.
Thank you.
Sounds expensive.
Well, why not? You know, it could be our last, uh Hurrah.
Someone may call the hotel asking for a greta dejorio.
Anyone that does that, give them my room number.
The room number, but not my name.
And, uh, tell the night staff to do the same, yes? Certainly, sir.
Just your room number, dejorio.
Oh, would you like me to confirm your dinner reservation? Yes, ma'am.
Just so you know, um, evening attire is preferred.
I'll -- I'll just get a sandwich or order room service.
I don't have anything to wear.
Oh, we'll figure it out.
Thank you.
It's right up the stairs on the first floor.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, my god.
Jane, this is too much.
It's too nice.
We're on a case.
Well, it might be our last case together, so, uh How could anything be too nice? The dresses are beautiful.
I'll see you at dinner.
Hello? Huh? Yeah.
Here? Now? Hey, jane.
Nice place.
Our unsub has good taste, huh? Yeah.
W-what are you guys doing here? Lisbon and I can handle this.
Well, this is a big case with a whole lot of downside potential.
Wants to put senior agents on the scene.
Why? Do you have a problem with that? Nope.
No problem.
I'm starving.
How's the food here? Yeah, apparently, it's good.
No burgers.
I wish my wife were here.
Women really love this kind of stuff.
Yeah, they do.
I was wondering -- My boyfriend would love the bathrobe in the room.
Could I buy one? Oh, there's no need, ma'am.
The package mr.
Jane booked last week Actually includes a complimentary robe.
That's great.
Um Last week? He booked the room last week? Yes, ma'am.
The wine list, sir.
Oh, no, thank you.
You look spiffy.
Tell me something -- how is it possible That you booked the rooms here last week, Two days before the letter even arrived? Okay, um You got me.
I wrote the letter.
It was me.
It was, uh, just a ruse, but, uh, I'm 100% confident That it's gonna smoke out the killer.
You son of a bitch! Maybe I should, um Go and talk to her.
Uh Probably should order without us.
Hey, you know, I will take a look at that wine list.
Thank you.
I need a taxi to the airport right now.
Thank you.
Lisbon? Go away.
Please open the door.
Go away.
You know, I'm -- I'm sorry that I tricked you.
I just I just, uh You just what? Jane, what were you doing? I just don't want you to leave.
You don't give a damn about what I want or need.
I am just a convenience for you.
You used me.
It's all about you.
You used a-a woman's murder, jane.
You basically dug her corpse up for this crap.
You are so twisted up in your own dishonesty, You have no idea how to act like a decent human being.
No idea.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.
All right, well, if you're really sorry, Why don't you just leave me alone? Go away! I know you're there.
I can hear you breathing.
Just leave me alone.
Hey, it's me.
Hey, sweetheart, how are you? Good.
Um Listen, if the offer still stands, the answer is yes.
Let's get married.
Yes! Good.
Well, I'm -- I'm on my way to d.
All right, all right.
Text me your flight information, And I'll be there.
Teresa, it's gonna be great.
You're gonna love the neighborhood.
It's -- it's full of restaurants, your favorite kind.
I got a number to an excellent broker, And, apparently, he's got some appointments set up for us.
He stood in my office, looked me in the eye, And lied to me, and I bought it.
Don't feel bad.
Jane could sell cats to mice.
I hope he's fixed things with lisbon, though.
Think we should go check on him? No.
It's weird how mad she got.
I mean, he's pulled way worse stunts than this.
He buried a man alive once.
She wasn't nearly as angry as this.
Really? You don't know why? Don't know why what? Flight 407 to washington, d.
, Will begin boarding in 45 minutes.
We apologize for the delay.
If there's anyone who has any hand baggage They'd like to check, please come see me at the desk.
You're the fbi man -- jane.
Oh, you're the lawyer, uh, randolph, right? Yeah, yeah, that's right.
I don't understand what's going on here.
You killed greta dejorio? What? No, I didn't kill greta.
Oh! You're her secret lover.
How Yes.
I solved the clue in the letter, And I came here to kill the bastard that killed greta.
That's so romantic.
Uh, do -- do you mind putting the gun down, please? Did Did you catch him already? Yeah, no.
I I-I wrote the letter, not the killer.
What?! Yeah.
It's a long, sad story, but don't worry.
The killer will show up.
Well, that's the plan, at least.
Can I get you a drink? Yeah, sure.
Vodka, rum, gin, or whiskey? UhGin.
Hands up.
Wes baxter.
W-what the hell? Who's this? Is this him? Is this the killer? And, uh, you're not the killer either, are you? No.
Didn't think so.
Uh, you mind putting the gun down? Thank you.
You came to seek revenge, too, huh? I shouldn't have made the clue so easy.
Whoever killed mrs.
Dejorio -- he ruined my life.
UhVodka, rum, gin, or whiskey? Rum.
Greta and I were deeply in love.
She was gonna divorce don and marry me.
I called it off.
I ended the affair.
I was afraid of the scandal And the damage it would do to my business.
I was a coward.
Blind, stupid coward.
I was so filled with fear and self-hatred That I destroyed the best thing that ever happened to me.
By the time I realized my mistake It was too late.
She was gone.
I'm sorry, man.
I have to go to the airport.
What's his deal? You got to be kidding me.
Turn around.
Hands up.
Put your hands up.
You must be monica? I'm kind of in a hurry here.
Who are you people? And why did you send that letter? Uh I know you.
You're the lawyer, randolph.
Got old, huh? And you.
You're the kid from next door.
So, who are you? Okay, I-I-I don't want you to be alarmed.
I'm, uh, fbi.
If you leave now, I will bet that you get away before my colleagues get here, But you have to leave right now.
You're lying.
You're not a fed.
I-I know that I don't look like one, But I assure you I am one.
Show me your badge.
There we go.
Oh, I'm sorry.
He is.
He's fbi.
I told you this was a setup.
I told you.
Damn it, monica! Okay, just calm down.
If there were more fbi around, They'd be here by now, wouldn't they? It's just him.
I don't see it.
They're like brother and sister.
There's no way.
Oh, speak of the devil, a text from jane.
" Soz.
So, what do we do? I'm thinking.
Listen, ladies, all you've done so far is wave a gun around.
That's no big deal, huh? No one's calling you killers.
I am.
No one can prove anything, can they? Huh? You walk away now and let your lawyers fix this.
He's right.
What else can we do? We can just walk away? Yeah, but you have to go right now before my colleagues arrive.
Before anyone gets hurt -- go.
Okay, let's go.
Stay right where you are.
Oh, dude.
Put your hands up.
Do it.
Now put the gun down.
Aah! Don't move! Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow! My ears! That is loud! Oh, you're fine.
And, uh, yeah, you're fine.
It's just a flesh wound, okay? I have to go, but help will be here momentarily, okay? Jane, what the hell? You -- you have a car with a siren, right? I need your car keys.
What? I need your car keys.
I got to get to the airport.
It's an emergency.
Where's lisbon? She's at the airport.
Oh, I see.
Thank you.
Hey, hey, hey.
You want to give us some guidance? Yes.
Uh, those two are the bad guys.
They're the good guys.
And blondie's an embezzler, I suspect.
Hey, cho.
Good luck.
Where's he going? This is lisbon.
Leave a message.
I'll call you back.
Uh, lisbon.
It's -- it's jane.
If you get this, call me, please.
Please? Sorry.
Fbi, fbi.
Uh, you got to let me through.
Uh Oh.
Uh, it's in my car.
My car is out the front.
It's a federal vehicle out the front.
Wait! Wait! Hang on! Wait! Hang on a second! Hello! Hello! Let me in? Let me in, please.
Yes? Thank you.
Won't be a moment.
Fbi? What's wrong? Uh, yeah, nothing.
Nothing to worry about.
Just a routine check.
There you are.
What are you doing here? There's something I need to say.
I don't want to see you.
Go away.
You're right.
You're right.
I-I have forgotten how to act like a normal human being.
And I play games and I lie and I -- And I trick people to avoid the truth of how I feel.
And the idea of letting anyone close to me is -- Is -- is terrifying, for obvious reasons.
But the truth, teresa, Is that I can't imagine waking up Knowing that I won't see you.
The truth is I love you.
Whew! You can't imagine how good that feels to say out loud, But it scares me And it is the truth.
It is the truth of what I feel.
It's too late.
Jane, it's too late.
And I understand.
That's okay.
I needed to get to this, and you deserve to hear it.
Put your hands in the air right now.
Do it! I love you, teresa.
And it makes me happy to be able to say that to you.
I love her.
That woman in 12b -- I love her.
You take care of her.
I'm sorry.
That was embarrassing.
Oh, shush, honey.
Every woman on this plane is green with envy.
The d.
Will press for second degree and a plea, But I say we bid high with murder one.
Why don't you take care of processing? I have to go to the airport And try to persuade tsa to let jane go.
He's still in custody? They do not like people messing with their airplanes.
Don't like it at all.
This is another fine pickle you've gotten yourself in, huh? Eh, I've seen worse, pickle-wise.
Yes, you have.
How's the ankle? Oh, it's fine.
You didn't go to d.
Did you mean what you said? Yes, I did.
Just to be clear, we're talking about pickles, right? No.
The other thing.
Oh, that.
This is no joking matter.
I meant what I said, every word of it.
Because I feel the same way.
Well, that's lucky.
What about pike? He'll understand.
Say it again.
Say what again? Hey, quit that!
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