The Mentalist s07e01 Episode Script

Nothing But Blue Skies

Previously on The Mentalist: Grace and I, we always thought that you and Lisbon would get together.
This is Special Agent Marcus Pike.
He's attached to our team while we work the case.
I like you.
You're a good-looking woman, and I'd love to get to know you.
If the offer still stands, the answer is yes.
Let's get married.
Wait! - What are you doing here? - There's something I need to say.
The truth is, I love you.
- Did you mean what you said? - Yes, I did.
Hello? I know you.
I know you.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Your coffee.
Thank you.
It's a beautiful day.
Wanna sit here? Yeah, just push all that stuff to the side.
It's going in the garage.
- I'll take it around there in a minute.
- Okay.
- It's a lovely day.
- Yeah.
We should think about getting you a key to this place, huh? - Well, that's a step.
- Yeah.
Uh, would make things easier.
What do we have in here? Hm? Vintage car? Well, that should definitely be garaged.
You don't strike me as a vintage car kind of girl.
It was a graduation gift from my grandfather.
I think it was his favorite.
Thank you for helping move all this.
It's my pleasure.
- It's been nice.
- Mm.
We're gonna have to get back into the real world at some point though.
- Really? - Really.
You wanna talk about how we're gonna do that, maybe, or? Sure.
What's up, boss? Lisbon, I know you still have time left on your leave, but I need your help.
You mind suiting up? - Not at all.
What's the case? - It's a homicide.
It's complicated.
- I'll text you the address.
- Okay.
- Know where I can find Jane? - I have no idea where he is.
- All right.
I'll track him down.
- Okay.
- See you there.
- Bye.
You really have no idea where I am? It just seemed like the thing to say.
- You embarrassed? - No.
God, no.
It's okay if you're embarrassed.
No, it's just things with Marcus just sort of went down and I just would like to keep my private life private.
Just for the moment, not forever or anything.
- Is that okay? - Yeah, sure, that's fine.
It's fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- I understand.
- My turn.
- Okay.
Hi, Abbott.
Hey, Cho.
How you doing? - Good.
You? - I'm good.
- Not going to Washington? - No.
- Not marrying Pike? - No.
Victim's name is Jeremy Geist.
Shot twice.
Some customers from the bowling alley found him after 2 a.
He was a regular.
Looks like a run-of-the-mill homicide.
Can't Austin P.
Handle it? - You got me.
Abbott just said get here.
- Hey, Cho.
Give me some sugar, baby.
There we are.
- Looking good.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Lisbon.
- Jane.
You look good too.
- I got some pecan nuts.
You want some? - Um, no.
I could - You? - No, thanks.
Okay, more for me.
- Boss.
- Hey.
- What's up? - Hey, Abbott.
Well, we have to be careful with this one.
Austin P.
Doesn't know it but the victim, Geist, was FBI, working undercover.
And we are not releasing that.
So gather whatever information you can, get back to the office.
We're being briefed in an hour.
- Cho, let's go talk to the lead officer in charge.
- Yep.
- That went okay.
- I thought it went very well.
I'm gonna head back to the office.
- See you later.
What is that in your pocket? - What? All right.
Can I have everyone's attention, please? This is Ken Spackman.
He's running the joint FBI and ATF task force that sent Jeremy Geist undercover.
I just notified his family in Pittsburgh.
This is, uh This is such a blow.
Jeremy was a first-rate agent.
Big blow for them, I'm sure.
Not so much for you though.
You barely knew Geist.
That's correct.
Uh, he came to us from the Savannah office a few months back.
We needed somebody who wouldn't be recognized in Austin.
Uh, what was the assignment? There's a gang that's stealing military-issued firearms from Army bases and selling them to drug dealers.
So we got a report that the Rocket Bowl parking lot is where the guns were changing hands.
We figured somebody there was involved as a salesman.
We sent Geist in undercover in the hopes that he could tell us who it was.
- Any luck? - Not yet, but he was getting close.
We're gonna send another agent in a couple weeks.
In the meantime, you can't disclose that Geist was FBI.
- It'll blow the whole thing.
- That's not gonna be easy.
There's a chance Geist was killed because somebody blew his cover.
- We need to ask questions about that.
- You have to understand what's at stake.
Okay? We get the salesman, we can flip him, which means we get the whole gang.
But if it gets out that we had an undercover agent in place the operation will shut down and the gang will scatter.
That's not so bad.
From the way he's acting, there's a chance that Spackman is the killer.
- He's practically in our laps.
- What did you say? Or not.
Could go either way.
Point being, it's all fine.
- I'm sorry - We all understand how to do the job.
- So let's get ready to roll out in 15 minutes.
- Let's.
Welcome back.
We missed you.
Where's Fischer? Is she out sick? No, she transferred.
- Really? Where? - Seattle.
Her mother's there.
She had a stroke, so she went to take care of her.
She asked me to give you this.
Abbott says they're assigning us a rookie to fill out the team.
That should be interesting.
- Aw, that's sweet.
Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
The FBI, right? - Who's Cho? - I am.
Hey, Mason Hunston.
I'm the owner.
Anything we can do to help.
I mean, we've had some fights from time to time, but nothing like this.
- Were you here when it happened? - I was up in my office.
Didn't know anything till the police arrived.
It's birthdays and bowling leagues till 9 p.
, then the drinkers take over.
It's a rougher crowd, but we haven't had any serious problems until now.
Who was working last night? Tish and Skye, they work the bar.
They're there now.
Wick Ammon, he's our bouncer.
He's over there.
And, uh, Andy, the shoe guy.
- Anything else? - Yeah, I have a question.
What's the best way to turn a 10-7 split into a spare? Um Line up on the seven pin aim for the far side, hit as hard as you can.
Just try to get that pin action.
I got it.
- Anything else? - No.
Thanks for your help.
Ammon? - Wick Ammon? - Yes.
Agent Kimball Cho, FBI.
I understand you were working security here last night.
You mind answering a few questions? Agent Kimball Cho of the FBI, know that I'm a sovereign citizen of the state of Texas and do not recognize a legitimacy of the federal government or any police authority you may claim to possess.
Nonetheless, I will answer your questions.
- Great.
You see Jeremy Geist last night? - I did.
He arrived after 11.
Didn't see him leave.
- Must've gone through the side door.
- You talk to him? I said hello when he arrived.
Let me ask you something.
Are you aware that the government you've sworn allegiance to is illegitimate and illegally constituted? Yes.
Did you notice anything about him? Just that he kept to himself.
Didn't talk much to people.
You also know that federal income tax is government-sanctioned theft intended to prop up a global conspiracy of bankers? Tish, did you notice Jeremy arguing with anybody last night? No.
Hardly spoke to anyone.
Pretty friendly most days, but he didn't say five words.
So he wasn't drinking then? - Club soda.
- Oh.
I would guess that's unusual for a three-beer-a-night kind of guy.
It is.
What about you, Skye? Did you notice anything odd about Jeremy? Not last night so much.
- There was something strange two nights ago.
- What? Jeremy was fine when he got here.
A little while later, he just shut down.
He sat at the bar, wouldn't talk to anybody.
Did he seem angry, scared, sad? Spooked.
He looked really spooked.
Yeah, I go to the bar sometimes when my shift is over.
Just to hang.
- Just to hang? - Yeah.
Did you ever talk to Jeremy Geist when you went over there, Andy? Yeah, sure.
Jeremy's a good guy.
What'd you two talk about? I don't know.
Sports, I guess.
- Sports, you guess? - Bikes.
You know, like that.
So, what does this have to do with him getting murdered? Are you nervous, Andy? - No.
- Are you sure? You seem kind of nervous.
Not at all.
Hey, Spackman.
- Will you excuse me? - Sure.
- This isn't working.
- I don't agree.
Our boy Andy over there, he's wound up about something.
I think he's about to crack.
Uh, he's carrying drugs.
But if you wanna bust someone that has pain killers without a prescription, he is definitely your man.
- You're calling that from here? - Yes.
It is difficult to get anything if we can't talk about why Geist was here.
- I can't help you there.
- Gonna have to.
You wanna protect your investigation, but this is a waste of time.
I thought you were some innovative team that was capable of working outside the box.
- So, what is with your whining? - Don't talk to her like that.
- We are not whining.
- It sounds like you're whining.
- Don't talk to her like that.
- Hey, back off.
I won't.
You needn't talk to her like that.
Look, we've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who is selling guns in this place and we're not gonna let you mess up our investigation until that person has been arrested.
- Do you got me? - Fine.
- Where's he going? - Can I have your attention, please? Thank you.
There are these things called micro-expressions.
They are what shows on your face when you feel something.
You can't control them.
So when I tell you that Jeremy Geist was an FBI agent working undercover everyone Yes, there they are.
- Showed a brief expression of surprise.
- What the hell? - His was bigger than most.
But when I tell you that Jeremy Geist was investigating a gang selling illegal firearms out of this bar, only one person will show fear.
The person who is afraid of being caught.
And that person is It's you, Tish.
- What? - It's literally on your face.
There is your salesman.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
She was fast.
Can I help you? I'm looking for Supervisory Agent Abbott.
Uh, down that way, second door.
You asked for the salesman, I found the salesman.
Sales - The woman.
- Yeah.
Only we don't have her now.
She's in the wind.
She's probably across the border already.
She needs to get ready before she leaves the country.
- She'll need a little time.
We'll find her, Ken.
- See? Everything is fine.
No, it is not fine.
First of all, you haven't got any evidence.
And, you know, even if we do manage to bring her in what am I gonna do, pressure her with your say so? I can't get her to give up the names of the people she's working with.
Why, just because you say she did it? All I can do now is hold her for two days while her lawyer sits there and laughs at me and while her crew disperses.
So this is not okay.
This is a disaster.
He's not wrong.
Well, it's possible that I was a tad hasty.
- But you got my ire up.
- Can I help you? Michelle Vega.
I was told to report for assignment to your unit.
- Agent Vega, Patrick Jane.
- Thank you.
Pleased to be here, sir.
You don't have to call me sir.
Please don't call me sir.
Save it for him.
First assignment, huh? I also see that you're, uh, former military.
Uh No.
Interesting that you would lie to me so early in our acquaintance.
I wouldn't.
I mean, I'm not.
- My dad was Army.
Career, 37 years.
- Dennis? Vega, could you go out into the bull pen and, uh, look for Cho or Lisbon? They'll show you around and I'll be out in a few minutes, okay? - Yes, sir.
So, gentlemen what are we doing? - Spackman I'm gonna make this up to you.
When this is over, it's gonna be your birthday.
- Really? - Candles on the cake and all, Ken.
And this is Agent Cho.
- Hi.
- It's a pleasure.
- Teresa Lisbon.
- Hi.
And then there's Abbott.
And Jane, of course.
Is that the guy in Abbott's office with the, uh, shirt? Is he an agent? No, but he's part of the team.
He's, uh, different.
Anything I should know about him? There's probably a few things.
Cho, Wylie, you're working with Spackman on tracking down Tish.
- You think she killed Geist? - Probably not.
If she did, she wouldn't have been surprised he was FBI.
Which means we're still looking for a viable suspect for the murder.
I'll call Austin P.
To see if they can track down the customers.
I'm running background checks on everybody who works in the bowling alley.
Anything I can do, sir? Ah, yeah.
Relax, we'll talk, and then I'll put you to work.
Yes, sir.
- Oh.
Where you headed? - To Geist's apartment.
Poke my nose around.
The bartender and the waitress said he was acting weird.
Any idea what that was about? - None at all.
- Oh, great.
I don't know what's going on between you and Lisbon, but Nothing's going on.
Right, right, I understand.
That's the party line, right? - Ha-ha-ha.
- That's fine.
It's all good.
But on the off chance that something is going on you might wanna know that Marcus Pike is in the building meeting with a prosecutor.
Just an FYI.
Okay, 324.
Geist, Geist, 322.
- Let me know when you're out.
- I will.
Thank you.
- Vega.
- Agent Vega, Patrick Jane.
- How are you doing, settling in? - Yes, thank you.
Is there something I can do for you, agent? Yeah, you can stop calling me agent, for starters.
Now, your father was Army, but you weren't? - Yes, sir.
- I don't believe you.
You have military in your posture, Vega.
That is not genetic.
Um Yes, I was at the Point.
West Point.
But I didn't graduate.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Wasn't that big a thing.
No, not about the Point.
Your father.
I, uh I'm sure that was a very difficult time for you.
How'd you know about that? Well, you don't strike me as the type of person that would give up on things.
And what else would keep you from finishing at the Point? He had liver cancer.
It was very fast.
After that, um - I just wasn't interested in the military anymore.
- Well, of course not.
Is there something I can do for you? Uh, yes, there is.
When you were at Quantico, did they do some sort of psychological or emotional-profile-test thing? Yes, a pretty extensive one.
I need Jeremy Geist's psychological profile.
Do you think you could get that? Yes.
Yes, of course.
I will get right on it.
Excellent work, Agent Vega.
As you were.
- Hey, Cho.
- Yes.
Austin P.
Just called.
A license plate sweep found a truck registered to Tish DeLaurio in Travis Heights.
- Anybody sitting on it? - Two uniforms.
That's all they can spare.
All right.
I'll get a team out there to pick her up.
Sir? I heard you say you were gonna pick somebody up.
Would it be all right if I came along to observe? You don't have something else to do? No.
Agent I mean, Mr.
Jane asked for something, but it's on its way.
- Sure, you can come.
- Thanks.
Wylie told me you worked with Agent Lisbon in California before you came here.
- Jane was there too? - Yeah.
Wylie told me he was a psychic.
There's no such thing.
Jane's just good at reading people, among other things.
How good? As good as you can be.
He got rich doing it.
How does someone like that end up working for the FBI? It's a long story.
We spotted her.
She's coming up the ramp, alone.
All right, let's move in.
You stay here.
Tish DeLaurio, get on the ground right now! Don't move.
Stay where you are.
- Turn around and get down on the ground.
- Don't shoot.
I'm not armed.
- Aah! - Stay back.
- Don't hurt me! - Stay back.
- Please don't hurt me.
- Shut up.
Please don't hurt me.
Help me.
- You okay? - Sorry.
You told me to stay.
I did.
Nice job.
Come on.
You have lost your mind, Abbott.
Your people hounded my client, abused her when they took her into custody now you want her to cooperate? There was no abuse, Ellen.
- I got bruises.
- You ran, Tish.
- When people do that, we chase after them.
- Of course she did.
She was falsely accused of a crime she has nothing to do with.
Wait, you're not seriously suggesting she ran because she's innocent? Ken.
We believe that your client is involved with the sale of illegal weapons.
It's a very serious crime.
What's your evidence? The look on her face when she was accused? We've been checking into Tish's bank account and there's some substantial cash deposits.
- I'm a bartender.
I get tips.
- Oh, yeah.
Some of which were several thousand dollars.
That's your argument? She's a bad bartender? Look, we know you didn't steal the guns.
You just work for the people that did.
Those are the people that we want.
So if you give us their names, this won't be so bad.
Let her go right now or I'm going in front of ajudge demanding her immediate release and filing charges for harassment and false arrest.
I guess we'll see you in court.
Let's go.
See this? This is exactly what I was afraid of.
So you be sure to tell Jane I say thanks a lot.
Think a judge will let her go? In a heartbeat.
We got nothing.
Know where Jane is? Uh, a half hour ago, he said he was going out to read a report I got for him.
And Lisbon? Uh, she just left.
Said she was going for a walk.
Imagine that.
I've been looking all over for you.
What are you doing out here? Oh, I just needed some air.
What are you reading? - FBI's psychological report on Jeremy Geist.
- Anything interesting? A couple things.
- Any things to do with the case? - Maybe.
You don't need to wait until I need to know to tell me things, okay? Not anymore.
You're right.
- It's okay.
- No, no, please, let me, uh - Let me apologize.
I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
What's up? I went to Jeremy Geist's apartment and I noticed that he makes his bed on the floor and sleeps with a nightlight next to it.
- Really? Mm.
- Some kind of trauma? - Childhood trauma, I'd imagine.
I checked it out.
- And? - And feast your eyes on that.
Sixteen years ago, there was a kidnapping in Geist's hometown, Pittsburgh.
A 12-year-old boy named Justin Kellogg was taken by two kidnappers.
They asked for 3 million in ransom.
The family paid it, but they killed the boy.
They found his body a couple weeks later.
What does that have to do with Geist? Geist was a friend.
He was staying over the night Kellogg was taken.
Shut up, kid, or I'll have your ass in a sling! He told the police he didn't see anything, but he heard something.
One of the kidnappers cursed at Kellogg.
Four months later, body turns up shot in the head with some of the ransom money on it.
One of the kidnappers.
His partner killed him.
- Did they get anything on him, the partner? - Never found or identified.
The waitress said Geist was spooked about something.
You think Geist ran into the missing kidnapper at the bar? - Who then killed him, yes.
- That's kind of a stretch.
I know.
I know, but I looked into Geist's phone records.
Yesterday he called the detective in Pittsburgh who investigated the Kellogg kidnapping.
- Do you know what he said? - Said he wanted to talk to him.
Yeah, I don't know.
It's thin.
- And we have a more pressing problem.
- What's that? Tish DeLaurio is being released tomorrow.
We have to figure out a way to keep her in custody otherwise Spackman's case is really dead and we killed it.
Well, if she's selling guns, she must have a supply somewhere.
We find that, we can hold her.
- Better do it in the next 18 hours.
- How? She's not gonna tell us anything.
Exactly, Agent Vega, which is how we're gonna crack two cases for the price of one.
- I don't understand.
- You did a search for the gun that killed Geist? Yeah.
Searched a 10-block radius, didn't find a thing.
- Perfect.
- Jane, where have you been? - Getting this.
- A hammer? That's right.
It's a hammer.
And with this, we are gonna nail Tish and Geist's killer.
Pardon the pun.
Oh, and someone's gonna have to stay up late.
- How late? - Very late.
Morning, Tish.
What is this? What are you doing? We're gonna find those guns you have hidden away.
Don't know how you're gonna do that.
I'm not saying a word.
That's what I'm relying on.
Let's go.
Wylie, Vega, you stay out here.
Cho will give you the signal.
You have the hammer? Good.
Radios? All right.
Why is Jane telling everyone what to do? I thought Abbott was in charge.
He is, except when Jane is.
- And when is that? - Uh, it kind of depends.
It's okay.
Abbott trusts him, and Jane knows what he's doing.
Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, we're with the FBI.
We're conducting a search for some illegal and dangerous weapons we believe are on the premises.
Unless you work here, I ask that you leave immediately.
Thank you.
Sir, you can collect your shoes later.
Thank you.
- What weapons? - Uh, the ones Tish here has been selling.
I need a witness.
I'm here against my will, without an attorney.
- It's a violation of my rights.
- Smile, agents, you're on camera.
- What's going on? - We believe Tish is involved with a group selling illegal weapons, and they're being stored here.
- Here? - Yes, and we're gonna find them.
Little thing called the Fourth Amendment.
You need a warrant.
Don't you? Yes, and we can get one.
But we'd have to shut you down and tear the place up.
If you allow Mr.
Jane to conduct a search we can be done in 10 minutes.
- Five.
Don't do it, Mason.
- Don't think it should be a problem.
- All right, thanks.
Uh, uncuff her, please.
We need her to be able to move around.
Whatever it is you're looking for, I don't know anything about it.
Then you have nothing to lose.
Take my hands.
If you don't, it's as good as confessing.
- Whatever.
- Thank you.
You think you can keep a secret, but the harder you try, the more you show.
For example, Andy over there doesn't want me to know about that foil-wrapped package of cocaine in his right front pants pocket.
- That's crazy.
- Don't worry, we're not narcs.
You don't want me to know where the guns are, but you can't help react when I get close.
- I'm not.
- No, not over here.
There's something going on over here.
We're not just dancing.
Here somewhere.
What the hell is that? Military-issued.
Looks like there's about 20 of them.
Wait a damn minute.
- Is that a rifle? - A dissembled Mk4.
VoilĂ .
You're a bunch of liars.
I don't know what's going on, but I got nothing to do with this.
- How come you ran when he called you out? - Excuse me? - Hey, hey, hey.
- Let go.
- Let go! - Gonna take her outside.
You finish here.
- Let go! - Okay, that was fun.
- Seriously, let go.
- Should we do a two for one? - What do you mean? - We're gonna solve a second crime.
Two connected crimes actually.
The kidnapping and murder of a 12-year-old boy and the shooting of an FBI agent.
The man that committed those crimes is here.
And the gun he used is too.
I'm gonna find both of them.
- What was that? - Nobody move.
Just stay calm.
Lisbon, Tish got Vega's gun! - Keep everyone inside! - You heard him.
Stay put.
This is the cool part.
- She's trying to shoot at us.
Get cover.
- Kitchen.
- Come on, get in the kitchen.
- In the kitchen.
- Kitchen.
- Come on, come on.
Hunston put down the gun.
Do it now.
That's the gun that killed Jeremy Geist.
The gun and the man who used it.
Did I call it, or did I call it? You kidnapped Justin Kellogg.
Jeremy Geist recognized you.
That's why you killed him.
- You know what they say about karma.
- It's a bitch.
Geist was nobody to me.
Just another barfly.
But the other night, I said something to Tish.
I was pissed, I guess.
Tish, damn it, I am sick and tired of picking up slack for you.
Now, do it now, or I'll have your ass in a sling.
I could tell it was something I said, the way I said it.
He knew.
He came up later, asked me where I was from what I used to do.
Wasn't subtle.
So when he came in the other night, I kept an eye on him.
Sure enough, he broke into my office looking for evidence, I guess.
Not that he was gonna find any.
But that was it.
I know you.
Three million is a lot of money.
You killed the other kidnapper so you could keep the ransom.
Not saying I did, not saying I didn't.
But he didn't get it, did he? Tish, I want to apologize to you for earlier today.
We didn't tell you what was going on.
Hope it wasn't too uncomfortable.
Don't worry, it's all going into the lawsuit.
There's still the matter of the guns.
- Don't waste your time.
- We know she won't talk.
Tish, what I did with you earlier today was a fraud.
We, in fact, placed the guns in the bar.
It's a trick that works, and I'm gonna prove it to you.
This is a map of the neighborhood around the bar.
We know you have the guns here.
So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move my hands around and your reactions are gonna show me where.
- What the hell is this? - See, this is the deal.
If Tish agrees to cooperate with Agent Spackman and tell him where the guns are and who she's been working with she'll probably get a good deal.
Minimal time.
Definitely in here.
But if she refuses to cooperate and Jane finds the guns on this map here well, all bets are off.
She gets the max, 25 to life.
The choice is yours.
In here.
- This is absurd.
Come on, Tish, let's go.
- Almost there.
- Tish.
- Here.
What do you want? Names? Yes.
The people who have been stealing the guns that you sell, every one of them.
And the location of the guns.
- Whatever you say - Shh.
All right.
You win.
Good call.
See? It's your birthday.
Uh, excuse me, can I help you? Jane.
I was, uh, looking for Teresa.
Yeah, I'm sure she's, um - I'm sure she's around here someplace.
- Yeah, she probably is.
Beard looks good.
It's for an undercover thing.
So it's, uh you and her.
Um I'm sorry.
We didn't intend for it to happen like this.
It was the last thing on her mind, the idea of hurting you.
I know.
I know that.
So do you have a plan? I don't really understand.
Well, I was offering her a life.
A home, a family if she wanted it, a future.
Have you thought about any of that? I haven't thought that far ahead yet.
Well, what are you offering her? I mean, other than Patrick Jane.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here? Well, I was upstairs giving a deposition and I thought I would say hi.
Stupid idea.
It's fine.
Anyway It's good to see you, Teresa.
You too, Marcus.
That was weird.
What'd he say? Uh, he asked me if I had a plan for you.
A plan? Yeah.
Um I don't.
I Well, I think I know what feels I think we know what feels right and I think that that should be our guide.
So do I.
- I do have one thing for you.
- What? Turn around and look out there.
It's a 1930 Cadillac V-16 in mint condition.
Rented it for the day.
- Last chance.
You sure you don't wanna drive? - I'm positive.
- Okay.
- You do know how to drive this? I'll figure it out.
I'm afraid to ask how you got this.

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