The Mentalist s07e02 Episode Script

The Greybar Hotel

- I'm driving.
- Puh.
- You promised.
- Yeah.
I love you.
Yeah, you do.
Nobody move! The keys! Get me the keys.
Step away from the car.
- No.
- Get away from the car! Don't hurt him.
Come on, baby.
Go, baby, go! Buckle up.
Whoo! Hey.
Hey, stop.
- Get off me! Get off me! - Behind your back.
- Get off of me! - Female suspect in custody.
Like butter, baby! Let's celebrate.
Where is she? - What happened? - It was on the scanner.
Cops chased her down.
That's what happens when you let a woman drive.
- What are you smiling about? - Cole, I just Go get a shammy, come buff this out.
We should get out of town.
Can't get out of town.
Still got product to move.
Still need a car.
What if she talks? You don't know Marie.
Armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, felony eluding reckless driving.
You know, a cruel man would tack on running through a red light and speeding but I'm not a cruel man.
FBI, huh? - Didn't know I, uh, raided the feds.
- Your boyfriend Cole Foster, runs a luxury car theft ring.
With jobs from Phoenix to Tulsa.
Crossing state lines makes it federal.
How old are you, Marie? Who cares? You have a lot of life left.
I know you don't wanna throw it away.
Under federal law, we can charge you with being a coconspirator.
Know what that means? Means you answer for what you did and anything he did.
And you can get 50 to 60 years, easy.
You don't wanna walk out of prison at 80.
So help us and we'll make this mess go away a lot faster.
Tell us where Cole is.
You bastards.
I'd go to hell for Cole.
You think I care about jail? Lock me up.
Take her.
- Plan B? - Hoo.
Plan B.
Don't tell a whole lot of little lies.
Just one big lie is enough, and everything else just stays the same.
You're from Chicago.
You have three brothers.
- You're ticklish.
- I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- Everybody is ticklish when being tickled.
If you want someone to trust you, ask them for a favor.
Even a small one.
- Jane, I know what I'm doing.
- One last thing.
When you shower, promise me this, that you will wear the flip-flops, please.
A, it makes you look less attractive, which should be considered and, B, the floor is a petri dish.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I hear you.
Thank you.
It's time.
Are you good? Yeah.
The warden has set it up so that you will be sharing a cell with Marie.
The sooner you get her to tell you where Cole is, the better.
I'm ready.
Be careful, huh? I'll wait for you.
McGregor, Teresa.
Transfer from Amarillo.
Prisoner Number 90026.
Correct? We don't tolerate gangs, drugs or violence.
Violate the rules and you will be transferred to a higher-security institution.
Keep to the straight and narrow and we'll all get along fine.
This is you.
I'm Teresa McGregor.
I'm your new bunkmate.
What are you in for? Burglary.
The judge wouldn't give bail for a repeat offender, so here I am.
You? Grand theft auto.
Well, that's what they're charging me with.
And, like, a million other things.
That's Irish, huh? My grandparents came over from Derry.
Marie Flanagan.
Um, mine were from somewhere like that.
L I don't know.
You mind if I take the top bunk? I get a little claustrophobic.
Well, that depends.
You crazy enough to take it from me? Forget it.
What I thought.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What do you got there? - Coffee, why? That's Jane's cup.
- Seriously? - It was a rookie mistake, no problem.
Just wash it, put it back, and he'll never know.
Well, he might not know.
Hey, any idea who that is? She was here a few days ago.
Uh, her name is Cass.
She's with the CIA.
Don't know what she's here for.
No, no, no.
You wanna wash that.
- Your agent inside already? - She's sharing a cell with Flanagan.
The plan is for Lisbon to get Marie to give up Cole Foster's location.
I just hope it doesn't take long.
I know it's risky.
The agency appreciates everything your people are doing.
Cass, I'm all about interagency cooperation.
It's great.
But thanks to you, I put one of my best people in danger to catch a car thief.
And I don't know why the CIA cares so damn much.
Between us? Sure.
Foster sells the cars he steals overseas.
His buyers are in the Middle East, Europe.
So he's plugged into international smugglers? People who smuggle luxury cars can smuggle other things.
Drugs, money, bombs.
So you think he's tied to terrorists? I think the people he works with are.
If you can get him into custody, we can have those names.
Why go after him now? The NSA has picked up some chatter about plans for an operation here in the U.
We think one of Foster's contacts is in on it, and it's coming soon.
Now, I appreciate that your agent is in danger, but I would think that you would agree.
It's worth the risk.
What's the CIA have to say? Well, nothing worth repeating.
- What's that? - It's a map Wylie made for me.
I This is Marie's route during her car chase.
You notice how she turns that way, then that way, then that way again? - Huh.
So? - Well, when you're being chased your subconscious wants you to run home.
But your conscious mind doesn't wanna lead your pursuers there so she has, uh zigzagged, in a way.
But where she really wanted to go was this neighborhood.
That makes sense.
Industrial area.
Economic downturn hit it hard.
Lots of empty warehouses.
Just the place to hide a lot of stolen cars.
If we find Cole's base there, we might be able to scoop him up.
Yeah, but that's 4 square miles.
We need a little bit more to go on.
Well, which warehouse is it? Well, I can't do everything.
- Oh.
Well, let's see if we can narrow it down.
- You got it.
You're wearing a new aftershave.
I believe it has ambergris in it.
It's very expensive for the office.
What's the special occasion? - Date night with the wife.
- Nice.
Lena is on a short list for a position in the Commerce Department in D.
C so we're celebrating.
- Tell her congratulations for me.
Well, it's not set and done yet, but we're hopeful.
- We will bring Lisbon back home safe.
- Of course we will.
- What's your problem? - Yeah.
I don't like you.
I don't care.
Excuse me.
I'm gonna use the phone.
- You gotta get in line.
- I was in line.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
- Hey.
- Watch it, watch it.
I wasn't talking to you.
- Back off.
- You're too good to stand in line? You've been eyeballing me since I walked through that door.
- What's going on? - Yo, mind your business.
Stay out of it.
Hey, cut it out.
- I'm not trying to pick a fight.
- Bitch, who the hell are you? Somebody who doesn't wanna get transferred to higher security, like you.
Oh, yeah? We're gonna go back to our bunk, and you're gonna get back in line and make a phone call.
Phone's open.
- Gonna call my old man.
- Yeah.
Well, I'll see you around.
- What the hell was that? - I raised three brothers.
- You learn to deal with aggression.
- I didn't need your help.
I can handle myself.
How you holding up? - Roommate troubles? - It's like we're doing the cha-cha.
I take one step forward, she takes one step back.
Does she have any friends? She likes picking fights a little bit too much.
A loner.
Oh, well, she needs a friend.
We all do.
You have not met this girl.
A tough cookie, likes to hide her emotions under a hard veneer? Yeah.
Yeah, I think I've met a woman like that before.
Is that so? Wanna know how I got her to lower her guard? How? Uh, I lowered my own.
- Marie.
- What? I can't sleep.
- You? - No.
- It's too hot.
- Yeah.
I miss my boyfriend.
What does he do? He's a hustler.
Uses his brains to get by.
Like a con artist? That's cool.
How long you been together? We've known each other a long time.
Years and years, but we weren't together.
I mean, we were friends, but I couldn't admit that my feelings had changed for him.
Not even to myself.
I know what that's like.
I tried to run away.
I met a nice guy.
He was a good man but not the right man.
I was gonna marry him.
And then Patrick told me he loved me and that he didn't want me to leave.
What did you do? I stayed.
It felt so good not to live a lie anymore.
Scary too.
I don't know what's gonna happen, you know, if he's gonna stick around or My boyfriend his name is Cole.
He's a real outlaw.
I like that.
Cole and me, we live wild.
I mean, it's, like, wild.
Like right now, we're living in a warehouse.
You live in a warehouse? It's actually more like a hideout.
Cars like you wouldn't believe.
Million-dollar cars, expensive stuff.
We live off of gas-station chimichangas.
It's wild.
Wild is one thing.
No shower is another.
Oh, hell, we have a shower.
Cole even stole cable from the no-tell motel down the block.
I hear we caught a break.
Yeah, Lisbon called in.
Marie told her about a warehouse she and Cole stay in.
Did she give a location? Not an address, but looking in the neighborhood Jane pinpointed we found a warehouse that fit the details Marie gave us down to the chimichangas.
Chimichangas? Yeah That's not important.
What's important is that the warehouse is leased by a fake corporation.
- Sounds like what we're looking for.
- Enough for a warrant.
Why don't you get a team together and head down there and see what you can find? A load of crap.
You got nothing on me.
You're gonna be hearing from my lawyer.
Caught you in a warehouse of stolen vehicles.
You should be trying to make a deal with me.
If you're too stupid to see that, I don't know what value you have.
L Come on, man.
Let's Let's talk.
Wanna tell me where Cole Foster is? Look, his old lady got caught last week, has him paranoid as hell.
He's in town.
That's all I know.
- Lf he's so paranoid, why is he sticking around? - Good question.
Tell me how I can find him.
Man, I don't even have his burner number.
Hendricks is the only who knows how to get ahold of him.
Ronald Hendricks? That's right.
- And how can I find Hendricks? - I don't know.
He's with Cole, I guess.
We already put a BOLO out on Hendricks.
That's a dead end.
- Maybe.
- Marie's useless as a source of information.
Now, let's pull Lisbon out.
Marie may be useless as a source of information, but she still has a use.
- What's that? - Cole should leave town, but he won't.
It's obvious why.
He doesn't wanna leave Marie.
So we give her to him.
How? We don't pull Lisbon out of jail.
We break her out.
You wore a vest.
Oh, this old thing? Well, I thought I should look the part.
I like it.
Well, that's good to know.
How are you? Fine.
The food is not good.
I'd kill for a salad.
- So we didn't get him? - Mm-mm.
What now? You and Marie are gonna break out of here and lead us to Cole.
You're gonna provide the breakout plan.
Marie is gonna provide the ride.
- You think Cole is gonna be waiting for her? - Maybe.
Or he'll be very close.
How are we gonna break out? I'm working on a plan now.
So I just say, "Marie, we're gonna bust out of this joint"? It won't be your idea.
It's gotta be hers.
Cousin Ricky needs surgery again.
Gotta lose his gallbladder.
Doctor says it's gotta go.
What does it do? What does a gallbladder do? Can you even live without a gallbladder? When she leaves that room, breaking out will be the only thing on her mind.
Have a seat.
Bite me.
So I guess that means you haven't changed your mind about telling us where Cole Foster is.
Well, he can send you a postcard when you get settled.
What does that mean? That means I'm allowing the Houston DA to file charges on you.
You will be transferred to Mountain View while you await your trial.
Mountain View? That's a supermax.
Takes about 48 hours for the paperwork to clear, if you wanna get packed.
No way.
Mountain View's for crazies.
It's a more structured environment.
Twenty-three hours a day in your cell.
Constant supervision.
You can't do that.
You can't.
I can! So you enjoy your time here for the next 48 hours because it is the best it's gonna get for a long time.
I hear you don't even get out of your cell to shower.
They just roll one up to the door.
It's I won't go.
I won't.
I won't.
I won't.
I won't go.
That does not sound good.
I got some bad news too.
The DA is going after me.
I'm a three-time loser.
I'm facing 25 to life.
I can't do it.
Damn pigs.
I'm so sick of getting pushed around.
It's I just wish there was something we could do.
- Just get out of here.
- Heh.
Like break out? Yeah.
I guess.
It's easier to get out of here than Mountain View.
Hey, you've done break-ins before, right? How hard can a breakout be? Hard.
But that doesn't mean it's impossible.
But you can figure it out, right? You've got brains, I can tell.
But if I get us on the other side of that wall someone's gotta get us out of state.
Otherwise, the cops will just pick us up.
My man can get us anywhere we wanna go.
Where do you wanna be? Patrick's in Florida.
I could go see him.
I'm not gonna rot in a supermax.
I say we do it.
I'm in.
I'm gonna make a phone call.
I knew I liked you.
No, Mark, listen to me for a second.
Will you listen? I swear, you have nothing between your ears but wax.
You're my brother and I love you, but you are dumber than a sack of rocks.
Now, will you just calm down and listen for a minute? This one's angry at her brother.
It's not Marie.
She'll call before lights out.
New call.
She wants to know who's feeding Taco.
Her cat.
I hope someone is.
Don't we need warrants to listen on phone calls? Not forjailhouse pay phones.
Her son is feeding Taco.
Taco is being fed.
New call.
It's not Marie.
You know, I used to date a prisoner.
- No, you didn't.
- Her name was Velma.
Big Vel.
- Big Vel? - Mm-hm.
And why did Big Vel go to prison? Horse thief.
Ha, ha.
Yeah, right.
Well, l Wait, hold on.
New call.
- Hey.
- I think it's her.
- It's Marie.
- Let me listen.
I've got some news.
Big news.
The kids are coming home from camp tomorrow.
You need to pick up the kids a little sooner than expected.
All right.
I got it.
- Is that Cole? - I don't know.
When should I pick them up? I'll be in touch again soon.
Be ready.
Can we trace the call? No.
She called a burner.
No chance of tracking him down from that.
But now he'll come to us.
It's time to plan a jailbreak.
These are cameras.
These are where we'll find COs.
I've got maps of electrical lines, pipes, guard schedules.
The problem's simple.
Lisbon and Marie are inside the wall.
We need to get them outside the wall.
There's three ways to get past the wall.
Over, under and through.
Don't have time to tunnel.
- Sewage lines? Get to the main drainage area? - They'll need tools to open it up.
Can they go over the wall? - What about the guard towers? - The southwest corner? Visibility is low.
Well, that section of wall is 30 feet.
Grappling hooks? Grappling hooks? They should just go through.
I mean, the people that built this jail were nice enough to put doors in the walls.
Why don't they just use them? You see there, that door.
They should go right through that door.
They're gonna need a mop and a bucket with a hole in it.
They'll look like they're cleaning.
- Why does the bucket need a hole? - We'll get there.
This door here is the key.
Not as an escape route.
It's a misdirect.
This is a boundary between the guards' world and the prisoners'.
At shift change, it should be empty except for the guard.
When the bucket empties, it'll start a chain reaction.
A noisy one.
If they're spotted in prison clothes on that side of the line, game's over.
Which is why they have to head straight to the employees' locker room.
If they get there just before shift change, they can leave with the cafeteria workers.
- What if someone thinks they don't belong? - The key to walking in or out of any place is posture, momentum.
You keep moving forward like you know exactly where you're going.
People see that kind of posture and they decide you belong there before their conscious brain can even think about it.
Then she's in your hands.
That's Hendricks over there.
He'll get us to Cole.
Cole will take us out of state.
Hey there.
- This your friend? - Teresa, it's Hendricks.
- Hi, Teresa.
- Yeah, keep your paws off her.
She's taken.
We're in position.
We have eyes on the car.
Vega, Lisbon's car has just pulled out.
Not too close.
- Cole is not inside.
Do you see them? - The chopper's got them.
I thought Cole would have picked them up himself.
He's thinking like a hunted animal right now.
He's hiding.
Hold on.
We're slowing down.
I'm not sure what they're doing.
Vega, be alert.
We just pulled into a parking garage off Sunshine.
Chopper can't see in here.
We're gonna lose her.
Abbott, what is going on? They're switching cars.
I'm gonna go follow her.
Watch the exit.
You wanna go your own way, that's up to you.
I need a ride out of Texas.
That was the deal.
Let's go.
They switched vehicles.
No sign of Lisbon.
Cho and I will traverse the north and south streets, a 1 mile radius.
- We'll get other teams to help.
- You don't know what car she's driving.
How far is the garage? - From here, three miles.
- All right.
They have to meet Cole someplace.
That gives us a little time.
Let's go.
We're gonna join the search.
Cole told me to call from here.
Let me know where to meet him.
Tell him to hurry up.
- You hungry? - Sure.
I'm starving.
Let's get something to eat.
What? We just got out ofjail.
Oh, right.
I'm gonna get a big pile of cookies and candy and a soda big enough to drown in.
- What do you want? - I think I'm just gonna get some water.
Oh, look at this.
I have to be good.
- These are - Aah! - Hey, troublemaker.
- Mm.
What are you doing? - Who is this? Your new BFF? - Yes.
This is Teresa McGregor.
Teresa McGregor, meet Cole.
Teresa McGregor? - Don't know her.
Why did you bring her? - I promised her a ride.
I didn't promise Teresa McGregor a ride.
This isn't charity.
The breakout plan was my idea.
Come on, Cole.
She's good people.
All right.
How do you feel about getting out of Texas? - Sounds good to me.
- All right.
Half a mile down that road, there's a helicopter.
- All fueled up.
- Yeah? It'll get us past any dragnet they got set up for you two.
Helicopter? Since when do you fly a helicopter? Hendricks, fool.
In Afghanistan.
Don't worry your pretty little head.
Buy whatever you need and let's get out.
I'm getting the sixer.
- Gonna grab some aspirin.
I have a headache.
- Okay.
What are you typing on that phone? Excuse me? Let me check out your phone.
Let me see your phone.
What are you hiding? - What are you, crazy? - Let me have your phone.
You want me to call the cops? Wait Come here.
- Did you see him flop like that? - Come here.
Come over! - You got a problem? - I told you she's cool.
No problem.
All right, let's go.
Let's go, let's go, good people.
Come on.
- Out of here.
- Whoo! I need you two to stay where you are.
- This is a crime scene.
- Michelle Vega.
We heard the shots-fired call over the scanner.
This could be connected to a missing agent.
I need your assistance.
- Yes, ma'am.
- How long have you been on the scene? Call came in 15 minutes ago.
I've been here about a minute.
You guys got here fast.
Get crime-scene tape up.
Have any other responding officers set up the perimeter.
Check if the security cameras caught the crime on tape.
Yes, ma'am.
That's her.
That's Lisbon's footprint.
So she's still with them.
That's good, right? Look at the angle her foot is.
It's like she's pointing.
She's She's pointing us that direction.
- Or she stepped on it by accident.
- No, she would never do that.
Let's go.
We don't know where they are.
There's protocol here.
I'll call Abbott, explain the situation, see if he and Cho are close.
- Call whoever you need.
- Let's take this one step at a time.
Let's get in the air, yeah? - Couple more minutes.
Let me check one thing.
- When are you meeting up with your man? I'm gonna call him as soon as we get out of state.
Love you, baby.
Hey there, missy.
What were you doing? Nothing.
Hendricks, grab your gun.
What's your game? What do you need a gun for? I have no idea what you're talking about.
Is that right? Where'd you come from, anyway? She was my celly.
I told you.
So why does she need a gun? How should I know? I don't like this.
I do not like this.
- Baby.
- Don't "baby" me.
She was going for the gun.
She think she's slick? - She thinks she's gonna put one over on us.
- So, what are we gonna do? You want me to draw you a sketch? You know what.
Just let me think a second.
Okay? This isn't the time for thinking.
It's time for action.
We're ready to go.
Not until we deal with her.
We sure as hell can't leave her behind.
She knows what our plans are.
Look, that only leaves one option.
She's good people.
Just make it quick.
Excuse me.
Patrick Jane, FBI.
Drop your weapons.
You're coming with me.
Got this place surrounded with snipers.
You put your guns down right now, you walk out of here alive.
You hear that? You're lying.
Oh, really? You think I'd walk in here unarmed, with no cover? - Do you? - What? I know you from somewhere.
There's a sniper in that tree over there.
I can see his glass.
No one has to die.
Not today.
I know you.
What's he doing here? - Who is he? - It's her boyfriend.
I saw him at the jail.
He's a con artist.
Some kind of trick.
What the hell's going on? Well, here we are.
You walked out here to face us by yourself with nothing but a rearview mirror for backup? Worth a shot.
Sorry, I couldn't think of anything else.
It's okay.
FBI! Drop your weapon right now! - Put your gun down! - Freeze.
- Get down.
- Get on your knees! Hands on your head! Hands where I can see them.
- Do it now! - You heard.
Cuff her, Vega.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
I'm so glad you decided to catch up.
You dropped this.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Here you are.
I know what you want.
You want my contacts.
International smugglers.
I can give them to you.
Lots of them.
Names, locations.
Hell, I will tell you what their favorite foods are.
But first, what are you gonna give me? You give us everything we don't charge Marie as an accessory to the murder you committed.
She'll have a chance to have some kind of life.
You kidding me? You think that I'm gonna spend the only coin I got on that crazy bitch? You're gonna do something for me.
You killed a man for no reason.
You did it on tape, and you did it in front of an FBI agent.
No death penalty.
That's the deal.
Now, you're gonna die in jail.
Just not gonna be for a while, is all.
Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
We can work with this.
Read through this, please.
We'll send you a transcript as soon as he's done signing.
Agent Cho, think we could talk? Yeah.
You did good today.
Agent Cho, sir, may I say something? You don't have to call me "sir" or "agent.
" I've been observing your work and I admire the way you carry yourself on the job.
This place is a little bit crazy, but you make sense to me.
I'd welcome the opportunity to work with you more.
Learn how you do things, get some pointers.
I don't know.
I'll have to think about it.
Oh, okay, sounds good.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Just talked to Abbott.
CIA got in touch with him about one of the names that Cole gave up.
Some smuggler.
That's progress.
Well, the agency squeezed Cole for everything.
Associates, habits, personal life.
What does that got to do with us? Turns out we know the smuggler's girlfriend.
You do.
I do? Oh.

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